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Hello and welcome to healthy. Eating for kids podcasts on your host ball. He then people registered paediatric Titian, nutrition experts and order I understand that making the right nutritional choices for your child can be daunting. But it doesn't need to be. I'm going to help you tease out the facts from fiction. So we'll be meeting experts working with kids to inspire and build your chance confidence when it comes to nutrition. So let's dive in. In today's show me Rothe mum of Sadie who had an egg allergy and still has an immediate allergic reaction today. You'll hear from her daughter Sadie before rose and takes us through a Charles allergy journey. We had a video chat as rose numbers new-zealand, and you might hear Sadie banning around in the background, but the content is so good that. I'm sure you won't mind. But before we get into today's show. I just want to remind you that you can't download for three five tasty dairy free recipes, but kids these party recipes, which I think you will love so make sure that I put a copy of the link for you to download in the show notes if you'd also like to learn how you can work with me, I'll put a link in the show notes. So that you can book. A free fifteen minute consultation. So that we can chat about how we can work together. Now, let's get on with the show. And welcome to my show. Would you like to do this saving? And your Hello chain. Three four and match. He came Ren Ryan Lynch book. Yeah. It's gonna be exciting thing at three when they turn for to bring their own lunch was at the moment. They cooked may amazing and tell me about food at Nestle is do you have especially at nursery different lunch to your friends. Do not every time. I. By he said, what's in your lunch? Sometimes radio's sometimes. S some rain Nash as in pay. That sounds delicious. Do not keep food in rate. You do and do sometimes eat differently what? Mommy and daddy makes it. Do. And what do you think about that? Pounds up. You don't mind, it's quite delicious. What makes fears? She's right here. Why do you think you have a different meals? Everybody necessary. Why why do they sometimes make you something special? Heck camera Nate what going to? End. Usually, we just say Deary. Melk and baton dishes say. Well done. Did you have to do anything special in some somebody gives you food to do you need to do better? Run on around. Oh, no entered that happened. Nope. Very lonely. There came. Also, we've got a guy that's a couple of things been mixed up here. One the wrong note and the one the KFI gave the rubble. What's not many have the wrong milk? Guts burned down you go Cirque. I joined the more on. You serve out didn't you to start with which isn't normally happens. But he did that. And what happened to you? Applies. You tell. Oh. Daddy, came and got you that time didn't they faced Betty got big quickly. And what today get you? And the book really to jump Honey much all my questions Roshii is truly delightful. Thank you so much for joining me on healthy eating for kids podcasts, which you lie to introduce yourself. Now. No problem. So when I'm is rose. I am a middleware and Wellington New Zealand. I have two little hits nearly four euros crew. Tidy and a nearly rounding out ten month. But who? Me too took about Sadie because we shave was fist frying solids way. That she was a dairy and a bit of learning for us. Oh, thank you for sharing. The story has today to tell me how did you? I know you briefly mentioned that it was being introduced solids Accu discussion daily outta she. But would you mind describing happened? Exactly. Yeah. To lately. Said he was exclusively breastfeed impact. Choose a bit of a pain because she didn't lie detector bottle Eshel express smoke and tried will because express no just she just push the button away time. I tried that when we started introducing solids, which for us was actually around the bath or an half five months, and that was really just giving her a little bit of baby rice mixed with snow, which we fine. Basically, I'm gonna try some formula mix formula end with the brace no concede of risk note. Because a frankly gotten a bit sick of expressig milk in having a baby that didn't want to take the bottle at all. Thought just makes up this formula pup to then and gave her this baby rice, and she would as off by mental babies to with pretty miss as she handed alive at all ever by. I was confident that some was coming in. But not allowed all hands. Seep trotto months thought you'd head enough Heikal out. Get ready to take something else news. I started Clayton her off by seventy realize that her hands were bright ridge and up to Elbert, and it started to swell up ending when I started to wash off the facts, I realized that all around in face was executive science at all on grade and was starting to get swollen. She hisself was quite happy at didn't seem bullet. But may come from a family with no history of allergies. All lied saying. Elegies the bumped EBay or votes or from stories, so I had