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Hello Hi and a particularly warm welcome to the Emma Gun show. I'm your host Emma and we're GONNA wardner and it's time for an ask me anything the Osmania that I asked for questions back in November and December. Just a couple of times. Because I thought it'd be nice to have a conversation with you and also I am publishing this in the middle of the corona virus crisis and a lot of my sheduled poku awes- have been postponed. Don't worry normal service will resume soon but as I put this off because I'd had so many guests recently. I thought actually this is the perfect time August. I'll chat to answer your questions. How lovely how brilliant my most ex. Mrs? I can have a chat on this particular episode. These questions have all come from the facebook. Group linked to join is in the show notes. And I will just say this. I do get asked quite a lot on social media or on email. Where do I find the show notes if you are listening to this episode you all already within the platform the service the provider the website that has the show notes in is just a case of if you're in a particular Internet Internet service provider. Po. 'cause platform you have to click three dots or go to more INFO or swipe the screen or whatever. But you already there. That's why you can find the hyper links with anything mentioned so just a side note. I do hope you're keeping well. I have done a sense check in the facebook group and I said let you still want me to keep creating content. Does it matter if it's not super serious and the overwhelming response has been. Please keep doing it. Please keep doing what you do. We appreciate the destruction. So that's my green light and that's what I'm GonNa keep during the pleased. I think being insensitive and I understand how freaking serious the situation we are in is but shall we go straight. That was taken fingers. Shall we go straight in and this one actually from Nora is quote quite timing? I think she posted a couple of months ago. But the question is hi Emma. My question is about day-to-day Sanity. I guess I don't care much about products and stuff but I'd love to know what you do for clearing head each day and getting rid of or ignoring the build up we get from social media and everyday life. I just learned this week. That climate anxiety is a thing which I now obviously have. What do you tell yourself every day to stay in a positive mood overall? Sorry if this is too vague or something I own only I have. I will admit I'm a bit tipsy nor you in a safe place. Welcome to the group. Welcome to the family. You are definitely Amos decks listener. It's such a good question. I guess we'll say really timely how to not get bogged down mentally how to not think that things how to not get bogged down with negativity how to keep a positive outlook and mindset. When maybe you're dealing with things whatever they might be work life relationships friendships. Whoever whatever I can definitely and I think that's one of the things I talk to. All of my friends had periods of depression or anxiety. All of us who have worked hard and feel like we are able to manage it now will say that it feels like actually having something of a superpower because you can see it coming a mile off which means that you can deploy all relevant tactics to make sure that it stays a good distance and doesn't doesn't want you to put it mildly and actually. I was listening to a podcast with Dr Doctrine. Judge Dee he obviously has been on the show. He had rich role. He was a mega mega focused in the states on his podcast and he was talking about how he was in alcohol recovery and he had a lot and he had a relapse for a few hours but it was quite a significant lab so we had to literally dial back. After thirteen years he had to dial back to zero. His sobriety installed start again and he used the expression which I've since land is is quite common in the fellowship in twelve step programs but he used the expression of. I thought that in recovery I was getting further and further away from my addiction. But what I didn't realize is that my addiction was just doing press ups in the dark waiting for that moment to pounds which I thought was I found quite meeting. I was driving when I was listening to that and I found it quite arresting. It sort of made me go. Wow Gosh and I think that's the same about positive and negative mindsets if you've been through a low period if you've been depressed if you've struggled with your mental health and you feel as though you're through it you sometime you sometimes worry that is it is going to come back quick and fast. Which is why I think you sort of. Almost you have the superpower and you on high alert to see it coming in the distance and as I say deploy all relevant tactics. I know I went up one of ramble. That but what I mean is. I think whether you've had mental health issues on not whether you suffer with depression not with your pessimist or not. I think it's good to check in with yourself just every morning and to say how am I feeling today truth be told I am on day? Eight of south isolating to protect others may not symptomatic. And it's getting to me. Yesterday evening I go to Migraine. My jaw is incredibly tight. I woke up this morning. I was weeping. I really want to count this morning and I felt am. I could feel right. Day has the potential to be one of those days. I could let drive me Rothman. I-drive it so I wrote my Yoga Mat. I did a latest stretching. I stretch my neck out. I did look deep breathing. I spend a Lotta time in childs pose and I was able to actually lessen the how the feeling of the Migraine and then just get going but it was because when I served it systems check when I woke up with all yeah. Something's definitely wrong. You know that chipper today so I did what I thought would be the right thing. I didn't work out sometimes working out the answer. Sometimes it's not intuitively. I felt like being really gentle with myself was the answer this morning. I have contact lenses in. I haven't put makeup on blow dry. My Hair I've done a bit of Yoga and now I'm just very gently sitting at my desk token to you. It's very very easy to consume social media. What's the news and failures are? Everything is Blake. I do feel like especially with the news. I don't often have news television on so when I think about I say don't often have it. I've never really had the news on. I'm not one of those people who engages in televise news that way. I've always really when using the newspapers bought. I remember if I think about significant events. I think about things like nine eleven or elections and that was when I would watch televised news and the screens would be breaking news. This that and the screens would be very automated. That'd be lots of Red. That be lots of you. Know the thing scrolling across screen going up in so you can't be stimulated and then on a normal news cycle. Those things wouldn't happen and recently when I've engaged in news channels not just in recent times maybe in the last couple of years or so. I've noticed that they the the way that the television screen the laid out is in a similar way to win what we used to associate with really really big news events. And it's just it's just to keep watching because let's face it TV channels businesses. And they have the things are so. I tend not to engage in those sorts of televised news channels too much because I find that breaking news thing. It takes me back to other instances other periods of history. That perhaps went so great so my advice to you is particularly around the time now. I know we're not going to talk to you much by the coin virus but my advice now is watch Your leaders daily address. We've forced onto during every day in the UK look at twitter. Don't re tweet