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So you know, that you're getting people that know what they're talking about it. So if you're looking to get fit, they have amazing edibles that'll get you super energized for your Ryan or CBD pain sticks. Your muscles are sore. And like I said they have amazing products for anxiety and stress as well. So if you guys want to check out madman in two thousand nineteen user code leading at checkout for ten percent off your first order again. That's when you check out see the word lady, gang and get ten percent off your first purchase, terms and conditions apply. Keep out of reach of children for use only by adults twenty one years and older. Podcast one presents the lady gang. The Hollywood girl posse with lady gang quickey. Here's Kelty night. Becca Tobin and Jack Vanik let's make this quick. Hello. Hello. And welcome to the late again. Quickey? I am Becca here. Healthy guys. Why are you guys ready for New Year's quote? Yeah. Okay. It's time because we're starting off twenty nineteen with a big nice beginning. Not that. I thought. Okay. Randy you always know that we're going to start recording these you should find. I know she's all up in our asses to start recording. And then she takes a million years to get healthy literally for the past five minutes. She's like, I guess I'll just sit here loan in to nothing, then I guess you could have found your quote that you've bookmarked. Okay. Are you ready? Yes. This is. Oh, sorry. Why are he says, okay? It's so many complaints about the dogs Dale away. Now, we do ready. Brave girl. Promise me, you will not shrink yourself in order to make others feel comfortable that wants for you shackling actually kind of like that one. You do tell me why let's get into it. Let's unpack this. I like when motivational quotes, are inspirational quotes aren't to metaphorical. So something you can just take him. Be like, okay. Have you ever shrunk yourself to fit in with other losers? Yeah. Of course, I am the loser. People shrink down four. That's not true. I'm pretty sure on ninety nine percent. That's the way that works shrunk myself down for like all of my twenty s and then I was like well this, and that's why I only have like five FRANZ now. Yeah. And you're like cut the bullshit cut it out that. Okay. Oh my God. We're already starting out. I'm trying to be more positive, you know, and accepting and nice twenty nine till it's gonna. To be a good year for me, you guys. Okay today when we come back what I'm so excited about this. So I'll tell you a little bit of a story. And then we'll come back. So every year this is well, okay. Can't talk. Okay. So way, we will be back in twenty ten I moved to Los Angeles. And I was living up the street from Christina Perri who has already living here, and it was like close to New Year's, and we were sort of hanging out on my verandah of my shitty apartment that I shared with two people, and we're both like I'd kind of recently retired from dancing, and she her music career is like doing nothing and genuine played any shows or anything, and we're both like what the hell are we doing with our lives? We looked out. So the capital records building. And we're like we should write a letter to the universe in like, really set our intention. So that year the first ever letter to the universe. I wrote like quit DIKO get bangs like stop waiting. Stay stop dating. And Christina was like she went in. She liked what balsa while it was like play three shows meet Jason Miranda's get a record deal like really lofty goals that at the time. We're looking at each other like oh thunder for comes true global. You'll ever meet Jason Morad. I'll never meet Jeeva we ever diet coke. Yeah. Exactly. So then we hung them up on our mirrors. And we looked at them everyday for the year. And it was the year that Christina recorded jar of hearts, and I gave it to my friend Stacy Tuckey who was a Kroger for she used it on. So you think you can dance it went to number one that night that was back when like that many people were watching. So you thinking ads Christina signed a record deal. She played like three hundred shows she met Jason Mraz flew to London wrote songs with him thought. She maybe maybe it was a love with him for like a second. And that was like, I don't even like, I don't even want Jason. Whereas like he was like the most amazing year. So everything on her list happened like it was I remember the for summer eating sushi together, and like I was teaching dance. So I had a little bit more money, and I would always buy lunch. And she was like I've got this because she had gotten this like record advance from Atlantic. And it all gets deposited into your Bank account like one day to go from having like minus twenty dollars to legs zero zero zero. There's like crazy anyway. So then from. Then on we were like, we always have these letters to the universe. So for the last decade every end of the year. I write this list soda, she? And we always no matter where we are in the world, or where we've been in our friendship, like sometimes some years, our friendship has been stronger than other years, we always send each other this thing. So last year I made the goal of that I really wanted to be on entertainment tonight came true. And I really wanted us to have a television show, and it also came true. There's some things on my list that did not come true. But every year I like to write this list. So I know you guys think this is bunk. But I put some categories together of things that we could manifest, and