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The crew was up and devout long before the sun. Life on any sea vessel is rarely easy in the crew of the to Valu had gotten used to the late nights and early mornings. They slept and rose to the sound of the sea and the gentle rocking of the waves. But on November tenth nineteen fifty five as the sun rose over the horizon, the crew spotted something different in the distance another ship floated lazily over the water normally the site of another merchant vessel wouldn't be noteworthy. But everyone on board. The to follow had heard the stories of the m the Joyita the trading ship that had vanished over a month before sparking a massive maritime search mission and which had yet to be found. Now, the two value had founded the ship was half submerged its hull was severely damaged as they got closer the crew of the Tavola realized that they wouldn't be rescuing anybody on. That day that was because there wasn't a single living soul on board the ship was empty. It's crew. 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The mystery of the MVP joy, a fishing vessel that vanished for over a month in nineteen fifty five when it was finally found the entire crew was missing over half a century later, their fates are still unknown. The history of maritime travel is plagued with countless stories of ships that set off across the open ocean and were never seen. Again. The case of the MVP Joey two stands out though because it was actually recovered after it went missing. However, the location of its crew remains a mystery to this day. There are two key books. Pacific -ly about the MVP Joyita mystery that will draw on for this episode. The first is the Joya mystery published in nineteen sixty two by Robin. Mom, the second is Joya solving. The mystery published in two thousand two by professor David g right of the university of Auckland. They each lay out the potential theories about what happened to the crew of the MVP Joyita back in nineteen fifty five the theories break down into two groups the first group suggests that the crew of the MVP. Ito met their fates at the hands of an external threat, it could have been pirates Soviet submarines or whether the second theory is that internal strife led the crew to their doom. The captain of the ship was either overthrown mutiny or else led his men to abandon the ship where they were subsequently lost at sea forever will examine these theories as well as the brief but colorful history of the envy joy to in this episode. The M V Joyita was associated with fame. Even before it vanished off the face of the earth for five weeks. The vessel was originally commissioned as a luxury yacht in nineteen thirty-one for Roland west a successful horror film director west built the boat as a gift to his wife and news jewel Carmen. He named the ship Joyita, which means little jewel in Spanish. Interestingly Rowlands original name for the vessel was pronounced Hoya which. Which is grammatically correct in Spanish, but when the vessel became globally famous in nineteen fifty five it came to be mispronounced as joy so often that the false pronunciation became common for the ship. It's why will be using Joyita. In today's episode at sixty nine feet long and seventeen feet wide. The M V Joyita was a solid vessel that was capable of weathering. The more intense conditions of the open ocean than smaller yachts that era for five years Rowland and jewel sailed around the world in the ship on long voyages, the demonstrated the joy to seafaring capabilities then the couple separated in nineteen thirty five Roland west found himself as the sad owner of a ship that was named in honor of his now ex wife, I suppose there's a lesson to be learned about commissioning boats named after your spouse, if your marriage is on the rocks. Well, west tried to recoup his losses. And sold the boat to a man named Milton e bacon in nineteen thirty six. There's nothing particularly noteworthy about bacon tenure as the ship's owner. He didn't have it for long in nineteen forty one the United States and to World War Two and the US navy began requisitioning private boats for military. Use the navy took over the M V Joyita an outfitted her as a yard patrol boat, the ship patrolled the waters around the big island of Hawaii for two years until in nineteen forty three. It ran aground in suffered extensive damage a private owner may have cut their losses and scrap the ship, but the navy could afford to pay for repairs and commissioned engineers to make the Joni to see worthy again normally stronger metals like brass or copper would be used to repair the hall and interior piping of ship of Joyita size. But wartime supply shortages forced the engine. Nears to use galvanized iron, which was a weaker metal. That was more available at that time. The navy retired the envy Joya in nineteen Forty-five following the end of the war, a clear paper trail doesn't exist. But we do know that Milton bacon did not take repossession of ship. She remained on the navy's manifest of patrol boats and was dry docked in Honolulu for two years after the war then in nineteen forty eight the Lewis brothers fishing firm, Baath Joyita, an outfitted her to serve as a fishing vessel. The most. No, or the addition they made was two inch thick cork lining on the interior hall. The lining insulated, the vessel and would keep freshly caught fish chilled during long voyages by this point, the MVP had been a pleasure vessel a wartime patrol boat and now a fishing ship. Every time she changed hands. She underwent alterations and repairs to account for her new purpose. No one at the time. Could know that these alterations would be partly responsible for the ship's disappearance and reappears just a decade later. The jury to- only acted