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Test Test Test. Welcome to the encouragement ride. Podcast brought to you. Live and direct with limited or no commercial interruptions from our homing beautiful Gluck Stat Mississippi with your hosts those blinky using Straw. The swear buys helmet. How mustard loving always hydrated steadfast rules of the road abiding high tech nutritional exploring duo duck quarter ton of riding fun? Jimbo rarely and Kelvin Jones. Take it away boys everybody Jimbo Rayleigh and Calvin Jones. Your quarter toner writing fun. This is our February edition and Kelvin's got some really cool news. Talk about a An event that he's going to participate in and we also want to talk about something that is near and dear to our cycling community here in Central Mississippi. We lost Actually we have a friend. Jake Presley and his family were avid cyclist. It was his wife and six Chit Kids and they lost their lives. Tragically early Saturday morning to a house fire in Clinton Mississippi and we're absolutely devastated in. This is kind of a talk about Jake and talk about what we're doing writing. But what I'm GonNa let Kelvin. Kinda speak to Jake and his family. Yeah this has been a spin a pretty sad weekend on Friday February. The eighth Friday night early Saturday morning paper the eighth and Jimbo in iron well acquainted with Jake and his five sons and one daughter He started bringing his sons to encouragement. Ride that we would do all of a sudden. He showed up one night on bicycles. He brought his three three kids on bicycles. I see where you're writing from said from Clinton and for those of you aren't familiar with the area. That's a pretty long haul. What would you say Clinton to blogs that would be? It's Italy's twenty miles from from their house and we were a little taken back going. Okay this is an encouragement right. There's not a babysitting trip. Yeah that was the first time. Our first thing insured enough. We made it about two miles and those kids were gassed already. They were little and they're like thirty four but I tell you since we've started with them and they've kept up with it. Those boys became very strong writers up to the point of Super Bowl Sunday. We had a super bowl ride with a bunch of people and Jake was with his littlest or smallest youngest son. Who was six and the six year old? Did Twenty Miles. That's all gravel bike and I was riding with the twelve year old. Who was who was challenging. Me and speed would not let me pass it. And so these kids come a long way from when we first met him three or four years ago and and they are precious precious family. Every child was yes sir. No Sir my pleasure. You know the kind of customer service you expect it At chick-fil-a Jay did not have a lot of money but he was proud to raise his children. He loved his. He loved his family and he did whatever he could do to make money to take care of his family and He cut grass. He's one of those lawn lawn guys and he would rake leaves in the fall and cut grass in the summer. And that's we'd save up his money from all of his grass cuttings it anytime. They needed things for the bicycles. Which is kind of an expensive sport. It'd be well. No those children workforce and saved up their money for it and so he was teaching in the right way and I just had so much respect for him and his boys and they were always such a very strong part of the cycling community. Because anytime you would see. Jackie would never seen without at least one of his sons all L. I'd never saw him about three of me. So if you'd like to give if you go to our show notes you will find a gofundme page and there's also a an address if you would like to give directly to the church there's a Jake Presley Fund set out in the address. It's strictly up to you. They're trying to raise one hundred thousand dollars because they have to have a funeral for seven people and he. He didn't have a you know as far as I know. Britney has wide who also passed away in the fire. He lost his wife and six children. You know she was an elementary school. Did you saw not sure what kind of benefits she had as an elementary school teacher. But I'm speaking today just on the Assad. Let's just assume that there was no benefits especially with him being a self employed Lawn Care Guy. No health insurance maybe no medical insurance probably begnaud burial insurance and now he has to bury seven people at one time and he's in the hospital in ICU. In critical condition. But I think he's GonNa pull through but his house has got it. He has no belongings. His cars were gutted. Is You know as long equipment gutted. The only thing I told people yesterday at my church was the only thing that Jake has right. Now's the grace of God in the hospital gown. That's on his on his back in the hospital bed and so he has nothing and and he would greatly greatly appreciate anything that you could do for us to to help him out because we want to As a cycling community we want to stand for our brother who has lost so much in losing his wife and six children ages fifteen to sixteen months. So yeah we would just love it if you could do something he felt led to do it. And that's where we ever that and it's like community we we hear of tragedies all the time about cyclope hit in that sort of thing and it draws the cycling communities together and when we lose basically an entire family It hurts us not a single psych with that. I've talked to in. Our area was unaffected even if they did know him personally so Please go to the go fund me or or if you feel compelled to write a check and send it to the church directly. I'm sure every penny will be will will be grateful. So let's talk about to talk about something sad all the time but Kevin got a great honor or we'll