or re grammar anything. They'll get your news from there and just look at trusted resources and I did a podcast recently on some really good sources of information on what's going on at the moment they're not sensationalized that with epidemiologist who are experts in infectious disease. So not only is it. James Elles doing brilliant content at the moment where he just keeping everybody updated by speaking to experts analyzing the data on a week by week basis. But also there's some brilliant stuff with Joe Rogan with an expert in infectious disease called Micro Asta home that really kind of explains the genesis of all of these sorts of things and one of the things he says during the pause because Jerry says he's you're making me nervous Michael and he said I'm yeah and by the end of this episode. We'll talk about how not to be nervous. So I feel like they're more helpful resources so in terms of clearing your head and ignoring the bill that we from social media and Everyday Life. I would really choose carefully. What it is that you can see what media you consume and who you listen to and who you follow deals want. Hap- gave me such a brilliant piece of advice and it was on this podcast when he came on the sheriff years ago where he said you're instagram. Fate is for you not anybody else. You follow who you want to follow you. Engage in what you engage what you want to engage with so if you want to look at pictures of birds if that makes you happy follow the World Society for the protection of birds and and have that comes in your feed. Thankful the person at work who makes you feel less than it's as simple as that so I guess. That's a very long winded. Say of saying well I would say check in with yourself in the morning. But we'll check in with this guy to have a good day anything lingering from today that's either. GonNa make my sleep crappy or is going to make me feel terrible or is am I carrying anything over into tomorrow? That could make tomorrow less good than it could be and then in the morning check ins anything I can do I. I like going to bed with everything tidy. So that's like my little ritual like tidy everything up before I go to bed. And then yeah. Just choose one here. You can see and who you interact with. I think that's really really important. And that does over time clear the mass and the buildup in one's head. I don't know if anyone else has any tips. Please do Common in the facebook group. I'd love to know what they are. But I hope that that gives you some insight. We'll helpful tips or some useful guidance on where to go with that one nor thank you for your question Catherine. You're next sorry of this. Topic would span both the career and lifestyle areas or is something already planned. But I would love some discussion based around career and motherhood the notion of trying to time it correctly so you can achieve both the pressures on women. He will married or a long term relationship longtime happy relationships but still feel some of the same warriors those not in relationships feel about whether the time is right. Time is running out financial pressures etc. Maybe discussion with multiple guests. You have done things differently. And their experiences. Sorry this is a bit of a ramble not Rambuteau Catherine. I like this obviously. My perspective is one area of this. That probably isn't going to be very helpful in answering your question but as and when things change and it is possible to get multiple guests on the podcast. I will be looking to you. Speak to working moms about this. Obviously my decision has been not to have children. I've never been broody so it's not something that's and I've never thought always time running out apart from what I thought apart from when I thought well actually in the next few years I'm GonNa Menopause and that's GONNA lead to hormonal changes and hormonal and brooding us is in many regards hormones and I just thought God. I really hope that I don't as my menopause. I don't get that surge in humans it makes me feel broody and then have the whole thing of. Why didn't I do it because at right now here today? Not In the menopause. I feel very good about my decision but I just I worry about my who mind playing tricks on me so I almost him saying that to put it on tape so I know exactly how I feel about it but anyway Catherine in answer to your question I will try to create that as a panel discussion. Because I think that's a really interesting discussion and I do think I do. Think if you all in your throat is in your thinking about. Did you say unity's decision that you did? I think it was a previous previous question was anyway. If you all in that Mine Hoedspruit thinking my time is running out. Should I do it now? But if I do it now I could potentially sabotage or maybe minimize my potential in business. I do think that's a conversation that would be really good to have with a panel of guests so yes I will work Eudora Laura Asks I emma. I'd love to know more about the rewards podcasting financial otherwise you clearly invest a lot of time and energy into producing the podcast which is much appreciated. Thank you Laura. I wonder what your motivation is. And whether there are any financial gains to be had for focuses costs in general. I'd also be interested to know where the guests a paid again. This could be discussed on a general basis. Thanks thanks Laura. What are you question? The rewards of focusing in the main genuine lay all in is my interaction with the my my sex listeners. Because without you there is my focuses. Otherwise I'm just a very hot women talking to thin air. Not Being listened to for me. Also what is really important is getting great people on the PODCAST. I mean there's obviously different layers of shows but okay in the main. So let's look at the experts. I really try to cover subjects that you are interested in or curious about or feel. Perhaps you'd like to understand with more clarity and then I worked really hard to try and find the right guest for that conversation. The right guests. Meaning I'm very exact about who I have on this show. I'm sure there are some people who have said no to. He probably feel a little bit hard. Not hard done by which is fielded. Well that doesn't seem fair but it's just if I think that there's any Hokum if I think that people are pitching snake oil if I think people have stick and they're using that stick to monetize and they've all they're just someone who loaded followers. No that's not going to happen. You can have fifty followers but be an expert in your field and you're going to get on the show and so that for me has always been really important because that was something. I never really felt like I with any journalistic pieces. I wrote mother. I wrote loads there. Wasn't that great long features. But you know when you sweet spot you know when you hit a bullseye with content and I was always in the outer ring if the Dow Board or the artery border everywhere to say when I was trying to write it because there was a bit more of an agenda and thinks edited whereas with long phone conversations. You get to really open up a subject and then people are you get to take away from it. What you want to take away from a life and I feel like that's become that is a really valuable resource. I was using podcasts as my own therapy while And that's really what I wanted to do is just kind of create shows armed you with as much information as possible with with people who you genuinely one hundred percent respect. So there's there's that sort of thing so when I say experts I mean when we're talking about things like peri menopause and having Dr Suhair rocket on having doctoral McQueen Dr mcquaid on or I'm talking about skincare and like Dr Dennis Gross on or I'm able to get a daughter Emma Wedgwood on people who