as a fishing vessel for three years despite the modifications that the Lewis brothers fishing firm had made the Joey ten never really thrived as efficient boat. The firm ultimately decided to sell the ship in nineteen fifty and recoup some of their losses. The boat changed hands a few times over the next two years until in nineteen fifty two professor Catherine Loma purchased it for seventeen thousand dollars the Wilma low was a Finnish. Born professor at the university of Hawaii who specialized in the study of Polynesian mythology Luo melas work at that time largely consisted of research trips across the South Pacific region. For purchase of the Joyita is a little baffling at face value. What would an anthropology prof? Want with a pleasure yacht turned patrol boat turned fishing ship. Now, it's possible that Luo Malala new of the ships wore record the joint had proven itself as an adept patrol boat in the waters around Hawaii during the war. If you don't count that one time, it ran aground and needed extensive repairs that it's also possible that Luo Mullah bought the boat for more personal reasons related to her friend and suspected lover, captain Thomas Miller Thomas Miller known to most by his nickname. Dusty was a Welsh born sailor who was always more comfortable on the open ocean than he was on solid ground. Miller was kind of the embodiment of the term fish story. St. claimed to have been a Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Navy, volunteer. Reserve doing World War Two even though records indicate he was only ever an acting sub Lieutenant after the war he relocated to the South Pacific and spent a few years work. Working on various merchant vessels. He had a reputation as a womanizer despite the fact that he had a wife and two children whom he had abandoned back in Wales. Miller's lifelong ambition was to captain his own ship. And he wasn't the type to let anything hold him back from that family included by nineteen forty eight. He was serving as ship Nestor on government operated ships for the South Pacific commissions based in Sydney Miller, reportedly met, Catherine L'uomo LA during one of his training boy edges to the Gilbert islands where Loma was conducting research, there's a lot of suspicion and hearsay about Destin Luo melas exact relationship their level. Fair has never been confirmed. But we do know that after Miller met, the professor he abandoned his government contract and traveled with her back to me, Lou Miller and the Wilma worked together for six years. He reportedly referred to the professor as his fiancee. And there was an understanding between them that. They would be married. If Miller ever got around to divorcing his wife back in Wales the planned union never came to fruition. After the Wilma bought the MVP joy to in nineteen fifty two. She chartered it to dusty and appointed him as the ship's kept though, she still owned the ship during dusty tenure as captain there doesn't seem to be any notable correspondences between the two of them after nineteen fifty four. We don't know what led to this lapse in communication. It's not a stretch to assume that Miller's true love was the sea. And that no woman would ever be able to keep him tied down. Even win said woman was the one who bought the boat for him in the first place, perhaps Miller simply knew he was a better sailor than he was lover when they were interviewed later men who worked for Miller on the joy to reported that the man was an excellent sailor who kept a cool head even under the roughest of conditions. But in. Most of these accounts respect for dusty prowess as a captain didn't translate to love of him as a person the men who worked with Miller that didn't vanish in nineteen fifty five reported that he was aloof cheap and pronged abouts of violent Husted e e constantly underpaid his workers and rarely dined with them or spent any downtime with them at all one man named Pulu. Laya vow who'd worked on the Joya in early nineteen fifty five related story of one time. When Miller would spin loaded guns in his hand and take turns aiming them at a sailor's. It was a bizarre sadistic. Power play. David Wright, puts forth in his book on the joy to disaster that dusty reputation could have been the result of culture shock Miller was a gruff rough around the edges Welshman while his crew were largely Polynesian and came from a culture that emphasized community, but according to lay Val Miller was. Nothing less than evil. One thing of note about Miller's tenure on the Joyita is that his prowess ship, captain didn't seem to translate to skills. A fisherman. His fishing voyages were routinely unsuccessful and by nineteen fifty five. He was deep in debt. He wasn't able to afford the harbored dues at a number of his usual docking sites. And so he became persona non grata in several of the territories that he relied on to resupply. Ship by mid nineteen. Fifty five Miller was living on the Joyita in poverty. Close to bankruptcy Miller even began to look into selling the joy, the ship wasn't his to sell in the first place. But it's unlikely that would have stopped him from trying. But then he was granted a metaphorical lifeline by thirty year old district officer of the token ou- islands named Roger peerless peerless. Oversaw a region of the Samoan south. Pacific and was frustrated by the lack of regular reliable transport between the islands in his district when he met Miller and be held the Joey ta in nineteen fifty five he spotted a quick cheap solution to that problem. Dusty took peerless sailing on the Joyita as a kind of dishing peerless was convinced any set about arranging for the Joyita to take a trip from the Samoan capital of Ophira to the tiny remote atoll of Tokelau. The voyage was supposed to serve as an example of the Joey