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The. Basco? I n last the podcast. Oh, baby. It's thinks giving hype week. Continue why based off something this weekend all of your dreams can officially come true. And today, you're not going to be able to tell me a bleeping thing. First and last Michael junior here on ESPN radio and the ESPN app, we're presented by progressive insurance callers. Join us on the shell Pennzoil performance line. And you can tweet the show the one eight hundred flowers dot com Twitter feed at ESPN radio in at 'em goal of junior fifty seven a man, it is that we for all the talk. I have gotten a lot of unnecessary slander in the last couple of weeks for my early embrace of the Christmas and the holiday season. It's thanksgiving hype. We you think I don't take this seriously. And I promise you I spent way too much time on a morning where we had eight games yesterday in the NFL decided by not a score or less but a field goal or less eight games decided by three points or less yesterday. We had all of that go on in the world of college football this weekend. We. We are now getting ready for a world coming up this weekend in a world where we've got rivalry games. And Michigan opening a favourite against Ohio State for what feels like the first time in a long time. I'm going to spend the entire morning force-feeding. Everyone more Notre Dame than you are willing or able to handle but in all of this. I came in here this morning and God is my witness. I sat here with Alli, our producer in the pre show meeting talking about thanksgiving sides, and you know, what even further down because everyone likes to talk about their size. I saw a bunch of psychos on the internet posted pictures of MAC and cheese with green beans in each be. Shamed of yourself and banned from thanksgiving table near you. But above all else. How do and I am. I said, you know, what I'm excited about not. Even just the Turkey the Turkey. You'll have your round not even just the stuffing. Because man, you throw little sausage. We know that bit of it is great. I'm talking about how into this a my the thing that excites me is not any that. It's even smaller. It's down to the details. I'm talking about the crunchies on top of the green bean casserole. I'm talking about those little next level details that you're gonna miss if you're not really about it, so less you not. I think we're about it here in first and last that is the world that we're living in the world. We're also living in is one where I apparently undersold under appreciated and overall doubted in a way, I shouldn't the Chicago Bears. The Chicago Bears last night. Get a win on Sunday night football primetime performance against the division rival in the Minnesota Vikings. They win twenty five to twenty in a game. That was not all that close. Minnesota had a chance to rally late, but ultimately fell short and the bears almost every phase of this game felt like a complete team especially a quarterback at a spot that I had questioned Mitchell Trubisky his accuracy through the majority of this year. And this is a guy who still has some things to work on their still a couple of turnover costly turnovers for them last night. But ultimately, what he nets you at this point on the ground as well as what he's able to do within Matt Nagy offense through the air. This is a very legit team. Led by the best player on defense in the National Football League. And I don't even know if it's all that close right now when he's healthy. Now, it felt like a statement to us Matt Nagy Chicago Bears head coach not so sure. Well, I don't know if it was making the statement tonight. I think for us what it would be just that we feel like in any game that we can play with anybody in this league. But we always respect whoever it is. And so this is a team that you know. You know, making it to the NFC championship game last year and. Being able to play good football. They're good. You know? And and so we know that and our guys want to be a part of that. And so that's that's what we're able to do. I last Michael junior here on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. We're presented by progressive home insurance. Get your quote at progressive dot com today and. This is such a double edged sword because all of the Dupree's for the Chicago Bears and met Nagy. I thought called there were a couple of series in there that were among the best in the NFL this year where we've watched things historic offense of pace from the chiefs. Like, we're getting ready to see with them in the Rams tonight. Both what the saints did obliterating the super defending Super Bowl champion eagles yesterday. And there were a couple of series in that game for Chicago that are as good as you're going to see called by offense of play caller in this league yesterday from Nagy. But conversely, it was about also doing that against a Vikings defense that last we saw them racked up. Ten sacks against the Detroit Lions in that division. And people have thought had kinda worked out there Everson Griffen and come back from dealing with