actually one hundred percents. No their staff are qualified. That's really really important to me. So then we move onto things like this lightly more fun episodes where it's like me. Caroline Trini and the Dean and it's just women's shooting the Breeze Wall Street ordering breakfast. Honestly you should see my face but also just having a really good time with each other. Because that kind of bonding conversation I think is I mean. It was lovely to be apart of but the overwhelming feedback. I've had it was lovely to be a part of even as listener so in that case. I just tried to get people on who I just think of really awesome good solid people and I'm very lucky to call people. My friends and my background is the beauty industry and so I have met so many wonderful incredible people in the beauty industry and whenever I think about the industry I think about Michelle Doherty. You came on. The Po cost really early days. She is the founder CEO owner of Alfa Skincare and she came on really early doors and she is a formidable businesswoman. And I've always been a little bit intimidated in her company but it was really wanted to me poke cost and she opened up and after that. I just felt like I know I could ring Michelle up anytime and Gee I hope she would feel the same. I just think she's an incredible woman and I got to know so much more about her than just the fact that she produces these incredible skincare products that can do wonders for people with troubled skin and other times but I I learned so much more about her in that conversation and that was a real starting point for repeating away the layers of these wonderful people who I've known for many many years and just kind of taking a conversation taking a slight u-turn or taking left turn away from the brand or the expertise or experience and really understand the business light so that that for me has been really rewarding. It might sound a bit lame but that for me like really getting to know people in the beauty industry and unpicking. Some of these brands doors has been really fascinating. You often only hear those stories. When it's fantastically rich wealthy people who wanna Forbes list or the best friends with the celebrity or they are so they're not and I think we sometimes forget that. Yeah it's not. It's not just about so if you know big names. Everyone in the industry has a story. And as you will tell if you know the back catalogue over three hundred episodes. Everyone has a story. James Read Michelle Doherty was about say Jordan Samuel. But we couldn't recall but I hope that next he's in London we'll be able to record an NBA caroline hirings who's Experience in the industry is so vast and now she does what she does and Hostelries incredible and she likes under on if he had. If you didn't know so those are those are some of the rewards said of being able to to really produce these conversations that hyper valuable entertaining and comforting and it could get company but also I try genuinely. Try so hard to listen to what you want. I know at the beginning of the year. I want to surprise and delight you. I'm me by tackling subjects that I wouldn't normally go for and the response to that has been so positive and so supportive so thank you so much but I'm not going to go after something and I think it's going to resonate so as much as I listen to you and I listen to all of you weed oil emails and I read all of your DM's and I tried very very hard to make sure that I get what you want. I also do try to say. Well how can we just kind of find the overgrown wriggle around this and and grow which is why I had dome on the professional dominant and you loved him and he will be coming back? Don't you worry about that the rewards of posting financial. So mean for me would obviously being up to create the content financial. Yes if you listened to the podcast you know. There are advocates an idea at reeds. And that's how I generate revenue but the other thing that the focused on for me is that it has a lot of people in the media. No I can conduct interviews and so I've been I get jobs during panel hosting panel discussions. I've also been able to showcase my knowledge a bit so it's been able to. I've been approached by brands to work with them. Whether that's on consultancy or new put development or maybe on some sponsored posts which I hate Miami doing. I will just say this because it's been really bothering me for a while when I did the Christmas. Putting the daily post in December some of the episodes are quite short. And somebody in the states. Message me saying your episode. Today was more ads than it was content. And I'm really really sorry about that. I don't always have visibility on what happens in different territories and it would never ever be my intention to short change you or have you feel like that. I listen to Joe Rogan. Last time I checked is obviously after after I got email I then went under sincere about forty different and timed. How long narrow adverts were and some of the advert breaks particularly pre roll can be up to ten minutes and I always just fast forward through them and I didn't think anything of it so I just sort of you know that you've got that function on your thing that can false for thirty seconds I but I do of. I don't want it to be something that you feel is dominating equally. I don't open up my mid roll on the podcast which is one of the most lucrative places to place advertising. Because I don't want to be having a conversation with dom about being a professional dominant and then mid-sentence you hear room and then there's a thirty second advert or woman advert for Insert Wellness advertiser. Hey I just don't feel that is appropriate so I don't ever open those just so you know. So that would be a revenue stream. The I don't even don't even don't even entertain because I just I think could potentially minimize what I'm looking for. It just might make the content seem less discipline and it just. Why would you want to be interrupted when you'd have to be so that we go But again I'm really good friends. With the right-handed po Costa's hunter and Cerruti go back through. Coin focused eighty really well so we sometimes chat to each other about how to maximize these things. I am looking at Patriot on Lynn. Looking looking at starting patron for awhile which would be there. Were different layers of supporting a podcast or content creator. So it's like you can pay two dollars a month five dollars a month. Eight dollars a month ten dollars a month. Whatever and you get depending on what you pay you get additional content but this feels like the wrong time to do it during the corona virus. But that's not to say that I'm not using this extra time to explore it but it would be nothing on this feed would change. It would be that you'd get additional content if you were to subscribe but I mean actually I'd be really interested. Know what you think about that. You like crying out now or would you be up for. I've had I have had messed in the past. People saying we would like to support you so if you start a patriot and we would subscribe. We would become members. I'd say I didn't know how it works at the time. The anyway I leave that in the air and you if you wouldn't mind letting me know if you feel strongly either way about it. I'd be really grateful all right. Let's ski onto Holly. Oh this is the thirty something question that's got mixed up. Hi Emma I guess I have a bit of a thirty something in single question slash topic suggestion precious to find someone. Clock is ticking. Do you need to be someone? Can you be happy alone? Is it enough? Why people judge and should they judge? Should you compromise if do get into a relationship and how much? I'm sure I could go on and on I would say I'm still relatively new to the podcast so may have