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EP094: How Paul Stafford Built and Rebuilt AGAIN the Stafford Hair Brand and Business


This is how to cut to in headdress and industry poker show. Wisdom lane episode number ninety four. To how to cut it in the head Jesse industry cost. Th- cost this show, you that gives you that incites rations and information to take your handwriting and bring to the next level as your host. Dome. And we'll talk about to how to cuts in the headdress in industry kasha with myself Dumblane episode number ninety four and you are listening to the UK's number one rated and original podcast show for the hair industry. And if this is your first time Choon into the show, then I'm delighted to welcome you along because this is show where we bring you guests from across a Heff fashion. Beauty creative digital a media industries to share their insights, inspirations and information to take your headdress in Ambari and careers to the next level. Now before we get into today's interview. I just wanna give a shoutout to our friends and sponsors of the how to cut it podcast, and that is scrums towels as crummy towns are providing in a sustainable alternative to cotton's house, and that disposable hairdressing towns are vegan product made with sustainable materials and have the potential to increase productivity. In you'll hassle on the product the I use, and I have to say I highly recommend that you check out is product. Now as listeners of the how to cut podcast, they are providing you with a twenty five percent discount off on your first order, and you can take this offer up by using the code how to cut it at scrubby dot com. And if you unsure of the product, you can also request, a sample pack voyeur their website. So today's episode we have got a headrest in icon Johannes because we're going to be joined by post offered of Stafford hair. And we are going to be learning. How pool Stafford built and then rebuilt again, the Stafford hair brand and business? Now, this is a epic into because pool is going to be sharing his honest and sober in story, and he's going to be talking through how he built his incredible brand as well as. How we then went onto work in TV was in the press regularly was just so in demand, and then he expanded his business, and then the global recession hit, and he went into very dance, which eventually led to the bankruptcy of the business of pull as say is going to be really open and honest with you, and it's an incredible story. It's one really that could Hollywood blockbuster because it really does take us on the highs and lows of what it really is like to have a business, but like all great films. It has a great end in the future. Look so exciting for pole and the Stafford Habr brand. So I'm not gonna say anything more of than get yourself comfy. If you driving the car just put up the volume a little bit more because this really is a required. Listen for you. And you know that you were going to enjoy this from start to finish. So let's dive into this interview with post effort of Stafford hair in. In today's episode. We have got a well super cool guy. This guy looks of his this. But here's a one of Hendrickson. Big on cons highly ask for to come onto the show. Some delighted to welcome pool staff it onto the health Cutty podcast and welcome to the show. Thank you as you here really really excited to have you on Facebook group. Also, people have been getting touching me all the time. Elway saying people that lots come onto the show, and you'll name has come up so many times, and I'm not surprised because you are a hugely respected hairdresser in the industry. So I wanna find out that I really put a lot more about your story in had. And that's really what I would like to know. But also, we improves episodes, we've covered about opening businesses and the successes of those, and I want to get a little bit of your story fruit, some of the challenges that you've had with with salons, and how you've rebuilt again, you know, for our listeners to get an understand nothing will be so good. So give us a quick heads up on where you are at right now. Pull in address him. And well, let's really a it's a really great question. Because I think the last ten years for us has been much is to be the most challenging decade in my in my end career, but it's also been rewarding sent you because our internet distri, whether we like it or not seriously Koos together, you know, do anything that's sort of a creative or edition core or Google mind. You your reap yourself up there for either criticism or praise or just sent the comment, and and for me that's infantile way to get our work there. Let people see what we're doing that. You will see what will stay. And then looked up than I for me. It's it's prompting was excited in my career in over thirty five years all of really having great. And in terms of where we are business ways. We we're back to make the business work after a very difficult period from two thousand to two thousand fifteen thousand sixteen where most people follow my career new. We back rubbed but also services, but also. We find ourselves with either. A in my defection partner because that's area that a lot of people might sympathize with because neat when you worked with the company for fifteen or twenty years, and all of a sudden, you realize that you're not you're they're they're flavor of the month or that moved onto younger talent or additional than a different type of lesson. You find yourself really with someone who's going to help you get better give you work encourages Ford. You unhealthy created commercial interests. It's tough. It's a tough business to be to come back from that. And and also that were by the companies who helped us, but ultimately we have to help subs. And I think Instagram this solution need, you were relayed vital. And I as I said to you we too much for I didn't do anything. But it's the ground. Associated. I was too busy by Jews on records. You know, all of a sudden there was a whole word. They're in. Get in touch with each other. And that was my district that I never voice. So I haven't teach myself to immerse myself in the words of social media. It has been very rewarding. But I've also become very aware of the interest. Win-win? Did you really immerse yourself in it? Then. Probably arrived two thousand fifteen