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Hello, everyone. And welcome back to the Michael Elliott podcast. Thanks for tuning back in. It's good to have you back this episode of the podcast is brought to you by philosophers book of inspiration. This is a book that I put together it's over three hundred quotes insights revelations from some of the greatest minds from the arts from religion from philosophy. So it's really a composite of all of the leaders from all different walks of life in one book, so check that out. I'm going to leave a link to that in the show notes you can look for it there. You can also look for it on Amazon dot com. Just look up the leader spoke of inspiration or you can also get it on my website mind and soul society dot com. Thanks again. Guys and enjoyed the episode. This is the Michael Elliott. No matter what you're doing. No matter your position. No matter your goals. No matter the situation, no matter what on the line, the mindset you take to what you're doing is absolutely key. It's critical. It's the top thing whenever I'm taking on a new endeavor. If your mindset of me, personally, my mindset isn't right. Nothing else is going to work. Well, K? It's going to trickle down everything. So mindset is key. So today in this podcast, I wanna go over to critical mindsets too key mindsets for entrepreneurs or soon to be entre preneurs. Now, if you're not an entrepreneur now, or you don't plan on being one immediately in the future don't out, yet, this can still work for you. Whether you're working for someone else, whether your, it's a project or working on your playing sports what? Whatever the case you can find something for these two mindsets. Okay. With that being said, I'm going to let's get into them roquan. But when I say, mindset, I wanna preface this mindset, another way or another word phrase we can use, is, you know, I look at frames. What kind of frame where we looking through? How are we framing this phrase or this mindset? Okay. So number one of the two is the fray, I'm gonna put him in phrases. Number one is I don't see obstacles number one is when you when you're approaching something, new whatever comes up, be it. Good. Be a bad be positive negative. You do not see them as obstacles, okay? Because let me tell you going into new entrepreneurial endeavor going into any any new endeavor. Right. Whether be relationship. A business project a job. It doesn't matter, you will inevitably have obstacles and challenges your mindset before you even begin. Okay. Before you even begin is that you're not going to see anything that approach that arises, anything that arises as an obstacle. Okay. If you don't. So let's think about that. Okay. I'm not seeing obstacles, what am I seeing everything that pops up? Be good be bad. What are you seeing? You're seeing opportunities. And you can phrase that in frame that any, which way you want, whether you wanna take the frame of my favorite is an opportunity to grow. Okay. So we both know these things challenges can be burned some. They can be draining. They can be challenging that's why before they even show up. We want to have that preset prebuilt and mindset with us that. Oh, this is an opportunity for growth. This is an opportunity to improve to try my character to improve my character to improve my leadership to build my experience, just keep going whatever one works best for you, but use them use one of those frames. I don't see obstacles. I see opportunities. That's where you wanna focus. Okay. How you approach. These challenges with your new business. With your new clients. How you approach these will mean everything. Come to it be approach it rather, with the ideal frame number two of the key mindsets for an entrepreneur number two is to put in this phrase. I'm not surprised by my success. I'm not surprised by my success. So the question that leads me to the question I have for you, because a lot of people give me push back on this. Well I mean I thought I could do it. I, I tried it. I started this because I had an idea that I could do well, but I'm still surprised rarely does that happen. Guys rarely does it happen in an entrepreneurial endeavor, a new project. Okay. How can you have success, if you do not expect it? You can't. How can you be successful something? Big something meaningful something important to you, something challenging, if you don't expect it, if you go into something not expecting success. Don't go into it at all. Let's just save you a bunch of time right now. Don't even begin if you're not sure, don't begin be sure be positive about the outcome. So the phrase again, I'm not surprised at my success. I'm not surprised by my success. That's absolutely critical. Never ever be surprised at how well you do it something K never ever be excited. Celebrate your successes big small but never be surprised. Then nevertheless question for as we as we go down. This tree is how can I not be surprised? The answer is two-fold at the same time, it's both very simple the answer, and it's very, very difficult. It's simple because it's easy to comprehend. It's difficult because it's hard to practice consistently. Okay. So it goes back to the foundation, the foundation is this, you must see your success before it happens. And you must see it many, many, many times. So what do I mean by that? Your success has to have happened, several hundred times in your mind before it ever materializes and comes to fruition in reality. You have to envision success. I remember a story, and I don't remember the quote exactly. But I remember story of Michael Jordan talking about before games, he would he would imagine himself hitting all variety of shots. He would imagine his jersey and how it looked. He would imagine the other teams defenders because he knew who was on the other team and how they would look guarding him and how they would look when he would make the shot and how he would feel how he would look hitting the game winning shot. Are we taking that much detail to our meditation to our focus on our success? Are we sitting down? Are we taking time to really visualize? And I don't mean think. About it for five seconds and never doing it again. I mean, visualizing to that detail visualizing to the two people responding to what you say to in a meeting to people giving you the feedback that you want to the handshake to the new project to the new software to the new, hire all of these things you have to visualize them before they ever happen. It doesn't have to be anything more than that. Okay. It really doesn't doesn't have to be any extra hocus pocus. It's literally putting that picture mind, replaying, it over and over again and believing it will happen for you. That's the focus, so the two the two mindsets guy the two key mindsets out give you. You don't see obstacles. You're not surprised ever buy your success. Take those with you have them prepared have the Bilton to your mind and you will not fail. So to you to your family into the world may be blessed. Thank you for listening to the Michael Elliott podcast for writings by Michael and won't podcast episodes, gung to Michael Elliott don't net.

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