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Tired of spending hundreds of dollars for prescription glasses. Xeni offers thousands of affordable. Eyewear styles starting at just six ninety five. No ridiculous markups. No hassles. Just quality affordable. I wear delivered right to you visits. Any today at Zanny dot com slash NBA. Good morning sweat world. It's Friday may third two thousand nineteen thanks for tuning into the drop the sprawl ball to the LeBron Inc. That is our daily television show the starters, which we know you're watching nightly on NBA TV, and or YouTube. I'm Jay skeets, and alongside me a man who paid Greg Monroe to try and get a wedgie last night. Fortunately, failed at it. But TASS Melles could try smart. I don't know what you're talking about. Greg Monroe should have paid them. You're trying to get to fifty. We're all trying to get to fifty. I thought you slipped a few bucks to Greg Monroe who literally looked like he tried to stick a wedgie on a horrible layup slash dunk attempts. Here's a blowout. He did tries best to my right. It's the bearded one Trey Kerby. Hey. Oh, right there. That's the Ozzy. That's the L. Fran. Next to him. Dropping him drops starters producer Mattio. You'll have to marry your mother in law. Finally, make an all this magic up in JD. Now there is and here we are. If you want to get in touch with the show, you can't a number of ways you can Email us the starters at NBA dot com. You can follow us on Twitter and or Instagram at the starters or check us out on Facebook at Facebook dot com slash the starters. I guess it's official. We're Allen Facebook today. Friday drop we got tweeted the week yet. We got the pun gun. Tricky one today K we'll Steph on the beach to read your tweets in your emails. You guys were great all weeks and in those questions, but I here we go again. The Sixers defeated the raptors one sixteen ninety five in game three complete domination for the most part. Sixers played really really well on both sides of the ball to and bead was a beast and raptors outside of quiet Leonard and PASCAL Siachen a little bit got nothing. I mean, really absolutely nothing from mature. Danny green hit some threes early in the game. Then we didn't hear from them. But otherwise Lowery struggled Marcus all struggled the bench continued to struggle. It's only game three they're down to one but wraps fans. Maybe rightfully freaking out because they're like, well, we just look like the worst team in the series. I mean, they've classes here in this game. And now beads goings that a worrisome. Some of our stars aren't stepping up to the plate here. Can they regain their composure? The wraps and still you know, fight on Sunday win that game and make it a best of three series or you looking at that game going. I don't know. Well, hopefully, they are a different team than the team that bowed out to LeBron got embarrassed by LeBron last year because the end. Of the game win. Joel Embiid is doing a windmill dunk down the lane at sure felt like LeBron doing fadeaways from the three point line in a sweep last year. It felt like it sort of tilting that way. But quite Leonard is a big difference maker. You know that you've got that anchor in that one spot. The problem is a lot of the guys behind him. I'd say four of the eight guys that are playing that are in these rotations aren't playing all that. Well, Colli in PASCAL or find Danny was fine. Norm. I don't really care about he hit a couple threes. It's kinda of remarkable Fred vanfleet and Serge Ibaka that we're problems. And if you're going to try and solve those four guys Lowery isn't a 'nigma. Don't try and solve him. You never. I think we've learned he might be good. He might not be. I don't think there's a recipe to it Marcus oil. I think I think you gotta get him. He's a giver before a taker. He's he's going to get that touch. But he's not gonna shoot the first time get him on that high post. Let them pass it out the foul a minute into the game. Where he he got Joel Embiid when he was reaching really hurt his confidence really hurt his aggressiveness the rest of the half. And then it surge I think so searching in Ghazal, I think you kind of have to get involved. It's the classic big man thing the two men game thing with search or else. You're you're kind of poached with them. He he can just float and float and float so go soul. Search keep those two bigs early involved early and hope there. Help the defense just comes with that. Like that old the old adage that give them some offense and they'll help on defense. I think you've got to focus on those guys because that being said it was only three points at the end of the first quarter. But then the bench comes in. And now we get to to Fred and surge and Powell then it exploded when with quiet on the bench, and those those those guys out there being terrible. Then it spread then the game was over in that second quarter. And then quite tried try himself single handily to bring them back in the third quarter. And he did it did and it sits. And then he said so I mean, yeah, he sits at the start of the fourth quarter. And and I mean, all credit nurse. He at least didn't go with all three bench guys at the start of the fourth. He had three starters out there and some bench guys and six still ripped off the eleven run maybe the raptors should call Kobe Bryant he has a history of getting Casale the play better in the playoffs. Give Mark the old pow Ghazal black swan white swan speech, something to make Mark assault wanna shoot because he doesn't want to same with Kyle Lowry. Those guys. I just have been taken out of their games by the Sixers switch it up the defense. Guess all you would think would be a guy who can get some buckets inside against Tobias Harris, but it's going to be a fadeaway almost every single time. Maybe he'll hit the little running hook. I don't know. He just needs to get a little bit more aggressiveness. I think you're right test Lowery if he has a good game, you're happy at this point. Larry out a good game to their overpass on offense. But that's also credit to the sixes defense. Sixers. Sixers was six defense is on the waiting for the raptors to make a move or they ready when they do make a move. It's actually very impressive considering in game one. How how the raptors scored easily that got hot never same to hit shots. And since then it feels like the raptors. And again, particularly when kuwa- is at that. Everyone's just looking at the other guy to say, you do something I can't and no one's no one's forcing anything creating anything or even trying to getting close. It's just it's awful. And this one, you know, all those things it's only one game and all this. But it feels it felt worse than just one yet. This is your fault was trying to get very solid plays. Every time. The balls winging around the perimeter. But yeah, the defense the clothes, especially those guys run a string the Sixers. They were rotating like crazy and challenging getting to to those guys, and it doesn't help. Yeah. The raptors especially their star guys threatened quotations right now were hesitant. They just you know, there were looks. I mean thing was driving me nuts with Lowery is. There were looks initial looks. You're in rhythm, you're catching it, and he'll do that thing where he's like for whatever reason some games. He does it pump fake. Yep. Now, the defense is there, and then he'll like. Okay. Well, now, I've got shoot it. And it's like you had such a better. Look, I mean, let it go. I know you're not Steph curry from three but step into it with some confidence. And he did that a couple times he's done it a couple of times a series that stick out to me. The Sixers athleticism has been a problem at similar to the thunder the way they used to be able to beat up on the Spurs because the thunder had such bigger guys who are a lot faster than I. So, you know, looks like you have an open shop if you had to taper a second that defenders there, then you pass it to another guy and they're. Waiting defenders already there. You gotta take some bad shots at some point. Does that nobody can do anything in the half court except for except for qui-? Yeah. So I don't know. I mean, he played thirty six minutes last night. The last five minutes of the game. Basically didn't matter. He's got to be over forty. He's got to be close to forty five. I would guess he's the only guy who can do anything when there's a set defense and almost just let him run the offense as well. Because like wh who else is doing it right now, it's all that like coil playing badly or Kawai Tronto have to hit some of those crazy shorts because he got hot. And I remember how many hitting a row but felt like he was taking some big shots as well. Just happened to be going in. And that was the only offense I seem to have in that third quarter it worked, but it just wasn't that convincing seeing Colli is abject thirty eight points per game in the series right now, really shooting sixty one forty one in ninety two shooting splits. It's the question. It's definitely easier to just say, quiet place, more minutes, and that would help and in a game where you're back against the wall and game four on Sunday that could. Be the only answer for sure enough in and Nick nurse made a decision at the start of the fourth quarter there down seven after that technical free throw they hit and they sit down co I Leonard four stretch. And then the game was over when he came back in it was seventeen or whatever it was. It felt like, you know, sitting on the couch. It sure felt like leave him in everybody else stinks. And that's what he's gotta do on on Sunday. If the same thing happens, but guys don't play forty eight minutes because they do need rest. I know it's it's easy to just say play play play. But he sat a quarter of the season. Yeah. I know for a long history. Okay. So we're gonna play him forty eight minutes. I would I would play close to forty eight minutes. Yeah. He's your best player. He's the only guy that matters when the game is slow they're gonna they're to be. Okay. I know I know sciences. You know, we sat him science doesn't say that scientists