Charlie Davies' rules for jersey swaps, epic Rushmore rant & Greatest Team bracket begins!


You're listening to extra time driven by Continental. You feel enough that Matt. I feel a lot better than Bob. Extra me see how I find out what's going on in the MLS. Maybe this podcast is influenced me a little bit as well loss loss. Everybody up here. Every single day goes into the office into the laboratory to try to cook up some great stuff for you guys here from New York New York. You are listening to extra time driven by continental from my apartment in bed. Stuy Andrew Review with my partners in soccer. Charlie Davies Mattdoyle David Goss. What's up boys? I felt at that time. I've been to Brooklyn New York and it. Kinda just dip didn't feel right and soon as I cut you off there. I have to cut you off. I haven't had a great sleep. This I feel unsettled after. I witnessed the Mount Rushmore. That you guys put up on twitter. That really just got under my skin. And it's it's been tough to to let it slide until this till this moment right here. So is this for you Charlie personal or is this like your on board. It's like you know the pitchfork wielding mob the twitter groupthink. Has It got to you or did you feel this truly in your gut and when you say you couldn't hit me to the core the core I said Alphonso Davies. Are you Outta your mind? All right everyone is going to agree with Landon. Donovan gave us cups. Let's not even a debate here. Okay Marco Etcheverry he's the MLS Cup MVP and the inaugural season the best player on that team and the MVP. And Ninety eight like Marco Etcheverry. He deserves to be up there. He's like kind of like the George Washington. If you if you will sewer here to think they both kind of have that kind of curly. Perm you throw out of those. Like triangle hats on them and stick them on a boat in the Delaware. And there. You Go. I'm here for now. Is where against interesting you went with Alphonso Davies now. He doesn't even belong to be mentioned as a possible head up there. Mount Rushmore Nineties inventions. Okay I'M GONNA go with wrecking preki. Needs to be up there though only two time. Mvp In this league the only two time MVP in this league he. When I think I'm rocking that Wiz ninety six right here because what I think. Last I slept on this too. I felt I felt real good knowing that breakfast faces up there what you meant to league. How good he was in the league and how he's just been you know you always see him on. The sidelines. Now is as a coaching. The coaching staffs I just firmly believe that he should be up there on Mount Rushmore. You're talking about history. And the growth of the League. He was a big part of sticking respect. Finds it more interested though in the way you felt man? Express yourself when you saw Davies. All I was I was enraged. I was deeply unsettled. I think Charlie was mainly thrown off because the group we had said Davies so I think Charlie assumed his face was going to be on me. He's already like picking out sculptor. He's like which side then. The fourth is David Beckham. Now it's not because he was so good nevertheless you're like oh I got to put him up there as because he he just changed the game. You're not getting down to come to this league you're not getting slapped on Abraham Bitch noggin. Robbie Keane Getting Kakai you're not getting teary anri. If Beckham doesn't come to this league. He changed the landscape of major league soccer. Yes don't you know? No no but all eyes on the globe on. Mls? We asked about. David Beckham we put them on our list. I that's that's why I'm agreeing with you thing. Charlie David Beckham encouraged other guys to get that money whereas Davies is the one bringing in money our baby. Bring US encouraging. How many how? Much money billers and how much did not necessarily. Oh I think what is trying to do be selling league and why because of what Atlanta was able to do with Alma Rhone if Miguel marrone comes in you go out and scout a South American player right. Who who's on the verge of being a a star not yet you see the potential you bring them to Atlanta. You haven't played for a couple years and you sell them for the big bucks right a fundraiser. For and let's grab me wrong for Vancouver Alfonzo Davies coming through and doing what he did. The whole point is going down to get somebody who's GonNa perform like Miguel. Alfonso Davies wasn't doing what Miguel marrone did this. Good as he was he was not doing six years younger and he's already doing things in Europe at time making money more American players. That are good. Atlanta's aren't going to get South American players having them playing then selling them onto Europe. Money on Mount Rushmore. If this is what you're going with how much it even Davies camp in the first conversation and now I'm there Charlie. Quick mass eight million own they had to pay for the man so then twenty million down to twenty flipside is impressed that fee because that's the way it works on Alphonso Davies. Zero cut is a man your academy he represents your slate that turn bellefonds Davies One and MLS. Cup was hoisting that bad boy no hoisting MVP. And I'd say good job you're right. Who is going to be the base of the biggest? Not but you bring the when you're in Europe when you're talking to people around the world about MLS Beckham was the face of what MLS was for a lot of years in the next three years easy but for the next fifteen it's going to be Alfonzo Davies. He's going to be starting and Champions League finals. And everyone's GonNa say that guy is what? Mls can be. Why did you we care so much about years from now because the key of Soccer Championship in England is the number one league in the world? You have to have that respect. So you think left-back is GonNa garnered that much attention that everyone's going to go wow. Mls is the League just as you have eleven to everyone with Guy Stop. He also may not left backside that point. Stop it we can. We can argue about this forever. But what the real point I'm more. I'm more broadly over Japan. Crime Mourn for the CODA Raqi. And you the one guy that overly monroe you know where. There's only two guys that really hurt. That hurt not to be our Mount Rushmore. And that's the Reindeer Rosario and the reason why wind up there is because he played for so many teams if you if joined era sariol only played for San Jose and then Houston and that was it. I would say he's got to be up there. But because he he he was switched from San Jose to Houston. What she didn't have any you know he can. He can do anything about that but then Toronto and then DC back to draw. There's too many in the New York. Obviously shortstop too many too many places for for a player that is supposed to be iconic and legendary right. You're not letting a guy like that leave but was more like a lone wolf. He could get the job done. Adam Adams Avenue. Incredible AMOUNT OF RESPECT FOR DANGEROUS. Sorry because I was able to play with them at DC. But if you're if you're moving too many places like that you can't be up on Mount Rushmore route. Mount Rushmore is about growth development person per survey. Shen and tradition. They Rosario can't be there but high may Merano. That's another name but because Etcheverry is already on the mountain doesn't feel right but putting him up there as well but definitely played for every team in the northern hemisphere. He chewing he would just excellence right. It was just excellent. Practice would have a good case but parking wasn't influential. They he he was like he was the only two time. Mvp A couple of great moments for the US National Team. He won a bunch in mls but late like practicing. You didn't change the league. He's just a great player for six years. And then that was I about one. Yeah the same thing with Mondo. Same thing with like these are. These are great guys if there was an mls hall of fame. They're all first ballot hall favors. But it's not the same thing as being mount rushmore beyond Mount Rushmore. You have to have that baseline of excellence but then you have to have a level of imports and I