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Okay, guys. Welcome to our keyword AGM. Planning quarterly review central meeting. Business can be complicated. But travel doesn't have to be with my taxi business. You can download receipts and manage multiple bookings online make the smarter choice of mytalk c dot com. Eighteen. Maguire boats are expected in both the Senate and house today on a border security deal to avoid another partial government shutdown while makers move to end a legislative brawl that began before Christmas by voting on a border security compromise that would avert a second shutdown. Where we are with a solid deal in front of us. Senate GOP chief Mitch McConnell urging colleagues to approve it the question as always on Capitol Hill remains whether the president will follow the deal gives just a sliver of the border while funding. He's demanded though, he's expected to sign it as the Senate session began with a prayer. Chuck Grassley added his own soul. Pray that the president will have wisdom to sign the Bill so government doesn't shutdown saga megani. Washington. A year ago today seventeen people including fourteen students were killed in the shooting and Marjory stoneman Douglas high school in parkland, Florida, congressman Ted Deutch remembers the victims Senator thoughts on the seventeen who were killed seventeen who were injured the healing of the parkland community and the forty thousand lives lost to gun violence in every corner of this nation each year, an interface service will be held at a park near the school to remember the victims in the years since parkland a high school journalism project includes nearly twelve hundred. Children died by some form of gun violence in this country. The two hundred high-school journalists across the country researched and documented stories of those who died in school shootings domestic violence, drug homicides and stray bullets Denver public school teachers heading back to class ending a three day strike as a tentative contract is reach with the school district high school teacher. Susan everybody wants to be and everybody wants to be with their students and our students want us back. So everybody's super excited today. Contract calls for raises up from seven to eleven percent. Plus cost of living increases. This is AP radio. News. At the peak at the Cimber holiday shopping, retail sales took a big drop sales for retailers like JC Penney. Macy's and Kohl's fizzled retail analyst Brit beamer says it's all about the location lawyer four times a draft all the moles did and I just see mold becoming a bigger and bigger albatross. But online sales were down to suggest that the Grinch essentially did steal Christmas and create dot coms. Mark Hamrick says the economy has shown strength, but this retail sales weakness is raising questions about how much longer the US economy can continue to enjoy moderate growth. Hamrick says the goal now is not for a rebound in retail sales but stability, Ed Donahue, Washington. And one of those big online retailers, perhaps the biggest Amazon has dropped New York City as one of its new headquarters locations, and it will not be searching for another location. I'm Tim Maguire AP radio news.

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