the opposite. He needs rest in a game that he's going to be bad. If he plays forty eight minutes. He's he's gonna be done that worse when you can do all the the let nurse the test is, nurses. Like, all right. Oh, my go- Colli has single handily again in the third quarter hitting crazy mid-range jumpers hit the three through the lob to Siaka. It's somehow a seven point game here in a game. We've been totally outclassed, nurses, definitely going. Well, we know is going to need to finish this game. If we're gonna pull this out. I gotta get them a few minutes. Here. Kent are bench. Can these guys are three starters? It. We got to point that out. Again, three starters out there star can these guys with to bench guys. Just hold on. Hold on until we can bring Colli back in probably. Yeah. With nine minutes to go in the fourth quarter twenty. Let's wait praying high like get that. But it backfired and and and and in a game like last night. I think you have to throw caution to the wind and say, even though this what we normally do it feels like, you know. If he's not at their and they get a run on this open the game up. Yeah. Well, that that's what we're talking about here. I mean, I think passes right? I think if this is now game four on Sunday. And you're in this exact same scenario you down to one. It's basically must win. You can't go back three one. Then he does that. He says, quiet. You good. We're gonna need here. Only one doing anything. But last night, it's a one one series. And he's just praying like show a we when he comes back in we're still down. And then you go to show trust and fighting that bench to say, I believe you guys can do it. You both say go to pull the trigger pretty quickly. If if they're not doing they try try to do that in the first half, you know, they're down three going into the first or second quarter. I should say three three benchers along with Kawhi and PASCAL out there. And then they got down seven real quick. And then it was nine real quick. And then nurse said. All right qui- get back in here. We're we're desperate here. He brought him back in at the ten minute Mark because things weren't going well with the bench it. Really is up to two Lowery Ghazal and surge the to sort of get themselves a little bit more involved in themselves for shot damn points. Yeah. The six is a happy basically letting anyone else out of PASCAL and to wash the bull. They'd just like go for it Judah, all you want even PASCAL. I think in if it's a half court. They're like fine. He's getting his buckets in transition. He has not been able to figure out how to score on and bead in the half courts that you see him. Catch the ball above the break and beat is playing underneath the free throw line saying, okay, take it and make it if you can if not you're going to drive into me, and I'm seven foot one good duck. So yeah, I mean, yeah. The key would be if you saw in Lowery are aggressive and looking to get shots, then you can sit coli, but until that happens he's got to be on the court as as far as I'm concerned one other thing with lower tooth. I talked about, you know, cut out with the pump fakes at the three point line. You're just making the shop more difficult. Also when you are driving. He's gonna stop doing the whole thing. We just looks for contact. He's not trying to score the basket. He gets an credit is to the Sixers defense. Specially you've got to be back there. I get that. But. Try. It's just on Karl score. Instead of you tries to get the foul instead of actually score. And it'll tribes me bonkers. Yep. He did the first possession. He got a basically a layup. And he tried to draw the foul, and he he just kind of chucked it up as for the foul. And then it was like that the rest of the game. It's frustrating because in game to get a fantastic game. He played awesome scoring the ball. He was really aggressive. But that's why I throw my hands up in the air and say forget it. I threw my ends up in the air. And I say sometimes, but I also say forget forget trying to solve collaborate. Honestly, forget it. I think you kind of have to solve Markelle soul and surge bucket those because Marcus wills gotta take some pride and try and play Embiid, even and bead was guarding him. A lot of the time to to start the first quarter, and he was just sort of out there, and I was floating and that reach I think really hurt him a minute in. I know it's a dumb excuse, but he was weird for the for the rest of the first quarter. And he he did some cool. Things in the second quarter of block flow, Marcus oil floater. But he's he's got to play with a little bit of back to the wall. I got a score and do some things because they're shallow right now. You know, they're they stop playing Jodie Meeks. Great move and finally in game three. But it's almost like you gotta suppling. Fred vanfleet. Hundred percent half. I have been a big fan as a backup guard. I think he's fine. But he's been garbage. So you have to you have to search for another answer. Now Lynn didn't play in that game three. I think he would've played in game three. But yet back spasms. I don't know what his status will be forgiven for but you may be going to go. All right. I mean, he he like the length is bothering him to he's absolutely very very small. Maybe you go McCaw. Maybe try mill you've got to try some mother guy out there. I mean because you're literally you're getting nothing from your other two bench guys. Norms. Like, he has I mean, some of that the points came in garbage time. So it doesn't really matter. Try something else. I know. I know there's not a lot for him to do. But you're crazier to not try something. I think then you've seen now three games where he's has even hit a shot. Yeah. He's got one. Why he says making mistakes though, he he had a nice drive versus action. Start the game. He he just decided that sort of Chuck it up when there's a guy wide open in the corner. He's it just seems like there's some disease that trickles down in that locker room at times in in the postseason guys stopped knowing how to play basketball, and you know, I watched back that first half thinking, oh, they're just going to fly over and over and over and over and over again. And that's why Marcus Kyle Lowry got hasn't. But it wasn't a case. They just it just stunk. And it's on those two guys, you know, PASCAL and Danny green did their part in in the starting lineup. That's what it all comes down to it. And Joel Embiid, you gotta talk about him having a very good game and Marcus was supposed to be the NBA stopper, and he he stunk it up those first few minutes and didn't matter who's guarding. Joel Embiid after that just got way too confident. He he had that out game. And that was too much talk about Marcus all be and the Joel Embiid stop, or you know, and beats watching the TV shows reading the tweets reading all the articles say a man, look great. Mark assault does against Joel Embiid. So of course, he came. Out and tried to eliminate them. And that's exactly exactly what happened and bead last night. Looked like the best player in basketball. You know, like it sounded crazy hearing Mark Jackson say you look at this guy, and you put them among the greats with the all time big time big ice. And that does sound crazy. Because who knows if the guy will ever Bill will stay healthy. But he also said the warriors are the best shooting back court in basketball history before anybody really caught onto Steph curry and Klay Thompson being a a great one two punch. He he's right about that. And bead has incredible talent he was the difference maker on both sides of the blocks last night. I was gonna say the points that I mean, he's one specially when the three balls drop in for me and he's lights out. Then is the defense that allows those guys to like scurry around and get out to three point shooters because oh, yeah. You've got a beat Embiid behind you. And he like embarrassed the come a couple of times just eliminate until the point trim because he was upset. He was frustrated, and that's got the flagrant, and rightfully so he had just sorta got you know, he thought he had got fouled. I get all. That stuff. And maybe there was some contact, but five blocks were huge. Yeah. He was great Butler. Another awesome game. He has their point guard in the half court sense in the in the sets, it's not Simmons. It's him. And it's working. They're putting him in a lot of pick and rolls. They had those two and beat in Butler working that last night. What do you have twenty two nine nine three steals nine points three or four shooting to assist the block two steals in the fourth quarter? And they were dunks as well off steals. I think you may be wanna go quiet on Jimmy Butler, Ben Simmons, maybe maybe if the rappers can try and trick the Sixers and Ben Simmons run things as their point guard the entire time him try and beat you. Maybe that works a little bit better. Because you've got to do something to stop Jimmy Butler. Kyle our is not doing them. That's an adjustment to make. And that's like, I guess so. Yeah, it'd be why is doing a good job on Ben Simmons? But you know, the Sixers have so many guys that they can just let somebody else take over for a little bit. So perhaps putting Coalisland the guy who's really hot is the move. Well, the thing is with Jimmy, you know, he can hit a shot as well. Like Simmons isn't that threat to knock down that shot? So I think that's that's a good point put Kawai on him. So that Jimmy if he's going to take those shots, they're going to be contested by Kawai Simmons wants to start shooting or even going in. So I I think you right now you live with that rather than having Jimmy just feel so confident in himself where he's like I can either make the right policy or I'm just going to pull up and hit the shop because that's what he did in game two as well where when when it was time to take over Jimmy, basically decided the offense himself, and he. Seemed to make the right decision. A lot of the time. Yeah. The rapper seem to have gone away from their identity because they've got quiet Leonard sort of guarding off the ball. Jimmy Butler is kind of taken over the point guard