some personal issues. Deniro hunter had been at a pace where we were talking about him maybe in that defensive player of the year kind of category with the number. Production. He was putting up, but ultimately yesterday that was a group that seemed to be on their heels. The vast majority of the day and less we leave out the Vikings offense going up against that bears defense that again when Khalil Mack is healthy he is so far and away the defensive player of the year. We talk about how defensive players and this has been true of JJ watt in the last few years. Well, maybe the Texans haven't been as good the quarterback situations been in flux, but you've got a singular performer on the defensive side that is so great. We have to give them their proper do with Kalou MAC. He's affecting the game in such a way where he is having quarterback level influence or at least did last night because you saw every Viking snap. There had to be a plan for Khalil Mack. And if there wasn't the play was a Cola's failure. It was it was it was completely binary either. You put all of your. Focus into Khalil Mack. Or your play was a disaster. And you almost turned it over or Kirk cousins was getting hit or any of the above at was as singularly dominant defensive performance in just overall impact as we've seen all year. And now, it's prime time. I'm probably a little high on a motion from that and going to overweight certain portions, but man, you just so rarely see that influence that we hear about it all the time. I heard Dan Orlovsky former NFL quarterback football analysts here for us at ESPN was on the meantime, show podcast, and he was talking about going into certain games and having a game plan to address certain defenders, and he was talking about playing Terrell. Suggs Baltimore Ravens outside linebacker, and he said going into that game week got into the meeting, and there was no plan to address any raise his hand. He said, no, no, no. What are we going to do about fifty five because that's my belief on the line? And so understanding. That it just felt different yesterday are ESPN NFL analyst Ryan Clark on sportscenter yesterday with John buccigross reacting to what he saw from this division matchup that Neg understands what type of athlete he has Mitch Trubisky. This was something that was talked about as much, but he came out, but we see week in week out. Mitchell Trubisky making plays with his legs. One of these guys come playoff time. I think the best wide receiver in the league digs unbelievable. So slowly. But is there enough there right now, they're not playing good enough defense coming into this year? It was about what the Minnesota Vikings were defensively last year. They're not getting the same type of pressure on a quarterback, not creating the turnovers that we've seen and you went out and got Kirk cousins to go win games. Like this that they played tonight. And he just wasn't good enough. You saw the interception. Eddie Jackson that put points on a boy for the Chicago Bears. He can't make those mistakes if he wants to be the guy that's the franchise guy for the Minnesota Vikings. And makes that contract looked like he deserved. And that's gonna always be a storyline for this season that you constant indictment of Kirk cousins. I think he's gone out and earned that money ten times over during the course of the season with some of the kinds of caliber of throws. He's made over the course of the year. But last night was atypical. I heard them talking in the broadcast numbers against pressure last night were abysmal compared to what he's done overall on the season. And I think that speaks to again on their best day what we see out of this Chicago defense and on the other side, I feel like an all this having given the proper credit to Mitch Trubisky. Who now I believe yesterday overtook Cam Newton for rushing yards by a quarterback this season. The NFL leads the NFL in yards per carry average, and is a guy who is flat out special with that. And so we're going to talk at some point today about Lamar Jackson who made his debut and the way you lean into the strength of certain players met Nagy is fully embraced the strengths of Maserati. Mitch Matt Nagy has fully gotten gotten. Hind. All right. This is what my quarterback doesn't just do. Well, but does it an elite level is by time around the pocket? Find his way into open space and Flint guys miss in a way that we always hear is not possible at the NFL level. Save for a select few and Mitchell Trubisky is officially a part of that select few at this point. So now for the bears in that division. It feels like the sky's the limit. If they can keep this up doing in primetime against an opponent like Minnesota. I think is going to do long go along way for public confidence in this team in this situation and for a schedule that lines favorably down the stretch, we're gonna be talking very seriously about bears playoff run, very soon. And last podcast ready to let the Notre Dame hype machine wash over me like a tidal wave. It's coming believe me, we are going to have plenty for our