has capabilities to peerless superiors in reality. It was the last voyage of captain dusty Miller and the last time anyone saw him his crew alive. We'll cover the fateful disappearance of the M V Joyita after this. Richard. And I have some exciting news for you starting now, you can listen to gone episodes that are older than six months completely ad free exclusively on Stitcher premium. We are always looking for ways to improve the listener experience. We found an amazing partner in Stitcher to bring you episodes ad free. Six months after they are released again, this will only affect episodes older than six months. Nothing else will change will still be releasing new gone episodes wherever you listen to podcasts for a free month trial, go to Stitcher premium dot com slash park cast and use promo code park cast that Stitcher premium dot com slash podcast and use promo code park cast. Now back to the story. In nineteen fifty five villages in Tokelau, a remote atoll in south civic. We're running low on supplies worse. A man on the atoll had developed gangrene from the cut on his arm and needed to be transported off the island for medical care. Government official Roger pure, Liz son opportunity for him to put forth, the joy to as a government approved vessel tasked with transporting people and supplies among the small scattered islands of his district. He scheduled the first of what was to be many trips in October of nineteen fifty five the ship was loaded with food and supplies for the villagers as well as kerosene lamps. Lumber and metal parts that could be used to build roofs for the islanders Thomas dusty Miller, captain of the Joyita hired a crew of fifteen for the trip. This was on as we said Miller was. Desperate financial straits at that time and this crew which totaled at sixteen was notably larger than any he had sailed with in the past each extra man, drew a salary that cut into Miller's bottom line more. Puzzling was the fact that the joy to also carried nine passengers all civilians, including two children, the joy to was still registered as a merchant and fishing vessel. At the time. It was not licensed to carry passengers, though, Miller and peerless would have known this, perhaps they hope that the pressing need to get supplies to the island withdraw focus away from that particular violation with twenty five on board and all the supplies. The joy to was likely pretty cramped for the trip when it first set off on Tober second this ship didn't get far onlookers who had gathered at the dog to see the joy to off reported that shortly after the ship set sail. Tufts of black smoke wafted from the ship's exhaust. Sd the joy to was forced to return to the harbor Miller blamed the smoke on rust build up in the clutch of one of the engines. It's very unlikely that this was the case. So Miller was either misquoted wrong or was deliberately hiding a real issue at the ship's mechanics in order to prevent a delay. The crew worked on the issue overnight with the extra time in the harbor. The Joyita was available to have its radio. Inspected a superintendent later reported that he had reached out to peerless and Miller about inspecting the radio Miller declined likely because he knew that if a problem was found with the radio than the trip and his payment may be delayed the envy joy to finally set sail early in the morning on October third nineteen fifty five according to men who worked in the harbor that night Miller ordered that the ship run only on its starboard engine to prevent further smoke. The sun was still down when the. Ships at out it's likely that very few if any people watched the joy of vanish over the horizon, if anyone did observe than they were the last ones to see the crew of the joy to alive the trip from obvious to Tokelau should've taken no more than two full days. Meaning the Joyita should have completed its journey by the morning of October fifth. It never arrived at its destination by the afternoon. The harbormaster of Tokelau reported the ship as missing the Royal New Zealand air force was alerted that same afternoon and sent out planes to search for the ship the next morning. The reason for the delay is unclear but it's likely that officials thought that was a chance to ship might have just been running behind schedule that suspicion may have been supported by the knowledge that the Joyita was only running on one engine when it left opera. It is estimated that the aerial search for the missing. MVP joy to covered at least one hundred thousand square miles which would make it the largest search ever conducted in the Pacific Ocean for perspective. The search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight three seventy in two thousand fourteen covered only twenty three thousand square miles after nine days and one hundred and sixty three recorded hours of flight time. The search was called off by the end of October nineteen fifty five the MVP joy to was assumed to have been lost at sea. And no one expected to see it again. But then a November tenth captain Gerald Douglas of the two Valu and his crew spotted something in the waters about one hundred miles north of the Fijian island of the new Lezo the two Valu approach the stagnant vessel, which looked to be in bad shape. She was heavily tilted to the portside a clear sign that she had sprung a leak the rudder was mangled and the st-. Tearing cable had become detached. There was a large dent on one side of the ship. The crew of the Tavola eventually got close enough to read the name on its hull joy Itta after thirty seven days. The joint to had been found over six hundred miles south west of its original chartered pours the to follow radioed in that they'd found the joy to waterlogged and without a living soul on board. There was no logbook or final