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The Oscars Series, Day 1: Barbra Streisand


I'm Alec Baldwin. And you're listening to here's the thing in recognition of the upcoming Ademi awards ceremony. We offer you a special week of conversations from our archives with guests who have actually won an Oscar and one guest was a current Oscar nominee. We begin with Barbara streisand. Don't tell me not just a sitting. There really are no words to describe the talent career. The woman that is Barbara streisand. Don't streisand first on the scene. Nineteen sixty four with funny girl on Broadway right. When it felt like the suburbs and McCarthyism? Might Mike go on forever. The Beatles show up on the Ed Sullivan Show and on Broadway along comes this phenomenon. This totally new unusually gorgeous nakedly ambitious Jewish girl from Brooklyn enclosed so wildly bright. They blow out your new color TV connection complaint. She kept her name. She kept her nose. She kept that accent. She could not be more different from what wasp culture told women they should be. New York is just full of unusual and interesting girls starting out in show business but feel them have the style as early as this young lady. She's nineteen years old. Her name is Barbara streisand and then she gets on stage. She's is grounded she's powerful and she's got the greatest voice America as ever heard then over the following years we also learned. She's a great actress appear. She is trying to win. REDFORD's love in the way we were short waves I mean you have to and I'll keep making them until your every wonderful thing you should be and will be. You'll never find anyone is good for you as I am to believe in you as much as I do our love you as much and know that streisand develops a reputation Asian for being difficult and for being a bit of a recluse she gets married divorced has a kid but all the while she just keeps getting better and more more famous until she's this unique character in American culture a megastar on her own terms since we first met in nineteen ninety. We become friends. We talk at her home in southern California by the way. Still do me a favor. Take the clock and make sure it works like a task needs batteries wound or okay. Okay thank you so much you walk around the house and you have your. Let's just goes you're making those. How is this not taking care of you? See to work for somebody like you or me. You have to understand the artist's temperament people don't see that the time is wrong. I wasn't going to start with at this. No but I'll ask but I'll ask you because that instinctive eye for detail and just thinking all the time but I want this. I want this. What this is that? What naturally propelled you into directing films? Yes that and also it was something that happened during the way we were where were two scenes were cut out that were intrinsic to the value of the story and it made me so. Oh crazy that they couldn't see that Algebra two that propelled me into it. I couldn't understand it and it's hard to Carl with a you know a hit movie. I don't know if it was a hit at the time. Tell you the truth. It's grown to say was Warren Beatty said to me once it is it until you take ultimate responsibility and you're willing to direct the movie you're going to be constantly frustrated. He said you must consider that it was so delicious. And it's like you know when you finally have the power to control your work you you get very very humble in a sense. It's like I wanted to give power way to other people as well. You know I would say to my stanton you run that course With the camera man. This is the shot but I want you to be able to tell me where to stand in other words. It's a feeling of such gratitude where you you never have to raise your voice because everybody's finally listening you don't have to get angry. Sorry about anything. They weren't listening before sometimes. So sometimes when I would say things as just an actress like this is what I'm telling you this story of the way we were it went on-deck fears you know. They didn't agree with me. Whatever but when you see something so clearly That's wrong to me. Your what could be right or see. I had such a great time directing dental because I did it in England and in Czechoslovakia Gawky AH in England. They're not afraid of women. Powerful women strong women because they had a queen. They have a Queen Queen and at the time they had the prime minister. Who was Margaret Thatcher? So I was shocked at the respect that I had and as a first time director couldn't believe it And the crew was so kind and just it. It was the most wonderful experience I must say. And even the The Czechoslovakian government was wonderful to me. Because as I needed Jews to be in the synagogue and pray and so you know it was during communist times and they went to the the Jewish community thank God and had them come so I didn't have to teach them how to be Jewish now how the pregnancy is real juice. Real chooser wasn't Italian justice where they have to say well. How do you stand at a synagogue? And how do you pray. And it was. It was wonderful and also. Well you