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I gone with mario lopez up your own. Mario lopez joining me right now. Some friends of mine tori spelling and jennie garth great to see you ladies. You look wonderful. How are you emails now. This is cool. You've launched this podcast together. Nine hundred two. Omg clever title. And you're basically re watching the entire series right and commenting as you go along you. Posited how does it work. So i mean we initially were best friends in real life and we want it to do Of you know we wanted to work together. We love being prints in real life. We raise our families together. We just want to keep working together. It's the podcast generation. Is you know so we just wanted to do kind of a girlfriends one on kind of how you know. Our journey together and going through every aspect in decade applies together and then we decided to blend that through the fans with re watching it which we both have done since we made the show after watching the you have a favorite episode. We haven't watched yet. You have done it yet. Started signing early. Do it with the fans and got it. So does you're watching with them interesting. Okay and then we'll talk about during that episode. What happened behind the seats. All gone. okay. So do you have a favorite episode before you start watching them and then we'll see if it matches later the thing with me is i don't remember much init- ally but No i'm the same way. I have a hard time remembering what happened last week. So here was zedek So we're excited to just start beginning and watch I think it's going to be a fun ride. Just because i've never done that. I don't know we've never sat down and watched it. I've never been one to wash my own work. My own shows or whatever. Sure so we're going to do it and that the gun far enough removed in age that it'll be okay. Yeah it's going to be a fine. It's going to be a fun experience. I'm sure there's going to be a lot. Oh my god. Oh my god look at that outfit. We'll be a lot of that. Hey what was up with jessica alba claiming the no i contact thing you guys you guys kind of put her in check or what was it. What was the whole deal. Did i miss here that we are surprised to hear it about it. Yeah it came left field to I think that. I think i think what have i don't know who knows i wasn't there so i have no idea what that was about. We we actually would love to find out his. It's actually bothering us because we felt right. It's bothering me okay. Here's the deal. So mario when. I was on saved by the bell. I was a guest star and bickerstaff. Yes he will. Great went out of your way to make everyone feel welcome and that set me up for what i did nine when i was like. It's really hard on a hit show coming in. So i never wanted to be that girl. We always were welcome to our guest stars. Walk me so it was kind of shocking for night to hear that she felt that way didn't come from us. But we're like maybe someone you know an ad or someone had mentioned that to her but were horrified stuck with her all these years and we'd love to get to the bottom of and knowing you girls for for so many years i- hundred percent no wasn't youtube in front of the cazenove casserole very cool. To sometimes these things take on like little urban legends of their own and someone hears something something else speeding on say by the have quick question. Mario told us that he took you on. A date wants to universal and he lost his car we sell it found it. Do you know where it is. I can't believe you brought that up and can't punch you later so embarrassing. Sell them but jenny heard about it for the first time. I'm about to choke you. Wanna date and mario remember you know what's funny story. I remember the movies that we were debating watching back then. Sure you don't remember. It's like a romantic. We'll we're working together. So i took her out took it was done. Streets no loved jetty. Come on. This is far backwards. You know what movies you know what the movies were as he knows my husband. No we were teenagers. Justify it just got in my car. I picked you up. Maybe you weren't driving. That's how you pick me. I forgot about the favor report. Didn't even know how to get to the valley right. I was living in studio city universal parked car. I don't remember what movie we saw. But we could find the car afterwards. And i think someone did they find it or no. I think my mom's security guard had to come pick you up so impact. So you're a so-called sorry but it was so embarrassing. The reason i remember the movies. And maybe this is. Why wasn't it wasn't like super romantic everything. Because i'm gonna tell you why i remember this. I don't know why the movies that came out that week were ghost and die hard and i was like come on tori. Let's see die hard. Because if i was really trying want to see ghosts right of dyer and i was like you really try because you were. Maybe we just work together. I was trying to be a gentleman. You know respectful respectful brought dammit. We should of did ghost. Sc frazier go there. I was seven. Remember that story. And i was so embarrassed. I'm like you know people are like dates. Gone wrong i was like. Oh my god. I just got my license. I couldn't remember where i parked couldn't get up like embarrassed. I should remember. I was in berry has told us that story. I was so embarrassed. He says that france take the responsibility. I don't even think about putting on you. You should not be embarrassed at all. You pick me up that right there a busy. Although although i do kinda wanna know what did you think of die hard so stupid i can't. He was really cute. Because i would never turn into the best interview back to you guys. That was fun. The deviate back to you guys. Well we all have kids and obviously during this pandemic they have been able to go to school. Have you been handling the home schooling thing. And how they've been handling it. I'm lucky my girls are all older. So that's right. Take care of themselves and do their school independently. And i can't imagine what it must be like for a tour and for everybody else. Had these young kids will accept before. You're welcome to come over anytime. Anti danny gans and school them. It's hard i mean you know. I mean you're working a lot like coordinate has to deal with it it's just like it's madness and my three year old's not in school but the other four. They're like no distractions. Please go to a separate room. Well that's not always the case. And then the second to second youngest like the eight nine year old. They need health. And if i'm working it's hard to be there. I'm i'm failing is what's happened the work that they're doing. I don't do that. no exactly. well thank you. It's comforting to know when they changed math. They just mocks this. It's it's awful our lady everything you computer google everything before i let you go. I'm gonna put you on the spot with some quick questions. Quick answers okay. We'll just go back and forth here favorite thanksgiving side dish we celebrate. Thanks so do you really. What was that agreeing. What god green bean bundles that. I have everything for thanksgiving. And she comes over and it. Never seth is cooked. We go either way you and your what needs to be cooked ingredients. Food comes over with a youth. It's going to be on time. That's awesome that's awesome favorite. Tv show you've been during quarantine at nine hundred. Eighty eight say all. But when i watched a darcy stacey you watch your they have their own show mason boo. I can't believe you watch it. Like she does not like the types of shows. She's watching them lately. So i'm very proud of her very prouty jenny. Last one to midnight snack is hers is oh so disgusting applesauce with peanut butter mixed into ooh ooh. I don't wanna knock. It might be about like brad or the apple gone. Oh also it's just a different version. I even know what yours are. What doritos roman concern right. Yeah magma baggage arenas in my tv. That's a good night. But no i wouldn't. That's awesome together for a while. And i got to be the late night snacking first hand like results of it the next day or the next week. We bowl sitting around days. I've learned a lot makes you it devolve so on the show like we've been best friends for thirty years but we've never lived together. Sure on the show. We were roommates at the beach. Apartment for cpa all season a lot of seasons of nine. Oh two one oh so it was our first time during be h nance when last summer that we actually did live together in real life and we saw a whole different side to each other but still worked out. We still love each other. She's like i think. I left the the things around the bother you because you're so. Ocd about cleaning little odd couple situation. I like it. I like it hundred percent or you've now got me very for the podcast. I'm sure it's going to be highly entertaining. So nice to catch up with the girls. And congratulations in tori. I apologize yet again. Both from my producer and for not being able to find your car three years ago. That was out to all go. Viral with frazier is now like i forgot about it but now that we've talked about it now. It's like i'm like. How could i have done that date differently. I know i could've. We could've watch ghost. Water probably would have gotten naughty afterwards. All romantic and everything could have done it differently. You shouldn't driven. Because i couldn't remember where our way exact young were. Oh my god are so old all right you. Checkout journey guards tori spelling's podcast nine. Oh two one. Omg right now on iheartradio or wherever you stream your podcast. Love your girls. Thanks for checking. In your view. On with mario lopez.

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