no. Idea with this guy to suddenly ten into and Alexis. I had a big panic cooled by fiscal was straight to by Jay. And just see what should I do that? I just the hell Alexi Dr striper now it's gonna be quick to have a love right now rather than going to the hospital thrower in the car and very very quick drive over the hill win strident. The Jake office nicer source straight away and even in that time period the reaction head gone down at not completely. It'd just reduced a little bit of reassurance that she wasn't going to suddenly stop breathing. But it seemed like Mickley reaction something my initial thought was that must have been something in the formula. And it must be because she had made formula performance from some sort of free action. The it didn't they actually even occasionally at that point that it was a dairy allergy because just hadn't really thought about it. So I got high and promptly chopped down will. But we're not doing that again and always good for a few ways. In the next time. I tried, sir. We reverted to the race milk. The baggage already expressed fries into mixup things. And in one day. I actually about six months, the Nixon a bit of flying unsweetened the argument with some sweet potato it. What she thinks that and low and behold, same reaction issues Lee sneaky this time. So it was more just that immediate skin swelling up around him fights at that point wave. I should clarify. That she didn't have too much at that point before she had the reaction. So we stopped giving it to her. But yet beg point we vote. They must be they must be some sort of a ideally reaction here. Putting the two together. This happened in London or was this back home in New Zealand use? This was a London. So I said he was born in London. We moved back to New Zealand when she was about I'm a teen months old. So all best back diagnosed sorry big initial reaction leading through diagnostics of sins plan things was unlimited. And actually, I think that after the seat if my Rick was after the second incident think that my fish would call was to speak to you to say where the got your name because to be honest. It was a little bit of mine hill really are how I got what what will meet to how she should be treated or what sort of food. We should be going Orel. What's gray the allergy with the we should worry about items? It's may may contain traces all milk TRE. It's will was all completely MU. Can't be a minefield is into his many. Getting into dairy free diets and a little bit about the time. If you GP made that diagnose when you I went to see them when we first went when we had the initial reaction when it had when she'd had with formula. It wasn't a diagnosis. That was more of it was it was a confirmed allergic reaction to what was sort of left undefined. The second time we win. I win little armed with the the information. Having spoken to you that to get into the system when I had to get to the JP for referral. I think it was to speak to the side. This is my collection couple of threes. To to get to get a referral to the analogy. Team the house the allergy tame at the hospital. Yep. Try that was the first Jake bay basically gave us that referral. So in terms of they didn't really do much diagnosing. They thumbs. Expects the allergy team when they can do some the T sting. Brilliant Huntington you way to get by testing done. It wasn't too bad. I think it was a couple of months for in that intervening period was a little bit of guy. I'm. Know, I would've been lived completely with no idea had I not spiking with you about what sorts of things to knock out forward. Packaging em what sorts of what Tim ships. They were available to make sure that she was getting a balanced diet. So I'm I would say it was probably about who's probably about three months by the time. We actually got into elegy to connect to the head skin tastes to consent. And you cut it on breath seed into that time didn't use. You didn't go down a special formula NAR yet? I continued brisk fading. And in fact, the whole time I'd been braced fading. I personally had still been ating drinking dairy. Sadie head. No reactions are for very brief period. I cut at dairy. And then there was no discernible difference to be on the side to skip taking dairy. She wasn't having a reaction. And looking back once you think would have hoped you. They need the stunted say expanding range of foods around the one year. Mark what helped you think I found sort of timeframe quite difficult because of so much of this toddler friendly finger foods with all. It was a lot of cheese in things on them. Which is right. Non allergic kids. So probably the probably the most would have done it more help. If I had was more aware of more space ago of Tennessee heads finger will, you know, more adult friendly Dennis. Yeah. I would deal alternative recipes in things available than say, which she went always back at work came down to time. And being able to actually get things ready for him. Yes. And this is this is his name. It does even though is just one thing that you