Grown Up Kids - Episode #38 - Old Yeller


Welcome to grownup. Kids a Disney podcast. I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing that was all started by. Low thirty eight of grownup kids this episode is sponsored by Lexi joss. Thank you. Thank you. Lexi, you're awesome. And you're a really good artist. Yes. No, I'm Katy and I'm Megan. And today, we're being joined by two new guests one of which we knows stuff. Hello. How are you? I'm good. How are you guys? Good. And someone we just might like five minutes ago hit Lynn, how are you doing and good for you? Good aside from our knees lead voices were good. Yep. So since both of you guys are new to this podcast. We're going to get both of your Disney profiles. So tell us first Steph, and then Kaelin how did you get into Disney? That's a great question. I assume the middle child, and I have -ssume that my older sister's influence was totally like I grew up watching all of the Disney movies ever existed. So aside from the really obscure ones, but so she's like a musical theater person and things like that. So I'm pretty sure she was like mom, do you have to get this movie this movie? So I grew up watching anything under the sun. So and I ended up loving interest as much as she did. So. Yeah. I'm a Disney had. The best thing to be. So I guess I just kind of started watching it from like early childhood like aristocrats was my first movie. And then every year we drive to California from scans from Canada. And go to the Disney perks, and we started doing that. When I was forced I guess, it's just kind of always been there. Just the night. That's fine. How long drive is that, you know? Well, now that my brother, and I are older it takes like two days. We usually stop in like Vegas already. And when they were younger it was like a four day drive. So wow. -cation? Yeah. That's cool. That's like the Calgary area. Isn't it? I'm about six hours east of ovary. I live in this city called moose jaw off. That's pretty awesome. Yeah. So yeah, it's scotch one. It's dislike what very so the change in sceneries. Nice. Nice. I like your Bambi print behind you too. So who would you say is your favorite character? I have a really hard time picking a favorite of anything ever. But if I had to narrow it down to a few bell is like bows. One of my favorites. I really relate to her with her bookish nece and everything like that. And I really loved Meg from Hercules, she's kind of awesome. And then in the more modern movies, I'm sort of obsessive Maui. Yeah. Like, the rock the rock singing. I don't care if people say he can't sing love. I can't say I just I just watched a thing then it was like the rod can't saying care, China, maybe the rock can't but Maui king. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So. Well, from like, a nostalgia point of view. I'd say with hatch from one hundred dollars nations online. Have we have phone video of like when my little brother was born in my parents, like keel them, what do you think of your new brother? And I'm like, I'm not Caitlyn. I'm patched. I don't know. I'm like of sessile sleeping beauty. I was like I will. Level. I wanna be a Rura so probably sleeping giving too. That was when I was little migratory store. Go bowling alley. Not that the really has a whole lot to do with the story. But it's so some little kid left a patch plush behind and he liked brought it home in washed it, and it was like my favorite thing. So I to have a connection to patch you stole that from child. Keep her. All right. So what are your guys is favorite movies? My favorite movie is Hercules. I guess so I'm half Greek. And I guess when I was a kid that must have like really resonated with me and ever since then like they put on Netflix. And I watched about one hundred times since then then like, it's just my favorite the music is the best. I love he everything about it. I would say sleeping unity just from like the arts sampling to like, I find it. So like artistically beautiful, but also my favorite very Tilson river. Definitely that one. I love the background imagery in sleeping beauty. How it's like abstract. It's so funny who just record with. I can't remember. But they said the same thing literally said like it's you to put together that I. Llagas Bogue your pin? Love sleeping, beauty and said like things about sleepy Beavis. I'm so sorry. I cannot I'm blinking Laura. Even the Laura thank you Lord. Yes. You know, you mix things up when you do so much a week. So what is your favorite? Did you see movie? Yup. What's your favorite? I had to think really hard about this one. I think it's Epcot as an adult. I love all the food and everything about Epcot. It's awesome. Yeah. I mean, I leveled parks, but Epcot is solid. Yeah. I've only been to Disneyland in California but the twin like Disneyland California adventure. It will be just one by far people. Yeah. Oh, yeah. If they could just want to go back, so bad me too. If they could just take radiator springs and put it in Disneyland. I wouldn't even have to go kill. And I've been so bitter since they already tower of terror, I'm like, what's even points. Come to DisneyWorld, and it's still now. Now, I need to. That's like, you know, a two