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And if you go to get quick dot com slash we watch. You get your first refill pack for free with a quip electric toothbrush that your I refill pack free at GE Q U P dot com slash. We watched me W A T C H time. Indeed. Hey, do you watch wrestling? Orrick? Greeding dacians. Well, though, they're welcome friends foes heels, maybe faces all are welcome at the we watch wrestling podcast. I wonder darling. Read edit host wrestling mat McCarthy with me professor wrestling, paddle on Tom Sibley, come on baby. Light my fire. Welcome from California. We're not fire yet. We watch wrestling still unin Gulf Jesus. I thought he was referencing Ambrose of the flower rocket fire. Yeah. I didn't know you were talking about the most destructive thing to careful what the fire jokes yet. You know, you don't maybe too soon since it's still happening. You know, when you so a flak jacket in water and throw it into a barrel. Fire now that happens and dean really demonstrated that on. Cross ring from him professional wrestling encyclopedia, Mr. Vince abra day. What a week what a time to be alive survivor series weekend is upon us and. We have fucking special guests of the house get outta here. Do d- guest of gas guest of guests are most frequent favorite maybe are only Mr. Casey Corbin here. Alot? Hello listeners talk. Wrestling talk wrestling. That's what I do. Proud American Casey. True American American here to make Canada great again by leaving it and coming here careful case, you know, your delete as always looked a little close running a little high. You want to keep it down here. When you're deleting gotta keep it to. I just wanted to come to Trump's Americans. See how great it is getting greater every day, sweat you at the border. No, not a problem. Curl up your ass. No, no. I think the guy hit on me. He said contained said to me e said to me, what are you going? Where are you? Staying staying ROY schools house? I said I said I'm staying in a friend's house. She said girlfriend. I'm like no boyfriend while he's not my boyfriend. He has a wife and the guy goes from Francisco. Baby, we all have wives and boyfriends the best could we watch podcast dot com. Gonna head them ahead dot com. Go to we did you a solid by not having tickets to our live shows be more expensive the day up. So do us a solid and buy your tickets in advance. We got show's coming up in Philadelphia on December eighth. It's a Saturday before house a hardcore. It's going to be a great time. Then we'll go rows are corn and other great time. And then the next day Sunday December ninth in Somerville. Massachusetts in the shadow of Boston at the ones lounge get the tickets get we know we need to feel the love before we get there. And then we're going to have a party together as out. Hosa hardcore show is stacked. Yeah. It's like one of the better hardcore shows I've seen in a while. And it's card. Yeah. And my nephew. Who is? I think nine years old. Okay. Eight or nine years old is going to our show. And then he's. I'm not signing waiver for that kid. I said to my sister. I was like Emily, we do in our rated show, and then especially Tom. But I I made it very clear. I'm like, I do not, you know, this is this is an adult show, and she's like it'll be fine. It'll be okay. And then the other wrestling show that you guys go to after it is called house of hardcore hardcore translates like blood if this kid catches Cain. Are we going to be hearing about what's that if a Singapore cane just through the crown see my nephew, Jonas Cain that kid? And he's like watching nephew show up with cheese grader what if your nephew gets chopped before you do anybody going. He's so small anybody going to house. Our core. Please make a sign that says Cain Jonas. No. I can't stress that enough. You will be banished from the triple W. Don't last one. This kid becomes a lifelong fan of to this. He's like a wrestler. No. He's big time fan wrestling. I didn't know that. Yeah. This is never cover. What if he becomes a pervert? Then. Sky sky hard stop on that. But no, he's a he's a. Boundary man. Foundries guy create zero boundaries. So when I do it's. But he he's he's like a stat kid like he he just any stat that he hears just goes right in Jesse pop used to be a stat head like that score the baseball game at home. Yeah. Yeah. So that's you know, that's possibility. We're just looking at the projector. If you just heard projector if you just like ask them like who won the Super Bowl in nineteen seventy eight. He just absorbed stuff, but he's as his face. Face raiders. Raiders of Cowboys probably one of the two last weekend. Nyah jacks did not win game changer at the people's choice award. She was up for the award called game-changer. Then she went ahead and change fucking game on Monday when she changed the entire survivor series card by floating face change her. That's what she one. I have a theory about that. And I was thinking about earlier good. Good good. You take these non athletic non wrestlers, and you give them these big shots because they're big, and they fit a certain kind of physical molt. And then you put them in the ring with tremendous, athletes and lifelong fans of wrestling and wrestlers, and they get jacked up, and they think they're part of the party to who. Did you guess it was Casey I said, I o I said originally said this or or Dallas whose Dallas isn't that always kid you said Pittsburgh as well? Are you crying? No, I get a little dry. Throw. Draft rose as a result of a dry mouth or. Mardi gras in your life. That cough doesn't help you. I've come from the tundra of Canada. Cold. Oh, let me tell the story before. I forget leaves. I started telling it last week. And then. Totally got bulldoze by Tom. Probably. Yeah. That's what it is. I just ruined this show. God every chance you get just stomping all over my gold. We were talking about the WWE studios and the movies when I was a writer there, we were in the writer's room one day work, and and you to leave my story. Sit up. I was going to be very sad. I'm telling the story for you, Tom tell the story. I don't like what you said that. You're getting something out of your trunk. What last time is car? What's getting? I can hear you. Tired? Why why is he sitting on the hood of his car next to that flaming barrel? Triple W shirt in the fucking fire. Water verse who's just in a gas cans where keep my water? I was just drinking out of this gas cannon. I decided you know, what I'm gonna light this fucker up. So we're in the writer's room and at the time, the the the executive no not executive. I guess he would have been the senior vice president of creative was Eric penthouse game. And. He comes in the writer's room, and he's got like four or five like sixty year old guys with them all in suits. And he's like guys I just wanted. This is our creative team guys. These are members of the board. These are members of the WWE board of directors. And we're like, hey, how's it going? How's it going there? Like local indie guys that are just for the show. They're all eating ribs. Right. That thing just cut out for second. Yeah. It wasn't there that killer joke. Mine was it. No, no during the huge laugh at got off. The so we're like, hey, how's it going? And then they're like. They are some of the biggest goofs, and I mean that the best way possible they were just goofing it up making awful dah jokes like 'cause like they came to visit and Penkovsky win to dad Modi's like all right activities. Let's find something to do when he was giving them a tour taking him to the gym the gym the workout facility inside titan tower. I wish more people would use it got him. I wish more people would use this for you. They probably get a headache from all the neon. I've mentioned it before. But there was one time Vince sent a Email to the entire company, and it was just about, you know, this gym here for you for the employees to be using. I wish more people were using this gym. He every time he would go he'd just be workout alone. Even like copy paste like a suggested workout Monday through Friday, Monday, chest and back. I feel like it's double edged sword though, because you're working out and you're supposed to be working. And then you in trouble for not working now. But. Believe me that would get a slide. Or I forgot to put those flowers back over here, but who'd wanna go and like workout in the same room as Vince while he works out. But then you get over with vents. Oh, what if you do the workout wrong? My what if you're not what he I bet, you know, he'll come over every time you're like trying to do the bench. And he says this classic line. Won't you put some real weight on that? Well, here's the thing is is these the board of directors. They were making jokes. Like, hey, I've never seen a one hundred ten pound dumbbell before. And one of the other guys is like I'm standing writing. So they come into the writer's room. And they're like, hey, you guys are the ones, right and TV. That's great. How about we get rid of this movies instead of wasting all this money on the movies that keep losing money every every month? Said that one of the board of directors just ever bowl of nothing. Wow. And they're just like talking about like to everyone laugh at. Yes. Because we're all like, oh my God. You guys are the best like when they left like Eric came back. And I remember at Gaza was like those guys back in here. They were great. 