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Hello and welcome to sword and scale daily. I'm your host Ryan Williams it's Wednesday December fourth. And this is your daily true crime report coming up on sort and scale daily. A Wisconsin woman has been arrested in connection with the two two thousand six murder of her husband in Holland. Command is on trial for fatally stabbing his American roommate. A talented drummer who was studying at university in Rotterdam finally in Oregon a man who was convicted of the two thousand and one murder of his girlfriend. Alfred has his conviction overturned after a judge ruled that the state crime lab did not disclose the existence of potentially exculpatory DNA. Evidence since in the case. All this more coming up on sort and scaled daily The Wo- saw County Daily Herald reports reports that on Monday December. Second Sixty five year. Old Cindy Scholtz. Jude's was arrested for the two thousand six murder of her husband. Fifty eight year old Kim. Joo She's being held on one million dollars cash bail and will be charged with murder. Police considered the death of Kim. Jud homicide from the start for years the Marathon County sheriff's department said they had a suspect in the death but insufficient evidence for an arrest on the morning of August thirtieth. Two thousand six around eight. Thirty am Cindy Schultz. Jude's called nine one one and reported finding her husband Ken. Jude's dead in their home. In whole Wisconsin. Ken Jude's worked as a pharmacist. His marriage to Cindy was his the second and he had four children with his first wife. Cindy Scholtz Jude's told investigators. She spent the nights sleeping in an RV. On the couple's bulls property and did not see who killed her husband. Medical examiners found that Kim Jude's was shot twice in the chest with a twenty gauge shotgun and and died overnight. Cindy reported the same shotgun stolen from their home that same evening during the investigation Sunni gave inconsistent statements about her schedule on the day of the homicide and was considered a person of interest in the case. Police also argued argued that Cindy had a financial motive to kill her husband. Ken Jude's had a one million dollar life insurance policy of which Cindy was the beneficiary three. The couple also had joint property which subsequent to Kim's death Cindy sold for two hundred thousand dollars investigators. Here's believed that the couple's marriage was rocky and divorce was possible. In which case Cindy would have been cut out of the policy in February every two thousand seven. Police received an anonymous letter containing information about Kim's death. Also in two thousand seven. Kim Jude's children from his first marriage filed a wrongful death suit against Cindy in civil court. They were requesting to return of the payment of the life insurance policy policy. The suit was dropped. In two thousand ten following a settlement over the years semi maintained her innocence telling the WHOA Sauk County Herald in two thousand thirteen. I don't feel I am a person of interest in my husband's death. Most of the money went to the kids. money-wise money-wise my husband and I together would have earned more in two years than I ever would have gotten from his death and I still would have my husband since since two thousand six. Investigators believed they had strong circumstantial evidence against the suspect but needed more evidence to charge them. It is not not clear. What if any new evidence law enforcement have now but in two thousand sixteen to detectives were newly assigned to the cold case one of them? I'm full time Cindy Scholz. Jude's is next due in court on December thirteenth in other news the Netherlands Orlands Times reports that man is on trial in Rotterdam for the two thousand eighteen murder of his American roommate. Sarah Papin Heim He. He faces ten years in prison. An institutionalization at a psychiatric treatment facility if convicted twenty one year old Sarah Papin Heim of andover. Minnesota was a gifted drummer who played with several bands in the twin cities area. She started studying psychology full-time at harassment's psomas university in Rotterdam in two thousand sixteen following her brother's suicide she focused her studies on suicide prevention. She and the suspect in her murder. Twenty four year old Joel shelling a cellist. Lived in the same university apartment complex and bonded over their love of music. They're living quarters. Were separate but they shared the same kitchen and bathroom. Shelling was reportedly depressed socially isolated suicidal and Sarah was one of his few friends. Even shellings condition worsened. Sarah who was committed to suicide prevention attention did not draw away in early December. Sarah told a friend about his behavior. That friend reached out to the disturbed served. Persons Hotline and Mental Health Professionals came to interview Joel showing twice but determined. There was no cause for concern a few days as later. Papin Heim text another friend. That showing told her he wanted to be a serial killer which she then reported he was due to receive another other visit for mental health professionals. On December Twelfth Papin himes body was found in the top of the bathroom she shared with Joel shelling. She'd been stabbed twenty seven times and cut ten times. Sarah had been due to return to Minnesota to visit her family over Christmas break. Joel shelling fled the scene after the killing but was arrested when he disembarked from a train in over sixty miles from Rotterdam Joel. Shelling was examined by team mental health professionals who found that at the time of the murder he was disconnected from reality due to the combined effects acts of several mental disorders including autism schizophrenia and psychosis the trial which will be decided by a panel of three judges began on Wednesday November twenty seventh per the Netherlands. Times Joel showing told the cord that on the day of the murder. Uh He went to Papin himes room to talk to her. He claimed he was angry about a recent conversation that you had. During which he told Papin Heim he was going to kill L. himself. And according to Joel shelling she replied do it then he claimed he has little memory of the rest of the altercation. He told the judges ages quote. I wanted to talk to her. I was angry with her. A struggle arose at the door and she bit me then. I saw blood on the wall and saw her lying on her back. When a judge asked Joel shelling why he killed Syrup Papin Heim? He said he did not know. After the break. In Oregon Man's two thousand ten conviction in the death of his girlfriend has been overturned a judge overseeing the case ace ruled that a police crime lab did not disclose potentially exculpatory. DNA evidence in the case Now for our final story in two thousand ten Nicholas macguffin was convicted of manslaughter in the two thousand death of his girlfriend. Fifteen year. Old Leah Freeman on Monday. December second in Oregon judge overturned the conviction ruling that the state crime lab violated mcmuffins is rights when they did not disclose the discovery of an unknown males. DNA on the victims shoes. The