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Not only because we have fucking Bennie Abrahams in the house sub. Bam co-founder of Igarashi has one of the more. Interesting car collections of people that I have anyone I know Seattle represent nightclub owner ish, we call that a nightclub owner club the both. And my my Seattle connect. It's my hook. What's happening, man? Welcome really, really happy to be here. I'm sure I'm glad I'm glad it worked out. I was having a lot of fun. Uber. Scooting around the city, though, I probably could have done that for the whole day to Seattle not have. So we have we have the bikes. Oh, you oh, you will sue and their complete plague on the city. I don't know. Do you think the scooters can go up the hills and Seattle? I don't know if they have that kind of horsepower helping I don't know they they GIO fence them here. Actually, I felt you ride one into Santa Monica high to ride on the beach and it started getting slower. Yeah. That's the lesson the power came back. Yeah. They they'll GIO fence you and they'll like there's like red zones like where you can't go on the bike path and Santa Monica. They've decided you have to ride on the street. I mean, I was already come in. Yeah. I was already cutting through intersections at reds like I'm from New York drawer to birding. This birding is all about having all the advantages of. Estrin while also having all the advantages of a car, and you get to choose whenever you want. Right. The fuck up until a car smashes you at forty months, which happened up civic two days ago, you Blake's in Manhattan. Can we talk about the bikes? Sure, I have not much experience. I haven't hung out in New York much recently. But by all means it's intense because they have their own lanes that they sh- kind of share or split with the bike lanes. But wait they have their own lane. That's not a bike lane a hall. There's so there's the lane and e bike lane they come weapon at write ups and below through Crosswalks. And I think someone has died on taxes. Someone's trying to limit them. So this is because the clothes the closing speeds. Are they need a fast lane? Yeah. I mean, these are these are all of the the bike delivery drivers the Chinese restaurants, like they're all using e bikes in their zipping around the city, and yeah, people are getting hurt. I bet they're they're fast even in the govern- form like they're quick. And then you can take those off and it's like thirty miles an hour. You just twists the throttle. You got to you. If you haven't have modesty. Bike fat tire front suspension e bike made by felt that's probably very fun. And I had it felling. Don't they only make really expensive bikes? It was it. I'm really happy with it. Very well. Well, yeah. No. It does very very well. So I monitor it though. And so the way it's a pedal assist bike. It's not like a scooter. Yeah. It just makes you seem like Schwarzenegger or like, Lance Armstrong last peddling. And lasts longer and you can go up hills. And you can it wasn't really meant for going fast. The pedal assist comes governed at no faster than twenty does give you assist. So I found a product online searching called bunny power, which is terrible. But it's basically a little trick that the guy puts into the Bosh battery that only registers every other revolution of the tire. Oh, I'm so going forty five on my drive on this fat bike, dude. That's create it's bad as things way. A lot a meant to ask you have at least like disc, brakes and shit. Right. Real break. Oh, yeah. Yeah. But in New York, it's like, no one signals in New York. So like if you're fucking mobbing at forty five in the bike fast lane hearing fucking I remember when I was in high school might I wanted to be a bike messenger. When summer in New York and my dad's like, why don't you just ride a bike for summer first? And then decide if you want to be a messenger, and I did I lasted like. Four weeks. I'm like, oh, good. Thanks are our friend Tom MorningStar rides his bike from the suburbs of New York City into Manhattan, like twenty five miles each way on on a bicycle like crawl goes over the bridge the whole deal, then he'll like have a meeting in the city, and then he'll ride his bike home. Like that's should as nuts. Yeah. He's like crazy. The bike culture in Seattle is strong. Right. Like, they're they disrupt entire neighborhoods to make to try and get a bike lane in there. And it has takeovers it's because there's like a bike lobby of, you know, people like that who I respect the hell out of them. But they think that these you these neighborhoods that are very close to the downtown core. You should be able to bike wherever whatever in these streets were not set up for that. Yeah. People are gonna think you're such a coke because you're fucking sniffling bath got like seriously, three months. I've had that listen. It's okay. I gotta show. I got him vase have you? Have you seen these sinus flush things the battery powered sinus flush like a like a power washer for your the inside of your nose? It pushes water and sucks the water. God this sounds made by dewalt. And so the combination d- Walton Gwyneth Paltrow together selling via goop dewalt. What's it called? Nevada, nevada. Yeah. It's it's legit. It has knows pillows that you put into your nostrils. And you you project salty water up into one. And then it sucks it out the other, and you never get that messy Netti pot experience. Have you spell it and av A G E? Nevan? It sounds like the name of a V A G G and. And. Cars entered his. My lady said it looked like capitalized the a in the middle. I love when they do that. My lady said it looked like Star Trek for my nose. Yeah. Animation. Funny. Can you play that emissions on YouTube? Or is that honestly if you guys this has changed my life. And I if I hope I'm not now a guy with sinus problems. I hope this is just a for me. For me saying we're solving this shit right now. I've heard such doing the will someone in six months. It can be like, bro. What was that sinus thing? He goes talking about. Bye. A story. I saw last week. Some lady was using Nettie pots like weekly and she wished he wasn't filtering the water. I and she ended up getting a very strange parasite that infected or brain killed her. Exactly. Oh, crazy. Real thing. I. This. You're getting good tomato seed like lodged in her throat, and then like all of a sudden as a fucking vine coming out of her face. I mean, this is like, you know, this wasn't a someone says doctors, I know yet this is a parasite she didn't know about it. We didn't know about it. And. All the water know. Report in and yes, so there's big the when you're using this. You're not supposed to use top water, you I distill. Yeah. You either use to still or you or you boil it? So I brought this thing to Mexico with me, Ben the schnauzers Abrahams. Shout out to David gross for the diversion because he was like, yeah. You gotta get do. You have an even influence look up in the. Full disclosure, folks. Type in my code for ten percent off. Turbo t in it and lose five panels. I have to hawk supplements on Instagram who might have judge. I don't know. I don't ach supplements by do hawk other shit. Take a lotta supplement. I take a couple I take a handful. I got it from my couple of scoops shit. Yeah. I actually had a I had a fan who I was also kind of a fan of this guy Haney ram bodies like a trainer to the stars. And he's like the t- trains like, Mr. Olympia and shit. And and he watches my show, and I've followed I heard about him on Instagram, and he just like message me and hooked me up with some of his supplements. And they are good as fuck. I'll shut out to even gen I don't have a code sorry. No, no Patrie on no code, but. Yeah, they're good. But it's like I feel I feel that I need you need vitamin d living in Seattle. Yeah. I think my doctor told me everyone as vitamin d deficiency. Yeah. But when you're not getting the sun in the winter, it's hard to hard. What's the what's the Seattle car seen really like, I know the shop you took me to the shop, which was kind of you. You're that plays popping off. I took you to the shop. Yeah. I think there's a lot of diff. Different things that are popping up in Seattle. And he's one of them. I think people obviously just like any other city they need a place to park their cars. Yeah. But they also need they got a restaurant and should at least to find community. You know, our Redmond town center like our cars and coffee is responsible for bolstering. A lot of the enthusiasm in the city giving people a place to go. And you know, a derby is at the name of the restaurant's the name of the restaurant. Yeah. The bar was cool. We went after restaurant hours, but the bar was definitely cool. Yeah. No. It's a it's a cool vibe. It's got that warehouse. You know, Seattle feel I've got a business close to it. So I can appreciate what he's trying to do his his aesthetic. I think giving people a place to go drivers club the other one. I was talking to a. A they're doing a similar thing. Very different ways. What you're doing down here. Right. And I think for you. It's also about fostering community, right? It's partially. But it's more about providing a service that a a lot of people are in desperate need of for me. Other people are do they're trying to do the whole community thing. Right. Create a brand. And all that for me. It's like they just dangled dangle a little carrot right easier for me, yours will be branded because your brand. And that's fine. You know, it's going to be yours in your own way can hashtag SP son. SP? So the way I the way I look at Seattle though is. You know, everybody. I don't know if you wanna talk that or if I should follow the screens to guide the discussion or no no the door. Screen reacts. What you guys talk about? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. So I've I've been in Seattle for fifteen fifteen years two thousand and one and. I think I was trying to find myself as a Seattle currency when I first got there. I had a escalate on twenty inch chrome wheels. Hell, yeah. That got put up on blocks. Neighborhoods. And trying to think of what came I like, it was as I started building a life. I started building the collection a little bit more. And I got to know I feel really rooted in Seattle because it has just as many enthusiasts as any other city does and were looking for reasons to go drive, and I've always been a driving type collector. So I fit really well in Seattle is the the short season make you appreciate the. Yeah. I've drive out different stuff. Like d- ninety bringing the kid to school in the reins awesome. Can't get behind defenders. Can't do it. She not. If you have a muff. You have a left side just as the most uncomfortable and you've had back problems too. I don't know you're tall. You've had back surgeries. How you can drive. A fucking defender. I'll never know am fixed now. But be I think my my ninety is is. Is kind of a baseball glove to me now, I just fit really well too soft top also so I have a little bit more just talking about being upright. I'm just talking about the fact that it it it's not really your. Whereas you don't just hours to go. We just got out of your safari. You're talking about uncomfortable. Cars that cars, very comfortable. Nice. Maybe if you could push the seat back it would become it's not meant to have a six foot four guy in the passenger seat. Although back that far. I mean, it's it's just not meant for super tall. People in the past. My seat is meant for just twisted. Twisted heart. That's okay. My my seats meant for tall people Marco who rebuilt. My engine was like I had to have, you know, Steve do all your test driving because I can't read your pedal. I I was wondering he didn't seem to have any phone books around. So I drove defender ninety for two days in Iceland. And my I only to be fair driving. That was like it was like I rented where did they? Only Iceland, and I did find that the distance from like the left side of the seat to the window. It is very close. It was very upright seating. And just you know with the designed what in the fifties sixties. So it's they've gotten a little better. I think knowing the shape of humans and giving a fuck about them. So I respect the ability of that truck. And I know it's very durable. And if you're driving cross like the world, it's a pretty good choice. But I feel like a lot of people put it up on a pedestal of like, you know, it's as good as anything. It's like, well, it has flaws, and I think that gets ignored there's there's Rover purists there's air cooled purist. There's pure sa- cross all categories, I just like group. You'll see mine you'll you'll see what I'm talking about. It's it's truly like, I don't know. You got you got a scroll. But you'll see it. It's a it's a stormtrooper defender. He also is that which is better that's better than it's starting to return. Ben has the cool. Is there is there is it a seven leader? What is it like a six? It's a five point eight blown V8.. It's a fifty five r fifty fifty five five stroke that was stroked by Brad Davis to eight that's the door claiming with the Cleveland super charger on. Yeah. That's a fun one. Yeah. Ben has some fucking weird stuff USC. Okay. DTM? Yeah. Still you have a try and sell that car. But it just really it's really impressive for thirty eight hundred pound car it handles. So so well, so light and there's like zero of them. Yeah. I think there's maybe a handful. There's in America. There are not many meant to ask you we talked about this earlier. This is our it's tough. Because Ben, and I went to lunch before the show. So we had to everything interesting. Yeah. We already went through we have three have to do too. So we're circling back in the things I better than that. I know he invited me weeds legal the two which lack one. Yes. So what year is that? It's neat. All right. So same years my Coon Tosh. So