need to avoid it can sneak snake up. A lot of foods is even things nine tomorrow was some can have dairy as an ingredient counselor protein as an ingredient. Yeah. And they I forgot to mention that the other thing that came out when she head her skin prick taste was that she had an ideology, which we hadn't nine at that point because she had make she tried any issue. So. That's the thing that comes out when you're trying to look foods that they don't have those in a free. Yeah. Exactly bacon at helps. Looking through the big options helped you came? Maybe some preparing recipes over the. Yep. Yep. I absolutely did quite a bit of that. But the. For us anyway, clashed with the toddler fussiness. Anyway, with anything that was friend near. That she would look at with disdain the lovingly prepared home prepared chicken nuggets with a hidden apple and things on them that I wrote with delicious. She just looked. Cut put something Draper London. Saving with lots of different foods and ingredients to replace the a as a binder. Yep. Yes. Do you have any tips forward, but actually it? She still falling a free time. Now. Nor not AAC Frei anymore. So we we moved back to New Zealand into seem between fifteen. So in say, he was ten months old Monte mental and way got a referral to they children's hospital here to the allergy clinic care which actually took longer than in the in the but what when we got in. We ended a couple of food challenges of fish while while I end she got through point in reacted. So we that stop. What the that continue to avoid milk. And then shortly after that we had an egg was milk in a Muffin, certainly when she had the free Sheikh let woman which was a scribe. I think actually she's done three challenges. So. Free Sheikh one scrambled egg to manage to complete the Ige that reacts when she's outgrowing that allergy with Ben including gigs and things again by must say one thing that is a little bit has been a little bit difficult is that once sort of gotten the price to solve not having a tad break that habit now not be wide need dip, it just plain old scrambled from which is delicious is quite. I'm new to Histon so little bit. He is to cry from white mysteriously be favorite food straight away. Because it's not something that she's grown up with. Yeah. Exactly which I'm hoping to avoid and does it help. Now that you've got a second that you cannot cook easily with a with a should I say, so you're not having to cook supper means some year. It's amazing. How much less stressful it as the second time around. I will admit that. It was very stressful. The fist time, I gave him milk. Sort of set thinking have quickly will I have to drive to the to the emergency room something something happens here? But he was completely fine with milk his fine with egg and get it is cloud so much Asia that I can just sell. Give the dinner that we're having a bit of a mash, and then he can head some. Lote habit that ice tablist with Sadie of cooking in bulk the baby friendly. In in freezing. At. Mm is hard to bright. Sorry. Other months for might be listening and abound and having to look after a toddler or Obeidi who's meaning on a giants. They batch cook as much as possible. Yeah. You're absolutely. I think boost of all like with a with a thing to sell it better. I think you keeping is to talk to an expert. As soon as you can I reiterate enough, how helpful at discussions have been over the last few years because it's just it's easy to get yourself with up about at Baptist and Bengals just though the wish thing is such a big of mind shift. For your in one of the things also that I find hard to deal with as that other people may -serily understand that as a a loss of misinformation around a lot of people that will use lecture tolerance with cows personality. Who might be well mailing that will get between the advice that N website to be on us. It's a lot of people that don't think like choices freely thing. So when they think that's what you're saying. Your child has consider feel the eye roll sometimes when I'm not lifting. But. Terms of practical advise use. Cooking. I found super helpful. I just got a bit of a very chain where probably once way co once. Yeah. Once awake just after huge low of something that I know that she aids the giddy Clifton too. Blitzed up. So she doesn't even know that. They're there. Into the soul that sort of thing. Finding good snacks and things. Thanks bye. And freight unit in Fraser slight little muffins and things will ballooning watch to look for on packets learning hash rate, the Bank of packets said it's not knowing years. This time might think obviously that you wouldn't think it's daunting. I'm into the fist time looking at it and thinking all how do I tell but mooning how the allergens have be highlights at least count remained. I know the guy that goes seminar thing, but he earned museums. If they have to hit them highlighted in April, April out as well as including the may be present. But getting that advice about the whole. You know, maybe present type thing. Actually, that's