Reactions to the Bengals' heartbreaking, last-minute loss to the Ravens


Everyone has gone. It's Anthony sense of with since juggle dot com. And the orange black insider Bengals podcast. Hope you are doing well on this weekend. And with another loss today. Cincinnati Bengals they fall to five and five in it has been quite some time. It feels like since the Bengals have pulled out a win. They had a. Victory against Tampa Bay. But between the by week and the loss last week. And then this week we're looking at almost a month of football where the Cincinnati Bengals have not pulled out a win very very frustrating today. And I guess we'll start with the very first time we got here for Michio saying bad decision on fourth three. I mean that the play was air the play was air and the bad decision. Of course, had has to be about throwing Cody core. John Ross at a nice play Giovanni Bernard. Good out of the backfield. Joe mixing can make catches as well. Then of course, you've got Tyler boy, just you know, he's diving first downs on third downs. He's making big plays. And you go to Cody core guy who. I mean is just way down the pecking order on the on the team in terms of who should be getting the ball on offense. And he he basically bobbled the ball drop. It was catchable. Yeah. There was contested coverage. But that was that was it hierarchy happy early. Thanksgiving was well, it's it's nice view. Let's skip positive comment today that we should be thinking about is thanksgiving. I do want to just point out. If you things, you know, really this thing this this loss kinda points to the the Bengals not doing the little things compared to other teams. And what I mean by that is they are not they even with Marvin Lewis at the helm taking over for for the defense. They had major struggles. They couldn't stop the run of any kind today to me I can't set a tongue in cheek thing on Twitter. But to me that was a high school like off. Offense that the Baltimore Ravens running today. It was options. It was our PEOs. It was you know, I don't know that ball traveled from Lamar Jackson hands into receivers arms. More than fifteen yards through the air today. I am night. They gained more yards of that on certain place. But the passes were very short and to be honest. That was a vintage Baltimore Ravens offense kind of day feel goals. Short passes running the football. And they got the win against a Bangladeshi who yet again failed to fail to stop the run. And by the way, that noise you hear is my and for those of you joining me live, you might see him. It's my side. He was supposed to take a nap. And he is not doing that, so apologize. If you hear a couple of different noises aside from mine, I'm on solo dad duty today. So gotta do what I gotta do. I again, the little little. Things are the are the things that plagued the Bengals today. And that's that's what alternately caused the loss. Unfortunately, they did not do again to play calling for three and throwing throwing Cody corvettes decision. That's small thing that you kinda say, well, why not they didn't stop the run? And there were there were sacks could have been had of Lamar Jackson that he turned into positive plays. The Bengals didn't run the ball. Well, and you know, it was just there were so many frustrating moments in frustrating plays that you kinda just saw the loss almost coming yet. You kinda saw the you could have seen this type of frustrating result. Again, Bengals drive down the field late said a couple of poor offensive play calls den. But they still get into field goal territory. Fifty one yard field goal. Randy Bullock, pushes it pushes it. Right. Whereas. Tucker, Mr. automatics hits every attempt in everything that he fit including a fifty five yard at the end of the first half. So I mean, it's just the little things that other teams do that the Bengals do not do. And it's it's kind of a theme. And here's here's what's going to happen. I'm gonna gonna call it. Now. You know, the Bengals have a slew of winnable games coming up. They'll win some of those. They will if not all of the winnable quote, unquote, quote games on the slate. And then they'll probably lose to like chargers in you know, who knows maybe they game against the Steelers is gets him in. But they'll they might fall on their feet than to I hate to be negative. But we've seen this song and dance before this particular team is not giving us a whole lot to be faithful about at this point. I don't know. I think also I mean, we jerk reaction as they think a little bit. Also, this is this is a game that I think a lot of people probably thought that you know, the Bengals would lose. They slip. They split the with the ravens the ravens are competitive team, but military wet the ravens aren't that? Great of a team either. They play a little bit of defense. The they've got really nothing going on offense. And like I said, they basically played a version of the wildcat that we saw late two thousands today and the Bengals could not stop them. There's. There is a lot. Brian aids. Where was the spy on Jackson? Well, that's what happens in this is this is the other thing. I mean, I look back CJ Moseley made a few nice place today, you look back and you look at the decimation in the lack of talent at the linebacker position that the Bengals currently employ, and I'm including birthed in that discussion because I saw him missile tackles today, he is having zero impact on the offense at this point. So, you know, I think we all thought he would be a big boost once he came back, and he has really not bid. It's not been that way. Where's the spy on Jackson? I don't know the Bengals plan on that. But here's the thing. The Bengals have those big traditional defensive linemen up front. Sometimes they can set the edge. Well, sometimes they do not. And we've how many times we see today? Jackson, always nimble and slippery and all that stuff. He alluded sacks the Bengals have because basically they were slower not his now, obviously defensive lineman aren't going to usually be as agile as a mobile quarterback. But when you don't have those Twitter. Linebacker edge rusher guys that can be chase down a quarterback. When you don't have those things. That's when you don't have those types of players on your team. You know, these these broken plays are going to occur. The other thing that bothers me again talking about little things that lead up to big things. And