think they got it wrong with Alphonso Davies. Doyle Persona he's argued strenuously against Alphonso Navy. As a lawyer. You lost your case for one day. That's there I mean I think in her at my argument which I will reiterate is that there is a before and after David Beckham. In how this leak did business and how this league was perceived on the global scale on a scale which changed the types of players they could get in and how much money they could make and reinvest into the league itself. That's why rush were. There is a before an actor. Miguel Almirante for that as well. You're right David. There was one tall hop back in the day. There was Freddie Monteiro and these guys were like the Beta test versions of what Atlanta did with. Miguel marrone Atlanta waiting to defend and they came out with a star that they sold for thirty million dollars. It should. It's changed. It changed in an e was it is still changing the way. Mls does business unlike anything. That's happened in this league. History other than David Beckham which should have been there you know. This is a great sports argument because the number on riquelme's price keeps changing and good sports. Arguments numbers are fluid. Eight thirty your point completely. Correct Thursday morning. Here's the thing though. I'll give Charlie this. He has one of the great cage matches and MLS history. If you put zero and Frankie in a room and say you have to fight it out. Whatever One v one to Mount Rushmore? Those are two of the players. I think I've ever been around. Who feel slighted at every moment at all times and it fuels them. I would love to see those to go after it even at this age to be like one of you will be on. Mount Rushmore on the most. I know if dear. Oh feel slight. Are you kidding me still to this day? Every time he's like well you know I did this. I did this. And you're like okay. You don't remember this. The check reading all the trades of course is the fact that he wasn't a starter off the jump. The fact that is moved to Europe got pushed off come on her but the benefit of this narrative art we still get to put out Bonzo Davies on there. 'cause neither of those dudes are walking out of that room astronauts. They're both going down. So we get off on Davis and Charlie look the point is Davies changed the league and I mourn for your mindset with the code. And Reese man we want them to have the opportunities all right next generation. Build them from the ground up. I want your boys to be the that is not right. And your disrespecting everybody who's who's put blood sweat and tears into this league well enough on does Alphonso Davies a mount rushmore. Mls Qazi. He did not earn up. Did you get any tax about this? Did you reach out to? You can feel like when you weren't sleeping at night. Was your phone filling up with messages. Yes I when they said you need to straighten out your boys. Straighten out your boys going right now because he does not does not doesn't even preserve to be mentioned for Mount Rushmore. I know he's a fifty million dollar left-back those loves the impact million dollar. Play your steady. Be hundred million million. That's difficult moment. He did not more league but none joyless. Toil is back on our side. We wind up baby up to be on the Charlie. Here's if you don't want something stupid. The happen on this show. You GotTa make sure you're on the episode. I learned that myself this past week when I finally saw the brackets and realize that you morons teen Rudd Bulls as the Best Bull Metro Star-team All-time over twenty eight team. Red Bull's twenty-fifty Red Bulls won the support. She'll Soda Twenty Eighteen Twenty six rebels. Did it on sixty points. Twenty eight thousand rebels literally set a new league points record with seventy one points. Twenty Thousand Fifteen rebels head plus nineteen goal differential decent. We'll get even close to supporter shield. Now Two thousand eighteen rebels plus twenty nine goal differential one of the best marks of all time at the time. Twenty eighteen rebels made mainly the cockpit. Caf Champions League semi fines twenty fifteen rebels got knocked out in the first round by Vancouver seems got knocked out in the first round of the playoffs by Columbus Columbus team. That was decent but then go on to lose. Mls COP to at these Portland team. Two thousand eighteen red bull's smoke lovers in the playoffs and then lost to an Atlanta teamed. I think we all agree is one of the best teams in MLS history. Here's the thing that's eighteen rebels. They broke Atlanta Atlanta. United broke because of that change in late September. They had that great game. That was everything for the supporters. Shield both teams accommodate is the best supporter. Shield Ron. You'll race that we've ever had in this league and the rebels just absolutely stopped in. Atlanta was never the same after that they became a sick encounter team because they knew they had no chance against the twenty eighteen rebels and it was the right move it was absolutely the right move in inland absolutely deserve that playoff series win and subsequent. Mls COP over the two thousand eighteen rebels but to choose the twenty fifteen red bolts as the best metro team of all time over that one thousand eight hundred eighteen that lasts for rancor. Rospa me. We're all driving force behind it. Blasphemy each you to come here this day and go after Kaelin and David and data all day Oil Davies. Who want who laid the groundwork for this kind of idiocy. This is just peach. Etr quarantine outs. Let's do it. I got to work with you on branding next time you start the rent with extra times. Greatest team of all time bracket is out in voting has begun. But you know I appreciate the emotion there too. I think twenty fifteen got ups. Apparently sorry honors wants to set the record straight me and have a talk on the side. I've never listened to an episode of HR in my life. I don't know what happened. He says that I led the charge in. Charlie came in and support and Charlie let it. I do not remember the episode. I would argue. I wasn't even on the episode by. I just have to take a little heat off. Charlie but I still think it's Charlie's fall so you get into. We grads beard older grievances. Yeah I was GonNa say anyone else have any anything else out season one of instant hotel but I don't know that this is the place we've got some got some mail about. Who would win in a fight between attack on a grilled cheese sandwich arguing about that but we we don't need to because tacos grilled cheese sandwiches into the ground tendrils onto the grilled cheese straw gray tacos or stronger day. Well the real winner is going to be a bacon egg and cheese on a kaiser roll because that's New York that's we let's get to the extra time greatest of all time bracket we got our first results. We had two different regions. Go to battle. I think it was the continental tire. Reasons shot out the tires for making sure that extra time continues on Forever and ever and ever we hope and I think the other one was the Tam region. If I remember correctly you can vote in these things. It was Sunday into today. So thank you to everybody who voted. Fc Dallas. I believe that a win. Over twenty seven or two thousand seven. Houston Dynamo based on basically the club tweet and all the fans flooding in. So that's one of five votes. We get the other four votes so we'll decide who moves on today and we'll have more votes on the other side of the bracket Come Wednesday into so look out for that. There are thirty two teams. You know how we got to him. Twenty four from club one representative per club in eight at large bids Before we jump into this. How are we going to decide? How are you going to base your votes as we look at for Instance Auto Nyc of AFC against my two thousand and why CFC against two thousand one Miami or two thousand ten Oursel- against Twenty Twelve San Jose and the goonies? So how are you doing this mentally? How are you working through it? Yes I think. My first criteria is which team was more effective in their error? More dominant changed the game. Whatever