friend. Stephen a Smith who stood up and took his medicine, but was on the wrong side of history with this one. Hard to blame him hard to blame everyone. But everyone around here. I just need a lot of quiet this morning. Lot of be ever. So quiet. Never. So still this morning. Everyone ESPN heard a lot of voicemails last week going into Notre Dame Syracuse game and a lot of chatter in your now a lot of people putting their money where their mouth was not a lot of people really thinking about it. And it got real quiet real early. I was down calling Texas Tech at Kansas state. And I was sitting there and all I prayed for is that it's over early. So I can focus on the game. I gotta do more sitting there in the booth before the game and watching the game on the monitor. And sure enough about set ups about seventeen points early on in that game. I was able to turn it off and rest pretty easy. So proud Irish Lebanon o- on the season heading into Southern Cal. We'll get to plenty of that show. Staff. Took a nice trip to Yankee Stadium and got to see it up close and personal man. We gotta talk about the weirdest thing in the world yesterday. I. I landed. I took a flight back from Manhattan Kansas landed Sunday morning in Connecticut around eleven fifteen and when I got off the plane, I was greeted by two things two things that I was not ready. To here at that point in time. The first of which is a little more run of the mill and fell news and reports that from Adam Schefter that said league sources believed the Jaguars will entertain the idea of trading cornerback. Jalen Ramsey in the off-season that already jarring young star that they drafted out of Florida state, a guy who's been outspoken, but also been highly productive since he entered the league. Since released a statement, they have zero intention of trading cornerback. Jalen ramsey. There's no truth to this rumor. But when that is the appetizer. And the main course is reports from ESPN's Adam Schefter that the Browns would like to interview former secretary of state Condoleeza Rice for their head coaching job. A league source tells ESPN. Then it feels like a weird day. You know, what it wasn't? I feel like we all processed this the right way, which is Brown's GM John Dorsey had said last week that he was open to hiring a woman Cleveland's next head coach, and I also cool. Absolutely. There are a lot more women lately starting to get jobs in and around football in the NFL. And this is something that absolutely trend down the road hundred percent on let's do it. But the name Condoleeza Rice all the sudden coming out of the woodwork shot a lot of people because outside of being a part of the college football playoff selection committee like she was a few years ago. Not a lot of direct football experience in all of this. And so I immediately sat around and go. All right. What are the Browns trying to cover up? What are the Browns? Trying to throw us off the trail of that they would release this kind of news because it's not something that was actually going to happen. I mean, hell I thought actually went through my head. And this says more about my opinion. Of this franchise than it does anything else. But I'm like man, maybe they're trying to do this to see if they can get someone like the jets to take the bait because it would seem like the ultimate jets move. Is there more than likely going to be moving on to a new head coach this offseason to say, man, what are the Browns and Condoleeza Rice? Maybe we need to look at this one. Maybe we need to look in and check this out. But ultimately, it was nothing more than that, a strange headline and something that we all kind of try and sit in process on a Sunday morning. Adam Schefter, Rex Ryan. And Sam ponder on Sunday. NFL countdown trying to do just that. Oh, this is very interesting because this past week the Browns general manager John Dorsey came out and said he would consider anybody for the job including women. And as it turns out, there is one woman at the Browns have on their wishlist to go speak to and that would be the former secretary of state. Who's at lifelong Browns fan. Now, the Browns are interested in getting her ideas or input into the organization. She was with the team out in Oakley. She could become the first woman ever to interview for NFL head coaching job. And it comes time where we've seen one and make inroads into sports with various coaching positions. Everyone knows sweeping extreme long shot to get the job, maybe she distributing the consultant type away, but the Browns would like to interviewer for their head coaching job Wienert for years that she was interested in being Commissioner. She's always been time at Stanford with David Shaw. She loves the game. I'm just curious wrecks on your response. Even the possibility of an interview. Well, I think there's there's plenty of room in the NFL for or women in coaching. And all that, obviously, I was the first one that that hired a fulltime assistant woman in Catherine Smith, and thank you very much and she did a fantastic job. So, you know, one thing for sure. If