two thousand sixteen. I realize this was an area that I needed to get to become aware of. And I said. History pitch. My opening this post was just in that people know that I'm here that I was going to be using it for purposes, I was going to be, you know, taking for the Bassett entertainment pets, and then, but I wanted people to get in contact and engage in that what could on on the ridge Assad shoot students at all. Do you manage your social media posts? I really disciplined kicking our every night. I sit by me messages sent a hoop something that I if I think it's interesting goose whose Xavier it. And if something that I think is interesting to say or image or something that I'm doing now who said if I don't have that. I agree. I did almost will you've done a great job of it and Creighton at story around you. So I wanna just mentioned I want do want to head into the journey and you'll sell on the difficult times that you've had 'em rebuild. But the thing about you pull, and I've got a prob- I probably speak for siphoning people in the industry as well. As outside the industry, you'll image and stall is just the coolest. I mean, I'm on the whole Bucknell. But you have created a incredible look built around you. We all know you in hairdressing, but who is post at the man away. Hey from headdress in. I don't think you'd be. Separate who I am in the industry in life except for people to realize is I'm extremely private. I don't drink smoke. I don't I don't really anybody. How on family mind of might lower. My wife's business we were great friends together. The interaction within the industry, but I'm not I always been a nightside who is someone. He's ristic. I liked the from the site in not really comfortable being part of guys tribes organizations, and that spoke DP to my detriment to and because I just I want to come home at night, then you'll read my books and records with my kids kids teenagers. So I'm pretty simple enough. I think by fighting the nineties when we were in the hairdressing. A new poll slur nowhere and an adequate time, but I do fake quickly. I had a very serious alcohol problem and Jinmei Jimmy thirties up to my overtimes for the, but I'm really disappointed when I say do something, I'll do, you know? A realized that ninety United. She. A lot of things by myself that we're not just getting way while I wanted to do in my life. But also, however the judge to being view that site. So when when I when I decided I'm going to do something. And then and I think that's pretty for my career. Well goes I I never say you'll anybody knows me. And they asked me whether it's show seminar or shoot, I'll do the things moose uncomfortable doing. So that I can prove myself that I did. So it said it's the head coach said L do reading pimple things just proved myself, I do will onto painful. Will onto painful things what you get comfortable doing. I still find I still find well, actually, Grassi me. Seriously. I hit my my cut that's eight most. But in terms of my my hardest career out of quite operate set challenges within within the industry that really are out teach myself do whether it's standing up and said we'll studying Luther hairdressers to start up. Your sisters is easy is he do it gives you something to do recently. I've been us three things were the they want me to do. I just want to talk about that career cocoa by events. Toke toke kids. I never felt comfortable doing a force myself to do because I think it's important that you know, that that I worked for me because it proves apple I think if I've been offered the opportunity. To share my voice, I should do that. Well, so I started teaching myself to to speak publicly in a way that is. Mediums frictional needy helpful but two zero time to to do. I wasn't cold comfort. Did you sound very comfortable? Now pool. I'll have to say they we are talking to our audience. And I'm so glad that you ought to be out to learn so much more about you. Now, you oversee we can detect a beautiful accident and April he's going to be familiar with that maybe not in the UK oh outside the UK so whereabouts are you based well Belfast Northern Ireland. And I'm I'm really proud L fast. Foyer. I mean, I I love I love represent our our country another year and h in so good to me, and I come from a fast that is true working class and ready, and you know, it was an area. Jeered said news that was ravaged by war troubled, a doesn't have a good reputation globally. But for me it meant. Everything you know, to to represent not just that area of Belfast genuine of quitting love stories in our shoes and shoots the represent where I grew up because it was the it was the base law. And or the beat me today's. Yeah, right party us because he took it a bad rap bell faucet. Had a very difficult period. Didn't they never been to Belfast? But I know of anybody that has absolutely love the city, and I should imagine. The city is being a big influence to you. And who you are. So I don't want to get to cool up in the whole too long history of of you in the early hatchets. But where did it start for you? And why did it start? Well, it started seventies. My mom used to get me drive to Saturday afternoon and dine time Belfast injury Sunday Times. But actually, just like any other British city. Attendance gray Dr wet except we have by talking troubles. And when we used to dissolve the mini will consult might remember it seemed like walking on the black and white picture into color fiction. That's belly is bright sun laughter. Women talking smoking, you know, busy by Muslim their husbands. And and I'm the characters on the Rhine. I I always felt comfortable there. I enjoyed the shoes with for my mom to come home. And I'd say, right. That's finished. But I also love within the man women who do glamorous and colorful, and they seem to be having a great time of stuck with me. I I remember thinking though, I never thought I wanted to be. This might be nice to work someone. This would be. I think it was. I think that's where it's. And what was it like has a young lad who decided to go into headdress in? How was that? How was that received? Well, key three. Think all my friends wanted to be north in the shipyards, and they wanted to be a football or the ones that the boxer type of one day. It's like there. You could hear a pin drop. You know, are you for real? But it was it was