it is they did. That's my number one and into number two. If that is an obvious difference is then had to head which team those teams actually playing each other. The different factors that they had how they would match up. And then if those two are not enough number three. If I don't care enough is whatever doyle won't blame me for because if I say something and I don't feel strongly enjoy. It comes at me one fifty miles per hour. I can't have enough to deflect it so I just follow his his wake. So those are my three main criteria so for example for NYC AFC. Miami. It is which one changed. The game was more dominant than it would go to the field and then we'll go to whatever dwell says but I think the first one goes to Miami in that conversation all right. Let's start from the top because we have to set winners year. That's our responsibility as we in the greatest of all time but twenty seventeen Toronto. Fc was a one c they faced off against either Twenty Nineteen Cincinnati or twenty twelve Houston as playing game and this was a ninety one percent. Vote from the fans for trout. See I think it should have been ninety nine but was somebody was pulling our leg here. There's like nine percent of people that just wanted to like. It's just fail in voting over and over your Montreal fans so of see moves on. I think I can award the winner there but that brings us to four seed. Twenty Nineteen NYC AFC. Who won nothing against two thousand and one Miami who were the supporters shield winners so I don't know how they were the five seat here but Miami fifty two percent from the fans to forty eight percent from Twenty Nineteen NYC AFC Doyle? Do you agree with the vote? Does Miami move on here. Miami should move on. Yeah I mean no disrespect to CFC. Who were a great team? Last year. Thinks sixty four points But Miami one of the few teams in league history to average more than two points per game their goal differential plus twenty one in just twenty six game because remember. That season was cut short by by nine eleven and they lost in the playoffs. They lost to the first Landon Donovan Championship team. You don't you. Don't go against Landon. Donovan the playoffs folks So like that team. Not only all that but they played the most gorgeous soccer. I think I've seen in this league up until last year's AFC team so just on entertainment factor. I'm absolutely going to vote for Miami Fusion twenty nine going to say to follow up doyle over two points per game and why. Cfc was one point eight. It's an icy because they're actually one of the top ten point earners of all time in that season but fifty seven goals four for Miami that year which is six less than NYC AFC playing eight less games. Now take whatever I want to on your side. Don't burn me on this. He said you were just GonNa agree with them. So I'm with you on that one as well tracking can I still? I still stand by the two thousand fifteen ripple New York by the. It's not like it's not it's like you. By the way toilets the top goalscorers in the entire league that year and panettone and then also with dio certain I mean they had the he's GonNa have the. Mvp had the second goal score Preki. They had all these names in all these bought. It just didn't quite get it on the playoffs. Same as NYC. Afc are there but they got the trophy in the regular season but they also had guys like Chris. Henderson Pablo Mastroeni Carlesimo. All guys role players Nick Raimondo was their goalkeeper Bishop them. You know primarily veteran. That was a great team. That was a team. Could put them in the league. Now you'd have to give them five more DEF pieces but if you put them in the League now at still a sixty five fourteen and NYC won a playoff series so he can knock Miami for losing but NYC CFC hadn't done. I think it's just a bad job by honors. If you're ever GONNA see something back. We can't be out here. I think those just a bad match true true. That's true there were like one hundred text messages in that group chat and I just could not catch up to them so I complained about seating at all twenty two thousand and one stamp it. They're moving on with twenty seventeen Toronto. Fc But this one's a fun one twenty ten Oursel- Twenty Twelve San Jose goonies. This is the three for six matchup. Charlie if you look at this what does your gut say. The Fans said twenty ten ourselves fifty four percent to forty six percent for goonies. I would go. I would go with our saw. That's what my gut says. Alavi was was an absolute beast at that time and e could handle the goonies like just let lobby do do the dirty work. And he's got you so set the table on that this was the best defensive team and MLS history learning goals allowed and then San Jose's a top five offensive team in MLS history. And what they did in two thousand twelve top seven or eight points all time so this is one of the best match of this first round. I think I agree with Charlie that you're talking about the best defense in history. What they were able to do. And then you also adding into this. They were second in the League but they were playing sea Seattle from August through October in the group stage they then moved in to the fall or April of next year and February playing through to the final. So it's like about sixteen months of high level soccer for this team double competitions all those types of things and they were still able to perform at that level. I think the difference do when you when you talk about the goonies. And they'll admit this man. Alan Gordon set it on a stream that we did recently. Somebody else did took remember who it was like. They just didn't have the difference makers in the attack they had guys who would change games. Who would score goals but when it came down to sort of that. Cagey playoff match. Which are still without defense would have put it into. They didn't have the Hobby Mo- they did have Wando. They did have linear. Gordo that we're going to plug in you in certain ways but then they didn't even like a spindle that sort of like this magic moment. Guy Even though is inconsistent. Didn't they didn't have it Marvin Chavez. Maybe he's a close proximity. Oh not even close on the team that that Combo that was a lethal striker partnership because they complimented each other so well spindelegger again. The channels you know. He could dribble with his left foot. He get by people in South. Korea was just a Predator in the box. Big Body called up the ball well and then if you serve it to him in the box he was gonNA finish more times than not so that was just a very dynamic complete team in how Mo what. He doesn't get a lot of credit. That's one player who isn't talked about that much. When you talk about players who could get grab a hold of game in control dictate the tempo that was hobby. Mojo so smooth. I loved watching him. Play in this. We'RE GONNA. Oh sorry you go. No no I'm I'm glad the goonies made it into this bracket because that season was just to watch it. Unfold was magical. I think they've worked something like fifteen goals in the final five minutes and stoppage-time like that was that like they ended up with sixty six points. They were more like fifty four fifty five point they they they deservedly won the shield and they almost beat the galaxy in the playoffs but like we didn't sustain it into the next year once people kind of figured out how to play them is sorta felt part whereas that our team is. David set sixteen straight must. But it's more than that. This was this was basically the same team that won two thousand nine. Mls Cup that kept making finals for the next three years as well And there was there was a way to beat them in Dallas. Showed it in the playoffs? You Outrun you break diamond apart with speed moderated the same thing to a lesser extent in the two thousand and eleven. Cc L. Finals. San Jose wasn't going to be able to do that ten. Just hit long balls but second balls. Beat the hell out of the box. I think that a lot of orchards would have annual handle that this our S. L. team forty five goal scored which believe it or not in twenty ten. Mls