what is it like to own a fucking Alamo to? It's tough one. It's I'll never sell it. It's it's. You know, you gotta find somebody. You know, who who who works on them and you trust which my four people in the line has been relatively, okay? Maintenance wise. What is what is relatively okay? Mean? In terms of Lamborghini for them to show, the Alamo to is the first original SUV from Lamborghini from think eighty eight to ninety or eighty eight to ninety one. Maybe. Yeah, it was an eighty seven to ninety two. I want to say, and so this is a carbonated Coon tasha engine truck. You know, I've driven it back and forth from from Seattle to pebble two years in a row. No more. And this is one of those that is a perfect example of as you break it in it gets better, it becomes less. Intimidating less uncomfortable more I hate to overuse the analogy. But like a well, worn gloves like you can feel the thing waking up and you start to worry about it less. Yeah. And it's just another one of those cars that that has quirks. But is it what happened runs out want wall? But is it is it a massive pain in the ass or not or only a minor pain in the ass? I think you're like me, man. I think like you're willing to work for the right car. Yeah. You know, and I'll put up with some things. Yeah. And so it's no more. Consider the Kunti cash, but you're you know, four feet higher. I've always wanted that. It's yeah, there it is. Yet. The is like the sound it makes and when you're driving through a city, it's echoing off the buildings just like the kun-tae. Yeah. One year, I covered the L M with blue and white lights and a big minora and put her on the spare tire. And I it was my my Hanukkah car. Just drove Seattle. I I haven't heard of a Hannukah car free. The maccabi. We should start. Earning started holiday. We're actually built for. That's great. I'm glad that that is managed to be, you know, relatively it's working. Oh, yeah. It's got a good home. And again, if you if you drive them, they reward, and if you one thing, I think we all have to consider as who works on these cars in the next twenty years. And this is one of those cars that you might have a problem, but very old people train, some younger people. Well, right. And also what I found is getting in with guys who are willing to learn even if it is on yours, you know, if you keep them around, then he knows all of the quirks about your vehicle. Yeah. Oh, there's the one the bikes sharks back shout out to Ben for keeping my stuff on the road. That's I mean that looks just those great with a bike rack on the back. Yeah. That was fun. Do you have like the jumps? The jump seats in the trunk of yours. Yeah. Cool. Yeah. Pele's in the back. Good for you, not as a bubbling. Wrapping these things that was arguer truck. I brought a bunch of filming equipment down. Yeah. Yeah. It's good fun. And see you can have some practicality at Pebble Beach. Not truck is the only truck I think if some if someone knows of another one out there, please let me know with a rear sliding window. Just you know, like a pickup truck would have the most of not have that Valentino said, it's the only one he's ever seen. Really? I wonder you think it was done at the factory take anybody knows by the original owner is the that's the Rokon the. Oh, yeah. Do you think that was done or the original owner? I'm by the factor. No idea. Valentine a good person asked though, he says he hasn't seen it before. Yeah. But details are fuzzy around that era. You're lucky to get that. That's true. I I'm lucky I had a colorful first owner of my car because I got the power doors, and I got the loud exhaust and the fuzz BUSTER out of its. Yes, fuzz BUSTER. I was showing the cops on Mojo in the fuss. Buster I thought it was fucking hilarious. They're excited and the other thing I would ask you about is this Rokon thing, which is on that bottom. Right. There's like it's a it's a it's a off road motorcycle. That's two wheel drive. Yeah. That's nineteen seventy two, but they still make them. So you could pull up a roof on website. And they look a lot different. They were on like gear patrol or something one of the like, you know, last week. But yeah, it's two wheel drive. You put fuel or water in the wheels. And they're meant to tip them over in rivers and flute them down rivers and go into like backcountry campsites or hunting, or whatever it might be. When you say tip them over like, literally on laid on its side yet to float it down or flow to river on it. And then when you're done. You'd feel you'd fill the tires with water to keep ground the center of gravity low. Is that what you said, well, you could be you can be transporting fuel or water in them. So it's about are you going much further that you want one wheel full of gas, and then another wheel full of gas to come back to that. Or is or if you raise if you're wanting water for right to to float then you can use it for that. Also show the wheels are like the wheels are basically canteens. Yeah. That is fascinating. How does it? How does it drive the front wheel, though, if you go back to that picture? So it's a chain drives. There's a chain drive. It goes right down the top tube. And you can kind of well, it's the wrong side of the house right before cog, that's visible on the other side. Okay. Cool. It's a really kind of. Oh there. Yeah. You can sort of see even as covered snow. Yeah. That's pretty RAD. Yeah. But that these are like the new ones that people are are you'll modicum. Oh, yeah. Whereas mine is just like an put like a Tarmo on it. What do you do? Mine is just a mule, man. Yes. It's a. It's kind of like a really long long board. I can't like go fast. Right. It'll go thirty downhill, but the cool thing about it is it will literally climb anything like there's videos of old school like climbing up over down trees. Yeah. It's like a mountain goat on wheels. You are you kind of drawn to somewhat strange, but I guess interesting functionality like Elmo to this. Yeah. I think I was talking about this before. But I think that. You know, I it's hard to group it all under one umbrella. But I find that the more variety in my collection. The more balanced, I stay in life because I so use my cars as a way to interface with reality. So if I can get very different experiences. You know, then that's what I'm going after. So instead of having five sports cars, you know, like, well, then all I'm doing is track Ken in car show your label. This is an offer thing. I should take it to the the wilderness or something. Yeah. I mean, I can't I can't say I use them all for their intended purpose all the time. But I I never wanna be the guy who gets the G wagon, you know, to go get groceries and dry cleaning and go to the beach like I want to use a granted my g wagons lower and has a convertible top. So it would be actually pretty good beach guard. But you don't always use like the Elmo to you don't always used to drive around your ranch and Columbia filled with cocaine. No, of course, not. Yeah. They'd be. I just watch narcos something like that's what the car was used. And for the fucking Arabs hit up the dunes the tires. Yeah. Super soft sidewalls exactly what the Chris is meant for now sand lip the sand lettuce sand lip is what made those tire special if you look at the L M W two Parrella scorpion with sand lip. You'll see it's it's what they did for that for that desert terrain, and it wicks the sand off the tread. Oh, really spins it off the tire. Oh neat. And they didn't really ever intend anybody to drive on asphalt asphalt on them. He was hired melt are are. Yeah. You need like a close up of the tire. The so those are the new ones. So there's the scorpion zero's that they replace the sand lip ones and those just look like normal tire on the sand lip. You'll see the outer edge of the tread date today start. Yeah. That's it. They start remaking them. So you can get new tires now. No. And that's that's a I've been wanting to have that conversation with with parolee, and I tried to make it happen around the Uris like wouldn't it be cool? If we brought a bunch of Elham owners out, and we announced a rerun of tires, and we did a bunch of content around that 'cause I have an L, Adam. And you guys are gonna have yours is I tried to get out in front of that. Uh-huh. And I just couldn't make it happen. They just didn't care. Well, I've as making Coon Tosh tires, they think Lamborghini didn't necessarily do a a a job to connect the Uris to the L M. I think they tried a little bit to keep it separate. They certainly didn't really do it in marketing that they did it at the press launch. And. All of us snickered. Right. I think they knew that the that the people who knew would do that. Yeah. And so I see them as very different things. Yeah. I guess. So I don't think there is any current money interested in funding story like that. But I do still think that they will see the opportunity for a rerun on Ellen. How many do they make? Numbers like three hundred sixty five or something. Are you lo-? Yeah. Yeah. I wonder if so if you want tires where can you go nowhere? Yeah. You gotta find the guys who've been stacking them. Really? Yeah. So every driving. I think there's another entity tires. I think there's another brand. I don't remember what it was. But it's a it's a knobby tread tire. That just doesn't fit the truck. But it is your last resort. Oh, yeah. I think there's something out there like one it's got like flaming eagles. Like a like you mean like in America tire basic? Car was that they had tires with flame tread on. Oh, burn out that lay down flames dot, it was a mo- par product or something about the arrow Matic tires tires that were released with the the smells the essential oils. I do not recall that was like two or three years ago semen narrow data they like lavender tires. So like, you can come the crowd as you out or something serious one getting all the crowds like the. Look him too. Not joking guys is someone is someone is that someone's vape box. What are your settings? What are your settings do you to formula drift spots? That's our new tires that coming up juice. Can I get that's? I actually looked in to the Irish color tires the color of the same time. Okay. The gender reveal with with the color tires. I was considering doing that. The. Yeah. No don't do that. I did a pumpkin. Instead use it up. Well, actually, we didn't do a gender reveal at all. I just said the baby announcement with the pumpkin. Oh, had they use the pumpkin put the baby in the pumpkin. The top. Three carved pumpkins representing me, my wife and my kid worth pumpkin. That just said that was carved with the number two on it. Oh, yeah. That's how use a pumpkin. That's how I know. It's. Fucking great. So. That's what the fuck else that. I wanna talk to you about Igarashi is your production company. Yeah. We we make videos. Yeah. We make a lot of videos. How did you decide to do that? Because before that you are in the detailing game. I met you. Yeah. Touch my toes into it. Wasn't as passionate about it as I thought it was. Yeah, you're stuck in one room. Aren't you like in one building? Yeah. I'm not passionate about establishing that kind of service based business. I don't think there's a limit. How much you can charge people. I mean, pink correction specialists are different than car wash guys, and people know that, but you know, that there were guys who were and still do probably charge big money to come in and do concourse cars and three to five cars year or something like that. Yeah. A week, and they take all the seats. Right. We were offering land on a on a weekly basis. And but in reality, there's not enough people who want to do that. And you can't convince a guy from New York ship is Carter Seattle for detail doesn't make any sense time. It gets home. It's it's got dust on it. Yeah. Yeah. That's that's the sad truth. That's my Larry gets on planes said of cars, get no trucks. Right. I after I'm grateful for that experience. It's actually taught me to be a lot less neurotic about the cars now because I'm kind of I'm it's not that. I didn't drive them before. It's just that. I don't care about keeping him as clean 'cause I'm not representing a business. So that's been nice. It's been nice to be able to out with you own details off your shit always has to be like magazine spotless. Otherwise, we were like in the fuck and most of my should is black too. So, you know, I doubt car covers got all. My car covers rolled up and racks in the corner. Mcgraw you punch of hill with all the black cars. He's got like a fleet of black cars in Seattle. It's like rain spots city, so Igarashi came along because there was a need for you know, the forums were were dying. There is blogs were popping up. And there was people were looking for a way to digest automo-. Of content and figure out automotive stories and just like you've been telling automotive stories for years. Now, I was trying to figure out a way to do it with at the time both photos and video. And in reality, we are skills consolidated, my interest consolidated, and it's been about video for six years. And I think we got in at a time where people's attention spans were shrinking. Yeah. Oh, yeah. And and digital short form was going to be the way, and then it has evolved into well. What am I doing my just telling stories because these are good stories? Are you know is somebody going to start paying for these other than me because while my? I come from a publishing background. My dad was is a publisher. And so there's a desire in me to just publish good content. Get good stories out there. But in the end, the responsible thing to do is find other people to pay for them. So it became a branded content. Yeah. You know, and some of them like this like dependency, our if you can do that. That's like the ultimate success without seeming. Like, you're you know, selling out, right? You have to like up