message found on the ship. The flooding raised a peculiar question. Why not so bad if the ship had been waterlogged for five weeks, why hadn't it some the answer was coke the court lining that had been installed back in the nineteen forties. When the Lewis brothers fishing firm, outfitted, the joy to as a fishing vessel made the ship considerably more buoyant, even as its interior filled with water, the two Valu attached cables to the damage ta and slowly towed her into. To the harbor at the island of Vanu Labou in Fiji once there. She was drained and inspected as men went about the task of finding out what really happened. Some clues were immediately evidence the life. Raft was missing as was every life vast over four tons of the ship's cargo was gone most unsettling where the links of blood stained bandages that were discovered in the crew quarters, the disappearance, search abandonment and subsequent discovery of the MVP joy to sparked a media frenzy, and as a result misinformation quickly spread about what had happened or was spectacle to have happened. There were a number of outlandish theories that spread about the joy to fate before an official investigation could be completed the abundance of these theories makes each one very difficult to believe the first widely publicized theory about the joy. Ada was published by the New Zealand Herald this article put forth the idea that the ship was rammed by a Japanese Irish ship. This would account for the dent in the side of the ship. Additionally were got out that inspectors had found Japanese manufactured knives on board a journalist named Jack Thornton who claim to have sailed on the joy to during an earlier trip said that there was only ever one knife on board. So the influx of knives could indicate the presence of Japanese pirates. How sorta knew for sure there was only one knife on board is an entirely different question that will likely never be answered looking at the facts, it's pretty easy to poke holes in the theory that the MVP joy to was attacked by Japanese pirates while the joy to was damaged in dented when it was recovered. It is estimated that the damage would have been much more severe if it had been ram if pirates had taken the whole crew captive. Then why were the lifeboat in life? Check has gone as well. The Japanese pirate theory more likely than not came from a general air of anti-japanese sentiment that prevailed in the years following World War Two the Japanese pirate theory was one of the stronger conspiracies compared to the more outlandish things. People claimed at the time the Samoan government officers found themselves fielding hundreds of letters and phone calls from people claiming to know what happened one woman from Australia even wrote that the ship had been transported to Mars and then returned without its crew. A theory that was slightly more grounded in reality began to circulate among sailors who were familiar with this region claiming that Russian submarines were somehow involved as with the theory regarding the Japanese pirates, this was certainly possible. But there was little hard evidence to back it up. This was during the early era of the Cold War and the western propaganda. Sheen had gotten quite good at blaming any misfortune on phantoms Soviet subs. Some sailors even put forth the theory that captain Miller may have been a Soviet spy. Well, this is both unlikely and unverified. It's not the only theory that blamed the event on captain Miller one early report regarding the state of the Joey to when it was first towed in noted that the Seacock a valve on the hull that lets water flow into the vessel was found opened a reporter for the Christ's church press jumped the gun and published that the only explanation for this open valve was that captain Miller must have intentionally opened it as part of a plan to sink the ship. This theory doesn't really fly at all. It doesn't take into account that Miller had no assets besides the boat, which doubled as his only source of income. Additionally, the Joya wasn't insured, which cast doubt on any theory. That Miller would. Have intentionally sunk the boat? And of course, if Miller had really tried to sink the boat where did he end up still some suspected that Miller might have actually been planning to escape? His debts by faking his own death and scanning to Hawaii again. None of these theories have any real proof tobacco them up. But it's notable that so many people think that Miller had some hand in what happened to the Joyita or was otherwise at fault to the people of New Zealand dusty Miller was an alcoholic loser. Who had barely been captain of his own ship for a year before he took twenty four people out on an ill advise trip with a clearly faulty ship. Despite all that the actual fate of Miller and the Joyita may have come from mother nature October marks the beginning of the wet season in the South Pacific. There's a noticeable uptick in huge waves, intense tropical storms. And even soon Amies waterspouts, which are basically tornadoes on water will also whip up a certain degree of treachery sailing on the open ocean is a dangerous endeavor. Even if your ship's engine works, and it's radio is functional. The V Joyita could have fallen victim to any number of external threats of both man made and natural origin. Even though countless theories emerged from all sorts of corners. They were all missing one important thing evidence, the evidence on board the joy to however seemed to point to a different story it indicated that there were no pirate attacks natural disasters. Instead, it seemed that the fate of the joy to was brought on by the actions of its own crew. Will discuss the findings of the official investigation into the disappearance of the joy is crew and the charge that there