know when you have extras in Czechoslovakia. Then they didn't give them lunch so the the people would come with like bags of their lunch which broke broke my heart so I would you know. Give them our food which we never had vegetables. We had to send to London or France or Italy to get vegetables staples because their food diet was like hot chuck. I loved it of course bread and butter and hot chocolate in the morning with whipped cream. was there my kids. That's what I wanted to be thinner but well and everyday I would not every day but every few days I would bring in past these. You know with that delicious dough and the meat inside and we'd always have the most delicious tease. I'd bring in those cream like doughnuts shaped like a hot dog from wimpy's and you know eat this delicious cream with the doughnuts on my God was so good and they thought it was very sweet because the whole crew wrote a letter. That's one of my prized possessions. I must say and they wrote this letter to the newspapers and said that you know mystery said something like Miss streisand never raises her voice and has smile for us every day. And it's like not the stories we've heard about her and no newspaper would publish it. But it figures it's like Hillary Clinton as you you said. The upside of that experience with gentle was working in a culture where the power of women was just accept it and I'm I'm Crestfallen to say the least but what happened here. Not just because the sky I want but I really do think misogyny and well eighty four. I did get some sort of award from women in film directing dental and a lot of my speech was about women against women because the reviews of gentle from women were vicious. You know in other words. They didn't even talk about the celebration of of womanhood that a woman could not only you know make dinner and have babies but she could have an intellect she could want to study. Be something more than men do do do do it. Mendoza just equality you know so to reader review that said her. She wore a design the New York Times she wore a designer yarmulke. Now everything every piece of clothing in in that movie was authentic that same year. There was the film directed by Ingmar Bergman Fanny and Alexander. They were the same Yarmulke but nobody attacked that film. I love detail so I would you know for years. I would do research about Polish Jews about these Jews that choose everything. The Evil Institute in New York A talking to scholars studying Talmud just to bring that. Because I do believe that when you study like that and do the research you don't have to act that it's like the camera. Picks up the truth truths even just behind your eyes in the sound of your voice. Whatever it is mine you know I had this wonderful shot? I I thought the cuts from a chicken coop to me sitting behind the bars up separated from the men in the Schule and that shot was attacked by this. This woman critic Janet Maslin name was now she could attack my lips. And could that's true. I'm a terrible lip sinker. I can't do because when I did movies. Funny Girl and Hello Dolly. You know they record the soundtrack three months before you shoot and I have to be in the moment as as an actor. I don't know how gonNa feel when I actually perform it. So that's why when I did the movie Star is born. It's all real. It's all I had a number of replicates I did not want I needed to be free to be in the moment so we recorded on the spot. What do you call that live? It was alive and then what I would do is Because I had final cut on that movie I could control those things We would shoot the close ups. I Sa- where the performance really counted. And then I would just choose it right on the spot. Okay I think I would do about one to four takes wchs you know all these stories about me like I do. Millions of takes. Most of them are false. And so let's say I would take take three you know and and then move the cameras back to the wider shop match to that. Because you didn't have to see me close you know not doing the lip sync. Good are the documentary film film about can extensively about Ken and Ryan Gosling. We corner him at a at a at a hotel Jimmy Tobacco and I did this thing called seduced an abandoned and we get gosling at the Beverly Hills Hotel or the Bel Air Hotel and long story short as he has this beautiful explication of of how agonizing it is to shoot films just in that kind of Arthur Murray by numbers way. We have a match to this to this. It can't be fresh and it's painful. Oh and that's why I love long takes because I think I'm from the theater and we had to do a whole show right so I don't like pieces. I mean you I. The Fun of directing to me is designing the shot the camera accommodating the actors so the actors. There's a lot of scenes in gentlemen antelope. You can see like this. They're all in one move. Practically in other words we come in through a door and I'm in in in the foreground. Let's say but he who's following me the my lead actor Who was Mandy Patinkin? Anytime and he still is You know we see him standing there and then he comes forward and I sit down. He becomes he standing up at. The