was walk and only twenty goals allow their one of the few teams in Emily's history that actually scored more than twice as many goals as they allowed. And I think if they had been in se- Seattle in the second half of that season they would've won their second straight. Mls and to Doyle's point they were second in the League in scoring right behind the galaxy. And then you add in. This team drafted Chris. Schuler that year. Who when healthy was one of the best backs and MLS for a little bit of time? And you have Tony Velcro. Over State senator twenty thirteen later but he kept them up when Hamas love left who was a year. And you're Tony Beltran on the bench as well. So you've got you've got top quality. You've got winning in knockout competitions. You've got winning in regular season so wrong ourselves squad that look. I think I think the seating on this one spot on boys well done three six. The fans got it. No one wants to hear it. It's kind of becoming a view. That's fun that's the last time we gotta compliment from me. Huntington ourself moving right along so far. What we have chock so far no we have the the five in two thousand Miami going on so Let's move to the two seed seven seat and I was wrong. I thought Twenty fifteen red bulls got knocked off but people did not respect twenty sixteen Colorado rapids seventy-seven percent in this matchup but the twenty fifteen shield-winning red balls only twenty three percent for two thousand Sixteen Colorado who finished Sarah. Score couldn't score. There were thirty nine goals on this. This was easy. This one was easy. Rebel New York team. I'll keep going back to it. Boom Sasha question comes in and was just fire with DAX behind him complete midfield. I loved it. Bradley Wright Phillips Still Doing what he does best scoring goals. The X factor for this team was my guerrilla. He came into his own with with New York. I've always thought my girl. I played with them growing up from fifteen up with eastern is in regional or one and and just seeing how he's always had skill always had the ability to pull off these trick plays but never really. It never really amounted anything in. Mls that year. It did for him and he was able to add that creativity being able to think outside. The box brings up new to that team with that high pressure. They had phenomenal so that that for me is why that twenty fifteen is better than the twenty eighteen eighteen team because you had the Veterans House. That's because they're still. They're still in their prime. I'm GonNa take that team all day. There was a plus. Sasha question and DAX will be with me. There'd be behind me saying you right. Fatty was better than even Bradley Right. We'll tell you that two thousand fifteen on was on the radio. I've seen a neighbor team. They had the lowest points total of any of the last seven supporter shield winners. They didn't do anything in the playoffs. Into ANYTHING IN CC. L. Knowing you're cleaning done any they went to the Eastern Conference finals like Newark. No wasn't Columbus Columbus conference girls. Yeah that's right. They had that they had a two nil. Aggregate win over. Dc DESK or okay. Yeah expert the winter. No one of these jobs now come on the Eastern Conference finals one team. We should be arguing about this. We all agreed that twenty fifteen rebels or better than twenty sixteen Colorado. Yes yeah the rant happened. Let's just put the stamp on it. Twenty fifteen bulls moving on so we have one upset quote unquote two thousand one Miami. Hard to call that an upset in his bracket because ultimately they wear the shield winners in two thousand and one was moved on down. Twenty Fourteen Alley Galaxy the final those championship Those championships there for them. And then you have twenty nine Minnesota run over. According to the fans twelve percent for Minnesota eighty percents daily galaxy dominated. I mean what do we do? We have anything to talk about on this one. I don't think so. Give it to the galaxy. Move On. Maybe we'll have a tougher test in the second round because according to the fans they're going to take twenty sixteen. Fc Dallas as Morro de as Bobbin Sto that is speed kills according to the vote. Sixty one percent for them thirty nine percent or the two thousand seven Houston Dynamo. Mls Cup winners. Anders notes here that the votes back and forth and then Dallas. Fc Dallas re tweeted it and that gave him the final push. So there's one vote. Do we agree with the fans? Votes to twenty sixteen. Fc Dallas. Because I don't think mine does I think I'm going. I think I'm going to thousand seven Houston Dynamo and first of all the championship pedigree. The got it done I think just from a sort of like quote unquote Gamer and also just legends. Within the squad. They had more of them. The did that. Fc Dallas team. I think Mara was extremely special. We've heard your that. Fabio Steele was probably the hardest one B. One matchup in the League in that time. But I think top to bottom the Houston Dynamo roster at that time. If you put these two teams on the field would look at this matchup. And it wouldn't be easy. I think they would trust themselves to grinded out and they had a rough aunts makers they'd rough you up they they would be hidden more deers ab crushing Fabio Castillo. They had those vets. They played the game like they were gonNA. They were just trying out a muscle you. It was a physical team. They did have those those game changers. Rico Clark in the midfield just banging everybody. Brad Davis Dangerous setpiece. Your Brian Ching following. Do we consider Rico Clark to be a part of this? Because he wasn't. It wasn't a part of that that MLS Cup run and do this but he is still on the team and did play a stretch of that season but also goes to the depth. A player they still had maroon it. Yeah no I mean honestly. I think that this twenty sixteen. Dallas team gets overlooked because they they won the double. They won't supporter shield and they won Us Open cut and that like that's an amazing accomplishment than they've lost their best player and they still almost beat the sounders in the playoffs win on penalties. I'm I'M MR member remembering the the playoff front anyway. I think I do feel like the Dallas team is better but I think if it came down to an elimination game my money would be on that Houston team. I mean. That's a tough one. That's that that is probably the toughest one for me to pay between. Yeah I would agree. I think you look at teams that are similar in terms of what they did against their competition although for Houston they were one of the best defensive teams of all time. Their points per game is barely below at Dallas has was even though. Dallas won the shield. And then you add that Houston wins. Mls Cup and part of that is when you you know going through the criteria. Okay you put the two on the field. This is a Houston team that I don't know dominates with the way they play and dictates what other teams do but if you put them on a field with anyone they'll figure out ways to win right and that's and you've got that top down have a great goalscorer either. Allston have like a great striker. They had had a great striker if they'd had Charlie Davies. Twenty eleven drawed. Pk cable let's go at the sixty five seventy point team. Maybe go but no I like I honestly think this is like no disrespect to Dallas. Because that was a great team. They deserve their trophies that Houston team. That was the last of that great dynasty they just new Atkins. I mean this Houston team had a plus twenty goal differential. Like that is something else. And they didn't even windshield and they go onto. Mls Cup who finished first in the West Abelino she Chiba USA baby. We've got another hockey reference in for you. How many can we do we award in this one to two thousand seven Houston Dynamo? This'll be another five seat of four seed you he's like yes. Ca Tournament Man all his cyberspace Upsets right beautiful beautiful. I I don't WanNa talk about the NCAA tournament and upset really. That's that's like that's tough territory for me. Here's twenty