missed previous discussions on this. I will call some areas being covered by estee. That's Estella lawn when she came on the show. I think this would be interesting for the demographic of listeners. I am assuming thanks Halloween. That's a really interesting question and I do think it's worth opening up to discussion. I know a lot of people as they included. Who we see he can tell them stumbling. I find it difficult to articulate a little bit because I think every time I've spoken to any friend he was married or in a relationship for years in fact a few more recently here a little bit older but I remember my thirties. If I'd say yeah I mean I would like boyfriend but I'm honestly not fast. They I could tell they were looking at me thinking and they would say you're saying that because you don't have it so now. I'm forty two. I think tone has changed and I'm like I really if it comes my way yes but I feel like those years of thinking. I should be on red alert for and I should. I should be looking for signs. I think that's probably just gone a little bit and also I work for myself. I single income household. I Ref- over my head. I'm not saying that new relationship. We're looking for somebody to do that. But if you're looking for a relationship we're looking for somebody to do that but always say it means that the things that I'm looking for maybe slightly less than I would have been looking for if I'd been in my twenties I guess. In my twenties it would What somebody would have been a consideration? I'm being really shallow by saying that. Probably probably I'm sorry so yes. I do think that could be a really interesting one for a group discussion. Maybe with someone in their late. Twenty s some in their early thirty. Someone in late thirties and me. What do you think about that? I believe you can be happy alone. I think he always I think anybody. I know being really honest about this. I worry about the future and if I am in a state of need and what will happen then because who I turn to you. I have friends but I also I have cultivated quite strong boundaries which I think again I probably need to work on but I do believe that's a really good conversation to be had with a with another interesting panel of carefully selected friends. Maybe estee back. Would you like to stay back? I do enjoy estee. She's great I'm just going to double check that question to make sure I haven't missed anything dotted. Okay Beth shepherd is might only be of interest to a minority but a post on eating disorder. Recovery for adults would be helpful particularly methods to prevent self sabotage a maintain motivation discussing how to switch off from societal investors about losing weight. When there's a need to gain weight to become healthy would be helpful. But that's a really interesting question. I just did poke Causes Mandy Selig Ari which obviously which was more about food addiction but really highlighted to me. How complex this is actually how. How little resource I've ever really seen on this. And so I. Do you want to create something helpful and healthy on this and that is in the works. I know you probably met message. This in December and it's now march but it is something that is on the way so please. Please be mindful of that also. I know I've talked about the book brain over bench that I read and felt help recalibrate my relationship with food but I know that Katherine Hansen. The author is creating extra content now for people who have stockpiled food meaning. They've got more food than they would normally and are struggling with how that feels and so I will put the link to Catherine's social media and podcast show. I think he's blocked about it because I do think Anyone who has any kind of he eats when they're anxious anything like that is going to be struggling now. Because I don't know about you I've got food delivery coming but it is certainly not robust enough and I don't know where I'm going to get food in the neck after two weeks because there are no delivery slot so where am I going to go out to the market. And why not you know. But I'm sure I'm sure it'll be fine but I think what I'm trying to say is a moment. I think a lot of people I'm seeing when I was on social meteorology. Lots of people to talk about in the snacking and whatnot and eating their way through their supplies. So I think the situation is really highlighted. The conversation I had with Mandy but also the conversation I had with Mandy really highlighted to me. How much support is needed for somebody? Who is an eating disorder recovery? And how helpful it would be degree show. That really spoke to that. So thank you for that. Question is on the way. Carol Think Armand Be Mentioning. Awhile ago about getting back into dating. Have you how you guessing on any tips or advice? I'm a year one from a bad break up. Need to get back out there. Yes I did talk about it so I was going sign up with a dating agency. Not because again. It's the dating from me. Falls into I suppose I should as opposed to. I really want to go to the Maldives. Like there's a definite different tone in my approach and bought. I did so think again. I always do this around my birthday at the end of last year. I thought well I'm going to have to address this at some point because it feels like I should again should word so. I haven't really ever enjoyed the dating apps I think that too. I just I mean sort of broad statement. I've never enjoyed the dating APP so I thought about joining a dating agency so I contacted Gene Smith who was on this podcast ages ago when she published her book. So I told you. She's dating expert and I asked her advice. And if she knew of any good dating agencies and gene came back with this feedback and so did a couple of other people. Actually they said for women. It's just not a good investment. I really wouldn't recommend it. Because women are prepared to invest. But meant that the sort of rough paraphrasing of what most people who came back you have experienced and they said to me was women will invest men won't so often what happens with a dating agency and all the time but sometimes what happens is a dating agency charge women and not men so that they get enough men on the books. Therefore what's the incentive and you're just kind of paying for a potentially similar experiences you get on the APPS so I did go back on the APPS after I got that feedback and I tried to have conversations with people and that didn't go anywhere and so I thought you know what the most common thing like say on dating APPs is. I'm here to look if you're willing to meet up then the Wilbur and so I've just realized there's so much to be interpreted from a how I chose to do the accent so I just anytime I matched with someone I just say. Hey Defense your coffee in the next week and one bloke came back and said sure as long as you're not prick right so if you try to have a conversation it goes nowhere and if you directly auspey without goes nowhere and I've never been very good at flirting or doing that. Kind of being coil. Leering men inside. Us All both to this. So that's my attitude at the moment. Also currently selfies -lating so no dating action happening all. But that's not to say that whole thing about dating agencies where to find. Dating dates isn't a conversation. I don't want to have because it does seem to be that. If you want to do it you have to go to class or you just have to go somewhere. I think Jean does this. Where you go out a group of you go out. And she's like right. Govan towards that one person this thing and they they walk you through it. Coral twenty-six habits. Did you think about turning into a book? If so how far along are you? I did I did. And then I read James Clear Atomic Habits and I just thought I cannot put a book about habits with this in the world