camera. Never moved. But you see everything then. The camera moves as we're together but it doesn't cut and then he has you know when when he leaves me he you see him go out the door. He slams the door and the camera moves in a little bit as I'm thinking about it. That's the scene but it's what's fun about that is is that we're all on our toes. You can't make a mistake in most of these shots that I do that. There's no coverage for Ronnie honey and of course the the greatest seems very little coverage the actors play the scene in the frame quiet. That's right now in the time that you made films uh-huh the many years you've made films the successful acting and not directing successful as a director and producer and all those things were there are people that you wanted to work with people. You've got to make a film with the press because you've been in such a privileged place and had all these people available eligible to was her a director of the dreamed of working with you to get to work with well. Ingmar Bergman is a person that contacted me to do a remake of the merry. The widow and I was so excited you know and I came to Sweden and we embraced and it was this wonderful embrace. No I mean he. I can't explain what that what that's like. It's was just he. He he sort of understood me and I understood him without any words and the first act of that screenplay was fantastic. I mean very very bawdy Kinda shocking I loved it. You know so then I have letters now now I forget things until I have to go into my archives and look at this stuff letters from him and notes that I wrote back to him talking about this film and what happened the second act you know. He says we're going to be collaborators. And the second act was not very good. I thought it was like like Jesse Amadeus. I'm sure you're the the first act was extraordinary to me in the movie and the Second Act was I duNno. Just somehow repetitious it. It didn't go far enough in the story you know. And that's the way I felt about this. All of a sudden it was gone on. The collaboration was over. We never made the film and I couldn't quite believe it. I mean the fact that I didn't like certain things in the second act that he liked. Well he never defended it. It was like you don't think that's right. And so oh but I would have loved to work with Berta Lucci and skirts. You know what I did. I realized this now looking back at my life I turned down. Alice doesn't live here anymore. Turned on a lot of films. Actually 'cause I was lazy. I'm basically I'm a dichotomy here. A dichotomy lazy and I don't know what the word is. Restless restless may be. Yeah like wanting wanting to create soap about you would be called the lazy and the restless. I'm joking no that's a very good title the wrestler. Yeah exactly exactly I love to take a vacation and do nothing. I like to have no appointments. I think that's a condition in my mind of people who have tremendous not so much financial success but creative success swimming swimming. There's a famous actress who I won't name wait. What do you want to take a sip soup on your radar soup? Do you want to have a soup. I mean you know I mean this is a bad luck to say no to soup. Is that right. I made that up. Just put that over here. Oh see I just brought this table from the back and we need another table. Maybe because this is me so soon I mean in other words people know we eat right so if they hear it's okay good good good. Good 'cause I always like to eat the really know you know you is delicious and healthy What we're are we talking about restless lazy when I would talk to McCartney about the Beatles he said to me it was hard work later on when they game creative control of their material? Anybody they then they take a year to do another album in the beginning they were. They worked like dogs. I think you're right and for you. I'm wondering in the beginning. Ginning when you do Broadway are you out there. And you're just so pumped and excited and you're young and everyone's glorifying you and loving what you're putting out there and you really low recently gone. I don't want to do the show eight times a week like what happened to you in the beginning. Were you excited and game in the in the beginning I wanted to prove myself. Yeah I wanted to prove to my mother that I could be a success. You know it comes from that. It's like really deep. It's deep unquiet. It's not allowed by the way I it's not. What makes Sammy run? It's quiet it really is But again you can and feel that passion you can feel that. Need to be seen somehow. Because I wasn't seen much my I lost my father. How will you into that? Passed away fifteen months but my mother said that after he died I would climb up on the window waiting for him to to come home because I used to do that. I guess as a baby and wait for him and he would come home and in a sense I've idolized my father other because he was a PhD. He was a teacher which I so respect teachers and he wrote poems and he was artistic and he was an athlete. As well. As a debater. You know and and it was is in part of French dramatics and English literature and I didn't read his thesis till many years later. 