I thought we could talk about our manifestations of what we want for twenty nine hundred and everyone listening to this podcast can also like look at these categories and kind of think about what they want to manifest, and we can do a group late again manifest for the. Okay, great. When we come back. We all know that Walt DisneyWorld is the perfect escape when you're a kid. But now as an adult unit you can experience while DisneyWorld in an entirely new way from. The excitement of after hours events to cool drinking options, which I love. Now's the time to find your happy place at Walt DisneyWorld you can discover a side of Disney that you've never seen including foodie dining, which I also love unique shopping and other magical experiences at Disney springs, you can indulge in seasonal events throughout the year. Like Epcot international festival the arts and Epcot international flower and garden festival. Relive the nostalgia of Disney or create some new memories. There's so many cool tractions and characters that bring your childhood to life and new experiences that you can appreciate even more as an adult. You can enjoy classic attractions you loved as a kid like space mountain, which was my fav-. Magic kingdom and test track at Epcot conquer that mountain trifecta of space mountain splash mountain and big thunder mountain. Magic kingdom again. And you can even take an up up a notch and add on expedition Everest at Disney's animal kingdom, so go check out Walt Disney World and live your best life, all your friends at podcast one. Thank you for a wonder. Twenty eighteen and we hope twenty nineteen is even better hates Adam parole up. This is Heather Dubrow from Heather grows world, HD balls from Steve Joel. Hey, this rob Riggle Sarah Tian from eagles picks. This is Kaitlyn bristowe from off the vine. This is Kelsey from the lady gang. Happy new year from podcast. The lady gag so the categories are. I just want to give them because some of them might overlap love self-care money business home family, something silly like for me, grow banks or get things or grow my hair health, which is not the same as self care and travel. You didn't have career on there. That's business. Okay. But yeah career we could do business career business and career separately. Notice this. It's it is the same businesses like late again business. But I thought that was too one sided so not everyone has a business. So what do you guys want to start with we start at the bottom travel? That's an easy one travel, whereas one place that you'd like to visit this year. I want to go to Thailand because I had a very tumultuous situation happened about a trip about going through. And it never happened. So I'd like to finally make the happen for me because no one ever been. No, I've never been you really thrive over thrive in Thailand. Thailand bali. But yeah, I want to because I had such a bad taste in my mouth from like a situation that happened with it that would like to reset it and go on my own terms. I love that. Nice. This is gonna sound stupid. But that's the thing here lists it. Nothing is too stupid. My travel goal is to only get on an airplane unless I'm if I'm truly passionate about what's coming. Oh, sometimes I feel like I'm guilted into taking trips and feel like, yeah, I should do this. But what I find about myself is that even if it's the most amazing place in the world, if I'm not in a place to enjoy it like, here's the thing. That's probably TMI. But like our honeymoon. I was not in a space mentally in like with my career to be able to be like peace out two weeks. I'm going to go. It was a great time. Time. But I wish that I could actually take that trip. I was so stressed. I had like a panic attack on the plane 'cause I just was like we can't afford to be doing this right now. Like, what are we thinking? I need to be in LA getting a job like not like. So my goal for travel is just to make sure I'm doing it for the right reasons. What about Kelty I love that? I'm like jumping on this Iceland that everyone's doing oh. I to go. I know. But I I I know I really I slammed air I have felt strongly that my next vacation needed to be a beach vacation because I just need to go chill out. So I actually think I need to go see some nature. So I'm putting Iceland on my list for this year. I don't have any vacation days because I've used them up to shoot late again TV, but the block you know, what? Okay. What about health? Health. I would like to start working out for once in my life. Oh, what kind of work? You know? What if he did like plot is once a week? We'll see I used to work out like all the time. I used to be obsessed with going to the gym. I'd go for like two hours a day. But that's also when I was in a really like unhealthy mindset when it came to learn moderation. Yeah. That's the thing. It's like you don't have to go every day. Just go once a month. My best time is like when I was doing hot yoga because for me that was such like, a mental and emotional thing that I would go when I was feeling especially anxious are going through a hard time. So that's kind of like, my happy workout. Okay. And it's also very trying on your body. Yes. While I'm like, a really good workout. You know, they say aging is the loss of flexibility. That's how like the medical profession defined. It's not by like, your organs getting rotten or your wrinkles. It's like as you lose, mobility and flexibility. That's how they decide an age. So interesting for my health this year, I'm gonna quit diet coke. The just putting that on every