was a mutiny right after this. Now back to the story. In the fall of nineteen fifty five the M V Joyita went missing in the South Pacific ocean. When it resurfaced over a month later, the ship was heavily damaged and all twenty five people who had been on board were nowhere to be found. Speculators blamed everything from Japanese pirates to acts of God to martians for the bizarre disappearance. But officials were more interested in finding out the real truth in December of nineteen fifty five the Samoan government convened an official commission to investigate the fate of the MVP Joyita. The investigation looked at the initial mechanical diagnostic that had been performed when the ship was I towed in from the open ocean back in November. Additionally, the commission sent its own investigators to reexamine the ship. The report showed that the ship's clock had stopped at eleven fifty am despite this the general. Clues in was that whatever happened to the crew must have happened at night because every working light on the ship had been turned on. This would indicate that there was a time lapse between when the ship started taking on water. And when the crew finally abandoned the ship or were taken the commission found that the ship's radio was faulty and could only reach a range of about two miles. This naturally. Explain why no one had heard from this ship when things first started to go bad the radio had been turned twenty one eighty to the emergency distress frequency. Someone had clearly tried to call for help recalled it was captain Miller who prevented inspectors from appraising the radio on the joy to before the ship set sail if the superintendent had been able to see the radio than the joy to may have avoided it's uncertain fate. The radio isn't the only faulty issue that can be laid at dusty millers feet recall, the billowing black smoke from one of the engines that forest joy, e to to delay its journey by day Miller had claimed it was only rust build up the caused the smoke. But the investigators found that the portside engine of the ship was completely out of commission evidenced clearly by disconnected propeller shaft, it's unlikely that the crew would have attempted such an extensive repair during voyage, which means the engine had been in the process of being repaired before Miller signed on to travel to Tokelau he likely thought he could get by on one engine and finish the repairs. Once they are I the two most complete narratives about what happened over the course of those two days Joya was in route to Tokelau are speculative writings in the books. We've previously mentioned the joy to mystery by Robin mome. And joy to solving the mystery by professor David Wright, while neither of these writings can claim to be based in absolute fact, they each draw from the knowledge available to propose a potential timeline. They're worth discussing because they're really the only comprehensive sources about the M V Joyita that have ever been published. That said these accounts are a far cry from being one hundred percent accurate in his nineteen sixty two account mome claims that his version of the events was backed by the chairman of the commission that looked into the joy his fate, which is a stretching of the truth. The chairman did confirm that Mohme's timeline was one possible solution to the mystery, but he also emphasized that his job is chairman was to operate based only unknown facts mome, however seemed to have no problem taking creative license when it suited him, and that becomes clear very fast. When you read his take mome states that some point between up and Tokelau the Choi to sailed into a massive storm Miller refused to turn the ship around because he knew that he would be forced to allow his ship to be inspected. And at that time he didn't have the money for the repairs. The crew naturally didn't agree with that reasoning and trying to take over the ship during a scuffle Miller fell and hit his head. He didn't die that he was out of commission. Meanwhile, a leak began to fill the engine room Miller was unconscious and thus unable to assure the crew that the cork lining rendered the ship unsinkable and the whole crew abandoned ship on the life raft they were overtaken by the storm and died at sea from their mome crafts. Something of a survival story centered around a woman named Tony the only crew members still loyal to Miller in Mohme's account to knee. Any is the last surviving crewmember after the rest all drown or die of thirst and starvation? They were eventually discovered by Japanese fishermen, but by then to ni had gone mad with hunger, the fishermen killed her when she attacked, and they dumped her and Miller's bodies into the sea Mohme's narrative. Reads more like a soap opera than an investigative account. But for decades, it was the only real book that had been written about the joy to mystery. Then in two thousand two professor David right from the university of Auckland published his account David had a personal connection to the M V Joyita his mother's cousin. Was none other than Roger peerless. The man who had originally commissioned the Joyita of its fateful journey right set out to create a revised account of what could have happened to the joy to that was more based in fact, he approached the mystery from the assumption that there was a leak. Onboard. That started the issue the first thing the crew would have done was trying to plug the league. They would have brought a pump down to the flooded engine room and attempted to drain the water, but based on what was found. Amidst the empty Joyita back in nineteen fifty five they wouldn't have been able to power the pump the pump required a one hundred twenty volt battery and the only batteries on board were twenty four volt captain Miller really