55. Thrash to Action


Hey Jen Hey Pete I had conversation with a client of mine yes today phenomenal mutual client allows in fact and she asked me a really amazing question that I think is worth you and I on packing I just thought to myself what a brilliant brilliant question yes at s because yes exactly so my suggestion is probably very unsurprising in terms of how I unencumbered thinking I think unencumbered brainstorming I think of getting as many ID's and stories and things the clearest most efficient most creative whatever you're values our path forward through all of the brain dump everything you've got to get out of your brain into a space yes yes so I was talking to said client about L. set being able to look at everything that you have gotten out of your brain and create filters to help you find thrashing is just brain dumping without any regard for what form it takes is just like make a mess with essentially the skill set that one must build in order to move from thrash to action is a sorting it is the long and the short of it thing I think we both throw around quite a lot and so maybe it's worth just unpacking what that means for a second so when I think of thrashing I think of thrashing very good so those have listened to a few episodes of this podcast Martineau that this would thrashing is some trying to make the starting pock fun creative and easy do you have any title rushing yeah I think about he's like arrive thrashed for pages and pages and pages he's the idea I have how do I move from thrash to action like what does that look like your head and either onto a page into a voice recorder or onto a whiteboard as possible that so often the hardest part is starting and so for me thrashing his learned from some thrashing so a week or so ago I gave them a little bit of a prompt a little bit of homework. If you'd like to unpack you know one of the things they're interested in working so I'm spitballing here because this is just this is my thrash on thrashing the on and and a whole range of questions don't necessarily need to go into but it was essentially to provoke a thrash and Nicole yesterday we had I kinda prompted this client to move from thrash to action and that was to fire up a blank dock and at the top right that after you have asked yourself those questions and then answered them in a way that feels full and rich any this project Saturday with a four prompting questions that I thought would be a great starting point for her to take thrashing brainstorming noodling ideas and start to give them some structure and start to prioritize who exactly is this idea for and what exactly am I trying to do with this idea things from your brainstorm that doesn't meet the criteria that you've just set for yourself in terms of audience and outcome need a little more deep digging and so I think that's an interesting point just to call that is is something that I think many of us where we're at in their in their thrashing essentially so they had an idea for a project that they wanted to start a new and exciting project and that idea kind of can be shelved for perhaps a different project but things that feel like they could be contributing factors to the change you seek to make is it four is it not for and what's It for and underneath what's a full actually to add what change do I seek to make back to move from thrash to Action Yes let's that's it Oh yes and you just never know when something that came out of your brain maybe several years ago is going to comeback around and be of service to a new idea cell doesn't mean delete it just means put in a folder called someday maybe I literally was doing this today Peter so it's ironic that this is the topic so at the studio were moving into actually by getting more specific by getting more intentional and by picking or prioritizing certain pots of your brainstorming of your thrashing creating some digital courses to help reach more people more on that in maybe a future episode about how do you take noodling that is how you create specific meaningful change so you have to get comfortable with letting some of go in fact probably letting most of it goes so I was sitting at my desk and just giving myself permission to thrash I was actually using some questions that were provided to me by someone might struggle with is is letting go of some of the things that we've thrashed like off got so many good ideas and they thrashed though I don't I don't want to necessarily limit myself and it's like a maybe now the way you said that I'm putting you on the spot here but the way you said that suggested you had like an example that came to my view of what happened to you and do you want to share on who is helping me sort this out and I was just writing down anything that came to mind that could be a potential the answer to these questions and then once I looked at it all I had to say to myself what is the most frequent Louis asked question that I get from people or what are the several of them and which of these ideas could help provide something that you thought could only be done in person and then figure out have the moment of Oh wait not all of it could only be done in person what about the part that doesn't struggling with which of these ideas is most likely to help them with the thing they're struggling with some of these ideas are great but not Ford this particular what's at four so that was that was helpful okay I love this so my response answers to these deep burning questions so that helped me with that first sorting round as say people have told me what so this is yes we share a lot of similar ways of thinking but this is not one of them the have to be done in person and what about all these people who keep saying will you help me so now figured out a way finally to help the people who say can you please help me and so if the thing that I am playing around with in that moment does not ultimately add up to this long oh I do have a clear vision for the future that I want to help create and the world maybe build that for a different purpose but what I'm really looking to do is create change that is richer I'm not gonna make it and then the other layer of that the question that I would ask myself is in what way does this allow me to live moving from thrash to action because what I'm realizing even just even having this conversation now and what I'm remembering is you being someone who likes to begin with the end of mind very specific that I can speak about clearly toward a different future and so if the work that I'm doing is not a contribution toward that few long view vision that I have for the industry I'm not gonNA build it because there are other people who can y so any future that I'm going to seek to build I've got to be able to show up and work on that thing every day feeling completely inspired to do it and knowing that working on that is going to allow me to exist as the best version of I want to live in and the state of in alignment with the thrash today the state of the industry that I want to help make possible mostly as I mentioned was to start with WHO's a full who's not for what for what change to seek to make do you have any other immediate thoughts on so the question was should I take a course should I read a book should I read a blog about podcasting once I've got these questions answered and I was like and maybe being someone who likes to just just kind of show up and do the thing we probably have different ideas on how one might move from thrash to action I am seeking to make through this project for me it's just like start so I don't mind saying this particular project was a podcast with my vision for the future so even though it's hard I'm getting up today doing the Work Nas I love how different cast let me use my digital courses as an example okay so I decided I wanted to do this I went through the WHO's it for what's me it was like once you've said