duties and colitis kind of being saved for the offense of editor feels like, and I think I'm saying get away from their identity because there are team that shares it on the offense of end, really. And now it's become the question. A lot of the time. Unfortunately, and on the defensive end the scary part is for the Sixers. They're developing into a different team. They are Ben Simmons yet, basically being an offensive rebound or a lot of the time. And he was killing the wraps in that regard. And they're starting to find their peak formula with Jimmy Butler at the point guard spot. So there I think the wraps also sort of that identity thing is is an issue. Always I think postseason teams you get away from what you are. And you you just screw up. And and and then it it affects the defensive end because again Certa keep coming back to this. But end of the first quarter is a three point game. And then they just got it run down their throats. By James NS, again, guys guys who shouldn't be running down anyone's throat unless it's unless it's garbage time. Really you have to be able to match energy. And that's the messed up part in the lots on surge if he becomes unplayable. You might have to play five guys forty eight minutes. It's really it's it's just not working and Serge has to get their mentally. I guess the the worry was search has to come off the bench because souls, obviously the starter here. But Serge has lost that Mojo, and we were worried when Marcus was became a raptor midseason that you know, maybe surge going to the bench fulltime would hurt his his his Moshe because in two thousand eighteen in the playoffs. This is what he was. He was unplayable. And I don't think that's the solution isn't taken out of the lineup or start him. I think it's give him the frigging ball and let them play two men with with Fred vanfleet. I guess that's what I would probably start to do early in that second quarter, nextgen Nikkan. Nursing game for has to make some adjustments. I it's not as simple as like, let's just play harder and play better. I mean. Yeah, that's a no brainer. But because we've seen in other series already in the playoffs. Wisened coaches make moves like I mean, I'm not you're right. His helmet. Well. Yep. Take assault and put a bucket like something major like that. It is little minor things and sets you're running out. And who you're trying to go out. I think you're right with that one. Put your best defender on their guy who is running things right now in half court set and Jimmy Butler that makes sense whether it works knows, but you probably got to try it. I think on the flip side of that. I can't believe that the rep is are not going at Rettig getting him involved in more defensive plays. That's the liability out there. Rex awesome offensively. He's not great defensively. And the raptors are not really even trying to explain that at all for whatever reason. I mean, I know that's not their game that that pick and roll is not their game. But they may want to give it a go just to get ready sky. Switching and stuff like that. And maybe then you have a mismatch with ready because it feels like it's just been hanging out. Yep. Defensively barely you know, he he's played hard. He's closing down on guys as well within behind him. But put them right in the action. Go at him and see what happens, but there has to be something because like the Sixers after game one they made their judgments, and maybe the raptors getting blown out in game. Three really does sort of wake up nursing a little bit say, okay. We gotta try something else. We gotta try something else or another player off the bench something like that. Because the Sixers made their adjustments after game one they switched up who they're playing defensively we saw the nuggets in their first round series versus the Spurs. We'll Barton he just doesn't have going. Sorry, man. You're the bench. We're going with someone else. Like that's worked out. Well for them helped him win the series. I think to some extent even the blocks after game one they talked about. Hey, we're not making the adjustments. They've played that old card. But they did they started Meerut teach. You know that helps space before a little bit. And they switched up their defense in terms of we'd never switch during the regular season for the most part. All right. Let's let's give that go and see how it works against Celtic. So nurse has to do something because it's a must-win game game four and even sometimes just doing something is. You know? I it throws the other team out of whack just you know, if the Sixers come in and now quite Leonard is guarding Jimmy Butler. They've been the last two games with Jimmy Butler handling the ball up top a lot. That's probably not going to be the case if quite Leonard is the guy who's defending him. So maybe Jimmy Butler goes to the corner. But they're like, oh, we haven't played like that for ninety six minutes. What are we going to do? It takes me a game to figure it out. Then the raptors steal one on the road. You got homecourt advantage right back again just to make some sort of move throw them off their game. And you can go back to it. Even in the second half. If you change it up, and it doesn't work because I think what Brett Brown is doing very well as we saw joylin Biegel PASCAL Ceac coming game two to start game three. Joel Embiid was back on Marcus all but at half of game three he went back to PASCAL Ceac. So you can you can change in half. And I think it is keeping the raptors on their toes very much. So and not in a good way. Unfortunately, and nNcholas isn't really keeping Brett Brown the same way. I don't think I don't think he's. He's a scared of of changes that Nick, nurses, making this stat is just I gotta throw it out there. I'm sure you guys have seen it. But some of you listening. Maybe you haven't heard yet the raptors offense without Kawhi in this series. It's I mean, you look at it. And it's mind boggling the offensive rating with quiet on the floor in the series one ten point seven very solid the offense of rating with quite off the floor in this series. Is fifty four point one is not a typo that crazy. That's just wild that. He can't get anything going without Colli out there. So important. He's been. I mean, it just feels like some sort of problem will math calculation. Are you hashtag? Well, actually, John Choubey. A few people sharing it this morning. And i'm. Not copy, right? But then she's. Yeah. I mean, looking at it. Yes. I can believe she'll but. Well, Lowry knows he's got to step up. This was his quote, we've gotta help him him being coy. We've gotta help them myself, especially I've got to help them score more. I've got to help them on the floor. We've all got to help them. He's playing unbelievable right now. We're not giving him any help me. I'm not giving him any help. We've got to help them. What do you think is favorite Beatles? Song? Larry does he's got to have a good Lowery game. Here. Do you think we get some more fireworks in game? Four specially when you consider Embiid, you know, being a beat. Hey. Think of. Yeah. It was every NBA celebration. We've ever seen minus the big balls which surely he did after the game cameras starting you find he did it. He did the airplane. He did the Raka rocket. He did like sort of the the night things arms up in the air whenever we're calling that. But that's sort of. Oh, it did the whole game. Definitely did the whole code. But when he when he gets going like that it just changes his game so much feeling good. He got a couple of early baskets. Alan Iverson's within the crazy. I mean, he's basically just a seven foot version of novice in those wise crowd. He's a showman. Yeah. But yeah, he he's he's so good when he's feeling good. And the teams winning. He's hitting shots. He's must watch stuff. I it really is. But you know, that stuff can be the the bulletin genre. Look at this guy. He's embarrassing you clown. You don't have any pride. You can stand up to him game for. I mean, I think that could help the possibility of what happened in game three to some of the plays that we can get into you know, dirty plays. Do you want to call them that that could translate into game four here if the raptors have any backbone, definitely it's it's exactly what we talked about right off the top of the podcast. It's basically like old LeBron embarrassing the old raptors they were feeble. They went away they crawled and went back into their show. It's okay to lose a basketball game. It's okay. To lose the lebrons. Okay. To lose to joy and beating go down to one it's totally acceptable to go to Philadelphia and lose that first game. It's just how you respond and. I don't know does the his lead team different. I thought so coming into even to game three because I thought college founders role in that third spot. Finally, he's in he's in a better spot where he knows he's playing with the number one guy. Unlike the one eight one b he had with D'amoto Rosen, and even PASCAL taking that number to whatever you wanna call him him in Lowry, whether they're two or three will they show up. That's that's a fair question. I don't know. I think they're angry enough. I guess it seemed like did a lot of things to you know, he was he was part of a lot of physical place. He was he was a little feisty guy out there. You just didn't want to shoot. That's trouble for Kyle. Because that's right. Kyle Ken, generally he impacts the game, positively even if he's not scoring a ton. We've seen it all season long. But I thought game three he lost his defender. Couple times just completely had brain farts where guys on imbalanced plays where he just wasn't ready or his attention with somewhere else and left a guy, you know, screaming over to the corner and hits the three he wasn't has locked in. I don't know even on that end, which is where it usually excels. And you have you usually. No concern about him. It was just an overall atrocious game. He was worried about is below the belts. And maybe. Tweety wait to rank the dirty plays that we saw in this game. So we had Simmons elbowing elbowing Laurie in the hypocrites there in the Lowery's. I