figure careful what you wish for but Calvin started training for the dirty cancer ride which is a hundred mile. The minimum one hundred mile. A grab a ride up in Kansas in May Right Yes oh this is a lottery system. I think they allow two or three thousand riders each year to do the ride and it's like I think he can do fifty one hundred or two hundred or two fifty or something like that and so. I'm thinking like trying to apply for tickets at the Masters Golf Tournament. You just you just put your name in the hat and maybe after seven or eight years they'll pick your name and I did it the first time thinking. I had two or three years to train for this and boom the first go around. I got selected in the lottery. So hashtag be careful. What you ask for is Jimbo said we mentioned a little bit about the dirty Kanza in our last podcast so now reality set in and so we'll just keep you abreast of We want you guys to hold us accountable. We all weighed in ourselves on the very first day after the day it was announced and so my goal is to try to drop around twenty pounds between now and the ride. The ride has made thirtieth. It's in Emporia Kansas. It's one hundred Mile Bike. Ride elevation climb from people who've done it before has got calculated at around five thousand feet over a hundred miles. The thing that you have to worry about is time thing for the first fifty miles so you have to. Do you have to hit the halfway point at fifty miles in under five hours? If you do not make it at five hours they sag you were they make you stop and take you back to the start line and so you think well fifty miles five hours ten miles an hour. That's not too bad but if you walk doing a lot of he'll climbing or if you're changing a lot of flat tires that could be costly if you get off your bike to do anything. The clock is still running. Unfortunately they say this pretty sharp gravel rocks there and a lot of people have flat tires so probably going to run to bliss but I'll bring some spare inner tubes to try to quickly go in there if I can't if if if if the cut on the tires too big for the Tire sealant to to close up on. Its Own Cowan are also going to say from afar. But we're going to do some stuff to help train training and I'm six foot four and I weighed into forty five and I waited again this morning being Monday. And I'm still a two forty five. So Bob Weight loss part has not come down much. I'm was six three six two and I weighed in my starting. Starting fighting weight was to sixty two and through the Super Bowl weekend. I stayed at two went up two to sixty four. Because you know it's Super Bowl. Super Bowl was like a fat man's holiday and Saw Gain to sixty four then lost back down to sixty two and I don't wait but every Tuesday so my way in his tomorrow. This this podcast is going to go out before my next way in. But I'll I'll check in the next time. Well I WANNA follow us. We have a link in the show notes to our Strada page. So those of you strata. You can either pay for it or use the free but we haven't encouragement ride at suck. It's called the club. I would more call it a group but it's encouragement ride group on or club on strata. We haven't linked to it. And if you have a straw again to be a part of it you can find me if I. Calvin you can also find Kyle and his son Chris. Chris and I did a ride yesterday with Kyle. It was one of our very few days. We're in the midst of about twelve fourteen days of solid rain so t the garage or find something to do. Yeah it's kind of tough. So my goal too long with Kelvin is just get as much time we can be it on a trainer or spend by or if the weather's good. I'll get out and ride you know just some Bas- miles then so I encourage y'all to do is fired. You a ride a charity ride or fun ride. I'm hearing all over the place. We're going to try to highlight some on the next podcast where they may have anywhere from fifteen mile to a fifty mile bike ride and pick one out cost probably twenty five thirty bucks. You GET A T shirt. Maybe a cold right start training for something and if you would like to expand upon or talk about you can go to our facebook page with hours only to that as well and talked about your train and some things that you're doing or some cool right in your area because when I was looking at our podcast at we've got people from all over the country and we'd like to hear about some cool rides that that that we might could one day combined with. Yeah absolutely I mean you know the things that you hear us talk about our all of basically in the southeast civically geared toward central Mississippi where we're based out of but we have people listening to us in New York Washington even overseas and we would love to be a highlight in do some research and look at some of these really cool rides happen all over the country so if you have some cool rides that has that generates a lot of excitement and and has a lot of riders. Come into every year. Send us a link to that and we'll we'll look it up and talk to you about it this. It would be great to try to be able to advertise for you and tell people in your area about these lives. That are really cool. It if you're in a in Europe and you elect to sponsor us to come over. I have a passport in my mentioned back. And we'd love to come over. I'll just take care of our expenses will be. Yeah I mean you know airline tickets. Aren't that much. We'll be glad to just come over and and if you have a you know a bike for us to try to to ride in. Hey maybe if you want to take on the fringe APPs again had a e-bikes that you cannot let us have the electronic bike or horse than that maybe will come over and do something for you but yeah so we got you know like I said we're we're looking at. I'm training for the dirty. Kanza into intimate. We