because it's a perfect book about habits and I highly recommend that you read Lincoln show notes. I have had a conversation with a couple of publishers. I then came up with another idea that I thought could be really good but I have to be really honest with you. I just don't see the point of writing a book for the sake of it. It would be brilliant from my brand. Obviously Emma published author. But I just don't see the point of doing it and as I truly truly love it and I came up with an idea and I really liked that. Yeah I can feel that happening and then it's been six weeks since that meeting never went down to sketch out the idea. We'll take any further so I think maybe it's laziness but I just think with a book because of how long it takes him because of how because of the investment every time investment everything you have to really feel like you. WanNa get out of you as quickly as possible and I don't feel like that about twenty six habits. I feel like it exists really nicely as a year long series and I feel like I am ready to park out now and just do it and if there is a book or be on something else and it probably be slightly deeper it might it might be about some of the conversations. Have been on the podcast but I don't know yet but it is. It is an idea that does keep sort of going back and forth. So I'm sure something will happen and I and I'm quite when it comes to creativity and content. When I know I know and I will just go white. All guns blazing and I'll go for a more. No nothing so I haven't had the all idea I've only had the nothing ideas so I'm not going to do. The twenty six happens books at the book. If you want the only thing that does annoy me. Is that the pool where I was publishing. The cost is what is on here. Closed down and all of that content is lost and I should at some point. Try to see if there's a way of collating all back and then creating twenty-six Habits Web web page on my website but again I do feel like it exists really nicely and all of the show notes kind of tell the story to so there we go but thank you for your question Carl. Harriet I know you love dogs. Why don't you have one? I want one but instead of the commitment. Which forty one feels a bit ridiculous? I Love Dogs I love. I love all animals Nevin animal. I didn't think I don't have one because I rent on my also. Don't have one because it would as much as it would be nice to. I guess have some sort something that means. I have to be in a certain place as time I am so used to my freedom now I think I find it quite quite lot so it's not something I would love and actually I live near Big Park and there are lots of dogs and when things have changed when we're through the worst of this might offer to there's some people I chat to dogs and say if you walk your dogs just let me know because I go for a walk around the block every day if I can so Who knows. Maybe I'll do something like that so I'm sort of half owning a dog Anne busy days. I'm so much great advice out there on Diet and fitness. What are your top five daily rituals that you couldn't do without brushing teeth rituals but obviously not brushing your teeth. That's given so much credit of us out there on of fitness where. You're talk five daily. Which was you couldn't live without okay. About Diet and fitness I. I believe in movement moving first thing in the morning I believe in whether it stretching whether it's doing an like like an excise whether it was doing an exercise though I have a little home gym with Bo. Sue Ball a couple of five kilogram weights a ten kilogram kettle bell on a Yoga Mat and create. I've written three workouts one for lower body upper body one for call and they raw three each of them circuit and I didn't three times and that takes just over thirty minutes and that is a great way to start the day or go for a walk in the park so they are non-negotiable. The only time I won't do any of that is if I have to get up early and go straight into London. Lightest thing well. I will get the slightly earlier train. Walk from the station to wherever my point is which is usually about half an hour forty minutes and so I just think well I'll get. That's how I'll get the in my lungs. That's how I get my lymphatic system moving. So that's one movement I do like to have coffee in the morning. I know I should chug it down with some more to have some water as soon as I wake up but I don't but I do really enjoy having a caffeine hit in the morning and that is one of my rituals whether it's a great one. I don't know what's another one. I try so hard now or I have understood. That snacking does not do me any good so I don't snack. I have my breakfast. I have my lunch and I have my dinner and that has become something. I've implemented since reading brainer. Who Binge because for me snacking. Never really stopped stopped at snack so the best thing to do was just to not do it. So that's my third ritual. I once I stop eating and I try to when I say my dinner I leave an hour and then I have some sort of herbal tea. Whether it's a peppermint tea or whether it is a sleepytime t I find that absolutely just brilliant for sort of sesame out for bedtime and also just sometimes when you finish your D- anything fancy something sweet and I think everyone just hold out and have that would actually it does. Stop me from feeling like knocking on something else against knocking over the issue for me and then the other thing is before bed just again doing that. Stretching on King my neck on King my back and just going how do I feel everything right? Those are my rituals. I guess they're not particularly exciting. But that's Pauline. You mentioned the binge eating book and said that you've lost weight since reading. Can you talk about this please? Of course I did a podcast about a mini show. And I'll put the link to that and show notes. I read brain. I've been at the right time. I don't know if it would have had the same effect that I read a year ago. Eighteen months ago but it was as I said on the Mandy Saligari podcast. It was if there was a series of dominoes might entire life that domino's have been in a series but the space between then it's been t great and a series of events meant that those dominoes look closer together and so things like having breast reduction surgery having my picture taken next to Elizabeth Taylor. Liz Taylor is with early My imminent birthday which always makes me feel a bit and thinking August. You really want to be battling your weight in your fifties which I don't and so all of these dominators got closer together and then I read the book and that was GonNa Domino. Actually make me act and do the things I always not been able to do like stop eating. And because I've always exercised the excise. Never been the issue and actually since I've got down my eating. I've actually been exercising less but I have lost weight so maybe that many show. We'll give you a little bit more of the insight. I I'm not really talking about what I've done to his way of. We see I've just stop snacking and I'm just really mindful about portion size and also I swear by Ian. Hey Seventy basket if I cook myself a really delicious meal from that book. I feel like I've eaten really really well whereas before I'd sort of snack. It's not so unsatisfied and like snack and then beyond spice knocking them be unsatisfied. And then eat dinner and then beyond spines but I need a snack whereas now every day. I know I'm going to have something to delicious for dinner because I've got that book and I haven't found a meal in that so I would definitely suggest we're listening to that mini show that I did a few weeks ago rather than me repeat the whole thing but thought that book came at the right time and I will say this. Alex light recommended it to me and I ordered it. I think I'm going