'cause they were saying everything that all the fans think that everybody is like what is why is Vince doing this? Why would Vince do that? Now the board. They can say that stuff without they're not they say next shells like everyone. No. Of course, they say that. And then Vince like, well, we've got to we've got a big plan in place on the Vince wasn't in the room. No jokes are being made to God. No. He was somewhere else watering this listening. He was just listening. That's right. He was listening with. There was always a running joke that the writer's room was bugged. But at any rate I wanted to get that out booking name in week huge week. He's Sibley to are you doing to prepare, man? I hope that you are eating I regularly. I hope you're sleeping. I did. Twenty four hour fast. I know I hate it. I saw that. And I said this this has to be written wrong or something. This can't be true. I did a full twenty four hour. Fasts felt great. Actually, can I ask. Yeah. Why I went because I went to a baby shower on Sunday, and I had like four pieces of cake, and I had a bunch to eat and I've been wanting to do it twenty four hour fast, four pieces of cake. Yeah. My friend is like a professional Baker. So she makes these great cakes. And it's like I have to try them. All I can't not. So at three thirty I was done eating. And I was like I've been wanting to do a twenty done eating. I look around the room the children all crying because. Facist cake. Why are you crying? I came to around one o'clock in the hospital. I had diabetes. So, but do you do you see physician, the do you get like a physical or anything like that with any regularity? No god. No. Who can afford a doctor because I don't I don't care. The fuck you. Now. He's canadian. Yeah. I don't question that you're losing weight. But I wonder having anything you haven't said you look good. Yeah. I've said like I wonder if you might let me finish you're losing weight. And I love that for you. But I wonder if you just ate healthier in consistency. And you might ultimately find out that when you test the blood and all that stuff that you're in a better condition than just like starving yourself. I'm not starving 'cause I had about three meals up until that point. You're reading four pieces of cake every day. That's what I'm hearing like at least three days a week twinkies the host. You're not staying away from jack-in-the-box. You're not reading the labels when the feeding windows open Jack in the box of really good dollar menu. And it's very helpful. When I'm on the road driving for lift listen Friday. I'm got a big day. Can I can I be honest about Friday? You hate. I'm dreading fry. I'm so excited. About the weekend every day after Friday today's Friday. Yeah. Yeah. I'm dreading tonight. I just do that. I'm trying to tonight. I'm absolutely driving tonight. But I'm doing some work on that. But outside of that I'm very much looking forward to the rest of the weekend. But then you're going to be so tired at that point. Now, I already scheduled Saturday. So I can sleep in. And be fresh for the next Saturday, which I believe starts at three fifteen. They're shooting a week of TV before the pay per view, which will include the onell riddle match. Oh, really? Wow. That'll be great with the shooting that here. I thought they were shooting in exte- TV in San Jose on Thursday. I read that they were doing it here at four with the with the owner riddle, but who knows maybe read, and then you read again, and then you realize you don't know shit. Yeah. I saw the riddle was he was on the Carter originally. And then he got bumped down to the pre card or something like that was correct. Speaking of pre show, the survivor series match is on the fucking pre show Sunday. It's not even on the show the five on five. That's Don raw. Did you see the graphic? It said it said pre show really for the survivor series match. So then it just turns into like men's man winter. Yeah. Wait almost the survives impossible. Right. He sure. No the title match. No is. The five on five nation tag. Yeah. Traditional survivor series. Hey, man. I watched raw and smackdown this week. And there was a lot of points watching it, and I had to ask myself. Wait, why are they wrestling? Well, 'cause everything's changed. I don't I don't know. What's going on what happened with AJ? I did not. I have no idea smackdown. No. I didn't. I just sort of read about it. I feel like Tom. Sort of forever. It was all of those got smackdown over to crip. No, no. No. No. No. No. No. No, no. It's the the tag team survivor series, Matt. Oh, okay. That's fine. He gives a rat. Fuck about well. Once I got home from the roost. You know? Yeah. I might not have been reading it. Right. Me too. One I opener like Dr nightcap, the mess on Monday at the roost Corby was in the house, and it was getting a little late and he rolls over to the bar and orders forty wings. And. The woman goes the woman goes nobody wants to eat that nobody wants forty wings. She stopped you from ordering tried many from ordering for there's wrong was a feeding frenzy AAC guy. It was it was a feeding fan and you were intent on not sharing with any of them. No, I told you like she goes I've like how much you me. I said gimme like four pounds away since she's like, it's eight eight wings per order. Like, then give me forty. And then she's like nobody wants to forty ways. I was like I twenty myself. I was like those eight people she's like, they don't wanna eat wings. And I was like. Faren me four orders of wings still too much. I'm like we're sticking with for those four ways went like that Dominion's route when she's didn't wanna make she didn't wanna make them. I think so. Yeah. But is up with the roost, man. That's the best bar America. Nobody's you the wings delicious. They were they were. AJ? Throat like that and not expect everyone's gonna live. AJ styles is AJ. Well, thank God. He already has what like four or five kids because do you just gotta look on the solar plexus, sir. Got bless the center. I thought that was their height this. I thought it was one kid just every everywhere. Brian look at your daddy's nippy. You're right at the pet. You're right. The right height to call them my tattoo guy. AJ styles. Poor dick he's been kicked in the dick more times this year than probably anyone in the history of the business. He got dick by Daniel. Bryan. Dana, Brian, I guess is. He'll now. Yeah. Yeah. Sure. He'll understand. We should've known. We shouldn't own last week when he attacked Shane McMahon. He's the biggest deal in the company doesn't. Well, but but one one is that he'll he'll make chicken soup out of it. But if he's allowed to, but it could also just be like he's he doesn't want to go to Saudi Arabia. Okay. Let's turn heel. And then let Brock shit on his face staple center on Sunday. I'll less I'm gonna make a heel and make them the champion. Brock actually, actually shits on his face, and he gets back to the curtain and everyone's like, we just met like figuratively. Only standing clapping. Thank you Dookie. If if Brock gives him a fucking suplex like he gave that poor sing, brother. I mean, both all of the guys the one guy Weiss twice. He got it, dude. I think like 'cause Randy Orton doesn't show up anywhere unless he's like mandated like he gets certified letter in his hotel room from Vince attained glasses rides it goes over where the guy has to like a be dressed in a costume. And then serve him with it. Right. Like trying to but cut to Monday night as soon as Lessner starts toss around the sing brothers. All of a sudden Randy just appears in gorilla, and he's like, I can't believe this shit. Great. That one guy. He's like I just got back from being injured. I just got back from being injured and he's got tossed again. Yeah. He landed. You gotta see this landed on his fucking head wanna talk about unsafe work. Oh rock. It was just like one matters like directly on his hip. Well, like, they were it was awful. He was literally just throwing these fucking guys with no with reckless abandon. But you know, what bothered me the promo Heyman. Did that the one person that brought Leser has been thinking about is AJ styles. No, no, no, no brockley. There hasn't been thinking about ages styles. Maybe his hair looks great to Brock lasers been thinking about hunting season. That's what he's been thinking. Like, and they try to do. I think they tried to Daniel Bryan. They didn't try to match. But Daniel Bryan wanted to the match with Brock visor, but Brock wouldn't have any of it. Because it's just not realistic for him to wrestling. Definitely have heard interviews where we're Danielson said like I wanna Russ. Brock 'cause he believes they could they could tell good story. If Brock's willing to participate, of course, I mean that that's almost anybody. You know, I mean, especially guys who are really good. But but if Brock wants to play ball like it's it's going to be fucking gone. Maybe Brock is trying to protect Danielson head. What happens it was? It was going to be is this when dating had to retire because they were going that was the match they were going to do at that summer slam. We went to it was going to be Brian and Brock, and