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WWE vs WCW - New World Order | 4


It's the evening of Monday September Timber Eleventh Nineteen ninety-five and across America. Wrestling fans are on tenterhooks last week. WCW Monday nitro exploded bloated onto TV screens and power slam WWF winning announced on live television at one of its biggest stars lex Luger had defected to WCW he w now it's round two but this time WCW's Nitro doesn't have the airwaves to itself tonight. It goes who's head to head with. WWF Monday night raw for the first time as showtime approaches WWF boss Vince Vince McMahon and his top aides gather around TV WWF headquarters in Stamford Connecticut after last week's upset they're keeping an eye on the competition but being man's not worried tonight's edition of Raw is strong and he still doesn't believe that nitro is a threat to raw tonight's. That's episode of Raw was taped two weeks ago and includes a spectacular clash between the mountainous psycho sid and pony tails pretty boys. Shawn Michaels Michaels is the brightest star of WWF's new generation of wrestlers and acrobatic performer who chimneys around the ring like a male stripper but what McMahon doesn't know is the WCW Boston. Eric Bischoff is about to torpedo rawes main event. Bischoff knows wrestling fans will spend the next hour channel hopping between nitro in raw so he's going to give them a reason to drop the remote unstick with WCW. Show what the United States have a champion was Betas Martinez WCW. It's seventeen minutes into WCW NITRO AND WRESTLER BE K. Wall Street is waiting in the ring for his opponent sting reading a face painted brawler with a surfer's body in a bleached flattop Hairdo as sting makes his way in the ring. BISCHOFF delivers a spoiler bomb on WWF WWF's main event plateau revolted aw superfit Greenville Ymca where the Yeah Bischoff just revealed who won wwf some big match ensuring a whole lot of viewers won't be switching over to watch. It's raw later. McMahon and his team are left reeling the next day. The TV ratings arrive McMahon winces as he realizes he was naive to think that WCW is not a threat raw wins the night with two point four million reviewers nitro skimmed less than two hundred thousand viewers may man thought victory was a foregone conclusion but now he I knows this fight is for real and the enemies fighting dirty ever wondered how to invest best more struggled to understand how to make your money work for you. Will you probably want to hear about the Motley fool then the Motley fool was founded twenty five years ago in a garage gosh by brothers Tom and David Gardner in those twenty five years. Motley fool members got access to recommendations like AOL in one thousand nine hundred ninety four before you you've got mail was a movie Amazon. In nineteen ninety-seven before Prime Day was a thing net flicks in two thousand and four before you were binging stranger things and Marvel Now Walt Disney in two thousand four when Toby Maguire was still spiderman every month. Tom And David each pick a stock doc. In provide a deep dive in analysis exclusively for members of their stock advisor service members get exclusive access to the stock advisor website with daily updates that cut through the noise of the financial market. So what are you waiting for. Go to fool dot com slash. Bw to learn more and to claim an exclusive Yousef discount only for listeners from wondering I'm David Brown and this is business wars on the last episode Vince McMahon battle to nurse the WWF back to financial health as WCW owner owner Ted Turner declared all out war now W C W is determined to end WWF's long reign as TV's wrestling champ up with Monday nitro. This is episode Fort New World Order. It's November nineteenth nineteen ninety-five and fourteen thousand baying wrestling fans are in the US air arena in landover Merrill. They're here for WWF. Annual survivor series show which is also being broadcast across the nation as a twenty five five dollar pay per view as the fans cheer on the action up in the B. I. P. Booth Michael Workman's on a charm offensive or Atlanta's. WWF VP the of distribution and he's entertaining group of TV executives from Canada. His mission is to reassure them that WWF his family friendly a lot of the fights are just wacky fun with crazy over the top characters that kids like but with WCW luring away older fans with Edgier your action the WWF has to walk a fine line to keep both audiences Canadian TV stations have been talking about only broadcasting being violent shows after nine pm if that happens to WWF will it can kiss Canada's preteen viewers and the AD dollars. They generate goodbye. Ortmann already checked the script for tonight. Show good clean fights just what he needs to sell wwf Canadians but what he's not been told is that WWF boss Vince McMahon has made a last minute change the Canadians watch such as a tall wrestler with a greasy main of black hair enters the rape portman gives the executives the lowdown on the action. That's killing Nash. His ring name is diesel. He's fighting Bret Hart tonight. The Canadians nod at the mention of WWF biggest