'cause as an actress actress when I was sixteen. I was fascinated by Eleanor Duska and Sarah Bernhardt wanting to be an actress and my father's books were tied up in the basement of our Brooklyn apartment Mark Twain Charles Dickens. All the great novels I read What do you call it? Nancy drew true mysteries. I read movie magazines. You know and dream that someday. Maybe I could be famous. Did you have that dream. Then when you are I would have my pint of coffee ice cream briars and sit on my bed and dream go to the movie sometimes on a Saturday afternoon the lowest kings with had the greatest ice cream and we also. Well yeah it. You're like me some. It'll say what was the best part of the summer I'd say well does this restaurant. That has the best coffee. Ice Cream with chocolate. Covered Hazelnut say watching. Who in on screen? If you WANNA be call somebody you watch video yet. That's it I'm going to do something like about not Doris Day. I I mean hill. It was well I loved Marjorie Morningstar. 'cause I knew the summer places in where I was sent to camp in the catskills catskills on my mother and stepfather. When they came to visit me I didn't know my mother was married and I said I'm going home from here? What do you mean you didn't know your mother got married? She never told me he was a boyfriend for a while. I guess he was around. Nobody ever met him before. But when I insisted see I was I was a strong kid so my mother came to visit me with the stranger and I said I'm going being home. I'm not staying here another day longer. So we have to pack me up. I think I was seven and a half. Maybe so for a long time of your youth you were raised is by him. He was on the scene when you go home. Then you're he's in your life. He's in my life the stranger. How did he handle? You didn't like me. He didn't like you. Why that's exactly right? Was the connection with him. Such as was because the connection with your mother also was a bit thinner than you might have liked compared to your feelings for your father. I grew up in house where my dad was my idol. I idolize my dad and my mom. My older sister and I we were lieutenants chores chores. And your mom didn't push him or cajole him or try to get him to never are your relations with your Mama's little less than it was really toward your father well or you head over heels in love with your mother no no no no no I I. I felt that she didn't know me she didn't know but could she. I don't think my mother knows me either. But I've seen now in my life. She couldn't she wasn't capable. My mother never said to me. My Mother's alive general this in my book she never once said to me. What's it like to be you when you get up there and do that? Enjoy it to understand me into a number son. Oldest son it. Where was the conversation about when when I go through in my life and my career? My mother never nothing about that. My mother's love were shown through food. She would bring me when I was a young actress. You know and I moved away from home when I was sixteen from Brooklyn to New York. Got An apartment right just sixteen sixteen eighteen. I graduated high school at Sixteen Rosina's Erasmus. Yeah I graduated in three and a half years years so I could doubled my science and math which I loved. I love those subjects that you were desperate to get Brooklyn. I was desperate to be an actress to get away from real life. That a singer and actress an actress. Oh Yeah and my singing was when I was five and six seven on the stoop and Brooklyn with the girls you know singing and harmonising. That was my singing but my love was wanting to be an actress. And so that's when I went to the library the forty second street library and read the plays of these great actresses you know and I wanted to be a classical actress. So part of me still feels like a failure you know when I wanted to do. I wanted to play after I was well known. I wanted to play the two Cleopatra's the one Caesar and Cleopatra and Antony and Cleopatra Right so one is a child fourteen. Eighteen years old who. I thought it should be Orson Welles or Marlon Brando fat you know and then I would be even little. What's well fed? Yes yes And hiding you know from this man and then play the Woman Cleopatra and the television vision stations. I wanted to do it on TV. They say well. Is it going to be a musical. I mean you're gonNA add music slyke. The can't see that you could do both. I mean though you have to do the music with the you know absolutely Awful feeling I wanted to play Romeo and Juliet and I got to do it. Finally Fully Strasbourg at the studio. And it's one of my. I can't find the letter are that they wrote me too. Well that's a whole long story but To invite you to join the studio. Yeah but when I first auditioned for the studio was fifteen and I was doing it with another guy who asked me to just be in it. But they wrote me a letter to say. Do Your own audition. And then when I did they found out I was fifteen and they said comeback. When you're you know eighteen probably a nice way of saying no but So that's why it was terrible. Terrible when I was in br- on Broadway I wrote