Morons: Bears like VRBO too! 5-13-20


We've got him to individuals. Some people leave Sherry. You're more it's morons in the news. A guy in Montana was arrested the other day for marijuana possession and he was wearing a t shirt that quote drug-free just ran out yesterday. I have his mugshot. I'll do you have to really yup. Yup what is it? What does he look like? What is what you do? Look like he looks like a guy that actually picked up that shirt at goodwill because he just needed a shirt and He outlived drug-free. Trust me he looks like he's been on a seven day. Bender Cup saw that went up to we. Speak to you for a minute. Sherry this woman in Houston Texas. I did not make more of the day because what she did is so awful. There was a military flyover to commemorate seventy fifth anniversary of the day and so the flyover was go right over. Houston National Cemetery. Where so many veterans are own laid to rest and so the cemetery was it was filled with dozens and dozens and dozens of people gathered there to watch the flyover and to commemorate the day so after the flyover was finished. There's a traffic jam trying to get out of the cemetery. So this being I got inter minivan and decided that she wasn't GonNa wait and traffic. So she mowed down dozens of veterans headstones with her minivan as she tried to get around the traffic. No sheets are you kidding me. They were veterans headstones. Dozens of them and there is people were yelling. Stop Stop She just kept doing it. A woman approach the band and was telling her. Look what you're doing you're desecrating these graves. Stop it and the woman was just weekly unfazed she was being shouted at. She knew she was being photographed and video was was rolling and she just. She was just knocking. She was not sitting in traffic because she's by God in America and she's going to do what she's GonNa do when she's going to do it and how she's going to do it didn't make the more on of the day even though there's video because it made me as a fat military family made me sick. Made me sick to think of her driving over veterans grade. They got her got her though right. The police arrested her They were they still had not identified her as of late in the afternoon. So hopefully as I'm saying this they figured out. Who is they have to find this woman? If I were the judge I put her in jail for a year. It is it is appalling. You know what's so like unsettling about it to me. She did what she did even though she she's people were yelling enrolling video. She just didn't freaking care at all. I don't know what it is with some of our fellow Americans these days that they just feel that I can do whatever I want. There are no rules. You're not going to tell me what to do. I just don't get it I don't either. It's terrible and these are you're there okay let me. I can't even. I'm so sideways. I can't even get the words out. You are there to commemorate the sacrifice that these veterans made seventy five years ago. And so there you are. Oh you're such a Patriot. And then as soon as it's over took minivan and take out their gravestones. Are you kidding me? It's just horrible horrible story too but I didn't get all the details. That's something now let's Let's get the taste out of our mouth of from what she did and more on of the day. Today is horrible. Video Group of vacationers. Got It a bear. Broke into their Tennessee. Rental cabins cabins ransacked the place and stole their candy. Beer through diet coke allergy pills because it's a little hay fever going on earth. It's like the three bears. How did the bear getting it forced? Its way through a locked door to women ran and hid into the bedroom wall. Bear was ransacked. He getting there. Are you ready? Reese's peanut butter cups eminem. Sour patch kids potato chips. Fear Diet Coke and Zertec while the bear was scooping all that stuff out wait. Three more bears were holding out on the bornes. They're smarter than the average bear. That's Tennessee Wildlife. Resource spokesman said boy. This isn't typical bear behavior. Thank okay we've got the video text the Word Moron. Two eight eight two six to seven four. Three seven will send it right to your phone and when you do that you're automatically registered to win a bottle of people make me. Sick are very five in sherry hand. Sanitizer it's Bob and Sheri.

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