star Bret Hart hearts Canadian in back home. He's a national hero moments. Later Heart Bounds into the ring dressed in a bright pink Leotard Nash quickly dominance. He sends part crashing onto the mat part tries to get up but nash stops hardens lower back heart rides in agony around around the mat before tumbling out of the ring but Nash isn't letting off he climbs over the roads grabs a metal chair and advances just toward heart as the Canadian TV executives widsom. VIP Booth Nash thrashes part with a chair Portman Ortmann gives them an awkward grin of course this is a paper view and a pay per views are edgier. We don't put this sort of thing being in free. TV shows after the show. Werthmann hunts McMahon down backstage. What was that out there. How was I supposed to explain that to the Canadians Canadians McMahon drapes his arm across wortman shoulder. The guys just got carried away. He won't happen again. I promise but this was not just unchecked exuberance faced with the threat from WCW McMahon's making changes to counter WCW edgier image. He's adding some grit to WWF's formula. He's also streamlining his roster. McMahon wants to cast WCW WCW as the retirement gig for aging has bins and make WWF has the place with the best new wrestling talent among the first to go is Deborah Micheli the WWF women's champion. She immediately phones WCW boss Eric Bischoff off. I was hoping you might have a place for me. Bischoff is about to say he'll think about it when he has brainwave. Now hold up. I I don't remember you losing the women's belt. You still got it yeah good. You're in and bring the belt with you. Ah Listen. I'm not so sure about the bell you come with the belt or you don't come at all your choice in. December nineteen ninety-five five Celli turns up on WCW Nitro Belt in hand she spurns the old persona McMahon Gaber and dumps her. WWF title belt into a trash can fellow wrestlers are appalled by this done to them treating a championship belt like that added a sacrilege but for the viewers at home. It's another water cooler moment that evening. WCW's Nitro nope narrowly beats WWF's raw in the ratings for the third week in a row. It's New Year's. Here's Day nineteen ninety-six and WWF headquarters in Stamford Connecticut Vince McMahon's got new orders for Rawes production team. We're going on the attack. We're doing a series of comedy sketches during Rocco Billionaire Ted every week. It'll highlight how WCW just a bunch of WWF rejects. What are the production team looks doubtful. Why are we telling all our viewers. There's another wrestling show they can watch. Being man is in budging. It'll be great. I think it'd be the funniest skit we've ever done. I can see Ted Turner and a cheap suit and a toupee Hulk Hogan using a Walker Macho. Oh man reborn as Nacho man the following Monday viewers of raw meat Ted Turner's Doppler billionaire Ted aimable in the sketch he and his team bat around ideas for WCW's new slogan. How about this is where the good ole boys play or even just the old boys always play who you call an old brother? What did I just tell you guys. This is now time to start telling the truth yes. Nacho man and how about this is with big boys please. I liked that as just dishonest enough to work. What if the sketch only convinces Bischoff that he's got. WWF on the ropes he always assume that WCW was destined to be the Pepsi Cola wrestling always the runner up never the champion but now now nitro was matching raw in the ratings and ticket sales for WCW live events have grown from hundreds to several thousand show once what's bishops only goal was to make WCW profitable but now that the fights going his way he's out to crush WWF. Well you F but to do that. He needs a solid lead in the TV. Ratings BISCHOFF believes television is the path to victory victory if he can win on TV then revenues from advertisers pay per view buys live shows and merchandising will follow what he needs is a story arc that will keep people hooked on Nitro like the one he recently saw Japan. The country's top to wrestling companies collaborated on a joint storyline where the wrestlers went to war with each other to establish who was the greatest the fans loved it but Bischoff knows McMahon would never green light a WCW verses wwf crossover so when when Bischoff here's that wrestler Scott Hall is fed up with the constant tours and backbiting within the WWF he sees an opportunity hall is one of the brightest stars of WWF new generation a two hundred eighty seven pound wrestler with a five o'clock shadow in curl dangling down his forehead with Hall Bischoff could create the impression that WWF is invading WCW it's February twentieth nineteen ninety-six and in Huntington West Virginia Hall and his close Pow Kevin Nash or in the showers cleaning up after a WWF TV. Taping Hall Leans over and let's Nash in on his plan with my contract ends in two months. I'm Outta here I'm going to. WCW Mesh shocked hall is closest buddy in the WWF. Actually giving you seven hundred fifty k. a year guaranteed and get this. I'll do no more board than one hundred and twenty shows a year nashes jaw drops. WWF wrestlers only get paid