eighteen rebelled team. They're taking on a ninety eight Chicago fire and this is an incredible matchup. And this is where the quote unquote upset happened. Because that's eighteen. Shield winning point. Total setting red bull's theme was a three seed and the ninety eight double winning Chicago fire in their very first year. The sixth seed the fire. Late rally here because they were losing for a while and I thought This is GonNa be interesting fifty one percent. It was very close to forty nine percent for the red bull so the fan vote goes to the ninety eight Chicago fire. And I'M GONNA throw this to you doyle because you may be needed. I didn't see the ninety s Chicago. Fire play I wrote a column about this one of my regrets that I know what happened in the first ten years of MLS. You know what I mean. I don't have the context. I don't have the place in time. I don't have the personal memories. I didn't see the match in. See the players live all I have old games and highlights and it's not the same you saw both of these themes which one's better the red bulls like that red bull seem and I respect everything that tried to be saying about that. Twenty fifteen that twenty eight thousand team was better and it's not just because of the talent. Though central defense they were better at left back. They were better at right back there better. You could argue central midfield. They were better though. I think that one's very close on the rela had a nicer. In Two thousand fifteen twenty eighteen wire had a nicer like Bradley. Wright Phillips had better goals and assists in two thousand eighteen that he didn't twenty-fifth all of that but the way they played the game it wasn't just distinct. It was unique. What what the Red Bulls did in two thousand eighteen was. Treat winning fifty fifties the way everyone else treated completing passes. It was a they. They took the notion of high pressing and they amp up to its highest level till almost became farcical but teams couldn't deal with it and that's why sat literally set the record and pretty frequently out played one of the five best teams in the League. Now that twenty that nineteen ninety eight Colorado team or Colorado Chicago Team Rather. They were an expansion team. Bob Bradley built them. You know he does well building expansion teams they were one of the best in are still to this day. One of the best counter-attacked teams in league history to go back and you wash that. Mls cupped against the nineteen. Ninety eight DC united team like I twenty five minutes Colorado's not urge how does not even in the gang but as soon as they get a chance to go forward on like a transition. It all runs through Peter Novak. Everybody knows their roles. They get the goals of Peter. Novak's brilliant the counter. And that was that was how they played behind him. They had guys like Jesse Marsh and Chris. Armas with the hell out of you. They played with the truth. Drew Sweeper Lubos Kubik with you know. A harassment Dune in type left foot. He was awesome as a show. Many of those counters started with him on the ball hitting these long fifty are diagonal outlets. They were a truly great t. You don't be that you're selling galaxy in DC united teams if you're not a truly great eighteen but the gap between what they're era is and what this era is and what that red bull's team did and what that Chicago fire team was. I mean I. I think it's twenty minutes. I think we should call Jesse Marsch. See what you have to say and Chris Armas some actual experts. I gotta I gotTa lean for Doyle as well in terms of baby. Yeah exactly well. That's how I feel though you're talking about teams that were great at their time. You're talking about two teams at accomplished a lot of things. I think toil makes a good point in the Way New York played. You know to change the way people perceive the game while could be done in this league and then on top of that too loose to Atlanta in the Eastern Conference finals. The way they did which is a team that we're going to have deep in this competition. I think even gives them more of just they push them in the regular season they they set the points record at the time which I think always has to be mentioned because look back on history but you know when Toronto did in two thousand. Seventeen when these twenty. We didn't think it was possible what they did the rate they did it at week in and week out so I agree with oil. One of the things he said was they were better at left-back which makes no sense. Because it was the same player but Tyler Abbott Kemar Lawrence was a much better player. The and he wasn't but you talk about Tyler Adams at his peak and Emma. Last you talked about Aaron long and Tim Parker at centerback which was the best pairing in the League and arguably still is all those things so eileen with doyle as well for New York. How much of a dangerous there of sort of era bias and? I guess that was partially what I was getting. I was talking about how I just haven't. I didn't see that ninety fire team. Play so part of me. Lionize them because of the double because of the names in there because it was their expansion season because I have this nostalgia for old school. Mls like how do we balance? That sort of difference in eras that you referred to oil because mostly we have gone with the more modern era team that we did go two thousand seven Houston Dynamo and maybe we overvalued who they were at that time based on the quote Unquote Gamer Model How do we do we bridge that gap? Does that matter in this case? Should we consider it? I think so. It's GonNa matter the nineteen ninety-six mutiny. Nineteen Ninety six. Mutiny would not win a single game. Because they were old-style soccer team that all revolved around one player. The one thousand nine hundred fire were a much more well rounded much more dangerous team And you know. Obviously they had maybe the coach novelist history. There is a danger. I mean there's a there's a danger of of recency biased but then there's also the danger of being trapped in the past And that's why this whole thing is hypothetical fight and figure out a way to put it on the field. One thing. I would say that that. The the reason land united became a counter attacking team against the Red Bulls in two thousand. Eighteen is because the rebels the anybody who tried to do anything with the fall but you could counter now. This nineteen ninety eight fire team beats the rebels like it because there they were that good count like they were they were just absolutely superb on the counter they can sit back and absorb in. Just go forward all at once. So it's it's a tough match. There is an argument either. Way is you said David. You know we're the rebels against the Atlanta team is going to go very far. Well it's the fire. Beat the nine hundred. Ninety eight DC United States think might still be the best of those DC united so. It's like both these teams have have great arguments but year a sham. Because this should be the two thousand fifteen team. The twenty eighteen rebel team should have gotten Hassi in the first round against twenty sixteen rapids. Where's your Bogo and Charlie? I'm going fire. Boo Fire Fire in the hole argument of different errors competing each other. Just like the Bulls were watching. Nineteen ninety-six bowls and twenty years later. The Golden State Warriors beat the record. But like Michael Jordan said. It don't mean a thing unless you got the ring right so you have to. You have to win the championship in that. That team that ninety-six Bull's team if they just played the warriors in a heads up do you think they're gonNA they're gonNa beat the warriors when they can out shoot you from all over the place like probably not just because the level athlete is just that much better now as opposed to then but then you have those players who were transcended who can play any era right Bachelor Gago fires at many players. Who could play now if transport them to now because of just their skill on the ball the awareness their mindset the way they approached the game and how quick. They're able to