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UF 373: Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Neil Magny, and Randy Brown In-studio


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Their Randy plowed with the triangle area. Hello everybody as I buy into my cough drop. It is the is not. You've seen filter today. Hold on Hello Creek crunch. I'm dumb. How unprofessional let's pretend that didn't happen. Today it's not directly. Ufc on Filton. Is the Matt Serra Randy Brown? Show the great ready Brown in-studio going on and then I appreciate. His buddy came through in a clutch. Not a clinch in a moron would say comes through in a clinch. I Dunno some guy some little short guy. That's good at Comores. No last night has came about. Was you know Little Jimmy? Bird tells us last show that he has the floor off. And do some comedy is something. He's busy Guy Jimmy. He's a big shot then he acts. He's a big shot. Jimmy you want a coffee or anything good. I got my water. Thank you so healthy Jimmy he bugged out so you know I try my good Buddy Phoenix Carnival early. And she was in and then she was out. Do you know why why she's fucking or trying to get on Broadway issues? Let's see gifting. She's a big shot to. I got nothing going on. I mean I did not listen. This is the fuck it is important. Show is the official UFC podcasts. I tell people do a podcast randy and they'll say okay. Yeah so it was. My nephew might not do it. It's not my fucking basement but then not that. There's anything wrong with that. You know what I mean. They don't understand is a big fucking deal so anyway you know the story. I want people to know how you got him. So then fuck. I'm like who the fuck can I get? And as I say that I walked into Sarah. Jj in Levittown Long Island Punch of fucking shark tank shark tank. We had fucking savages in guys. Passing gods wish ripping Asha Jeremy's Comores and that. Who Do I see through their through the crowd? My good friend Randy Randy Brown and what am I right away. Come up to you and I'm like Randy I need. You mean I go. Could you come to your did not even fl accepting a fight? You go what what time I appreciate them. Give me a urine corona corona virus. Going on a pound. I just washed my hands like this nick. Getting rid with that shit right. They do the feet now. That's that's the way retired now so so so when I see you probably already use man so easy to miss kicking people spotted people getting scared with the fucking eyesore of the corona virus eyesore. Some do it on the train. The Long Island railroad that last show coming home and he's like my sister Yada Yada what's up. Man is an odd did it. They are doing that now. I'm like what I didn't know what the fuck US talking about. And then he's like. Oh I should say man. The fuck sorry fucking. Being polite people are messed up. I came through Penn station. Just now people all messed up. They all missed all the other day. I took a pitch. I set my wife. I this is safe events. I would've straight up mase. I think it's the people got. I think I think more people die from the flu. Then this fucking thing I think this this particular strain of corona by the way I get a cough just a little more people than little more than the flu. You know what I mean. It's supposed to be like a souped. Up flew flew. Yeah well only me get beating being the only guy in my fucking household. The Lion Gyn household by household women. I didn't get the flu shot. Everybody else gets sick. I don't get nothin' you get the flu shot. Get that Shit. I don't need it. You heard Salvin. Just say no who. I design your last time. He said he said you know whenever he gets feel like. He's getting sick. He just says no he says no to the cold bad man. You don't give a fuck heating tells the cold fuck off right. What do you think about his fight with you L. Romero? Ooh That's a Banger. I mean that's going to allow an I mean. Is that the ultimate bowl in the matador. I mean yeah it's right. I mean absolutely I think that Staubach has the tools to beat to win. You know just based on you know styles make fight so I think that he's evasive enough. Long slick sharp strikes after it man. Good Dancer yes. That guy's got the whole thing. Man Total body controlling. What it's all about when you talk about stand up at least for me. Sometimes I always try to think total body control if you can control yourself like ultimate control of yourself. I think that I think that you can be a good striker speaking total control. I want to see the we got you on a coming in and call it in one. Neil I owe the fuck. My memos are all wrong emeals. A Neil Magny is fighting this weekend. Let me get my fucking not going back because what we have queued up as you know Randy Brown. Is your last fight Versa Worley Alvarez and play that Andy again after this after. I people keep people in suspense. Because what a fucking great fight dude. You're so I'll tell you right now man you such a dog horse in this division. You're at one slip up and it wasn't even a slip up. It was an unusual 's fucking attack but it Wacky who I love Niko Price Wacky and loving way. We got the great pneumatic. Neil Magny on the on the skype right. Now Neil out. It's now spinning. What's up buddy? That's not Jimmy. That's Randy Brown. Jimmy's off doing comedy or spreading jokes and disease. I don't know what he does. Neil he's a little fucking freak. How are you buddy? We haven't spoke to you. Why Oh man dude years been longtime shows you guys and your last fight. It was a while ago. Correct Nasr backing on November twenty eighteen. I mean shoot. What's going on man where you been the People WanNa know even inactivity caged log on on life in general mean The time away from the cage getting more time my wife and we are fortunate enough there to conceive our child back in January so Sits my ass by Nama Father Naga visions then licensed who important Man That is so beautiful and boy girl baby boy. Congratulations relations my man. You have a child also randy. Yeah a little boy and nine years old nine years old. Three three girls. Yeah I got eleven eight and Fuck Eleven. Eight and six only goes the first. It's the Romy off the earned eleven and