year. Yeah. I just need to be healthier in general. Okay. That's not really how manifesting work's gotta like really visualize and saying, but I'm going to give you a passion this probably get back into yoga to okay because you were in it for then you went to berries. I did an alternating Mary's yoga. I did. Sure. Oh, if you ever gone to Moto, we talk I have I don't like Moto as much as I like core. Okay. We are not going together. Family. See mine, I know right away. I need to see my niece and nephew more. They're like their skit there. Little kids schedules are so filled that I do everything last minute because I don't know my schedule and by the time like, hey, can I see the kids tomorrow, it's like Saturday, and they're like, oh we have birthday parties all day like it's not impossible. But like they're at the age wiped should be having them over for sleepovers and closer to my niece and nephew fairly guilty. You there in Burbank. Oh my gosh. Oh, yeah. My family. My extended family is all over the country. But I mine is kind of similar in the sense that we have a family group chat that all of my cousins, you know, post pictures of their kids or whatever and a lot of the time. I let it kind of terrible. We'll have it on mute. That's the problem. I have it on mute, and that I miss all these things people are sending and then it's been too late for me to go back and read everything so I'd like to be more present. Because for me. It's like I'm not getting to Denver and Philly New York City, whatever that often does watch my family grow up. So a lot of it is like via digital anti deleted my Facebook. So I have no idea what's going on. So probably to be more present. I like that max. Yeah. I mean, I need to spend more time in Atlanta next year for sure this year, but the fan k what about home? I mean, I need to buy a house. Do you? I mean, I'd like to don't think you do know why there's no reason for you to buy a house Jack why because it's just a waste of money. Spent ten thousand dollars fixing my hole in my roof. It's a jumble goddamn money pit. I can't buy a house in the place at wanna live anyways. Exactly. Well, I don't know. I think you have to buy a home until you like right where you wanna be where you wanna be with who. Well, I wouldn't want to buy a home unless I was like with somebody that I could go on with because again, it's like I'm not gonna be able to buy a house and Brenna del ri-. Yeah. Exactly. That's not like the size of a bathroom. I'm going to complete my backyard renovation with an infrared sauna a hot tub and outdoor T V O because I want to be able to watch late again TV in my hot tub. And I want a lot of outdoor fountains. I can go in my backyard 'cause I live right by the one on one freeway, and it's very loud, and you can hear water, and then I can hear I haven't infrared sauna that. I'm not used since I've lived there because it's missing apart. And I just. Or is it damn it? It's if you walk out the back door to you. Think I knew that you had that brand new puts never been can you fix that? I'll come over hard sauna get the part. It's like four hundred dollars. Okay. Let's do a few more podcasts. Sponsors about love. Oh, jesus. I had. Oh, no. I need to find a good guy. I think I did I always on a psychopath. My problem is like I've been so tainted from my past like, even your taint. No. Did they say taint I've been so tainted is that even the right way of using that were? Yeah. Yeah. Tainted love, but like everybody's been scorned in from their touch my baby Tang. Tang. But it's hard for me like even dating like such a wonderful person. There are so many thoughts in my head that I'm like, am I still being duped? Like, how can I trust this person with somebody that I've known for like ten years still I get terrified about it? So I guess maybe like what that's the thing that me up. The most about men is that usually the most charming ones are the worst, humans are the absolute I I know from experience, you know, this. Yeah. No. But it's I don't know. So I think for me is letting my guard down a bit if I can trust somebody like to find that person. A nice, man. And maybe you just need to tell the person that you're dating like, listen, I'm going to do things like go through your phone, and I'm gonna ask to see your Email because I'm scarred. And I I don't even it's not even like, I've never like intention its intention, and it's almost like my own self doubt my own instincts. If you had gone through voldemort things, you would have seen the truth. That's the thing. I never did. You need to do that. Yeah. You need to do that. I went through Chris's phone for the first year, we dated because I was so scarred. Really see I don't I don't with him. I don't feel like like I need to. But maybe I need to. I don't probably I don't think that you do need to. I don't. I don't think there's not. Yeah. You know, what are you gonna live with literally be like love letters written to me? So I know won't you feel good. When you find those probably we're giving her the worst advice ever. We are. That's why we're on the lady gang becka. What's yours? I just. Love. To not get worse than it is. Wow. It is January third, ladies and gentlemen. I mean, not that. It's not bad. But like I feel like there's a steady decline each year. You're married. I'm happy with where we are. Yeah. I just want to keep it consistent this. Yeah. I probably need to have sex more often with my husband me to who doesn't ever. It's never enough though. I know never enough never enough. I was laying in bed with