week drove for you said of. All right. Lastly, what are your favorite, which favorite Disney memory? The first time I went to DisneyWorld it was nine thousand nine hundred ninety seven years old and we went during Halloween 'cause my dad was on a business trip. And it just happens to be Orleans. I don't know why. So he went to Katrina magic kingdom, and that was so awesome. Like, I don't remember a lot of things for my childhood. I don't like have specific memories. But like I remember that America being terrified of the haunted mansion. It was so much fun extra creepy during Halloween too. Yeah. And I'm like I'm easily scared. So it was really fun. I'd say for me, it was probably one of the first times we went, and we were watching the fireworks. And I was like kinda scared. His no wild noises. But one of the cast members will be a sign who's like just wait in a second seeker vol. And it was the part where she like clue out round that is. And it was just like really marriageable for like when you're like seven years old. It was great now like such good like chasse numbers and stuff. They always be trip. Those those are the kiss members. You always remember those are the good ones the ones who look out for the scared kid or the nervous kid all better. Yeah. Turn something scary until like, no memory of yours in cheer shit. You know? Cool. We'll seeing tangible FIS pretty amazing. It's pretty awesome one day. I will see zero fly in Disney. I know gotten to see that yet. They will happen. All right. So today, we're going to be discussing a horribly sad here. Jerker old yeller. And that means that it's time for the thirty second Disney. She's going I do. Yeah. I just like to look to lead it. And are always terrible. So like, everybody's afterlife just be better. So I also looked to make ARGUS weight because they are you there this. So just makes longer that's rude. All right. Hold on the question. Well, the older kids name true true. Ravenous travel, which is colder. Travis too many words. It's too many bills. Stuff called Arlos whining code. So. Mark goods go so fast parter again, except he has to go off rate yet he goes off. And then Arles finds a dog and keeps it in. They call them old yeller and Travis hates him. But then Travis befriends them in this dog is everything to them. And then he catches rabies and dies. Whoa. Did I? I just wanted to get to the point like. Ready else liked to take the thirty second. Disney days for migrate now. I can go. Yeah. Got it. Go ahead on your Mark. Guess go. Windfall leaves the family farm. Thanks, UTM traffics and thirteen hundred journey through all the health of the no of dog where he learns that sometimes being out and sinking before choice in that we love. Well, I couldn't even stop it in time. Eleven seconds. It was twelve sure. This a couple times. And then I was like, no stop. Wow. That was going on price. It was like that was even more of a synopsis than the back of a DVD cover. That's what my English degree. Perfect. Stuff doing next year last. I think the next night so long indie to talk really fast. Oh god. I don't. I don't know. Okay. Okay. I got I'll go. All right, ready set. Go. Kim Coates leaves his wife and two sons go on a cow Dr Travis and Arlo fine. Vilely Olbia lab. Travis mad that wants to keep old yeller yellow proves himself. Boy, when he doesn't eat venison or Orleans have a good time, kitting rabbits and fish saves. Tribes are from so many things man comes up to the house looking for his that ran off early tantrum. And the guy who's gonna toad guy. Warren strives about hydrophobic hydrophobic wolf attacks saves the day once more, but gets fitting luckier TC's show signs of hydrophobic. I'll tell you for weeks, and that's something rabid tribe. She's yeller while fighting back, tears dot com. Meant like right after seconds. Much practice. The buzzer is gonna go over like your last word. Okay. But that was good. That was good. Thanks. You're adding something to your desk. She cheats. I'll go last. Sure ammo. I haven't done that. Sure. Sure ready that go a big Euler dog comes to live with two brothers. Travis moms and the dead. He's nother. I. Nobody realizes old yeller isn't just dog to super smart hurting ever was service bills, basically everything together, even take hunting all the other protects them from wolf which sadly contract increases Eason's, everything super saved. Twenty make team seconds. You better. Give me that second. Ooh, my nostril opened up. This can bring you. Time for the rest of the episode. All right. History. All the Eller came out in nineteen fifty seven. It was produced by Walt it stars Tommy Kirk Dorothy McGuire, fess Parker, aka Davy Crockett. And Beverly Washburn. It's about a boy industry dog in post, civil war, Texas, the film is based on the book by the same name old yeller by Fred Gibson, who also co wrote the screenplay was William time Berg in the success of the old yeller film, led to a sequel savage Sam, which is also based on a book by Fred Gibson hid, no idea. There's a sequel meaning bought savage, salmon. I had no idea what it was. But I was gonna look it says Disney need this movie. Let's buy it isn't about me. It must be happy. Only Q little he