really interesting his manufacturers. Now, they have tray nine where they have saying biscuits K other food item that has daily on milk council approaching hasn't ingredient than that needs sometimes manufacturers to protect themselves. Met will stay in the packaging may contain traces of product itself. Johnson contained dairy as ingredients if you really worried you had just over nine out of ten through Ken had any snaps over that's able as make interests of stiffness chatting reduction working in that area is helpful to just clarify for the your child needs to avoid foods at ways stay may contain traces of daily, but you. You didn't need to did you? What did you do? Did you avoid foods? That's warning on the labels, nor wages went straight ahead with anything that might be present into be quiet on us. I have not come across a packet that doesn't say may may be griz, which it would have been exceptionally challenging if we head with that even items that side that market themselves daring, great will vary often still say maybe prison, I understand the raising for it is as you at two before that it's a protection thing severely, severely allergic going. They need to nine. There was an eye on the news here in New Zealand a year or two with the Tinkler product. Sex was my into this the end, I believe the particular company really private south for making sure things work Lucien raid. But for what they raised. They filed someone head ahead of reaction made the news I felt very sorry for the company 'cause I thought then their relation for head gone to quite a lot of links to try and make sure that they could actually change the status of the out of the say that this is what it was. But it's reply should that the food industry. Here was was saying what just you might have tried very hard. But it's just not enough. To to be the people that head select clarity a H enemy in the. But I will the side is that if we out and about, and we would have something for move sake to the at the cafe can Kennedy's cheek physically Deary amid particular someone to the packets. He's just had a looking at sees may contain traces all milk. So we might do that when we say on that side k. Once again, I feel that the viral moment that I think that the business will away thinking happy that alleged key can be frustrating, unsure when he will Joan believe you that which on as allergen inev- even closer to me. Now, people might be distrustful and do you because this is many people following on trendy dance than do on food dairy free use I absolutely thanks are. And I guess bay air pets or say coming from a free speak to that. I'm always been about escaped cloud-based to about fad diets are always avoids everything in moderation legis big think about calories in calories out that this is a different line of thought with them with white loss. But but the just with it might make me a little bit more sensitive to what sort of reactions that. I have. The people are heading, but I we've had certain family members that when we've saved, you know, say bed. It's dairy with is into a bit of a pause on a bit of our own, okay. Or? The diagnosis come from more. What really is dairy allergy? I think I wish you were there to say what she looks like when she's had the exposure. It's not a it's a little bit of man that I've attributed this thing, it's it's a fairly significant. I mean, we've had been visited they know about the DAM allergy typically queried it, but the known saying something what would say like of Chaves, and they move save. Not. She can't have changed all she not allowed. No, of course, not she's allergic to dairy all that this belief from family members as definitely has jamming allergy, and I think it sort of is a little bit to that coming to I made earlier about people not really understanding the difference between allergy and intolerance. A even my mom who is savings grant whose Erie capable. About anything she of goods Sadie, and certainly Belaid us that my problem with that. She had heard her saying to people please make sure that this is a swing by saving. She's very Electric's intolerance than that would be very bad for her to correct. And I think she thinks I'm being a little bit pedantic. I am not worried about her tummy. I'm worried about who swelling up. That's right. That's a really good point too. High nights actors intolerances way, children adults can have small quantities dairy. And it is the shooter the carbohydrate found in dairy that people on Rex into not digesting so routes decant with say cheese, which is naturally low inventors that could have that in quantities any reactions bonds with a case of particularly this case of dairy allergy way is he's quite a profound reaction. And I'm sure it was really scary to see your baby at that young tender age blowing up all red and swollen must've been really frightening for you. So well done for guessing hell. Cley and getting himself into getting professional help. Immediately that's rating poisons, and I'm sure the fact that you have the advising