Should Big Tech pay more to help the homeless in San Francisco?


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In San Francisco next week voters will decide whether the city's largest companies most of them tech companies should pay tax that will raise money to help homeless. Families. Other cities have tried similar efforts voters in Seattle recently overturned attacks on large employers that would have funded affordable housing efforts. This city is biggest tech employer their Amazon strongly objected. But in San Francisco, the city's biggest tech employer is four the measure, Mark Benny off is the co CEO of Salesforce. And yes, the guy who just bought time magazine, he's stumping for the ballot measure called proposition c he said Salesforce recently held its annual dream force conference downtown and attendees from all over the world were horrified. I could tell you how many phone calls and emails and stories have had from people who had adverse interactions with homeless terrible situations with the cleanliness of our streets, including encountering human feces and other terrible things. And you just have to ask yourself. What has happened to our great city here? And that's why I'm supporting proposition c you know, in some ways a business tax in San Francisco is really attacks on the tech industry, which has come under fire for all kinds of problems, including the housing crisis and economic inequality. Do you think that's fair should this industry shoulder the blame for the homelessness crisis and other social problems in San Francisco or anywhere else? Well, I think you know, Salesforce is the city's largest employer, and we are also the largest company in San Francisco, we're doing just fine. Our companies worth about one hundred billion dollars other companies here at them all up its hundreds of billions of dollars and all of this. Well, it has been built on the back of our city. And the question is are you giving back to the city now in a New York Times op-ed, you argued that business half's to have a purpose beyond prophets. And that that can be good for business to the counter argument that you quoted was Milton Friedman saying that. Who get in on social issues can undermine the basis of a free society considering that we've seen a lot of CEOs across tech another industries get more involved in policy and CEO's like you and Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg increasingly control methods of communication in the media. Can you see an argument for Friedman side, the idea of undermining the basis of a free society or unintended consequences at a minimum today? I could tell you that especially here in San Francisco, you cannot separate business from our city. You know, you can't tell me that this homeless problem is not my problem is the city's largest employer. It's my employees who don't feel safe going to our transit station. It's our customers. You don't feel safe coming to our conferences? So is this homeless situation somehow separate from my business? No the business of business is about the whole world. Mark Benny off is the founder chairman and co. CEO of Salesforce. Now, plenty of tech companies don't support proposition c lift stripe NBC funds acquire capital oppose it square and Twitter. CEO Jack Dorsey has also said it's not the right solution. And now for some related links related to the tech industry and social issues. Some two hundred Google employees plan to walk out of work today to protest how the company is handled sexual misconduct allegations a report in the New York Times earlier this week said Google had paid Android creator. Andy Rubin ninety million dollars to leave the company even though he'd been sleeping with multiple Google staffers and allegedly sexually assaulted woman. He was dating and after that came out the company put out a memo and said it had fired forty eight people for sexual harassment in just two years. Another one actually happened yesterday. A director at Google x is out. He was named in that time story about inappropriate behavior. None of those forty eight people got paid for leaving though. And then Tuesday in courts, the head of Google X gave this long interview about how he thinks that gender inequality is quote the single. Biggest fixable problem humanity has and he said men need to listen and change. So that's nice. I mean props for cleaning house or whatever. Okay. Totally other topic. Check out the latest episode of the podcast. Why'd you push that button from the verge, which is about my favorite topic group chats because you know, how I think they're actually the future of social networking, and I think apple needs to release. I message for everyone and be an actual Facebook competitor for the podcast has the director of product management for Facebook messenger. And as it turns out, according to a story in wired, Mark Zuckerberg said during Facebook's financial results, call Tuesday that the news feed will be less important and ephemeral stories and messenger, and what's up. We'll be more important. So the vision Facebook has pushed on us for ten years. A big huge comments full of people you barely know. Disagree with actually makes us feel bad about ourselves and gets boring really fast. And all we really wanted was a nice day place to talk to each other. And be friends. Glad to see that now. But, you know, props for cleaning house, or whatever I'm Ali would. And that's marketplace tech. This is APN.

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