I'm used to say ten eight and six but I'll tell you right now he'll personally. I feel what I'll get. I know we're a bunch of Alpha. I feel it's the first time that you truly feel love. I mean I love my wife. Don't get me wrong. I love her. But it's the blood thing I it's I don't know what it is but I don't WanNa sign and four. I'm excited for you because I know what you're in for and it just gets better and better. It's so you can have such a great time. Congratulations again so now. Now you're back you. You had your time with your wife your new child coming. It's been a couple years man since you've been in a year and a half. How long has it been a couple of years? Roughly sixteen months. This is less than I thought. And you've been training. Why is now the time to come back? I'm so it's not time to come back like it was my choice Out just happens to be the time that I got everything resolved in a Kurd to combat the competition But the the time has been pretty beneficial on with my Korean way. Things are going. I would've never taken on sixty months off composition to focus on getting better in a gym folks Witnesses that I've seen in my face over the years. So even at a time off is unfortunate even those or seen Initial ended up being something beneficial in my training in my career. I think now in all areas now mentally and physically or you just your skill set matt mentally physically skill satellite across the board. I felt like I had time to really address some issues that I tend to like Just kind of push push over or or not pay attention to. I mean on one of the things. That was very clear to me. My last fight was My opponent did a good job. Came pining for me on and go out there and executed. What he thought was the key to beating me. And I'm the Steiner in a cage. Like damn these guys did their homework. They're calling combinations. They're calling settles. They're calling all these things that they saw in film Derm Alaska Vice. And I'm just out there just like Let me wait. Let me see if I can find a way to find a way to win. Finally a closer distance Whatever may be in seeing how well those guys game plan for me and how will they broke me down Prior to that fight was really an eye opener for me. I at this point at this level I can't afford to go out there winging. It can't afford to go out there on. And they expect the the best just just Try to win every single time. I needed really Do some homework on my opponents and race missing time studying how to beat them. Now some of this fall on your your coaches shoulders here. Do you talk to them. Say I as being in my in the foxhole and my team got. Something's got to change you. Talk to them or you still with the same team now. Yes so I switched out one coach. He kept Some leash rapper to fight. I sat every single coached. I had down here like. Hey man that sucked. I'm not happy with that at all. I can take losing a fight but be like identify repaired best. I could for fight. I Never WanNa do that again. So sure yet Pozniak fight. I sat coaches down and said hey this is what I saw. What did you guys see? How can we prove on it? Because I'm not do not again Few cigarettes a fight where I felt like I did to thirty. How do your coaches handle a conversation like that? All may ticket pretty well. Let me now a majority of the like pretty much all the coaches. Hey you know what we saw some things in the Jimbo. Just kind of let it go We know some things but we just kind of figure light You're a veteran. You push to it And it was one of those things that everyone committee for what they thought they could have done better on an data's really address it to me. I mean it's going to Jim not like You're calling the shots or anything like that but My coaches are calling me out for every single digits out there asked me how do I sleep tonight or did I eat highly trained today What do I feel like? I mean if a message every drill it over and over and over where in the past. A lot of those things will get Canada's swept under I'd like he didn't do his best today but he's a vet who pull out on fight night into his best tonight but he's done a thousand times before he'll be okay confi time well. I mean sometimes if it's not broke their thinking why fix it you will coming off. Some really good fights call us. Content is a stud. You took him out Craig White. You beat him K. Always especially if there are k o you feel so powerful and unstoppable. Maybe they're code everybody's trick in the same kool-aid with that and they're like all right man. Why fuck with anything until you run into a positive be? Oh and that happens. Yeah I mean that's the difficult thing I mean Over last couple of years I had two coaches one coach Got PICKED UP BY THE DENVER broncos at. He's no longer coaching Avai- on the coach retired is my wrestling coach. And he was a real solid piece of my training camps and He Retired from coaching folks on more time with his family. And that kind of thing and One thing those two coaches is where those win are lost. They always address the issues. It was never about a hey. He did great. Let's keep going just like. Hey you did good. But there's room for improvements they'll You did good. You still work on this particular aspect and says losing those two coaches. I feel like that's something that I didn't get as much more And it was. It was actually doing what to say. I mean it for the some of the coach that I'm using now when it comes to being a fighter have more experienced than they do Indicate so it was a homage space for me to be able to trust their perspective on the outside at a cage To really understand what? They're seeing what they're noticing. Now take what they're saying to heart and really work with where Before losing those coaches I was just kind of guy you know what I think. I have enough experience my or things like that where I pushed through a do things on my own. Now well me tell you how. How did this fight? Get set up. Zhang Liang that house chasing this for a while. I mean it wasn't necessary particular but as soon as this whole you saw. The situation cleared itself off A joke on her phone Cauchon. Show each book for something and the fight. They tried