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Moment of the Day (1/3/20)


earlier this morning Gio imagined what a conversation would be like. If our boss Mark Chernoff had to tell Joe about his snorting Joe you have a second. I'm getting a lot of complaints about snorting a little piggy. Doing you just did it. I didn't doing he just did it again. No idea what you're talking about those two guys logged yeah. I know you're doing something. I'm not doing anything yes you AH listen. This is ridiculous this right now that novice all right Bro. I'm not doing any clicking at all. You don't WanNA blows out your nose I. I don't do anything with my nose moment of the day that Oh so good. It was better the second time I've missed a couple of those things I was laughing. Saw Apparently Journal walked in during that bitten goes I hope A. He Starts Norton at some point. His life go out today One of his team parleys at the end of doing that. squishing shing water in his mouth. And so is oh has to show all those things that turn off you get approval to get approval and at the end went ou- swisher watered his mouth. Turncoats get kicked out that sandwich the mouths in making sense demint so I was just talking about the thirty seconds that we go out with switch Swish as opposed to gargling just so he could make Mark Med and on a video nobody sees this on. WFAN probably there's like a murder scene in snaking. Stop thank you Erica. Thank you job today. Good I bet.

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