he was going to just toss them around. But then they just decided to do that match with sina and like suplex city started. Yes. I don't remember what happened to Brian. If that was when Brian got hurt and had to drop everything or or what I feel like you could you think that was bef- you can gauge it by how long hair was. So if you remember how long hair was Casey press play on this. All right here, we go. Whereas here take it. Okay. Can you Jesus? Oh, no. Oh, oh my God. It's like a launch the fair it. It's like me. When I go into the American Girl store like it reminds me of we talked about this not too long ago when like throwing somebody up with a blanket. Oh, yeah. Buddy. Like stands around the blanket. We will not with each other like two hundred pound guys that was like, so it's like great. We got them both back. Let's do it all over again. Yeah. And when you watch a YouTube video and kids are sledding, and they hit that jump. Oh, you and then we so then we're we're throwing each other up with the fucking blanket. And then I forget the girl's name, but she comes up. She's like we can I go short. And then we we pulled with the exact same strength. We were using for these two hundred fucking pound guys in this girl was probably. Oh, yeah. A buck nine if she was a day, and she went up so high like there was enough time for us to look at each other. Like, oh, what did? We do. I was so scared. I might instinct was almost do just let go the blanket and walk. It'd be like I had nothing to do with. Yeah. Yeah. But we caught her then we're like, okay. That's it. We're shutting down the road man killed. It was almost situation where some of your parents, we're gonna have to pay for her to be on machines the rest of your life. I remember Lori. Lawrence. Sherman had a trampoline her backyard. Rob cut that. A girl I knew Lawrence for McShane a trampoline growing up and some of the gnarliest shit I've ever seen in my life came from people just you know, it's so dangerous. I don't know how anyone allows that. Even when when they put the the the screen around the outside. It's like it just makes it more elaborate the injury. It just happens on the tramp instead of on the ground outside. Yeah. Makes it look like an octagon. Yeah. It does. But yeah, this weekend is a lot of wrestling to go to is. It are we are we Friday through Monday. No, we're not going to Saturday Sunday. Oh, great. Okay. Well, then that's that's that's what we got a record on Monday. No, that's fine. Because then I'm gone. No, no, no. That's that's great Joey Genoa. Yeah. Is going. Well, he's not on the card. No. It's it's Joey gentle presents LA confidential. Yes. Do we have a card? There is a card. We know one match for sure I'm fine with it's the midnight, sheer go. I've got it. The card is. I don't know why YouTube news to continue to play the background here. We go. LA competent Marco stunt versus DJ's Z. You'll remember deejays e from a w at least he wears the the light ups in light up suit. And in the middle of the match will be like DJ. Just like whatever that I remember that. Yeah. Where did I see that at W, right? Chicago. Coca even page versus de LA Brown made anywhere Brown. The guy from Friday, you're looking at the real from the from the nation of domination. No. He's thinking the movie Friday deebo, not de LA. He's thinking deebo stole my wallet. So not him. No. Zeus? We're not talking about European champion in a continental champion think tag champion, probably KTBS versus Fatou that was the match. I was talking about that was like the guys from CW who's fan too. Is the one I know fan to KT KT be okay. TB? Minute this Kate. Who's is that is that Kevin Bennett. No, I don't know. I don't know KTBS. He looks like a bad bad. Mojo the great sauce gave IRS was amazing read that should be shut the fuck up. Yeah. That's gonna be a God these people. This is. In his return match. The human tornado versus Penelope Ford. Oh, my God human tornado's going to be this guy was one of the founders of PWG way back bar wrestling other night. Did you point him out? He's always hanging around. Yeah. Yeah. And almost exclusively at the early days of are going to PWG he would be in the parking lot few here. If you did he get like banished or something. No, he he he got hurt. And and I think that it was in a way where he had to stop wrestling. But if he's helped start PWG, why wasn't he hanging out with the boys in the locker room s Joey Ryan who knows man. Humor tornado. He had a this was the angle with Chris hero. And and Candice laret. He she was his valet was tornadoes valley, and he was very mean to her. And then Chris Herro helped her stand up for herself. I it's a great run. They had like maybe the only that I know of cage match in the history of WGN receipt. A can you imagine a cage in that room? Oh, no. I mean now it's back probably when they had a little more. If there weren't as many bodies. Oh, not even I've watched it on high spots network. Yeah. Which everybody should subscribe to. But it's like subscribed to high spots today. You have a camera y'all off cameras the spots. The it's like it was like a matinee the doors open. You can see the sun is out. Larry looks happy and healthy, his long hair. This is back when Larry were Hawaiian shirt on wrestling day. Like, there's just. People coming and going their seats families having a picnic waving at people, Dan in Victor sitting arm and arm, happy Victor turns the Danny's I love you. Danny's like, Victor, I love you hug, neither one of them like physical contact this. It's a special interesting this match because human tornado used to be really good. Like, I remember he came and worked on the east coast. I don't know if it was our H or who a couple times. But it's been a while. It's a legacy match. Well, no he's wrestling before. That's Joe each analysis. Bring valet. Oh, your favorite over own, right? She's she's she's a talent. She's a town. Does a crazy hurricane Rana as discussed the the new match that had to be made because Joey Ryan, tore his pack. He couldn't be outdone by triple h p also tourist pack allegedly. Apparently, I don't know exactly what the are. I said, but as I was when I first read it, I read it too. Quickly. I thought it said he tore his prick. I was like Joey he possible. It's so now the matches Nick gage, Mr. just got out of the state bid and his back in the biz a real life ex-con versus was not allowed to vote on November six, but this is this is true now star of stage and the screen movies. David Arquette stays and scream will be his opponent. Now, this this factors into the show that we're going to be doing commentary for on on fight app. Because immediately after gauges match at suburban fight is with our man Brody king now, you'd hope if he if gauge it come up against Joey Ryan, he might be a little tired out. I feel like he's going to run through our cat and just be waiting for Brody who on this show has to face fucking, Bob, Holly. So so Brody in his first match George show is going to be slamming all over the room. Then you gotta turn around and look out for Nick. Probably gonna try to slit us throughout are. They going to going to get rid of the ring. I don't know. What's going to happen remains to be seeing? There's a lot of the Justice. I'm very suburban fight. No ring. No rules. I know I need you to have one of those helmets on and to red bulls and the straws go down on your mouth. I need you alert all night, you're going to be doing the ring announcing you're gonna miss pronounce Nick gage, then he's gonna come after you hard way ring announcing an anyone out there listening or watching to this for ring announcing for your first time, just write it down. You can go up there the pad and pen. You're not in the fucking Vegas guy. Just write it out. Vegas guy. A lot of times ringing offer. he exclusively worked off of it. And I feel like it's literally Vince who doesn't let people use oh really tweak because fucking up the names of those Las Vegas guys. Not the Las Vegas guy. The Las Vegas guys those punk rock Vegas guys. Remember when I was hosting low Reno, Scott alternative, Atta GAO, Las Vegas, guys. I'm like, what are you talking about up saying I was there? But I thought I thought about Vegas was like you have see or boxing, not Malla wing. You ever have your name fucked up when they bring you the stage. Yeah. Definitely. But you ever have your first television appearance. The same thing happen on it. And they don't fix it. And they leave it in what it had. They say your name Corey Corbin. Then I got on the stage, and they're like, we'll fix that later. And then after the set he said, the guy goes, I said Corey it's Casey Corbin, Casey Corbin. That's how he fixed it. And that man is Jamie, Foxx know, Zoe was David Letterman that man was Ben diet. And he's a giant with? Is a giant. Here's a show comedy club. Fifty four was on forever. But are just like, he's literal giant. He's he's like six five six is some sort of Canadian Canadian thing. But but the God is when they announced my name carbonate pan to me, and all you can see the anger in my face that they didn't get my name. Right. And it's like, there's this music goes. But Dom Dom about bomb as I'm like gonna go up and do the jokes Corey Gorman, Corey Corbin, Corey more Canadian and Tim SABA. Yeah. It's horrible. I don't know that there's been any other matches announced for a suburban flight, but the the performers the wrestlers announced our Penelope Ford, Marco stunt, DJ's, Z facade. Lloyd, Devon, KT and hero H I. RO question. We've seen hero. I think we've seen facade. I know I have he was like in some of those early like dragon gate and. Volve shows for suppo- ski back in the day. I've and seeing me he's got the he's like the white guy with the crazy dreads. I think when you see him you'll RIA facade. Yeah. Question is there a band, no band, no ban? 