on next day delivery and I was really nervous that it wouldn't have an impact on me because Alex has spoken very highly of it and I've I had subsequently read other people saying that changed their lives and I thought what if I read in it doesn't it doesn't resonate with me and I think that's why I think a year ago it might have the same impact. It was a series of events that meant I was in the right head. Space to apply. What the book tells you which is which is really really useful and to stop over thinking it and just think quite a quite like the simplicity of how you have to think quite linear. So that we lauren off what brings you happiness and contaminant your life knowing that my friends and my family are well knowing having good friends obviously bit challenging them because those things will things. I have to keep a distance that we're keeping arm's length because of the current situation with self-isolation and social distancing What brings me happiness Work the podcast really really does make me feel good. It gives me a purpose which I think is really important and also the contentment parts of it and later people have said this recently and Jeff Tommy Thompson talked about it as well. It's just that being still yourself. I think going to the very very first question about the build up of social media news and noise. I think it can be very easy to almost disconnect and I think that very easy process and not time consuming process of just checking in with yourself. Do I feel. Alright today how am I? How do I feel about this situation? I've noticed that served me really well like I used to come away from some social situations because I was so desperate to please and make sure we also come away and thing. I didn't think I acted brilliantly in that situation because I was so worried about what other people were thinking during that. I actually didn't check check myself so I think I think you can always tell somebody. He's quite sending quite calm and he's looking at the situation rather than do you know what I mean looking into the situation rather than being led by it so contentment definitely comes. I think from things like meditation deep breathing and just being still jeff talks about being still. Do think it's something that feels so unfamiliar but is a good thing to do. And at the moment in self-isolation there's a lot of scope to be still and I'm trying to see the positive in the current situation and be still a bit more. Lisa what are your top seven skin and make up products that if you had to leave the house in a fire you'd grab not wishing fire neither. Thanks Lisa I appreciate that. Then not branded products. They are not. They are just types of products so cleanser a good cream. Cleanser would do me just right. Thank you very much. I do have my favorites. I'd like to collect collect one from superdrug from the be range. I love that one skin cream fencers already good but any cream cleanser I wouldn't anything foaming and I probably wouldn't want to bomb. I'm GONNA go serums all one safest serums I includes my highlight my antioxidant and my retinal deodorant. I'm currently swearing by the Kate. Somerville Dieskau Cream for my breast reduction surgery scars and I think it's flipping excellent only available in the states though but it is amazing because it comes in a little tube and it's got a rollerball and so you twist the cap you dispense a little bit. You close close thing again and then you massage and scars really respond to massage. So it's a it's a brilliant product. I'm really really chaired by. I think it's a great result of that. I think also I'm a big big fan of the living proof range. I've been using the full range recently. I've switched from using Varsity and I've gone over to living proof. Full really be out my thin hair so I think I would bring up the entire range with like the Moose and the thickening cream and the law. Yeah I wouldn't be able to bring Shampoo One two three four five. See what else would I bring? Moisturizer dislike a very one of my serums. I know I know I'd want like a a cold cream at some point probably bring a Navia or If money was no object some Marine cream because that stuff is delicious anomaly or the Triple Lipid moisturizer by skin. That incredibly delicious. I like those very much. And what else would be absolutely skin. Well makeup makeup. Probably the myself in that by doing six Ginga backout Moscow by by benefit is insanely insanely good. And I reckon if it was that one other thing probably the Charlotte Toby Monica Magic Vanish into which I could use demise and around my nose just to make my my takeout readiness for my skin and would make my complexion that quite good. They all brilliant products. I absolutely love them. So yeah those would be line Deodorant is Mitch and by the way Yup okay again Yulia Yulia Yulia. Do you find it difficult to navigate. De-fund IT tricky to navigate female friendships. How about the work life balance they. I'm going to address them as two separate questions. Do you find it. Tricky to navigate. Female Friendships No. I think I find it difficult to navigate friendships in general because I am dependent so I can. I can Really Fall in love with my friends and then they mean a lot to me and then it can be really hard when you realize you mean same to them so in recent years because I fell foul of thought terribly really hurt I I try to have better boundaries but in so in general now I like all my female friends. I'm I'm a loyal person. I try to seek out low people if they turned out not to be loyal. I'm like okay. I'm good to know but I don't. I used to cut people off and just go. That's that's the end of that. I feel very betrayed and now I'm like you know what that's all lesson and they still have some wonderful qualities. Let's just move on so I do think female friendships can be the most wonderful thing you can have in your life. But I think the most important thing is understanding your boundaries. And knowing what you're getting out of something because as I have in previously so this is not me with any judgment but previously I have wanted or expected or needed more from my friend than is reasonable for them to give and I used to Which meant made me over. Give to sort of go. What if I'm doing this view? I kind of somewhere down. The line would expect that you do the same for me. It was it sound. Honesty was came from a very loving place. But when you say that loud like that is quite it does seem not say Nice so anyway There's that and then how about the work life balance. I think I can speak very well on that. Because my social life my work life blur so he usually and most of my friends friends that I know through the beat. The industry through the media which is fine by me and it means the inevitably. When I'm socializing. What will come up I don't have that I have friends who knew nothing about my work because They will people who all my colleagues friends I've known from the industry so I don't think I'm a great person. Talk about work life balance. But that's actually a really good idea for a podcast with an expert you can actually say about how to be bound. Redrew those lines between professional relationships relationships friendships and the like interesting. Thank you I really like that I will. I think focused on work life balance would be really interesting if you want to get off skin. The facebook group. That's really important Jenny. Also about handbags any recommended mid ranged budget and he recommended rates. But I mean to be honest I always go to. Tk Maxx just something in the low end designer range. That's been heavily discounted so my my ought to be honest. My I usually just wear like a tote again from TJ Max 'cause like so much garbage in my bag when I'm out and about Sandwich Kent but my nice