also the height of Euro-mandate movement. You know, we can improve that, you know, poops pump in a mall revival tape saying, I've started to experiment with hair and makeup is people. So as released that we will get hurt. That's the thought other things even lived in a very sheltered admired by then you know, that Dan, and I just didn't care. I'm gonna give this is gonna be yet unwilling when I went into the Salam, I remember feeling this is where I should be interested comfortable thing being zone. I kind of express to dot now. Oh, man, I could walk in any solid pecking dating southern sleepy and people when I worked in other student education. They always say choose your where everything is it's for some reason. I just knew where the keep things even the teaspoons the guy I make the call free. I can find the colors and see whether the EDNA visits. I'm good of just intuitive. As you saw Bruce up around would you trained in a really play phone sell them? No, no, not at all. I went to work in vote was called sweaty, Betty or Google. So I didn't have you know. You have to remember to skip us from the I was looking for a career sticking. I wanted to get away from the black and white and stay in color. So no was on. I some steaks, and I lost a couple of jobs. And because I wasn't on just the key thing for me was ever between a low speaker told you'll deers the women of the dryers, you know, it was an audience some news this unto they used to ask me. Do you have a girlfriend would he do the weekend? If she didn't go night, and I never will never had a girlfriend that was never gonna I thought, but I used to cringe up tell stories, and they didn't question any of this because I was living in. I was in my best life, and but something being happened. I find myself inheritance in college. Afterwards. I money she at myself job with the guy called George. How're who had worked at suits in the sixties? And he looked at the work. I was doing and he said, you know, you've got a great imagination. But you don't. And he I into my hand a pair of scissors, and that he hadn't used for what you said I'd identify with brush on. He said we're gonna teach you how to use these and it was career defining life changing. A watched him cut hurried hundred again artist if this was actually beautiful watch eat what you cut here. And then he finished her. I would say cut her cut heretic enormous, and he of the pictures move. He was just su- stunningly beautiful watch. And I say taught me everything will be Mitch Lewis about the of people used to convince album, and and the reason that he came back arms because his mom promise that he came back on in south on. And you could tell regret that he came by this but only for him. I the were what type of hairdressing someone would end up in because that was the door the realize the crowds bigger than anything. I'd seen so entities lead. You. I by Belva substantive time. I'd say just closely hours for move by the bell bus to solid Kozak. So I went from one side, you know, have really fearful people and all of a sudden, I was in his son had sixty do. I mean, it was miserably squid atmosphere of meaty coup cades Roman Ryan he'll chaos, but it was advocating she'd thrive on. You turned your place will I did. But what happened was I was doing haircut from dander, boss. She will he said we will utilize haircut. And I said, oh is that aspect I worked, and he says could you teach the residence off of? Yeah. Yakking chew 'cause they haven't been technically treated the way either. So over sudden of Solomon, the educator believable. I mean, I didn't I didn't even know the tend to technical terms for the haircut. I could just she. But once they gathered round him watch. We do. Of course, you have a loved it. I had the attention. And you know, people were asking me things snow realize, I think I like this. I like this sharing as I like look sharing that doesn't mean teach him when you sign sharing. Well. You see I think to be a teacher you have to try to teach. And I wasn't teaching. I was just sharing what I'm you. I didn't actually new will resume because I was copying Georgia. So I didn't see this teaching by them. But I love I am you something they they wanted to. They wanted to know how to didn't eventually I did become patient, but back then that's not what I thought was just I could technique or an idea they like an blueshield that. And I'm Dale she something Mobile's a hindrance in. It was excellent in you. What was the by? Then will you? So in the back in kindergarten has which I was art of as a scene, but it isn't the head of the Harrison's pretty by. You know, by perms looked by haircut was done because you know, you could cover it over the Perm reset. So many things, you know. Yeah. And I'd be taught these graphics. You know in a geometric ships and lines. I'm those riders. So I started knocking these haircuts it with insolvent working and all of a sudden people start ask. Where'd you get this? Where did this come from? And I solicited Hugh stuff. This is from sixty seventies suits, and then you'd see a little bit of a move of happening. Generally. I used to pick up the h j every week, and you see a weekly magazine that I need to see haircut coming back in may bid, ladies things. I remember things like swinging sister with a classy all Shakespeare's. So you could save, you know, at the end, you know, the there was a lot more have cuts coming back in of course, guess what I do because I'd be. So I was the boy in the big picture. Everybody thought polos do. She was headed. It's just that sound Jj dramatically because it went the standard perms at zoned to people come because we were doing with her. So not this lovey thing. When did you think to yourself on one Rudy stone to make a presence within the industry? The most incredible thing happened because I I I look. My wife says look foes, the everywhere I've stopped doing a haircut one day in his out this skirt sedan. Baharom cuddled should low here unless you healthier I cut her couple of days issue. But love the guards. She said we cut this Curzon as vote. I am she's she's the she's to be the researcher on the TV rebound. But I'm making a nice. Fantastic depite. You wouldn't do this television. It would be a great feature. She's a great idea. You could you do that. Within a month? I was on television every week within homes. You