Coronavirus 'Contact Tracers' - The Tools Of Dictatorship


Hello everybody and thank you for tuning into Liberty Report with me today. Is You'll make atoms are co host and Daniel. Good to see you have your this morning. Dr Paul Doing Well. Good good so we'll get back to work again trying to persuade a few people to come to their senses. Yeah that's one at a time when prisoners timed madness goes as in crowds but returning to sensibility insane. This is one of the time. I hope we reach more than one person today. Also lost to talk about today but I thought it would start off with this whole whole thing of tracing and follow in tracking people. Of course my reaction was tracking tracking. Is something that dictators do. We don't live in a dictatorship but we're having a hard time convincing our friends that we don't live in a dictatorship because we're certainly using a lot of I think the only the only saving grace for us so far has frequently been. Governments are so inept incapable of achieving. What they're supposed to be doing and the programs fail like the welfare system fails the wars. They always lose but then again again that can be negative because that just gives them an incentive to do it more if five thousand people couldn't track people in Houston will get ten thousand people to track everybody who say just add onto it and I I'm thinking about Houston because Houston hasn't been such a good example on trying to resist the authoritarians coming in tracking so We have county judge up in in. Houston that's determined to impose these things. It sounds like she's on Bill Gates Payroll. This is the this is the gate to position tracking people. It's all it's all for their health. Also you know to take care of make sure people get sick and stop the disease and I do think it has something to do with health. It's the health of the state in. And how do you protect the health status? According to born is you have to start a war. Wars the health of the state and Certainly You know when the real war start. They lie through their teeth in further along. You go whether it was Vietnam or the Middle East. The further along the worse go to more. They have to lie and people still you know. Unfortunately I are persuaded by that until it's finally sometimes too late but now it's the war against the virus and they those terms they like the term war and now if they get a vaccine they want the military to come along and inject you think that's intimidating and what is the penalty. If you don't take the shots all this so I I hope our side hurries up and reaches a lot more people because we report on a daily basis so many people are standing up and saying enough is enough. We I get incensed really when I think that they show these the these pictures of almost patriotic zeal about a sadie him that his empty. You can't even watch baseball game. Well we're we're their brain. What do they care about? And yet the people are standing up and I think it's probably torn to there because most Americans have been taught to believe in law and order and respect. And you know you don't take on your government but when when you feel when will you feel responsibility on challenging the government with authority and approach to all our lives and this this war on on Corona virus and is just just out of control and this tracking though is something else I guess they know? What kind of scientific instruments they're going to use and they have to have a lot of technology for this but it's all done for humanitarian reasons. It couldn't be done. For the special interests of a few of a few people for humanitarian reasons. All wars are fought for humanitarian reasons. And that of course is just lie and hopefully some of their failures that we can expose could make people skeptical. We had to get this disconnect. Because if you do a flat question to the people in this country about trusting government government comes out very poor sixty seven percent sometimes at the seventy percent. They don't believe what the government tells them and yet they seem to roll over when they're scared. Yeah that's how they can reverse scare build up the fear and do and listen to bureaucrats and listen to the foul Bill Gates's of the world and then blame trump for everything. He needs to blame for some things. But not everything you know so it is a shame but this this whole thing about tracking everybody is just beyond the Pale. It's very dangerous. You know. Think of it as a national. Id on steroids. And they're loving it. Lena dog'll you mentioned the judge in Harris County. She says she's going to have an army of contract tracers. They're being hired. Guess where they're getting the money the cares act. The Disaster Act are going to hire all these people who were out a work out of work because of their stupid policies are shutting down the country. Here's what Lena says. The goal is to isolate those people who have been exposed to the disease to contain the spread of the virus. So this is what it's all about. It's about going door to door. It's about forcing you to get tested. Voluntary. But you can't go out of your house if you don't force you get tested and then force you to tell the them everyone you've had contact with and they will go to those people who you've had contact with and get information on who they've had contact with and then they can tell you have to quarantine you have to isolate and one of the goals. According to the zone websites is to go in daily ultimately and check up on people and find out if they're still quarantined. Find out if