when they perform to earn that much money in the WWF he'd need to be its biggest star and do at least three hundred shows a year hall smiles at his friend. You know you should come with me eight days later. Nash resigns from the WWF after securing his own lucrative deal with Turner's crew in Atlanta with Hall and Nash Heading for the Exit McMahon's fury at Turner Boils over by mid-march McMahon's using his billionaire Ted sketches to issue a call to arms to WWF fans one sketch urges viewers to call them the Federal Trade Commission to block Turner Broadcasting's proposed merger with Time Warner the following day. Ed McMahon is summoned to the Manhattan headquarters of the USA Network the cable network that broadcasts raw when the WWF Sheaf entered the Conference Room USA CEO Koplowitz is at the head of the table wearing a red business suit around the table. Are Her senior executives. She narrows her eyes at the Dimple Chin. WRESTLING MOGUL VINCE BILLIONAIRE TED is finished. Hang hang on hang on there. This is my show and it's on my network. It's finished Turner Broadcasting Controls fifteen percent of the cable stations serving USA. I will not jeopardize access for your childish spat. I will wash my hands of you in an instant. Is that clear McMahon nods. He can't risk losing his prime time slot on. USA Koplowitz isn't done yet. Though from now on you will send us raw scripts in advance. McMahon man opens his mouth to object. KOPLOWITZ slaps him down. Really you want to argue with me on this. Maybe you forgotten that your show's those ratings are in the PISS. McMahon slowly shuts his mouth. It's memorial Royal Day. Nineteen ninety-six and Eric Bischoff is driving through the streets of Macon Georgia. He's heading to the Macon Coliseum were tonight's edition of Nitro is being filmed and he's got Scott Hall in the passenger seat as he drives bischoff talks hall through his entrance. I want you to interrupt. Steve Dolls fight with lawler you enter the ring thing demand. Mike and Start spouting off hall nuts. I want you angry. Tell the crowd how. WCW disrespected you and now you come to get revenge. Okay say you're bringing a friend but do not mention your name or Nashes. I want people to think you're still razor. Ramon nashes ashes still diesel. I want them to be unsure whether you're still with the WWF hall nods again okay but but where's this angle going you you were. Nash will be the outsiders a rebel faction that wants to take over. WCW three hours later Paul invades the ring chewing toothpick shock ripples through the crowd the mainstream media largely ignores developments in the wrestling world so most of the audience still think he's with the WWF as the crowd boos hauled smears into the camera and delivers a warning to bishop and the W did you see W I got a challenge for him for billionaire tent for the not Zoll Man Dan and for anybody else in Awe WCW who you want to go to war you want a war you get two weeks later Nash Joins Hall at WCW. They turn up on Nitro and push around Bischoff on air like a couple of schoolyard bullies to further sell themselves as renegade wrestlers invading the WCW. The question question about who they work for remains unanswered the outsiders invasion is a ratings winner by mid. June nitro got a clear lead over raw. The buzz only builds further when it's revealed third man will join the outsiders at WCW's. He's next pay per view in July with his ratings slipping. Vince McMahon knows he needs to stop this storyline and there's only one way he can do that but it won't be in the ring he's going to haul. WCW Into Court business wars is brought to you by net sweet if you don't know your numbers you don't know your business this but the problem a lot of growing businesses have that keeps them from knowing their numbers. Is there hodgepodge business systems. You know one system for accounting another for sales and other for inventory is just a big inefficient mess hurt the bottom line will net suite by. Oracle is here to solve those problems for you once and for all it's a business management software that handles every aspect of your business in an easy to use cloud platform giving you the visibility the end control you need to grow. That's why net sweet is the world's number one cloud business system save time money and unneeded headaches with net sweet right now. 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Send them to a CRM spreadsheet. Ben Notify your team so they can act fast on every opportunity join more than four and a half million people who were saving saving an average of forty hours per month by using Zappia and right now through November you can try Zappia for free but only when you go to Zappia dot COM mm slash. BW THAT'S Z. A. P. I E. R. Dot Com slash. VW for Your Free Fourteen Day trial Zappia DOT dot com slash vw it's June twenty-fourth Nineteen ninety-six and WWF WCW's legal teams are in the US district record in Hartford Connecticut Edge judge. Peter Dorsey listens WWF attorney Jim McDevitt Frances for a temporary injunction to stop WCW. You see W from using Scott Hall and Kevin Nash Wrestling Fans Excitement about the WCW's