front about it. Yeah. You know? And it's not have to really have much of Rb comfortable letting the the brand, you know, tell their story instead of trying to like interject yours. Well, what I've found is that a lot of brands don't know how to tell their stories a lot of brands come to me needing fresh ideas or being a brand new brand did not having anything and starting from scratch. So a lot of people started coming to me for creative. You know soup to nuts production, and you get to. Work with a lot of agencies, and you get to work with a lot of different scales of brands, and I feel very fortunate to have been given an opportunity to refine a craft that I didn't even know I had I didn't go to school for this. It all came from a love cars. I still don't pick up cameras because I usually break him. So I, you know, my role is not in anything other than you know, executive video production. I'm not I hire guys were better than me to do. You know, all of the things that I've been delivered to a client. But what I give the client is a lot of my time in my head. And like what I think is my perspective on the story. They're trying to tell the the green cars is a nice one. It's we did it for Mercedes. And this is a great reflection of a story that was available at the classic center. That's based as a three hundred Esau with no in shield rules. It's a it's a speech Thursday recreation of the of three hundred s LS race car. I like that. And you know, I love the guys the classic center. I think what they're doing is is amazing. And I I'm fortunate that they're close to us. I mean, it'd be like having classy, Sharon the corner from you and be able to not only just call them. I think most to you know, they're in Irving here here. Yeah. Yes. Just to have them on the west coast. Oh, yeah. Close. I guess is relative news close to me. Right. But, you know, so they're they're the they came to us and said, we've got a client who's building one of these cars, and we want to get behind some storytelling. And what can you do? And it's a sad story. Actually, we had. There was an AM g driving day at Laguna and the car was there. We had four hours on the track before the driving school started. It was a completely open track. No turn workers. Nothing of never had Laguna like that before my life. I'm sure you have. But this was a new thing for me with this car for safer even less time though for like a half an hour. We had four hours ready for us. It was like the world is our fucking oyster. We got our sound guy. We had everything we needed the car made it about forty five minutes into kind of warm up laps as we started to feel it all out, and then it had a catastrophic failure through a rod Kassai failure that sucks and they had to load it back up, and we had to get up some other footage. That was from earlier we spent the morning on push. You the down the hill. It's some gravity shots. We gotta get a second shot on that on. The course. Push it back. We need to get the gravity gravity next time. So you tell me someone died. Oh, yeah. Throughout that's balls. It sucks real balls. We had to kind of make it up and mockup some stuff. You're just like. Ooh. Track day for three to three hours. In the suburban listen, I did a suburban track test. It was the best video he made on that toll trip. So you know, we've done you'll see boat stuff. They're like what I I I guess what I came up with as far as tagline for your garage stories in motion because I realized I didn't want to just be. You know, kind of backing myself into the carnage. I while the portfolio is obviously ninety nine percent cars. I feel like we with what we could do if we wanted to go into the selling out branded content than I could go pitch a running company or whatever anybody who needs footage in motion. And sees value to stories is somebody that I could work with Vova boats. Good extension, though, the great extension. I scammed my way into quite a few boat reviews. And it was really nice. Yeah. I actually wanted to get you in one of those. What was that go to that split screen? You'll see there you go go to that split screen that'll show some of what kind of boat and talk about Ayers, invincible invincible. Yeah. This this shows our our camera. Fucking beast offshore has the flag arm. Oh, cool. Yeah. That buck in. It's got a that's like a steady Cam mounted on the bow vote dirty bad ass. Nice and smooth. You're also shooting high. Speed right. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It looks like great fun. We got to spend spend a weekend like a triple our Yamaha shores, maybe some kind of very fast fishing boat. But has a great story on the whole builders. Oh, yeah. So the manufacturer wanted to tell the story or engines mercury's on rat these naval architect, America's Cup whole builders, and this is like their first commercial fishing boat venture into commercial fishing boats at the beginning. So we got to do we got to do a deep dive into whole building. And what makes holes, you know, just like the P for me. It's that deep dive into subject with each new project that I can then get right out of and I can file it away as like, okay? Learned that from that. It's been a tremendous learning process to learn about stuff that I never would have. Yeah. Getting an f one team to buy to build like, you know, a utility van like wouldn't be when they build up sled like the F one team to be. To build the the lati-. It was Germany who was oh, no is America BMW built their bobsled. Yeah. This is America. Right. Right. Yeah. Does these take engineering brilliance carbon fiber, and you know, crazy other materials that looks fun. I'd like to have a go in that. It was cool though. We could we started with why it's a catamaran. It's a split hall. So we wanted to go. Yeah. I had to go into the benefits of what you know. Why academy ran is better than a monohull? And I'm talking to, you know, their naval architect whole builder guy who has one America's Cup on the multi foil as the things that are like new. Yeah, they're crazy. So Razi, Stu, those are awesome. The rigid sales that hydrofoil so twitchy. They crash all the time. They're great. But yeah, the idea is then to go. Do you want to explain why why catamarans better? Version of it. Yeah. It's it's it's about cutting surface tension enforcing it back into you know, kind of one the tunnel and once you can get up on plane, basically the less surface tension. You have with the water the faster, you can go in the more stable little be. Yeah. The tunnel. Creates a high pressure zone of air that sort of lifts you out of the water a bit and helps you helps you have less boat in the water. These regions crayons really genius to good design catamaran sailboats can't sale as close to the wind. That's the downside. But they're nice and fat to live in as we learned in Thailand last year. Wow. That truck is ruined. His great. Yeah. What's up of this truck on your Instagram due to rules, the puzzle? Yeah. Daddy's Chevy sorry. It's well she calls. It. A puzzle truck. It's it's a Chevy with the Ford engine to her Ford's a master mechanic and the truck was handed down by her dad and her dad was afford mash recounting her husband's afford our. And this is this is what she's got left from her dad and her husband has helped keep it alive by, you know, giving it a new Ford heart, and we we had a fun shootout. That's arizona. They brought their they're old three Wheeler into the woods, and we mocked up a little lunch scene. That was for for valvoline those who just got two of those three wheelers someone I rod. Oh, yeah. Rod did he used to race those fucking getting so dangerous because you needed he needed anything to be cooler? He was yeah. We were just. Just talking about him Rica's Benz got a an Ameri outlaw three fifty six and one of one of many fun things is collection and broad is just like he's been he's like forty four, but he's been working on cars for thirty years. Like, no kind of ratio like to do that one thing for so dedicated for so fucking and and with family too. I think that's an important part about run like when you do something for that long. You can easily become an asshole because you've isolated yourself from everybody who cares about you. And that really good, but grubby mechanic, you know, who rarely doesn't even want to give your client the time. Yeah. But rod is such you know, he's been surrounded by family, the whole time that you know, it started with that. And I keep some grounded. Yeah. Just don't show up at a secret shop, and the cool thing is is all the stuff. He can't talk about have you ever heard that about him all the things he can't talk about the things that. The things that he's built that. He can't talk about like, the the well, if you know about them he's talking about the well what he has posted about is. Like, the red bull the space pod thing that that Felix jumped out of. Oh, yes. Helping in. He had a hand in in building some of that style government contracts public knowledge, the other stuff that goes off from there stuff that I don't know about. But he's told me that specific thing. He's like what I can't tell you was cooler than what I can tell you kale. Banks was in here talking about his he's building engines for the military, and I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of folks, you know, need custom things built, and they don't they CIA doesn't have a fuck. Let's like if you're at the top of the game. Yeah. You're at the top of the game like, and it's the private industry thing. Like who's going to is the government going to pay for someone to become an master metal Crafter? You know, when and okay, you're doing your homework on portions for forty years or something like high-performance. And then we need you to build this jump. This jump capital. It's like, you know, Gaels been that's all he's ever done. Build engines that are durable and powerful the best brain in the business. It's all the same machinery building at all. Yeah. It's so I haven't seen it. But I do know that I don't know if you could say I build something that went into space. It's pretty much life goals. Check check that one off when you can't tell anybody about say it, but only by yourself in the fucking MIR. You can't tell anybody about I was at like, a orders thing with some some friends of my girlfriend and one of the guys there runs SpaceX his entire program and the other guy there is an ER doctor and on the side is the medical officer for SpaceX is program. And I'm just so what are you doing? I make dick jokes about cars. Just feeling like an infant in this company geniuses sitting things to space he'd be alive as they go to. You know, what though I bet you'd find a way to spin that and have them jealous of you. Oh, they every you know, how it is. Everybody's oh, man. Your job sounds cool. 'cause you know, they we we had to drive thing that experience things in travel grass is always greener total interview with Steve Carell. Like, what would you like, what are you? If you couldn't do this. What would you be doing? And he's like I wish I could write for road and track. I want to be like, Steve I can help you with this knit me up, son. So. The appropriate venue. So, you know, I'm not a big self promoter. But I can say now that I've written a piece for Mercedes Benz. And I was never a journalist. They didn't pay me they flew me down for his Mercedes rally. Right. And then I wrote something for them. That's now on their website. I want to do that again. You should how you how'd you do it the first time. He just made me an offer was like, of course, they'll be available. We'll do that again. We'll call it the same guy. Calm back. He's doesn't it. I I don't just wanna do it like I want. I oh, you mean you want it you now want to be an actual automotive journalists. I mean, it's it's like, I I really like a nice. It's hard to know. Like, I want the ability to have a project like that. Once every you know once a quarter or so it's like you you have to Avenue's like if I if dimmer say's pay you to write the thing that went on their site. Nope. But they paid for the rally that I was on my way. Yeah. You could you could either approach all I need. And and say, I did this for them. I could do that for you all constructed at story just semi down there. If you go like the more journalists way, it it may actually lead to people pointing out conflict of interest because you're you're Ekraj businesses so brand projects. But if you're I mean, you could do the thing like you get from the cities and just like you. Covered is fine with all these magazines like Aston Martin has like vantage magazine, there's a Lamborghini magazine d-, they all have magazines. You can if you're not willing to fuck nitpick, dynamics and stuff and kind of want to write a travel piece or at a tell a story, you can go you could definitely right for one of these magazines. And no one's going to be like, he's not a journalist. Like, no one gives you that. I what I don't want to do is it journalists who write for like real fucking quote, objective publications who fucking side piece right for Aaron Robinson. I mean was is is like does all the data for car and driver like testing and stuff like that. And he writes, he wrote like four stories in the last like Aston Martin magazine that. Yeah. Like, I don't want. I don't want new cars. I don't you know, have mad respect for din. Neil. But I don't I don't I'm not gunning for his job. Like, I I want. Yeah. I don't know. I just want those kind of opportunities, and I could I could wake up the garage blog again. Yes. My publication, but in reality, nobody fucking reads online anymore. Like, what do they do? Are we kidding? I mean, I don't know they watch this show for some reason. It was I watched right? It is. Yeah, they watch. They listen, I read actually you've gone back, and I think people are are running back. But it, you know, it's