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Welcome to click bottles radio where we go. Behind the scenes and uncovered the tactics and strategies. Top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets. And how you can get those same results. Here's your host date woodwork. Every welcome back to quit fellows. Radio an amazing episode because i have my dear friend jennifer mendez with us jennifer. Welcome to the show. Yes thank you so much for having me here. I am so excited to chat with you today. I can't wait so those who don't know unit for she actually is. The person runs our entire facebook community of probably between our community somewhere. Close to five hundred thousand people. In addition to that she happens to be a amazon bestselling author and most recently was is now a certified. Facebook community manager expert says the course and actually was interviewed in worked with facebook on creating content so as a ton of an expertise in exactly what. We're going to talk about today. The most importantly she's a dear friend who has helped our community grow a ton in so for any business owners. Were listening the content gonna be talking about. Today is going to help you really understand the importance of having a community how to grow envy an how to actually scale and manage which have been one of the most difficult things that we've struggled with so let's just dive right in where you want to start. Yeah i mean we can start with our community right. Yeah like the officials clicked on us officials community. Not in there. You should be go. Find it on facebook We are a little over quarter million people in that community so that it's a very large community a lot of members a lot of polls a lot of engagement going on in there when i first came aboard and and and pretty much took over the community managing the community. I was actually a member for two years before i came. Yeah i came from the community as a funnel hiker. Because i am. I'm a hacker at heart. So i was very I guess i was one of those very active members in the in the group. Before i connected with john and the reason how this all came about i guess i should share that story. How i got connected with john Russell had made a live on in two thousand eighteen. He was saying that their team was growing and that he was looking for our facebook ads. Person right so at that time i had just launched my marketing agency social zap and we were offering facebook ads services. So i- message russell and i was like. How do i get in. Contact with your marketing. People like i was loved to work with your team right and he was like you need to message john parks right so i went on facebook and i looked him up a message. John and he's like do you mean facebook as a yes i am your facebook ads rockstar right so i'm trying to like sell myself. And he's like okay. Goto this link go apply and then take this personality tests. And i was like personality. Says i've never had anyone. Tell me that i did personality work so i found that weird kinda cool like at the same time so i did this personality tests and then i waited like a week two weeks here. Nothing from john Three weeks later not from so then. I message him like a month later. I was doing Did you find your facebook ads. Person and he was like We'll try to reach you for like two weeks. I was like i want to check my spam folder and his assistant had reached out to meet for two weeks. And i didn't know you hit it. I did what i know how to do. Passwords send john video. I got on camera but others say john. I'm so sorry. Give me another opportunity. Let's get on zoom call and bowels leg the lead way in and i will saying like a week later. His assistant message me she said. Hey john meet you on his own car. And i said i started jumping up and down record like like a crazy person in my house. My kids are looking at me. Like i'm crazy. And i get on this call and then he tells me. Pc your personality since you such active member community you know. How do you feel about being the mayor. The exact as he was like the mayor of a small city and i was like mayor. Like what are you talking about. He's like yeah. How about the group lake. Our community is growing at that time dave. The group had about ninety thousand members and he said wild west it was the wallow was for sure and you said the community is growing. There's so much happening. We need somebody to kind of like hone down on that that that group in that role and i was like you know i managed communities in the past but you know like my own small communities for like you know small courses. I've done and things like that. Nothing on that large scale. So i thought about it and i was but i thought we were talking about facebook ads. Who is this community thing came about is like no no no no. I think it would be perfect for this. And i was like okay. If this is going to get me to work with russell and click funnels. Let's do it. i'm in right. I saw joining amazing job and we appreciate it. Oh my god. I thought it was a huge opportunity to work with you guys. Learn from you guys. I've learn grown so much like in the process and then you know. I went in there without really knowing what to expect. And as soon as they made me admit all the cases when crepe no right that was like what is this like it was just so engaged and then i started doing research and taking courses and learning from other people and you know everything that there is about community management in the internet. Like i did and i i just honed down becoming the best. I could be in that in that industry And then i told john housing now. We need to build a team like you know. This is a very engaged group. This is not something that just one person can do like. We need twenty four hour coverage the internet. Don't sleep right any more people so we were able to build a whole moderation team. We've put systems in place at creator s. o. p. for the community and now this is two years later. This is where we are. You know accord a million. People thriving one of the fastest growing entrepreneur groups on facebook even recognized by facebook. Because that's kind of how. I was able to connect face. But because they found me from being adleman saw involved in this large engaging community and because of click funnels was that they reached out to me for that the certification program to be one of the first certify community managers. I love it. So congratulations that's here with you. You've ever most importantly are the people who are listening there going okay. So i've got a business or i'm wanting to build one on how. How do i get my. How do i get my community. Started what what are some things that need to be aware of window. I bring on a community manager. How do i scale and grow a business community. Help of dive into that part of it. Yeah that's amazing