guess we're now calling them number one. Most dirty. I would say okay, straight up elbow to the nuts. We had Lowery hip checking James Ennis out of balance in what make mill coupla. I guess. Siaka tripping and beat. Yeah. I've got to be in there anything else. I'm forgetting surged did get a flagrant. But what did he get in the mix for? I forget was early in the game wasn't much of anything. Just a heartfelt. And I can't remember. But anyway. Seamans elbows alight elbow to Ben Simmons face somebody's face. It was a light Hobo in front of Joel Embiid and Joan beats like you got a flagrant one for that. I plowed Jared Allen with my and I got a flagrant one for that. Do you think Simmons will get you know, assessed a flagrant foul? Yeah. After of course after the game didn't happen in the game rest, and you see it catch it. But they can give them one. If you think. Yeah. Not totally different than when LeBron stepped over Draymond. And he reached up and gave him the little tapa Roo. Yeah. I would imagine Simmons. Well, that looked like an intentional elbow right to the dickens to me because he was upset Lowery sort of undercut them. Yeah. Yeah. Yep. Yeah. It was reactionary, but still the Draymond cells as well. So it's it's he's got the tape. Goes down. I'm like he flopped. Right. So honestly, my reaction was like Lowery just being Chris Paul likely. Got touch boom. I'm down like did. He really get hit. But I mean there is contact. But I think he sold it like it wasn't a hard elbow. But it wasn't hard elbow. I don't think, but it was a flick of the testicle off me elbow type of thing that just happened to get the. Yeah, the man's. A shock. I can accept the flop on that. Okay. And no qualms with Siaka getting a flagrant one from the trip on Embiid. Yeah. That that was the right call. It was silly. It was deserving. Definitely played a one not a flagrant two and Pasco. I think he showed remorse straightaway. And Joel Joel sotos like, yeah. We bud. That's alright. His idol. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. So it was sort of like it. I thought that was handled the right way because that could have been Nasi if Embiid engines himself as something like that. But Embiid he knows as well. He's gotten away with stuff before. So we will see how the wraps Simmons by the attack is remember for throwing the ball at. That's right. That's where he hit a free throw. Yeah. He's throwing the ball out. Oh, man. Yeah. Just chucked it back. I think it was they went to commercial. So that's unfortunate. I my favorite moment from Kyle Lowry, though was when they he got hit with a delay of game. Warning, just a warning. And he was so angry. And he was yelling about it for two straight possessions. I thought he was going to get technical. But it actually they actually got a delay of game later on in the game. So it actually gave Philadelphia point. So they won by nineteen instead of eighteen quick whistle on that delay. Again. The second one Danny Green's foot like barely touches the linebacker star user who's Scottie was lower. He does that thing where he wants to get the ball in a mmediately like on any sort of play turnover. Like, he'll take the ball. Chuck it at the ref the one where chucked at the ref and the rebel isn't even ready because he was still making whatever the call one. I thought he was going to get children outlet and not ding. Kyle. Yeah. Hold on. I know you're gonna try and run your fast break here. That's not even really a fast break, but we will see game for Sunday. We're all flying Philly. Now right now, they need us more than ever. They need us. Right. Man, you might get the call lower is not looking great Fred van. I don't know if you can play him anymore. Jeremy Lin was hurting the last game. I might be skewed. Keeps you some point. We run on him. Good idea. There was one more little moment. See bought you. Jane McConnell at the end of the game near the end of the game in garbage time. Very very funny. I loved it where but you had the ball that went to them at a balance, and then McConnell came over in sarcastically like grabbed it from him maybe that rapper superfan. That's right. And then like a pretty good acting jobs like damn. Joke with you, buddy. Teach really just not a part of their attention at all. I mean, it's funny because he's an energy go last year was good Fulham in the playoffs come out and just hit a couple of baskets. You know, he's gonna fight and scrap on defense. Played their starters, a lot of minutes and this abroad. Rotation. But you know, maybe next Syria if they get their all, right? Let's look ahead a little bit to these other series because we've got two games on Friday night. Buck Celtics nuggets blazers both on ESPN boasts series tied at one one which game. Are you more excited for between these two two two series one in the east one in the west how do you pick between your two kids? I think it's very exciting. The celtics. This is our first real little bit of adversity in losing a basketball game for the first time this postseason, and it's nice for them to be able to go home. You see the Sixers go home and take care of business and carry Chabal back after his last five playoff losses puts up some big numbers. So I think there's not much to be worried about if you're the Celtics home cooking should seal the deal should should be enough. But you know, the bucks are a formidable. Opponents Eric Bledsoe is just which one will we get will. We get last year old game wanted Eric. Let's well, we get game to Willie come out, and basically say that toll in the past I'm much better than than that. Because I know that Celtics crowded moreover, they can go and toss about the honorary I ball show. I mean, why not play games like it? Because honestly, I do believe this is going to get twenty five whatever if Bledsoe gets. Less than ten the bucks struggle. If he gets twenty five them, all the bucks, probably win this guy. Right. And you're and you're pretty confident in Middleton still knocking. I feel killing. Yeah. He's a good solid play. He's been very consistently season. But Bledsoe is the one he's Larry really and a lot of ways if he if he gets in his own head and the Celtics fans get to him, then then he almost has to be out of the game. It's awesome for him again to have played at home, and sort of shook those monkeys off his back the first two games because the first game he was bad again in this series of the series starred in Boston. It would have been probably the end of Eric Bledsoe. I don't think he would've would've picked it up the way he did in game two and even the first quarter game too. He stunk. So does that does that even count does that momentum going into Boston on Friday even count? I guess I guess it does a little bit. But it it is going to be a different scene, and they will be on top of them. And just last year. I mean, just had flashbacks of him sort of melting into himself and sucking. Help to engage them one by the fact because he had brutal game. But he was helped by the fact that the Celtics wanted to blow out and like Jaanus was sort of stopped. I'd like that was the storyline. Everybody was bad. Just yes for sure. So it was maybe good for them question for the Celtics is Jason Tatum is going to do anything at all in this series. He he's currently averaging four points, five rebounds and an assist per game. Twenty three percent shooting hasn't made a three at Middleton is out classing him by far, you know, if that matchup is going to go so far to the buck side that's tough for for the Celtics. If kyri isn't having a lights out game. If Al Horford is having an aggressive game. Also be interesting to see how Janas officiated game. One Celtics did a great job, but they were allowed to hack that guy game to you saw a lot more calls on Yanez arms. That's why I think ten free throws in the first quarter. We'll know pretty early if you honestly getting a favorable whistle or the Celtics are getting a favorable because it's a lot. Garner when he can grab every time. My my prediction for that is not a favorable whistle. Not in Boston. Different whistle. The crowd is into it. They're right there. But he'll he'll keep attacking as good. But I don't think it'll be a little different. I'll think you'll have eighteen free throws attempts in in game. Three. You saw in Philly. The the home team got the whistle. And it was partially because it's just nineteen thousand people kinda sway the referees. I think and also the team that brings the most energy get some whistle. And the thing about the book because they don't really they don't play fast they kind of play methodically. And I think that's a problem on the road for the whistle. Like you the team. That's a little more ant. It tends to get it. So yeah, I totally agree. Yeah. Just gonna have to fight through little extra contact in this one. We take them a strange too because he's been horrible this series. But it was great in the Pacers looked like wow. Oh, yeah. Tatum's back. He's looks like this sort of second star type guy again to pair kyri offense at least but nothing in this. I mean, I mean he thinks he's. Kobe to. Got gets you a better luck, man. These are these are difficult trying to say, it's the greatest long common Lakers history. Having coca tutor the Celtics young star and make him into a bad coping. Well, played would you like some breaking news? Sure. Do you want to guess what it is maybe about Simmons? No. It's not about a team. That's in the playoffs team. That's very far from the play Monty Williams signs of the sons. That's right. Oh, hey son's job. And then in addition to that wo- says the expectation is that the Lakers will move towards tightly. Yeah. But there's no official offer. It's all falling into place and moving towards. Bad for those times. Camonte why he picked it. He's only got to work for eleven months, then I'll get fired. Yeah. Yeah. I just think that's an awful situation. Really do really do think that ownership and that leadership is just non existent in Phoenix. And you know, they go young plays. We'd potential, but it just things have been so chaotic that be very tough environment to