think in game doesn't matter you can play in any in any era because they were that good here and that. That's the difference. I think they had a lot of players who had played at the highest level. You talked about Peter Noah Novak what you could do on the field. He could play no matter where you could put him on the field. He's GonNa do his thing. They had that so many veterans who could get the job done and figure out a way to win so I would take them and ahead heads up match against that twenty-seven worrying Charlie would be like if you're talking about the ninety eight red bull's it's either marsh are ninety eight to twenty rentals. Marsha armies gained planning for that. They're gonNA look at take and they're gonNA take away coupon. They're they're just GONNA has Bradley. Sit Right on top of Lubos. Kubik did not allow him to those asses and without those outlet pass. It's without him like there's a reason people. Aren't you sweet presentable? Right like I think she becomes a target in sort of the soft underbelly of that fire team. I mean again I could see going either way but it's just there's just an old fashioned miss to it because of that sweeper would be would be fascinating. A doesn't the flip side of that. The Bradley would in that in this as he approaches it the nineteen ninety eight version knows what that press is going to do and and go changes it but the sweeper like you couldn't tactically change that much like that sweeper that defined a lot of who that fire team was in the same way that the four three three defines a lot of what. Peter Ramiz does in Sporting Kansas City. So there was flexibility for the time. But there wasn't. I don't know if there would be enough against a modern team to votes Charleena fans for the nineties fire. Yeah I'm assuming that's two votes for you. Guys for the Red Bulls. Yup puts me in a position. I really didn't want to be in because I just don't know and I don't know I Bradley. Chris Armas Jesse Marsh to all come on the show again as and you're gonNA piss off most of them either way. Let's be shared Bob's pissed no matter what even if we pick Chicago for the wrong reason. So you're safe on that one Jesse and Chris who we could ask but to go back to Doyle's point I think when you're asking that question of like how you weigh the two hours you have to look at their dominance there against competition in their time. The New York Red Bulls set points record above a team that is considered one of the best and MLS history when Chicago. Being a great team didn't even win the shield their year. So what Charlie's argument which I think is correct goes into the playoff model. Even more of you trust Chicago on the field and a one on one game because of what they could do reacting to the other team but you look at what New York did to change the way the game was played and dominate. Over the course of all these months later on in history and put up seventy one points which we didn't go with it but then when it mattered. Charlie would you take ninety eight Chicago? Fire the twenty eighteen. What I take the ninety eight fire over two thousand eighteen. Elaine no seven. They're the same scenario then if they get an I also because they work. They didn't win win the company. If we're talking about okay can win the get your argument. Not About Twenty Teen Red Bull's changing the game changing the approach. Ushering something that molest but didn't know they had years to build into that. That was a project that came to fruition. The fire didn't have years to build them. That what they did in someways changes the league at wet as well because it. It meant that you could come in and if you built a roster the right way not maybe this speaks to the relative strength of MLS than the other teams in projects in rosters at the time but in your one they were able to come in and win a double. They did something unprecedented No other team has ever done that. In many similar ways it is another part of history. That doesn't have a match and you have a good answer wall. You're thinking I'll say this expansion was different back then. They didn't have the restrictions teams from eight through two thousand sixteen had in terms of having to take players from expansion blah blah blah blah blah. And on top of that. If you'RE GONNA say they changed the way teams did it. Ninety six was an expansion. Your for everyone in DC and la put together the teams that they had in DC continued to be that good for four more years. After so I would slight that a little bit in terms of just the expansion argument. Being like yeah. They hit the ground running in year. One I don't know that it's ass strong as saying a team in twenty twenty comes in as an expansion team is the best team in. Mls At some point. We're going GONNA BE WRONG EITHER. Way You spur. It would be never side with Charlie. 'cause you'll end up on. That industry hurts. It hurts because I am somebody who looks at that ninety eight five team despite not truly knowing them. It has so much admiration for all the guys on the team all the coaching staff. What they were able to accomplish in a different era in terms of the You know even just like sports science and all these different things but I. I think I gotta go with the Red Bulls. I think that regular season level of consistency that sort of like collective game changing ability because they did just they just punched in the mouth repeatedly drove into the ground. If I don't feel good about it Charlie. I know that you're upset with me and other you're frustrated at you know. I know that you may never let this go. After the whole Mount Rushmore responsibility this is. This is my own bias because I did see the ninety eight fired team. I just didn't see them play so I can't imagine what imagine them what if we put Alfonso Davies on that fire. Would that push over the top? Three of a thousand percent every day of the week. I mean he is almost Mount Rushmore. So I think okay. Sorry more for Charlie but I feel like the more I say the Morale Piss them off twenty eighteen read move on and I don't feel good about it I I want. I want everyone to know that. The final match voted on this agonizing. Hope HURTS. Can you not see a beast in these things? Don't or from a murder Hornets state? Yeah the mandible are pulling me apart right now all right final match up your two thousand fourteen Seattle two thousand three Chicago Fire. Two thousand three Chicago fire. We had arguments that they were the best team. You have demarcus in bocanegra coming into this team. Thirty one percent for the seven seed at twenty fourteen shield winning Seattle Team at we already know that was nice Both on the shield. If I remember correctly neither got it done in the playoffs. We go on with the fans. Charlie's I delete them stations and we can all follow Ova Deuce. That's almost say. Oba deuce Chad Marshall on the back like Ozzy lock it up. Lock it up. Ozzy just lock it up strong spine strong spine. I agree with Charlie. I'm also amazed that one of the largest responses we got on social media with Seattle fans. Complaining that this was the team that got in and not twenty nineteen or twenty sixteen which makes no sense So I appreciate that. I appreciate then hangs at all times but I go twenty four team. I think this team this Seattle team as a shot to get to like a final four or something like that. Because they were incredible to watch they had top talent they have arguably one of the best players at their position up the spine in their prime. When you look at FRY Marshall Ozzy into over Deuce so. I think they're going to be a contender in that conversation and I love this team. So Yeah Twenty Four. Yeah I don't think there's much debate about this matchup. It's it's twenty fourteen Seattle. That said one of the. What if what if Chad Marshall doesn't get hurt in two thousand eighteen playoffs against Portland because Seattle in the Second? Half of that year they had the best half season in terms of wins per game in. Mls history. I think they set the single-season or the the winning streak record. Write