he must be savage. God need to watch. Those it sad though. I can't. Old like. I'm not gonna ruin it. Obsessed. It's what we like, really bad. But. Well, this move kinda had the same feel sort of as like homeward bound like talk. But there's still like that. He's very smart and almost human like. Yeah. So you kind of get that seem field plays the role of character. Yeah. As yesterday just hat, right? You know? Yeah. Yeah. Right fun facts, go for it girl. So the movies based in Texas as Mike said, but it was actually filmed in California, probably because that's like where they were based easy. It was widely distributed on a double Bill in twenty one area theaters. So most of the indoor theatres co featured it with a movie called ambush at Cimarron pass. And then in drive in theaters it was paired with underwater to Mason point. I don't know what I was movies are. But, hey, if you enjoyed them it went along with the old yeller cool. So this is the Disney debut of tummy Kirk and Kevin Corcoran, and they on to star in Swiss family Robinson and the shaggy dog. So those are both coming which ones Tommy Kirk or wait are both of those boys the kids, I believe, so okay. Yeah. I wanna say time Kirk is Travis. He's. You know, more the main character them or Lescot it. So because Maga's stupor adamant dog breeds as we know from early in the tramp sewed old yeller in the movie as a yellow labrador retriever. But in the book, he's actually a black mouth cur, which was very similar, but they're less bulky than the labrador. Maybe the black mouth cur could no carried Arles around on its back. Maybe. So they needed a yellow labrador retriever. So does that mean that it's a combination of a golden retriever and a yellow labrador yellow labradors retriever? I don't know. Thought it's just the ele- lab. Yeah. Okay. Been retriever there in the retriever family dogs dogma Hollick. There's more. Like a world. They're working breed dogs or something like that. Okay. So early really into like dogs. I still. When you're on the correct Assode, I know volunteered for this. The dog who played old yeller his real name is spike real original name. Yeah. I like old yeller better me to the wolf that fights old yeller is actually wolf is German shepherd made to look like a wolf and both the animals were planed trained to play fight. And we're muzzle for that sequence. Which isn't how the sand. But at least Louis ruin league playing. The muslim. Can train dogs to do stuff like that? But the muzzle. Yeah, it's just so they don't hurt each other. That's true. The sounds of old yeller growling and snarling after he becomes rabid. Can also be heard during both of tramps fight scenes in lady in the tramp. So I wonder what they had to do to like make him curl his lip up like that. Yeah. Like, I know like some dogs like that's like their smile. Give receive those videos on Facebook. Silly dog smile the chili like snarling. I'm sure that they can train him to do that go at Galen. I wanna say at something like butter on their gums or something, and they like triumph lick it. That's what I meant. Many if no I think, you're right. I think for that before too. Because it's. Yeah. Poor dog. So you don't sound like you feel bad for Potter true. Last one fact because there wasn't a lot like, I think are like all these facts. But that was really all I could find about this movie. Yeah. So the death of old yeller spoiler is often referred to as the saddest moment in all of the live action. Disney films, so many adults who grew up with it describe it as the worst moment of their childhood. So does anyone agree that it's like right up there with the death of Charlotte from show web and Bambi mom because oh Charlotte's killed me. As a child. I didn't feel when I was little, but I'm assuming that the way those people felt is how I felt about Charlotte because it was terrible. Yeah. Traumatic. Hey, I didn't even know that fan died like two years ago. I was like re- watching it. And I was like oh. Separated on other side of the metal. And they're. Well, she was like. Also said. You've never seen Charlotte's web. I've seen Charlotte's while good. I was gonna say that I like sort of feel heartless because I don't necessarily put it up there with. It was so I mean, yeah, it was sad. But I think that. I guess if you narrow it down to live action Disney films. Maybe I would agree with that. But like I feel like Pixar got me up there when the sad moments. Sure. Yeah. Like the beginning of finding nemo the beginning of. Yeah. Those are bad again. When you think that sully in boo are never going to see each other again. Psst. No, you're not see. I'm also a cat person though. I mean, like I'm done to like, my mom, you just judged me. I forgive you. My mum like I've always grown up with dogs. Like, I my parents always had a dog my entire life. So like I have connections with dogs. But like, I just personally would in my own home. Always rather have a cat. I like visiting dog because they're less work. Yeah. An old yeller well old yeller didn't seem like a lot of work though. So maybe I would have liked him. He's cool. What fits it? What was a cat. I would have been sad. Oh, little cat with rabies. Oh god. Who? That's