it's it's kind of a theme with the Bengals again. Rookie quarterback mobile quarterback for years. The Bengals have never been able to figure this out. They've never been able to figure out, you know, some of these guys that are former high picks and guys that can move that were exciting college quarterback some of them end up going on in having exciting career some of them end up doing nothing. But the regardless the bangles have always had trouble. It seems like against mobile quarterbacks against rookie quarterbacks. And that was the case today extremely frustrated because you saw basically it looked like the same seven place eight plays. The ravens kept running and those those option plays just kept killing the bangles of three age rookie free agent. Running back Gus Edwards head over one hundred yards. Lamar Jackson had over one hundred yards on the ground. Just just sickening and. I don't know what else there is to say. Except for the fact that the Bengals at this point aren't there? One in four in their last five games after starting off three and one this year and. Ford one actually, and they just aren't playing good football right now. They offense disappears too many times in these long stretches. They came out and did some nice things in the second half today. But they started off very very poor. And it, you know. I don't know. I don't know. What else really to say? Stephan Hoffmann says, you know, they're going to run the RPO the whole game. Where's the game plan? I I know and the other frustrating thing is that Lamar Jackson with missing apparently day or two practice being ill. And obviously, it's great that he's feeling better in all that stuff. But you know, unfortunately, unfortunately. It seems as if the ravens still game plan better than the Bengals did. And I don't know. I don't know what else to say about that except for maybe that's the disparity between Harbaugh Lewis. And maybe that's an issue of Louis taking over that defensive coordinator duty. I don't know. My call says birthed needs to go Burford needs PD's is j Dalton wilder moose. I'm very disappointed in him. And not only is he not making the impact plays. He is traditionally made his tackling very poor and his effort seems very poor. I don't know what that's about. I don't know if that has to do with, you know, he's not he's not as hungry as he wants was a guess, quote, unquote, hungry faith, based on the fact that he's now one of the higher paid linebackers in the league it just. I think unfortunately, we all thought that Burfoot was going to be a cure all to the defensive issues. Once he came back, and unfortunately, not the case, and he's struggling you've even seen seen massive dry spell's from Carlos Dunlap and Gino Atkins the two stars. They resigned this off season Gino Atkins did of big play on the mar Jackson Dunlap was cutting their couple times, but the impact huge impact plays that they had early in the season or not coming, and you know, the frequency of getting after the quarterback is not there. There's just a lot of issues and you keep pointing to it. And then you know, like, I said the the offense disappearing for dry for long stretches and doing these multiple three and outs that doesn't help your defense either. So it's it's just this continuing carousel a lot of different issues. And it is I don't know how it's going to get better. Douglas sand believes that the Bengals will not win another game. I don't I don't see that. Questions about the coaching staff being fired. I mean that's not happening the season. I think the only way all that happens again is if you know something if Lewis is to be let go after the season, and you know, he comes in cleans house in and creates a new staff all together. That's those are those are some of the only ways I can see that happening, and you know, Lewis and Mike Brown trust each other. So we may be stuck in this type of thing for a while, folks. I don't know there's another there's another thing. I saw Twitter, you know, some people were complaining about. The refereeing. I thought the referee just in general was atrocious today. And I say that you know, there was miss calls for both teams. I think maybe one or two more for the Bengals that were kind of critical. They were stumbling over their own, you know, a couple of times through flags and others no penalty in you know, all this kind of stuff. They were just kind of a mess today. The officiating in general, in my opinion, this year has been pretty poor. But this is the thing, you know, those and the injuries and all of that other teams good coaches good teams, whatever they find ways to overcome that stuff in get wins. The ravens at home today. I don't think there. I do not think there are better team than the Bengals in terms of talent. The ravens at home today. They played without their starting quarterback and they had to play a rookie quarterback miss practices this week. So they still got the win. Cincinnati was missing a green shirt Preston Brown sugar other tight ends. Yeah. Totally. But other teams find ways to utilize other players other teams have other players that step up and the Bengals do not do that. Or or do not have those types of guys or both like it was evident on the core. Played end the game. I think the dry spell's say that. But this team just is not I dunno. It's not responding the same way that it was early in the season. You know, you kind of thought when this game was going down to the wire the Bengals had the ball there. They were kinda make getting a couple towns all that stuff. You kind of thought that they had a chance to make it make a game or a comeback win. In the same way that they did earlier in the air, and they just didn't have they didn't have it. So I don't know Matt not says a lot of coaches that get winds are the ones getting the calls. Like patriots Steelers seems like the calls always go their way in crunch time. Yeah. That's true. I mean, they probably get a few more calls in other teams. But at some point as a team, you kinda got you got to create your own way. You gotta create your own destiny, you gotta create your own luck. And the Bengals have not been able to do that. So I don't know. I don't know. What else it's going to take, you know? It could take a higher announce a coaching hire. Like with the Rams did with Sean McVeigh at really innovative Mayans that you know, I'm really put my stamp on. This is what