Hubble Telescope Photobomb, Why Alcohol Burns, and Why Your Cat Puts Its Butt In Your Face


We're here from curiosity dot com to help you get smarter in just a few minutes. I'm Cody gov, and I'm actually Hamer today. You'll learn why NASA compared to new scientific discovery to a game of where's WALDO white cat. Stick their butts in your face. And the surprising reason why your throat burns when you take a shot of hard liquor of satisfy some curiosity. The Hubble space telescope just discovered a dwarf galaxy in our stellar neighborhood. This isn't necessarily the biggest news in the world on its face. But the story of how we found it is the fun part. You know, you're in for a good time. When NASA compares a scientific discovery to a game of where's WALDO, and this undiscovered galaxy basically photo bombed the Hubble telescope this galaxy is like the Fiji water girl of the universe. Totally. I think that's a really obscure reference. Well, according to Google everybody knows about it. All right. Just Google the twenty nine hundred Golden Globes. If you don't know what I'm talking about. Then you'll be up on what all the kids are talking about. That's a world about here. Yup. Kids are talking about undiscovered galaxy. So what the Hubble telescope was really doing was photographing a star cluster called N G C six seven five two which is thirteen thousand light years away. That's a pretty respectable distance by cosmic standards. So imagine astronomers surprise when a loner galaxy popped up in the image. It was super tiny and super faint, but scrutiny showed that this tiny three thousand light year across galaxy was something like thirty million light years away from us that's about twelve times further than the drama galaxy which you can see with the naked eye in the northern hemisphere. Now that astronomers know where this galaxy's hiding they say it'll teach us more about how galaxies changes they grow an age. In fact, this galaxy is almost as old as our universe itself, which is estimated at thirteen point seven billion years NASA compared to to a living fossil from the early universe. This is a big deal because once we know what a galaxy looks like when it's unchanging astronomers can make predictions about how chain. Aging galaxies, grow and evolve. This'll help us understand the shape of the galaxy surrounding us and even our own Milky Way, we do know a few things for sure like the fact that the Milky Way, and and drama or on an eventual collision course and a few billion years, but let's face it space is full of mysteries. And we're just getting started with our explorations. Meanwhile, Hubble just keeps on observing and producing results nearly twenty nine years after its launch into space here. Steer gold. Mir's Hubble actually have a question about cats. What's that? Why do they always stick there? But in your face. Well, I have I have an answer. Do you? Well, you know, my running thing about cat behavior and headlines that say, here's why your cat does X. This is the second day in a row, you've got a running theory about something. I do I have a lot of theories. Go ahead. Well, my running theory is that ninety percent of the time. The answer is we don't know cancer weird. Is this one of those times? No, this is actually. Some legit cat behavior. And I'm excited to tell you about it. It turns out that they're doing it because they like you and there's actual research to back this up. Sweet. So whenever experts try to shed light on the baffling abyss that is cat behavior. They start by looking at how cats act around their own kind to be friendly cats often rub their heads bodies entails alongside one another. It doesn't just feel good that behavior also exchanges odors from a bunch of sent glands that are located on the sides of a cat's head the corners of its mouth under its chin on its ears and importantly on its tail it has sink lands and all those places. It does not only will catch rub. Their own sent on one another, but they'll also sniff their companions for lots of reasons to confirm their identity to see what they've been up to and even just to say Hello that includes their butts which also contain glands that are rich with sent information. Dr Deborah prim Vic is an emergency medicine veterinarian and she wrote. Pet place quote, some believe the sniff can actually relieve tension and stress by helping an individual feel more comfortable about the other cat two cats living in the same house may smell each other. When one comes in from the outside or comes back from the vet to confirm information about the cat state, including diet stress availability for mating and mood, unquote. But that's with other cats. How does this apply to the weird way your little furball treats you well when cats rubbed their bodies against each other? They usually move in opposite directions starting head to head and ending with their butts facing one another that's exactly what a cat's doing when it slides. It's body along. You're standing leg. It's head starts the move. It's but finishes, but if you're lying down that move isn't so straightforward, and that's why you could end with your cats, but in your face along the same lines, your cat might just shove its rear directly in your face because it wants to say, Hello other cats sniffed butts to say, hi, so why wouldn't you and on a final note? It's possible that a cats but in. Your face is just an accident since cats stick their tails straight up when they're feeling friendly. A happy cat exposes it's stinky assed area to the world whether or not there's an unlucky human face nearby. I know this makes cat people sound really weird. But I still love him. If you've ever taken a shot of hard liquor than you probably know how badly burns on the way down. We encourage you to drink responsibly as always but just in time for the weekend. I figure now might be a good time to explain why that room temperature tequila gives you a burning sensation on the way down your throat, and the answer is probably not what you think. It's not that. It's just firewater. It's not there's no actual fire the alcohol, even if it's fireball. All right. I actually thought the science behind. This is really interesting, hopefully, your normal body temperature is around ninety eight point six degrees Fahrenheit or thirty seven degrees celsius when you drink something cold that drink gets slightly warmer as it travels down your throat and into your stomach when you. Drink a hot beverage the opposite happens your body absorbs some of that heat in your body can take a lot of heat. I mean, my fellow former coffeeshop Arista can tell you that atypical lots or a Cup of Joe Mike it served at around one hundred forty or even one hundred sixty degrees Fahrenheit. So even when you sip on something a lot hotter than core body temperature. You don't feel like your throat is on fire right in order to protect your insides your mouth and throat. Both have pain sensors called vanilla we'd receptor one or VR one VR one react to the temperature and acidity of food. They do this by stimulating neurons that transmit the sensation of pain to your brain. These receptors are super sensitive to both actual high temperatures and perceived heat from compounds like cap Sason, that's where they have a similar reaction when you're eating either sizzling hot slice of pizza or a red hot chili pepper and things change when alcohol comes into play the type of alcohol you find in liquors like tequila is called. Ethanol, you know, how spicy kept season makes VR one think of food is hot to the touch. Well, ethanol binds to these receptors and makes them more sensitive to heat. This actually changes the heat threshold and lowers it from that ninety eight point six degree body temperature to just ninety three points to degrees Fahrenheit or thirty four degrees celsius doesn't sound like a big swing in temperature. Right. Well, it still enough to cause a flurry of responses in your skin Asaf against and spinal cord, which gives you a sudden sensation of warmth all over and a nasty burning your throat. So when it comes to downing shot of liquor that burning sensation you feel isn't real heat. It's your own bodies warning signals going kind of haywire. Always Rick responsibly. Today's ad free. Episode was brought to you by our patrons special. Thanks to Katrina Constantine, Muhammed chiffon was Ben Urich, Luke Chapman and stay fan crate for your support on patron. We really appreciate it. 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