on my playbill. I am not a member of the actors studio because all the actors who are I would say a member of the student I was pissed off at you know But that was interesting. I did some of my best work than when I was was fifteen and sixty and I played Madisha in did that Great Aria after she killed her kids and you know she says a line like you know something about about this wound in the middle of myself. What a brilliant line I mean I am a woman in this wound in the middle of myself? I was good then. And you're saying this wound in the middle of myself at the studio that was that was for Just I did it in class. That scene from Madisha grew rich across. You know what I would do then I would I had another name so I wanted I did. I didn't want to miss anything so I went to two different acting classes and gave a different name in one. I used to to make money Monday. You get four dollars and five cents was to be an usher in the theater so I would love to go see the plays but in a sense I didn't have enough money to seal the place play. So I I became an usher in the theater so I could see the play but meanwhile I was sixteen seventeen that kind of age. I knew knew that I would be famous because I would hide my head so they wouldn't see me my face showing them to their cease. Because I thought you know when I become famous they can recognize me as the girl showed him to their seats. So how do you figure that that. That's something I can't explain you you really. There's a part of you that New York end up doing what you did to me and I don't think you know in my mother didn't believe in Macy's she kept telling me what your father did. They become a teacher. You get you get you get vacations free vacations summers off out of it. Yeah learn to type. And that's when I let my nails grow long so I couldn't type. I believe me I wish I could type now I have to dictate everything into all those French typing cooking working right now with your mother. Did she eventually come around. I mean how could she not come around with everything you've done. I think I was really really just trying to prove to her that I I could be famous by the way as soon as I became famous. I didn't like it. I don't like fame name. I don't like stardom. I only liked the work. The creative work. That's all I like. Aw Aw and that strikes hand singing law Shaquille Yanga normally more the domain of the world's great opera singers like Renee Fleming Fleming told me that she tried and struck out onto other genres before she landed ended on opera. Had I grown up in New York City. The singer songwriter thing might have opened doors. Might have opened on television in high school. Winning some talent show playing a song that I wrote. Then I tried to pursue jazz then and that didn't work despite the fact that he's had a phenomenal jazz department. I just couldn't get in. She's about to mix it up again. Her Broadway debut is set for next spring in a revival of carousel. Take a listen to the rest of Renee Fleming story are- on here's the thing dot org. Look I'm Alec Baldwin and you're listening to here's the thing with no formal voice training and no money need to kick start. A career. streisand relied on raw talent to build herself up and the wiles of a man who happened to hear her at a small Greenwich Village. Club called the SOI Mardi. Erlich Mun was a music manager and almost as young and hungry as Barbara herself. He used his slim rolodex. Checks and razor-sharp. Pr Instincts to help build. Barbara's image into what it is. Today I met Mardi at the ball so I when he came one night I was nineteen nineteen and he saw me as the first act the opening act and said if you ever need me kid I was. I was kept over at the ball suave many times but then I couldn't get a job. Finally I got a job and they were paying me something like seventy five dollars a week or four hundred dollars a one hundred dollars a week but I could eat you know so if people wanted me to sit down I would order a baked potato sour cream and chives butter so so but I couldn't make a living. I really needed more so I called Marty and I say is there any way you could get me one hundred and fifty dollars a week doc. Martin told me many years later that he actually paid the fifty dollars because they wouldn't go for the the raise I loved it. That's why he's such a great person. Greenville invested in me. Yeah you've been with him now for how long it's like well. We separated for a while for a few years why he didn't get along with The man in my life at the time was John Peters. I've heard this story before but then believe me. We got back some as I could so that period is over fifty years but if you take out the what does he do for you now. What does he provided you provide for you now? You trust him everything. He reads scripts full on manager. Today's his birthday by the way is eight years old birthday Mardi early I was watching these Not just old cabinet shows where famous actors would come. Is it a spring roll. Is it meet. I think this one is vegetarian. This or for alleged -tarian I don't eat beef. Is there a egalite one. Yeah I think it's chicken visit. Isn't