eleven wins in a row or something like that only lost once and then they had that epic series against the timber is where both. Ozzy and Marshall got her. If I recall correctly If they hadn't they breezed through the Western Conference and we're talking about them is Atlanta in that twenty eighteen analysts cop. Which would have been something else. Twenty one seattle moving outside the decisions here. Fan Voting for the discovery rights regions are ensue. Seattle begins on Wednesday. Will tweet that out as you look at these matchups anything. Stand out to you. Any like three through six seeds in here actually won the next ones. Yeah I look at that two thousand two galaxy but they're up against two thousand eight Columbus. Oh that's difficult for them to even get through the first round twenty eleven galaxy five seed. I think you know. It's pre keen. I guess or no keen was second half of the year so wasn't enough one one of the things that we have to mention with the galaxy. And we'll do this as we go through. These games is like the complete lack of caring about Open Cup and at times for some of these teams. That team lost the Puerto Rico. Islanders in a playing a game for the senior oursel- went to a final. So like to me. That's has to be a factor. With how many competitions are you? Are you in? How hard you playing in those competitions? How why are you also have to remember? Some coaches didn't care agreements other competition. So but that but that has the focus in the regular season better than a team that was playing in the final. Not necessarily. I mean it went from team to team. Who's different approach for different coaches different organizations whether you want to win whether you want to win everything when you wanted to say you know what we're just going to play reserves maybe we'll sprinkle in some stars. It's it's really tough to to balance. What clubs took the CEO for real versus which clubs? We don't really care about that. Or we don't even really care about the regular season. Just care about the play offs. So I think it's okay to penalize clubs that that's like this is how we canonized great clubs and MLS history. Is you go out there and you try to win it all. And that's what's been wonderful if hates us but this has been wonderful about Atlanta coming into the league. That is as soon as Radha came into the league in twenty seventeen. They said we're going to try to win. And everything we are not going to rest players. We are not going. You're you're I mean obviously a little bit but like they tried to push through and win every competition there and we needed the league absolutely needed that and that's why will remember these Atlanta teams even though they haven't done everything as something special in history. Don't don't you have to put Seattle in that convoy to to win. Open Cup coming into the League to make the playoffs every year to compete at a high level as an expansion team in Seattle has given a damn about the. She'll since two thousand fourteen. They don't really care about the Open Cup either. I wouldn't get on a flight to go play the rail hawks. Either this back brackets and we could just knock the galaxy out early on every matchup we just the Carolina Rail Hawks it all right. Let us know if you disagree with us if we got our votes wrong. What you think about the brackets off. Our Wednesday voting will open up the Seattle region and the discovery rights region. We are down to twenty four teams leftover and Yeah so you got eight. More first round matchups will go into the final sixteen. Let's get to the mail bag the call up what's mattdoyle suggested cocktail the week. This is what everybody wants to know what we got. So shout out to my buddy. Dan and actually sent me a cocktail book. Which is Italian leakier of. We're going to go with the Genera behalf of Bourbon half outs of Genera. Which is a bitter Italian macaire. Half ounce of apple which is a slightly less bitter Italian with your and a little bit of bitterest and then. He served that on the rocks. That's beautiful a cocktail. The week for oil. I'm chas which has beer in the cocktail so. Sc has lots of time on his hands. He hit us up. He ran numbers on our mount. Rushmore is these are players who are not in their clubs. Top Ten all time appearances or goals that we put on the rush. Moore's I don't really think that's a great measurement but it is a measurement Davies and in Vancouver a Mayan Gutman in Cincinnati. Come on we. Were mostly trolling you with the Cincinnati. Rushmore back home for the galaxy but come on now pope for DC BLANCO FOR CHICAGO AND APAR- for Minnesota. I mean you can't punish for that on the Chicago one. Yeah he jailed in early. David I may not have been on that episode. Hard to remember these things. Davidenko each easier. Mount Rushmore. He says for the best team of all time. I wonder if a random draw. Us Open Cup style would be better might lead to quarterfinal matchups up. Feel like there could be a final. Maybe avoid James where people just choose the favourite or choose the underdog to be controlling and curry favor with doyle. So everybody's very unfavorable soil. But this is the interesting one that David set. Charlie talked about Jersey Jersey Trading Hound. He is what are the Protocols Protocols About Dirty Jersey trading? I can't read as a forward. Were you more likely jerseys. With another forward or at the defender against you who you battled. Were there guys who just didn't trade? Jerseys what are the rules here? Are they unspoken? Are they spoken before a game? If it's a complicated process it's a very complicated process notebook. I'm yeah you have. You have categories. There's the fan boy. Fan Boy is a player on the roster who typically didn't play your unused substitute and you rush off the bench to go hunt for the most Popular Jersey a popular player on the field. Are you are you taking a dig at London? Woodberry here because when you want it it was it was dropped by. Yeah you got drug but Lang. So if you're the fan boy do you are you are you? Just you take off your warm up top so the guys like did he play did he. Not Do you like throw some water on your heads? You Look sweaty or do you just you could you could you typically. You don't got the warm top your top that you just got your Jersey run up to you say hey. We switched swap to him knowing that he's probably gonNA throw it in the trash on the outer you do. It is offering. I never did that. Never I never traded Jersey if I was on the bench like whether I didn't play or international games I didn't play. I'm not going to ask for injury. But if you're sub Dad Ernst I didn't read if I if I didn't play I was Never Trading Jersey. I didn't earn it. I'm not going up to fan boy. What are the other categories? The other categories respect. You're on the field. You're battling against the player in You know that you have to go up against a striker and battling these centrebacks. After the gay man's you're like man. I hated you during the game but I respected the way you play. I respect the way you approach the game. It was a real challenge. I liked I remember. Remember you and your performance like let's try jerseys. I enjoyed that. That was Kenneth. Yes allow we battled like just elbows and had cuts all of my legs and it was like I was sore after the game and he looked at me and said Yeah respect. Bro. Let's do it. And we traded drew more when he was with Colorado rapids. Another Guy Battled Bowden College. I looked at him. I said Yeah you know less trade jerseys and same thing So those are two guys when I look back to like we battled and I appreciated like swapping jerseys that definitely sticks out in my mind then the role model. Tyrian re was my idol. You know twenty eleven denied. I get a chance to play against the rebel. I met him seen him. He shakes my hand before the game on doing starting and he's like you know. I wish you all the best you know. We're all behind you. It's courageous what you're doing that you back on the field after you know what you've gone through like that will always always