questions. Good questions because you know in the beginning you don't really need like a whole moderation team. Starting a community from scratch. First of all you should start a community. It doesn't matter the industry doesn't matter. What niche does it matter. What business when you create a community and you create Back connection between you know your members of your community you can make those people become your your loyal fans like your raving fans. Yeah whatever you say. Hey i got this offer like running with their credit cards ready to buy. And that's what russell has been able to click photos community so i see that as an example you know. He started from zero right. There was nobody has community when they started writing it has grown to. What is now but i feel like if it wasn't for the community you know who knows right. Click on it will be because he has created the culture the the raving fans. And that's what every business needs to do to thrive and so have you started from scratch. Start your group. Doesn't matter where you are on the scale of business. You have a business start. Your group The question is when do people need a community manager or moderation team. And that's great so when you feel like they're not ificationbut off the wall when members are complaining when your group starts becoming a spam fast because you know there are people that are not ethical and the online marketing space. That will take a manager community if you don't put somebody in place to moderate and filter out kind of like the mess in the internet so when you see that the united fictitious you can't keep up with you care like you're in the bathroom checking group because you don't you want to protect your baby right. Group is like a little baby that is when you should reach out and and hire somebody to to moderate your community and then ask the community continues to grow and not so much of numbers. I feel like it's more with engagement because you can have a group of like five thousand members that doesn't mean that the community super active would go into the group's incite settings and check out the engagement. Right if you getting over one hundred hundred posts a day. That is time for you to go. Hire somebody to help you. Moderate perfect i love it so one hundred two hundred notifications a day comments. You're looking at hired so much enough. I'm going to go hire someone. Where do i find it community manager. And how much does it cost. Yeah so It's this is an industry that is a new industry per se based on the certification just came out. Facebook is now recognizing that this is needed for businesses right. Even though we were doing before facebook recognize the now is like the the industry has pretty much like expanded because once baseball games that that stamp of approval okay like people are using groups. More more we need to make this industry So before that like the community. Managers will fall in the range of social media managers ri- because they're managing social media. Even though it takes a little bit more. I think like the extra skilled community manager needs to have his great customer service. Right because if you don't have customer service to leading gauge with your members back and forth even when there's conflicts and things like that Conflict resolution than obviously. There's not a great community manager so it's like a social media manager with like a boost right like that's kind of what it is right now and then as far as what people charge. I mean there's freelancers that charge anywhere between five hundred dollars a month to even five thousand dollars a month. That's usually based on the engagement of the group. How much work needs to you. Know how much time they need to put into into the group so you know. We have the social media marketing agency. That is one of the services that we offer but we don't have one prize per per community because every community's different they also have different goals ryan. Some goals are to sell things on those just to build a loyal based on goals is to a ready groups that are made for paid like pay communities that they already bought the stuff that you cells and that would be like a different structure so every single group has to have a different mission. A different vision right. So it's all customizable but it falls between that range anywhere between five hundred dollars a month even five thousand dollars a month depending how big and how engaged community is would you ever recommend someone from within the group. Yes i think that's a great idea. You know if you're building a once you starting out picking out somebody from the community see. I came from the communities. John maybe he knew that when army beyond he's like really the final hiker right so it was like a perfect fit so yes i feel like the person that you're first community. Managers should come from from the community because they already love your mission and should be somebody. That's actively engaged right like they love with whatever it is that you offer the ready your stuff right and then wants to start building a team that community management team than the personnel needs. That team should be more of more experts. Somebody that has experienced running teams So that that's kind of you where that change happens. And then all the other moderate is like for example in in our team all our moderators came from the community. So they they love the culture. So it's a perfect fit when you do bring people from from your own your own community. So how do you. So now. i've gone and found someone in my community Again does your agency. Social zapped dot com. That you guys have any manage their to until we actually do group audits right we start at the audits and then we give members our clients recommendations. Like we'll tell him. Okay we could console and go train your team or hey we do have somebody. That's a perfect fed. That has already worked with that niche or the industry rizal. It all starts with the group auto. We always have to do that. Audit to kind of check out the group from behind the scenes right because when you see a group from a member's perspective is very different from when you become an admin and you see the back end perspective because you can see ride the engagement the numbers how many people are joining how many how many things are deleted. How many things are post. There is so that's why important to do that. Group audit i some things you're looking at in the groupon it. Yes so i'm looking for how many things are deleted How many times the facebook. Facebook has a i bought which recognizes anything that is outside of community standards right. So there's a little section in the back of the group that if you click on reported items by by facebook so you check that out to see if if facebook is recognizing a lot of remove on