succeed. And if he can do it great, but the probably against him right now in my estimation. At least they signed somebody who has some head coaching experience coaching experiences all that pristine, but. It's easier to fire a guy like you could cauti- gov or Watson or Lindsey hunter. Because it's their first time. There's you know, a couple of those guys we're almost interim coaches they were to start. And now at least may does it say how long he signed for probably not does that. All right. It doesn't care anyway. Noticed blazers. We asked on last night show, you know, who's the favorite in this series. After the blazers won a very weird game as Yokich called it an ugly game in game two to tie things up this tough to tough to make sense because you don't really know, especially when I look in the nuggets, I don't know what nuggets team you're getting in getting from night in tonight out. Are they hitting the three or they not? I mean, which which squad isn't it? Yeah. Because that's what it's felt like in the postseason so far. But even when they're not they still can win. I know it's sort of you know, if they have a stink it's not they might come out on top. I think Jamal Murray's injury perhaps could have some impact on these. I don't expect him to not play. But he could be bothered at somewhat bought, and if hey and Yokich on able to operate effectively that certainly would be something that the blazes would like to have. And Kanter though on the other side. Can he just maintain this play? He's been great. But he's also carrying a bit of an injury as well. But the blaze is absolutely need him to be performing. So I would say in Portland the blazes have the edge right now. Yeah. It's like, but it's like what's more likely that the nuggets shoot way better than six twenty nine from downtown and get back to like hitting like, they're fourteen fifteen threes or Damian Lillard doesn't have a stinker of a game in back to back aims and get and gets back to, you know, thirty five forty hours Rodney hood gonna score in double digit number third straight game that doesn't seem very likely. Games one and two both pretty weird. So I imagine games three and four will also be weird. But if you're the nuggets you're going to be kicking yourself if you come back to Denver down three one with Damian Lillard playing such a bad game in game two and not able to steal that one. Especially when they were just playing volleyball in the fourth quarter. Just throwing it up against the backboard, another guy on the other side. Catches it. Throws into the backboard throwback to the other guy that again, so similar to what wraps fans are saying about. Hey, you had game to there for the taking a very ugly sort of gross game and bead not doing anything. You're going gonna regret that one because you could have been up to a little more breathing room. What do you got store for tonight Dame should bounce back because he's Damon there at home and they've been so good at home in the postseason so far. Listen, it's just it's tough to win on the road and the nuggets did that in San Antonio. We saw, you know, Philadelphia going home and taking care of business. You gotta be ready to scrap. And and I assume the nuggets will be ready to scrap. But. Sixers are just even if they don't have a lot of guys that can score easily. They're they're gonna fight and you saw guys like mohawk lists and Alfred me new provide. And I wonder if Rodney hood is sort of just found his home as a six man again. Like he was good in Utah. I don't know he's he's like a twenty six year old man is he just going to get bad at basketball. I don't know. I think I think he has he used to be a good score. He used to be able to Chuck very well and shoot threes. Very well. And so I don't know, maybe I'm your on hood. I I guess I'm on mountain hood. We gotta find out about mohawk list to status. I don't know it right off my head right now because he he didn't play second half. And he you know, he's important defensively for them. Yeah. And we would be a tough loss for that squad. I mean, they got a lot of bench guys that can give them stuff but defensively no-one doing what heartless is doing for them. Especially in game two. I thought we will see final series warriors rockets. Was up to the the series. We were most excited for Iran is the one right now where the team is up to win this game four excuse me game three on Saturday night at eight thirty on ABC is it over already know. But it's not looking good for the rockets. That's for sure. True. Well, it is because look all the worries of Don Sifi results. If know we know that's all I have to do in those first two games. But the rockets haven't been destroyed in other. If these guys some adversity what was game twos. Final school. They've had two losses by combined temple. Right. So if being they've been close to spot all the sort of extra drama in the chaos game to never felt close. It's the weirdest thing. It was a one possession game point like pretty late in the game. Never felt the rockets are very good team at hyme. They're capable of just getting on fire and feeling that like a everyone's against us. Now, we've got to go out there and prove it, and they can get cappella going early on that could change things. And you know, I just don't think it's I think it's terminal yet for the rockets, but obviously they have to win game three. They're gonna take one at home. It feels like I I don't I don't think they did all this work to lose both at home it better be gained three for them. But there's going to be a Steph curry breakout game soon. He's he just hasn't been Steph curry quite yet. And it's coming, and it's going to be unfortunate for the rockets if it is in game three because he's been in trouble so much this postseason. It's it's scary that you know, one of the best players in the world hasn't done all that much and they're down to. Yeah. Curry or Clave even because overall the warriors shot eleven for thirty six in game two from three. That's thirty one percent. Their worst shooting performances postseason game one wasn't much better there seven for thirty seven for twenty to thirty two percent. They only took twenty two threes. Wow. Yeah. Yeah. They're doing a good job of taking them off the line a really good job. But they're also shooting. I think it was fifty six percent from two and fifty eight percent from two in game one. So they can shoot no matter where they are. I think Klay had a productive game. But he's it just it. I guess it's it's not clear because it's not from the three point line. They tried to mess mess with them by bringing them into the the ark. But the shot's still works does hard a need to have an hardiness regular season. Hardness cc performance here in game three on Saturday night. Yeah. To have any the season is on the line for the rockets and he's shooting thirty eight percent. I mean he scored like thirty two game. But it's it's not the same as it was in the regular season. So yes, five bad games in a row now, I would say for sure. And you know, I think it was old Bill. Simmons tweeted that the rockets lost game two before they even played it because they're complaining about the rafts. They were great. And in in game two nobody was complaining about the rest the rockets played at straightforward they lost. But at least they're game was focused a hundred percent on basketball hardened needs to do something. Impressive tonight. He's getting out played badly by Kevin Durant. And if he's going to be out played that badly by the warriors best guy than the rockets. Really don't stand a chance cappella, it'd be nice. If you show up he's taking nine shots, so far he should be able to find some sort of an advantage inside since the warriors are going to be playing their small lineup that just hasn't been the case so far. I mean, he's not a guy dump it down to he's gonna shoot hook shots or have post moves, but he's got to do something more than take four and a half shots a game. I don't know what it's going to be. But they need some other people the score. Besides harden? They need to be scared of Capella catching alley oops inside. Because right now, it's kind of just making heart and make tough shots. And he hasn't so far on credit has a dream on green the way you Paul. It's unbelievable. How he can somehow take away that weapon from what the rockets have done all season long. That harden getting in there, and then either shading floater or. Yeah. Or throwing the lobby dream dreams. Feels like he's in two places at one time and he's getting in their heads. It's working. Yeah. He had just so well Easley Ellis. Predict the way to go. It's there's a lot of respect for the rockets starting Andrea della besides stream on green. Yeah. Beside him. I should say and those five guys defensively are awesome together. You know steps the worst offender, but he's doing a good job. Kevin Durant doesn't never get enough credit for how good he is with Klay Thompson and those other two guys they're awesome. Defensively. There will I think be enough of a crowd there at the Toyota center to William two one win. But I think they knew that they should have got game one in this series. When it was a close game. And I think their their spirit died a bit, and I don't I don't disagree with Bill Simmons after game one where you know. He's talking about the him them complaining about the officials. I think was indicative of them knowing like. Sh we miss. We miss this opportunity. We could have we could have won that game one. And now, no you don't got to believe that. Was very slow icky is an S H E E T. He's been great obviously defensive on the offensive end. He's by knocking down shots and seventy five percent doesn't all make the move is like go you to to defend gentlemen. But he's also like I man I can still score the bolt when all the attention is on the the best shooters of all time. Yeah, you're going to get your looks to open a gym Draymond on dollar a six week program. That's all you need you'll be in playoff shape. Visit do Pilates or whatever it is. They're doing eat some good meals. You're good to go. That's it. Suddenly, you're go to