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Tonight the coronavirus, worsening several states, setting daily records and tonight Texas now hitting pause, it's reopening what Florida's governor said late today and tonight the alarming numbers now out the dire prediction. Just how many Americans could really be infected? Cases tonight surging and more than half the country in Texas, some ICU's at ninety seven percent capacity some patients now being Medevac. Men, telling us he was unable to find help for his parents married sixty eight years. Eighteen members in one family infected at a surprise birthday party tonight, the Texas Governor Dow Taking Action Florida's governor late today what he's saying and that warning from the head of the CDC about the actual number of cases in the US to flight over masks tonight across this country California now requiring them, but in many states where cases are skyrocketing it not mandatory, and now the point some arguing it infringes on their rights, one lawmaker, drawing outrage, using George Floyd's words, saying `I champ breed. President trump traveling to another battleground tonight as dozens of members of his own campaign staff are now in quarantine. Rally in Tulsa. Staff members testing positive after that rally new polling tonight, showing trump trailing Jill Biden now by double digits and Joe Biden tonight calling the president, a child who can't believe this is happening to him Biden, saying no, it's happening to all of us your money. Tonight's the Treasury Department, sending one point four billion in stimulus money to Americans who are no longer alive. Overseas today. Will they block Americans from traveling to Europe as the Eiffel Tower now real sins after the longest closure since World War Two. Zero home the deadly police encounter, young black man stopped police said he was acting suspiciously and resisting then the violent takedown, he can be heard pleading for his life tonight the governor now calling for an investigation. Why did it take so long? And the massive dust cloud, moving it over the US tonight, hazy scenes already in some places including the Orleans reaching several states this weekend all the way to Illinois the concern now if you have asthma or respiratory condition and ginger, Zee with what's behind this and the latest track tonight. EBC. Which David, Muir. Evening it's great to have you with us here at a very busy Thursday night. We begin tonight with the worsening picture. When it comes to the corona virus, we are now getting descriptions from inside hospitals that we have not heard in months. I see US near capacity cases rising in twenty nine states, the governor of Texas. Today forced to put a pause on the. The, reopening their Florida's governor, addressing the spike in that state, they are in a desperate race now to keep the virus from overwhelming hospitals, and look at this tonight, a new record in the number of cases here in the US nearly thirty nine thousand in a single day. We have not seen that before Texas with a record, nearly six thousand new cases and And we're tonight. The Texas Medical Center in Houston. This one hundred percent capacity in its ICU Florida reporting more than five thousand cases for a second straight day, the long lines for testing there, and with the cases skyrocketing the heated debate now over wearing masks, the new study tonight that suggests if the majority of Americans wore them it could save some thirty three. Three thousand lives through the fall, and it's a question, so many of you at home is likely wondered. These are just the cases tested. We're talking about tonight. The head of the warning the actual number of cases in the US could be as many as ten times higher many as dramatic, but still able to spread it. Thomas leading US off tonight from Houston. Tonight a major reversal in one of the four states to open backup Texas now hitting the brakes on the next phase of reopening. The state's governor, refusing to lockdown saying this move is about saving lives and livelihoods declaring statement the last thing we want to do as a state is, go backwards and closed down businesses, but Texas is one of five states reporting a record number of hospitalizations more than forty, three, hundred on Wednesday up a staggering when hundred ninety percent since memorial day one of those patients as betty. Ramos diagnosed with covid nineteen while pregnant in November I was. GonNa head of research or the first thing that came to remind with my baby raise fell severely ill the CDC, now warning that pregnant women may have a higher risk, but luckily she received a plasma treatment at Memorial Hermann Hospital. That may have helped her beat the virus. She had this message for her doctor. He's probably watching this. What what would you tell him? You Save my night. And my baby's night. You know there's probably a lot of women who? Are Pregnant. What would you tell them? Here they don't give. In could much baby. strong for your baby because I feel like that. Kobe will train your body like if you let it. The virus is spreading fast throughout this state. Eighteen, members of the Barbosa family in North Texas after the attended a surprise birthday. Party to my dad's hanging on by a thread there by themselves with no family. You know an assist heartbreaking for the Rigas family outside of Houston. No one has to tell them how deadly. This virus is three members dying in ten days. I was doing everything could to keep my. My parents my father. ally. And it just It wasn't enough. In Houston even helicopters are being used to transport Kobe. Nineteen patients that are critically ill. This life flight chopper sterilized with a robotic device, the staff on board, telling us about these difficult missions patients that we are transporting or some of the sickest of the sick Kobe. Patients that are out there on these patients are on ventilators. They've been paralyzed with medication across the country. Breaking Day in the worst way nearly thirty nine thousand new infections in the past twenty four hours, numbers not seen since the peak of this pandemic and tonight the CDC warning the actual number of corona virus cases, maybe ten times higher than reported our best estimate right