that's layers cat. Those cats bears. They don't mess around. That's a bad ass. We do we want. All right. So characters we've got monon Papa coats. So again Li have fast Parker in another Disney movie. I like him. So I'm okay with that. I like him in this movie because he's like a warmer figure now that he's ever cold on the other ones. But like he has lessened savy Crockett a lot though hole. So why but he has more of like that Dabney warm dad feel. Yeah, he plays it. Well, because that's what he's supposed to be. He's Papa right. Oh, mama coats, really needs to brush her teeth. I literally thought that the entire time. I was watching the movie. Just say. Eighteen hundreds. On like, four seconds. And she's like she's really yellow. She played wait mom, but Yup. The teeth all we've liked focused on them when I see the movie. Especially because like she's right next to fess Parker in like he is pretty attractive. I feel like he's kinda got that like dark. Look, you know. Her with like, really, low T. I'm like just you some cross white strips mega. These people are digging water out of a bucket. You think they've crust? They hang their meat for. I don't know much else to add about them. Nah. I mean, they're they're like they're good figures. I like that she for mama coats. I like that. She is always there for Arles and Travis ending on the situation in like who needs her the most she always gravitates to the right one. Never give them. Yeah. She's definitely really mom. So Travis I really hated him for a long time in the mood. For a while. It was like why are you just like so eight St. in me, everything I'm like, why are you saying you're going to shoot old yeller? Even like even like set him up for failure like drops hanging meat a little low. Yeah. Like, go ahead. Eat it. I'll shoot you right between the eyes goes about wakes up early. Like, yes. This dog's getting it open. We just do this. Right. And then how horrible he ends up having to shoot the dog. And it's the worst moment of his life. Well, maybe should have enjoyed all those moments of old yeller instead of the jerk in the beginning of down. Up. Good. Well, don't be hating on anywhere around. He loved that dog. The thing that I spent a long time. So that movie, but like so when he's going to hunt that for like a beer for his family. He starts noticing animals around him. And I was like all suddenly he loves animals, but then he goes back. What was the point of that scene? Oh, yeah. There was a lot of looking. Looking squirrel. That is like beer this most with. I heard around and he was like going to go back and deal. I appreciate you know, he does it. For like nothing. Literally staring at squirrels for a solid minutes. And nothing happens from it. Yeah. So but in the end, he's I yeah. Next are less. This kid. Visit has a lot of energy. Hey, Arlos don't go near the rabid dog. Away runs to the rabid dog gonna break in what's wrong with you? This dog is snarling. They told you not to your mom comes out yelling at you. And you like hurry faster to get in there. Yeah. Nope. Has no impulse control. Yeah. Can't handle the baby bear come on. All. Down. Like, why are you? Why? Did stop it. And then here comes the momma bear, I will say the was really cute with old yeller like those things like you run this back. They would catch fish together. Yeah. That was cute. I gotta say I'm surprised at how easily are less ended up kind of giving up old yeller Travis. Yeah. It seemed weird to me that like I mean, I guess he's a little kid with like a, you know, not along attention span. So he's just kind of like, oh, whatever I'm just to go do my own thing. And then he's happy as a clam when he gets the puppy. So he like super doesn't care, but the one that do comes up looking like, Bryan, Cranston. He's like that's my dog. That kid throws a rocket rose. The biggest tantrum just like nuts. Arly them for like terrifying. If they were my children, Hugh like scared to even. Yeah. I'll be like outlawed or not gonna question what you're doing. Rock at my head. How many throat? Throat. All by Andrew is. But he mostly he through will willia-. Okay. Travis through rocket old yeller, and then Arles started throwing rocks back at Travis now that was those cold for that was warranted. And I'm okay with that rock throw. For our list at least. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. A lot of rock throwing good good on for Bryan Cranston, though, because he was like a whole lot got like legitimately Ryan, Craig. No, that's not him. No, all I could think about even though it is on. Like him. I know. Used me like sounded so convincing those like what miss wasn't it? Brian. On the screen. Good on him because he was like all right. Like he saw how much that these two kids. Love the stock. And it was cute to it was L trade you that horny toad for this. Yeah. Yeah. Although he ropes mama into it like future. Because really all he wanted was a meal because let's horny toad go, right? Yeah. This poor woman, though, I kinda thought he was maybe flirting for a minute me too. But that it like, but then he just left, but I was like worried for a second. I was like Oz. He. Yes. I think it's a very chaste movie like she