they're still hiding in sadly enough governor Abbot. He's not on our good lists lately. He's done okay things in the past but he had a press conference. Yesterday was very weak opening. You can open your your bar at twenty five percents Pasadena and you gotta wait another week. A lot of crazy things. Some new in this really weak but what another thing that he's done. He's spending a third of a Billion Dollars. Hiring this company MT X. Group to grow in manage a large fleet of contact tracers twenty seven month contract right. They're here for the long haul. Two Year contract four thousand tracers going around Texas They're going to have higher by the end of. May then want to trace down your close contacts of those people who were infected monitor them and quarantine them if necessary all of this in the context of an outbreak of a virus. That as a lot of people who weren't hysterical predicted is gonNA come and go like all viruses and we actually if we can just look at those first couple of slides because this is daily new deaths in the. Us is follow that curve. The virus is reaching the end of shelf life as they always do. Now let's take a look at Texas as a little more complicated but here's Texas new debts and texts. You can still see that. Same Arc the same curve. Say Oh no no. We're doing this because the second wave is coming. It'll be worse than the first. That's possible because they forced everyone to stay inside and not develop their immunities but at the same time the same people who were saying we got to trace everyone because the second wave these are the same people Dr Paul who got everything so wrong in the first place millions will die run for the hills. We gotta to shut everything down. So why should we trust these same people? Who messed everything up to now? Tell us we have to do this. Of course there was a recent study just came out at verifies that the number of deaths are way over over counted with from the very beginning because of the way they measure them and the and the unethical approached assigning. A death certificate. You know no matter. What if they're if they walk into emergency room and they're just hanging on by thread to life? It looks like he could have. They don't even have to test them anymore. Just to put that down there and make those numbers go up. You know what what is impressed me up until this point is all the places that have been rated as awful lot of policemen out there. And that's what they've been doing but of course what these pros now By avid is hiring a lot. More people but they already have had a lot of police. They should be reducing the number of people because there shouldn't be as many raids on churches and things like that. They should not have to do that. But you know at the same time. They're having the police do this Policing of non violent people just Believing that they have the right to assemble have the right to their constitutional position at the same time. They're releasing some of the most vicious criminals released criminals and they maybe should be washing them. And how many stories have we heard where they've been released and rested within minutes or committed another crime and they get released again? Yeah because You wouldn't ask one have to ask you know to have bail or anything like that. You just let them go but please. Aren't there for that purpose. Released the bad guys. Don't police him the please. And this I frequently may disappoint with nine eleven. You know we had to deal with the enemy and we had the passes law so we had. We had the Patriot. Act And who's the enemies? It was it turned out to be American people people in this. This is again what we're doing now. See American people who are being surveilled and and and treated this way and Evidently they believe that the average American person that likes liberty has caused all this problem and the other thing that I hope to keep keep reading about all the past episode even one hundred years. How many times? We've had endemic worse than this. And they weren't even in the News Harley and nobody remembers them in my lifetime. They're popping you know I don't remember that one thousand nine hundred seventy five and also then fifty seven ninety eight. There was a lot of flu death more than we have now. But no this this To make it. It's it's pretty amazing to me That they were able to orchestrate this in a worldwide fashion you know and that's why they need international organization like CDC and Otherwise because in the past it was never really really bad epidemics were because people knew it but this is not what we're looking at. We're looking at something. That is much less than a lot of the epidemics before when people didn't have to put up with the real enemy turns out to be our own government and you mentioned the previous epidemics. We've had previous pandemics. I think it was Jeff Tucker but someone like Jeff Tucker did a piece recently saying we had a one hundred thousand people died in a big epidemic pandemic in nineteen sixty nine. That was the year they held woodstock. All these hundred thousand kids. We're all together. Doing God knows what but this is what happened in the previous but the other thing about the contact tracers. This is the thing that really is pretty disgusting. It does remind you a little bit of the post nine eleven era where we did lose a lot of jobs because the panic of the terrorist attack. The economy was tank for quite a while. So what did they do? They passed the created Homeland Security and then created the TSA so they hired a lot of