to set up back in October But Jinguang was going through some things and We need more fair for to fight and in a push to to march but I if I get jingling. Great Fighting Right now. Since I've been inactive. He's been very he's Fifi wishing right now has impressive finishes last Last night So I feel like going out there and test myself up. Incomers Is the is it? You test for me Let's see if I can hang out hang with The new blood of delivery of the division. If I can hang up becoming young guys who were super hungry date to take me off the pedestal. Enlisted Man I seen you on some good days and your a bad Mo fo. I know what I'm excited about. I could worry for some guys when he takes time off because people say ring. Ross and everything ready Brown that we might be seeing a new and improved. Neil Magny. I'm going to go out there and say that from talking to you. You sow mentally straight. You sound good. You know what I mean. And that's such a huge part of this. You feel yeah absolutely. I'm in a great spot like I said. Mentally emotionally physically and everything is lining up this quick My confidence is at all time high My Body feels great. I don't have any Bumps and bruises and injuries that lingering on passed on my clear. Like everything's lined up for me at this point. I mean listen. I'm looking forward to it. And they add Randy Brown. No Sir I mean the fights this weekend and he'll listen if you ever in town. I'd love you to be in studio. You still see them all at a Mall Eastern Colorado. Now is actually pretty funny. 'cause my brother watch a wondering ratty Brown spice before. He didn't know who he was. But you saw us from the Ark and he was just like I was supporting I got. He's in house. Yes yes and best of luck to fight this weekend. March seventh ten. Pm Eastern time. What is it fuck in? Espn plus right and the prelims started APN. All Right Awesome Soviet main card portion for the second the main con- well. We're going to be watching buddy that you so much. The Great Neil Magny. Thank you Buddy. All right take care of them. Listen I'm listen. He sounds good. Yeah he does. You know people get mental coaches. They get like they get. They have to make sure head straight. He sounds like he went through some stuff. I didn't want to bring up any negatives shit. I don't even remember that you saw the thing was about. I don't even you know. He seems like a straight as an Arrow everything. So you know I didn't WanNa fucking bring that up but I mean I'm excited about it because Xueliang is fun of the series fight and you know what I mean you got a hell of a division Randy Brown. A his name came across the table once in. Yeah and of course we take it right away but then they scrapped it and gave me someone else. No I don't know if people heard I mean if they did not hear ready. Brown will be fighting April eleventh in Portland. Oregon say right for God in Oregon April Eleventh Portland Oregon Against Visenteno. Uk and visit that. He's been on the show before Brendan's show dangerous kid very likable. Care Ceylon. I'll tell you yes. I don't like about him. I mean people talked I. There's a fight. He had with Mike Perry where it was a close fight. It was a good fight but he put my Perry's knows on the side of his face quote because my Perry such a fucking sue beast that he fought through it. That people made more about that. Illman this guy. He's getting strangled blood coming out of his nose on the side of his face. Then the guy who put his nose there so that's because he's so humble man. He's such a humble guy quiet. Sometimes that works against you. I think it's true. I see that you know people doing Steven One. The Boy Thomson Everybody's. He's been a a a destroyer forever and he's so nice. People like almost not schedule. Expect him to win when he fights again. It's amazing Vincent Day is another one. If you look at his record the only slip up is the Is fight with one boy but he could do that to anybody but you know what I mean he does. I mean you look at the success of game bread our minds but then you look at his fight with one of the Boy Thompson. Do I mean he's one of the ways to the same thing so it's like it's it's one of those things where asthma fight styles do make fights so style wise yourself and we were about to play play in that? This is the end of your list fight but with Worley Alvis messed island division. This ago you very accurate. What you'll strikes. Oh look he got your down the cake you went down. But he's hurt here. He is rocked. Look look at the triangle. The triangle on so fast. Look at that Shit. Are you grabbing the what you left? And you are GonNa grab the foot and set it up. I mean Jeez men look he knows so well for the people were not watching or if they're not watching this on. Ufc fight pass. Wish they should be ready. Brown hasn't been full triangle but the choke is not sitting in yet. So he's softening him up with elbows. Try to grab his need to create that angle. Yes so now. Randi's making your tighter and he has under the legs who cannot get. This is done. This is done. Yeah done you can stop it. Beautiful man being respectful helping the guy up before that the knees the strikes very accurate. What's going on? Listen I see first of all I see your training on Tuesday nights you come by Sarabi. Jj and Levittown with with the animals and besides that how many days a week are you sparring known Me Personally I actually sparked twice a week twice a week I go. I have to like legit sparring sessions. Headgear Okay and then I have also have a technical sparring where it's just little gloves. Okay technical work and it's so funny. I never did that in my life that that came out those coming towards the end of my career and I you know Your Life. You can have fun with that. I mean it was at the my way we were in the same way class rainy Brown standup a second. Let me see this look. It's Randy we were in the same way class running away from me. We're all the same size on the floor. Like I used to tell toll women when I tried to date them but anyway but with the we got somebody calling it all you wanNA check your check. I got it right. And she's fighting Wylie Yang. Hey chime in anytime you