Chris the other night, and he was listening to old voice messages that I had left him. And then he saves and I was like, so cute. It was like four years ago. And I was like, hey, Chris. It's your birthday. It's your beautiful wife calling to say, I love you why. Because you're so special Ivan left a voicemail like that in like five years. So I was so nice. And like, I just think like, I really not a great wife. So I wanna like not on my thing. I'm not good. I'd like fin kind do a really good thing. If I'm like, hey, when you're on the way home, I'll put some dinner in the oven for you. My question is did you used to be like super sappy and sentimental because like I am the the biggest sappy sentimental person. And then the guy that I'm dating also is and I wonder like does that just fade when you have are with each other just get lazy? It's like, it's you're always like that. They're not a priority anymore. It's half fight for who. I have two hours to write you a card. No, I don't even get you a card in the same anniversary card in my desk drawer for like years. Yeah. Two years. Yeah. That I've just not written him a card any at all yet. Who years, exactly? So think you just kinda now I feel like I'm superstitious about it. Like, I'm not going to. Chris CDs like way for stay dating. You give me like a mix CDs. Okay. But like, I'm more nine more. Okay. What about self care? This one's important health care. Philip. I'm pretty good at this one. Get more green scrubs. Yeah. I'm great at this one. Okay. I think for myself care probably has become more being. Yeah. Which I think that I've done this year like a really have especially for our TV show like somehow the effect of our TV show on my like self image is that threat. We're body image. Whatever is probably reverse of what it usually happens to people that go on TV. You're like, so you think you're pretty I won't. No, I don't. But I like don't cry every time I see myself on camera. Like, I don't know if I've talked about this on the podcast, but I went to go see your media coach. Yeah. Before you have. And we did this is before we started filming the TV show because in my head. I'm like, I there's some weird like part of my body just Warfield that I had this reaction when I see myself on video, the I burst into tears, and like, I think I look my face is melting off. So as doing this thing with your media coach. Suzanne. And that's what happened like when I was in there with her something's wrong with me. But once for some reason wants the show was on air, Mike, there's something about like not having any control over it that Mike it is what it is. Can't do anything about it. And also, it's like, I think with Instagram and everything it's so you try to perfect everything you put out there. So when somebody else's the one that's putting it out there. I'm like, oh, well, so far so good on the show, and you look gorgeous, and you should feel really proud of yourself like two thousand eighteen was the year of like TV debut. Also, we're really lucky that we get to like choose how we do our hair in our makeup. Yup. Like that's a big difference too. Right. Dressing. No one's dressing you. And no one's like you do class. Somebody who's dressing really threw me for. Oh, I bet. I bet to self care for me. I am going to try to go out into nature more often because I am a homebody, and I will really sit at home like if I don't have to leave my house, I won't for like three days. So I wanna try to like take a walk with. Yeah. With like the dog and just like hike on the weekends. If I ever have spare time, I just want to like get out into nature. I think it's going to be this is like twenty nine hundred a year of nature. I think it's gonna be really good on my soul to just like see some trees and some sun. That's what the tarot card reader told you to do. Oh, yeah. You're right. You gotta do some barefoot walk in the energy of the guitar around. You know, what I get pissed about every year that I live in California. And I never go to the beach. Never I've been to the beach twice since I've really you. I still going off. And I'm literally live on the water. We need to go to the beach together. Okay, or discount the beach together. Okay. Money. I'm going to delete all my shopping apps. Oh god. Because I have this thing where when my life is out of control. I think that I can like like what do I do at night? When I I'm calming down online shopping on real real. And then I and then I'm on Nordstrom. And then I'm on revolve. And I'm just like, I don't need any more stuff. I knew nothing really helped me with shopping. I did a whole year where my resolution was to not buy clothing. And how was it amazing? And I swear to God, I still even now that I allow myself to do it. I don't do it that often. 