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The struggle is real 2019 I want a divorce from a bad year and TLC predictions


Okay so I just did a tables ladders and chairs prediction. But I just WanNa say this has been crazy the fact that my holidays have been shambles already birthday and Thanksgiving and then moving into Christmas now dragging my money. I can't get no food and then the food that I did get help with. I've already gone because when I get hungry I get hungry. I mean there's no other way around that and has already gone. It's already gone and we're in a middle or getting ready to be. This is like the Commodore Storm. I didn't go to church because I did. Go to church because car trouble what they will get to the church to get away so no church. Wednesday in some name may be a problem because of a not a big storm but a minor storm that could thing an inter snow an inch of Tint of ice and they said they claimed that it wants to start at six in the morning so by the time I try to get ready to give up a church aligned. I'll be able to go to church yet again now. This is the second time that unless I him away Outta town. The only way that I won't be tergence usually if I'm Outta town not when I'm I'm in town when I've already stopped in my in my apartment with nothing to do already now. There's a potential two days not church yet even though Turnpike gone but then I might not be able to get to church that the road is going to be bad. And it's getting to the possibly start at thing in the morning and it's like nothing don't want to happen for me. I'm real unreal. Unreal CNN WE'RE GONNA make it or I'm going on on the collapse I'M GONNA GONNA make all goes class so now I drink but other than that. I'm going to make it all going to collapse. Okay so I know I've been going to some string craziness. The past two months. I mean the scene say that none have gone in Friday the thirteenth of all places. You'll think okay Friday the thirteenth. Okay thanks something happened on Friday thirteen but thank God. Faith GonNa do and the food that I got from the day that the money will be on and nothing that I got some help but I have to pay back well already gone. I mean noodles. Don't last long with me. 'cause I had to get a more. Because not enough. He should be non nuff. And it's talking about we're still under the gun for a major ice storm or not major ice storm but it's still going to look bad the forest when it comes down am an might disrupt church last Wednesday when while this Wednesday. It was a car issue Wednesday. I mean Sunday and might be an aisin one into snow issue. That might keep me for church show. Obviously this would leak would have been longest leak stuck waiting on money from Vine Panton Tin and now the only thing that I have Footing lemonade and and other things for at least for the time being and I got to still do a prediction show shell in. I did not do a how I did on the survivor series show. I mean this is really ridiculous that I had to go through the practice a okay and and I have one of my craziness attorney last night. So what I if I was going to get on the bus somewhere. I was looking to go to the ball out or know what the bus stop was and and there was yeah. There was a ledge when I walk in to get to the bus stop. There was a high lead. I got stopped and we'll still manage to turn around and we'll talk the way way toward the bus stop. Even though there was money rather than me didn't believe that there was the age that I could have fallen off of what I was walking to the bus. Stop now normally. I probably could've died if I WANNA fall off. That will the weirdest dream and I guess just the stress of still waiting and waiting for money waiting for aw chance to get food and then the food that don't that will help us already gone because the ad the noodles even Roman noodles as not you know not wear. I haven't like for a whole week and if I'm hungry that's why can't have two or three or four meal a day. Have I got a budget food at time. I mean it's been crazy free the fact that I had to live like this. Oh I have to struggle like this. It's crazy I'm living like trackers and about it but anyway I'm GonNa give you the wealthy perdition eat away because I'm GonNa Struggle Right now even struggling now let me give you the TLC even though survivors is gonna be really how. I did never how I did survive in theory. I believe right now saw other than that. I just hope next week would be much better week and I hope I still get to go to church tomorrow. I'll even know things have been going. It's pretty pretty crazy right now and big country so let me go ahead and get the the Who I think is going GonNa be an TLC table letters chess match at age? Eight thousand eighty thousand is GONNA be in it but there was another another matt. That's going to be on a Monday but We will get to there. We'll just do deal with the matches has already on hand already on the car so if a if this will allow me to get the note that I need so hold on. Oh okay I got to get to know so Alastair Beck versus Buddy Murphy hours. The black always choice NAM looking for challenges funding Murphy came up an Anthony Talent and now the two will square off on. TLC is going to be for me. Alison Black is GonNa win this one so even though even though yeah even though Bobby Murphy Even though body Murphy step up to the challenge before I was black now I think the black is GonNa win high. We have the wall tag team. Champion the Vikings Tomatoes Ali. Yeah it's an open challenge so we don't even know so. This is one of the matches that we're not going to know and I can't even make a prediction of WHO's going to win the team champions so it's basically compete. The the new day could be any of the The Raw Tay Thien championed. Why don't think the new data data's mad down but it could be any it could be the street? Prophets I mean. I can't make a prediction off of this matt because because of the open challenge. So I'm not GonNa make a prediction that I can't even make a prediction of a math. That is going to be an open challenge. So I don't even know. Oh who's GonNa win the the Viking Raiders Audio Pa- talent even though the Vikings happened winning and on a winning streak. But I can't I don't have an opponent to say oh. This opponent might be having issues with the Viking raiders or DISAPP- void. This opponent opponent knows how to deal with the Viking Raider. I don't even know though this was going to be lead to the table so I don't even know I don't even know. I saw him