Condoleeza Rice is a head coach, she will be the smartest at. NFL today. She takes a job. The woman can work on peace in the Middle East. Maybe. This never I last Michael junior here on ESPN radio and the ESPN app, and you can understand everyone kind of walking around on shells on this one. Because the last thing you wanna do is come off sounding like a jerk talking about Condoleeza Rice talking about a woman in football. But I think we can all comfortably state Condoleeza Rice is in no way shape informed, fit to a head coach in the NFL understand. We live in a time period where the pre recs for certain positions don't seem to apply as much anymore. But that being said, this is a spot where you're right, there are plenty of roles in football, where Condoleeza Rice would be a huge asset Condoleeza Rice working with or around the league office, the Commissioner all things like that are very interesting because those are ones where the skill set certainly runs over Condoleeza Rice did put out a statement on her Facebook page that I love my Browns. And I know they will hire it experience coach to take us in level next level. But on a more serious note, I do hope that the NFL will start to bring women into the coaching profession as position coaches and eventually coordinators and head coach. One doesn't have to play the game to understand it motivate players, but experience counts, and it's time to develop a pool of experience women coaches, by the way, I'm not ready to coach, but I would like to call player to next season at the Browns need ideas and in no time while I call for a prevent defense. So the very least her philosophy because that was I was starting to get into. All right. If we're gonna play this game. Do we think she runs the three four four three? You know what? Her based coverage is heavy blitz package. All the things that we would have to start to consider feel like you've got if you're the Browns lean into this and have Condoleeza Rice absolutely call play at the beginning of last year. We've done it for less than Condoleeza Rice, certainly has the clout to at least pull that off work cited to see that one so bizarre news that we all took into gather on Twitter. And last the podcast first and last podcast hanging out of my head. This idea of coming off the headline from yesterday that Adam Schefter reported the Browns were interested in interviewing Condoleeza Rice to be their next head coach like I can't get rid of this idea in my head of political ad campaigns making their way into the world of the NFL like Todd Haley refused to incorporate elements of baker's Oklahoma spread in their offense. Hugh Jackson wants you to know that he elects to go for it on fourth down in situations where Todd wooden. My name is Hugh Jackson. I approve this message somewhere off in the distance first. And last Michael junior here on ESPN radio and the ESPN app, presented by progressive insurance callers. Join us on the shell Pennzoil performance line. You tweet the show the one eight hundred flowers dot com Twitter feed at ESPN radio at goal of junior fifty seven and we have a Twitter endorsement of. Coming up in just a little bit courtesy of one star NFL wide receiver in the one eight hundred flowers dot com Twitter feed who's going to let us know exactly where he and his team STAN on this NFL season. But. We had talked about the AFC north something old and something new yesterday being put on display and the something old came in the strangest of slow motion style game winning circumstances. So yesterday, we also talked about the reports that came out before the games kicked off the Jacksonville Jaguars were interested in trailing trading star cornerback Jalen Ramsey, which they came out released a statement and denied, but certainly have been something that made its way back to Jalen Ramsey and away that certainly got a reaction from him in a game. Where for the most part the Jacksonville Jaguars actually managed to control play. They limited a very potent Steelers offense for the vast majority of the day. Jalen Ramsey himself. Had a hell of a game. He limited Antonio Brown to just four catches for thirty nine yards. When he was the primary cover guy he had two interceptions on passes that were throw dantonio Brown. It was the first multi interception game of Jalen Ramsey's career. Which is surprising, given the nature of that cornerback and how good we know he is. But we still heard those reports and he even said after I didn't use it as motivation. It is what it is. I don't control that all I control what I put out there on the field when the offseason comes. We'll have to have conversation have either that or I'm going to get a contract extension or something something is going to happen. But for him it continues to be the frustration of losing games. Mounting up. Moser? Was relieved. I don't have any bad as hard as you. Guys me too much going to have a bad day. Daughter. I go home to make everything better for. Just trying to get the perspective of. Good. I last year on ESPN radio and the ESPN app unusual shot of perspective