want with this when what is the fucking fight this week way. Tell me she's on the screen. I'm so proficient. You guys are embarrassing me. Though I feel comfortable with you let me tell you. How are you first of all you want? I'm so happy you're on. You know the Great Randy Brown on. Yes thank you there you go. I go because I was to New York on Monday. And you were in New York and you'd see Pr Department. Didn't like take me to you. I wanted to see you man man. She's so sweet and I remember we let listen you go. What do you remember something? You said listen. Yeah like a mandate super-busy New York. I flew to Vegas and you know I woke up yesterday. Man I'm tired of it after the New York media but then he finds week. I was so so happy and I woke up this morning. I'm moving one. Twenty three doesn't mean you're right we cleaned from EMC performances t to nine. And you start looking at the state of mind. She's in she's mentally there. I love it. I am so excited for this fight. I WanNa talk to you about the the Pi Institute real quick. But before I was GonNa say before was because I was saying. How Nice you are is active calcium. Chris Wideman Fort Kelvin Gasoline. I was there and my family was there and it didn't go on screen because they didn't cut it the right time but she was having my oldest daughter. Angelina go behind her and go to put a choke on her when the screen when the cameras on and that was very sweet. My daughter remembers that to this day. So thankful you're an inspiration. You are so listen. The Performance Institute. I've been there a couple times. I'm out of Vegas too often. I'll say Michael. We had to shoot something we got lost in the place. It's so freaking huge. How is it helping you out a lot? That place the good I remember when You know I love. I am happy. That's how he will sign me the Lawrence over there so I was the grand opening few years ago and it it was amazing and but the keys that it was my for the first time I went to one on December while here a special guest at the event and these places seek an amazing. We have everything. Derek can be focused on yourself and you have all all different people working for your special is the best in the business and explicit sick and also we have a second year. Cpi Shanghai hearing that. There's going to be another one summer in Europe. I don't know if it's a rumor or the really planning to do data about it's amazing to see place and happy that you've see got here. You know that's good. You remember the Old Times man. You are no doubt but you remember the old school. She she watches. She's you know she knows my I'm very sensitive. She was your. She threw that in that. I'm not old Holy Shit but I do remember the old days and I am so happy. Still be like right here watching this just like. I'm going to be watching this weekend. A segue segue now widely Zhang. I mean she's looking like a complete monster. It's almost like a rocky movie. Like she's she's not rushing drago. She's she's looking like a beast but I I may. I may be. I can be bias. I don't give a phone. I I'm T- I'm team all the way a team. Joanna that's I am because of the virus. Listen look I am too yeah man. That's what I was saying to my life. I love that we did and you know what I like my by then it's awesome for very long ago because he rocks thinking. I should buy my daughter. Listen if you ever see me with a fanny pack you WanNa give me elbows across my face. Okay that's major. That's me tapping the wearing that shit. Anyway listen so why. Li Zhang is it because she hasn't been beaten in a UFC. Jasmine beat media like. Is that what you want to? Is that what you want is that what's makes us exciting or is it the fact that you just do? It doesn't matter it is. The belt is right back there within your reach. What is that. That's the thing that's the thing people were often asked me about the rematch. We did the other rematch. We do rose. I WANNA I WANNA fight for my dreams and my big my next week. Life Challenge Dream Goal is to it became the historic check. One more time in my life you know I did that end. And it doesn't matter who are going to face I wanNA chase my dreams and make these genes come true. And she's very very tough. She's undefeated indeed see but men on the paper someone can do better but when you step into the AFC OCTAGON. It's always fifty fifty and it's all about. The amount of war can sacrificing discipline. You put into the car so many weeks before the fight and yesterday I hit some media and I heard like they were trying to make me like you know magic but she said this she says that is cool. I like you. She can say whatever she wants to say. No Saturday where she she will be talking to my feast like I quite big. She better be ready. Man This is what makes me like more interior. Now I'm calm about. I have these keillor or when I stepped into back on something you know the thing and when she sank she's saying that she's going to knock me out in the first round but there were. I love how she could be so sweet and it did this shit got really this weekend all and she can say it and all that I am. Russia said the said the same thing before our fight. I L and I'm going to do the same on Saturday with religion. No of course. She's she's dead based right now in the story division. She's very very strong very very dangerous. Very clever of the grand. She looks for sub missions. She's looking for submissions. You know she has these knuckles power but I need to be smart to avoid you know. Use My use my tools And in this in this fight despite. Are you still working with Mike Brown? He's the way he's he he. He bought some coffee. And he's on the way of course. Mikey brand the legend man. He is in that. I'm so blessed to reign with Mike Brown cut in Kubis Mike yards. Because we're GONNA reconstructing then number you know they'll be people are amazing. Thank you Brown. Stay away from Dean Thomas. I said stay away from Dean Thomas. I'm only kidding August. He's a friend of mine owned coach. He's a great guy. I like giving Mike Brown shout out. Because he's such a quiet guy that I don't think he gets enough props as a coach. First of all he was a champion in his own right back into