going to be in flux. Yeah. And it's it's a struggle. Like, we're realizing that we have to in our kids won't, you know, we're we're kind of telling the line. You're the only one in this room with kids. So you know about it. Yeah. It's it's going to happen. I think in in twenty years it's gonna be really hard to get anybody to fucking read anything, especially online. And. Yeah, I watched the podcast to while. I was doing something else. Yeah. I don't know. I I have tr I enjoyed for the I'm hoping for a resurgence of print as a luxury item would be great. But I think it's really going to happen. Though, you know, the the the luxury magazines with the really thick paper stock and all that stabbed even those guys don't make money. That's where that's unfortunately where I've ended up. Right. I thought they did. I thought knock it find the right guy who makes money doing this. But I've I caught to watch him. None of them do know, it's annoying because you I had hope really had hope for the luxury magazine. But it was no delay. Yeah. Yeah. Although I'm writing I wrote it are a piece for luxury magazine called William Brown. It's Wm Brown magazine. I wrote a piece about Utah national parks in winter. It's a travel piece. Yeah. There it is the William Brown magazine. It's by the guy who did if you saw the a man in his watch book. It's by the same guy who did a man and his watch and is writing a man his car, which is a book. I'm in the this is a G shock goes to Lake Como. We have reached peak. Venice hilarious. No. I definitely have found peak. Venice it all at as creation. Cafe creation? Cafe in Venice is spelled with a K in both words its creation cafe with ks and he found almond milk. But spelled M Y. Okay. Because it's not really milk. Like, it's like, they're always still. Did mill. Or something. And I'm saying like milk is milk isn't brand. It's not like Kleenex, you milk, something, but almond milk is an actual milk. It's like almond juice are omitted. Right. Think you may have actually hit the u milk something it's a process the action. Right. But it's the process of milking something in every in every animals, basically the same boat when you come to almond. It's like, well, get out these tins and the boiler. And you're like, what are you doing? She has a little different is, Android. One. I did see the so then the I gets to change to a why I by by milks that are on the milk. And even I'm annoyed by the one good. It's I told him. It's the most pretentious thing you're gonna see until you walk into Erawan. Yeah. I still haven't gone there. I'm fine. I will never go on everything. I've heard about it makes me think I'll just get mad. Get mad. Well, you get mad until you see the women. Everywhere in this town, but not in such a concentration there, you have you spend nine dollars on Mike a carrot. Dollars buy you a carrot right? So. Carrot that's twelve dollars. So do you understand where this is next device? There's a line to get in that place. It's fucking dick device or not a device into Erawan. There's a line to like park there because the parking lot like mega six spots. Right. Yeah. It's ridiculous. It's the whole foods of whole foods. Yeah. That's what I've been told is it's like if you were to take the the the most specialised part of whole foods, consolidate it, the most annoying like if you took own if if it's whole foods that only vegans gluten free people and people with firearm conditions. You know, rushing the coal of whole foods diamond that you have no idea what the fuck we're talking about right now, there's a grocery store in Los Angeles called Erawan, and it is the most pretentious place on that. And I think nobody's confirmed this for me, but it might be a misspelling nowhere backwards yet almost as kind of like nowhere backwards. But also seems a little like Lord of the rings. It seems very Lord of the rings you either way. Whatever you're bad. You're not walking out of there for less than fifty. You just not not going to happen for your Kobe. The whole foods prices are moved all the choice. Doubled the whole foods prices, a double the price pure items, one of those like Tupperware's like pre sliced mango, like twelve bucks. Fuck you the Lambeau lab up there right hand corner might met might like the Lambeau lab. What's that about? Is this on YouTube or can we can't play if it's on YouTube? Yeah. It's embedded it's, but you might be it might be on video. Be just a meal. Emma. What does the limbo lab about the advanced? What is it a L advanced composite structures laboratory or something like that on its own? Yeah. There you go. It's the carbon-fiber lab. Oh that makes the the what do you call it compressed carbon fibre is then does video. Okay. Cool that does all of the the prototyping and are in indeed for any composite problema, you know, parts pieces that go into Lambert any the the the forged carbon. They're using. Now. I'm sure is very much more cost efficient than the Walden. Ball developed here. It looks weird. Yeah. It's kind of weird. I think it looks better on the watch. This is a fun. I I wanted to get, you know, use archive footage. It's weird. Not being able to hear it is that archive Lamborghini mobbing. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Oh is this from sixty minutes in the sixty minutes thing. Yeah. There's a that was an old video of the Coon Tosh going very fucking fast. Right. So this is a group of Lamborghini owners that we did a little driving tour around Seattle might truck. And this is Paolo the guy who was responsible for the lab and talking about, you know, where's this lab? This is in Seattle Seattle. It's ten minutes five minutes away from my house. I did that. I did not know that this was in happening in Seattle. Oh, how about that? So that's why I shot it. And and then I showed it to Lamborghini. I'm like you guys interested and it kind of fell on deaf ears. But that was the risk. I knew I was taking it's five minutes away from my house. Those guys came out. How do you get fell on deaf ears? Do they not what they do not wanna play up American thing. Well, I I think a lot of people don't know what it is that I'm trying to get out of it. Like am. I trying to you know, people don't know they have to. Something like this. Are they buying an Igarashi piece or they are you giving us this content that we can use? However, we want like what I've been trying my own business models been kind of trial. I figured out what works yet this turned out to be a spec piece, which I've done, and then I try and show to brands and might be interested in after afterwards if nobody buys it. This is still solid content that continues to represent what I can do and the portfolio lives on you know, it's getting to talk to old school. You know, really important people in the industry has been one of the things that Igarashi has allowed me to do. And I like meeting those heavy hitter guys and finding out there really chill. Yeah. You just showed that video. We just saw his name Maria Reagan zone of that guy's awesome. Yeah. Hung out with him Uris launch missiles, he had the press carbon-fiber watch. The Roger do we Lamborghini edition carbon watch. I don't you think that the? Carbon looks better on the watch. I do think it looks better on the watch that Kuhn Tosh was very nice. And. Eventually the other thing is is like these guys have never been on camera telling the story. So I think not to get too sappy about it. But capturing stories that might not ever be told again or haven't been told yet is something that's incredibly compelling to me these guys they could show their family. You know? And and you know, then they can see what daddy or their own used to do as great. I don't know if there's business. Well. In kids. It's the humanistic model. It's it's it's getting people to realize that that the human story is worth spending money. Yeah. It is. And so a lot of guy will think about spending money on a think about a lot of the guys who who have built businesses around, you know, their passion for cars, or even like, you know brands like valvoline who is been on in the industry for hundred and fifty years, and they have access to millions and millions of people who already loved their product. How do you market to those people? How do you do a soft sell to somebody for oil storytelling? You know? Yeah. And so we were with them for a while. And I hope to be with them again. But they did a lot they'd bunch of pushes last year. Didn't they like they sponsor like a glut Bill they were just valium popped up on like half the YouTube channel subscribed to last year. Really? Yeah. Like Forsberg and those guys mean twenty seventeen actually did it for a while. And. They they're finding their way in the content game. You know, a lot of these automotive companies are still relatively old school, and they're so slow moving. Yeah. It's it's archaic. And I burned some bridges. Some of these people I got very frustrated with their with their requests for cyber fluffy content is like right out of here. But seems now they've finally come around to some of it though. Maybe they have a new person I can harassed a lot of this is when you deal with companies like this, and you have agencies in the middle and the agencies are there to punch a clock and act like they do something and just on my their own salary. Yeah. Just how sorry seem like they're staying involved and in reality in my best case scenario, the she's like we trust you do what you do. Let us know when you're done. Yeah. It's it doesn't get you cars are much more chill than the people who get you money. That's what I've found cars are it's usually easy to convince a car person that you deserve a car for a period of time that your your opinion is worthwhile. And I'm not a born like salesman. I'm not a born hustler. So I. I'm not used to being able to or needing to pitch people to buy something from me. So it, but I feel pretty good about where we're at. And I think we're poised well because of people's reduced attention span to digest. I don't wanna be the guy who's making fucking five and ten second things and and getting any shorter than what we do now. But at the same time, I mean net flicks is now ten minute episodes of certain shows, I cannot fucking stand social media anymore. But where do you digest your content strictly on where do I digest my content Twitter? Is my is my gateway to a lot of stuff. So if video gets gets good enough traction it a wind up on your Twitter feed. And then you'll watch it. Yeah. Well, Twitter you because you read a lot is I read a lot. It's such Twitter is like for me to like the funnel of articles journalists stuff like that comedians and things and individual Instagram like the visual medium, if you want to like advertise a longer video that's on YouTube. It's like, hey, the links in the bio, I'm sure they'll added to the common soon because that's really annoying. Yeah. There's there's like those three big funnels. It seems like, you know, but I was too busy subscribed to twenty channels. He like, but which one gets put in front of you and they promote other shit. That's really annoying. Just like there's people who I know in real life who have friends with would have dinner with or go out to the bar with and have the have a great time with and when I see the way that people that I like in our chil- like half to act in order to get people to watch their videos, and like the shit, they need to say and like the shit that needs to go in there, Instagram caption. I'm like that's not that person like that person's doing a job that because that's how you get people to folk and likens them scribe. It's like that's not that person. Right. You know what I mean? But they so that's why I'm just I watched that American me movie. You see that one yet fury? Really fucking me. Eight eight social that's why I think it's important that I I never intended to become any kind of influence or I don't want to be a that's not what he grosses about. You wanna go on them Mercedes events. That was weird. That was the first time that I had been brought onto something in in that, you know, with that intention of writing and then using the social channels. First one's free, right? Hey, look this Ben. The peel and eat you like this peeling. Paying the blanket. A lot of people. I think might have been confused like Lizzie garage. Some thing about Ben's collection or something like that would garages, and it's like actually had absolutely nothing to do with my ship. Well, that's the problem. Isn't it? The problem with being a person who creates content, but that also has car cars of note is that you know, it very it can very quickly and easily just become about the shit that you buy in the you have that's in your garage. And and whereas you're trying to talk about, you know, as an as an expert, or as a person of a certain experience, you know, talk about, you know, whatever trying to talk about versus like, hey, look at my fucking thing. No, I'm not trying to make a commodity out of my car collection. Like my car collections from me. So what's in your collection, man? And and so I can get mad followers on my personal Instagram who like seeing pictures of cars and my daughter, but no I always wanted to Igarashi to be about other people store. Yeah. You know, what's in my collection? You guys have been looking at it. Yeah. No Dooley's in my collection is on air. He's no that's not bro at standing room. That's a very low truck for not being justifiable. I really do like the big semi-truck. We'll look actually I think that was good. Is the duly? Did you convert the rear to one big fat? We know is out. It's called it was called the nineties. It was like a room right here by the high school. I think I knew him like the single dual or something super single super single single. Yeah. Fifteen inch wide fucking retire. I've I've got old single dual sounds like the