'cause I realized that I could go whole year. I think there was like one occasion that I like had a black tie something. And I didn't actually have something in my closet, and it wasn't something. I could borrow it was one like I would only let myself do it. If I was stuck. I absolutely needed something. And it was I cured 'cause I date so yeah. But this was before oh the debt was based. Just paying for lighthouse. Yeah. And like the house and renovations it was on my manifest list last year to do no personal shopping and I lasted like six weeks. And then I went back. Do you think we should try? I think we should also you can also do a no spend month like they say like, no, spend February and no spend November. So it's like you just do one month as a goal them doing that all the time. Yeah. Okay. Okay. We're almost out of time. Let's do a silly. So. Have did, you know before we run out of time that I did make a manifest list for this year for two thousand eighteen and I made inspired by me. It was really cute and had all these little illustrations on it. Yeah. So if you want an Australian manifest list, that's actually cute. Okay. But what was on yours reposted unscramble that a lot of it like had like money like specific like dollar amounts. That's like tacky. Yeah. But it was like certain goals for my clothing line, which did not hit because they didn't have a website for like three months leading TV show yet number of subscribers for my other podcasts. Oh, I'll make more international trips did not hit it because we've been Bill Maher show. Self care is just like it was a lot of like basic stuff and a lot of money driven like goal stuff. But I did make one I love it. I don't think ever told you about it beca. You have a silly. Really? I can't I really can't get my car fixed. Finally. Oh, okay. That's really silly. I would like to you know, I always have one that has about my hair. Yeah. Wait, I wanna stop texting and driving. Oh, that's such a good one. That's very important too. But this isn't silly mine is being more proactive about like fixing practical shit. So like, for example, the bluetooth has been in my car for like three months, and I keep putting it off putting it off and like with returns out we'll keep putting them off and then the return window closes, and then I'm stuck with a nightstand. That it didn't want so being more practical with duck with the nightstand. I've been I'm on like my fourth nightstand. But I need to be more proactive with practical shit and not let stuff side by I want to grow my bangs out. So that the same length is my hair good for you. That's it. Okay. On that note. I hope all of. Lady gang is so inspired. What are you going to do this year for love self-care money home family, something silly for health for travel? Think about it send us a text or GM or Twitter on our digits or digits, and we're so excited to hear for the lady gang resolutions. I love the so much. Thank you guys for humoring me. And we are so excited that you can follow us athlete a gang at beca Kelty at Jack Vanik, and we Nope. No not here for a long time here for a good time. Bye. Escalated quickly. Thanks for joining us on lady gang quickey. Check out new episodes of lady gang every Tuesday. And more quickies every Thursday on podcast one dot com. The podcast one app and apple podcasts. We hope you enjoyed this episode of the lady gang podcast, make sure to subscribe on itunes Spotify or wherever you listen to your podcast. We post new shows each Tuesday and Thursday in between keep in touch with us at the lady hang on, Twitter and Instagram and come on over to your Facebook page dust that old baby off and join our super secret Facebook group, just search the lady gang in groups and answer three trivia questions about us. So we know you are real member of the lady gang and not a bought and then you'll be in. You can also follow us to on our personal accounts. Mostly me at Kelty at Becca and at Jack Vanik, and if you really miss us been Dr TV show on the app or YouTube until we return to your TV sets on Sunday nights in March. And if you want late again merch wanna know about lady boxes or submit an Esa late again question head on over to our website the lady game dot com, and while you're there sign up for our Superfund newsletter. All right cenex time. AP radio news. I'm Tim Maguire the partial government shutdown over border issues, not likely to end until Friday at the very earliest Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell on the floor speech says the House Democratic plan to vote on funding eight shuttered departments. And continuing funding for the department of homeland security and the next month without an increase for President Trump's border law won't fly one partisan vote in the house. Tomorrow was not going to solve anything. I made it clear to the speaker. We're not interested in having show votes in the Senate. We're interested in bringing up something houses passed sixty senators we'll support and the president will sign. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer accuses Republicans and the president of holding federal workers and the public hostile hope that they will not use the American people the millions who depend on these eight departments and the. Workers who are either not working or not getting paid as hostages to have a temper tantrum pound the table and say, it's our way. Well, we heard all these people the partial shutdown now in his twelve day has furloughed about four hundred thousand federal workers with a similar number working without pay an announcement made after the closer trade today is likely to have an impact when the markets open tomorrow. Warren Levinson explains apple CEO, Tim cook sent shareholders letter saying revenue for the fourth quarter will be around eighty four billion dollars well below the ninety one billion Wall Street had been expecting the biggest factor is a slowdown in the demand for new iphones, especially in China where the economy has been slowing and domestic brands are starting to capture some market share cook said the president's tariff war with China doesn't help although it hasn't directly affected apple yet company. Shares had already fallen by third since early October. They fell again in post.

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