have the natural trae century right at the beginning of. May We have the the bikes blues by Using Greenwood. Which is a very cool. Rod has a lot of beauty blues music flat as a pancake and fast in August. What else you got the gears and beers the bow bikes Bama a Bo Jackson that the ballplayer over in Auburn. And we talked about. So there's lots of Rate arrived that we can talk about in discussing and train for so yeah. It's we look forward to hearing from you. Another thing that I wanted to talk about briefly that Jimbo wasn't aware of but I thought about driving over here was I did. I did a ride with the Gravel Cup series and you can look that up go to ordinary ethics dot com. And they're doing a four race Gravel Cup series. It's pretty cool. It's kind of like the Tour de France. So if you win the first race or if you place you get the leader's Jersey nature you have to defend the Jersey for the other three races and so this this Saturday was third out of four races in Ackerman Mississippi is called the Rock crusher but really in reality it was called should be called the soul crusher because it was a really really gravel by grabbing anyway one of the stops a border town bikes. Starkville MISSISSIPPI. They had a big huge bag of this stuff called Carbo rocket and I looked at it and it is a meal in a liquid meal so basically we talk about the past podcast about having snacks or Gu's or maybe snickers bars or something with you to a few yourself I look at this and it's You put three scoops and twenty eight ounces of water. And it's one hundred eleven calories a scoop and it turns out to be a serving sizes three scoops for three hundred and thirty three calories and then that three hundred thirty three calories you get eighty two milligrams of carbohydrates in several like fifteen hundred milligrams of BC as branch chain. Amino acids justified. Basically the premise is they want you to drink your your fuel and hydrate without having to carry food. Because it's three hundred thirty three calories and as you know if you're on a ride you WANNA take in about two hundred to three hundred fifty calories an hour so they're basically giving you food in a powerful to mix with your water and your hiding and getting your nutrition at design time. Do they have steak Baked Potato Salad? I don't know but they had great but it was pretty taste and you know what I did. I did feel my water bottle up with that thing at the halfway point and I tell you I was not. I didn't feel like I was burning out or hitting a wall or anything after that so I'm probably going to buy a bag of it and try it out and I'll get back and we'll talk about it. We'll test it for the link on the way I'll put a link in the show much to it and placing order in. We'll give that. Yeah it's called. It's called Carbo rocket and this is called the three thirty three half evil all in one endurance drink. And it's not that pricey it's only like thirty five dollars for and that's evil as an evil can able. Yeah so yeah here. It is three hundred thirty three calories in one bottle that tastes and drinks like one hundred calories mixes forty five hundred milligrams of branch chain Amino acids and l glutamate sixteen hundred milligrams of electrolytes fifty milligrams of caffeine eight two milligrams of care on stacks up to me. Yeah absolutely I mean. We're not we're not again we're not. We're not hawking it or anything else is just a brand new product that I'm going to try. Also one of the last podcast. I told you I was going to try to buy some invocation cream because my toes get really cold. I got some Shanty butter in rotation cream. And what I rubbed it on my toes and does keep your your toes warm It's kind of like a atomic bomber. Been Gay kind of thing. If you're out of really cold weather for longer than an hour a year. She couldn't tell the difference but the first hour month. My toes are toasty. So the rotation cream I give it a four out of five stars It works but if you're going to be longer than our you may need to reapply and who wants to carry a thing of that with you home an hour. I'm looking forward if I could pour coffee in my boot I would do it. Yeah Yeah so so Kevin likes to finish this up with an encouraging word and so the there's no really encouraging word that I'm going to quote today. I'm just going to ask that everybody. The here's this podcast. If you have children if you have wives or husbands looked tonight if you can give them a call to them you love them give them a hug. I know that my son was twenty. Seven years old I don't tell him I love him enough and on the other day I went over to him as he was leaving the house and I said Hey I gave him a great big hug and I looked in the is said. Hey Man I just wanted to let you know that I do love you with all my heart and I'm very proud of you of the man that you become and I wanted to tell you I love you just in case. I didn't see again tomorrow. And because the last thing I wanted to the only time I heard my dad say he loved me was when the Pastor told me that he did at his funeral and so I did not want to do that to my son and I told him to his face that I loved him and And I was proud of him. The man's becoming the job that he's doing and so if you have family holding tight because life is a life is not guaranteed tomorrow and and Jake has lost his wife and six kids and he can't of them and tell them that he loves them anymore and so just just do that and make the world a little bit better place with your family. We will Try to have another podcast in the next two weeks or so. So please go fund me or Radicek on in Jake Sonner and if you have any Stuff you'd like to share. Please go to our facebook page and you can go to Strada and follow us in our encouragement ride. Podcast club