Wbz as he beat your car. And he's a very humble guy but he's got a very good energy about him he's always smiling and he's a that's important you need that. He's not only a coach you know he had several surgeries on his spine and he does all day long all the time. His neck Bothers him so very often he can move his head. He's still going on. You know eight hours sedate training with US me. Dusting Georgie must be. The people who this man is crazy. He's very into but he's so dedicated. I wish everybody training like Mike. You Download Catholic. My coaches my cure. All or field are conditioning coach. These people are I also liked him of course because he's my he's a little guy you know. I'm team short. Man Doesn't matter man yes yes why am? I talking to you because I I was just saying random unit where we my next time literally up to his chest. You know what I mean we used to. I used to fight. His division was champion. Whatever only I'm getting there I'm getting way while your way there. I can't wait so listen. I know you're busy. We WanNa let you go but you WANNA Fight Week. How do you? How do you coach? Calm you down fight week. Are you ready to you amped up the whole time? I don't see sleeping in the locker room before. Nah I don't like to sleep. Ran and thing like I'm always thinking planning on do some but the thing is I like people a lot of people around hanging out with my with my coaches. We might see my family. My father right fister. He's first trip to the states I to this day. This is amazing. You know my parents. They gave me everything in my life. I'm very thankful to them. Until the end of my life I will take care of and how they took care of me and my sisters and they gave me love. They gave me everything they could. You know working. There's are so hard and I'm happy. I can't believe my father is here. No He's an old school. You got old school guy but very cool so he making these trip to this thanks dot spike and but you know I like to think people but I keep my focus now I I like to laugh. I like to talk. I like to watch chunks from movie go shopping but they keep the focus. Look at my eyes Ooh I but there is fire in the flame is bigger and people don't see because Some of them. They know that I was born with it. In that thing really fighting you are a you are listen. I am so I was already excited but now I'm just I'm so I don't know what's going on. I think the feel the energy like amazing. Amazing just amazing. I'm happy and like I really reach the stars Saturday you know. I don't have a fight and I believe that this fight. Would you dijon? This staff shake is going to be the best destroyed fight in the AFC history buffs may listen to me. You have to forty Las Vegas this week. I had t mobile Reno Las Vegas check. We love you. You're an inspiration unleash. The beast is going to be unleashed on Saturday. And we go ahead so much energy man she going to go hit some beds. What does she do? I won't say hold on this man. I hope it's Mike. Was Your ears ringing my friend Sarah. What's on we just talk about you? Mike Brown issue but he's got a black guy he's still training former. Wec Legend in the game. Now Trainer of champions. Mike Brown was so excited for you guys this weekend. Hey she's a great state of lying man. I'm so excited for her strong minded strong as well. She's in good company. Thank you so much and it looks good. It looks good all this weekend. You are thank you guys are riding my best eighteen nations by guys. Take Care Thank you. That was fun. That was fun wasn't fun. I like my team Thomas Man. I got a package deal today in the mail. My wife's got something from Amazon. And I'm like fuck man. Was this maybe some groupie found that where I live. I don't know I don't know she who said you. So who sang? Open it up? Hold it open. And that was an heartlessly. See this fucking husband father. My Kid's names on his way so wasn't worried much so then she also so she's not opening she low. It's a message in here. And it was from Dean Thomas and it was a box of boxes of Pasta Shit Shit. Shit up these guys one of my closest friends you know team Thomas. Do thank the only thing better would be if you didn't know him and that would've made by today because I would've fucking be sure a clip in that. I saw a video of him with Larry of him. What he was imitating What's the dude is something Smith Stephen Smith Stephen Smith? That was probably the funniest video. Dina's funny man. Bean is funny what I would deem me DEAN FOR AGES AGO. We had such a weird relationship. 'cause we have like beef after all young kids man. I was like twenty eight whatever it was and then after that twenty seven we got into the House on the ultimate fighter four. And that's what we became tight because back then actually had hair randy brown and they wouldn't they wish the fuck with us and not put. It gives a good barber into feel good to look good. Feel good that type of thing. Absolutely Dean is a fucking good barber. He's a good barber. You had choice so he as you'll be hook you up because they've hot chick till I kind of just they know that we're not leaving the place and we're not focusing having any releases they get all pent up and they want drama on that show so it was fucking work in the dean. They hooked me up. He's like you know every week and even five days in whenever I felt I need a little. Something that guy would give me an ICE Fuckin- money fade out the back door. I mean I. I didn't have a lot of hair every talk show in the very paint feed savers. Maybe something that you would rock. I listen it was fucking money before we continue with the show. I've got an important announcement for U. OF C. Fans. If you're not dedicated to your hair health you're not giving one hundred percent hair. Club is the official marketing partner of U. OF C. 