people whose livelihoods have been destroyed to. Go ahead and do all kinds of things at the airport to us. Of course they never caught terrorists. They can't catch terrorists but they can sure messes up. It's the same thing is happening now. There are thousands and thousands of people put out of work here in Texas. Thanks to people like Governor Abbot. Who Shut everything down without thinking twice. And now they're getting pretty restless and so he's going to hire them to go around like the Stasi snooping on people. Let me have some of your blood. We need to test you somehow. Dr Paul and I monitor some of the groups out there in Texas groups. Texas people aren't gonNA take very kindly to having someone knock on their door saying we need somebody your blood you need to swap you and it's not gonna it's not GonNa end well so you have faith and competency. Texas people are going to wake up the real Texans but you know the other thing about this tracking is identification doing what to do on and knowing and having an identification where we can tell they can tell whether we go in our house. Our House down the street or whatever. That's what they want but they they suggest that one of the consequence likely will be is why are they doing well to dictate to them to whom to where you can go to socialize with so if so and so is a suspect that might have someday had a positive test or something you cannot go there and they they have to have a list like that and then? I I think it was. One of the governors are something that certain wasn't on our side they. It's always done in the name of good health care about the people's health. That's the only reason they WANNA put restrictions on us and not let anybody. Watch BASEBALL GAME AGAIN. Because we want to protect their health. It's not happening. There's some serious complications from this shutdown that we haven't heard a lot of people are suffering Mentally physically socially as all consequence of this overkill. Which is trying to disappear. You know is it. Looks like it's going to go away. We are working on this on this vaccine. The vaccine may be ready by the what they're GONNA do is they're going to get ready. It reminds you one thousand nine hundred seventy six. Hurry HURRY UP. And just give them a vaccine. It has even if it doesn't work just vaccine until the election's over something you know that to me is criminal even said it might not not only might not work. It may actually make the virus stronger. Thanks a lot but you know the mentioned. This is something that was on zero hedge a few days ago this idea of creating social bubbles which would be a creation of a small group of people that you're allowed to associate with and they will use smartphone. Apps to track and trace people who violate so you have maybe ten people that you're okay to be with. You can have over your house. What have you and if you violate that they come down on you. And this is how they're using technology to create kind of a virtual gulag but you know there was a Bloomberg report today which is really important and really fascinating and basically it negates everything. We've talked about so far. There was a Korean Center for disease. Control study they studied two hundred eighty five survivors of covert nineteen. They had the disease symptomatic survivors of it and they tested positive after recovering. Because remember the big scares. You're going to get it again. We got we got a trace. Everyone track everyone because you could get it again. What they found something very different that after recovery. Even if you test positive you're not infectious. The only thing that these survivors are doing is they're shedding dead virus so it really undermines negates everything that they're trying to do but they're desperate to use this. As an excuse to clamp down you know they're hoping to get this vaccine real soon maybe by the end of the year after the pandemic is Disappear but they will still want to vaccinate people and make plans for the next one. That doesn't bother them if it's good for mark but we want to protect you from this ever happening again. And at at the initial Distribution of the vaccine is a big job you know they. They had to close the system down in. Some people had higher priorities to protect their liberties and I see Walmart may billions of dollars in the LAC dot. How many shops? If we've seen go broke just around here. So if if they close things down for political reasons and protected some of the powerful interest what about the vaccine or the stamp of approval so that will be political to they. Can't they can't vaccinate everybody at one time so that will be political and that will be certain people that they wanNA protect and give that stamp of approval but my perdition is faust. How she is not going to take a vaccination. He is not going to do it so those individuals oughta sense. Standup anybody's involved. In giving somebody else the vaccination they ought to show their papers that they that they really believe in this stuff and that would be a lot of politicians to and I worry about it because trump said well there may be some people who may not want to take the vaccine which ambiguous because if the military comes at your door And they want to give you a vaccine. It's going to be tough. There's a couple of other quick topics we wanted to touch on one of them. Because we want to keep covering the kind of resistance these really fascinating battles of in states where there are areas that are resisting the tyranny of really evil governors. We have the next clip