their own no-go remove it. You don't even have to remove it because the ai by does that then you know for fact right. That's one of the things that you know for a fact while you really need to put somebody in place because if there's too many violations facebook actually down your entire community So you don't want to like build this giant community then be risk right so that's very important so as one of the things that we look at how many violations there's been from the members not really from the group owners is really members We look at the engage man. How many people are hosting a day. how many things have you had to delete in the last thirty days. So we'll go into the adleman activity log and click deleted items and see because if the group owner has deleted a hundred things in the last week. That that's a red flag. Hey you really need somebody in place. So those are some of the things that we look at What else we look at. How often people are posting like other metrics right all the numbers and that would kind of you know. Guide us with with that with that response as far as like if you need somebody if you need to bring somebody from the group if you need a whole team right so we we gauge it out by that so Bingo socials app dot com. And do the cost. Yeah so we charge one ninety seven fergus. That is ninety. Get a grip on it. John group on it. I'm looking at pasta. Higher facebook manager our community manager from within my group five hundred five thousand dollar range. Obviously i know you guys provide as well tell me how do i increase engagement. And how do i grow unskilled group. Yeah so what we do especially when we take on a new kleiner new group like the first thing that we do. Is we pull the community. We create a poll and ask them like. What do you want to see more of right because the group is not really about yours about your business but you need to serve your members right so you if you create content that is to serve your members in and they're happy with what they're seeing their going to hang out more in your community so that is like the first thing we pull the members and we give them seventy two hours to like you know vote on different topics and things that they want to to see and then we take that data. That's market research right lane. We take that data and then we create content around that whether that's giving the topics to the group owners go create videos. Videos are the best. Like even anywhere social media. That's gonna get you the best engagement versus Versus type copy pose versus even versus pictures. So videos are very good at that and we always tell our group owners. I k- these are the main topics that they wanna learn about. You know go find the experts and interview these people on these topics or go create content on these topics. Because that's what they wanna see so that when you do sprinkle your offers. You don't wanna put your offers. Every single postseason happy. Your offer is very important right so when you do brinkley your offers your group engage with the other content that you providing that they lied. They're able to see that because we're also fighting against the facebook algorithm right. I'm pretty sure you guys know about the algorithm. Everybody listening here. You your social media. You know that you're fighting against out of especially organic ride. This doesn't have to with with pay traffic. So that is how you fight algorithm. You give them what they want. Give them what they want. What they want engage with them. Make sure you're engaging. The comments is so important. I could bring the algorithm up so than we do. Have your offers a share. Those paid things. They're able to even see it right because the first day of getting them to see you offer. So that's what we do when we start to take a community over manager community. So now i've got a better gauge. How do i get more people into the group. Yeah so there's different avenues. So if i give you an example of what we do here. Click on his right. We have ads that go to like the free stuff. The free the free lead magnus books. All russell sparks his books. Talk about the group right. Even the i think the shipping box. Has you know the late for you to go. Check out the group or anywhere where you giving away free stuff whether that's in your banner your facebook page whether that's on a book that you're selling whether you know anything that you're using to build your list your email in the bottom of your emails that you send now. They should be a link there for people to join your community everywhere where you have free stuff going on all over the internet. Put a link to the group. You're running ads when they come into your stuff that email put a link to your like everywhere you should be putting a little stamp of groups link in in your in your offers you free and you're paid off. I love it so again. The whole idea here is we're trying to get engagement. We're trying to grow and scale a group. We're trying to to communicate more and and just build that and deepen that relationship with our members jato any other comments or things you can think of our community here on our podcast needs to hear about her know about when it comes to creighton or manage a group. Yeah i think like what you mentioned right now like the culture right and getting those people really connected to you brian. And you know it's not all about creating the content is also again. What i mentioned a few minutes ago lake communicating with them in the comments right and tagging them responding to them like for example. Every time somebody posts in the click runners community are moderation team comments. Where the first one to comment right because that just Members somebody's attention. You know whether we know the answer a we don't know the as if we don't know the answer but find the answer right before we even approve it and then we comments i think is so important that you know if you're studying the group that you are engaging where your members in the comments that they know that you're that you're paying attention and then once you have a team that seem is engaging with the members in that is not just about creating the content that's it is like a whole formula like you have to all these pieces together and that's what creates reading bates. I love it for thank you so much. I appreciate your time again. Best place find the find out more about us. Probably social zap dot com zapped with the dean and you can find me everywhere so show right all over facebook. i'm obviously and the click phone is community. I'm in their cheering. You guys on and everybody there. That's you know growing their businesses. I love it and get jennifer. It's why h. e. n. f. e. r. in as e. m. e. n. d. s. so much appreciated a ton. Thank so that was fun day.

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