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Between the Scenes - The College Bribery Scam and America's So-Called Meritocracy


You're listening to comedy central. I am loving this college bribery scandal story for two reasons one because it's just a fresh story. There's no politics. You know, there's no like partisanship is. It's just like a simple story about people doing a bad thing. And they got busted, and we can all talk about and no one's fighting of us. It's like, yeah. Look at the bad thing. And then, you know, and I like it for another reason because it raises an interesting conversation in and around whether or not America, truly as Mary base -ociety because a lot of people say that in America, there's going to America if you work hard, and you get where you need to go. And it's like, yes. But we cannot deny who you know, makes a big difference in how far you can get in this country. Somebody has to open the door for you. Somebody has to open the door for you. I don't care who you are way. You are. You know what I mean? Like I've worked hard in my life. But I know that John Stewart was the person that's open a door and be like, hey, come into this world, otherwise I'll just be grafting hot in Africa. Then then then what causes like work so hard in Africa that someone America's like he worked come on. No, you need someone to open the door on the other side for you. But like it shows you it's like it's a lot of it is not married based at all, you know, because think of what I think about like the chain of events, you you have rich parents who bribe your way into these schools now, this is the most grievous bribing. But you look at American schools for a long time, it it. It's been a form of bribery, in some way, shape or form donating here. Your alumni of this. It's not completely merit based. All right. And then those kids who get into those universities have degrees that are valuable because they get you into rooms where you get the best jobs and having the best jobs means you get the highest money, and the wealth stays in the same place, and then people will say to someone else. That'd be like. Well, why don't you just? Work harder, you pour for a raise. And and it's like, no. If my dad was as Richard yours, maybe I would be at the same place that you're in. You know, like I couldn't afford to go to university. I remember when I wanted to go to university and my family, we couldn't afford it. And then my mother said to me, look, I'll put all my money into your university. If you pay off that's what she said. That was the deal. She said Trevor I'll I'll sacrifice everything I'll send university you have to pay off. And I was like, okay. Sounds good. And then I saw the price. And I was like this is crazy shit. I was like why would you send any kid to university? I was like, wait. I'm paying the money. So someone can teach me how to make money. Here's how it works. I'm gonna keep my money. Now, I've got the money. I don't need the university degree did. I've Haas did that pass. The daily show the cover. No. Here's a dish. Once daily show. Weeknights at eleven ten central on comedy, central and comedy, central watchable episodes and videos at the daily show dot com. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and subscribe to the daily show on YouTube for exclusive content and move. This has been a comedy central podcast.

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