first draft of that name. They really try again Bill. Super single. Yeah. That's that's the hauling I moved with that truck. She did. I'm jealous. You get to have a trailer. Oh, yes. Trailer is nice. That's a good luxury to have man. Yeah. We don't get don't get to have them things. I love hauling there's something about just passing people on no hauling rig and just tearing us up in interstate. Oh, you still have your crossbow. So that's point pictures out. Ben as you gotta Ariel atom. Anna KTM crossbow can which is which was our first ventured again. Yeah. What is what year was that fucking two thousand eleven maybe twelve twelve probably twelve I drove that thing in the rain we've and and of race track. Ooh. That sounds fun. It was it was more fun. I preferred it to the atom it felt more like a a real that doesn't that doesn't want to kill. You the ad. I wanna kill you wants to buck you off and show you what it can do. Yeah. I it does. But that's what being having a chassis designed by Laura gets you with KT. Oh, yeah. It's a full carbon chassis, right? Yeah. What do you? I mean, can we talk? How do you get that in America? We know that. I mean, it's plated. Now how I got it played it is that important part. No, not really. But that is dry. How many of those are in America? I don't know. I think there I don't think there's any other street legal cars, there might be one or two others that are tracked purposes, only, it's pretty cool. It's a Volkswagen to leader was like two hundred and fifty horsepower or something like that. Yeah. I mean, it's it's a little you could moderate. It's it's the four two point. Oh, t it's. Yeah. Can. Fairly. It's it's the whole front front drive rig mounted behind the driver. Yeah. Pretty simple. I forgot about these. They're really neat. And it felt much more like a real car than like an atom. Did. I sure yeah. No. It's it's an it's very very cool. I there's a portion of my or a factor in my cars is rarity like what you were talking about just different things. But all having functional you know reasons how many f to fifty s are there in the country like four. This one ticks the rarity box, obviously. Yeah. No. And and not only your car sick the rarity box. Do you have the fucking Carreira G T, which is pretty rare including you got. And you got rid of the coatings egg. Right. Yes. You had a Koenigs egg. Like when nobody had Kona joy, actually. We'll just see our CC ex. Yeah. What was the difference in our in the ex the ex was after the are? I think one letter. Yes. The the are was the there was the eight. Yeah. Let's see eight s. Yeah. And then the CCS came and then the CCS I think I'm right this. I'm sure somebody will tell me if I'm not then then CC are. Yeah. PC are. And then the CC X, trivial added wagon. That's a mini mini G in the back end the daily driven e fifty five wagon Cleveland, even fifty five was wooded Cleveland do different blower upgrade. No. That's like a that's got the diff-. And really that's a a ten things. I think they built some big power ship. But looking back like I read it when I was a kid. So were they more of like a bolt on shop? Yeah. And I think they never could get their act together. Maybe they're still around. I mean, I I think they saw S L five hundred with a Cleveland blower on bring a trailer recently that I should have bought but didn't exactly like mine, but had a super charger on it and then sold for like sixteen grand. Yeah. Ruled I think that they never could figure out how to get a dealer network setup and who do their installs. And all that things you need. Oh, it was my homie. Oh, now, I'm blanking who's the rent Hartmut. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Guys are great, man. You've rules. Yeah. That's BUSTER the Porsche bus is that a famous bus. In front of the most racecar halls. It's there's ooh, that's cool. At least leaky is super tight with those guys. Yes. Yeah. That's we've gotten to tell some. I mean, we shop leader of the nomad and our nomad peace. Oh, yeah. Zach go in the no matter for like six hundred miles as well. Yeah. Yeah. I'm left out in this one everyone they left it with me for like a week. And I drove to I I don't know the roads off roads around my spot that well, but I lucked out and found a great one. And I found one with a puddle as tall as this for the table. And I was by myself, not prepared. But I was like bucket. Let's see what this thing can do it. I drove right through it. And I was soaking wet for the rest of the day covered in muddy water. You do that at the end of the drove back into town stinking like mud water with the biggest shitting green in my office. You might we try to skim across or do you just go slow and through? No, I it was somewhere in the middle. Probably eight to twelve miles an hour or something like that like the Lamborghini and speeds is not willing to commit either way. Basically, I. With Mercedes you driving eh cells. Oh, really you. You you fucking downplay to like, I was doing a thing of Mercedes. Not like I was on a gull wing rally was pretty red. Oh, yeah. Miles in a roadster whose whose roadster corporate? Really fuck. Yeah. Yeah. They had this is that they have they brought two cars from their collection and the classic center just came out tough. Do they come out with the the three lunar cars on flatbeds full sprinter van full of all their stuff like their keeping fifty eight cars on the road or forty eight something as the lot there and not everybody needs them. Yeah. I think actually the weight. So if you drive your own car on this event and have an issue with a with a hook you up a full factory support. Now. I mean, I think I think you got to probably pay for it afterwards. But fortunately, it, you know, if your car breaks, you should have to pay to fix it. Whether it's on the road or not. So I was impressed by what they did. When they came out to service those cars, and what I was impressed about about was the people who love pudding, thousands of miles on their three hundred cells. They they ship their cars all over the world. They do things like the copper state, and you know, all these open road rallies. Aren't they? Nice to drive. Yeah. It was really nice to drive and the the. One of the weird things about the three hundred dollars. Not everybody who has them. Our our new owners, and they they've only recently, you know, it's been a pretty quick steep curve. Yes, she should value of that car. So a lot of these people might have, you know, those people in that room who they bought in the eighties seventeen thousand dollars. Yeah. And are not in it for the money, and they're not rich because they have the car. They just happened to be in the room with a, you know, a lot of people who are and chose to another car to interesting spectrum of you know, the people had versus who chooses to buy. Now. It's funny that there could be a guy there that bought the S L like in the eighties for seventeen grand talking to a guy that ball on a year ago. But that guy also bought apple when it was six months. Right. Well, you know, deeter his grandfather's had ha was his grandfather was the V mechanic to service one. So there's been these cells goings in his family for one's a roadster one's going for like, you know, fifty years or something or so. And he drives it all the time. He let me have a go. I could fucking daily that car. Exactly. A lot of similarities to three fifty six actually swing. Axle. It's it's yeah. They drive similarly on on kind of country roads. And so I felt right at home. It was easy for me to write about that. When you're inspired by being surrounded by all those cars. Yeah. And and you know, Arizona roads, the if you go to m b dot com the articles on there. It's a great collection of they're not my photos, but I don't know the they maybe it's Mercedes Benz dot com. I guess with height. The the going is one of those cars that it really seems like the more the more stories it's got like the more like battle like we have seen cars, you know, hundred thousand mile original car never stored like looks all fucked up sells for like one point three million. You know, and then you have a perfectly restored one, that's like mint. You know, that's lovely. But, but you know, dot Bannon fully overdone, and it's like nine hundred grand, you know, the more stories the better with those cars, and I saw gas a scroll down it should be a it'll come up on the right? You'll see the I think I've not I've not ever clicked on my own media flute. It was the first time I've ever been. Maybe maybe it's it's fallen below the fold. It's now it's under there. But you got the biggest picture those good for you. I like this tan one with the metal like rock guards on the side. And the fucking Rudge wheels rule. It was my favorite there. And it it's apparently got something like a hundred thousand miles on it. Perfect. It it looks like it's been driven. It was under new ownership. The guy was stoked to Houston. Nice guy. Scars. Look really good without bumpers. Barbara's are fine. But I really way better without bumpers. There's a dude here in LA has got a one ninety s l that he made kind of looked like that race car you filmed. It's got no windshield bumpers fog lights steel wheels. It looks fucking cool. Yeah. It look it's probably slow. I like the building those now into those into the primary rally cars. Over the one ninety s l rally from California, it's read, I don't know. Oh, there it is. Right there Petra issues right next door. Your mouse is to the right to the right to the right that. Yes. Look at that. No fucking windshield. Fucking fog lights, yellow headlights. Yes, Steele ease. That is RAD. Isn't that perfect? That's exactly the kind of old Mercedes you want. Yeah. Agreed. I like the that's where I'm going, man. I showed you that three sixty five. I mean, it's just something about that that era sixties seventies. Well, this is this is probably fifty. Yeah. Yeah. You're talking you. That's how I know. You're getting old because you're talking about a three sixty five Ferrari two plus two gentlemen's for Ari pull. Well, I don't wanna pull up that. Because I don't want other people to buy it. But we can't talk about it. Too much. You got to buy it first, then come back and talk about it. We've we've fucked up in here punch times. Yeah. Can't do that. Let's go to we got a bunch of questions from folks. Let's get to nice some. I'm sure we got some car advice the needs given for the next twenty minutes. You might find my find you relate a little bit and eight and says human when we're times I eight and says the only person finds the Mark four Supra overrated, if the car did not come with a superhero engine than it would not be as popular it's and if Emily radicchio ski didn't come with those superhero tits. She wouldn't be as popular don't on. Have you ever seen a track sorted, Mark four Supra? Okay. A little bit unpack here. I think the stock Mark for Supra is mildly overrated. I don't think they're that. Cool. You gotta make them really fucking fast from the Bacall. Now, if the car didn't come with a superhero engine. It did. That's why it's cool sprite. Have you ever seen a track sort of Mark for Supra? Yes. I have more importantly some bitch and tripped ones. Yeah. Frederick Osborn like broke into formula drift by winning with his Supra. Everyone looked at them like he's he's too heavy at cetera et cetera. But when they're set up, right? Like, you know, if you drive, right? You can do a good job. Yeah. And they also performed spectacularly. Well, it standing mile events and standing half mile events for like the last fucking fifteen years. And I think I think because I love the superman I think they do have a little bit of a point. But there's plenty of other cars that are celebrate just for having like one or two really good attributes. So we shouldn't look at this one. Like, it's the only one I would respond with have you ever seen a properly sorted soup? Broaden airstrip because you see it in that format, and yeah, I would get behind the wheel. No, I wouldn't take it on a road. Course, it wouldn't be my choice. I bet road trip. They're also really reliable. There's a lot of like six figure car. The six figure mileage in the forms. And I think that's a rare thing, and that's really their they're. Yeah. They're dynamically unimpressive from the factory, but durability is virtue. And so that's that you know, if you leave a super with stock horse power level, it's gonna fucking run for a million years. You know? Yeah. Oliver be says, I'm selling my manual m three ninety two to buy a house what cheap fun car to abide to replace it, preferably not an x five or Biard Z manual NA, preferably. I mean, it's gonna be cheaper. So manual NA. Not a small roadster, mini and an e e I guess, a mini mini or fiestas t I suppose, but a man you ninety two or three he's getting thirty thousand dollar car. You're going to sell that to buy twenty thousand dollar car to buy a house that doesn't really work. I think you need money for the house needs to be cheap six thousand. Get one of those two thousand civic S is we're looking at like that. That's a great car drive. But he pretty much nixed. All of those unless he wants like a BT thirty six mini-van. Okay. I mean, if he's got us does he have a garage. I don't know maybe at the new house, he's paying pounds. So, you know, I'm thinking many might be a good point. I mean, there's look all the Camaros and Mustangs in the world brother, always in pounds, so Europe. I drove it. He thirty three diesel. That was fun. I was in a lot of fun. Was it? There was like a brand new rental rental. I I liked the oath six the oldest one's supercharge one about that. I don't know, man. You're talking about limited Budgie need that house. A Peugeot two. Oh, five GTI. Why Aren felt says I'm now watching whiskey addict? You're welcome. Thank you. Von foul. Enberg Dave here who had the Turow alpha foresee, okay? My question is for fifty thousand dollar budget New Orleans the occasional trip to Miami. What are some ideas to the most rewarding ride practicality be dammed? All right. So two that drive from key west to Miami. Interestingly the causeway score thirty miles an hour you want like a nineteen sixty seven Cadillac Eldorado. Right. You wanna cruise like that's a great choice. That's like a straight road where it's very slow. If you have fast car on that road, you'd be very disappointed and then spend the other forty thousand dollars on the girls to come with you, right or? Yeah. Let's sixty six Eldorado on bags Detroit steel wheels. Yet new the especially because once you get over the causeway and into Miami people are nuts. I mean, I'm from New York. I have a pretty high standard for what's nuts on the road. South Florida's really bad. It's the land of crazy, really bad. Yeah. So I like that idea of being something really big and really slow. Yeah. Land yachts think land yachts. That's where I'm at with that. Right. And fifty fifty thousand buys you a lot of if you have one of those continental series two's those fucking smash like Lincoln continent on house. He's got a four foresee. So he doesn't need another small fund. He got it on taro. And he came here. I think yeah, he really had a glutton for punishment there. I I don't know where this person's from young Chan, I think that's correct from South Korea. Thank you for a great show, your choice on turbo vs superchargers for twenty fourteen f r s manual may mainly daily driver track time, maybe twice a year. I say supercharge, always rode tricks. Grow trek superchargers, like two eighty to ninety at the wheels. Beautiful runs. Cool was very nice package. Nice power band. Right. Yeah. Nice in linear, though, the dent in the middle is gone. Nice and linear have you driven a like twin? Turbo for GT versus a super church Ford. GT? I yeah. I have. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I have. Yeah. It's so much more pleasurable to drive a super supercharged cars. Yeah. The sewer charge. Her cons. The Nick is building. And VF right now are fucking beasts. They're great. Yeah. I just have. I mean, I don't care if you've got eleven hundred horsepower in your TTF GT. It's not it's not as lawyers. Voted one point though, I've only I've only done just up Belton Pouliot Powell K that blacked out for GTE fucking rules. Love it. Yeah. Those are great. Brandon says a seat recommendation. He's looking for for a c five corvette zero six I hate the stock seats, I'm six two and two twenty and a boy me too corvettes like core. Bows, Corbeau seats seem to fit. Well, the problem with corvettes are the problem. I had anyway was that the actual pocket the seat goes in is really tight. And if you want to have a slider it raises the seat up pretty high higher than the standard corvettes seat. So you so for me depends is your six to you may have to pick a spot in bolt your seat down. And also the the racing seats that have like the wings of by your shoulders. Those can actually be too wide for corvette has got that. Right. Roll bar see pillar b pillar thing core. Bows tend to fit better than like spark os or Ricardo's in corvettes, just Shoji know, but you may have to bolted to the floor, and you may not have a slider. But that may be what you want. Tune squad says we've been trying to think for shirt ideas for the blip shift store, we had a meeting we had an actual meeting and came up with some ideas and blip shift us. None of them's getting they use the couple. I would buy this shit of an eighties kun-tae shirt too, rare. Where Radwan don't worry. I got you kun-tae shirts right here. They're coming from surely are they're coming. There's a kun-tae shirt in the pipeline. I promise a a lock Bhandarkar. I think that's right. Thanks for telling me about the dollop. There you go. The dollar podcast is awesome. American history podcast, where do you go for reviews of regular all season tires deciding between two sets of ninety dollars. Tar at tires is hard. Where would you go for regular tires? Just tirerack consumer reviews tires tirerack does a like testing like you can actually their experts. They have the skid pad. They have like an auto cross. They actually do tire testing at tirerack. So any measure road noise at speed x and y and rain grip and stopping distance like it's all quantified, which is very awful. Plus don't don't lose too much time deciding on nine dollar tires. Like, you got better things to do. Get the quietest was bigger on something. Hashtag michelin's. But no, yeah, they're probably going to be similar, but I would look at tire racks objective. They're they're pretty objective, actually shot the tirerack. They also disclaimer got me the tires for my safari car. The money FCAT's KO twos. Mountains salsa says I have a stock fiesta ST thing about doing minus one wheel entire combo to improve why ride quality with every any negative side effects. Your turn in may seem a little less sharp. That's all other than that. Probably not. I encourage that. By the way, minus one is good for ride quality. Justin says a high Justin Justin, commuting twenty miles to San Francisco daily and traffic. I don't care about miles per gallon or practicality budget is a seven hundred dollars a month lease or buying something. Under fifty the vehicle would only be used for commuting. What do you commute in in traffic for under fifty grand? But you don't care about fuel economy. I've gotten this question before. We'll answer it again for twenty dollars. True. Like, I heard this question already. Yeah. I get a variation. This question a lot. I mean, if you're in San Francisco, tesla is really important if I was just sitting in traffic. I mean, I'd go electric because like we've talked about your calmer driving around. Yeah. But I also or just find something that the crew control will go to zero and then go back up to whatever speed and just it will move traffic for you. It doesn't have to be a tesla. But just anything that makes that an easier twenty minutes. Yeah. Like, you could actually do like an e golf or volt or feel nice. Even an I three. What about the Trump has anybody looked each one? It's not out yet. And when it is out not be seventy dollars a month. Eight three you mean electric three the same as eagle? Yeah. Yeah. Just that. I know you don't care about miles per gallon. But I actually sitting in traffic in an electric car is genuinely nicer than sitting in traffic in a gas car. It just is. So I would say get a fucking sweet evey if you can x-rays are fifteen says a monk for a newer diesel SUV in the states. The only option I see is the Grand Cherokee are there other options and his fiancee's buying Jeep helped the reliability and build quality issues. Second part first reliability with Fiat or Jeep. I'm not sure what he means. Like, I think build quality on Jeep is pretty decent. Right. Yeah. I think it is. I I don't know for all our cars. We drive a brand new. So it's hard to comment on how the age and how they hold together. Everything's felt very buttoned up when they're new. I will say that because it helps Fiat no not really what is a newer diesel SUV. So he probably is referring to one of the German ones Audi or the poor show. So all of those are discontinued to the the tour egg never gets any love. I'm a tour at guy. I've got v ten Turek. Oh, really daily. Yeah. Lateness is a nightmare. By the torque is amazing. Yeah. I mean maintenance hasn't been bad. I squeezed myself into a extended warranty which came in handy, but otherwise they're a pain in the ass to work on. I'm not working on them. So it doesn't affect me. Right. But I do. Yeah. I love it. I'll drive that thing into the ground. But I mean, even the the ones that came after the v six t detour rate rake, my wife's got a Q five TDI that. I absolutely love it. I think I yeah. I'm sad about the seven last. I checked all the German diesel SUV's did not have you talked about monkey gate. What's it called the monkey well diesel? Oh, th with the monkeys. Have you guys talked about that on area? No not. What what monkeys? What are you talking about? What are they? Right. Well, did you? Well. Yeah. I mean it. Through the diesel gate shows in stories, and so I would say that the way that that particular van is portrayed in those views is not great. It's not it's sad. Stuck in horrible. It's it was the dirty money series on Netflix. They did something on this was about diesel gate. But it was what what they did to they enlisted some testing company to basically give give them reports that their emissions were clean. Oh, and they gassed monk gas monkeys. They were trying to like, look how clean is in the monkeys still die because it's exhaust. If there's ever a big if there's ever a bigger faux pas than a German testing company. Jazzing monkeys. Yeah. Guessing anything. All right. One hundred percent with you on this one prize that I'm surprised that they kept it as suppress sulks Waggin. Gas monkeys. Yeah. Well, no, the third party what they claimed ignorance like, oh, no. We didn't know about the gassing of sure they didn't know just following orders. They said. That's fucked up. Well, I would say you shouldn't by car from them. It makes I feel because by tour eggs before any of that. Of course, they never did anything wrong in the thirties and forties. I had someone fucking lose their shit on me and fucking Twitter. Because I said that I didn't want to buy a Volkswagen Golf are. Because of the these little thing, I was like, I don't I don't think they're corporate responsible. And then someone said you have afford what about the Pinto thing? And I said the Pinto thing was like six years before I was born like I can't I don't think those people are still working there. There's not really much this was like two years ago, fresh a little Fred. And then they called me a hypocrite. Like, I'm un-filed you. All right cool by. That was that. And that was the end of that, then they unfold it'd be a statute of limitations with a just things like this. By that person's logic. There's some holocausts that needs to be discussed regardless. But I I do have mixed feelings. I agree with what you're saying. Like, I I'd love Mercedes. I I you know, what they were doing during that time is not the company they are now. However, it really only become at a question gets added. When I start looking back at vehicles in that era where they were doing bad shit like the six by six like even w bike from nineteen forty four. You know, just like that would be something like that. But right, but having to think about oh, yeah, why that was brought here in the first place and to do what it would do it. It was doing right. That's like okay now. I'm adding another layer of support that I feel like we need any third right cars in our collections. We can probably go without that. Right. Yeah. Over the steering wheel is made guys the nineteen forty one Mercedes six by six really where. Really where it all started. Let's see fell stone. Nick says thoughts on the new GT five hundred. I love that. It's a supercharge food who motor. That's not exactly true. Cross me. Did you see the new GED five hundred? Yeah. It's more quote more than seven hundred horsepower. It looks RAD. It's got optional carbon fiber wheels and GT fucking GT four wing in an Audi mouth or focus RS mouth, focus RS mouth. That's using looks. Yeah. And it's a it's a five point two liter VA, but it's cross plane as accent is not flat plane. It may share cylinder head architecture with the three fifty which would be very fucking cool. I bet it will be a delight to drive and a traffic dual clutch seven speed gearbox traffic and dual clutch are two words that you wanna hear next to each other for sure. Yeah. Probably Mike Camaro you might be able to one day. He's got a fucking Nelson. Motor command nine Kamara. I like that guy. Tom Nelson nuts. He has fun. It's got a the most ways. So they can wirelessly update tunes. Really? Yeah. It's got it's got a hot spot because well to to have like live testing tuning so he can remote in and that's really cool. It's a really host telling him as a very hard car to shake down. You know, you can't get even we're in like a seven hundred horsepower setting right now boosts turned all the way down. And that's where you have to start. Not only do I believe that you start driving a really fast car slow, and that's how you should do it. Yeah. But especially when something like that in that car. I honestly think I probably shouldn't say this. But I honestly think that cars capable of two hundred fifty mile an hour mile. I don't want to drive it for that. How much back out at two. I mean, it's a two thousand horsepower motor. Yeah. You know with the boost turned up even to a reliable place. I mean, that's like thirty three pounds or something. What does it on pump gas because it really it will run on pump gas, right? Yeah. Yeah. It's it runs. Both. It's I mean, it's on pump gas. I don't know probably hundred seventy one hundred eighty one hundred ninety that's half mile fast. I drove jot. Josh Kayla's carbs. It's very ordered. You just redid it us is probably two years ago. It wasn't just redo I dunno. It's better now. Oh, john. John gestures. Mommy, perfectly perfectly fine. What I drove it it credibly fast. It was fourteen hundred or fifteen hundred I can't wait. I want to line up with Josh and be like air high five and then take off. I can't even imagine. What an extra four hundred dollars power would be like or fight honest. So I had the ultimate aero. Right. So I know it. Hundred power feels like I know what that is. Yeah. And this feels way faster, and I haven't even been able to turn up the boost yet. It's crazy. Joshua's cars is one of the best rides ever been on. I call Mike my car's literally named the truth. But I call his truth. His car got different aero kit