could make. Silence. One Red Sea often Newton the fallen monkey. I was recording TD within homes, and they they just thought that I I get very down to earth relaxing television on I could give the rest as Swedish. So I think catchy. What was that? You is Ron Li you was on. It was a program called check it. I used to go is on on the. Is earned nineties, and it was it was hosted by eating whose courses night, Google's star Calvin. And but it was looking for Stevie promotes do. Do not have an effect on your career. And actually on you as a hairdresser. Snowmobile went literally from being a regular size in solemn. Join my clientele tour, I recognize marks and Spencer people would ask for bikes. And I you might is even like steady h j Alba great mine is their you picked up on the TV rest the time. Nikki was on television on colleges on television. Markelle least offered only by and TV size were up -solutely vital and the tune in that by with the rest of them, and it was just fake Tacna within a couple of years. I, you know, I went to be solid sites to be awesome do seminars and shows and shoots work for companies. I was nothing plant. I've met some really good people way people like Jimmy Ballanger Marie wires. And I'm young I'm very Kenny key to press. They they were giving me advice from you know, things that I should say or do they always said just yourself? Just just be you. And then on a in nineteen ninety one night. I decided to open the sil- on behalf of a company who'd approved the seeing on television. So we've laid zombie like the Brown union. I said, okay. But it does sounds like fun. What what do I have to do to keep doing what you're doing? You know? And they built this solemn Ryan me suicide concept salon like built a Iran's. What was the name of this son on ROY? Okay. So it wasn't the brand name just called stop the called the Stafford. And I picked the. Team. And we built the team the solid kids phenomenally successful in the nineteen ninety-five realize, you know, I should be this is in Orland poop and shit. And I'm Bill. A we we had the first signs. He's happening. You know, it's gonna get different ear, and there was prosperity and start to talk about the bowling iron his somewhere that he should Bizet. See enjoy it. We were right before from that. And a nineteen ninety-five my wife nightside. Let's just do this first selves. So I left could be some good that you stop you that being rude wanted. Did you decide that you want to do it for yourselves? Because I was aware that actually my full in the psalms berries. I you. I knew that. I was working. Two from the sound was mine didn't have my did, your my culture or mighty any to keep very were. You know, could you don't pull in would isolate London. Now, there's going to be this is how it's to be. Rounded like a business in commodity at night was fine. Without I understood that was the dean. But I did tell them, you know, I did said honestly guys, I will do something different from this. And has that will look more like how I feel as the suspi is great service with grit cry. You are design type as IRS. I'm they will be without this bell us. But we did, you know in the nineteen BankE five we. Our own Solomon. You career-high because a lot of people did me with the of the do Saami wanted to do both us, and what was that type of on that you wanted to do? Well, we won't we wanted us. Our that really wasn't the by the numbers by craft by, you know, we we wanted to somehow sound maybe date, this constant did grit were, you know? So that we took more time over our points. And and you know, that we give grid serves we offer clients a glass of wine or bass jump. There was no smoking in verse. And it was appointment only hunger. Only things we're very of us, and we hydrates up we had specific colors and styles. That was unique thing. So you know, we had we had very specific. And people who carry certain tasks, and we were always, you know, way our marketing, a our strategy and our PR and our through fives round. Hainan hung, with with with the volume of the business, we attracted a very very can Artie in a wading type of clientele, but we will also, you know, were working with off media partners TV where you might as aids. So getting quite a good football local celebrities up even revisit did this help grow Tucson's become really successful as you describe it. Because obviously, it became an operational is the visit you people start talking about the solemn same way talk about restaurants, or is it became less of a, you know, local Bill Solomon became more of a destination. And it was one of the first sounds in and serving northern on that had that type of repetition. So yet. By two thousand one we grew not just that sound, but that space, and and he had moved from fifty hundred square feet to six thousand square feet. That's big. That was big. And did you have to spend a lot of money to get it to that level? And you're not to grow it to that soy's. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, we we've done some things little reports you properties reopened are solid light. Right. Plus we restore retaining quite a high created by Jin votes for the graphic work in our and traveling around the word for a major brand at that stage and under the of course, where visited this needs to rule. Why did you more sounds and my wife said no white? We just knew something completely different. Why didn't you just open a concept? Some it hair beauty spa had an art gallery that cafe. But think about it knives ludicrous. But you know, so we find a warehouse on Dan. We go we go Stafford. It was an increase on my thirty fifth birthday. She does three end how we is point pull. You know, you've done this. And you've got this huge spice brilliant location, and we excited underneath will you feel in a we doing the right thing here. Yeah. But, but you know, I not I'm not risk averse know, I I I I enjoy it. And I believe in you know, I really believe that Belfast Northern Ireland was ready for the deserved this type of a, you know, as this and on the bikes were being really supportive. There were saying you figures leave won't you done this. This will work. Resort. Mason think with the fishbowl was good. It was literally next door to the BBC and your hotel in Belfast school, my so this everything was everything was set for to be massively successful