be a highlight in my mind swap injuries after at the end. The game with him You know that. That's one of those things that motivate you pushes you and also justifies. Why he was your favorite player in your idol. As as a young this Charlie. If you can only keep one Jersey you swapped would it whereas another one out there that you would say man? This one just has a little bit more meaning to me. I have to hold onto it. It would be anri although it's a tough one because that twenty fourteen final a swapped Jersey Land Ottoman and everything. We did together on the national team. What he meant to me. You know that that's a pretty meaningful one. It was his first retirement jersey. If you will was the last yeah just like the whole process of climbing the mountain again. No gang back on it fighting to to get on the field be influential and and have an impact and I felt like that two thousand fourteen season was like I really earned minutes like I earned it and helping the team get into the playoffs and in performing the way I did with that New England team in two thousand fourteen it. It all felt like it was meant to swap. Yeah I was about to ask. Do you do that and then have the trophy ceremony? Do you walk over and trade? Yeah after final? I think we I think right after the game walked up to him and it was just I was like I don't know if he's going to trade this Jersey like its last wonder you just want an any traded we trade and I was like. Wow that that goes to show like it was it was significant. That meant something because he could have easily said Have a Jersey in the in the locker room. I'll give you know one of the old ones like. But he he swapped it. And then there's the man. The kit man grabs a bunch of jerseys from the team. You're playing and you go back to locker room. He's kind of like bic. Which one you want and you grab one so those that's how you break down the criterion hold on. Is there like a line? Is there like seniority where you know like let's say? I'm like yeah. I just got young buck. I don't get to just walk in and clean. Yo know if you're a young guy you got to earn your stripes unless you're a store near playing left and right and go up to an older guy veteran who who's a leader respected and he's like you know what I can see. You're you're you're the up and coming player in all like I have respect for you give you the Jersey and probably give you some advice a think about this. Do this kind of like what we saw in the last answer Michael Jordan talking about the Kobe Bryant the All Star Game. Like I'll help you up. Here's my number. Whatever you need in the future you need some advice me up and I'll I'll gladly help you out. What's the breakdown club verse? International what percentage of games are you doing a train I did everyone traded every game? You played mostly. Yeah every international both mostly international club every game. You know there's different circles. You lose a game. It's an. It's in a horrible way or you had a horrible game. You're not not looking at trade jerseys you know so you just go back to the locker room. Then there's the games that were good. That was maybe it was a draw but then you have a friend on the other team. That's the other category of a friend. A close friend you know planning because I'll hundred one of my best friends playing Morita do and playing against some some of your closest friends. Clint Dempsey you swab jerseys. Or You have friends who planned club. Teams likes to hold them was playing at Bolton and playing in Francis. Osho we meet up. I go visit them. We swap jerseys just you know here's. The Jersey signed for you. He signs one for me and we swap. Gooch played at Milan. He gave me His jersey. I gave him my friends Jersey. So you have those occasions to our friends meet up and you swapped the froemming right now. I have a lot of a wine cellar of jerseys to keep them. Yeah I do I do. I do forty five degrees. My top two Kaka in honoree of players trade with us soccer hall of fame asked for the Donovan Jersey. From twenty one. Like I'd say it's untouchable. This is what you do. Here's the exhibit you can you can ask the interacting. It's all about interacts. GotTa have you gotTa have the White Glove. It's a it's in a glass case. You've got the white gloves and let them pick it up and look at it inspect it and then you gonNA put some since we're talking about two thousand fourteen and so on the next show earn over the next couple of days. We're GONNA do voting on the next brackets. Discovery Rights Region L. AFC last year's L. AFC teen is the number one seed. You're twenty fourteen. Reds are One money seat. So they're just still folks understand. Charlie played about half the Games in the regular season three goals or assists in eleven hundred minutes in the regular season than four goals in one assist in five games in the last at a very good year for a very good res- team make the case to the fence why they should vote for your reds team over the L. Afc team that we saw we all saw last year was the best eminem lessons. We we had a great game plan because we could counter teams. That's what we would do with this L. AFC team is back. You you try and make them break you down you. Don't give them space call us. Bella is a player that outbreak break you down and we'd have Jermaine Jones. We'd Say Germaine. Your your goal is just to disrupt caused. Don't he's going to check in. He's going to try and turn people just just be a beast just frustrate him and then the other guys on the outside rings. I'm not too worried about them. If they don't have space and behind I'm not too worried about them causing problems for us. Lee Win One of the best players in that year at holding the ball and creating for us. So we could. We could play a ball in a tough situation. He could get out of it because he was that he was that good and then he could find Teal Bunbury into space. You can find whether it was diego or Kellyn row on the left wing who who typically played more in the midfield and then meows distressing the field so if they were pressing so high. I was going to bind till Bundy was getting behind. And we'd get our chances. We would get our chances. That's for sure would. Would we do enough to prevent L. AFC from scoring that one or two a couple goals and then them changing their game plan? Because Bob Remember Baba's is a huge advantage on. Jay is a coach. Throw it out but we do. We did have a fantastic team. We had a complete team and we could defend like no other encounter better than the most team so we would have a shot. If there was ever a team that could cause an upset. It was at twenty fourteen rusty only been on Thursday. No my votes for the rest. Reluctant going to be the reds lose. Cincinnati in the play. That would not happen. That no sincerity of beating twenty fourteen minutes. I came here for the positional responsibility. The Germain is GONNA have to show to mark across the pill. Germania don't go don't go Murat Ford by the way. Germain has a new podcast and he's making news already with that one so we got a competitor coming up on Thursday. We'll do the other side of the bracket boats on Wednesday watch our twitter addicts return for that when we're also going to do a little Last dance inspired mail and US national team Mount Rushmore. We ran out of time today. So look forward to that one with Kaelin car with that route of here. We might say that one without me. Charlie you wanted if we do things without you then yourself pest shoes one charlie or the US national team. We're not doing the. Us National Team One. Not doing either of them no not the US one but at least the last dance a story within MLS that would be worthy of a document. Save that one for you next Monday. Right okay that's our Jones you do. That's our gift to you Charlie Davies. We're out of here at least you could do you put Alphonso Davies on Mount Rushmore raising sleep. That's the least fit Charlie. Lee Wellman camomile tea. That's my recommendation to you here. What's up everybody?

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