Episode 296: Just Sold Toronto Podcast. Luxury Real Estate Edition. June 5-12, 2020.


Welcome back! Doing the luxury, two million plus range just sold podcast at real estate podcast. Show DOT com. Welcome back to everyone who's listening. Obviously, this is the feature properties featured soultz. areas in the luxury, two million plus range. This is an area that I get requests for regularly as well as the top hundred condos and long offs in the top hundred home areas, so today I'm doing the review of the last. Sort of the top five areas that Seoul over the last week. The price range here is a little bit more than the others. So this is in the one point. Nine range as the last asking prices posted right up to a fourteen million, so this a pretty large range of properties but again. If you're in any of these areas, and you'll head over to real estate podcast. Show DOT COM Obviously you can follow along by going to real estate podcast show dot, com, backslash, two million dollar club and you'll actually be able to just kind of see that. list of property that's available, and that's what I'll be scrolling through online as. I'm talking about what has sold so in the number one spot with the total amount of souls in this price range was the forest hill south area, so in the Forest Hill South area. again this is one that was also on another list of mine this week. So what you'll see when we scroll over to Forest Hill, which is coming up over here? Forest Hill South there we are, so you look at the area here and see of course where where this is Dina Saint Clair area and you're going to be looking at again. Obviously, some incredible properties here any time We're doing our ten foot tours, which again is safer way? To make sure that you guys are seeing properties again whether it's the modern homes whether it's the mansions, whatever it is that you want to see I wanna make sure that you see them safely, and of course that you see them with the right set of is. Most importantly, if you have a property in any of these top five areas, go right over to podcast dot. Free home values dot net. Register. And see how your property compares to the the most recent souls in that area wherever you are so that you can get a really good honest review of where you are now and find out if you are again of the twenty nine I believe that sold in the two million plus this week. YOU WANNA. find out maybe where you're sitting in case it's. It's time to You know trade up trade down trade out of town. Whichever one you're doing with chicken obviously is It varies depending on your personal situation. the next one on the list is Lawrence Park South, and again in the Lawrence Park South area. There's always an incredible variety of properties here and of course, this is young and Lawrence area. So you'll see the Lawrence Parks South area pop here on the screen when you are. Searching on real estate podcast show dot COM and you'll be able to see a variety of different properties all different price ranges, and all different quality as well. That's really important You might be a more conventional more You know like you'd like the old style of homes, or you might like the modern once whichever one you are looking at, and you might be in the position where some of my clients are moving from there. One million dollar homes up to the two million range Some of these sold properties are doing that in in various parts of the city You WanNa find that out and see if any of these dream properties might be the one. For you depending on? Of course you know where you are looking what you WanNa do and again. This is why it's important that you connect with me. Personally real estate podcast show dot. com is the easiest way to do it. area number three is Rosedale so again will be staying downtown for this particular discussion, and of course here it is Rosedale Moore Park and there was three property sold here in the two million plus range, so you'll see when I scroll down to that area. You'll see what's available again. These are again always some of the most memorable tours that I've done over the years in this area so much history so many greats. People that have join me on these tours you know people from all walks of life, which is just an incredible part of my job is I get to meet so many of you and hear the stories behind these home so when I'm talking to you guys in these neighborhoods I'm not really talking about the the usual. Bedrooms and bathrooms I'm talking to you about who lives behind those doors why they live there. telling you know those Kinda stories that's to me the storyteller thing why I'm doing the podcast It's the most natural progression the next one after that is the Saint Andrew Winfield's. And side as sort of the tie for two properties for to souls in those areas so obviously. I'm going to make sure that you know when you guys are again on my websites. Real Estate PODCASTS SHOW DOT com. And you're looking for all these properties. I WANNA. Make sure that you guys get all the best possible again detail, so if you want, you can go right up to listing status. Choose sale, soul, rent or rented depending on what you're looking at, but as far as lease I'd goes and again just looking at what's actively there you'll see a range of properties in the two and three million range and of course depending on. If you WANNA be there I'll also be able to show you well. If you like that property, whichever one that is there's a similar one. You know a few blocks over in this neighborhood. Maybe you might WANNA consider and that's really. Really, the important part about doing the walking tours with me. It's not about just getting out, and of course getting vitamin, D and getting sunshine and being you know one on one to me. That's irreplaceable. The they'll never be anything quite as good as so if you are against serious about your luxury property, or perhaps moving up to one make sure that your head over right now to real estate podcast show dot com and I hope that you're already part of my hundred million dollar Toronto real estate podcast challenge where I can create from any price range that you want to start. I want to create one hundred millionaires in twenty twenty I. Really WanNa do this. And I, want to make sure that again. Those of you who are just starting could be just your first condo could be you and three others that have decided to get together to start so one day you might be able to move into one of these properties again it takes time. These are not usually first time buyer properties just like you know homes and condos. A lot of them are for the most part are usually you know the better choice to start off with and sort of work your way up. Is the wrap up for the luxury. Two million plus market. Thanks for tuning in, and we'll see you next week for the next update on the just soul podcast show.

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