now. Is that for every case that we reported? There actually were ten other infections. The CDC estimating, twenty million Americans may have been infected six percent of the country, and that more than ninety percent of the population is still susceptible to the virus around the country, other hotspots still growing with the second day in a row, more than five thousand new cases reported in Florida, the governor now saying he never said when the state would move to the next phase of reopening where where are where we are I. Mean I'm I'm not taking I didn't say we're going to go on to the next phase. You know we've done a a step by step approach. That from Florida today, Tom Yomas with us from Houston Texas tonight and reported there eighteen members of one family to surprise birthday party. Now all have covid nineteen that new number you mentioned their that we learn what authorities believe could be the actual real number of cases in the US, and it just underscores how many might have it now realize it, but who are still able to spread it. That's so true Davis says they got estimate from antibody tests, and they're saying so. Many of these people that are sick were ACM to matt up to eighty percent in some groups. It's while we have to remain vigilant. It's why so many are asking that. We wear these masks that we have an update on that mother that we just heard from the expectant mother as betty raise. She tells us she's doing September David. She's going to have a baby. Baby girl, she's GonNa name her Ari David Grace News, and we are all pulling for that. Mom, thank you, Tom Tom mentioned if masks are not mandatory everywhere of course, including some of the states where they're seeing rapid increase in cases tonight, some are now arguing those masks infringe on their rights in fact, one city councillor using George Floyd words. I can't breathe while he was talking about masks tonight. He's now apologizing calling it insensitive. Here's a victory Kendall. With the virus spreading like wildfire, a battle is raging over one of the key tools used to fight facemasks starting today in Palm Beach, county Florida Musk's or mandatory, but the backlash was swift. The fact of the matter is it's our bodies. Our choice whether we're gonNA wear them. Not Wear them. You guys are overstepping your boundaries one hundred percent. have. Know requiring masks in public. That's a heated anti mass protests like this one in Orange County. Are you allow the government to tell you you have to wear a mask? Engineer Zona were hospitals are treating a record number of Calvin patients a- protest against the new rule in Scottsdale. This council and sparking outrage after he appeared to mock the final words of George Floyd Eric, Garner, the governor, calling it despicable, the counseling later apologizing, but doctors are urging Americans to use masks. Especially, when social distancing is impossible masks, absolutely critical components to really ending this pandemic and more people appear to be wearing them a new ABC News Ipsos, poll shows eighty nine percent of Americans who left their home in the last week. Say they've worn face covering compared to fifty five percent interleague April, but after scenes like these played out across the country, the challenge is getting guests. If all of the rules like at this Miami Beach, hotel, we constantly trying to get everybody order mass. People. They're not interest for much of the country of Patchwork of rules. Just eighteen states now require masks at least for businesses, a new model from the University of Washington suggests that some thirty three thousand lives could be saved by Tober I. If nearly everyone wears a mask. With no statewide mask order in place, it's up to local leaders. Injustice justice afternoon, the city of Miami Emergency Order, requiring masks in public at all times. If you don't wear one, you could face a fine up to five hundred dollars David Tori. Victor Kendall again tonight. Thank you, Victor, meanwhile, president trump is traveling to another battleground tonight as dozens of members of his own campaign staff are now in quarantine after his rally in Tulsa after Tulsa, several staff members testing positive and here's Mary Bruce. President trump battleground with confident today eager to turn the page from Corona virus, even as teases are surging. We've done an incredible historic job, but his rival Joe Biden today warning trump can't ignore the reality of this pandemic. We're going to be dealing with this for a long time. Trump can't wish away. He can bend it to meet his political wishes. There are no Merrill's coming. The former vice president ripped into trump for complaining that more testing reveals a higher infection rate. Here's what I say. Is, a double edged sword thinks finding out more Americans are sick will make him look back. That's what he's worried about. is worried about looking bad fight in using his harshest language yet like a child. Who can't believe this has happened to him. All his whining self pity. This pandemic didn't happen to him. Happened to all of this. and his job is a wine about it. His job is to do something about it to me need trump is facing a health crisis and also an economic one. He is promised a third round of stimulus to help Americans through, but no plan yet and today new questions about how administration handled the last round of Payments Government Accountability Office reporting. The Treasury Department sent checks to more than a million dead people. One point four billion dollars misspent people like Eleanor Burns. More than a year ago, but still received money for son. Jim has been trying to send it back. Government still has not cast the check yet. The president's handling of the pandemic is taking a toll on him. Politically Biden leads in one poll after another including new one showing him up fourteen points nationally. And tonight campaign sources tell us that staffers volunteers who were at the president's Tulsa Rally over the weekend or now working remotely dozens of them now in quarantine, this of course on top of the dozens of secret service personnel at that rally who are also quarantining the president had promised that rally would be state David. Bruce Reporting Tonight