and If you if you don't like our podcast let us know until we can make better do like our podcast tell somebody thank you very much just a quick reminder friends you can follow along or get in touch with us at the encouragement ride on facebook and on twitter at at encourage writing. Be Sure to subscribe to the encouragement ride. Wherever you find podcasts. So you'll never miss a single. Jim Of wisdom from these bicycling behemoths. Hey everybody this is a quarter tunnel riding on Jim. And we've got our our our third wheel so to speak and hopefully a more frequent co host cow hairston cows men riding weather see. We kind of introduced a little bit on the last. Podcast and CAL. Son is on a mountain bike team. And we've been a little bit arriving. What Chris is boy account I? We're GONNA talk a little bit about you know some winter riding some of the things we've done recently. He is a participant of the Mississippi. Gravity cut which is a grab series. That is a four part segment and he is embarking on the last of the four. So talk a little bit about the Gravel Cup. Grab a riding how. It's a little different and similar to run ration- road writing. Yeah Road Ryan but in this case is actually a race but there's also recommended to it as well right correct. There's a hundred mile and fifty mile races. I'm doing the twenty five mile which is a fun ride. Say Same. Everything said there's no podiums is just a social event mainly for people that don't want to were Cambridge fifty miles one hundred. Sure sure. So do you have a specific bike? Are The road bike. You change out the wheels. Kinda teach us. Teach me a little bit about the gravel bikes. And what's different? What similar for someone. Who doesn't really know much about bites. They would look at it and say it's a Roebuck but biggest differences. The tires is there not by as with their own somewhat knobby tires wider than their lower pressures. Read by towers are over one hundred. These people are running thirty forty. Psi to their little taller a little thicker and a little wider Okay because I know my mom by my mouth by tires. I'm supposed to run between forty and sixty the new tires. I just put a line between thirty and fifty okay. So what's the handling community using? The curl drop handlebars or hours. But they're wired in robot really so I mean. Is it tough for me? I'm sure it's like anything if you ride the sand. You're hard to do but surgery. Good control with the withdrawal Hannoversche. Definitely a lot of control. He put too much pressure. Your tires you're GonNa really get into lowers better in this case. Yes God okay because I like to keep my I mean I'm I'm big boys. I like to keep my road by tires. Almost Max I run between one fifteen twenty one St. Okay okay. So the racing format is it a kind of a group start or is it more of a time event like you say you run a five K with a chip all the hundred dollar start together and you bet you the fifty dollars goat a little bit later than that. Gotcha in let us go. We're we're also timed but we don't win anything other than just the seeing where you wind shirt off. Calvin mentioned that they they actually have a Yellow Jersey competition amongst the yes. We do the the longer right category really. Yeah that's kind of fun. So does y'all listen. If I'm more of a Rhody Colladay I've I spend more time on the road by and they're going to drag me kicking and screaming into the gravel but it sounds like something. That's that's going to be fun but I know this from from this Differences is overall speeds Cowan. Chris and I rode yesterday and it was bloody miserable. We've GOT STORMS ALL OVER MISSISSIPPI. And this we're taping this on February the tenth and we were running into twenty sometimes starting mile an hour headwinds and we still averaged fifteen sixteen miles an hour for for our one hour ride. Gravel fifteen sixteen to cook. That's that's you're you're you're in the top ten percent of your group so good pace is anywhere from say. What ten to twelve over nine to eleven about eleven twelve okay and you know this also biting me but it's it's not far off right for for me. That's good enough. Yeah I mean I've got two guys. Tell me that when I first started riding again where do I wanna be and they said for you know guide my skill level my size par golf would be about nineteen miles an hour over an hour and I can count on of enough. There's not a whole lot of rides. You know because you have stopped signs and you have traffic lights that sort of thing. I'm actually averaging. We're averaging ninety miles per hour for for an hour hour half now we didn't we did in The grand ride last year. We have just over just just under twenty and that included stop so there were points where we were doing twenty four twenty five and that's not for everybody and we worked up to it. So when does the next Grab a series start next year round stone. Okay so it's more of a false frigging that. Yeah okay okay. So we've got a bunch of Rhode stuff that we're going to do this year. Some charity rides. Some you know. Just sixty hundred milers fifty miles depending on terrain One of the things this early in the season like to talk about just setting a goal or having a list of milestone. You'd like to hit depending on where you are in your availability to training. I'm sure most everybody will have a decent riding weather by May so check your facebook pages. Check the web for for bike rides and see what's in your area in report back to let us know what you're training for I mentioned with Calvin that you can find us if you're a strive user. We have a strong club. Hate the Word Club. But there's a link in the show to click on it logging with your strive account which they have a pay. I do the premium. They pay me to say this but