handbag is a yoga one legal from tk Maxx and it was a steel. And it's quilted and it looks the business and I use it when I'm feeling particularly Buji so I always just say. Tk Maxx I like the Yego ones. I always really nice. One from reese a few years ago in the sale but yeah most every day I wear. I wear quite a big bag because I've usually got books. Or what have you in them? Laura I guess you receive a lot of products from great brands to try them. Do you think there is any gadget? That really worth the spend really worth spending money on for instance. Those expensive voters offer radio interesting. I don't believe in the rollers. They feel Nice but don't expect them to do anything for you. I mean they do. I've got a jade roller of a rose quartz. One and when I have a migraine. It's actually really nice to rub it on the back of my neck and my because my is usually my sinus my sinuses inflame and say the cooling feeling is really nice but those things aren't going to do anything to the quality or health of your skin for a really nice cleansing tool it works with White by vibrating. And it's those rubberized Rob Roy surface so it can kind of really get in there and clean. But I I'm not really I would use it but I honestly. I love a micro fiber cloth when it comes to devices for me. The only ones that I think are wonderful partly because the technology has really evolved in the last ten years or so. I feel at home machines as you know. If you're a regular not what you saw me on a dean's channel. I am a big big fan of the Phillips Lamia. It's an IP L. Device that allows you to treat at home with the sort of lay. Not Layman's people would say. Laser hair removal. But it's inaccurate court laser. It uses intense pulsed light so you and the intense pulse like the pop. The light is attracted to the melon in there and so and then and the sense heats down the follicle. Can you hear me going word? Emma get the word out since the heat down the follicle and Kills weakens the follicle with repeated use. You can actually really would use the the hair that is coming out. I've definitely noticed. I've been quite religious with it recently and I've definitely noticed that some of the hairs particularly on my Chin are much weaker. But I have a stubborn follicle going on my tinder profile. My follicles are stubborn. So do have been treating them for a while but they will need continued treatment. I'm not one of those people who's coming to just use it for six months and they're going to dissipate completely because I do have quite stopping in half so that we go but I use it because if I didn't it would be much worse than it is And then the other one and there's also abroad one as well but I know that my friend Anna Newton really likes about the honor Ida and the other the other expensive device. What am I thinking of? Why is it just evaporated from my brain of the intense pulse? Ip L. I I love I love a silk appeal any kind of Appalachia to all come back to. I'm sure there's another one. I'm looking around to see if it's charging behind me anyway. No it's not but that is a brilliant machine. I do think that's really really good and worth well worth it. I always say. Think Electric toothbrushes Allworth at particularly the oil. Which is the round head. Because I've spoken to a lot of dentists and they all say that's the one that's that's the business that's GonNa get your gums teeth etcetera in the healthiest state. So I would say that they all very much. What at leas-. At least is there anything about your job that you don't like and what else would you do? Career wise and Paul. From what you're doing now general They're all things about my work that I don't like definitely and when I went freelance I think I thought that I would be by going. Freelance I was eliminating those things from my working life. That had bothered me in an office. You know whether it was meetings that could have been an email office politics or you know people being territorial any of that stuff. Say when when I'm doing my own things whether it's the pump cost or consultancy or working with other people and and something begins to Jangle. Minos begin to go I think this is really good because if you loved it one hundred percent than that just seemed. That just seems ridiculous. I'm pretty sure that Madonna before he's gone on stage in the past. It's gone I could really do with an item or has had to go to a production meeting until I really don't want to be by this. I'm sure that even people here we would perceive as having amazing jobs with incredible financial reward and adulation and stuff that. I'm sure that there are elements of whether they don't like movie stars. I assume the same. So yes when I do sit down and I think I don't have to speak to that person about this thing or I don't WanNa have to jump through that HOOP IDEA. Get irritated and then. I think this is what it's about you should. You should have something that you like. That makes you appreciate the days when you get to do a Polka like this or you get to travel somewhere and go into an interview. Someone WHO's only given. He's only giving one interview all there in the in the case of Andy Product come from head space. He's doing one interview in the UK and he's giving it to you. That's like a real win. That feels really got got out good so I think it's perfectly fine to have parts of the two parts of your job that you don't like I think you should in a way as long as outweigh the good so long as a healthy balanced and what else would you like to do career wise apart from what you are doing now. I just really like to build on this if I'm really honest and really liked to do a live event which obviously all live events are off at the moment. I'd really like to do a live event whether it'd be like a day long thing with talks guests. That's really on my radar. Something to do. I would like to write a book but again as I said earlier it has to be something that I really hope you have to love the idea that you can't keep the book inside. U I think and Yeah. There are plans. What's this Eighth Lauren? I know this is an this is often a contentious topic. One we shouldn't ask about is it's a very personal thing but if you're happy to share with US I'd be interested to know about your child freeness whether it's through choice or circumstance whether you have always known that you would not have children whether it causes you any conflict regret or not at all as someone who has lost two children now in a place considering whether or not to keep trying to have a child. I'm sorry I'm very interested in other women's choices and experiences either way it's too personal question than feel free to tell me to bug off. Lauren. We do not shy away from the motions on the emigrant show. And I'm happy to answer that. I've never had the urge as I alluded to earlier. I've never had the urge to think I want children but a few years ago I had friends who were mums. Who would often talk to me about? Your window is closing. And if you're going to do what you WANNA do it now. And there was a sense of urgency to get boyfriend into because and then it was like if you get with him. Then you'd have to think about when you want to get pregnant and then that would be this and then you'd be this age when this happened and again just my eyes glaze over. I can't really explain to you why I've never wanted children. I like kids of WHO's been slightly scattered them but because I think you can hurt them quite easily. I used to be really scared about dropping them and then I hung around with lots of young kids. And I'm better about that now because actually I did one once and it was fine but thoughts. It's a combination of choice. No seconds I've never been with anyone and had that conversation or do we want to have kids so it's