Mary, thank you and now to the deadly police encounter just now getting attention, a young black man stopped police, said he was acting suspiciously and resisting and then the violent takedown he can be heard pleading for his life tonight the governor calling for an investigation. Why did it take so long? Here's Pierre Thomas. In the wake of the death of George, fluid who died after a Minneapolis police officer, put his knee on his neck. This controversial police encounter with a young black man in Aurora, Colorado is getting new attention alive, McLean! twenty-three-year-old massage therapists who love playing the violin is dead because of a misunderstanding. It began with this nine one one call last August about a suspicious man walking just after ten pm on a Saturday night. That's. Mcclain returning from buying ice tea at a corner store is wearing a mask. His family says because he often got cold since he's anemic, separate there. They stopped right there. Stop Stop. Stop. Stop Stop you being suspicious in seconds escalates. The officer grabs McLean. overlay golden. William introverts. Goal. Suny surrounded by officers one applies a karate control homes, claiming that McLean allegedly reached one of their guns, McLean pleads saying that he's different, but that he's nonviolent. It? Clearly in pain at one point, he says the phrase now infamous. Authorities restrained McLean later. Paramedics gave him a drug. Ketamine to calm him, thirties say. From cardiac arrest and the ambulance and died days later at a hospital, a coroner declared the men of deaf to be undetermined. Koffler they did. There was no reason to forget. Whose family calling for an investigation, but the prosecutor maintaining there is no case based on the investigation. We did not feel like we can prove any crime beyond a reasonable doubt based on the officers actions. Colorado's governor said today that he's appointed a special prosecutor to investigate. David are here. I know you'll stay on the case. Thank you. We're GONNA turn now to that massive dust cloud moving in over the US. There is concern over asthma and respiratory conditions and chief meteorologist Ginger Zee with the track. The hazy sky today over New Orleans. That's not frog. It's dust, and it's coming from the Sahara in Africa all the way to the US account. It is. Puerto Rico went from those really rude skies to this. When the dust moved in Barbados, you could barely see the sun in Mexico. This guy overtaken by Brown it's called the Saharan Air Layer, and it travels over the Atlantic Ocean every year, but this year it's covering about thirty five hundred miles. The most extensive we've seen since the nineteen seventies for most that'll just mean more brilliant sunrises and sunsets, but for those with breathing issues like asthma. This is a weekend. You'll watch out. And I should clarify that this is not gonNA. Look like a WHO've or a classic store, but it is going to move from south to north. You can see the states being impacted there through the weekend. It hangs out about five to twenty thousand Feet Up David Great to see you overseas tonight. The European Union is considering extending its current ban on us, visitors setting America's surging infection rates at the same time in Paris today symbol of hope their the tower, welcoming back tourists after its longest closure since World War Two NASCAR releasing an image tonight of the news, hanging into stall, assigned a bubble wallace at TALLADEGA WITH NASCAR President Steve. Phelps saying it was real and. and was the only news found during a sweep of nearly seventeen hundred garages at twenty nine tracks felt said they took swift action to defend NASCAR's only fulltime driver. The FBI says the news had been in the garage since October finally tonight. Here America strong. It was nearly three months ago. We showed you some images here. That had us all wondering. Is there any way someone can step in to help? To know they are the young people across this country answering the call after seeing those long food lines at food banks across the nation. It was nearly three months ago. I reported on those images. Farmers forced to discard spoiled food and milk. But we asked. How do we get the food to families who need it? Then the college students starting fondly I telling US weeks ago, they were going to connect farmers. We'd those foodbanks Alex Two cy working the phone. Millions of gallons of free milk, getting milk to communities in need. That Halston to fresh eggs. Dow Away I voted to confirm delivery about of eggs. Zach telling us he has seen the need. David I want to tell you that it's been so powerful to see so many people throughout the country coming together just today in Los Angeles Farm Link delivering thirty. Thousand Pounds of Frothy Cauliflower Mixed Greens. Five food banks across Massachusetts, receiving fifteen thousand pounds of carrots, mixed, green, spinach, and potatoes, and in Arizona tonight forty thousand pounds of potatoes delivered to the White Mountain Apache tribe, and since our first report here tonight we are happy to share that farm link is now delivered four million pounds of food to food banks across twenty eight states, the equivalent of three point five million meals. Including feed the front lines and Y C. Potatoes. They have now delivered more than one hundred, twenty, four thousand free meals and they've helped local restaurants Rehire more than one hundred employees. All with the help of farmers including Doug Hess at Fall River farms and Ashton Idaho donating his potatoes. Structure Remember. aiden Riley Helping Doug We are working today to load these into a trucks. Forty thousand pounds of potatoes donated that day alone and tonight eight and telling us why he's still at it, David. We started farming the goal of keeping families fed during the cope in nineteen pandemic. Who'd insecurity is not going away anytime soon the neither a week. That former Doug telling us. He's grateful for the young health. Farm Lake for helping me move under twenty five thousand. Tonnes of details. It otherwise would have gone to waste the people here in America. Thanks. Young people stepping up. We are grateful and proud.

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