Jan 3, 2020


Hello and welcome the sword and scale daily. I'm your host Ryan Williams. It's Friday January third and this is your daily true crime report coming up on sort and scale daily. A man working on his laptop at an Oakland California starbucks was killed while chasing a thief who stole the device. Two suspects have been arrested. The body of missing Texas Teen Robert Dunkin it was discovered in a trailer park in Midland County. Five teens are facing charges in connection with the killing an actress who had a small role in the movie. Captain America the first Avenger was charged with second degree murder in the death of her mother who was discovered dead in her olathe. Kansas home on December twentieth finally law enforcement in Baton Rouge arrested a suspect and three recent killings of homeless people. All this and more coming up on sort and scale daily. NBC News reports. The Oakland Glenn California Police Department have arrested two suspects in connection with the Tuesday. Homicide the victim whose name has not yet been released working on his laptop at a starbucks in East Oakland at around eleven thirty in the morning a suspect approached him. stolas laptop ran outside aside and got into an SUV that was parked around the corner. It is not yet known whether the driver was waiting for the suspect witnesses. This told the outlet that the victim was holding onto. SUV's door when it drove away and he hit his head on a parked car. One witness said quote. It was like his arm was up and his head was being dragged against the concrete. It was awful. Maria Chan who owns the florist shop across the street from the starbucks are bucks told. KTLA quote. He was bleeding only from the head his face was purple and blue. The man was taken to a nearby hospital hospital but succumbed to the injury sustained to his head later the same day on Wednesday police arrested two suspects in the death which has been in ruled a homicide. They're still looking for a third suspect. Our next story takes us to Midland County Texas. This seventeen year old Robert Dunkin was reported missing on Friday December twenty seventh after he failed to return home for the weekend following tip. Investigators found his body on the afternoon of December thirty first on Thursday. The Midland County Sheriff's office announced. They have arrested arrested. Five teenage suspects in charge two of them in connection to Robert Duncan Staff. Two of the five are being charged with capital murder. Robert's mother silver knock told. CBS Seven. That Robert was supposed to meet friends on Friday night but did not show up. No one could reach Chen by phone until around. Two A M A friend who had been trying to reach him received the text reading Robbie's Mia Roberts relatives extremely concerned because they thought he had enemies however his mother told News West. Nine that first deputies did not take the complaint seriously seriously believing that Robert was a runaway. According to his mother they were reluctant to declare her son missing. She stated quote. It took me calling my son's grandfather before they even agreed to do a runaway report. But they weren't going to do a missing persons report a missing persons report. It was finally filed two days later on December. Twenty ninth when deputies. I talked to people who knew Robert. They told them he was fine. However however on the afternoon of December thirtieth they recanted? These friends told law enforcement that Robert's body may be in the area of a certain trailer park in Midland County. Deputies searched the location and found Roberts body around three thirty in the afternoon on December. Thirty first mm-hmm. The cause of death has not been made public on Wednesday. It was announced that five suspects were arrested in connection with Robert. Duncan's Ken's death two of the teens. eighteen-year-old Zaydan Hayes. In seventeen year old Larry West junior were charged with capital murder and making terroristic threats. Eighteen year old Helio Cadena was charged with murder. Eighteen year old row. Helio Vasquez was charged with tampering with evidence and seventeen seventeen year old John Hayes was charged with interfering with public duties. Please have also obtained an executed three search warrants in connection with this investigation investigation. According to the probable cause affidavit Dunkin was killed during a drug deal. He was allegedly selling the suspects marijuana when they allegedly stole the drugs and ran witnesses stated that Duncan pursued the suspects. They heard the sound of gunshots and never solve Robert Dunkin again. Our next story brings us to Kansas thirty eight year. Old Molly Fitzgerald an actress. What a small role in the movie Captain America? The first Avenger was arrested on Tuesday in Olathe Kansas and has been charged with second degree murder of her mother. Sixty eight year old Patricia Fitzgerald Patricia's body was discovered in her late. The home on December twentieth two thousand nineteen gene details of the crime have not yet been