from Jalen Ramsey whose guy we heard pretty confidently talking before the season almost any media outlet that will listen about the quarterbacks around the league and his thoughts on them, and we appreciated that sort of candor and that made me appreciate Ben Rothlisberger in the post game yesterday for the Steelers to Ben Rothlisberger engineered a game winning drive that culminated in a slow motion. Ben Rothlisberger almost speed option. Ask touchdown. It was the play that we've seen in vogue all throughout the NFL season. This sort of option, look, we've got a running back out as the pitch, man. And then underneath you've usually got some tight end dragging on a power set that the quarterback can pitch it underneath to well both of those options were taken away. And all that was left was for Ben Rothlisberger to slow motion amble into the. The end zone. Touchdown. That felt like it took forever in a review that was as close as you could possibly get and something that the quarterback narrated us through after the game. I don't know. What option I am on that. But it's way down the list, they took away the other ones, and it's kind of those things where just competitive this the denzel's seems like it's right there. You know, you have a time out of that help. So you can take a gambler chance. And then when you see you just find a way to stretch it out figuring out the Steelers place in the AFC right now is interesting because that was a game where they were largely on unimpressive and ineffective throughout the majority of the day. Obviously 'Antonio Brown put up some big numbers against corners, not named Jalen Ramsey. But as we slot teams like the Steelers and for a lot of people the Texans coming off their win streak. I got something to say about the colts in a little bit here because that looks like the best team in the AFC south right now. But you've got them. You've got the patriots. You've got the chargers who suffered a may. Major setback yesterday in division game against the Broncos. And you've got the Steelers doing enough in this situation to come out and get the win. But my favorite part about these dealers that outside of Mike Tomlin who's gonna stand up. And usually give you the stock answer something good something clean, something prepared in the bottom line is businesses winning and we took care of business style points, quite ugly. But we gotta job done. You know, you just grow when you face diversity like this and hostile environment, and you're not playing grading. If I am ways to get it done. And so from that standpoint, you know, really excited, obviously, we got some lessons to learn that potentially could be duplicated you gotta tip your cap to that group, particularly defenseman miss of great, Mike Tomlin, one of the best quotes in football for a team that he's absolutely right. There is benefit. There is value to find a way to win in this situation a day where the Jags defense finally looked like itself in a year where now they're completely out of it. They are back to capsizing and all of it can't help but feel centered around. Quarterback. And Blake Bortles that is never going to go out there and offer you any sort of relief from what you're suffering through. Your defense is having an off day, even as the strength of your team occasionally having someone who can throw you. A lifeline seems helpful Jacksonville. Does not have that they're going to have to address that. But man after hearing all that talk from Jalen Ramsey, and the Ossete is nights to see that energy match by someone on the other side Steelers quarterback, Ben Rothlisberger trash talk that you hear out there. They're really good defense. Like, I said they like to talk a lot of before the game during the game. But I'm carrying two Gable person last here on ESPN radio and the ESPN app, if you're hosting the thanksgiving gathering, no small aqap. It's no small accomplishment show them. Just how much you appreciate all the hard work. With twenty four multicolored roses for twenty four dollars for one hundred flowers to order, go to one eight hundred flowers dot com slash ESPN. So we had something old in the AFC north certainly the established power there. But we also had something new. I thought it was worth note. We finally got a look because of. Hip injury. Joe flacco at Baltimore Ravens rookie quarterback. Lamar Jackson who got his first start in the NFL the last of the rookie quarterbacks to start this season. The five first round rookie quarterback's that we had and the mar- Jackson after the game just talking about how he envisioned the day going. I didn't visit a game being close. Not. But you know, whatever to win. How did you just didn't want the game to come down on the field rather than going on in the game? Not not now. Lamar Jackson ended the game thirteen of nineteen for one hundred and fifty yards. No touchdowns. One interception. Who sacked a couple times? Also, a casual hundred seventeen yards rushing that was very clearly the plan from the opening drive on was to get him involved in some of those read option looks that