on it and stuff. It's got different hood. I think unless he just finished doing some really nice stuff. I can't wait to see it that car is so fast. That thing was that fourth gear was really a fucking ride. I feel bad because my car hasn't really seen the light of day since the builds been done because I haven't had the I I don't have the time to take it to those events. Yeah. Whenever the there's none close to me, you know. And so I'm going to have to dedicate myself to okay this season. I'm going to they're they're they're they're really getting this car nail down like that. That's what I down shift sector. Oh, have you Coalinga use a rat lane list dusty Judy five hundred? To be read. Yeah. It's gonna be cool. I'm very excited for it. I'm turtle Dr grade if I won't be as focused as zeal one, but we'd better to live with I think all around. Yeah. Just based on. I hope it's not too stiff which there's a chance it could be. But I hope it's not was it three fifty artiste of ood fraiche stuff. I mean, it wasn't too. Like, I would try unattractive. If you're correct on attrac- attract, you smooth roads, those good too. But in the fucking, you know, by my house, it's like off roading. So I get very sensitive shit like that dancing. Dancing nine eleven fucking bumpy street. Are dumble says Zach how do you get over stage fright in front of the camera? Do you practice or are you able to just shut it off? Do I don't know. I think doing stuff like this for ten years helps. But it's not always off. Sometimes I'm nervous nervous on the inside nervous on the inside the cameras just used to it. Yeah. I hate him. So much rather be behind him. But yeah, that's why this is the only time this is the second time I've ever done podcasts. And the first one wasn't was video adds an element of that. It doesn't matter. I mean, I think it's about being confident in yourself in why you're in the room. It's I started taking pictures because I because it got me out of being in pictures because I really didn't like how I looked pictures so much that being behind the camera got me out of being all these pictures when I was younger odd that it's gone the other way. Now, I always used to tell guys ever got comfortable really would come with me to an event hoity toity event with a lot of dressed up people and they felt like they didn't belong in. I'd be act like you belong here. You know? And and then eventually once you start to you the you'll eventually start believing it. Yeah. Totally Stephen says I love where you parked the three fifty six. How does it drive? Where'd you park it? Oh, yeah. You guys pull that up? So I've got I told you this earlier I've got two living rooms and a car parked in each. Oh, yeah. And so you got to scroll up up a car in living room. Yeah. I just finished building a house in one of the things I knew I wanted to do was to at least park bike in the living room, and I lucked out and I managed to build to door openings double doors that were wide enough to get both the three five six and the twenty-seven Ford in the living room. Yeah. That's just perfect. How do you not want a car in living room favorite houses in Detroit? This do part is fourteen and living room was boss as hell. Yeah. Yeah. That's a wide. That's a why door opening. Luckily, mine were both pretty narrow are pretty narrow and it just works. Luckily, my wife is understanding what if you want to drive it back out. The three five six is part degrade the twenty-seven is parked up up some ramps you're getting there. Oh there. It is. Wow. That's in the living room. Yeah. That's. The mother-in-law we owe. So that the door right in front of the car. You just drive it out. Yeah. Oh perfect. Yeah. That's so RAD. Yeah. If I ever build a house one hundred percent parking in the living room. Why wouldn't you? Red super easy, man. Yeah. It looks great from the outset like exhaust smell. I always I roll it out in visit permanent for that. What course took? Why would I might as the house permanent department Carlton? They don't ask those kind of question. I guess they would in California. They don't fuck. Yeah. Seattle. I might have a twenty-seven parts inside. If you keep going up. I think. Yeah. Actually, so the wood wood siding picture. Yeah. See the car in outside. That is so Instagram worthy. Mr. Patrick further grams, dude, you got to live life for the Graham, that's fully fully answer. The question. How does the three five six drive? I think the three five six drives. It's like, it's spirited. It's it's loud. You you kind of get tossed in the seat a little bit. It's it's not an insulated experience. I mean, the Kuntar's hugs you more than three five six does it does. And it's I don't know you kind of feel like you're you're the the steering wheel is huge. And you're along for the ride. Kind of feels like a nine eleven in a certain in some ways, you can feel the that Esther. Ester. Yeah. You know, it's slow. No. You're the everyone's probably not but regular ones are sloth Emory. One is not. Yeah. Pure hard style. Says are thirty thirty-two GT are marked for super turbo. We answer this every show, and it's the same GT are it's the same. Well, we do international one takes cough it up. Somebody's got to pay for that. Australia seems like the greatest place in the world for cars. So yeah, that's insane. Experience AUSSIE culture. Yeah. Of course, we just somebody. Let's see Dmitri says I've been to every place in Philly that you recommended good. There you go. Oh, he went to he went to Drexel. I think that was him. I'm glad you've been everywhere in Philly and that it's walking distance. Good for you, sir. Do that in a week? We're not that far Nicolas says thought something year round daily driver in Ohio with occasional track work twenty five to thirty thousand dollars e ninety m three or twenty sixteen seventeen Mustang GT. Well, I don't know how much those cars are exactly. But with that Emma three you better have a bunch leftover and you'd better get a good PPI. Yeah. Our our brand new Mustangs significantly cheaper than BMW's to work on like, a brand new Mustang a lie, I have repaired or I Don, I don't know. It just it just aren't there? We'd have a warranty, which is huge. And then also if you went to like, a fifteen Mustang, and it seems like the consumables are just cheaper. They're less complicated cars than than m three s. So there's fewer things to break. Yeah. It brings up that larger discussion about, you know, the whole service industry, and what that future is going to be if you really wanna get meta about it. You can think about, you know, a dealer has to charge more per hour labor than an independent shop might. Yeah. But is that labor worth anymore? You know, when could you go to an independent shop who's charging eighty five hours that have book twenty five an hour or something like that? You also got to think that when the ninety came out like take the MS RPM that the year it came out and in today's money compared to the Mustang Mustang. It's like it's half price. So it's probably less complicated. Listen, if you were thanks to break because it's less expensive car. Yeah. I mean year round daily driver to me warranty is very appealing. I'm I'm thinking warranty and Mustangs are fun as fuck on tires to say, no, they really are fun. On snow tires. They are. Yeah. Peter. Stella says me, and must've mentioned a podcast pro-tory builds tend to sell for pennies on the dollar any advice as to wear those kinds of builds or offer for sale I didn't say penny on the dollar, but significant discounts one of them is this coming weekend fucking Scottsdale auctions any day at a Scottsdale auction that isn't Friday or Saturday the Thursday at like mecum, you can get a cheap pro-tory car. Where would you look for cheap Pretoria card? Absolutely, right. The the there's plenty of guys out there who spent a lot of money building up a car just how they want it. And then for one reason or other decided to part, and there's deals everywhere. I mean, you could look on Hemmings and find deals if you won't, but yeah, the auctions narrow zone are good place to start. Yeah. But the bottom line is if there's a guy who spent two or three years doing a build putting a cool motor in, you know. And maybe you see a car that. Okay. The the wheels are different from what you would put on you. You know, or maybe it's a different color, or maybe something is not how you would have it. But you could change it for a reasonable amount of money the way you like it definitely by someone else's finished project instead of so look at the off brand had auctions like the lesser. No, not weird places around the country. Yeah. Find plenty of built cars that never make it to bear checks. Yeah. Russo and Steele, also Russo steals, really fun. I recommend them Quin eighteen t says he read on communities Instagram that a bunch of people at road and track laid off. Do you have any inside baseball information? You can share. I don't I'm sorry to say. I don't I know Travis a calls got promoted editor in chief, which is good for me. He's a good guy. He's a good guy. I'm more than pleased to work for him as long as he will have me. And I'm going on the McLaren seven twenty s spider launch in two weeks for road and track. So I my job is not a regular job. But I still have whatever it is that I had right? Yeah. I I have no inside baseball. I don't go to Ann Arbor. I got nothing for you. But I'm still doing a story for them. And we're gonna half so ref as says do I regret selling my newer cars and buying older ones. Given the breaking down lately, there are some awesome deals out there. But the headaches keep me away. I'm very fortunate. I get press cars, and and and and so if the cars are all down, I still have like something I can drive. So for me, I have a bit of a charmed life. And no, I I don't regret get if I look at what I spent two Lisa focus RS every month versus the total cost to maintain my Mercedes S L five hundred for fucking two years. I've spent nothing on the Mercedes like nothing co spent like I dunno three and a half months. Four months lease payment on a focus RS to have this Mercedes for two years. So like, no, I think it's fine. This is I mean, I've got old cars stuff. Both by daily drivers are ten years old. Yeah. I find it's it's like women all respect to women. But someone said you're going to pay for them before during or after if women to your thing that is I guess if you could spend the money, you know, swapping cars trying to find the right one for years and years and years, and if you if there's something out there that you're looking for that's vintage that, you know, would hit the hammer on your head for you. And you'd be privileged to own it for the next five years or ten years or over long it lasts spring for that. Because it's going to bring you joy in your life. Rather than thinking this is a stepping stone to joy, and it's all about saving money in reality. Like, you're gonna probably if you've got the car bug and you're trying to chase something whether it's a different experience or faster car and old whatever it is. You're going to spend the money you're going to end up spending on it's all going. To go anyway. So and I've learned you can't regret selling anything. You know? Yeah. I when I when I had my crown Vic, I remember getting it and every time I was going to go. And I took many road trips was a work thing. Like, I put twenty thousand miles on the car like a year or something. And I there was a comic that came over. I know that nothing will go wrong with this because these are this reputation all that shit. And that was basically true ninety nine percent of the time with my car. Now if I was gonna go and do ten two thousand mile road trips. I would definitely everytime again, go. Oh, no check engine light turn on the two thousand mile road trip. You know? But I also am very happy. I bought my three, and I love it. And I have way more fun with it to your point than the crown Vic. But there's definitely a little part of me that goes, I do miss going. This is a fucking brick, and it's never gonna break. Yeah. Well, and this is the different if you buy the car, right? If you buy the right car at the right time, then ideally your cost to own it is just your repair bills and your consumables. Whereas if you buy a brand new car most of the time that car is gonna mmediately go twenty percent to thirty percent. The second. It goes off the lot you're making payments. There's interest on those payments. You know, all of this means that even if that new car works perfectly like your Neg your net in out is like, you know, a big chunk of cash that like if you get if you roll the dice and go wrong, you can spend more than that maintaining your old car. But like odds are if you buy the right car, you get to keep a lot of that money at any points. And then if you and then if you're lucky, you can maybe make a little profit on the car, if you're lucky, but you know, that's the idea. So no I had a week where all the cars were in the shop and now. All the press cars are gone and all the cars are at home. So you know, the ebb and flow garage looks good. The very proud. You're not fucking yours. But it's it's it's a limited by space Tyler says after watching Zack's video on the civic S, I picked up a twenty nineteen sl. And I'm loving it. Fun cars still great daily Zach. Did you find the pedal spacing difficult for heel toe driving? I honestly can't remember because it was so long ago. I don't remember it standing out as being a big problem. I just remember the clutch being way too light. That's all. I remember about the pedals spring, Honda clutches, very light. Yeah. Berry says is Ben's black Ford. GT a factory black. No stripe car. That is is it is it gloss black. I thought it was Matt black you wrap it at one. I four GT was was wrapped Matt blow one best card the ball. Ooh. That'll be my sending something