is the star. You know, we mentioned difficult terms. And I'm finding it hard to understand how this went a little bit past shite for you. Because we've got an amazing business. You'll profiles going through the roof accolades full you fabulous space to Kasane a little bit. What kind of happens here? Okay. In two thousand eight two thousand seven are now or Kim's listening said he'd been he'd been offered to turn the site into. Hotel. And we said, well, we could at least he said of you know. And I'm going to pursue this. Because I think it has not wanna do anyway to cut a long story short. If the rent was by triple. The will wear little did says died at that time of whether or not the business making as much money as we had envisaged, but it was making enough for us to sort of fight for if you know what I mean? And we decided that we expanded business. I bought. I bought the property on Belfast rude, which cost a million pines. And we say we would expand to this area where the a huge fast party Belfast, and we will open another can many Balfaas our little mini concepts on in in a belt us where we knew weakening serves. And it goes like women. Two thousand hundred fit this property at such before maybe. In two of the it. The crash here. We had to Percival clues the in Saal because without the school stayed not just because what we what we were doing. But because we realize that I've been in business and clients it started to fall in only was that was it because jobs, we've become impressions within Bellefonds phones at the term. I made with the recession. I mean, how was that really affecting? Clones back did not come into the Selam phenomenally. It's thirty percent or thirty percent of our business to here. Says thirty so that was that was that was so we decided to kit everything to from the from the size where it's own sound on this remove which was two thousand square feet. So he really cut it all all the expenses the beauty said thanks gallery. Oh, that's we went back to basics. Just a hairdressing Solomon chop and beautifully. Fetter died at her feet for them here. She but the recession it even deeper much deeper than anybody visits property market in iron really failed to. Fell through the roof. So we were forced not just to rethink Hobie have the business set up. But also think that by all the other aid costs that we hadn't five grenade. Eight five of the forty five staff working in some the accommodated plenty people. So the reluctance, you know, strategic areas that we haven't thought inbounds we didn't we didn't plan the sheriff obese up that's on versus the biggest thing that happened was divide. Kamins everyone little back. And what can you do about this? If that happens. And. In retrospect, what you do is. You just have to keep could indigo. She -ation and discussion on the on a on a weekly business by the olive. You're in a no win situation because I spent two thousand to two thousand ten thousand eleven actually trying to get another by two Bank us. I mean, it wasn't. I wasted waiting by was fine. Because I knew what they wanted. So you can imagine the stress and the pressure of was just on a day that is just sou- over. Well, you know, everything was on the line. My host my the mile course is but also might I. You know, who's going to play in this? You know, the results clues snow'll were all of a Belfast and. Another school into work every day trying to stop and tell them that we will work through things. You win with what was going on? Yeah. I was really honest with. Yeah. Yeah. I I was brutally honest. And and in some cases, I suggested to keep people that should look for other jobs, and probably the most what did the people who could've stayed with us on works through with us. We're of course, there was some of the first people believe because they were getting offers from other silence or they becoming feet onto student other. Thanks, and he could date the career with us the job was uncertain. So, you know, every every month or every couple of months to be senior staff with leave. And of course, it could all the pressure on Leeson. I of course, we were the people who actually visit but they still have salaries. So we were we were just, you know, keep the woods door on our part. But I see people really watch. But you're not much this is so there on. There were very guard times berry. So what was your decision in two thousand eleven and leading we. We had the coldest winter northern. He said years on way too because treaty and at that stage. I realize we will have enough money to pay any of the bills whose and I someone in reserve which we just get getting over the line, but I walked into bell a city said room third juggling walked into kinds and that I knew was. Specialized in bankruptcy on vacation on declared that I just couldn't see it. You might business. I needed help to work. What was the best strategy to get this? They said Saddam will talk. As if they're Johnny two thousand twelve of Bruce started to accept that. I was and I buy big two thousand twelve the unregulated taken the action towards the banks ignited will descend and there is no way. In July, two thousand twelve we were. Gee, will thank you for Chevron. Now. I mean, just how did this affect you? I mean, I I. The host one day. It had little of course, how spent twenty years at you as the blue eyed boy Northern Irish Eggers breath, it wasn't that much surprise newspapers and on there. So it might news from paper News International newspaper. And of course, it was overweight. Men say catchy us other looking for work. So all right. This is the double edged sword and a media. And then yet my children had this to some of my wife was phenomenal. She just was up salutes. She just got up every morning went to work. And as we say Northern Ireland profanity just bowls. Right. I I actually start sleepy bye future. I started thinking about what value I have not just as haircuts and. I've never been frightened to feel. But I I didn't want to be figure. I didn't want be an affair. You're to be my legacy. You know, I've been so many great things in my time employed. Sue, any people were Switzerland. Great hairdressers, you know, been at the ferry epi said drove what was created by the strain. I just didn't want to be sitting doesn't wanna be that guy in a bar sitting bone is to be suffered. You know, I wanted. I wanted