here. This is something interesting this happening in. Oregon. My my brother lives in Oregon. And he's in locked down and so governor. Kate Brown said you know what I want to go ahead and extend the lockdown through July it. Keep that up through July and there were a group of churches. Said you can't do that. The law says you can only do this for twenty eight days without permission from the legislature. She I don't. I'm going to do it anyway. They took her to court and out in eastern Oregon. Dr Paul is Pretty Conservative out there lauder ranchers and there was a judge a local judge out there that ruled in their favor that she did not have the authority while she had a panic attack and she immediately went to the State Supreme Court. We have the next slide and this is. I think just happened today. They temporarily reinstated her restrictions. But the battle isn't over the battle going on and we talked about. Wisconsin had a similar thing. There are other things going on North Carolina. The court overruled the governor restricting people's ability to go to church. So it's happening everywhere. They're using the courts. They're suing their undermining these dictatorial governor. So that's kind of a good news story. Yeah it is and when we see resistance building this is the only thing that can really save us from this thing. Just really snowballing. We're moving in the wrong direction is hard to reverse things once it happened. The what are the odds of if I were in Congress again. Heaven Forbid I a bill grid the TSA. Like I used to but who cares? Oh well no. We have to be safe now. They don't even have an airplane to fly. They're willing to go through the lines. One step after after another. So this is. This is a big turning point where we are and if we don't have a lot more people saying I have rights on an individuals. I Have First Amendment Rights when finished my last tour duty and just try to describe the situation. Actually I placed my first amendment rights above the rest. Not that not that you deny the second and all the other member. But I thought if you can't speak out and I guess getting more difficult now because we've mixed some of these Private social networks with the government and there. They are the sensors now. And Have you noticed that I'm not supposed to ask you a question. Have you noticed when On on our websites different websites and I think a look at that video. Oh suddenly disappeared. Yeah so that's why I keep hoping. All those smart Libertarian. Computer people will devise something that will provide us the service of Youtube no censorship not doing the role of the state. We touched on this earlier. Dr Paul and it's worth bringing up again. Here's another trend that we're watching closely. We both saw an article in the Illinois Review. I think it was up today where Illinois dramatically over counting the corona virus that Covet nineteen deaths It's also happening in Michigan. Medical Examiners are upset. They're using the wrong definition. They're following with. Dr Burks said quote if someone does with Colvin Nineteen. We're counting it as a covered nineteen death and that's not accurate in it's not appropriate and we've actually. I don't think we've put this up before but this last one. I think this is what happened in Colorado twenty five percent too high because they started differentiating between dying with Colvin nineteen and dying from Colvin Nineteen. So if you extrapolate twenty five percent over count to the rest of the country still obviously a terrible flu season. But why are they trying to elevate these numbers so desperately you have to have an enemy to have an enemy not not too much in science but this is this is a real problem because of these numbers. What if we could assume that Next year the total. They said it's GonNa well. They had millions before this say well. It looks like war ended up with one hundred. Sixteen thousand deaths I think it was in this country in nineteen Nineteen sixty eight. I believe But what if what if these estimates turn out that at the end next six eight months from now? The deaths are one half of what they're telling in there was really you know all they do. Is They go back? And they say you supposed to diagnose you're supposed to diagnose something How many autopsies were run. We don't do how many how many of these patients had other drugs. We don't do that either. How many people were actually culture? I mean people were to you'll find out that That there's nothing like this so it has. It has to be a scare tactic. It's being used. It's the same type of operation that the warmongers do when they wanna go to war around the world and believe me as we speak. Some of that activity is going on now. People have pre prepared. You know the Chinese are at fault completely or the Chinese are angels. No I wrote the other day that people say you can't trust the Chinese. They're always telling lies and they have this special interest. I don't know all the details of that but I do know something about our CIA and if you say that you can believe everything the CIA tells you then. We really do have a problem. I bet the Kennedy family. They wouldn't agree with that. Yeah we know the as you say when when all the smoke clears and it turns out. They have to revise way way way down. Don't expect them to say we're sorry they're GONNA don't blame us. We were just trying to as you say. Keep you safe. In the meantime we may find out that there may be as many or more that have died as a consequence of the shutdown. I personally don't know who anyone