into space for now. And that Carr, experienced unfortunate, demise. And I had to have another one. But it was also the second one's a gloss. Black no stripe car. I like the no stripe silver. No stripe is my dream. I love the no stripe their bay, basically don't exist. Good taste, my friend. And the only thing that I think looks better than a black. No stripe for GT's a white stripe. Fourteen. I don't know if I've ever seen a white no-strike. So I mean, it's it can you give me a white rising GT at night. How many of those did they make there can't be very many incredible. I've seen him very very sparingly. But oh, you got to look at the old one. Now, the there's a new white stripe such as is messing everybody up. Can we talk about that the the whole application process and thing did you apply and NADA, and then they had the nerve look at that white stripe. That really does work doesn't it that looks the most like the sixties then they had the nerve to say, oh, we're going to make more. Yeah. I want to apply again, that's like that Subaru are type RA that came out last year the ultimate are STI in the now, there's a new STI with more power. Turbo kick in the dick. I'm not holding a grudge on it. And I you know, if they didn't wanna pick me, that's fine. Like, I understand. They can't pick everybody, but t to do it the way they did it. I think is it shows of of just like a failed launch or something like it has a habit of bungling launch. They fucking bungled the GT fifty launch. They bungled the focus RS launch this this car. The even the centennial edition the though four zero six four GT wasn't wasn't launched to great fanfare. The way it should have been with four wheels. Ford has a habit of doing that those sorts of things have you driven one. No. I don't think you'd like it that you're the third person that actually trust that's told me. I don't think you'd like it that I always my eight hours with it for sure. But what I gave it back. I was not going. I feel like we have similar tastes. And he was I was like not going. Oh, I need to have this. I'm not too. I sent them a strongly worded Email telling me that where they could send their second -plication. No, no. I mean, I me fifty. It's it's small in there. I've and I'm clearly moving towards more analog driving experiences. Anyway, it's very very race car. It's it's up mall Gatien race in the woods on farms now like it doesn't work in the country roads. So I used to piss people off driving the courage t- around. Yeah. Might. That by an RS two hundred. That'd be happier. It'll never run. Or a launch show. Three seven who. Also never. We've got a nice video coming out on three seven. I saw pictures of read one in your Instagram or something. It's really fun, dude. I got to ride Alister McRae driving, my atom. With me sitting shotgun up Mary hill loops road. Have you been married? Loops road Washington. It's that it's I don't know how much time we have whatever they're the good roads movement in like the thirties. I want to say it the the point was to try and show that we could build kind of functional fund roads. And it was somehow supposed to be a boost for American manufacturing, labor and all this stuff. So the first road is part of that movement. I think was Mary hill loops road done by a landowner developer guy whose last name was hill. And his wife's name was Mary. So it's Mary hill loops road pull up a picture an aerial shot of the road. It's like this. Yeah. Yeah. Things have been shot there. We're not the first ones. But what it excels at now is downhill skateboarding because. So and so twenty that. Oh, yeah. Because we'll go off, and we so we shot there. Call couple of months ago in a car had gone off in there. The whole side of the mountain was chart. Oh that was gnarly next started big fire. But yeah, riding shotgun in an atom with somebody. You can drive it up that road. I I don't I'm not a good passenger on and off to a passenger. You are. But not good. Yeah. I I close my eyes a couple of times. Yeah. No, I prefer to be driving. But that's a comes with the territory that road looks awesome. I think they did that Carver's bike to video there. Remember that would like the cop in a Mustang chasing, the bikes and shit. Early videos of this and they've done drift stuff on there too. Yeah. It looks. It looks beautiful. Yes. Good fiesta versus focused pros and cons, man. Viansa this every single fucking show fiesta is lighter, and that's pretty much it lighter and cheaper. And has in the focus is heavier and a little bit bigger, but not that much bigger defeat SS better. This question we were just talking Alex says we were talking about this Alex's. I'm interested in starting in Tuesday's car club with a few friends. So we can share a small fleet any tips on how to set this up. So can I love? Yes. So there's a guy at Seattle. Shoutout Adams doing the thing called avant av A N T S, and the idea I think started around being able to share cars, but it's evolved into something much more than that. And you know, it's what I say is it's the forums IRL like it's the modern day face to face internet forum for enthusiasts to get together. Sharing. Formation. Learn stuff and also possibly in a controlled environment in some kind, of course, like an autocrat auto cross track or something get rides and be able to drive swap keys with other enthusiasts. So that his drive everything events are like you wanna come with me or do you wanna drive and it cetera. So it's usually I think he's doing something really interesting. Which is I'm not sure what you know, the the viewer was talking about. But this is the closest thing gang bang cars. I don't think you can if you want to just share a group of cars with a group of friends, then start a car club and call it, you know, my friend's car club. But. I mean from the lawyer inside me says if you wanna start a club where you can share a fleet of cars, you should all start a LLC of some kind of more ration- the corporation that owns the cars, and then all the members of friends are e own equal shares in the corporation. That's and then you'd have commercial insurance on the cars. I mean that would be a fucking pimp thing to do it's going to be a lot more expensive than this person thinks it's going to be right because the insurance is going to be crazy expensive on something like that. Yeah. I don't know what a small fleet is or what he wants out of a car club. You how are you going to drive in? What are you gonna do about like maintenance on these cars do each own them individually like you have to work out that stuff, and it could get messy friends? I mean, it really, you know, if hey did you break the two forty. No, I didn't you drove it before. I did. But in. Yeah. And good luck in getting insurance to cover, you know, some some kind of obscure plan that has an LLC is an owner for all these. Cars. Yeah. I don't know. I mean, it's the other way is to get the the most expensive insurance. You can get on your cars and make sure that comprehensive uses includes your friends being allowed to drive the cars that can happen. So that's what happened to me in that Ford. GT was I tossed the keys to somebody because he was interested in driving and he wanted to and he wrecked it in five minutes. Oh my God. And luckily, you know, insurance that exactly what it was supposed to do. Yeah. But I got dropped from my church after that. That's that's why you need and there's so many insurance companies to go around. Yeah. So they called me a permissive owner. It was like who the guy had a he had a whole year. He could afford it. So you know, I was I'm generous I thought. Yeah. That's why you need the LLC, and it definitely happened. Yeah. For sure do legal Blake says thoughts on buying the this is okay. We get versions of this. A lot thoughts on buying a WRX spending extra money on upgrades versus by spending the extra for the WAC Rx STI Ben do you want to take this one because? I mean, listen, I'm I feel like I've had the modification bugs since I started buying cars, and knowing I wanted to modify and make them mine. I think you have to decide if you want it chances are if you're asking this type of question, you're not gonna be satisfied on just even the STI, you know, you're probably going to want to spend money up top over that to keep making it, faster and chasing performance. Anyway. And again, it's those parts aren't going to come back to you. You're not going to get that money back people. Look if you're trying to sell a modified car, and then parted out, it's always a pain in the ass. People aren't going to be willing to spend the same dollars. You've spent on building a car, whether it's STI spec or not I would say at the STI I think if he does if you have the bug eye, then the most important thing is you start with the most durable platform that they'll sell you. So if that means BMW start with the m three if that. Means Subaru you start with the STI because the hardware behind the extra horsepower is beefed up. So you're just starting at a place of higher ability. The next guy's question. I'm not gonna fucking answer place us if you want to ask about Ferrari F forty buying advice. It's gonna cost you more than five dollars motherfucker, right? To help him pick a million dollar car. Or restored eighty seven. Yeah. That's not a real question. Alex says wants Ben to discuss the experience owning and driving the SSC ultimate aero. Additionally. Do you have any insight into the new SSE Tara, something like that? To Tara Tara, not Twas. Yeah. I I'm I'm happy that I did it, you know, again. I don't regret it. But the build a lot of those cars, and I think they built thirteen. Yeah. And you know, I appreciate what you're trying to do. I do I think that I think that with Jason Kastriot, helping you know, he's in a position of strength that he wasn't in with the ultimate aero. But ultimately aero looks a little bit like a sad Diablo. Yeah. But if you drive it it's like one of those cars that will make you giggle. The whole fucking fucking missile rate is thing about the ultimate aero was the blow off valves right behind your head. And it would feel it would sound like a tie fighter. Pew. It was everybody who wrote in the car, you know, would start laughing. Was it like maid? Well, you know, it had classic interior quality issues and stuff. But you know, I didn't I didn't have it for long enough to know whether it was going to be really durable. It's not like panels were falling off. Yeah. And as far as the, you know, I just I think he was cutting his teeth on the car still at that point. I think what the two Atara it's it's going to be whether he can I don't know time will tell I I have nothing bad to say about him was he was the car actually fun to drive besides being of being a g force machine. Yes. The car we had a story buried back in Igarashi about taking both cars at homestead and Florida the ultimate era. So I got track both of them it. It's like a to very wide Diablo with a lot more power Diablo V T feels like I mean, just like it feels like this Manta Ray this really fast wide rookie thing that. Yeah. We'll go two hundred fifty miles an hour, but it's hard to comprehend. What that kind of boost feels like when it when it's as strong in fourth as it is in second. Yeah. And you can keep going. Knowing you you really learn that the public road is not the kind of place you want to have fun with this car. And that's why I started backing off of these really high horsepower. I mean, the Camaros still its own thing. But. I had I had that feeling in the venom GT, which was you know, I did three seconds of full throttling. Found myself going one hundred sixty in thirty right? Exactly. What the oh. This is going to be a problem. Right. One hundred percent. So yeah, I think you know, if you think that owning the world's fastest cars. If that's on your bucket list than you know, the ultimate aero is an option, but I think the two Atara if he can get whatever he needs to make that thing success. I think it's very hard to launch a new car hypercard. Yeah. So we'll see me until I think it looks the new one looks cool. I mean Jason's talented. Yeah. You know? Yeah. And last question before we end, the show Daniel wants to know, I I will be in LA for a week and have enough meetings three where to rent a car for the canyons taro is what I recommend honestly because they have the most ops. He's not sure how insurance works. I didn't comes with the car doesn't it? If you rent a car in terror you get insurance, right? You can as an option. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But I, but you can you can do that. Yeah. Go drive. The Angeles forest. Go drive Malibu, we're having some rain. So it's a little a little nasty up there right now. But it's fun for safari nine eleven's through puddles. Cool, Ben, Igarashi dot com, Instagram Igarashi and within Ben is your personal. But else you would've plug anything, dude? Thanks for having me. Of course, dude. Thanks for coming down. Yeah. Did show a child does fun. I we'll have to do some kind of story creation at some point. It's not just chilling food. Can do that too? Where one of the show what day is it today? Fuck me day, you another show this week Zach got Pat long on Thursday morning, right? I think it's going to be a ten AM for those of you the lives zone. He's going to do much better than me. What pats the man, dude? He he's got stories. He's been driving those new ours. Ours on very excited talk to him. Thanks for coming by guys. I appreciate it. Thank you, man. And I'll see all on Thursday or next week. If you're not listening to live smoke. It's our podcast is powered by shout engine. Get your own damn podcast, a challenging dot com. It is easy. All you need is a microphone connection to the internet. And ideally, something to say, I'll see you guys later. Bye.

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