that good. I remember I was sitting in your apartment years ago. I said very hungry when I work consists. Corman was there coca and you we're GONNA do. Prince of tides came to meet with you. I remember to touch and your woman took care of your apartment came in and you said you said y'all Gauley little something. I could eat a little something. I eat a little something. She brings some crew today or crackers or whatever some spreads are you looked at me and you said God I if I can you know how many here ready to a movie and I love to eat and I said he go if we do this together. I'm going to hire US chef. I'll pay for it and this chef will come down and we're GONNA I eat whatever the fuck we want. That's why I left you. Say and you look at. We could be. Just forget about Dr Russell's crazy with all right. Let's go down to make the movie that we feel like eating we eat. We don't feel like eating me. Donate go crazy. Great idea and the new cast. What's his name in the Ma Nick? I'm teasing AH yes. Because he had to be a white looking southerner not mean your New York our love that movie did you. Oh good now watching those us old caveats on comes Brando and oncoming this one and that one from that generation of Belafonte when he was young all that civil rights activism. Were you active than as as well. Oh yeah I was supporting Bella. Abzug for Congress in Nineteen Seventy nineteen seventy. I even supported Mayo. Lindsey who was a Republican. Because I liked him I like the way he spoke. You know I thought it was a leader. He was a leader and he was fair and he was believed in justice and just like to music also durable looking. So you know it's like you know what happened when I sang in Houston by the way before the storm. I invited the bushes. President H W Bush mean Forty one and Barbara Bush to come to my concert and they came and I gave him socks I heard he collect collect socks and they came backstage and she brought me a pin and I gave her something they would just so lovely even now I wrote to see if they were okay house house their house and they said we're fine. We're in Maine and this and that you know in other words you know. He had dignity. He had great dignity and she was an advocate for women's rights. I like good people. That's why I can't quite understand what's happened to this country and it all it goes back to women to women against women. Yesterday I was watching Hillary being interviewed by somebody and the first question was so rude by the woman. Well how do you now that the Democrats will want you around when my foot. When she was running there were three women who interviewed her as well and they were so faces? scrunched up on television. Well so are you trustworthy. Are you not trustworthy. I mean they would like shockingly rude attitudes foods and I told her chief of staff you know I think you should be interviewed by men. They're going to be nicer to her than the women. Fifty fifty three percents of white women voted for Donald Trump. Now how do you figure that. I saw her on the view this morning and I think I would have said he was in my space like that. I don't think you have to call him a creep. But you could say you know you're going to get your own time. They're going to. They're going to ask you a question and would you like me to stand behind you in the shot. I don't think so so if you don't mind. Can you see the myself if she did did that to him. I use that phrase and appended to a lot of things if she had done that to him if she had said that about him. So you sing. At Clinton's inauguration you're close to Clinton to the the old Clinton years the nineties. They were great and they're great. I have my criticisms of Clinton I have my criticisms of him and his policy. What did you criticize? Decide about. His piece is acquaint idea. Now you never hear the running for office talk about peace and a policy and strategy to get us to peace we were in a state. It'd perpetual war we spend violent trillions of dollars remain trillions with a t that we don't have we don't I mean I am I am I make it very as simple for myself I read. I have a copy. I carry it around in a folder of my favourite writings of I have. I'm one of them. Is Is ours. Farewell Address in the coining. The phase the military-industrial Iran district and complex. Send him but he says you know every missile that is fired we lose this every bomb that we drop. We quit cost us this. He refers to this world in arms as our new Eisenhower. The last man to be elected president acclamation man who did not want the job Everyone around him said you one bro. You gotta run for this job. You got to do this. And Eisenhower. The Hood Ornament of the American military machine walks out the door and says watch out for these people he warns the military industrial coined. The phrase the military-industrial complex basically watch money from they have too much power. And we've lived keeps getting progressively worse and worse and worse. Where and I don't think Clinton was Hillary Clinton voted for the war in Iraq that it was the one thing that really upset that that was almost a dealbreaker for