basketball again. It's incredible. That's it when they get all in dream honor this locked in and this shape and having this much of an impact and kudos to curb for starting them. And that is the rockets the respect he has I think for the rockets heading in this series. I don't know how you stop the Hamptons five th the death lineup. Whatever it's called megadeath. Yeah. It's it's wild. Yeah. Remember where like man DeMarcus cousins going to really come in handy for this rocket series? When they go small, and they just got a post them up. They haven't missed in my no, not so far. But yet, maybe we have somebody on the rockets just catches fire baby. It's and just single leading them with the, you know, the fifty point type triple double night or Chris Paul doing something in the series. He's been taken out. But again, that's goes on hard. And a lot of time Claes on Chris poll out of time, and then dream monz between between stopping a guy at the free throw line. And then taken away any sort of lob. They're just great defenders Durant. Yeah. Coming in and racing some shots. If you do get by the perimeter defense, they're locked in so PJ and Joe green and Eric Gordon as well. If those guys can have some of those games with they hitting threes. Erik gordon. I think is really well, you Tucker, they need more from that. And then they need a green or a house or or even Chris Paul to like put up some point that they need that one of those games where we talk about like Gerald green had six threes last night. But I it's you don't wanna put you fight in that to win the game. Certainly certainly takes the white off off hot and and pull having to do role game to Austin rivers was like four threes. Yeah. I mean that's found money right there. It's a great game. But they need a couple of those guys. I think have any chance to beat the squad. That's on Saturday though, Saturday night the Saturday night game. Yeah. You fan of that. I mean, I'll watch game any day. All right. But discriminate here we've said it before two rockets or excuse me the warriors have won a road playoff game in twenty consecutive series. So well, let's they only win game to wait. What no? At the warriors are going to win one at least make it gave three. So that we know this thing is over. Yeah. Oh, I know what I'm saying. No, I want the rockets to win game three row is too. Yeah. Yeah. Seem like it's actually interesting going into game for not a complete blowout. Okay. Well, let's hope for the rockets. Yes. Yeah. Tired of spending hundreds of dollars for prescription glasses. Our friends at Zanny optical offer, a huge variety of high quality stylish frames and state of the art optics starting at just six ninety five. You can get multiple frames with this great pricing for less than one pair. Elsewhere start building your eyewear wardrobe from the comfort of your own home at Zanny dot com. With the latest trends in eyewear available in hundreds of frame styles and materials there isn't a better way to change it up for every season. Plus is any offers prescription sunglasses at incredible prices visits. Any today at Xeni dot com slash NBA. That's Z E N N, I dot com slash NBA. 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Go to bollandbranch dot com today for fifty dollars off your first set of sheets, plus free shipping with promo code NBA. Spelled B O L L, andbranch dot com. That's bollandbranch dot com, promo code NBA. It on the beach reading your tweets and your emails. I what hug is in Celtics bucks game to the bucks had twenty five points late in the first quarter. But only one two point field goal made the rest were threes and Janas free throws this highlighted. What is now the modern NBA game? I play rec league ball in the UK, and there it's more old school. The three ball is a rarity rather than a Goto shot. My question is what's like for. You guys has the modern MBA style of play trickle down to your your rec league's there or your pickup runs. Go. Is your? The answer is. Yes, next question. High starters who are your notable. What do you think it has yourself play play pick up on last night show, almost seems it seemed like you were embarrassed you were saying this looks like it's slow motion killed. Yeah. I mean, that's not new to me. I've seen clips of our rec league runs or pick-up runs before. It always shocks me. How slow it looks. Yeah. I think that when you're out there. It doesn't feel slow weird feeling. Sixty running around a forty year old man feels like the NBA. Right. So you watch it. You're like that's worse than I thought. But then you're like, but now, let's talk. How many tweets there are about? Can we see more reckless highlights? Talk more about your reckless. What are your basketball player? Comparisons for your rec leagues. Who would you guys be? If you're in the NBA, you would have a different tune you love to give the people what they want unless it's not what you want. If you knew how many times we get the question in in Space Jam to who should play the all the guys. We don't answer that question. We've answered. Times before. Anyway, John Smith, the answer's absolutely. Yes. All eels does three pointers. No. But that's. Forty forty. That's all you have to issue. But I say I play with you on Wednesday nights. But in my some pickup runs at the Ag. I'm run everyone. Just us three point six behind the three point. Outdoors. Go in. But everyone thinks they. But but I will say not just the playing style, but the fashion as well you see guys now in the tights. And it's like two headbands. Exactly what fashionable. It's in the studio here that answer sweatband the answer the rock that when I was playing on the this like him. Shooting house elbow problems. I would love for Kirk goals to come out to sprawl ball pickup runs map it out because there's a lot. There's a lot of three no doubt. Oh, man. There's a lot of you need to hit a three one or two it feels like to win the game in that plan in once like making force, you should shoot. More honest. Seventy five percent threes when you're playing into. Yeah. That's right. There's a math for you. What? For all ball of shower. Immense health Clint. Old men in there. Question that you get y y task is not part of the rotation. What do you mean? He's not part of the Wednesday run rotation. They should be asking ask task. Us quite a few months ago. I haven't played since what's what's keeping you from the from the game. I love basketball NBA basketball. Nice. Nice. You gotta start coming to our pick up. All this gear. You could be buying. Attractive? If I was let's try to put a percentage on it. Why are you talking about four percent better? I would maybe consider it coming with us. Next time. We have. Guys coming with can't do I can't put people through that. You'd be fine fine. You're running. Honestly. No, I wouldn't think you would be Jeeves. You're sucking in next one from nNcholas be city a little longer high starters who are notable players you turned on during their careers, either positively or negatively for whatever reason on the same note. Are there any active players? You don't ever see yourself liking or disliking? Now, nNcholas has a few examples here somewhat famous example for him. Tim Duncan a lot of people didn't like the Spurs, and Tim because they were boring playing fundamentally mostly defensive basketball this lead meetable fifteen years ago that Tim was overrated and just didn't like him, and that they were lucky to those championships. As years went along came to appreciate Dunkin in the Spurs, quite a lot more one active player. I turned on one hundred percent negatively, and I don't see myself ever coming back on is Chris Paul I will readily mitt that he's one of the two or three best point guards of this millennium and definitely a future member of the whole fame that being said, I can't stand him the constant bitching and complaining, and it's borderline dirty play extremely irritating and has been for basically a decade. I don't see how I would ever turn on him and actually like him again. Anyway, what about you guys nNcholas be good examples there one hundred percent on that Chris Paul one? We were just talking about this. The other day off camera. Speaking about it at our rec league. The equivalent of the Chris. I've I've soured on Chris Paul over the years. And I was a big big big fan of he's a whole Famer. He is amazing. But yeah, it's it's got to me a little his style. Play definitely has for me one guy. I was very excited for coming into leagues. David robinson. He we had we had to wait a couple years after his drafted finishing out in the in the navy, and I was like, right. And he might immediate impact. He was a big lift -i the Spurs improve straightaway. But he got a little too much love from everybody. I'm big Akeem allege one and so as his nineties the alii nineties became the mid nineties, we had the big. Class. Ep Robinson going up against the chemo allies. What? Allege just did him. And I was just like, that's my point. I mean, David's good great. He's a whole fame of cost champion. But when it came to those to head to head dream was better, and I'm just a dream guy. And you can't be Dreaver. You can't be you're right. You're either an Akim allies one fan or David Wright copy respect him, of course player in the community. You on was a bit of plan and is a beneficent. Listen. Lot of degree. But listen, there's not many people who who who just dislike diverse and because he's such an upstanding, gentlemen. I'm not saying. I'm just saying disliking. Just sort of like if you if you talk in the nineties don't come at me with Robinson ahead LaJoie never know. Right. Right. And what we gotta go back. We gotta get rid of this award show. We gotta go back to the way. It was. We got to be given out the awards in these postseasons before games. Yes, right. It's great. It gives us storyline. Guys are upset because they didn't win and stuff like that. Go back to that. What about the storyline of who wear shorts to the award? I don't care. I don't care. Because I've answered Kimball walkers guy, I went from negative to positive on when he came into the. Does his dribble and