intention once you've thought about who it's four go start make the thing I love that it's not real so now that I have the release date I'm able to look at all of my resources that I know I have between coming in time in that moment in time and decide how to allocate them I don't know what I'm going to be doing with the money the time the relationships but I it for and then the next thing I did was put the date of the release in my calendar because if it's not in my calendar myself so even on the hard days on the days where I want to give up on the project I can say I know that this is in alignment with my y and it is in alignment I don't I don't necessarily need to map out the details of every single step along the way but okay you're talking about and I read okay so this is where we're different see for me I would want going to inform all of the choices I make every single day because I've committed myself to doing this project so I agree with you reject forward in my opinion is by doing the project he's by starting it and so that was kind of that was kind of my take on it was what if fake start and have some sense of what what you're working toward or at least what a temporary finish line looks like or even like a milestone yeah yeah and I think building on that what what I rush sort decide strategize start wow oh that I need to budget them that money the time the relationships etcetera because if I'm going to meet this ship date that I have said that is your collaborator or someone to give you feedback that going alone for moving from thrashed action is really really hard and once I have a clear intention which to me is what's it for once I have a clear intention on who it's for who seek to serve and once I'm clear on what changed ticketing it so is it possible that the road from thrash to action looks like this threat I feel like I see you and he with those amazing ideas from going from thrash to action and what I know to be true myself and this is kind of what I'm sharing with with the client was that moment will come that there will be a moment when you've moved from thrash you've moved into action and you are a number of weeks into action and I love that so I want to propose a pathway that I think we may have articulated without I just share my experience because it's not major tell you what to do but my experience is start my experiences the quicker you record a podcast it is valuable having a co collaborator or coach or a friend aw mental or whoever it is to keep you accountable. L. Purchase ought to this I think it's great who we represent a wide a wide range lucky I agree because I really win the dip comes when the inspiration wanes because one thing we know for sure and we did an episode on the dip recently one thing we know for sure is why you set out to do this in the first place so find your Jen to your pete find your short long looking through that is by having selling to keep you accountable someone to talk to someone to ask questions and someone to remind you of who your work was intended to before he was fired up feeling creative ready to go she'd done her thrashing she's like I want to move into action right now how do I bring this thing to loss yes it also makes me think about complexity creating a podcast now this is any moments where you start to feel down insecurity and questions and just reminding them on that road the dip exists so I just wanted to say that out loud the various stages of that of that process so what was clear in this conversation I had with my client to use her as an example is she was on fire like she I just started and you don't have to use the first three or four or five or six recordings that you do you just use that as practice you don't have to release them into the wild but exited level is fairly low but certain projects like producer Broadway musical or even addity is to not plan and my strategy is to plan so in both cases we're strategizing so thrash sore after a thrash if what comes out of your thrashing session is a potential project it is important if you are dealing with a complex project the grain of salt but doing a self produced podcast that doesn't have sponsors and doesn't have any corporate interference the COMP- it decide strategize start yeah I appreciate the reframe on plan the other thing offs the more you will learn the better you will get that the way to get good podcasting is by podcasting the way to get good at riding is by rotting the way to move gasol creating something like a Bogo starting your own little project is you get to decide how complex it is and I think it's worth calling that out because sometimes like Oh my God what have I done I don't WanNa do this anymore this sucks who am I why am I doing this thing maybe I'll just quit and that a really really helpful the project I'm taking on right now of creating digital course is significantly complex where there are a lot of moving parts and a lot of moving parts have D I just wanted to point out which sort of touched on just before but that is being mindful of one's level of motivation and inspiration yes and if it is a project that you have control over the lack of podcast what I love about that is you get to decide how complex like that yeah it's almost like a little map and I was originally essay plan start but I switched it to strategize because ship yours tendencies that one thing can't move forward until something else has already been established or decided so I do think it's just worth calling out that to have a sense of what those parts are going to be before you start because otherwise you may end up having to start all over again fraction path as it were is to really give yourself a moment to take what you're dealing with and make sure that you haven't created as you make it you get to decide how simple you make it and in actual fact what I reflected back to this clients to close the loop on it in terms of starting a podcast so to summarize could you walk us through that little map that you drew again Jen yes let me go backwards Peter Moving backwards to the beginning of the path from start you back it up to strategize in order to strategize you had to have I decided in order to decide you had to sort and in order to have something to sort you had to thrash so the path the thrash in path because you know that's how I like to go so if the idea is to start something than the his thrash sort decide strategize start and it's just so that you worked backwards from the end to the stars yeah that is the long and the short of it thing from someone who literally just shows up at the appointed time and speaks into a microphone I don't do any of the production work so take what I'm about house like this is amazing here are some ideas also be mindful you weren't always feel this fired up like there will be a moment they will be okay. I have no idea what you're talking about a can't wait to hear I mean it would help if I told you so the question is what does it look like Mhm Yeah Yup so I guess that comes during the decide and strategize phase of the action path from this would suggest and this is where I was very lucky in terms of having you and having output Cowan we started out podcast which is funding accountability. Buddy ed great hiding spot for yourself and if you are standing out of the hiding spot to get real with how many moving pieces are there and you need them all we can hide in complexity we can make things way more complicated than they need to be so that's sort of the invasive what you're saying I I would keep the friction low I would I would keep it as uncomplicated as possible so you could go down a path of trying to create a highly edited outcast with sponsors and advertisements all of that but is that really what it's for are you creating unnecessary complexity and part of the exciting part for me of having something like.

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