something that we do know something that we do know this man down tag team title championships. Sadan line the new day for the revival EVI. The new day is going to retain the championship so new retain. So we got one One petition in new retained the title. I believe Viking raiders. I can't even tell 'cause there's no opponent is open challenge so women tag team championships. The KABUKI voyeurs versus Becky and Charlotte flair and a T L C met. ECORSE tables does a ten pack and tables ladders chairs all legal and the five bowl teams either way. Kabuki warriors could use the table chairs. Becky Lynch swear there's is no stranger to a table data jeff match but I think the Kabuki warriors have more experience being tatty them. Picking Lint showed a flair and now even though I am a non he'll he'll show and and for me. I still don't think the book yours are he'll just because they are in baby face on the show and in fact that I don't like Becky Lynn. Because Sopranos is Marian. Becky Lynch idle ally shall affair. But she's he's taken already so I'm going to have to go. With the Kabuki warriors on this one and retain and retain the title yeah so bookie Warriors will be retaining their titles. So this terrible terrible story the so-called road trial tying goal between Bobby Lashley Lama and Ruth wife better and in this table match. Okay and I I do believe that. RUSSA'S IS GONNA beat Bobby Lashley because after all all the turmoil that both Rama amp bobby lashley put Rossetto even rousseff in jail of all things I think rousseff will get revenge on Bobby Leslie that there and they'll be the end of the story though I now okay so Roman rain versus King Corbin and as you may know. King Corporation has fed Roman rain doll. Food and embarrassed arison literally embarrass him and I was trying to embarrass people often. He don't like him will try to do that. With Kofi Kingston but Roman rain Broke up broke that up and so they're going to battle and I think that Roman rain will beat up King Cormon and another table led a tear matt anything yet. A tables ladders all legal. Hello and I think that Roman reigns the big dog is GonNa get it now. Oh eight this is not not even for the title. Wow I thought it was before the title on. Not because it says here is a non title Brave why why who has the champion of versus demand. Now we have this great segment on the Mir staying home with the family. He did not show the smackdown and it was almost like the bubble autism rename paying Barbara Walters and sheet doing this free interview style of Ms and the brand new home in Los Angeles then started started crying and well for those who have seen it. It is up on Youtube. I don't WanNA spoil it for you but great bubba water special and I kind of like the the whole angle and it was all it was great. It was really great but I think that I don't know. Aw I think probably ride is GonNa be the MS on very fast. I mad because usually fights at the fee but I think that Bray Wyatt is going to to defeat the meal on rain on rang so there you go and I think that is it. That's all. TLC measures wow. That was a click. One I won't even quicker cooking survivor series file. How so there you have it for the TLC match and allows the guy did get something? Hold on let me get does back here if I can't I sorry I wanted to share with the parents of for those that are listening due to the show and who knows that who they want to contact Fanta for Christmas. I got the scoop actually worked with Santa. Yeah great help. And by the way at the North Pole I am the member of the I am the member of the North Pole Council and I got the number. I'll don't give you the number. This is actual Santa Hotline authorized me to give every parent that wants to call. Okay so here. Is the number that you call standard and leave a message and then they leave a message on what the kids might want for Christmas. So here is the number okay. It's not a toll free number so all charges will apply by And so here's the number four SCR- call Santa as one six zero five five three one three four thousand again. The number to call at the North Pole is called one six zero five three one three four thousand one time one six five three. You want three four thousand and if I do any other segments and I will remind you as the comments are open between now and Eh Christmas. Oh you call Fanta so he can tell you that you're Well no you can't have. What but anyway this town and we are going to another thing just occasionally? Don't after the doctor get a doctor. You don't have to go in. This crazy misapplied a recall winter. That always wanted to stay and I always wanted to stay at the data dot com hope the country afterthought dot com ethics cold big the contrary. TLC Twenty nineteen. I wanted a voice. That's right we'll go you did. I'm not even Outta town down and now to order three usually not on I'm on a cruise usually really I'm not even include stock in the Second Palace. We're no food and I'm still waiting for the The state to Gimme about Taking me back my money that they tend to the wrong bank Roman noodles. Go by fast. Ask because I had to eat to service the to help myself this you started out to visa promising and it crashed the bird dead. All it takes is one day before my birthday to have it go I fussing burning I will be glad that twenty nine t will be the heck out of here. I just was there with the attorney for a year to divorce a year. I can't believe that struggling hecklers attack need family around me. I can't get to them. Hungary I'm glad I don't drink myth already food. I don't even have and they talk Tom. Tom Another one of these storms Toma money. We just starting to storm as going off of six o'clock to Monday and we're not expecting much as an inch inch of ice and the snow possibly but I still got to go to the bank. They do. Give me the money because I got to give them damn fool in the house and a skewed me for Dana. Because I am mad because I ain't had no food at after. I had no food after after I had the The last noodle dad so you don't want to live you don't want to be with family. Fine Twenty nineteen. I want a tough ours. ARS The podcast. You just heard was made using anchor ever thought about making your own podcast anchor makes it really easy for anyone to get started it. It's a one stop shop for recording hosting and distributing fat gas best of all. It's one hundred percent free. Sign up now at anchor DOT FM slash new. That's anchor dot F._M.. Slash new to get started.

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