sort of. It's just never come up. Does it go with me any conflict? No Do I regret it. No I worry about. My menopause hormone changes surging my brutishness. But I've already mentioned that. But that's why I'm going to be in the good care of a woman doctor to make sure that doesn't happen. And that I ease my oriented menopause and like a Beautiful Swan. Hopefully that's how work potentially be optimistic. yeah. I mean if the only time I've ever thought about having a child is just thinking about kids who are opened or yeah need would benefit from a home and I sometimes think all my selfish because that's probably a kid out there who would benefit from from home. I could potentially give them and sometimes I think about that but not deeply not enough for me to look into it but again it's really interesting discussion and going back to the earlier question covered this in some part to it might be interesting to get a few people on the phone calls to really talk about this with with with different experiences So Lauren thank you for that question. I will definitely explore that more detail. Linda I'd love to know how you felt your. Your ability speaks confidently. What are your tips for dealing with a crisis of confidence? Oh Gosh I think I'm just a loud mouth it's very easy to speak confidently when though in the room. Which is exactly what's happening right now so I would say I would say listen to the episode. I DID CAROLINA The Vocal coaches ends Speech therapists. She's brilliant. And I know that people have listened to the podcast. Not only the long run but she did a mini show about. Oh my God. You've got stage fright. What to do in this moment and people have listened to that and gone and done presentations at work. And they've had they've said it felt completely different. It felt completely different. And actually afterwards people came up to me and said you seem so confident you seem so together so I'll put the link to the caroline go to Po- cars in the show notes because I think that's the best way I've always just liked attention is the true true on so just like being hurt. Or it's like I've just always liked to having the floor but you only get to keep the floor something interesting to say so. I guess if there's any trick that you know you can be a show boater but you've also got to have content. You got to have something that people listen to say. Maybe it's a combination of the two and the final question. Sarah says an update on the newborn how they have changed your life or not things that fine. The breast reduction was let me think nine months ago now and they've settled. I definitely still. I'M SURPRISED BY THEM. Every single day. But in but I've also forgotten what the old ones like and I don't have any pictures I'm tempted to contact my surgeon and say could you possibly something my before pictures but I think it would be quite? I think I'd be shocked but anyway The best way I can describe. It is thought I didn't. I actually still have an old sports bra from big days. I put it on the other day and I stuffed it and that's ridiculous but I just didn't realize how much I was working around and how much it was in my way and the other thing it's done which has been really wonderful. Yes already talked about this. I've lost weight since I had the production I lost. I've lost weight before and I've never. I've never liked my body shape and then I've never really seen it because I had these big heavy psyche boobs A now I've lost weight and I can. I can see my body and I was talking to Joe Jones about it the other day she I think she said something about you addressing differently and close look different and I I just feel completely different and even excising funeral capable. I'm not I didn't realize how much they were. Because you just have them so you don't know it's only when you when you have the surgery you realize called. They actually were in the way a lot and they impacted whether I could do. This will whether I could do that. So Yeah They. It does feel life changing and it was if it was quite quite trouble troublesome to sort of say yeah. Invasive surgery is life changing. Because I don't want anyone to suddenly just go. Oh well then. It's normal to go and do that. It isn't as a really big consideration but for me personally I just feel like it's made a huge difference and I. I feel so glad that I did it. I feel so good that I did I do I. Even I was gills. The other day we went to one rebel we did spend gloss together and I hadn't seen him for months and I walked in and he went. Oh my God. Even though he was sitting everything is different. It's completely different. You're hiring of self. You're walking completely differently and it is. It's not your shoulders. You're so used to carrying something heavy that after the fact use of hunt your shoulders up around your ears and it's taken me ages to be able to relax my shoulders and just walk with my head up my back straight because I'm no longer and hunching to hide big boobs so yet long onto to quite simple question. They are great. Thank you very much. They haven't been affected by the weight. Loss thank goodness. Because that'd be a bummer. They all smaller though. I'm fine and it does feel like it does feel like a very positive thing that I did. Even though it was scary and risky and expensive and all those things I don't Mcgrath second over and I'm really really pleased. I did it and again. If you want to know a little bit more about that entire story you didn't hear the pump cost. I did a whole episode about how to find surgeon. Wh- consultations are like how it feels. I did probably gloss over in the episode because I didn't remember pain. I probably made their recovery seem really easy and I will just say this. My friend Robin Man for himself reminded me I was at dinner. I saw got it and he hung on you. Msg Me telling me how I think board you were and how you over and how. It was a pain in the ASS. And he's absolutely right. I was bored. I was really bored during the recovery but I am not poke ass I talked about. I didn't really feel much pain. It was it was uncomfortable because I thought that was important thing but he was like forget. How old you were they forget. How strategy were that. You were physically unable to do certain things just remember that and I thought yes. He's absolutely correct though. I'm putting that right in this episode. What brilliant questions? Thank you so much to everybody who took the time to write in. All of the questions came from the facebook group. And as I said if you want to join that community and it's a brilliant community of thousands of listeners of this phone calls please do join particularly the moment where keeping in touch with each other. We're sharing funds stories. We're asking there's lots and lots of really lovely activity. I know social media can be perhaps sometimes not the healthiest place but this is definitely the best of Social Media. The people in that group. You Lot are incredible so please do. Click the link in the show. Join because I would love to see that if you have any other questions from anything that I've said during the show then please do email me at the people cost a g mail com- common in the facebook group dion social media where Emma guns and if you have a question that you would like me to answer on a future episode then the beauty podcast. Gene Dot Com facebook or twitter and instagram. All the ways to ask me. Thank you so much for listening. I really appreciate your time your questions and just all of your support especially at a time like now. Thank you so much. I really hope that you're looking after yourself and your loved ones and staying. Well thank you so much for listening. I will see you on the next one.

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