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Hey thanks for listening to laughter permitted we are excited to have ally as our sponsor because they are all about providing top notch service to its customers and like we want to deliver awesome content on this podcast ally is relentless and providing the best banking experience it can for its customers Wilpon same time tomorrow knucklehead get the podcast on at Fort Apple Podcast GonNa say actual person feels like I'm getting five star service which is what we all want really I mean who's a fan of two star restaurants or to start anything I'm actually partial before Starr's myself but let's get serious party people ally obsesses over customer care and doing right by you so go to ally dot COM itself I'd love to see Tony One of those late nineteen sixties one nothing world series games. I don't know that that's going to happen right that's what eighteenth anniversary Tony why don't you think we still get along I'm Tony Kornheiser well for starters you're in Los Angeles yeah that's how you keep schefter floats the idea that Tom Brady could become a free agent but we begin today with the world series which starts in a couple of hours in Houston both the Astros in the Nazi you liked cold keep it rolling tonight it's only I don't know if you can keep rolling by winning one in a row I mean rolling really gets it going sets it out there I also like that I have access to twenty four seven customer care and can talk to a real person if I have any issues or need help it's so refreshing to speak to an worried that he might give up a home run earlier to home runs early because that has been his pattern but if you asked me where my heart is and I'm GonNa put it out there with Max Scherzer they'll say this array and six of the top twenty tonight is Max Scherzer who has three Cy youngs against Garrett Cole who has been the best pitcher in baseball since May will I mean it's sure's her in Strasbourg against coal and burland the first two games and if either team wins both I think that that signifies oh season in the postseason at this point he's three and no with zero point four all we are a but as you know I love Sherzer shares who is a warrior God their starting pitching setup and rested it is the first time since nineteen forty-five we will see a world series with four baseball's top ten starters in terms of the Lakers against the entire rest of the NBA field. Tony I don't WanNa take either one of those teams against the field I taw Houston Portland to add to those to at least in our probably left somebody out in the West right yeah I think I will on eight hundred kids welcome. PTI boys and girls and today's episode of the NBA Season Tips off patriots crush the jets and Adams like to see but I don't I don't see anybody rolling to you well look I've told you sat here and told you that I think that the Astros are the best team in baseball they want wow that's a. l. l. y. Dot Com ally bank member. FDIC interruption but I'm Mike wilpon NBA general managers pick the clippers to win the title. Meanwhile the Vegas money which you Scott that all the time but that's the Lakers skulls on will you take the clippers that's a lot if you've got us you've got three or four but in addition to those two you got Philadelphia Milwaukee in the East you've got Denver cost of Yes yes timing hitting you can't simulate the kind of speed I mean Garrett Cole among other attributes how do you go against Garrett Cole you just mentioned what he's done he hadn't lost his may twenty second Blah Blah Blah yeah but also like Max Scherzer to keep this role in for the first time in six years we're not looking at Golden State in Cleveland or Golden State and whomever which you got last year I think it is wide open I look at the clippers we're on for eighteen years morning I actually thought that we were off the air for five or six of them dear like eighteen years is just an impossibly long velos some kind of momentum we ask the other team Oh my God do you have a chance like cardinals in the NFL CS the nets kept that rolling. Yeah so it's brass you should have been with me in Beverly Hills Walis last night's on you don't like the great clog hope you get a free steak out of that three can you believe one hundred seven games they the best team in National League workout were in the nets beat them Garrett Cole as you say hasn't lost since late May but more importantly in the specifically I've already said I'm GONNA take the clippers to start to seize okay so so we're all looking ahead to June I will take the field and I will take the field enthusiastically undeniably Leonard and Paul George Are Superior Basketball players I don't know if they fit together I don't know if they fit with what's out there I'm not sure that I actually think the it and he knew it which is why he said while might quote I'm seeing ghosts close quote Tony these were not friendly ghosts cast you're asking me both teams against the field right that's nothing usually if you've got five teams are serious contention and most NBA seasons up to start they got plenty of what Ali I think they are at the moment rather overrated all those names you've mentioned I think our actual contenders at this this brutal horrible exhibition there I I mean this this could actually stay with him in a terrible way Kyle van Noy who landed on those two I think I expect those too even though I don't expect them to finish first or second in the regular season in the West I expected to be ready for the playoffs so I'm GonNa take them and I'll tell you I would not I don't want to dismiss them Tony The news about Klay Thompson being out now knew that you knew that regrettably over how long do you think this is going to haunt both darnold and your team of your youth the jet s honestly if he doesn't talk about that football game last night you call the game the Patriots thirty three to nothing smack down to the jets is one of the pitiful performances I've ever seen here I don't think anybody runs away in the way golden state has worn away wrong so to me I'll take the twenty eight out of the thirty I'll have you take them the series is more or less over this is nothing but I will say this Tony I assure has to keep a close eye worry if anything about the nationals bats yeah I just did it I said I we would never do that it's not in the last six PTI I'm only way we've been on could be a career killer now if he turns out to be a great quarterback he leaves that behind but if not if what we saw last night with four picks and a full this don't so we'll see let's get to where you are in Los Angeles and not in Houston me Lakers clippers tonight is the NBA season kicks off a can also put it up there in the high nineties and so if you got timing issues at the plate because you haven't played in twenty four days believe that Jim Leyland managed to can I just say this that I know that everybody is dismissing Golden State and I think on muscle memory alone when you've got curry and you got Draymond I I would not dismiss them can you imagine ever taking the field in early season. NBA Conversation never happens. You always know who you're overwhelming favourite is and I I I think it's kind of I'm sorry and for Sam Darnold I don't WanNa continue the analogy but you have to wonder if he's spooked that's what they have to wonder if you're if you're the jets and by the way I mean Roy t tracy with yeah and then were beaten in the world series one batted one ninety noncombatant something like one seventy because he says that hitters do get rusty and pitcher south for people who are fans of Bull Durham that that Sam darnold looks exactly like Nuke Lellouche exactly like nuclear those the Patriots have now allowed forty eight points in AH little I watched representative in every way with Sam Darnold nine eleven for thirty two with four picks it was historically sale yes has his trainer put his home for sale yes has he set up his contract void after the season it will come a free agent yes if he's selling his home and house I sold the House state at the Washington Post what so people don't think we're founded on shefty who we know is a great years old New England embraces him wants to play a this is like I don't see this even a little bit that just because he sold trainers selling his home and he's voiding his contract what does that tell you close quote Tony what does it all tell you acres are little bit overrated. I don't know who else they have other than Lebron James and Anthony Davis you tell me Dwight Howard who's on Ron seriously the head coach of the J. E. T. S. does he help Sam Darnold in any way last night at some point you just I mean does he get a standing eight count expe- all of their other cowboys the day the serious contender again the cowboys lost to those clowns a week ago how bad is that I'll tell you I would point go to another place somewhere else what what's it GonNa wear the XFL where's he going let's take a break coming up to the Nazi concerned he asked us might be stealing their side that game was this Adam schefter assertion last night on Monday night countdown the Tom

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