schuss? But then like as career went on the only thing that was important for guards to be able to do is dribble and shoot and he got really good at it. So now I like him a Walker. You wanna see them go somewhere else? No, no prefer he stay in Charlotte. Because I think he's a Charlotte statue in the future. I would like to see him win something maybe go to the playoffs and do something interesting in the playoffs. But I would more like good guys to go to Charlotte to play with the dying to go to Charlotte. But you know, I mean, he's he's great. He's a great player. You know, just be fun to see him actually have a postseason run. Yanni stood compose guy who will never be disliked. Even by the NBA Twitter. Audie, no one. We'll dislike him ever period. It doesn't matter. What he does. He's just too nice ago. I guess what I'm saying is that he would never do anything dumb enough to ruin his reputation 'cause he's just a good hearted, doot, unlike you know, Joel Embiid or somebody else who could be on top of the league. I guess Steph is like Kevin Durant Steph. Steph can be as well sater's. He's got the all the the the cheerleading, you know, the showboating I guess is what I'm saying. People with people hating them because of just dominant excellence, then people do start to sour on you. Because they're just tired of you you too. Yeah. It would be sort of career like labron lake to some extent, many other reasons with Rana get that who's a nice guy, that's just dominant. Who's the who could be the best player in the game that that's disliked? The Steph there's stuff that goes along with it as said. I don't think there's a really good example of. Like, you know, MJ had has hitters I guess because he wasn't a whole as well. Coby Tim Duncan who hated Tim Duncan. Okay. As to accept people. Really? That was the hate for him. Yeah. Tim Duncan the fact that he never ever felt that he had to change. All that was what people ended up loving about him like he maintained it. That's why that's the same category. For sure. Phone question from at Colin Lyman on Twitter. The greatest of all time debate has likely been around since the started league, but which historical figures, do you think could have made the list had basketball existed during their lifetime? Now. Trae re tweeted that question with Abe Lincoln at the top of my historical figures, big board six four standing six eleven with the hat. Okay. Then there are a lot of great responses. Share a couple of them Caleb said Jesus had the highest vertical. Still hasn't come down. Sandals. Yeah. Bobby big wheel wrote, Peter the great he'd have been the Russian land beer. Apparently. He was six foot eight. I don't know in the great was alive. But at the peak of his powers, but I can't imagine. There's a lot of six guys back, then he was sicklets crazy Peters. Peter must have been great to. List? He wrote Brutus and the Roman senators for their swarming shutdown defense that was yeah. That defense would be on string. That's good Brandon. Anderson tweeted in John the Baptist was the greatest fulltime dunker. How would his diet of locusts and hunting twenty nineteen and Brian road? Three to George Washington was like six inches taller than the average man at his time. General. So good good. Anyone else to throw in the miss mix? Historical figure, I think associate have king Henry as well. Well, probably not a great teammate. But but I think he probably also won a few Todd would've. Yeah. I saw someone else or apply said fuelling for three point specialist Joan of arc. Yes. Yes. She's always on fire. JD anyone come to mind or? You know, Hamilton B, Chris, Paul. Hothead actual Hamilton or Hamilton from the music. Actual. Abilities meant I heard Aaron Burr's a better shooter though. All right. So great questions guys. Great tweets keep coming all week long. Stay the starters, Email us the starters and NBA dot com. Let's get to the completed area. Resolve this conflict without anger. That's right. You don't tune in to your my friends talk about their pickup league. Tune in. Dear me, talk about the sonic the hedgehog movie. This week. I saw the trailer was released, and I'll watch pretty much any trailers. So I watched the trailer. And here was my initial thoughts. Like, oh, that voice Miller. Oh, that's bench Schwartz. Ben Schwartz as the voice assigned the hedgehog. That's a great choice. Bench Schwartz is super funny. There's Jim is Dr botany chew up some scenery. Maybe it'll be funny. Maybe not I don't know. But sure great. And then I was left with the very strong feeling that this movie does not look very good. You can't be sure from a trailer, but more than that, this is a kids movie in some sense, people would say anything with a any kind of superhero video game. Stop movie is a kids movie. But this is a very much a kids movie. I looked at the end it said this film is not yet rated. But when it does I think you're gonna see a G or PG. Perhaps the Paul George thirteen. And that's where it ended for me. Like, this is a movie that I'm not ever gonna see but good for them. What did you think of the look of sonic the hedgehog while last night? Scrolling through Twitter in the late stage of this raptors game because I couldn't watch the old television. But I was too lazy to turn it off. And I saw. Some sort of headline that was like, sonic. The hedgehog director says they're going to be changing design sonic, and I was like, oh, that's so funny onion style headline. And I'm scrolling. And I see like a different headline. That says the same similar thing. I look at like. The what's going on? So then I have to put the phone down and go over the laptop. I. I can't I can't googling from iphone. And it turns. This is not a joke. This is real the director tweeted, the message is loud and clear, you aren't happy with the design, and you want changes it's going to happen. So basically people freaked out they didn't like the way sonic, the anime here. The other characters are real people is. Created by machine and. They weren't happy with the way look to my eyes. He looked friendlier then the sonic that people wanted one hundred percent disagree. You don't think? So because the more anthropomorphic people are saying he looked more like a human. Yeah. And the other way he looks more like a like an angry like man, I'm gonna go spin real like head truck. With spiky hair. But he looks you're right. The part that's creeping MIO. I guess a lot of people is the weird human quality look to the teeth. L'armee? Yeah. People are angry about the teeth. I their way though, what's what's more likely that this movie's going to not be good because the script isn't good, and it was handled by million executives, and it's been rewritten. I mean, I I actually looked up quickly like this movie's been supposed to be made since forever. Is that going to be more likely or is going to be on a great script? Great acting bowl areas touching. We're teeth teeth. It's just I just can't believe that we're at the point that we're getting so angry about a kids movie about a character that was from the early nineties. I mean, I guess there's been different iterations of sonic. That's the other thing. I don't know it sonic looks like anymore. I know it say Genesis sonic looks like who knows what new sonic computer, sonic looks like. I just can't believe that we're getting this angry about things, right? So you're you're shocked at the director dress. James harden complaining about file calls, please drop that I just can't believe or getting this angry about. Drop it on yourself every. I'm exploring the space. Sonic is weird. Looking. Trailer. No big song. No details fan or knuckle fan. No. I looked at the FBI jam the guys tweets. The directors tweet, and I had just sorta read some through some of the responses under it made me laugh. Please make good changes. Detective Warner is. As a member of Warner media. Nice. I'm glad. Nice is looking sick. But you know, what the most common there's two very common responses to the director one was like people being like, hey, I redesigned sonic. And then this. The other responses people being like. I hope you don't make your animators work too hard. It's like now suddenly people are concerned about like labor because they're like this movie's coming out in November, you got to redesign, sonic and. Now, you're going to put too much pressure on your enemies. It's like. I mean, I've never I haven't seen like people care about labor rights in places where they should. But now, we're worried that people that are making sonic. The hedgehog are worried about them. Anyways. I'm trying to say take a breath internet. You got him ventures and game of thrones battle winter fell in the same week. You're weird nerd. You should you should have cleared the pipes by now, you shouldn't have this much anger left to be angry about sonic, the hedgehog. One of our streets stranger completed areas. But I liked it JD. Let's fire the gun. Speaking of movies, I've been dodging spoilers left and right CNN game on Sunday morning nine thirty can't wait. But got me thinking about some NBA spoilers. I like to hear like Derek Rosebud was his sled. Yeah. You can do it. You can do it. Okay. Simple. Spoiler right here. Austin carr. Cars spoilers. Bruce Willis was Dwayne deadman. The whole town. Lou Williams sees dead people real stretch. Yeah. Wow. Shabazz snappier wars. Gilbert aria kills the Travis Knight king. Derrick rose survives the crash the Titanic crash. What's for Darth Vader? I am your father. Bill Walton, Luke, I am your father spoiler. This bill. Bill with two. Oh, goodness. It's difficult. I also had Gwyneth Paltrow's head is in the DR in box. Good those I seven reference, right? Yeah. Yeah. The woman in the crying game has Lonzo ball's. That's basically it. Reuss Bolton cuts off tyreek Evans, gray. Joyce. I'm just in. I mean game. Long time when Harry met John Salley they ended up together at the end. Approved proving the friends you can't be. Friends what did approve? With the woman what you got Lee on nothing. I'm trying to think of on. But I o Markelle Sola dies at the end gladiator the spaniel at the end of the usual