Ryder's storyline is reaching fever pitch wjr WCW is planning to unveil the third member of its rebel faction on July seventh during its bash at the beach pay per view but if McDevitt can get this injunction junction he will instantly derail WCW's big moment your honor w w is stoking confusion among wrestling fans is Mr Hall and Nash are acting and dressing like the characters they played WWF. We own those characters fans associate those characters with the WWF WCW knows this that's why they haven't given either wrestler a new identity eighty but judge. Dorsey doesn't share ww APPs sense of urgency. I want to hear this case in full before I decide whether to grant conjunction we shall meet again in mid. July quartered. WWF's Hail Mary Attempt Up to scuttle the outsiders storyline his failed by the time the cases heard WCW will have revealed the third man it's July seventh nineteen ninety-six and WCW's Bash Asha the beaches on at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach Florida the main event is already underway a showdown between the outsiders and WCW wrestlers lers lex Luger sting and macho man but everyone's wondering who will be the outsiders third man and that includes hall L. A. Nash WCW Boss Eric Bischoff Spin keeping the circle so tight that even they don't know who's joining them suddenly. There's a disturbance Hogan who started tuck it about about the crowd cheers Hogan strides towards the ring they believe the hawks tres come to dish out some tough justice to haul match so when hoving climbs into the Ring Hall Fleas Hogan Stares at National Russian Hall for a moment then turns around and delivers his famous leg drop onto macho man's prone body hall Nash Hogan Quickly Defeat. WCW's defenders the crowd responds by Flinging Paper Cups and other trash at it is the audience fury grows. Hogan explains why he betrayed WCW wall of staying you gotTa realize mother in this right. Here is the future of wrestling you can call this. The New World Order of rustling brother rather as the crowd jeers bischoff smiles in wrestling. There's two kinds of characters good guys is known as baby faces and villains who were dubbed heels until this moment Hogan's been the ultimate baby face all say your prayers prayers and vitamins but his transformation into a he'll caught everyone by surprise now the outsiders are the new world order under the N W A wrestling promotion within a wrestling promotion and it's a ratings knockout doc it's early. August nineteen ninety-six and Ross production team gathers in a conference room in WWF headquarters. The mood is glum. NITRO has been beating Ron ratings for weeks. Vince McMahon wants solutions. We need fresh ideas. Come on give me something. A team member points out what everyone but McMahon thinks is the obvious move. We need to pay stone cold. Steve Austin Austin used to be a low profile wrestler. Call the ringmaster but he's now reinvent himself as stone cold a beer guzzling anti hero with a killer stare. The fans fell for Austin back in June when he told Bible quoting wrestler Jake Roberts that Austin Three Sixteen says I just whipped your ass pass another team member backs the idea of pushing Austin Yeah Austin. Three sixteen catchphrase already fans wearing t shirts. They're making signs nine. We just gotTa put over McMahon waivers. He believes in the traditional good vs evil divide between baby faces and heels Austin's blurring the boundaries but you know he's not a baby face. We need a baby face. The team member gives McMahon puzzle look why the fans love him and this is the age of Anti Heroes Nine inch nails on MTV natural born killers spilling movie leap theaters. Come on just look at how in wwl was going over at. WCW Austin's perfect may man takes a deep breath okay well. Let's make him a star on the next episode of a violent home invasion shocks. WWF Fans Turner's executives put Bischoff in a headlock and the N. W. O. Invades Iowa from wondering this is business wars and we hope you enjoyed this episode. Take your bites you to subscribe on Apple podcasts Google podcasts spotify stitcher iheartradio or wherever you listen to podcasts you'll find a link on the episode notes. If you tap or swipe over the cover art we'll see some offers from our sponsors and we hope you'll support our show by supporting them. It would be terrific if you could give us a five star rating. If you like what you heard don't forget to tell your friends how to subscribe to. There's another way you can support us by answering a short survey one dot com slash survey and while you're added. Don't forget to tell us what business stories. You'd like to hear something. We should note about conversations. You've been hearing in this episode. We can't know exactly what was said but this dialogue is is based on our best research. I'm your host. David Brown Tristian Donovan wrote this story Karen. Low is our senior producer and editor Donna. Hi edited this story our editor producer Jenny any lower Beckmann sound designed by area sound. Our executive producer is Marcia. Lewis created by Hernan Lopez or wondering.

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