'cause when I I think unless I'm anyway, because when I talked when I talked to Madison like it's too much like there's already going to be one show. I think it's it's gonna be pretty crazy. Right because George starts at eight. There's a lot of matches suburban flight's supposed to start at midnight. The can't go pass to it's a fucking bar. Just it. It's going to be what a night to be alive. When's the last time you were out for last call top my God? I- listeners as you may. Or may not know, I tend I'm usually in bed by eight thirty. So I was telling these guys I went to bed at six PM holiday night pass. So what is it like, the rare occasion, maybe one other time this year? I don't even know that. This was something will cause you to be out of bed at say ten thirty. Yeah. But in this case, you may not get home till after two maybe somebody in your building walks by with a cake, and you smell it you wake up. Is there like what is the like all I'm going to be so tired or oh gonna suck or oh. Because I've done some work on this. It's fear that I won't be okay. Fear of being tired and miserable. Fear of the future. That'll be tired and miserable just will wanna leave. And I can't. So I'll let you know. Yeah. I'm gonna be there for you. And then at about twelve thirty you're gonna look over and I'm gonna be like. Of it. You're the best. Well, a couple of red bulls will be great now. I can't drink rebel. Why calories? I'll be out of my feeding window. It's fine. I'll get some coffee. I'll get some black coffee. What if it was a cake turning there some off your Kate coffee? God, can you imagine eating a big enemies coffee cake right now, but it's a wrestling show. So you end up all of your face. We'd have to grab them cakes. I would push and make it ABT. Hey, T M C H E S our man wrestler's wrestling album, baby. How did you feel about ruby riot talking shit about God, recipes soul, Jim the and Bill Hart nine hundred? Yeah. It's all it's all a work. It's all everyone laughing about it's all part of the show, man. What? Yeah. His name is Jim the envy night heart night, heart natty, nine hearts, dad nine hundred. He's not night heart. Nine heart. What am I missing? Oh. Cakes. That must be like the club twelve inch for all of that on the hour. Look at all the charms he has around. God junkyard dog. Oh. That he has a junkyard dog Jewish. Yes. Star David around his neck was he did he converted judy's? He's a man of all people. He's the J y d-. Yeah. I mean, you know, it's it's it's a contradiction in terms, right? Everyone's mad the Ambrose turned on the night that Roman went home with leukemia, but they can shit on a dead, man. And no one even blinks an eye. Well, you know. Yeah. Yeah. The, you know, well, whether you do, you know, what if carbon dome if a dope out a carbon? I don't get me on the fact that none of the Hart foundation is in the WWE hall of fame. I don't even want to get started the Montreal. Screw tom. Yeah. Yeah. Well, still shouldn't affect the fact that the heart foundation is a hell of a lot better than the fucking bush-whackers, so heartfelt. And I couldn't agree more the Bushwacker our total bullshit. And I don't know why they were in where where are they from what country from there from Australia? Zealand's? What what show? Did you go to the night that you could have been survivor series, but decided to go I went to the Buffalo Bills game or they play the patriots four o'clock. They lost thirty three to three. And it was pre- Tom Brady. But Bledsoe Drew Bledsoe. Did that yet the Bill? Ow. And the and was it Doug Flutie? No. It was after Doug Flutie. I think was like Trent ad words or something. I can't remember that is the brief window of football players that I could name. All right. But we found it. But there was like, yeah. Because I was going to raw the next night. And I had a hookup to me Brad. So I was like there's no need. Why? I I don't have to the survivor series. Yeah. Glad raw the next when you met him. Did he put the glasses? I didn't get to me got screwed screwed Bret was. Tick rude. Everybody got one way ticket to Atlanta. Yes. All right, man. No the day. I met Brad actually was away. Wait, wait, put a pin in that real quickly. But then you went to raw the next night. And nobody was there because they're all protesting screw job. They were all there. They were just in the Air Canada bar drinking. They would know the work. They were like, no not working like, I remember all of a sudden they had to change everything because very Wyndham just laughed. So there goes the new Blackjacks? So they just the new age outlaws kick the shit out of Bradshaw that night like go back and watch that raw is not very good. But the historic thing happen was it's the first night that they ever used the degeneration x music. So it was sort of like the first night that they branded them DX. And the all came out of the four them is that the one is that the one where they brought up the little person dressed like Brett. No that was a couple of weeks after what's left Canada. When did you meet bread? I don't think I know this time at brat at a hockey game. Okay. So this is beyond perfect. So so there's where else could they have. We were at Wrexham draped in a Canadian flag. We were at a curling match. Oh, it was me. Dave Cooley, Bret Hart and a plate of pootie. So no when I was there was a hockey turn. We call the memorial Cup. It's for junior hockey, Canada and some American teams and and the South America, no north mechanized this America American. So that the key the Calgary. Hitmen Brad hearts team. We're playing the Ottawa sixty seven's the host team, and it was all in Ottawa. So the Tuesday night when they played I was like watching through my MacOS, just Brad Hart and his wife and his kids are there. I. He was like artery. Taro I was behind the net. Twenty rolls up. He was like blue lot opposite blue line six rows up. So I'd be watched the game. Dylan and then. And then I had my I had my hip nag losses. If they were like operas on all. Why did you have them with? He was wearing them while he was looking. Well, it's not hard to walk over to his seat in with the glasses and get the he was gonna be there. Of course, coury hitman that's his team. All right. So the best ones during the Calgary hitmen game versus the sixty seven's. One of the sixty seven's made a dirty hit on the star player for the Calgary. Hitmen and took him out sets for they interviewed brat after news interviewed Bratton master what he thought he could've Provo. He's like all I'm going to say is I would wanna meet Lance Gelbart. If you ever made me in a dark alley. We'll see who's getting checked for real. He coulda you on an eighteen year old. He's a promo threatening them for taking his anyways, he hears this. This is oh, well, this is nineteen ninety nine so WCW breath, while don't know. No. Yeah. No ninety nine. Yes. He was WCW bet. Yeah. Says are. Yeah. Because he always that was the Tuesday night postone no way so Tuesday so Tuesday night, I went with the glasses. But I was too nervous to down to meet him, Jimmy Lassus, and Bradley buddy, who's favorite wrestler, Brian Lee. No, no, no. This is another guy who knew me. He's like I'll get the Mata got. Okay. And then yeah, he went down, but the security was now blocking off the aisle and people trying to off, but he's holding up the glasses and Brent Cesar glasses like let that guy in. And then so the guy gets in. And he gets the I'd glasses signed to Casey Bret Hart house like, thanks. So luckily, the hitman core. No, no, Cory, Cory, Cory good, friend thing. Still. Carribean? Yards. Right. I'm kicks gory. Grabbed enough. So what happened was the hitman and a play the sixty seven's in the final that was on the Sunday. So Brett was there. And I brought my nineteen eighty six WWE magazine cover WFAN's in Cairo Bret Hart. It's had on me. I don't know. I brought in Anglo. And then I went down again to see the same seats as we had the same seats. So I went down and got him to sign the autograph, and I got to meet him. But I got the the the book sign and was very happy. And then the the Ottawa sixty seven's beat the hitman in overtime to win this trophy. So is great for me but bad for brat, then brat hopped on a plane to go to LA to tape. It's night's show for Monday night with Eric Bischoff where we're gonna do a takeover thing. And on the way there on his flight on the way there he found out. Oh, and heart was dropped from the ceiling at this was the day. Yes. You met him. Never actually say I've met you before I can never say that. Because what day was this? Well, this was the day that oughta sixty seven's beat the Cup final nothing else happened that we don't want to talk about no. I watched over the edge. And I was all happy with