World Coups Bay reported that Leah Freeman. Eamon was last seen around nine pm on the evening of June. Twenty eighth two thousand on central avenue in her hometown of COQ. He'll per boyfriend then. Seventeen year. Old Nicholas macguffin had dropped her off at a House Party and was supposed to pick her up later but she left before he arrived at first. Police considered Leah Freeman. Run away on July third. One of her shoes discovered across the street from the local high school will. The shoe had been spattered with freemen's blood and as of two thousand one. The crime lab identified trace amounts of DNA belonging to an unknown male. Oh mixed in with her blood Leah. FREEMEN's other shoe was discovered on Hudson Ridge. Thirteen miles away on July fifth. Her body was found not far from there on August third. The case went. Cold and Leah. FREEMEN's family accused police of botching the investigation and from the start for one. Investigators did not collect evidence immediately from the location of the Party. Freeman attended the night. She disappeared even though they went by the house looking for her. By the time they decided to collect evidence the party debris had been cleaned up and any evidence disposed of it would later come up that they failed to follow up on some evidence they did collect the day after the disappearance macguffin failed a lie detector attacked test leading police to consider him. The main suspect. In two thousand ten the case was reopened and in August two thousand ten and mcgovern was finally charged for the murder of Leah Freeman. At the time he had a child of his own and was working as a banquet chef at a local hotel talent casino. He pled not guilty during the trial. The prosecution portrayed the relationship between macguffin and Leah Freeman As fiery and said that they argued shortly before her disappearance. The prosecution claimed that Freeman was strangled. And that macguffin transported reported her to the woods in either his or his parents car. No physical evidence connected to Leah. Freeman was found in either car which the prosecution Russian said was because of the cause of death. The state medical examiner found. The cause of death was strangulation based on the lack of evident proof of another another cause of death. The remains were skeleton is D- And there were no evident knicks or damage to the bones nor were their apparent holes or cuts to her clothing thing however the highway bone typically found broken in cases of strangulation was intact. The defense hired a private forensic analyst. WHO found to cuts consistent with the knife on Freeman's tank top in sports bra per the location of the cuts Freeman would have been stabbed in the area under her sternum explaining the lack of damage to the bones during the two thousand ten trial it was also revealed that that in two thousand police found a receipt at the crime scene with the name of another local Boy Raymond Lewis who was sixteen at the time of the murder on it and Raymond Lewis was interviewed and he explained away the existence of the receipt by saying he frequently went to the Ridge go hunting and muddying however as the defense pointed out in two thousand ten there was no hunting or muddying going on at the Ridge during the summer of two thousand law enforcement did not investigate investigate Louis any further and never searched his car or home? Oregon is the only state in the union that allowed non unanimous jury reverts on all offenses except for murder per oregon public broadcasting. The jury McGovern's two thousand. Ten trial could did not come to a unanimous verdict on murder and he was eventually convicted on manslaughter in two thousand eleven in a decision that was split tended to macguffin was sentenced to ten years of which he has served. Nine macguffin continued to proclaim his innocence represented by Attorney Janice Perko of Portland based nonprofit group the forensic justice project in analyst hired by protocol when over the original case files and discover that in in two thousand the state crime lab discovered. DNA from an unknown male mixed in with Freemen's blood on her shoe the DNA recovered was not not a match for macguffin however the discovery was not disclosed to the defense because the amount of DNA discovered was small and in two thousand one one an internal policy allowed employees to use their own discretion when it came to disclosing small amounts of DNA based on this lack of disclosure. Sure as well as other complaints per call asked for post conviction trial in front of a judge. This request was granted in August. Two Thousand Nineteen and during this hearing Paul ream the lawyer representing the Oregon Department of Justice defended the lack of disclosure the O. P. he be quotes. Reams is saying this was a different world back then. They were very cautious because they did not know all the stuff that was out there so so they were cautious and conservative in what they put in the report. The judge dismissed this defense stating that. Although this may have been policy in two thousand one the case did not go to trial until two thousand ten and significant advances in detection of trace amounts of DNA occurred in that ten year period by two thousand eleven. There's no doubt the result should have been disclosed at the time. The Oregon Department of Justice Has Intel December thirtieth to appeal appeal. The judge's ruling barring such an appeal the case will return to the Coosa County district attorney. Who will have to determine whether to dismiss the case Or retry it. Before we leave you. We have an update in the case of Anaya Blanchard. Who went missing from Auburn Alabama on October twenty third and whose remains were recovered last Monday outside of Montgomery on Monday December second it was revealed held that per the autopsy? Anaya died as a result of a gunshot wound. Investigators believe that only one person Abraham yezid. I was involved in her kidnapping and murder zied. Who is already in custody charged with a nice kidnapping is visible and surveillance footage from the convenience store for where Anaya Blanchard was last seen? Moreover a witness saw him force Anaya into her own car on Monday. The Lee County District Attorney announced that he will be charged with Anaya Blanchard's murder and they will be seeking the death penalty two other men Antoine Antoine Fisher. Who goes by his nickname? Squirmy and David Johnson junior have been charged with assisting Ez after the fact and hindering prosecution police believe that Fisher helped Z.. Dispose of evidence and provide transportation for him. Johnson lied to police about whereabouts whereabouts and his sons robes e to Florida where he was eventually arrested. That's it for today. We'll see tomorrow and until then stay safe. It sort and scale daily is an incongruity media production. Your host was Ryan Williams Research and writing adding by Hagar Barack executive producer. Mike Day if you like the show subscribe and leave us a review if you'd like to write us with feedback or suggestions. CBS use the email address. DAILY AT SWORD AND SCALE DOT com.

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