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I'm so happy I was training last night. I wasn't training out shit. Wada that fucking watch your neck. That kinda shit rainy knows and really was there triangle people and shit most of his short here he is. Where are you located fucking on the road? I'm filming something so I'm out today. We have no radio today or tomorrow so I took shoot days on the road so yeah. I'm have twelve hours before I have to shoot again. Oh Shoot Virginia. I'm sorry I'm sorry for cursing. I miss you buddy. I can't say that you were here. I'll give you a little on the nose. Sorry Berwick close. They keep texting me ask you. Bob Kelly's number like that. It's like six times a gift. Bob Kelly's I sent it to you and nine times already so randy. Thank you for stepping in. Because it's crazy how difficult it is for anyone to get a guest on our show. So we're happy that you're here. I guess then co-hosts man. He's charming and he's helped me out a lot. Thank God I'm trying 'cause I like when you're doing the heavy lifting yours then what that I said you know. He's He's picking up the slack here because I like. I say like when you're Jimmy and you do all the heavy lifting and I mean does it Camara and that shape you know. I don't do heavy lifting. I just kind of introduced the guest and then you ask the interesting questions. I just kind of sit there and I go thanks for chiming in snow. I kind of just set the table a little bit. You do what is important ship? Cover the JUJITSU. You know what's funny? I was just talking about dean. Thomas giving me a money. Fade Jimmy's head. Jimmy looks really good. What are you feeling right now? Sir I look what you look good you got a nice fade with your hair. I smiled. Why are you on occasion on the ravs? You can't talk about filming. Yeah I'll tell you off the independent movie. It's not it's not like it's a giant production but they have to do a couple of second and third shoot day. They thought it was going to take one day so I had to choose days off of radio to come and do this so this is one of the days that I'm not a big deal. How would you anna she was actually? She was wired she was. She's ready man she's pumped. I thought it went great. She was really amped up the whole. She's so sweet too. She's fun what do you think of that? I have a feeling widely John is gonNA is GonNa win that. Fight second round. I don't man how about this. I don't think so I think the experience who has wiley us on you said Zong while he's on Wiley while he's young. Vang you fucking up Jimmy. I said it right. I think it's just like I think it's I think the Z. H. Is our young. I think but you know you say John Wiley or mainly we call it a widely. Listen I like Wiley is dangerous as hell. But she doesn't have the experience fighting the people that you on afford. You know what I mean think. About how many you know the the wars that she had and some of them arose was that I mean I could went to her. It was close. You know what I mean. So she's a. she's got the experience. She was had been there with Valentina. She's a man and I I'm going with you WANNA buy decision. That's what I picks anymore but we're doing now. We're doing hope you finish. Actually he's going on with the finish. What Round Your Outlook on? But the finishes it within five. I tell you that the foot around but you gotTA play more neutral. Donna's like I'm sorry. Why would you say why John? Second Round and second round I wanted to do. M is against. Y'All Romero I think. Wow Sonya him yeah me too finishes yeah. I think I was hunting. Finishes them man? I don't know man. I mean that he always looks like he's about to be his last fight would cost the man that was that was amazing and I do dia mean he has. I couldn't believe in his last fight. Romero when up against the cage like just rolling with that Shit. What are you waiting for? The one shot the land and then he comes back with some fish. He pointed left. I pointed left before I do find. That's fine here. What are they bugging? You know what I mean like. Outta side. Yeah but I like you'll Ramiro chew and your Mero. Keep them to the high school at me and short and stocky. That's what gets done against you like you and your cool shirt. Was that a branch of the. This is my brand. That's your brand. Absolutely big mcvay Shaker. What is the dying? Oh this is Hannibal Barca Hannibal. Barca is a carthage in war. General Africa. Wait what's his name. Hannibal Barca Listen Jimmy. Any control history. I as a co host already bullying me Jimmy. How about this even tell the people where they can buy? We know that this. Do you know the brain shakers shirt is. I got thrown off with the medallion. That's really Brown's clothing line sir. I didn't know that I'm watching your mouth move and it's a half second or a second away from the sound so it's like watching a youtube video. That has been uploaded. But it's out of saying I'm watching you and you're not moving but I'm hearing talking so I know it's off by a little bit. You can hear US good though Kilinc in my mind where it really where. We're just wall Jimmy's on the phone. He might want to get it when he was on the set wicked. Anybody get a brain shaker shirt. Well you can just go to my website website. My website will be in as a shopper. I shopped viscount. So just go to my instagram and just Click Graham touch and go underscore touch letter. Ngos can't see I see. It's a brain in a Shaker housing visual with Shaker. A but I know this is a fucked. Your is like my knees Jimmy. You're is like my knees but at least I can do this and now I can talk to you. See my glasses on folding. Backup to observe. But there's really my eyes go bad. I think so. I gotTA stop any girl that wanted you have relations while you're wearing glasses. No but they'll usually take their glasses off before we have to look at me. Quick as he's a fucking quick as Shit motherfucker. I I can lobby. And he works with his fucking. He doesn't do any other room right now. He's been with me anymore. He's a fucking legend in this game. All right so what else is on the ropes rose against. Let's talk about fighting fighting against a guard Jimmy Burden Burnell. Dorm knew she was just. She was just on the other day. He's hitting TRUECAR CLOSE. Listen CHOCOLATE CLAUSES. Also a friend of the show. Yeah that's a fucking tough fight man. That's a tough fight familiar. Those guys truecar close and Benigno Dr Ruth and Benigno as a way of of imposing his grappling when even the toughest guys patrol cars fucking machine. Dude fucking beating. Been