seems to have not prepared his ship for the challenges of sea travel. The crew would have panicked once they realized they couldn't drain the flooded engine. The first course of action would have been to lighten the ship by throwing the heavy cargo overboard. Someone would have tried to send it distress signal. But the broken radio with its range of only two miles was essentially useless. But all of this still needs us to that one. Big unanswered question. Why would the crew abandoned ship Miller? Knew that the cork lining of the hall would have kept it afloat. And thus the crew should have known that the safest thing to do was to stay on board right suggests that it's possible. There was a mutiny prior to or during the initial panic about the leak it should be abundantly clear by now that Miller was not very popular, especially among his own fruit. Someone on board likely could have made the connection between the leak the faulty radio in the fall to engine and deduce that Miller's own unsafe practices had led them to their current situation. The bloody bandages found on board could have indicated that someone was seriously wounded, but since DNA evidence was decades from being discovered, we'll never know for sure whose blooded was right aknowledges that it's possible Miller himself gave into panic. He may not have been thinking straight and thus led his men to abandon ship. A moment of recklessness. There were. Aren't enough life vests for all twenty five people on board, the rafts wouldn't have fit everyone. So the crew did abandon ship on mass. They likely did. So with several of them, swimming alongside the rafts. It's anyone's guess what happened next is the crew set out adrift on the open ocean. But really there seems to be only one possible fate. They all drowned the one survivor of the MVP joy to mystery was the ship itself after the affair ended the envy joy to was prepped to be repaired and reset on the water when she was first put back on the ocean. Investigators found that she began taking on the water again, they finally found the real source of the league a lead pipe that had corroded and broken away. The pipe was under the floor plates, the engine room and likely would have been inaccessible to the crew the source of the leak ultimately. Turned out to be the galvanized iron piping that the navy had installed over a decade before when they repaired the joy to during the second World War, the official report commented on then well known fact that galvanized piping was susceptible to corrosion when it came into contact with salt water, particularly if that salt water was warmed by say the steam and machinery of ship's engine. So it wasn't really Miller's fault that the ship had sprung a leak, but it was his full that the lack of a working engine essentially stranded them at sea with no radio to call for help. The official conclusion was that the broken pipe had been the cause of the ship's initial malfunction. But to this day, no governing body has put forth an official statement as to what happened to the passengers, and will likely never know that full story, unofficially. Government officials found Thomas dusty Miller to be guilty of. Religions and the likely primary cause of the disappearance and presumed deaths of everyone who had been on board the joy as one official put it dusty, quote sacrificed, his ideas about good seamanship to get the money from the charter. But Roger peerless was also on the hook. He was a government official, and he had to have at least expected that the joint wasn't up to date on the inspections. The case of the Joyita. Ultimately seems to be the folly of two men who let twenty four people or two boat that had no business being in the water the ship itself actually lived on for a time after the ordeal was over Catherine. Lou Omolo was still technically the owner of the ship at the end of nineteen fifty five she sold it the next year to a man named David Simpson for less than half of what she'd paid for the ship back in nineteen fifty two Simpson had the ship overhaul refitted. And set back out on the ocean. It ran aground number of times over the next few years until nineteen fifty nine when Simpson ultimately beached the ship on the island of over Lau and abandoned her and there she stayed for two more years until nineteen sixty one when she was purchased by none other than Robin mome. The man who literally wrote the book on the joy to disaster in nineteen sixty two mome stated that he'd always intended to fix up the ship and set her back to see but nothing came of those plans, and he sold it in nineteen sixty six the boat was slowly stripped for parts by the nineteen seventies. There was nothing left of the original ship. Just like the passengers who had mysteriously vanished. The Joyita was lost to memory. This is one of those mysteries where every proposed theories potentially true just because all the evidence in the case as long. Since disappeared. Well, maybe the one about the martians is a little lower than the others on the believability scale, our conclusion falls in line with rights fact based analysis as the ship filled with water and its mechanics failed the crew panicked. The either killed or incapacitated. Captain Miller, then set out on the life rafts with the remainder of their life jackets, and thus they were claimed by the see today, the MVP joy to stands as another interesting footnote in the annals of maritime history. It's captain and its crew are gone and their fates will likely remain a mystery for the rest of time the ship like it's mysterious crew is also gone and all that remains is a legacy of mystery and a cautionary tale. Thanks again for tuning into gone. We'll be back in two weeks with another episode. 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