my heart glasses, and my heart book, and I have an adult, and you know, me while I'm watching it. And then I watch over the edge, and I'm accordion as well. And and then sure enough Allah what heart so it's it's sort of put a real tarnish on the day. You know, like the day that I meet Brad is the day his brother died. That's crazy imagine if he dated the autograph that would be nothing bad. That data his handwriting. Wow. Yeah. Man. Well, so. Sip. What what what match are you looking forward to most over the weekend. I'm looking forward to being at the staple center. I'm looking forward to seeing David Arquette in the ring that should be fun. But I guess Seth various Shinsegei nakimora. Right. That'll be cool. That'll be very cool dri match. Now that'll be a lot of fun to see. I'm looking forward to seeing dean in with his new style. I don't know who is wrestling. But I feel like we may see him. I feel like that drift. Feel like dean will make an appearance. Yeah. That's that's autographs. He's a signed it right there, Bret Hart, and he has four dots red heart. This is the best day of my life. Love you a love the riot because his team just loss of like bread heart. It can't go on. It was the first period. So it can't get any worse this. Oh, he looks super fatness picture evokes. Great jacked. He's on probably. He was probably the only time he was on steroids thirty years ago. Pretty fat. Yeah. He should probably not eat for a day. Yeah. Vets. What war games match? I mean, come on sip. I never seen war games in person. I haven't either do broaddrick in the match. Oh, would you like to play a game? Velveteen dream. Of course, we'll see him is he in the life of the mat with Allistair black. They're going. Not. I mean, John shop ciampa. Oh, yeah. That's the title match guillotine is gonna take out often. When I hear chomp, I think of a cartoon alligator. I tell you sweet simple, man. Well, I was looking forward when I hear the word shop, I think of Tom simply floor piece of cake ciampa down chocolate cake. A coconut cake a say, it was different cakes. His. I didn't put together. Yeah. Goes at a baby shower manual and make sure you have had a baby and the baby shower was at the venue, where I'm having my wedding that I knew that's right. Yeah. Right. Right. Right. Very had the cake at the wedding. It's going to be amazing. You gotta hope so oh, it is what we because we have an end with Suzy cakes. Yeah. You still haven't told me where I'm supposed to go get fitted for my talks man haven't eaten get that Email. Check your spam. Check your spam. Now. I guess I didn't either he should both. Check your spam them right best. Ma'am, ma'am best. Bam Korean where you're saying. You're you're looking forward to I was looking forward to Becky versus raw Ron Brown shit right now. It's Arlit versus Ronda Rousey, which I'd always wanted to see that match. But for some reason, I'm not happy with it. I wanted to see Becky. Yeah. No act hotter in WWE right now. The Becky ledge that it it it helped until it ruined the match that she had the bloodied nose. When she goes walking out of that first of all she first of all backstage. She's got her in the fuck it. What is what they call the disarmer? Yeah. Just owning Ronda Rousey, it was beautiful. Then just just go Strutton. She's like, all right, kicked your ass. Now, I'm gonna go kick. Everybody's ass and just come strutting out with so much so much attitude so much swagger. Yeah. She's like a female stone cold. Yes. And then she fucking blows through everybody, including nyah, Jack is fucking fist. I've never seen. Anyone take to their big chance more than than her wrestling grabbing the brass ring? Yeah. Someone that came out like guns blazing more than I can think I can't think of anyone. It's almost too perfect. It's it's. Such a it's almost typical WWE situation where they're like. All right. We're going to strap the rocket to you now. Go get injured. So you have to miss your first huge match. Her injury was such a bummer because like other guys have have gotten injured when they first came up at they all like really had big careers beforehand. And they've had a lot of time in the spotlight, maybe not in the WWE and other places. But this I was her, you know, it was her first big spotlight moment in wrestling is a whole probably I mean, it's not a doesn't. It reminds me of stone cold breakings neck or fin ballor winning the universal championship and immediately having to surrender or Daniel. Bryan have a big moments in like, new, Japan and stuff. So like, he's you know what I mean. That didn't happen. Yeah. Oh, you mean prince, dammit, I felt emotional with her. Why did she hug Charlotte? Stubby, w I think that it was just a I think it was an overwhelming moment for her. And you know, at like, clearly the fans wanted Oskar to have that match fellow pick me pick me the fans cheering she goes back to Charlotte. Nobody's cheering. Oh. The last thing we'll do put, you know, Oscar there who the fuck wants to see that everyone. You know, eventually they're just gonna Hoskin Yari carry assigned together as a tag team, and they're not gonna use any of them properly. You know, like those are the just make him the new flying bomb angels. I don't give a shit. So see the faith. Lana made when she stood in front of her Lana like why not me? No, the the look it. She just like we both know it's not me. And she was like she was ready like it's gonna be me. But no acting in the world, you don't think in her heart. She was like his Lana day. I feel like I feel like the call to have the entire smackdown women's roster in the ring really just reminded you of who was never in a fucking million years gonna get the match. So it's like why do that to people? But I didn't send Trinity's y'all got this. It's like don't Billy K Billy cave versus Rhonda come Sunday. Right. Was ruby riot in the ring for that? She's raw it's hard to tell these days. But all the women look the same. No, no, no, no, no. What I meant. I meant it's hard to tell who's on what show stripe with a lot of the right? The way silent Bob over here. One woman many face the correct response to that is Vince you remember last week when you mix up Apollo crews and Bobby Lashley, that's how you should have come back at me. When I when I said that to use it as like, you're the motherfucker you last week could on the Teflon Don, you can't touch me with shit like that. Maybe should let Trish Stratus go at Ronda Rousey that way. Nobody gets hurt. It's still a good match. It would have been it would have been easily salable the the greatest of all time against the greatest right now. You know, I think Trish is on the card. Anyways, is I think she's is she I don't know survivor series. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm wrong. But that that's my job. She's a lot Ronda Rousey verse Charlotte, flare like something that they would want to build to for like wrestlemainia. Yeah. I feel like they pull the trigger out a mania match. Yeah. But if if Becky comes back in the day, like just work on that. And that's the mania match. Maybe it ends up even better. Yeah. If it actually might, you know, maybe a triple threat. But that's the thing you trust them to do right by Becky, no. And that's why you know, when when you wanna talk about like stone, call breaking his neck versus Finn Baylor getting hurt. And it's like in one case Austin couldn't be. Design back every week. Right. And it was like, let me help you pack your bags. Let's while you're out. Let's get you fitted for that money Mao suit. You know, like, do you think for Becky they'll that her come back? They'll still have her on the show in non wrestling capacity. I mean. How how definitely doing that? With Alexa, bliss apparently, Alexa bliss is, you know, being a few time. How long is someone out for a concussion to spend it does? So he can pass the protocol guests if you had a ballpark it. I mean, it could be a week or two or it could be six months. Like, you know, just depends. Do you know if you see stars that means that you have a concussion or if you taste copper in your mouth? Oh, oh can show or if you smell chicken potpie chick about you can fetch up? But definitely if you if you bang your head, you tastes, copper your mouth, your I just thought that was blood. No, let's concussion shit. What is that? What's that concussion? Yeah. No, no, no. What why do you taste copper? I have no idea. I just learned this from Jericho. He talks about his copper in your mouth. It just you just get that. Copper flavor in your mouth inches like that. So, you know, you're concussed. But if I sees in my food with copper with Copperfield, what food I always heard if you get pulled on ice fence, but wait a minute, right? When he would have those guys that just eat one meal day. And that's it technically don't they fast for the twenty four hours until the one meal a day. Yeah. That's not really. But that's totally different. I guess if if you don't eat whenever you want to eat, then you're fasting. I guess I don't know if you're not if you're not making a note to yourself like I'm not eating now until such time considered a fast. I don't know. But Corby was talking to me the other night he needs to get into the archives, but Jesse Poppel in a minutely fast. Like he won't eat for a whole day. And