Neil third round submission. No I don't I don't know man I don't know about that I'm always wrong. It doesn't matter. I'm always wrong like literally. Just choose the isn't true. It's not true because I'm usually wrong. You know young going to see your friend Anthony later. I told you that already. Oh yeah tell him I said all right for you take game. I wanted to start. Doing picks do picks that was always fun to cut off and he wants to go back to the picks picks why we keep interrupting you and you. WanNa pick the beneath the veneer doors close. You don't WanNa pick that one. I don't know I'm on the fence with it. I think because I love Ju Jitsu feels so good at control that but do that. You're 'cause not fucking dynasty. I don't remember that guy ever getting late in prayed or anything. He's fucking hardly down he's he's scrappy standing up. I mean I'm going to say your car close by Decision. I'M GONNA say I'm saying. Are we drawing swords KOMO SAVAGE SHIRT? Will you get that the US? When I was wearing you've I you know it's funny. I did draw you Wan and right now. This girl Peyton from Hangzhou Gracie's academy from She's from South Africa. I visit my friend over and ends os and the girl was a fan. And I'm like oh I go look. We'll size hugh. I gave me a shirt Jimmy. I'm sorry engaged to a girl. Girl Thirties Payton sounded like listen week. I'm your friend your co host. We do this twice a week. And then some pretty girl goes. Hi Matt and you will come all right. I'm sorry Jimmy. I'm sorry I should've told you. I just forgot it as much I'll get you. Jj Dot Com. We pick it up Kavulich anyway. He told you peaking at me anyway. That's golly fights gene lauren. What Jimmy Lang verse? Neil we keep it together I. It's such a professional show. I ready I was such a grownup for a fuck. Inhale our can I keep it together for nine out of you? You make me listen. I realized you you make me a child. Jimmy give you some ready battle new high five. I made that up earlier. Arsenault showed video where they're tapping feet now instead of shaking hands. It's called the handshake doing that. Because of the virus. You're a sick fuck. Aren't you want to do that? But what you Pena's myself. Pretty GONNA BUMP. Our penises are wait. A minute Jimmy listen to the next one me verse. Geelong what did you record your fucking name up? What Xueliang say line sir? All you say his name. I don't have it in front of note all I love You TV. I stay mad at you. Start Really Neil Magny for them going with Neil Magny with that me Randy Brown going with. I'll take magni bud decision all right. Alex Oliverio Alabama was a cowboy. Yeah we used to call them the Brazilian cowboy right Yep awesome. He's fighting Max Griffin. That's that's a tough one. What do you think Max Griffin Second Round Kale That's interesting I mean can always do for a win. He's lost his bats up against the wall and You know what you're thinking Max Griffin by what. I second round tail okay. All right. I'll see her mex- Griffin's second round. Tko with a cowboy submission second round. I fucking said it I said it. I'm just trying to get radio drama. I fight on a skype. Well Alex. I'm not going to the movies. You're probably right shooting. I saw I saw thing yesterday. I'm going to send it to you right now. It was the thing in a fucking gay. And you call me the funky right or wrong Jimmy if you make one and once you call me the fucking thing. I didn't mean it. Jimmy look at your phone when you get a chance. I just sat you saw. It looks so cool. Louis Louis. Doors the people at home. I'm going to put this on my instagram later. Because the party. Yeah I didn't get your text if you send it to me Matt up now looking at salad like me. Well look at Jimmy. What does that look like? Look cool I like. You should go see the next marvel movie together. No I can't I. It depends on what day of the week of training them. I can't but probably eventually if you're treating Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy. I almost almost daily. 'cause I can't keep a secret Jimmy Guy tell you something. You can't keep a secret you from me looking looking at right now jimmy genius. I'm asking you a question. Do not fuck around show. We don't hang up asking your question. Have you been keeping a secret from me regarding you regarding you regarding you know Jimmy giving something from me a little bit? Yes I try to tell you what you're gonNa tell me Jimmy. Why are you telling World I did tell you you didn't tell me? Jimmy did I tell you? Ask as one of the three eighty who right under the screen. I did add mentioned it on this by now. If I bring up to these guys these guys know the first of all you put them in danger. Note guys. I'm sorry because you know this shit. I didn't know it I found out yesterday. I was talking to a friend of mine. Know Stocky Gentlemen Dangerous. Jimmy Rivera from Tiger showman. Jimmy Yeah I know you do. I know you do cheat on I feel cheated on. I don't WanNa make it weird causing fathers nothing weird. He's been training with Jimmy Rivera. He's the I don. I should`ve. I should clap warm but boo for not fucked up pleading. What did you hit? I gotTa back both of you for not telling European staff that you've been training who's been trying to get you training for fucking over three years over three years and you always give me an excuse. Oh let me. And you've been trading with Jimmy for a fucking month. How dare you tell me? Let let me explain. I wanted to do it. How long have you training them? How was I going on about what I wanted to really make sure I was doing it before I opened my big mouth? I didn't WanNa do it once or twice. And then go he would and then I stopped so I love it so I did try to tell you I hinted about. I mentioned that on the last podcast and you just didn't say anything just eating care but I did mention it. If you watch the PODCAST I did say you said you've been training yet. I do first of all GonNa find a clip. And they're GONNA or they're not gonNA find a clip. 