that voice. And did you not you'd lost your voice? Did you feel like you'd? You know that Stanford was just rock and roll TV huge concepts. I mean, I must have been just huge for your confidence at this point, very weird thing and. Guy Jonathan king who were credentialing Ryan me up and said, it doesn't pull in what you're doing the said this. This was about a week before. I was fine. He said, I said I said. Updated much. While he is he says, we need somebody to go into the American market force dinner gave a strategy in the United States. We want to go back on the states. Do some shoes stores, and I think Joanie I'm real financial this year, inviting I'm going to be declared bike up nicely, and he said could you'll be cheap it. So. So he was right. So I had a new name is there. Anyway, fast forward by six seven months ago, the Donlan will solve where I was nine Louis, and he says have a coffee with you. And of course, I was feeding grit, and he said this is not refer for company called alpha par and a new you don't link then. But it moves. I've always been fond your work. I see you when you rise. Remember sitting on stage in Washington DC back in the nineties, you love your cautioning, just love you to come. And do some things you talk to some of our customers who finds really do some haircuts. Do sure some of your fish. What did he want to do? You know, we, you know, we'll pay you. And there's no commitment to Ralph off just as a as a free nonsense. I said I have nothing to say mom voices calling. I'm not really that is free issue. Be the my stories need to start somewhere. So I went a couple of little small seminars, and which he had billed as the master. The pisses for Ron the all Xiujuan was five six people forty fifty one hundred people and then on the right? The very first one. I did start vision. And I this is two thirteen. And I thought maybe maybe this is the way I'll maybe I'll I'll do seminars talk people, you know, just try to find some type of voice within the shade teaches people are experienced them that you can make mistakes. And it's okay, you'll come back won't come back. And I really want to come back when you say you want to combat and what you what you return to income. I don't have to get back to what I really enjoyed dude. Twentieth street is doing hair come, you know, big creative. You know GNK? She I wanted to stock thinking about high big we could be a car full business. If you know, I really I realized that empire Bill wasn't my thing. What I really look the surprise. Whether I really love was the the cedar of the Solomon. And then just every day of making somebody happy. I mean that was that much SAS and to make it audience happy or to give him a little limited insight into you know, I mean, I it was a spectacular ful. But by anybody's standards spectacular. And so how did you we build them? Well, I had a company bought our song and employees tonight to mind cheap. And and then and oversee the it was kind of like a big company. So he pulls up see we don't have the power of seeing each of a face to face. So was this a please don't mention them. But was a big company ahead. No, they were just saying there were a couple of their company than they see companies are and other the season. They pulled the CV said is commodity that we had a reputation us. Good corpus is there and they -sition refunded. Solid songs. You've said see. And we. How did you? Hey, you know, I don't see why do the videos. I just give the hunt percent. I just saw a Golda work every day. And I'll you know, I was on the people had to I had to you know, rein people every day. And this is what we've done today such and such as off, and blah, blah, blah wants to get off our wed really monkey so much stuff. And I just I just got through. I just. So you said Monday, this is why you wanted to base. So. Before economy into the next bid. It's and it's a the most fantastic story. How will you do in financially bowl and knock with? I mean, you know, we we, you know, we could take all of the. Yeah. We just had to we would we were Burien through what she was. I thought around Barbara Dan, south of are starting to give me lots days is this an ambassador role. Unofficial ambassador because I was working for the company to use me as as freedoms. And identified started using the United States gave working alongside their Lumumba's. Pam. And. Alantic? I did you market. It will be we probably opening each other. So, you know, there's another nice chemistry can imagine. I realized I realized that actually if I had the commode the solemn I could make a living and being an educator or denture or or working on behalf of manufacturing company. So it was in the back of my mind. That's what I would do I decided and two thousand fifteen two thousand or two thousand sixteen that I have one more bite of the cherry at saw. Ownership slap poops the company lever for is in this Nissan. I will to regularly smokes on just really be summer for these are the worker that looking to my clients, and they said, well, we come. We can't remove some live United. It's not my problem. And they. Said will you might wanna take this some back, and I said I come to dig it by and they slow we wouldn't appropriately you rented property from us you zone by we'll find we'll find a way Ryan big at work and the two thousand sixteen I was back in my own, Sal, okay? I don't do the property anymore. And and you know, it is different dynamic. But we we took the business back in us movie. So you nail. Owner of Stafford hair again in the misses where you know, the bankrupt is bankruptcy happened. So how how is this now going? I mean, how's it working? I mean, you'll you'll Provo seems to be right out there again pope. It's a feel excited. It's like the story here we own we're back again. What happened was we saw before did some by? I built a t people I'd hunt. So I specifically went out to people that wanted to have more before me it was it was a it was a bit. Like, we're getting the bond back. Were my von they worked for other people Jimmy beach was a great educator. I was a big final. He worked for local Solomon you. He was I believe is this Jonathan he was working with while. He was kind of he was looking for you opportunity when I heard through the grapevine. I just I reached it. And he brought a great colors hole in brother. There was a czar