heart to read labels Catholic onto excludes concept project from tired accurately would have all helped to unity frustrations on following a jail free di- that sort of easing up over the years as Sadiq became older. I would say one of the biggest frustrations I have as really specifically a fake thing her diet, but more they unhelpful advice so information that we have around particularly about affected, wages soy swim. Elk soya got as out preferred stereo tentative based on your advice Feist on advice of lords. You know, all the professionals that we've spoken to here and the guy into. Of being I think the most complete tentatives, folks. There are plenty of people that have told me in that I've read online that hell hell bent on the idea that sway is absolutely terrible for you. How we have you get out of end bench. Hutson utility that it has a stream in which is what I say that quote mass because that is a quote thickets often question to me just be really terrible you so I I feel like sometimes with all these things people saying that if I may but ordering Sadie assuage lathi, they can even though I know I'm getting the advice from the appropriately qualified people who tell me that this is this is good. So I shouldn't that this no reason to be concerned about it. It's still frustrating to think that people with that would be wanting to willingly give my child the terrible foods that they sell in the supermarkets. Without any wounding et cetera. I'm a member of few diff'rent mums on bikes, which can be really wonderful places to find support to get him mation teacher said they right, but winning her. I see anyone asking thing about a Deary alledgedly. I just I just have to quickly scroll on by which is terrible because it should be something that with my experience could actually give some helpful advice on. But the once or twice when I have bid to give it by the number of people lay people who I will soon have not had the been foot of expensive vice that were willing to tell me all sorts of nonsense about the debris should soy milk. Just it's just not with it. That is a shame. That soy has had a raid that in a bashing over the years, and you absolutely Ryan this. So is actually the preferred council protein or tentative is much approve five protein is often you find brands Coutts forty five contains the two men's Jamin D, And unless you're babies under the age of six months in which case soy-based performing wouldn't be approved. Is this no reason that you know, for toddler of Asia of the year, eighteen months of you couldn't start cooking with soya milk soy, drink as you might flee need to call it now yoga which are game becomes enforced by because sometimes these tooks yogurts cook Madrid's, the really popular and the taste is. But. It will interest in organic Brian is often than not. With really low in calories in protein taught this age do need a drink that standard unit sufficient calories at protein road, the chances of getting that in a coconut drain is to be slim unless you go for the moment new ranges that are coming up now with much approved file of acids, iden- vegan diet, his maybe twelve and the profile of protein up to a grand one hundred minutes. I think that one is quite similar to the soya grind up drink for X for toddlers. So that has a good good protein. Profiling has added this minerals, plus since it's looking into excellent eighty loss was you're not to share with us. Well, I guess just to you. You probably have got the impression from what I've been saying that it is a little bit of a bag bear mine. The. That minefield of misinformation that there is about soy milk about on Dariel toonces, I've done John David googling much to educate myself 'cause I came to try and speak to expense directly rather than though ticket ago, but basically to save this information comes from that keeps getting actually faked nails rather debate of mothers and these mums forms, and there's just so so many articles about actual Elias, very loosely, we pages blog posts, or whatever about at a negative, impressions of soy milk. And I just want to shake with your lovely experience that I had when I took the children might has the magic the kids to a cafe a new cafe the really good reputation as being really well. Coming of kids because it's got lots of stuff with the kids to play around at tra-. And Fluffy's monarch. So we've into noted coffees and Safi Sadie soy RAFI as paying the breast came over and saves. I'm going to I'm just gonna use almond milk instead of soy milk. We should all. Yes. Archive thanking probably is just might last a someone. Gotta hated apple Ray doesn't want to have to clean out the judge completely. It's not it's not a big problem for Tracy drink. She don't taste much nicer anyway, living of it's fine Sadie forces used to so milked. So she thinks it tastes just find bay at almond Mook fluffy for us said at Dannon seed, use I won't take up soya milk because when you hate up soy milk. It becomes consular. Jan so you really mustn't give your door to that a head to