they also have a free account so you can try. You can try me. How and Calvin as we do a rides and be part of a bigger group. Make some comments in. You can also go to our facebook page which there is a link to the facebook page and Geno and tell us about some kind of cool events. You've got coming up or any you know questions. You might have basic writing questions in. We'll be happy to try to answer back to you. So what's up next? What are we next? Cow We do on a rod may is that right. Nah just I guess. That's one element. He's not GonNa Make Kelvin's going to do it on his on his map bike or excuse me. I'm not going to do that. We talked about the three of us doing some training with Calvin We all wait in Kelvin. He's lost a parent or two cows lost around two and I absolutely lost Zero Zero Zero Guy Right now. Look for four and a half so all of us are in the two fifty ish range were open to be the three quarter ton of riding fine minus some extra way. By the time we get to the full writings. Something else I've incorporated is. I've been doing pushups one of the things that want to buy. That will drive you down to just extra weight nothing bulky guy but I kind of backed off the weight training for size and just doing Bush. Apps do some sit ups a lot of setups a lot of. Twang and just things to to help your core because we know what the climbing that once your legs get tired to rely on your back. Your back will start to stiffen up so the more core work. You can do the better off in Bay so anything you're incorporating besides just changed up a good instead of picking out for lunch for dinner. I'm just doing the small meal every two hours. Granola bar. Seven Yogurt blueberries it none apples and peanut butter and so because my travel schedule. I try now. I tried to sort of on foot long. Sub What I get a six inch subway and stick to the Turkeys two roast beefs. That sort of thing lied on economists. No CHIPS NO SOFT DRINKS. Drink WATER DRINK COFFEE. And that's kind of my. Yeah half and half of my coffees my my trade the number of stairs today. Okay Watch keeps up with shirt scams and it tells me if I do if I do Tim. That's the goal for the day. Right I try to do what today on forty every other day. So that's just a personal goal. We'll do push ups sit ups anything that's body way you can do. Every day it's not like lifting weights you're lifting if your football player in your bench press and one and a half times your body weight. You don't do that you do that. You have to have recovery time but if you're doing push ups and sit ups and body squats and that kind of thing you can do those daily because you're not exerting extra you don't think on Xtra Way and I remember that from boot camp and went to boot camp and like nineteen eighty six and we were probably doing three or four hundred push ups a day every day for weeks. So you can. You can do that. You know challenge yourself look online for a push challenge squad challenge plight challenge lots of stuff incorporate that it will help you with you riding. It'll get your stronger. Be More state owned by that sort of a challenge for everything absolutely. Here's the challenge. Mines the eating challenge. I want to go to Agni Worcester down in New Orleans and for the record of most restrictions in one hour. But the problem is if you lose you have to pay for it one eight. That's pretty expensive proposition. Out among royal it's GonNa take. I'm just thinking I'm just going to take a nap after that many oysters. But we're going to try to do this every two weeks. No probably off a day or two from our last episode When you hear the segment with with Calvin and I we talk a lot about our friend Jake Presley. This is more of a lead into the next episode. Jake is a friend who who rides with this Chris. Chris cow son on a mountain bike team. Jake and his family suffered a fire at their house in Clinton Mississippi in the wee hours of Saturday morning and Jake's wife Britney and their six children perished in the fire in Jake was the only one that survived. He's in ICU. With second degree burns over most of his body and there are in our show notes. We have links to where you can help go fund me or or a tribute to their church directly but Kevin. I talked a little bit more extensively but Chris is a teammate and cost a lot of time with J. So start about Jake and some of your experiences jet yeah awesome. You never saw him by herself with either one or all the kids whoever they were when we would ride with him pretty much every Sunday afternoon for the skills class and then every Monday night their spin class at my school revolution of which they're doing right now. Chris said his bike up. And all that before I came over here and it was pretty sad after. Not just not when they were just there. Last week rife including jet. He would get a trainer to yeah. It's been devastating for our our cycling community. We all do and enjoy their company February the tenth and about seven. Pm Central and the go fund me. Their goal is one hundred and at the time. We're doing this taping. It was just over seventy dollars. Yes so we're grateful to anybody and everybody who have contributed. If y'all feel compelled you'll see go fund me links and that sort of thing and Calvin. I tackled more than any other episode. So we'll be back in about two weeks. It'll be the three this time and hopefully have some better news and we'll talk about some of our training. Some of the stuff we done and hopefully will have a product to to spotlight us more. And hopefully we've lost our way. So stay tuned Yasser Much for listening. Thanks for listening everybody. We appreciate you coming by. Be sure to check out our show for links next happy trails.

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