then we're like he's like, well, I'm gonna start drinking does. But he's taking on calories. I think time will be. To point out. He does say from his Winstons. Cormon is upset about the neutered version of all comedian. That's on the network. He he needs the hulkamania tape. So that he can see the match that he's been waiting to see I need to see there's a there's a big gap in the freaking thing. They they added it, and they took away the doctor d David Schultz match against HOGAN, and I don't know Dr David Schultz, Dr d David Schultz. He was a brawler open as fuel fake to you. Yeah. He saw Geraldo John Stahl on slapped him in the face. Yeah. And and he was never seen ever again. Unless you're watching stampede wrestling. Montreal international wrestling, he came up, and I had great feud with the great Samu HOGAN leads like a stuck pig. All you bleeds. Well, he believes in the cage match against Morocco a lot to Miller last than the but Miller lights to thin. The sure I mean if beers before. Hand book name always have him beers. Yeah. So I definitely want to see the hulk Stor at least if I can hold the case. And I could see on the back that says this is the case on its bubble wrap. Don't these feel look he's on the fucking back on the case right there. Why don't they have the match show? They have the match show it directly to one of the cameras hit back if Dr David Scholz he used in Jack Hogan's asp steroids. So he claims lying superstar Billy Graham said he did it at the same. Anybody who's running dude? Have you ever press the plunger before hey, what's going on to we met here? Spot is like spot me. Infant Minneapolis massacre of Dr d David Schultz. So this like that's the best match on this tape. And then I've known in my head since I was a kid since I rented this. I'm so I love this so much like I have WWE best of while you see one to eighteen bubble wrap. So clam shell. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So I have those still watch on regular basis. David Scholtz, he's wiped from these not Benoi out of the library. While why why match from the hulkamania day, Ben waamp because he is their blood in the match there's lots of blood, but there's blood in the next match was him in Morocco, the cage match with Morocco as well. Weird did. But this match is fantastic. I gonna rewatch definitely watched that whole called a massacre. So they Benoit's because he stole Joanie got fired. He guy for company for for in that guy. Yeah. That's the way things he didn't get fired until the while after that how long was it a little bit. There might have been something else that happened. Love Hogan's belt in this to it looks like the Awa or ended TV title. Yeah. This is about the people forget that HOGAN had. Yeah. 'cause they know the big round from the title. And then they know the one that he wore for three years, but this one was like in between the two and had a very limited shelf run. Maybe I mean, you know, in in the metoo world Scholtz. You know, we know how he treated as wife. We all saw that when when had the camera crew over the house. We watch last you where like the cameras comes out like woman get dinner made guests over you're just yelling at enter the whole time that segment coast. He's a doctor by the guy that you know, physically assault. Someone literally on camera would would be a great home life. Right. But the d stands for death. So are we talking about a PHD? Are we talking about a guy who can cut on somebody when we're saying doctor, but my show maybe honorary like at a university graduation Bill Cosby caused? Yeah. Well, not anymore. They took it away was a real doctor, my alma mater for Fordham, university the first ones to to resend it. And he that was at my graduation two thousand one. He was the keynote speaker. Oh, wow. Wow. And a bad. Yup. Give the girl the tree Lynn. Yeah. The Buddha with Bob his speech was just about how the future only gets brighter. He's like Liga me. Nothing. Bad will happen. The top. And I shall stay there till I die on my client, Mr. Corbin on several occasions has made himself available at anytime or day for mister Sibley to come on talking wrestling, Mr. Sibley has not once precipitated respond. Please. For why he is blowing my Klein on auto. I'm not just blowing him off clients to Tom Sibley relishes and going on wrestling Powell casts and talking about anything but resident, but he knows full. Well, he could pull that shit with case. See is the whole thing is is here. This forget, no. On my on the talk and wrestling podcast. You are the wrestling content because you're from a wrestling podcast. So we could really talk about anything because the wrestling is already there. How's your knowledge butts? But to Sibley does talk. But well, I love anytime. He talks about Mandy roses, Instagram. I also follow and it is fantastic. Leaving ever thought it you see Mandy rose on Instagram juice. At her, and it was the their butts like they're asked to ask I did pitcher ever. Are you shitting me the greatest butts in Canada? Right there. Yeah. Yeah. Andy rose, Canadian no Tristesse, she's like from Long Island, which just makes it that. Yeah. And that's where my favorite hockey team resides. So who doesn't like the islanders the best? Because when I was a kid they were the champs, and I didn't have a parent to bring me into hockey. Usually with teams you you take your parents team. He grew up with your dad was barely there for you. At the wrestling shows guys tearing up your HOGAN sign up firms like that's on you. Yeah. You shouldn't have done that should've put it up in front of them. As my sisters, George the animal. Steele for presidents. I never got ripped. 'cause nobody cares about holding up during the George Janelle steel match. But you know, you think about now George animals steel could be president. Not even doing that bad of a job. Anyone in the hall of fame? Probably could my God. That's so great lot of turnbuckle eating the net. Yeah. What is going to happen? So Sibley will eventually do it. I know that will happen. Maybe even today, maybe even today know today, but maybe. What is going to happen? Are you guys coming to summer slam next next summer where Toronto Toronto, but it's on a spot. Listen, we've been we've been talking about doing thing. I know we've been talking about doing thing. But no, remember when we were at all in watching talk about it. Mega-powers? We might be able to put something together you were talking with. Well, I mean, I don't want to put anybody on the spot mardi. We're talking we're talking about talking about talking about it. So we'll by August. You may see us north of the border Sibley. I don't know what your status is with being able to cross such thing. But they're so weird about sex stuff. You know? No, I have to check my passport. But I think it's still good. We're only going to twenty nineteen right? I think I might passports till twenty twenty mines expired. I gotta get a new one today. Yeah. What if I could job Canada that can you could be on Riverdale Handmaid's tale. I started watching Sabrina the other night Serena's another one up there. Yeah. Dude. I finished haunting of hill. House cried my fucking is out. Oh god. It was you gotta watch Oculus. Okay. Is that on Netflix? Maybe it's the same. It's the same like writer director. But it's you know, it's a WWE movie. But there's no wrestlers in. Oh and homecoming really good short episodes to Spiderman homecoming. Yes. I. So good. I went to. Yeah. Yeah. That tag team battle Royal they had on Monday as soon as I saw a rhino and bowed touch. I said, you know, what I do for a rhino bowed als program. Let those two you Fred that the world was gonna explode. It was like quick before everything goes. Get team. It's like one of the it's one of those issues where Clark Kent superman or in the same room onnell Eamonn of I wanna see rhino. I remember the rhinos still works there. And then I'm so happy for radical. Right. Good michigan. Boy. But I when I was at the apple store yesterday. Getting the get my new phone, you know, more on the we watch wrestling hat Casey as on the guy's like. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He's like my brother was really into it. And he forced me to to watch a lot of it. So I went and he's like he went to the w arena. He went to you know, a nitro. He went to a like, a raw he went to this that and the other forget what match he told me. He was there for something. Fucking amazing. But at any rate, I was like he's like, yeah. But I've never gotten back into it. But you know, and I was like, well, you should go. Check out PWG. They they run every month at the globe theatre. It's much bigger venue. There's probably always standing room tickets or something he's there, and he writes it down, and it's phony sorry, I'm going to go. But he mentioned something about like the w arena. At rhino rhino. Was there, you know, rhino. He was really fired up about rhino, man. When we saw the new Japan show. He was one of the few autographs. We went and got at least I went and got rhinos autograph. Yeah. Yeah. Man. I'm Donald rhino. Dude. I saw him and love super canned cheese can cheese as that was just a when when him and Slater were getting a little bit of screen time. They kind of ran with that for a minute you ever in the nineties when cheese in and of itself was like a punchline like urkel will be like got a cheese, and I like. That's funny. Did you see another example? On Roseanne, the one girl farted during a student council meeting will she cut the cheese? But that's that was the common phrase UHF from the nineties when was you Jeff eighties. Go ahead. What do they say hot the hot dog string that that? She's keys Weiner saying sandwich next. There wasn't episode. Just the ten of us where they got on food stamps, and they got government cheese, government cheese and other time thing. Coach Lubbock like he has the wheel of cheese. And then he sees that somebody took a slice out of it. Okay. Who cut the cheese the ultimate punchline of the nineties back getting crazy with the cheese whiz. Loser. Not the song loser. You think burying all Scientologists losers. We get no I saw back live at the Hollywood bowl. He was on the summer. Two was really good show. Right. Great. Did you see rhino? I saw rhino at super kicked in Toronto. But before we went back to me like before he is last runners current run. He was at an indie show and sound the t shirts and. Yeah. So anyways, Drake 'cause it's all my Instagram. I got the gore film, the gore, and I was in the balcony, and it's just really awesome. Well, yeah. So he was the biggest star. He was the star attraction that day is some some places will bring in like one star and that stuff like that. And then there's a smash Toronto just bring. The best of the Andes. I'll bring like, you know, last car, they brought in Jeff Cobb Brody Brody and thirty Brody king, and and PCL we're all home card, and actually I think that was the three way match between the three of them. And it was like and the also tests blanche of there, and she went against that craven a woman who is in the WB may young term at this year first round, she went out, but great shows destiny wrestling also has great shows too. They do it dream matches. Who's the woman Tino, Renton, I studied cherry picking through the mail young classic who's the wound. Who's like the she's like Godzilla or something that she has buns on. Yeah. That's made him. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Is that her craving her Vanessa craven is name? No, no, no. This is a Japanese girl. Oh, I don't know that one is maven. Now maven was was the guy that he was tough. But it wasn't enough. He well, he was tough enough to eliminate the undertaker. Yeah. Out of the Royal rumble in and that was a mistake and raven EC w. Yeah. And what about raven? That's so raven. That's so raven Cosby show Fordham university back to mass back to Matt. We did. All right. That was it. Wow. We did it. I thought I saw Lisa bona naked on the cover Rolling Stone this week. But it turns out. Daughter. Yeah. Yeah. What's what's that? Was she? Oh, he crab. It's always. But were they like recreating the by the jets? He was on like Vanity Fair something in the eighties. Right. She was on the same coverage in the same. Pose naked. You always want your children to pose naked the same way you did. And I'm going to instill that in my home. That's beautiful. Yeah. Vince is a runaway train fence if you had to pose naked on the cover of Rolling Stone. Yeah. How would you do it chili peppers salt ever style? Socks on vents. Would you? Go chili pepper star. Would you go? Janet, Jackson style. I could stand behind you holding your crotch in black and white more of a CBS tone and your heads just over my shoulder. That's the difference. Clear who's holding. You're going to need both hands. Why? 'cause you have a huge, dick. Yeah. You're gonna need a long lens bigger hand. We hope you don't get flipped. It was Geraldo Mets Moto. Who was she's the lady destroyer? Okay. We're like called herself lady gut or something here or does. She look like she might be. I might have recognized like I watched the whole may young. 'cause oh, it was great. But there's like the older Japanese woman. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I it older. She was born in nineteen eighty five, but she looked older not that she's a destroy. She will destroy you. Oh, yeah. Why can't how do you paste on this new fucking phone? I don't get this phone type it in like a Nick was there any question that storm was not gonna win. The may young to do is think anybody else feel like she was the odds on favourite. I didn't watch it. I wasn't too terribly. Did you guys watch the Awa challenge series pilot? Now, what is this? This is one with the curly hair. Oh, yeah. She had the most amazing prematch interview where she's just like. She's like, I am lady. Destroyer the lady Godzilla. She's like, I will just dry. See was amazing right at a glow. That's what it sounds straight outta glow. She should have wrapped up. It's a pilot that they shot an eighty nine for Awa. It opens with Verne ganja like sitting on the dock behind his house or some with his dog where you say base. It's on the network Eleanor. Oh, all you said to watch this on the hidden gems hidden gems that's eighty nine. So it opens with ganja and his dog who is either blind or the sun is going directly into its eyes. And then they kicked to the studio where his kid is with some other guy who is over the fucking top. And they're both in like the most nineties like windbreaker type jackets like, purple and pink and shit. Yes. And they start throwing a matches that are happening either in front of a screen or just in a studio by themselves, but they kicked to these audience reactions like it's all fabricated when they enter they entered through a like digitize thing where there's like all this shit going on the walls. It's fucking insane. It is insane. I gotta watch. And then they have female boxing in the middle of it really two inch x tweeted he was like those girls were from the club that me and Jerry Lynn worked at we taught him how to do work matches. Jerry Lynn, actually, the destruction the structure company. Yeah, they were there. They were. They were ringing out there fucking sledgehammers and a promo. And I we're talking about this deal nine I love destruction company. And then they went to WWE, and they became the Beverly brothers and dimmer totally ruined forever. So they were doing some kind of weird construction worker thing and Awa and the real over and became that. Oh, yeah. Yeah. They were construction. What the the Beverly brothers supposed to be rich guys or something Everley hills, baby. Yeah. Right. This guy's in capes. They went from blue collar to white collar, which is crazy Jerry Lynn is in is in that match. I I can't remember who partner is. But it is absurd. Like, I tried to get across the whole episode. Yeah. It's the whole pilot that they shot for this thing. And it's the other thing is like it's the challenge series. So like slaughter has a team. Who the fuck else may maybe baron von Raschke? There's like three teams that and they have like these points are ready for matches and never know. But the other thing that apparently happened is like partway either through the pilot or something like slaughter laughed to do the thing with HOGAN. So he just leaves. And then like Colonel beers has to take over form or whatever. Good. It's one of those things where like like for SIB. It's like it's not even like you're watching wrestling. You're just like laughing at something. Terrible. You know? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's it's very worth anytime at seen gray ganja. He just makes me angry. I just like you are a beanpole. And like the fact that he even had a wrestling career based on his father's name. As follows the like, he's the bookers child. That's the quintessential ultimate ultimate Booker, even a hall of fame taking the glory like introducing his data speech like he's talking about himself and all this crazy too. Because you look at like, Stu he trained his kids, and they were all the best wrestles in the world. Yeah. And then Verne Verne trained even better wrestlers than student. Yeah. So what the hell happened with great? Well, if you ain't got it. You ain't got a Greg Scott. He had a great drop kick. I will say that. All right. But who would be in your opinion of all the Hart brothers the weakest link. Well, or who would be the the Greg ganja? Exactly. Well, Bruce was the was the Booker son in Calgary? Like, he was that guy the cowboy, you know, the whenever you hear Brett say, I never wanted to be the Booker, son. It's usually a knock towards Bruce. Wow. Or he's like I'd never wanted to be a cowboy then they show Bruce wearing a cowboy hat who who is the one with the blonde hair and the sunglasses, Bruce. Yeah. I thought he was like the top baby face the territory because he was booking it so much like Greg ganja. He was no good. We'll know he was good. But Greg, but for heart. He was no good a heart. We still don't he was like the technically he's the third best heart like it'd be brat whose last I don't know. Maybe. Tito, no, like, Reggie, Reggie heart. Probably dean or I don't know. I mean offside there's so the in the von Eric's. There was the kid who was just like the youngest one Chris when going to put them in the twenty first century, Chris Christie was just a kid on that cover. Right. The kid like. The one that tumor shoes. Now that that's heaven. That's the only one that lived was