colluded. It'd be one of my CV size to own work in the resolve. She wasn't happy and she had ever doing the work and move you alone. People who had worked on the screen. You see our had wants to work with were really they hit by the positivity incident. If you do something we want to be part of it. So I haven't grief team on the minute. We will we will be reopened. It was just there is it energy in an excitement. And then. Yeah, I mean, all of a sudden we you know, we we had to grow run. We had these great technical people. Fantastic communicators. Wonderful Harry us on there was a real sense that we create this little. You know, Koon Teck environment of berry, richer Bakool individual suit. Understood the beauty of the industry and the imports of giving a great serves. So yeah, it kind of felt like it was a very grew up version of herself. Did you poop stuff fits back? I didn't feed it right away. I had the guy promises I said we're gonna try to get back to things. And the usage. Cricket collections. You know, get involved fashionably do things that can go on to give give the Brown the cross and a bit of a proof. I was not prepared for what happened next was not prepared for, you know, just the sheer scale of opportunities that we begin by. Denman to decree shoes in. This is kinda presence network, isn't it? So just for business that we can really understand me. We've really we up to where we're at now on we. You know, it's been a long time before people that giving me budgets to really create beautiful Brown campaigns. And and I'm Christian tastic shoes. But but I built together great group of people work with all the time from your lead Mitchell. Knife talker for Fleur maller are choreographer ceremony and be only size. You know, I've worked with very small group. So we're always thinking of working together. And and I and you prove nuts device there, you know. And it's what I said, I'm so previous it doesn't mind that word Belfast because the world is smoke his people never questioned where the stuff I'd from as far as they can send it just happy Z, another stuffing creation of Stafford collection of the soccer shoe and the last the last three years of just reading my mind up. The I get it, by the way. Traveled to hearts the word. Do these might be problem is I can't build a team big enough to serve his mind. Isn't this little this? You know? One and a half million people. I know our industries even smaller than you, can you hope being locked in his debut caves, and it's access ability your, and that's that does change too much. But. But it, but you know, London draws powers Brussels, and you know, bars. The northern arm. It does have that catch. Sue, the people that we have a very very best what they do. But you know, there just isn't enough of the might there too. I mean, I don't think we could open another zone or something belafonte's. It is it healthy the has seen Nova passing the Northern Ireland and southern Irish as is the nominal. I needed. It is such an exciting industry to be part of north inside the square right wing north side, healthy right with no because I worked for Bill this product company alpha Popper based in on these ads and Uber talian, and you know, but I always very warm healthy head of competitive. Side two. There was some retires. I could mention some breaking news leading the Dow Bradshaw dollar van and CAD Cam Keith gave skies above us. Sharon mountain, I could go on. And it's a new one of my one of my ex the Johnsons is just one more the national as a year. So, you know, so I'm really proud of over of our industry, but what we should really is when I might in the USA or Moscow, and you know, being narrator. He will do is come by. He said all I just stop who's the action. And then they watch the work. And you know, it's it's it's a it's always a key of the door being arch. I'll tell you what this belief from Nova Norrland Belfast UNT baffoon of you. Type life. You know, I am excited about what's coming next. Come on where we going to Nick simple because you know, a man who's still. Yeah. You know, we we really want. We really liked the -sition where we could create an educational space in more than on. So that we can bring our guests into the joy come to us. Visit us you see what we do close personal. It's one of the things that are Instagram you can cost. Hi, can I get to see you were. And the last two years we've been working on trying to build stays trying to find somewhere that will allow us to do. And life work through the internet bills. Have a berry berry commercial working SIS where we can create collections make films and invite from around the word to come. And visit us see what we do. So for me, that's the dream. Happen could help them. Yeah. I mean, it's it's it's probably closer than ever be. But we still have the magician of extend earlier of you know, I mean, I I would need a food kind Teague hose of those people are just not available. I know also Belfast come much more expensive. I do see solemnly styling. We may relocate to beggar student something new it undo it. Listeners around your report, you know, based over in England Scotland Wales in a new challenge you up and you'd welcome them. Wouldn't you? Yeah. Yeah. Of course, you know. I mean, we we would love to we'd love to spread it. But at the moment, I think my knee and atlases on just making a par. Civil you. Go to remind you business for years old. So it's still in its infancy. So yeah, might you know, the plan is you know, I'll I won't keep my team. So if by keeping the maze, I hockey big in business, you know, giving them partnerships enough that that would be the ideal way to sounds great. You bright poop you have not disappointed me. It'll just gonna come in Tuesday. And before we head into domes fund quick questions, which we always ask I just want to just for audience, and you know, some of them may be have dreams of big salons mega millions expansions was one bit of voice that you could offer them. And makes you okay. She deserves. A lot of people thousand locations in areas that just don't sit simply have the fruitful. You know, you can't do a million times Solomon an area that doesn't have many times. Absolutely perfect. And I've got him because I saw you address awards and just again for audience pool just has an order you. You just stand out so much because you are Mr Maat