hormones? But it'd be you have to remember this 'cause I've discussed this with her and and President Clinton she at the time thought that Bush would keep his word Bush forty three and they were supposed to to go to the UN. They were supposed to have weapons inspectors Make sure that there was nothing there that wasn't done. We had weapons happens inspectors because I used to talk to Scott Ritter who was a weapons inspector there for seven years and he said there are no weapons left and if there were any chemical weapons they have a shelf life. They're they don't work that's what we saw but they weren't even allowed to even complete complete anything they certainly never went to the u to the UN and all of a sudden we're in war without picking someone in a current menu of candidates. What do you think we need to run in twenty twenty two beat trump? What kind of person who's GonNa take forget about up? Man Or woman is going to be a person who does water. Who says what who says the truth? Truth is everything I mean. That's what it kills me. I love the truth. I love the power of the truth. You have to believe that person and you have to believe they stand for what American can values are supposed to mean not like in the Newt Gingrich way of whatever that is American values but to be for justice to before diversity to be respectful to accept change to accept. Change that the main New York. I'll never perfect the daily news. I mean yes. This is a fact I suppose when the when the census came out in two thousand ten or two thousand ten years the daily news put it on the cover. That White New Yorkers were now the plurality they were under fifty percent that the city had now become fifty one percent literally black Asian Hispanic so forth that White New Yorkers in all five boroughs represented less than fifty percent and I thought well that may be true. But what are you promoting when you write that. And that's going to happen in this country White privilege as we understand it white me more. Must we're going to become Rhodesia but it's I think the people accept change. What choice do you have to accept? Change that this world we live in become more and more more diverse sexual identity and women power and things like that and I find that the the Democrats I mean. I'm very critical of them as well. The Democrats will say almost anything to get elected. I don't think so. I think the democratic will say anything to get there's a difference of the democratic almost anything and the Republicans. We'll say the Democrats are too nice. That's what I signed. Yeah they wanted to run. Because I'm not very nice and I wanted to be the you'd probably be hit them. I wanted to be the more to Democrats. That's what that's what it should be. You have to say it like. It is tougher Democrat. You have to be tough. That's actually early. What I said when I first met Obama I said we did a fundraiser? For him and it raised. Eleven million dollars that night and I I sat with him for and I said. Are you tough enough. I was my first question to him. Of course I'm tough. You know but I mean this is a terrible thing to say but okay and I know it can't be done. But when Russia was suspected of invading our democracy I thought to myself. Why aren't they postponing the election? How do you have an election now when Russia is hacking us? Don't we do it over for it. Don't we do it over. Yeah that's what I always this vow and whenever I've said it to anybody they go. You can't do that. Why not? It is weird and we sit. There is the result is entirely false. Let it stand because you. Yeah you really. The country couldn't have no. I mean look at the difference. I'm going to write an article actually about the specs week about the difference in America. Yeah the difference in America what it would be like if Hillary were president. Do you realize that women and girls could hold their head up high. She and Angela Merkel would be running the free the world to see the woman you know wonder woman movie. It was fantastic because women were in charge. Women are nurturing during and women can be tough and make decisions that are based on compassion and Wisdom you know. Even in the Jewish religion women that Orthodox Jewish religion which I am not but men have to say certain prayers everyday but women have to say less prayers because they are closer to God because they are creative they they birth babies they feed those babies they nurtured Richard them after makes them different. It does my wife reminds me that every day. Actually well. That's good that's different. We met more sainted women but it is true. Oh but I think what we're missing with. Trump is compassion kindness. Respect right like as you said is that we're missing honesty. Honesty is everything just honest. We'll get through every week. We can't understand the knew. He was a farce. He was disrespectful warning signs. I am Charlie. Don't you see stress. Stress is causing me to eat. You know more than Lebron. I'M GONNA go pull on the side of the I said. Give me something. They'll choose grilled cheese be great. Yeah it's an it's you know I found out that when you're stressed