the one that didn't wear shoes. And I thought the one that didn't wear shoes died and the one that called the new gay guys. Shoes. Only one von acted where shoes and that's Kevin. Yeah. Eric survived. And it was Kevin. There was who was the one that had the long hair. But with like the bangs it was darker, brownie kind of to me unbelievable physique while they all the jackass one was carried did rather. He was just like a big strapping guy. But he didn't have like the the oldest brother died when he was like a baby. But then the oldest defacto, Dave. It was David David didn't have much definition. But was just like have you say he was a great wrestler? Yeah. And he was pegged to be Michael Hayes always said if David had lived we'd all be working for him with how did he die? He died in Japan. And there's like debate over what happened if he was sick. But then it most people tend to believe that it was a drug overdose. Then of Brody bruiser Brody like flushed everything down the toilet because it would have been like, Japan and the. In the early eighties. Even still it would have been a big fucking scandal. If there was drugs and staff. Yeah, you you go to jail, you get banned from Japan. If you've got like, we'd speaking Japanese scales talk to talk to Matt site out. Yeah. We'll did you hear about talking mission Oku that he the promote. Oh, no, talk talk. He apparently came out that he's been cheating on his wife for a long time. And it's like a a huge huge deal. Is he going to publicly shave his head? Well, he he he apologized already. I don't I mean is that it's almost more of a shame to keep that haircut that he has. But is that like a big deal huge deal? I every wrestlers cheating on their wife unless I find out otherwise. And then the other thing that came out is so more Shima was supposed to be making a comeback right after. Yeah. And then apparently he has been like living like a live in worker at a restaurant. And he now is in trouble because he's like, Ben. I can't remember what it's not. It's not repond. But some other section of Tokyo where he's just been like begging for money or like, you'll take a cab ride. And then be like, I don't I don't have it. And I think he like maybe physically attacked someone or something some of these details, but but he's unveiled in a scandal just related to like being a bum way. Yeah. But all of that shouldn't Japan. Just don't fuck and fly, you know. So I don't know what's going to happen to talk. But that seemed like the bigger deal because he's like actively working in new Japan and cheating on your wife. Probably a bigger deal than the not paying cab fare something. But well, I don't know. I mean, it's not if you're the cabdriver, you're right. Yeah. More ashim. I guess what buddy? Just gimme my money out driving. They're getting people to buy drinks and shit. Wow. I've done that. Casey. Yes. Who's your favorite wrestler? Oh, my favorite wrestler. You knew it was coming. I didn't even think about it. I'm going to have to say my favorite wrestler is the one I'm most excited to see wrestle on Sunday. And that's Ronda Rousey, I'm really excited to watch. Her have a full match have you seen her person before? Or no, I saw in the summer at the raw she made appearance, but she didn't wrestle, but she came out and did a promo with natty or something. This was right after her dad died there. So they, you know, they came out in the sport block. But there was no there was no match. But now, I see are no match, and I've I've loved all matches thus far. And I can't wait to see her treadle flair. I guess it's going to have to do. But it's not her Becky. But I this is this is dream match. Also. So, you know, let's see them still show or if they can so. Yeah. Tom whose favor us, Becky Lynch? Matt thank you for asking. She's just the coolest she Looper cools. She's wrestle super cool. I I haven't seen anyone look so good with a black guy and my entire life, and I pray for her speedy recovery and quick return. Tom simply are you getting more on board of you know, is is Becky one of your she's yeah. I never got her never liked her. I have some issues with the steam punk community that go back many years. Feels like she's dropped drop that. Oh, well, yeah. But that was very difficult for me. And she was just so, you know, just like all here for you. I waste says. And now, you know. About now. She's just so cool. And I just hope she gets back soon. Fences. You've wrestle Ray mysterious junior. I just realized last night you're like, Tom watt. I would. Yeah. Watch a smackdown. Just that like since he's come back. He's he has the best TV matches like every every match said he's had back is like it's just a head on the TV. Yeah. But it's just like twenty years ago. I must've just forgot or something. But I'm just like fuck. I was like when I when I was watching smackdown last night. I was like I gotta give it to Raisman 'cause he's just been doing it. And I just to jump in on that Randy Orton came out with his usual thing. I never realized that his sweatshirt vest is harking back to his father. How so where his dad? Ask cowboy Bob Orton, always wore a vest. It wasn't a hooded sweatshirt vest. But it was a vest still vast. You you can't see any correlation there. You can't see any connection. Not for you said, you're just you know, he didn't have a cowboy hat with a string that he could hang down. Like it was hanging. Don't come over here. Don't stand up. You're not even on my shitless same or you know, what you're on my diarrhea, l'est sucks, man. Who's your favorite wrestler? It is Becky Lynch. Yeah. Bad as her go through the crowd like wiping her cheek looking at the blood, and then like standing up there just like fuck everyone. Yeah. With a fucking and then even the next night with the the shattered knows and the black. I you see somebody already made the blood blood from stone shirt with her. You know, the remember the old ASTA old Austin y shit. Yeah. No. I mean, she's she is far and away. But from the blarney stone. There you go wouldn't it be great? If hottest thing, they have Acis. I love the Daniel Bryan won the belt. But I mean, it's just so out of the blue and then him and broccoli interesting. Would it be great? Can you imagine? Can you imagine? If if Vince was this smart and savvy still. That it was all a big swerve that Becky gets cleared and then right before Charlotte is gonna fuck and get in there with Rhonda Becky just fucking sandbags. Or again, the whole hug was just another. Fuck employ. She's back inside Charlotte's headed just waffles or with the fuck and share the same chair. She beat down Rhonda with. She's like, I don't give a fuck about anyone. I love myself. Don't hurt your neck climbing are lowering at best God. Can you imagine? If that goes down on Sunday play savvy really lucky that the Staples Center will. You know as you does. She gets cleared by Saturday. You never know. Somebody get word to Vince, ask her, she's tastes in copper. Casey, we're going to find you online. I can find me online, anywhere Instagram. What can they find your CD? They can find my CD on I tunes any they called different jokes. And. Exact cover. It's it's a Toronto skyline with the water, and it says different jokes in the different strokes font. What's your what's your Twitter handle Cal, Casey Corbin? I'm Carribean Casey Corbin on Google. Just find me everywhere and talking wrestling, this newest Thursdays or Wednesday, Thursdays. We drop. Yeah. Every Thursday, Tom, what can the it's funny on the web at the Tom Sibley, Twitter and Instagram. My brother RAM at Sibley, both, Twitter and Instagram. You check out some of my art work un-integrate at Tom Sibley art shout out to our producer. Rob sibley? Heavy listening from afar vents work in the kids. Find you on the information superhighway at several on Twitter, Vince dot Roland Instagram in the description of this show are the links for our live shows coming up in Philly and Boston and December by tickets. Zero pal map McCarthy. Encouraging follow me on all forms of social media at McCarthy. Redhead we will see you at Joey Genoa and suburban fight pro wrestling and tomorrow night, November fifteenth Thursday, West Hollywood, California, the final Josh or time the final Josh Josh show at bar Lubich. I encourage anyone who is a fan of socal comedy to come out. It is going to be a happening. Rate review. Subscribe for the love of God. Papaya trian. Oh, God damn who will come patriots. Shouts for these fucking marks. God damn feeling leading Dylan lead me to water and all drink Joseph del thrills della street, though, though, we're gonna show that's how he pronounced. You're gonna just be Joseph when you debut on TV, Noah Legrand, Noah Legrand. Thank you. It's French for the big Noah Frank Kukuchi. Yeah. Frank put your boozy in kacoos Tyler burn feel the Tyler Bill, Bradley, Bradley, just a regular boring guy in black trunks. Pete will widow field. Oh, yes. There's a field full of widows at Pete killed all their husbands Alisdair Foxton Alice. Thank you. Well, double different will. You know, this person know, Alistair Pallister. L A S D A R. All right on mic lis-. Yeah. I like him to Shaun of the dead and time Kennedy. Oh, that's my middle name ta. That was a hit them podcast.

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