made public. The victim's brother told the Kansas City Star that Patricia was just moving back to Kansas After spinning decades in Houston Molly had a small role as start girl in the movie. Captain America the first Avenger and was also credited as an assistant assistant to the director on the movie in Two thousand eleven. She told a comic book. Publication quote being part of this production has been one of the best experiences says of my life on Thursday Fitzgerald made her first court appearance via video at the arraignment. She said she had a degree from the University of Houston and plans to represent himself at trial her next court. Appearance is scheduled for January ninth after the break police Baton Rouge arrest the suspect in the killings of three homeless people. 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M. dot com slash scale subject to credit approval rate includes point fifty percent auto pay discount terms and conditions apply apply and offers are subject to change without notice visit light string dot com slash scale for more information now for our final story on Thursday the Baton Rouge Police Department announced the arrest of a suspect in three homeless almost killings that took place in the last two weeks. The killings were investigated by Special Multi Agency Task Force W AF mused nine nine reports that the suspect is twenty nine year. Old Jeremy Anderson who lives near both crime scenes the first victims were discovered just before one PM. On Friday December thirteenth fifty-three-year-old Christina Fowler and forty year old Gregory Kerkorian found shot to death near the North Boulevard Bridge still bundled in their blankets. Although there is no formal confirmation local news outlets reported they were shot at close range. The third and final victim fifty year old Tony Williams was discovered on December twenty seventh on the porch of a vacant house on North Eighteenth Street investigators. Investigators believe all three victims were killed in their sleep. There appears to be no racial motivation. As the first two victims were white and the third african-american can American according to local paper. The advocate the area where the killings took place attract a lot of homeless people because of the proximity of several shelters and other social services on December twenty seventh the Baton Rouge police chief Murphy. Paul said at a press conference that investigators believe the killings were related and had created a special task force to aggressively investigate crimes. Keith Murphy also stated that the Baton Rouge police least department was working in cooperation with the homeless community and the organizations that serve it to spread the word of the danger. He warned homeless people. Not The sleep on the street while the killer was still loose at the same news conference pillar more the East Baton Rouge District Attorney stated quote despite these these people being classified as homeless. These are very active aggressive investigations. These are real people that have real families real lives and so all the detectives know that and they see that and they take this work to heart. Michael Koldo the director of the Society of St. Vincent De Paul Shelter altern Baton Rouge told W AF be the organization was working to add more beds and provide emergency accommodations on Wednesday night. Read the suspect twenty nine year. Old Jeremy Anderson was arrested at his home without incident citing court documents. The advocate reports that Anderson was arrested after a witness came forward and told authorities that he had confessed to the crimes. The witness also stated the Jeremy Anderson owned the nine millimeter handgun consistent with ballistics evidence recovered at the scene. The arrest report indicates that investigators started by tying Anderson listen to the third killing and then gathered evidence that connected him to the first two murders. More evidence was found in a search of Jeremy Anderson's home which just so happens tends to be located within two blocks from both crime scenes on Thursday chief. Paul told the advocate that during his initial questioning quote doc Anderson made incriminatory statements that placed him at the crime scene. The Arrest Warrant States the Anderson confessed to killing Christina Fowler and Gregory Kerkorian and the first victims Anderson has to prior arrests one from two thousand thirteen for illegally carrying a weapon and one from two thousand fourteen gene for battery stemming from a domestic incident. That's it for today's episode of Sword Scale Daily. We hope you have a fantastic weekend gained. We'll see you next week and until then stay safe soared. End scaled. Daily is an incongruity media production. Your host was Ryan Williams Research and writing by Garba rock executive producer. My Day if you like the show subscribe and leave us a review. If you'd like to write us with feedback or suggestions use the email address daily at Sword scale dot com.

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