who's died from corona virus. I do know some some things about suicide. Some people have had some serious medical conditions. That have come up. That are life threatening because their doctors said we can't treat you. We've read about that. We know personally So these kinds things are coming up over and over and over and you'll never you'll never have to answer for it. They've never have to answer. You Know Texas in two thousand eighteen had ten thousand flu deaths in the Houston Chronicle. You can see the headline. We've had just over ten percent of that this year. We've seen a massive lockdown. Can't go to the hospital can't get your treatments can't go to stores shutdown restaurants It's a disaster. Occurs is statistics that will come out. Because I personally know and it's a pretty close to home people who didn't get proper medical care early on and it conditions deteriorated and we've mentioned before you know. They disrupted everything how many people really allies were saved with those two. Large military vessels They had one in West in California and they had eighteen people show up in hospitals were empty and they were firing not firing laying off people because nobody would come. They terrorized everybody about going in. I mean it's it's it's people will worry about the virus but you know what a lot of people worry about is. Is the bureaucracy coming in pestering you to death? You know. We got to take this test this test this test and check your family and everything else. It's that intimidation that really makes people frightened about trying to live a normal life. So the people really. I wish I could do something more to try to alert people to what's going on and I argue is should not that complicated people. People should cherish their liberties and cherish their responsibility to take care of themselves and not trust politicians. You know if you if you don't like what a couple people were doing. Why put them in government put out she in charge of all this? This is what we get. Dr Paul thankfully our our numbers are growing. And we're grateful that people are turning to us. It makes us want to work all the much harder early in the morning. Trying to figure out and put a show together every day but we want to keep in touch. Dr Paul. Mentions we talk about a lot. There's a lot of censorship don't want to entertain opinions that conflict with their narratives especially those that are pounded in their head by the mainstream media. So if you do WANNA follow us in a in a closer way. Go to the Ron Paul Institute website Ron Paul Institute dot Org and then just go and subscribe or better slash subscribe subscribe to our updates of course will never give out your personal information But we'll update you on things that are happening. The possibility of even having a conference who dot ball in the future at all but these kinds of things. We want to keep in touch so. That's a good way to do it. Dr Paul Good and I wind just closed by comment about tracking because I think tracking is a real issue has been around in history for a long long time. But it's always a tool dictators so you can't take a society that pretends they protect individual liberty and introduce the notion that the government has to track you because they want to take good care of your health and make you make you save and right away. That's a danger point and that is what's happening. They they do the they do the tracking and they do this with a dictatorship and the no matter what war that the bureaucrats WanNa fight and authoritarian. WanNa fight whether it's military type or the social type. It's always a war because if you're against war you're unpatriotic why is it that piece people people who have no peace are more likely to be labeled anti-american you unpatriotic and a main nasty person? I mean that that has to change and it hasn't been that way all the time and those issues are always split people in two different directions but I still believe that. There's a lot of people out there that would agree with and say yes. I'd like to have my life back. I'm sort of hoping that this little episode. We've had with current a virus. Wake up people and say. Why are we doing this? It doesn't help us. We're losing our liberties it didn't save lives. And I think there fee feeding us a lot of nonsense and that's why these statistics are important. They lie to about how many people have died from it and later on these figures will get much worse they lie to you and said Oh. Yeah those numbers are getting better. But next month there's going to be a new virus. We have to come to the point where we shouldn't be intimidated with any whisper of fear and because fears always promises are always going to exist but you have to ask the question. Three individuals Handle these problems better than government bureaucrats who have special interests who become powerful because they lie to the people so. I don't think the problem should be that that overwhelming I think the founders had it right the dictatorship they were living under. They didn't like they tried to give us a republic but unfortunately there's not much left of it but as long as we can speak out and change people's minds one person at a time which were still able to do. We have to do it. And that's where we have to concentrate our efforts in trying to persuade people that liberty is far superior to the authoritarian principles of abuse of our lives. What thank everybody for tuning in today to delivery report? Please come back soon.

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