hugs. Her husband comes home and just like this little hug link touches him. So like, that's not gonna happen. Yeah. But I thought the same thing this year big snatch. He doesn't care about her yellow teeth. Oh. All right, bud. Searcy? Oh, this is the guy who plays Mike Fink Davy Crockett, right you. Yes. He's annoying, man. Put it lightly protecting all the women and children, but has his daughter do everything and he just wants to eat food. That's it. He is annoying doesn't shut up again. He makes his daughter do everything Lisbon. Yeah. He annoyed me 'cause he kind of acted like big, man. I campus here productive. Everybody is like, no, really like, you're useless. Nobody wanted you out there helping them with women doing right? Yeah. Then he didn't do anything. He just like eighth or food and left and left his daughter for like above. Yeah. Always leaving behind. I would freak out. If I was that child. To like, this is she doesn't although harvest that corn back for you in a year. I guess. Probably with everybody kind of expects him to be like this. Gig type dude like Erlich point one for the moms just like trying to quite. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Lisbeth Searcy the poor child. Who's gonna had a crush on Travis to do bad because Travis is probably little too young to even notice those things and he's already a little Inc. St. and he's going through stuff. She just wants to show. She cares. Kinda gets shutdown. She just wanted to give him a puppy. Right. But like why would she want to give him a puppy or any has Eller said true? Yeah. Me already got a dog in harlot. But like technically wasn't old yeller Arles dog in the beginning. He stolen. Yeah. He the older kids. Get everything dog. You would know you are the older kid. It's not true, the younger kids everything. Only child. Mhm? That's my situation. Old yeller himself old yeller? Awesome dog. He's a good dog. He looked so fluffy. I really wanna pay out. Just like the becomes out of nowhere. And just as I live here now chasing a rabbit. And then like you find out he's doing all these like bad crooked things in the town. Travis tells them often sleeps out there with them and they chase raccoons which were by the way. Yeah. So many raccoons is it ever ending. I can't recommend faces or their hands when they walk. Their little butts up in Allegra monkeys. The like, I don't know. They're so cute eighty really late trek him. I love record. Gary we have raccoons hover sheds that are arm, and we were like putting new signing on it. And they didn't know they were like in the wall, and all of a sudden they like squealing instructing on the wall. My. We had a family of raccoons in my parents garage. They had babies the babies were really cute though, I had one we had one like two years ago. Our governor scans are right outside backdoor. I went outside with the trash can and like you have to reach over the the banister. But I didn't have to because it was open in Iraq who was staring at me like a little like peak it out. The crap out of and she screamed she was like. Don't expect it you. Anyway, old yeller. Honestly, like, you know, I think they said it in the movie to like never gonna find another dog lick him. He's just like one of kind mean he listens. Like, I said he's kind of human like, he's maker. But he listens. When you tell him. Today or? He did anything. He said he was super loyal like tech to them so many times awful. Yes. Clean him for help. Can we talk about when traffic was trying to catch the the hogs from the tree like first off what kind of weird stretch to that? And then he falls out and then Geller gets all cut up. And that was really sad. I think it was bud who gave him that idea to of course, it it definitely to wrangle them. Of course. It was. Yeah. Yeah. And poor yeller this rated and I felt terrible for Travis too. 'cause he's like legs almost up can't carry them back. Yeah. Hit them as best. He could. Yeah. Think ought did. Because those vultures were like after him. That was scary. And then who knew you could use a horse hair to stitch someone up. Yeah. Something new. Mommies Curry's around needle everywhere. She goes she's part surgeon. She does have mama. Coach was holding holding it down wall coats away. I do like I kinda wanna comment like just on their lifestyle. 'cause like when Muslims set. Eighteen hundred hundred mid eighteen hundreds of longtime ago, it's just really cool to like trying to put myself in that situation. Like this is legitimately. How people would live like you had you had a little drinking ponder like somewhere. You got drinking water? There wasn't running water. Right. Like you had to shoot your own food and hanging. There wasn't refrigeration. Just makes you really appreciate the fact that we do have those things. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. All right. We wanna go to favorite character and seen. Sure. Okay. Favorite character? I'm actually going to go with Arles because I thought he is hilarious. He's just like the little kid that never stops. He's like the little engine that could like he there's nothing in his way, he's gonna duty. Once he's got so much energy bouncing off the walls like literally, but he just loved old yeller. It was just like that really cute. Little kid pet relationship that I remember having with my parents dog Rover like Hugh, everything with me, he knew that whenever my mom gave me Cheerios. I dropped him on the floor. And he just follow me. Get around the house. So I just I don't know. I thought he was funny, and then the favorite my favorite scene is probably. I think it's whenever. I don't know. One scene. Well, I'm like going back and forth between a ton and just like. Because because like, it's sad. But I like how the scene was filmed. Whatever yeller is fighting the wolf, it looks really cool. It's sad seem obviously because well, I mean, I guess it's not be satisfied. Because like we don't at that point. No what's going to happen. Too old Gallard, but. I just like how it's filmed in the night. Also, like whenever I like whenever Lisbeth goes to give the puppies Travis, and he is just like doesn't care stock out and just like gives it to artists and he's like, oh, how cool. In the mom is like all right. I guess have like she doesn't care about another puppy. Like, my mom would scream to me gift that doggone here. I have another go. Redoing disney. Oh, sure. Yeah. That's fine. Okay. I see that their characters for our list nowhere because I'm like such a dog person. But yeah, I feel like I probably relate to our listen. I was like, whoa. Oh, yeah. But my favorite scene would be are the cowboy comes. He ends up. Trading dog for knee to older ninety seem like put it packing on and off people are just so nice. Rushing. I guess 'cause there's like not many seems about movie where it's like genuinely. What's your woods? Good. So my air character is old yeller because honestly, I hated Arles. So there's not really anyone else to choose from. And also, it will be with awesome. And I love dogs, and my favorite scene was what Geller and our lists are fishing, and they're like diving around in the water, and like his mom's Yellen, Adam and then yeller catches the fish ours is like they caught a fish and kept taking credit for all the things that. That was really that. He's was e o q he called the holy wasn't gallery. Yep. Totally wasn't yeller under like fair. Yeah. Yeah. Introverts gets mad Tolstoy. Yes. Hey, I feel like all this child though, that was like probably my reactions like my brother, I was like it's not how it happened. Got to be that older person. You know? My favorite character is old yeller of always been attracted to whatever the animal is a movie always rooted for that character. And I mean, he's just really cool. You know, he's a doggone good character. Oh, you're funny. My favorite scene raccoon seen. I mean. They're trying to steal that corn. And they're like. Nope. Chase them out. Super cute. All right. I don't know if we wanna just collectively answer. Lisa favorite. As when old yeller dies. Yeah. I think what made it so bad to is like the head that run in with the hogs, and they were fun. No. Yeah. And then here comes this wolf who has it and old yeller just doing what he does protecting them. Like, you did from the Baird from raccoons and everything else and the hogs and yet now, you know, and he goes what almost the fool like on like a month. Yeah. And he smiled, and it's like the like they're gonna let them out tomorrow Abbas goes defeat him. He's got it. It's really so artwork. Like, I could shoot on. Terry. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Right. Let kidde at to do a lot of growing up. Sorry. Go ahead. And also hit the ball voters feel like a really stupid reason that I'd like. Ovik towards bird, and I can't watch it. I'm like look like for peace. I mean as far as Virgo birds go there, pretty ugly, and I don't like her. Center failed any type of bird hurdles except a cardinal. That's right. Yeah. Okay. So what we took away from it. Love your pet. Like, they're your family because they are. It'll be a jerk to animal. Like. Yeah. Yeah. Anybody has anything different to say than that? But I'll say to cherish every moment. That's good. I said that growing up sucks, but you have to do it. Anyway. Yeah. But then you can just be a grownup kid. Yeah. Basically the same. I have like growing up in morning how to sacrifices like ordered. Yeah. Yeah. It is. You know, it's. It's something. That moment that we like new we had to grow up for something. I swear I've had like twenty moments. Like, oh, I grew today. But you know, we we all have something we can think of like. Yeah. That was a little different from the norm. Yeah. This kid took it to an extreme. Yeah. Really? Do we have any funnel thoughts on only Eller before? Move onto our Disney memory. I hope to never watched this movie. Honestly, I never thought I would. Sad. But I liked the movie I didn't fall asleep. And. I would recommend watching it once. But then you never have to move again after. Yeah. Yeah. Book it was part of school think fifth or sixth grade. And I remember loving the book. I haven't read it in a long time. I would like to read it again since watching this movie, but we have never watched the movie after we run it. I don't think that we ever had to read it. I think that we read when the Redfern grow a set of