you cortisol levels raises and Cortisol makes you gain weight. Yes I I was. I was away with some friends for a week. I didn't read a book. I played games which I played to fall asleep at night because after looking at TV and reading the news. I can't fall asleep so play backgammon. You know in gin so I mean it was such an interesting thing for you. WHO's a neither to every day? We had bread and butter. You know Every day we ate pasta in Italy every day we had dessert cert- with sugar. We gain nothing maybe two ounces asked us we just let it go. NAVIDAD wallover them. I'll never forget get Kathleen Turner. She said this on this show she was one of my first guests. And I said You you're married your husband Jay got voice in. You never got married again as it do. Would you miss that. Do you WANNA be with somebody. And she said Alec I put the key in the door of my apartment and the thing that makes me most happy as I know that there's nobody nobody on the other side of that door. Well I walk it. I can do whatever I WANNA do. Enough to ask anybody's permission or to Upper Michi- really was happy to be single. and You you'd like to single now you though but I was for a long time. No I like looking forward to my husband coming home and you know waiting waiting for him to so we could eat together. Yeah absolutely and he enjoys food too. I mean we just take trips up to Santa Barbara just to get an ice cream cone on from McConnell's my favorite flavor Brazilian coffee which they don't sell in pints in the market. You have to go there or like now. I can't have it in my freezer because I'll eat the whole pint I just start with a little McCone just melting around the edges. And I'll just eat that part and just I know it's gone to me. There's familiar sound. I'd be watching the news and ten o'clock at night. I being a late night itemize cream and then all of a sudden I hear that a mistake will. Oh sound of the spoon scraping. The bottom of I go. Oh my God how did that happen. How come you're thin? How did you lose weight? I started sugar. Sugar was my nemesis stuck away. I prime pre diabetic and my numbers were tragic. And they said to me you're GONNA start shooting numbers Over three hundred and they said you're going to start having to shoot insulin if you don't get with us so I still Do bad things that we know in the but nowhere near I mean I was somebody that eight hours I truly I can say this without without hesitation I was an ice cream addict graders. Having graders ice cream shed you you. You have to look one day when you're cheating leading you have to try McConnell's do you like coffee. Ice Cream of the millers crave coffee is okay. It's the greatest I can't coffees. They were so. Oh sweet McConnell's because when I did my last movie was Seth Rogan ahead to eat ice cream. So I I have to have the ice cream from Santa Barbara but I had add them. Try something that will rights used to do that. went out of business. They had chocolate covered on chocolate. That sounded so Brooklyn chocolate covered chocolate covered almonds in the coffee ice cream so I asked them to make that flavor now. People develop nut allergies so they hardly put nuts allergies our. We don't have to care about them but now I guess they discovered a drug that will take takeaway nut allergies. Do you ever read the magazine called. Though week. I love the week and I read an article in there that talked about as a drug now to take away. Not Allergies are my last question to trouble because I want to take you to dinner and have that McConnell's Weiner you wanna come back now by will and that is when you sing. You know people hear your voice and they the melts them. The really gets to them. You're the greatest female vocalist of all time. I'll you so sweet. I don't Miss Other women who I love Mah dismissing them. But you're the greatest female vocalist ever. What a compliment? And when you go into the studio when you go to record I'm assuming there's a passion as a connection is a soul. I love recording. Because it's private and there it's just me and the music you know. I could look like crap crap. I don't have to dress up. I don't have to make up on and it's just it's just the sound and the musicians the the the instruments events and what I can hear and say oh I could hear a string line here with sound. I don't read music but I'll have to go. You know that that note. What is it I don't know but it's that cord that core? I mean it's just that's fun for me because that singing make you happy that you can do that. Yeah I can hear things that I thought. Oh shoot I should have done that over over the right. Take I mean whatever but no I. I liked when when we put out a new album and Sirius. Radio plays my song in twenty four hours a day and I happened to have the radio on. I think that was good. I want to say I love you. I love you. Tender the greatest. You're the greatest. And the more I learn the more I read the assigned each step by by voice page. I either Toss Smart Levy Hi This is Alec Baldwin. And you're listening to. Here's the thing from W._n._Y._C. Studios.

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