really bite my tongue. Not my husband was I didn't bite my tongue. Very well. Because I did respondents. I don't think that's true. And she was quite insistent. But Emily Sidon Anna, Sydney think that seek advice nor vice for my children just from someone. I've just made a cafe. Still unfortunate business. I'm sure it can be very stressful at times offer long day at work coming home to prepare a meal. Sometimes I'm sure that is to be both a free and dish free at one stage. Fear going out together as a family to enjoy a really nice made in attack against unhelpful comment like that. And she probably was rating while needing I'm sure, but that probably didn't make you feel that good that day NAR end. I think that the main thing that that certainly bothered me was the location, I guess put into one side effect that in no way. Did I did? I believe that the statement that she had made was create. But then I've not had the advice that I have been given over the year and head to that someone out there has been giving child, so milk soy. For a while that would have been devastating someone to be suggesting to you that you giving your child something that could kill them. That's the thing with this. If mum's forums as well that really bothers me that when they're educator will pep says that unclear I guess people that haven't had the benefit of a good advice giving advice to other people that they could interning that making and they do. But by the sounds of it in these forms, make quite significant dietary changes, not by stone qualified advice, but just based on right persons of by really is quite quite a wiry is really really important to differentiate facts and opinions, and we knew that between saying Hof cool to offer children with a council allergy may register majority of can have Sawyer it is the next best thing. And if you're then getting. Very conflicting opinion that your child maybe increased risk of Kansas and adults which isn't actually through any anything having these bond as Cruces in John's your shot sizes actually hoping protects there, you know, the disease risk in the future big is fine, including some of these club as Persians your probably reducing the intake of foods that hind saturated bad animal. Proteins just probably eating much wider range of foods than other children were not needed to be on such a restricted giant. And it's really I think you've opened my eyes in some ways from this conversation that even though it's just, you know, couple of things that you having to avoid dairy free actually modes of planning unit loads of good recipes, obviously. And it sounds like you need lives of could support at patients is long game that you. Playing us try challenging few times. It hasn't always which you'll Haitian they working off the milk onto. Yes. Yes. I was. I was I was hyping. It get on that. We've been has been quite successful. We've had to go down a steep to three time and Sadie must be very polish that she's at the moment just on ice cream. And she's in a couple of little little reactions to ice cream, mostly. She's okay. But we're not enough to move onto the next. So she has to kick having ice cream until we feel like it's been a good few weeks of no reaction agile. She's head in the last month a little money at one like is an enormous swelled up a little bit Abacha team dying cigar. But otherwise, it's been really great to see her build up that tolerance and also been away to find shoulders to thank our K. She's at daycare eight slice of someone's birthday cake that thinking about ended Scott note in she should be fine. We're now to ice frame, and I believe Nate's is chased yoga in the glass of milk to this just three most states. I'm sure that relief because it's faucet as some Schumer nine news. Kids who have to significantly long time today to even toll rate this up to that stage. We've been played that she I believe stiff spy think it was before five who's been shaded. First reaction we had to go back down the lead up. So we thought that to shame choose only halfway out. Maybe this'll check awhile. But with quite surprised by the capital times. She's able to keep go ice cream is a step. I think she's very happy to stay on her away. While you will in some in New Zealand at the moment. This is nice and hot exactly it's perfect ice cream with. All right. We'll finish on that Derry positive notes. Thank you so much for sharing. What that Jenny has been feed rose. It's been such nine four that hoops, more other moms tasks listening in I hope they will take the taking away. Lots of really good tips about natch king raging labels have three but also trying to not breed too much into the comments that you might find on nine or Dr Goodhue keeping in touch with allergy team the nutrition team for the appropriate advice. Thank you so much problem. Thank you for having made. So if you enjoy today's episode I'd love for you to subscribe to the show. So that you can be notified the next time. I release an episode by the now.

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