we're going to deal. We're gonna do things right away. All that kind of stuff. I think Marvin Lewis initially had that. But I think since it's it's greatly dissipated. I think things have gotten stale. And I think what I'm really disappointed with is a lot of the by language a lot of effort from players and. I don't know. I just I very disappointed on in that Adam Taylor saving ourselves from losing a first round playoff. Game Tyrone curly as I mentioned said rookie quarterback running back hundred yards rushing. Yep. Bill Bill Stott. They did the Bengals did blow a major opportunity. Yes. But the Steelers did not lose. They won the very end there. I see some comments about. The Bengals defense was better. Yeah, they were better. I don't know. How what that's really saying? I mean. They did they did something that you know, at the at the end of the at the beginning of the third quarter. They seem to have made some adjustments. They gotta turnover on a poor throw by Jackson. They gotta turnover on downs. And that got him fourteen points, right there that was huge then they come right back and just lay flat against you know, the this offense that you'd see high school teams run. It's just it's it's mind boggling, and I don't understand it. Sam anger, good friend. There says usually an optimist, but this game turned me likely, meaning, you know. I don't know about fandom or anything like that. But obviously turned attorney about what to expect the rest of the year. He said, you know, what are we gonna do about Philip rivers? I I don't know. I mean, the Bengals have a under Louis when they've traveled west to play the chargers they've gone three and one, but you know, those were usually better teams. I mean, we're talking two thousand nine twenty twelve twenty thirteen you know, so mean. I don't know exactly. I don't know exactly what they'll do against the chargers in LA. I'm going to that game in person. So I hope they win that would be fun. I guess we can I guess we can end on this one Pete fought Joe pa- skull. What if Mike Brown wasn't in charge? Well, that is a wonderful hypothetical. But that's not that's not going to be the case and till eight to be morbid he passes away or becomes, you know, if he were to get some sort of disease or something like that that would prevent him from from being able to run the team. And you know, that's the reason why I wanted to bring that up is because that points back to you can point that back to. The last play the game today to Cody core fans were clamoring for the Bengals to make move trade deadline fans clamoring for the team to look at free agency to help out some of these decimated units in that have been hit by injuries. And the team has done nothing of the sort. They did they missed the train line in doing it. Haven't grabbed a free agent. They've promoted from the practice squad. And that's great that they have faith in a lot of these guys on their practice squad. And some of those guys they have there are talented. But you know, I don't. This team at the point before the trade deadline. They were right in the middle of it. And they they could have been pushing for championship. But like they did and free age. What they always do the free agency. They did not push all the chips to the table. They did not make you know. Really? Wow. While moves top tier dies or big, cordy. Glenn was a nice trade. And that was that was big deal. But I don't know there's just this team just doesn't parade the in the same way as a lot of other NFL franchises, Mike around the reason behind that. And unfortunately, that's why we keep seeing the same results. There was an article I put up on cincy jungle about indoor practice facility updates and all that kind of stuff. It's just I don't like to be negative. But a lot of this stuff is just seems to be a lot more of the same a loss. Like, this kind of cements. That mindset I hate to say that you know, they could very well come come out here in the next hands. Of games and get some wins. They do as I mentioned have a pretty favorable schedule coming up here next next Sunday is against the Browns. Then they play the Broncos on December. Second two, very winnable games. Both at home than they go to LA to play the chargers that's tough game. Then they come back and host the raiders go to Cleveland the day before Christmas Eve, and then they end the season with the Steelers. So I mean at five and five right now, you're looking at possibly three or four winds that looked to be winnable games. I'd to me I think the Browns may even be scrapped the ravens. So I wouldn't even count that to be a season sweep as as it usually has been, but we'll see all is not lost yet. This was a this was a hard hard loss to take. And the Bengals obviously are feeling that. And I think based on some things I've heard today believe the ravens now take that six seed place over the Bengals. Even though the Bengals beat them earlier this season. So will see, you know, enjoy this time of year joy thanksgiving with your friends family loved ones, whoever that may be trying as bangles fan is as much as it stinks trying not let this type of thing discourage you or ruin your holiday. Go have good time like with family, friends, all that stuff. Trying to joy holiday keep a to cincy juggle dot com. For all the news opinions analysis updates everything going on last week was very busy week as we know the coaching changes probably not the same thing this week. But we will still have a ton of news and opinions analysis so keep it there and are injured black insider bangles odd cast check that out. It's on a number of different platforms. Appreciate all the support. Appreciate you tuning in on this Sunday afternoon, and let's hope the Bengals get back on winning track. I'm Anthony Kaz ends soon. Hello. I'm Spencer hall from Espy nation. And I wanna tell you about my new show. It seemed smart. It's aim smart. As a show about people doing things that for some reason or another same smart at the time. Those things might include don't a little cocaine driving a bike up mountain or I don't know maybe racing one hundred miles per hour across the country in the middle of the night with no one's permission or even stealing a bat from an empire is room in a major league baseball park, check it out. And if you like it Tele friend, I'm Spencer hall, don't do anything smart.

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