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Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Nora raum. Acting Defense Secretary. Patrick Shanahan says the US needs to build an international consensus to respond to attacks against commercial ships from a number of different countries. We have the big push in the last twenty four hours to continue to get information out continued, share intelligence. You'll continue to see us work to do that, as part of building the international consensus, the UK government says it agrees with the US conclusion that Iran attacked two oil tankers Thursday in the Gulf of Oman. The European Union says it still gathering in assessing information, Tehran, denies any involvement and accuses the Trump administration of waging what it calls, and Iran phobic campaign, a large coalition of companies and trade groups in retail tech and manufacturing is calling on President Trump to end the trade war with China and removed tariffs on Chinese products. NPR. Alina Seljuk reports the company say, an escalating trade war is not in the country's interest more than six hundred companies and trade associations came together for this letter including numerous manufacturing groups, makers of shoes toys and appliances, and big retailers, such as WalMart target, five below Costco, J, crew, gap, and Levi, Strauss. They say that they support the presence of hurts to hold China accountable as a trading partner, but that broad tariffs are not an effective tool for that Trump has threatened to expand tariffs virtually all imports from China. The company's ride that it's American firms that ended up paying these taxes and that additional terrorist will have a quote significant negative and long term impact on American businesses. Farmers families in the US economy, Alina sell, you NPR news. Walmart and target are financial supporters of NPR on another trade front. Secretary of commerce Wilbur Ross is promoting. President Trump's NAFTA, replacement the United States Mexico, Canada agreement as Nick, you'll more with member station. W. DT f- reports Ross brought that message to Roanoke, Virginia. Friday, Ross is pushing the new US Mexico trade agreement as a necessary replacement of NAFTA and a meeting with local business leaders, the secretary said the country saw an annual trade surplus of around five billion dollars with Mexico before NAFTA since that agreement went into effect, raw says the US experienced a one trillion dollar deficit in goods traded to that country, he says that can't continue to happen that a man type Mexican, I don't blame them. They took advantage of a poorly drafted agreement in the used it for their advantage, where now starting to reverse that with the US MCA raw spoke privately with about fifteen business leaders after providing public remarks, the measure, still requires congressional approval for NPR news. I'm Nick Gilmore in Roanoke. The Commerce Department reported Friday retail sales rose five tenths of one percent last month sales of now, increase three months in a row. This is NPR. Workers at Volkswagen's plant in Chattanooga. Tennessee voted Friday, not to unionize the vote was eight hundred thirty three to seven hundred seventy six against representation. This is a setback for the United Auto Workers union which has been attempting to unionize a foreign automakers plant in the traditionally, anti-union self, the food and Drug administration says one patient has died of an infection after receiving a fecal transplant as NPR's Richard Harris reports the agency is pausing. Some clinical trials involving this unproven treatment fecal transplants are used experimentally to combat a serious, gut infection called CD physial. The idea is to help reestablish. Healthy bacteria in the intestines. But the FDA says, in two cases, the implanted material contained dangerous drug resistant E coli bacteria from the same donor. One of those recipients died. This treatment is not if d approved, but the agency oversees experiments using this technique. Take the agency is temporarily. Halting some of the clinical trials involving this procedure and urging doctors to make sure they have properly tested, the material the use and inform patients of the risk of this increasingly popular procedure. Richard Harris, NPR news. A federal judge in Cleveland is considering a proposal that would allow all twenty-five thousand municipal and county governments in the US to be part of a potential settlement with drug companies over the marketing of opioids lawyers representing hundreds of municipalities are suing drug companies saying they contributed to the crisis. They're asking the judge to allow all government entities to join in negotiations for one large settlement. I'm Nora raum. NPR news.

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