had been involved in the packages. He wasn't all year, and that plan I think was the right one especially going into this game because he had had an interesting role an interesting place on this team that was going to affect his development for a lot of this year when you're used as the gadget play guy when they build these packages for you to come in a similar to what we've seen from tastes hill. But with a lot more weight on the future Tatum hill, the New Orleans Saints backup quarterback who comes in. Does a lot of the read option? Packages. But isn't the guy that's necessarily lined up to be their quarterback of the future the same way? Lamar Jackson is when you've got that as a focus where every week Lamar Jackson. I'm sure trying to come in do the best version of the job. He can in that regard. It's best to start that as the foundation in an area where he's special we talked about this with Mitchell Trubisky when your special even if it's on the ground in a way that quarterbacks we say all the time. You know, you've got to be able to throw from the pocket if you're gonna win in this NFL. Yeah. Well, as we've seen from offense of coordinators now, you also embrace the gifts of what your players do best. And you try and maximize those as best you can in a way that's not gonna compromise them safety wise on the mar Jackson is fast enough athletic enough. And just good enough at running this version of the offense to not necessarily put himself in harm's way. Now, do I wanna see him major in that every game? No. But if you're going to build the foundation of his NFL career for guy who did a lot of things really well in a complex Bobby between offense while he. At louisville. This is a good place to start and you get to start it from a win. You get to correct all these mistakes from a twenty four twenty one win if you're Lamar Jackson, and if you're John Harbaugh, and that's something you can't take for granted. Eight seven to nine three seven seven six you want to weigh in on what you saw from Lamar Jackson or any other performances yesterday in the NFL. And last the podcast he'll to make sense of a lot yesterday man that the Condoleeza Rice headline really threw me off for the rest of the day. I kind of was questioning a lot of things that put you in conspiracy theory mode, pretty quick for anyone who missed it. ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that the Browns were interested in interviewing Condoleeza Rice, former secretary of state as a head coaching candidate. Which Condoleeza Rice came out said wasn't true. The Browns GM John doors came out and said wasn't true. And we all booth passed pretty quickly, but still put you on edge the door to the Brown. Trying to pull over me. What's happening? How am I supposed to make sense of this very confusing world? And then I was handed the strange ball of clay that is the NFC east and life didn't get any simpler, because quite frankly, trying to make sense of what is the times been one of the most appointing divisions and football has now become one of the more complicated divisions in football down the stretch of the season after yesterday, you got the defending Super Bowl champs getting absolutely throttled by the New Orleans Saints and you want to talk about an endorsement I tweeted yesterday in the one hundred flowers dot com Twitter feed. The saints are here to hurt feelings. Late in the game going for it on fourth down a pass to Alvin Kamara that goes for a touchdown against none other than former New Orleans eight Malcolm Jenkins who decided to one finger salute his former head coach in Sean Payton, and all the goodness that comes along with that. But the undoing of the Philadelphia Eagles on the prime the big stage yesterday down in the by was jarring the defending Super Bowl champions, look like a show themselves. They are an incredibly injured team. And that didn't get any better yesterday trying to go. She ate a lot of that. And I saw getting pointed out on Twitter a lot of people were saying that the performance of last year's team in the face of injuries to their star linebacker injuries to their future hall of fame left tackle, Jason Peters. And all these things were stuff that they were able to overcome Dan Orlovsky, one of our ESPN NFL analyst accurately pointed out that is the exception. Not the rule in the way that they were experiencing loss and injury this year. That is more the rule that is more that you're used to for Carson Wentz. It was devastating. I mean, it was a culmination of a lot of things today. You know, I play a lot of games my career ever since I was kid, and this is one of the worst losses. There have been a part of. Yes frustrating. It's frustrating all around festively defensively, especially teams, we just got beat things have. We gotta be better with me, especially offense to get that thing going earlier and early and often talk about all the time we've been able to get fixed. So it was definitely frustrating today. But at the end of the day, we're gonna get outta here where in his film, and we're going to go play couple