suspects. Kevin Spacey is. Is e sosie. That's hard to say something. That's. For lease the week. Tweet. Oh boy. There's no spoil the tweet of the week Schadt. The red mom would twenty two. Not his cue me to super diarrhea might conceal out via Lille piece. Melles Trent Cohen Hetty m night. Twenty two to morning poops old legend to fifteen coach Hugh missed Koya graduates. Ak chris. Dot com did not tweet. Ak twitter. Heads clothing dot com. That's for the whips. I play the dot com. We were all your f- say can't tweet unless Twitter your shirt. Cullens inside, right? Wait a Koi. Ak threats clothing. Both. Yeah. You can have multiple endorsements. You don't have an exclusive deals. Not an exclusive. But i'm. Get Hulu Joel threat, clothing dot com. Hey. What's the point? Okay. People included is Mr.. Is there a MRs coin great question say at say young pep dash because he's going to get upset if you young pip dash loyal soldier in the army. We haven't you should at homage available to. Very. Dot com slash the start is to get yours. Wearing at night. Your polls will thank bulls. Tweet. Yes. I last week. We had all the hod and controversy and Bleacher tweet at some angles of James Hahn being run into worries defend is not getting Falco's which prompted Utah Jazz Cinta Rudy. Go bid who was angry. And he tweeted this Mike is not allowed to contest shots like that last week. Maybe I'm crazy NS just camera angles. Syncing his teammate might drew the ire of the league office done of Mitchell. Replied, Dan, you should have just given me the twenty five grand ROY so O'neil chipped in. With can we split it to its route replied with Zinger at least go to charity and not inky headbands, and I'm just a fan giving his point of view. The we. I should've stayed unclogging Lee. Thank you. How many Mr. Koi is get for twenty five thousand dollars. A lot. Different types of cuts. The. Cubano shirts. I'll get you on. If you want. Never got you know. For everybody. But me, I thought you know, he didn't get a Koya. I think I gave you my Koya Koya. Lee had. Idea koi? Pond. You throw all the Koya shirts in pond. Fisher fish about your shirt for the nights. So do you tell her doing the draft lottery? New shirt lined up for Friday's television show you've seen it before. But it's not a new shirt. Might if you haven't seen the show. Get outta here. But before we go some rapid fire. Yeah. There is. Vendors gang came out last weekend in the mall. I'll walk. He bucks. Went to see it asked for view Yana said it was a quote really nice movie that even though he had to go to the bathroom. He never left. That guy's got a freakish bladder guys. What's something you would hold your P for? I mean, it's the drop every time we do. Pete so badly everytime, including this time, but you know, book Mormon seen it three times. And I don't like to leave my seat during the intermission. And last time I said, I had P like crazy, but I I waited out and I'm going to have problems in old age. Strong Caygill muscles Matt road trip momentum. If we're just getting going and someone asked to stop or, you know, after something like, let's go let's go let's get on the highway a bit. Let's let's put some put some clicks between here and there, and before we stop how much time are you willing to go three hours, plus hold it for three hundred plus. Done before. I'll do it again. Off guys UP a lot. Pretty pretty much anytime on an airplane because I'd like the window seat. And I really hate to interrupt skews me need to go for peace. I'll pretty much hold on unless it's like, a, you know, nine out flawed or something like that. And when I know they don't gonna have to guy, but if I'm three or four hours, and I'm holding on for like ninety minutes or so you can do it. Right. Or do you hope that maybe one of them gets up to us when you jump definitely if there's only one person next to me, but lead blocker. Yeah. All right. Second question. My main man get the Kevin Durant is with the warriors. In fact, GT asked him what he'd do to cave in the bay guy responded, quote, if there's such a thing as an inspiration dinner that I need to cook to bring all the dignitaries together. Well, consider that meal cooks. Weird. Diners drive ins, and dignitaries. Can't wait for his new show. Anyways, guys, what the meal that inspires you Jaydee whenever I go in a Costco. I will occasionally if I'm starving. Get a kosco hotdog and the great they're super cheap. Walker? I feel like a garbage for the rest of the day. So it inspires me. Not to eat. Four to six months stuff. Matt american. Thanks giving dinner I came too late in life. And specifically the one that's been usually a so always attaches has just the the amount of food the array of food, Danielle Tacis wife was cookbook makes most of it. But then everyone brings something it's like it's a real team effort and just seeing that many people around the table eating. I every time I walking my plate back to the table. I get misty eyed. And that's why we need it back this tests. I know you're taking a euro. Planning. I can't have that many people be intimate bedroom. You got a part of the eating point. Poll and about the party doesn't have people in it doesn't carry it. I can't remember. But. All right coming over to my place. Give it Matt Lee. What about you know, you're gonna say a stake in? Yeah. Well, that's it. Because anytime. I know I know that beat decision to make until need to feel comfortable that I'm gonna make the right decision. But I'm in a bit of a bond these days because I'm kind of red. Not making any decisions on everything. That's right. I don't have any big decisions tonight. But yeah. But it's it's one of those things I look forward to it. Because I'm like, right? I'm going to have this meal. Feel the brains clear the belly full. Beautiful decision. The bad. Our Faisal rapid-fire question comes from J P Berlin who writes listening to the last drop in bed. I thought a relaxing rapid fire was gonna low me to sleep. But after JD story about finding the dead body. I was Reynolds. When was the time you were thinking you'd have a good night's sleep only to be shocked awake. JD back in my food on the floor days. I was just rate in just drifting off when a mouse ran across. And it sorta landed on my shoulder. That's when I was awake. And then I there is no Bexley. It was one of those you jump up. Taking everything covers everything hunt. It yet lights on. Two in the morning is brutal. Yeah. Mice. When I was nine hundred twenty I went to Europe with a couple of friends to do the classic put a backpack on your pack. So so Canadian flag on it. And we were taking an overnight train. I cannot remember where it was between. But everyone told us you're gonna get robbed on this train a happens to everyone, and we got one of those sleeper cars, and it was four beds, and we were three people, and there was no fourth person. So we're kind of like it had a door the close but not locked. Tiny dark, and we're like what's going to happen. So everyone drifts off to sleep somebody wake up. God knows what time. So I don't know. Three four in the morning to see a man standing over me. And I'm like, and I just kind of like what? And he's like a classic. Missiles, adding. I guess it was in Italy. But after that, it was no going back to sleep because I was like what's going on here. So everyone woke up was like do we have everything we did low? But it was definitely a robbery attempt. If you truly believe that. Yeah. He wasn't just. Coming in. This. Apartment to live in. I had a Mira that hung on the back of my bedroom door right to see the Mira. You have to close the door was let with my door open and say whatnot. I work out for a P. And I thought the door was opened as I walked to the door like it was closed. But I was groggy mile is went really open and in the Mira. I oversee sort of reflection of myself, and I immediately thought there was someone standing. So I actually like shoved the bureau. Really? I saw this guy. That's nice. No. I'm back. For all your shirt. Reflections shirt. Scrape you. Did you break it or not? But it just peak noise, and then I came to and I'm like, oh, I just tried to fight myself. Not me. That's what the fire I think you've just described the plot to annihilation actually, really. Oh, really? Yeah. Spoiler. In a sense. We all want to destroy ourselves. You wanna quick story about the same apartment in London where I slip so someone counting crew. So my my brother and his girlfriend also lived in a different bedroom in that same place, and now f front door it it had at had a bolt, but that was broken. So you had to use a key to enter exit this apartment, right? And it was on top of the pub and whatnot. My. My brother's girlfriend woke up sort of like screaming. Oh my God. It's going fine with my fine. And we dislike a you must have dropped on. The beta something like that. It wasn't it. Then may my brother at in the hallway and one of these windows that we never opened was opened and and we looked around and then handbag was also missing. And so we went outside and we found like a purse it was empty, and that's a someone to come into our house and couldn't get out of there. And I open this window. That was like we we sort of thought it was like like welded shot, no mess, and they and they and I snuck out and then we call the police. But it was like freaky tonight that someone was in half like that the window is on the second floor. So we we were on one level, but we were on top of a pub where we lived, right? But I'm saying so he jumped from the second floor. Was like a back entrance like the days that I guess he he somehow got into those. Anyway. Good idea. That's podcast wild ending to this one. Hope you guys enjoyed it though. If you do and you subscribe to the showing apple podcast on itunes, leave us that five star reading that review. Help us out. Join us tonight Friday on MBA TV at six thirty pm eastern if you're catching this on the weekend. We'll see you on Monday nights. You heard it here. I have a great time turn up lovey guys. Awesome. Thanks for joining us, San remember mice. People.

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