yeller, I think it was like they alternated those two books every other year, something we did all they want traumatizing. Yeah. So. Dog. Really hits you or hurts. We watched that movie. Yeah. We. My school. Most of apparently. We didn't read any books about dogs, and mice Foale is like little house on the fairing. Just so weird 'cause wearing in Canada. So. I read that one to put that's like the really thick one, right? Yeah. And I put him until I last minute. I was late for like, you know, seven year older over old. I was your old. Dumb. I don't know. I still do it. I've never learned. All right. Disney memory this week comes from Kelsey, Elizabeth. I'm gonna say. This one's a little bit of a tear Jerker. But it's a very good memory quit reading it. I'm about to read it ruin it. All right. So Kelsey says my Disney memory is a more recent one. I grew up a Disney kid, but had only been to Disney once as an adult in August, twenty sixteen might sister. Was diagnosed with breast cancer, she fought with all her might until she was informed. She was terminal in head maybe a week to live in October of twenty seventeen. My sister, the fighter said forget that and continued to fight in November. She her husband enforced. Children thirteen twelve four and two were gifted a trip to Disney for thanksgiving weekend. She invited anyone to come at night. Putting two thousand dollars on two credit cards to go with we spent thanksgiving weekend, Disney, and it was the most magical weekend ever. We had thanksgiving dinner at chefs mckie's and watching my nieces and nephews meet Mickey Mouse was magical. I forced everyone to wait in line to meet Elsa on only twenty minutes. Nice. We had a lunch of Cinderella's castle. And it was amazing throughout the trip. I washed my sister's health slowly slowly decline. She put everything she had into this trip was exhausted. Her health quickly declined a week later. She was again given weeks to live she entered hospice and on December fifteenth twenty seventeen having gained another angel that trip was absolutely magical. And I would have regretted every moment of my life. If I didn't go I'm still paying off my paying my credit cards off. But the memories are worth it as she says what I live by today is a beautiful day to be alive. I've included some pictures of the trip in you're more than welcome to share them on the page. So I've made a note for myself remember to go and get those photos because see that first of all it was very brave to share that story is a very magical story. And I love that. I love your sister's attitude, she's like, I'm not gonna let this control me. Right. We're gonna go and have fun and have this magical time with my family, and I love. That you still cherish now. And I'm sure that you will clearly you do and I'm sure the rest of her family cherishes those memories from that long weekend. Oh, yeah. So does he's a magical place, and you can make lots of good memories there. So even in hard times. Yeah. I'll say for both of us Riveria sorry for your loss. But I love that you keep her alive with you. Yeah. I liked it a lot. So thank you so much for sharing your story. And if anyone else would like to share their Disney story, please Email us at grownup kids podcasts. gmaiLcom anything? Disney related Senate. Our way be sure to feature it on a future episodes. So thank you. Steffan Caitlyn for joining us on the sad movie old yeller. Thanks for having us also doing because we relate, what's okay? You guys super nice about it? Feel like a sailor. What at the end, thanks for dealing with are scheduled to be. Everyone's such a trooper about it. I'm like why all the time for I can't even like. Like. Sue for dinner to perfect. Literally, always that person. Who's like I'm going on time. Everything's fine. And then like something happens like my cat throws up when I got a Clinton. Kick the water dish. It spills everywhere. And I gotta clean up. Like, something is always always hold with the cath. It always happens. All right. So grownup kiss can be found on pod bean. I tunes the Google play store, Stitcher. Tune in and Spotify. So make sure that you subscribe. So you can be sure to get her latest episode as soon as it's vailable. You can also find us in all of the social media platforms on Facebook where grownup kids Disney podcast and Twitter and Instagram or at grownup kids pod, you can also support us on patriots at patriotair dot com for its last grownup kids pod. Lastly, if you go on over to our Facebook discussion group, I've posted a document with our list of all of the movies that we're gonna be watching in order with availability to be on the show. So if you're interested in joining us on an episode, make sure that you check that list out in comment on the post, Email us or messages on Facebook. With what movies you're interested in joining us. I don't get your Malysz. So thank you so much for listening. Make sure to watch the light in the forest ahead of next week's episode. Owed and don't forget the dolts early to grown up. Anyway. Happy. Welcome. Disneyland is your land. Relive memories. And here you favor the challenge in promise of the future.

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