NFC Sapone, it's here and sewer. I last Michael junior here on ESPN radio and the ESPN, and that's just it. We've got a lot of infighting still to go in this division in division where we just talk and said all these things about the Philadelphia Eagles right now. They're sitting there at four and six in the division leading Washington Redskins are sitting there six and four. Two games that separate these teams. The Cowboys are at five and five, and it's all made more complicated. Now, by the fact that Alex Smith yesterday, unfortunately in moment, this is one of those. I'm glad I missed in real time. And don't have to see now, but broke his leg. Thirty three years to the day after Joe theismann did it in the same scenario. Joe is been tweeting about it yesterday at the same time. That injury looked and felt very similar especially having happened on the exact same day. And it was. Tough to tough to see Jay Gruden Washington's head coach talking about that moment. But injuries, obviously, Alex Smith. You broke his tibia fibia and fracture. You'll need surgery right away. And you can just hear it was it was deflating. Obviously this team talked about Colt McCoy stepping up statement he made to the team after about taking over. But it invites a lot more questions about what's going to happen within this division, especially now because Cowboys go out and get a field goal. Win over Atlanta yesterday. Cowboys have finally figured out giving Zeke Elliot the ball's probably a good idea. In all of this. Now, I don't know what to do. They looked like the Cowboys do probably the best team in this division at this point, which isn't saying much. We're not the Washington has been decimated by injury before this. Now throwing the quarterback on top of the heap of guys on the offense of line on the defensive side of the ball that have been her. When you've got as many division games coming up. Like, we're getting ready to watch Washington. Dallas play on thanksgiving coming up this week in a game. That is going to have major implications on someone has to get to the playoffs out of this division. We've talked about how good the NFC is from top to bottom. The playoff teams that litter this conference and some of them seem like they've fallen off the bottom line is you win the division. You're going to get in and the Dallas Cowboys have a very real shot. Now coming down the stretch with division games that they're going to have. On their schedule. Dak Prescott the Cowboys quarterback talking about the way this team has battled throughout the course of the season. Our guest the wall on they're still against the wall. And just the fact this shows the character of this team of just of a swinging and fighting and coming out and the ups and downs in this game versity success the way we just played through it and stay together as a team and able to go down there. Make that game when Phil going credit. Brit miss one earlier in the game in the comeback shows a character right there just within him. And then make that game when Phil goal when when it matter huge versa last year on ESPN radio Amazon's black Friday sales on now with deals on every department low prices and free shipping on millions of items. Shop now on Amazon. Thirty three years to the day for Alex Smith. I still can't get over that. Because now. You watch Zeke Elliot on the other side. Two hundred one scrimmage yards to lead the Cowboys yesterday. He has four career games at least two hundred yards tying Emmett Smith and DeMarco Murray for most such games in Cowboys history. The wind was also the first time this season Dallas won back to back games. So we've talked about this in people are going to bring up the idea that a recommitment to the run is behind all this. It's a recommitment to getting the right people the ball in your offense. I guess that you brought Amari Cooper over. And there's going to be an emphasis on trying to feature him. And rightly so because he's talented the emphasis on giving Zeke Elliot the ball in more situations in screen situations using him as part of the passing game. We're seeing more of those Texas routes from him out of the backfield and giving him the ball and the traditional ground game as well hugging the side of the offensive line. That's not hurt in Zack Martin and low Collins and running behind them all of these are worthwhile, bits of advice and strategy that aren't diff. To see. But the Cowboys have finally figured out. So you're going to get praised. But let's just make sure it's framed the right way, you're giving the right guy the ball. I don't care how you're doing. It. This is a team that certainly built to be a run first team. And so you have to go with the way that you've constructed this team. Now, I don't think it's constructed in a way that's got a lot of top end capability, especially when you look at what offenses like the saints in the Rams are doing in the same conference. But it's a least taking you in the right direction. If you're the Cowboys in one more at this point, I would probably be confident in saying after all the talk