because you you star is just modest super cool. And you just you can see you drool people in as just that examine. So you that and I think I remember just back to three days before then I'd seen your video. The it shed was it the modern life, this modern law. Can you just explain to us a little bit about this? Well, you know, I get an I a voice boy year and this longer like held story, and it starts off as my story. You. Hi, I begin wear of do states. You different so cultures. Those kids should step outside school uniform and become and creation of the room. When they were Mods rockers heads punks, particularly picking on his name that we drew me in. But then you more fascinated by gauge worked part of those drives they were actually there individualists stylists of the room and buy in biking Belfast, these you know, you have to have a guy to be part. You know, whether you're Catholic provinces or ranger silence. Southie fired a moderate pumped, but you know, if you were different from that, and you could different from that in sexual way or in a. In if for example, you were Chinese life or you really stood at this really difficult, and this modern might was there story, this modern I was a growing up in downsize and not studying the stereotypical idea. What you should be on the difficulties due states growing up against the bike run that was slowly minutes identity. So it starts vice story, but it actually ends up being story of a very good fan of mine struggle with their sexuality and identity resulted in not just Belfast, but also the brutally scarred damage, but they can't back and to be not just someone who people admired him second. But somebody says belies what it was really like the individual. He's beautifully produced with impressed left to music as well. Isn't some great stuff, and I'll I'll put a link in the show so rodents can go and have a view of that. And that would be great. So social media. Where can we find you online poll? Okay. Well, you'll find the we are suffering every evening, and then and also my personal business. Creates pulsar issue. Where I where I removed all our events Jean stuff. How animals on Twitter at pulse? Soccer twelve. Right. So again, anybody wanna learn move from this genius of a guy absolutely genuine. You. Really? Are then gained such women going follow him, so okay? Domes five quick fire questions poo. And as I just don't assume as quickly as you can't defer. Nothing too serious. You might have heard these previous episodes. But first question is one half polit- that you can't live without? I says you travel back in time to a sixteen year old pool. What career advice would you give him? Wow. Listen, more, talk mess. Who do you predict to be a future star within the headdress in industry? You know, there are some amazing people are moving, but I say. Say people like Brian Burke messages, something I think has got a real size. Although Ben, Brian the Houston is a way as unlikely folks people. And we have a we have a couple of vacates in our song. I think are going to be big big stars. She resin to create resin IndyCar miam-. Who's might I've mentored and senior come through joint names 'cause you full faith all-time Hairston and why. It has to be paid off. It's fight or not only because it was the haircut that I I that dreamt about copying eventually managed to do. As close as perfect as I thought I could get just because it symbolized the generation similize, everything that was great. But not just to sit in the sixties and the imagery on the Luke's under trans the change from that stiff who wore hair women seem to have too much more architectural freedom, and especially to be that's. And the phone the question, tell us one thing that we don't know about you. I'm really Chesler. I'm really ruby. So I wanna play foods dump. It's thank you so much for. Coming on today show. It's in talking to people like you and hearing your story. The is just makes doing these podcasts. The best thing I've ever done in my life. Because sounds pretty I've atop doesn't it? But that's exactly one of these is is just a few so honored and nothing to you sharing that story for so many people to here is is just Berlin or not just come. Thank you enough for coming on the show today. So thank you. Jay, I was for a bit nervous. But say. It was starry and really hungry on really honored to to an I obviously this some of the great you had real for the upload speaking consume. Thank you very much. Thank you once more than two pool staffer for coming on and sharing his incredible. And honest story on how to cut it podcast. Now, if you wanna go and check any links to it's in that show, some of those images as well as a little bit more information on pole than we have provided some show knows for you online at our website. And for this particular episode, you need to go to www how to cut dot it slash EP zero nine full now as many of you know, we bring you these shows every Monday morning, and we bring you not just the headdresses at the top of the ladder. But we bring you headdresses who are starting out starting to make a name for themselves. And this is who we've got join us next week because I'm going to be joined by. Julia bell and Judi Abell is somebody. That everybody in history is currently to combat. She is really Creighton an incredible profile for cell phone. She's now got brands wanted to work with her. She is going to be sharing her story to how she is gone to wishes go in a shoot Spicer, Tom how she's leveraged social media to really help her. So if you'll somebody who's wanting to get your profile grown within the industry you need to listen to this episode next Monday. So the best way to make sure that you do not miss this episode is to subscribe to the show using your podcast provider include in our chance to just hit the subscribe button, and you'll get a notification straight to your phone, and we are now also on Spotify just hit the follow button and you'll be updated on our library weekly. 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And you'll get a twenty five percent discount off on your first order. So thank you again for listening. You're truly valued and appreciated. So until next Monday piece, living Smalls way goodbye. How to cut it in the handwriting industry? Taking you address thing.

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