'cause it never fuck. It happened really quick. Did you guys know he's been training? I'm doing this. I'm looking around and I'm seeing this. Nobody knew Shitte freight broker. You broke off. Who WOULD THEY FRED. I know it was you me on skype for the fourth degree. Black Belt five feet away from them. They're not going to side with me. They know what's better for them? Well do for my fifth and it's not doing anything but listen to me Jimmy. I'm so happy that you've been dreaming. I I can't even pretend to be mad at you anymore. I'm very happy I call on the way my school last night. I'm like fuck. Can I get before I got to my school and I found Randy. I called your sense. Say Jimmy Rivera all right. I WanNa see that guy again motherfucking. What happens now? You're going over there pushups ups you'll do. He's the one I take the class and I do private taken privacy with him and it's it's great. It's really it's a real strain on your body but I love it. I'm gonNA keep doing more. Time reached out to someone you know while I'm on the road but I haven't necessarily heard back from them. Oh you tell me after. I guess if you don't WanNa tell you now I wanna know where you are. No I'll tell you off the air so my friend so mysterious Jimmy Man. I'm GonNa let you go. Do we had a great We picked everything right. Yeah I think so all right well. Happy Sean o'malley back. Hey did you guys talk about Yang Against Marlon Morales in Kazakhstan as a main event in Kazakhstan Mall? We did not move against violin. Not Going on Algebra's fame core Corey. Said Hagen I think so. Yeah I kind of like like how sucked in a bird when I said so. I guess I'll do the probably GONNA Fight Corey. San Egan said it for the first time. That's why we're those guys. Fighting there are fighting in Kazakhstan. I think it's in June again. I'm going by by June. Wow well hey man. It's exciting time so you'll be watching the fights this weekend and I'll be. I'll be seeing you on Monday. Yes Randy thank you. I wish I was there with you. Because you're you're a great studio guests so good to see you even on skype likewise Jimmy you want to plug anything while your own you know I mean I got gigs. Coming up in. That would just go to my website. If you WANNA see me in Boston and Connecticut go to my website if you don't I understand and I'm really happy you've been trained in seriously. Lama set the way I found out but I'm happy I love it out. Let's just passed it. I'd like to move past it. I'm Julie Abby the next day in Jujitsu fucking there donald bills and given any moral. I'll tell you off air. Okay all right Jimmy. Thanks man twinkie. Soon later I love my Jimmy my body I do I only say that about a bunch of dudes I mean. I don't judge anybody Jimmy you know what I mean Jewish sick. But how are you doing this podcast for many years now to laws fucking but I dunno me and you'll be got very close and I found out yesterday? I can't believe I just remember now that he was training but boggy. This guy shrink forever was he. Sounds like training more. Talk Tiger Schulmann's with Jimmy Rivera probably August twenty third street here in Manhattan sharing. What what is he trying more multi but then he said I don't know if he's doing any Jujitsu there. Should they do everything in our? I mean so he really should but randy I like. I like your shirt and I'm going to get one. I'll tell you what I'm GonNa give you. A Comores. Savage one of those things. Anything else was was was before we do some plugs. Your fight is again is in Portland and it's April eleventh. Yes the silent assassin vincent. They Again K. And he's a beast and nothing. Nothing I'm going to be two hundred percent goes without saying European. Watch you try. And listen for your. That's what's that's what's the saving may cause people like maintenance guys got these length. He's really he's got the like the he's very rangy. Accurate would've strikes but it's GonNa take you to the floor and smoke. You may look what happened. Let Him Sleep. Let him sleep. Listen the great nor do big influence will you? Oh absolutely when did he come into Your Life? Probably maybe about nineteen or so in nineteen twenty maybe Gracie Academy. I was training there for a little bit. And that's where you met. The I met another guy. Actually that were was telling me he was like man that little freak mantle was name. Dammit I don't remember his name is there was some guy and he was telling he knew. I wanted to fight and he was like listen. I know the perfect guy for you. Some of the Best Jujitsu. I've ever seen this guy is an absolute warrior. Lives his life like that. No bullshit like real life goes though she goes absolutely right. That is definitely not the Google so when I was like oh go check them and I'm telling you won't regret it. I've been with him ever since he's the real ghost dog. He wouldn't be ice cream pharmaceutical. Fattened the fucking. The Black Samurai not says as as a Real Life Samurai. When I say do Deborah he is a real like this people who who play it up and act like you know that dude right there is. He's legit men. He lives his life like that. Through and through. No I could verify that because I know the man for over twenty years. He was a pupil. Mind with the Great Audio Gracie when we were teaching together and he'd always visit me even when you go split up you live closer there. Stay with Rod. He'd be in the city and eventually get his black belt from Enzo so we've been friends ever since and he came recently visited. Actually there's a little bit a few months ago right time flies dead. It was three months ago but are great school. Bhuto Khan Buddha Khan is located in Lynbrook Lynbrook New York so right off run America. Six fifty awesome room. I listened to the best of luck with everything. Dude you are on a tear and I'll tell you what the ones slip it would Nico Bryce if it was. It wasn't a strategic slip up. The I mean you were doing everything right. You just go on with a whack job that pulls off. Shut out of his ASS. That's which is a compliment. A Great Guy Family Man. But Amen who knows? Maybe you guys could run that back to eventually want to see that I'd love you know. Thank you so much for coming in dude time. Give me one more time. Ready Brown. Everybody else I'll see you next week. Watch the fights this weekend and Yada Yada Take Care?

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