this season the eagles for a looked like they might surge in the right direction Washington for a while look like they'd be talented enough to hang around and all this. We had to wave goodbye to the giants awhile ago. And all this giants you've just continue to subvert their own case for high draft pick at this point by going saquon Barkley special. We knew that we didn't need another performance. Like, we got yesterday in order to appreciate what saquon Barkley was able to do for you. But against the buccaneers team who has got some inexplicable decision making of their own to answer for saquon one out perform really well. Maybe gave you. Some of those uglier just grinded up the middle runs that people have been looking for out of him and his young career. It is really now boiling down to Washington in Dallas. I think in my mind in a way that definitely favors Dallas at this point. They are in the most important areas, and at this point now the least injured lately like, yeah. Connor Williams and some guys you have to answer to but so many of Dallas's key injuries came early on in the season. And now you've had time to adjust and become who you are. And who you are as a team with a very fast and athlete defense and an offense. That's finally remembered who deserves to be majoring in touches. First and last podcast, first and last podcast. I got a tweet that sums it all up the dapper tweets and Condoleeza Rice on a list of the Brown. Head coach Seve Naismith getting son by the goal and Ryan Reynolds playing detective Pika chew all in the same month. What a time to be alive. What time to be awake at five o'clock in the morning? It's first and last Michael junior here on ESPN radio and the ESPN app, we're presented by progressive insurance callers. Join us on the show Pennzoil performance line. And that number is eight seven to nine three seven seven six. You can tweet the show the one hundred flowers dot com Twitter feed. Just like Pat, the dapper at ESPN radio and goal of junior fifty seven and it was that kind of weekend is that kind of time right now, expect rampant gloating this morning over on golick and wingo. The Syracuse universe must bow to us. Finally, bend the knee after their performance Yankee Stadium this weekend. The goal going go show staff took a trip to go watch Notre Dame dismantle Syracuse. On that big stage moved to eleven oh. Very confident saying. Notre Dame is eighteen that is going to be. I think at this point in eight and a half point favorite and southern California. When they go to face a US team that is on the ropes at this point that has nothing to play for but trying to spoil Notre Dame season than I don't think there's anything they can do about. What Notre Dame is going to offer them coming up here. Very shortly. A lot to get into in the world of college football where for the first time in a couple of weeks. We're going to have games that have some real weight, certainly West Virginia losing to Oklahoma state this last weekend is noteworthy for a few reasons. UCF getting a win in prime time that I have to eat a little bit of crow for but they're also getting a little bit too bold and a big favourite in the big game. All that and more right now, it's time for straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. Best phones, best networks, no contracts because in the NFL yesterday there were eight games decided by a field goal or less. There were a few more one score games thrown into that. And then there were the colts and the saints the colts and the saints the saints who dismantled the defending Super Bowl champion. Philadelphia Eagles in a way that was wholly uncomfortable to watch towards the end especially for. Former Satan eagles defensive back Malcolm Jenkins who was the victim of an album Kamara touchdown late in the game on a fourth down where the saints elected to go for it and the spot that some people thought was a bit disagreeable. And that earned him a one finger salute from Malcolm Jenkins to his former head coach John Hayden came out after the game. Instead, it's all I know Sean as well as anyone he's going to go for it. And that's just it. That's who this team is the saints team who is going to go for the jugular at any point in time. Sean Payton reflecting on. What is now they're ninth straight victory. Well, listen, you are what your record is. So I didn't I didn't say we weren't pretty good just nine in one right now. And we've got a lot of season left. So I'm not downplaying what we've done, you know. And so those guys are in there playing music loud. And you want me to smile, I'll small more. Smile for me Honey, first and last year on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. This team is not only good. They're good. And they wanna wear you out. Like, this is a group that feels like they're kind of ticked off about the way that last season unfold they went into last year's playoffs is arguably the best team in the NFC the most complete team in the NFC, adding Alvin Kamara as a rookie landing Lattimore on the other side of defensive back being bullied by an unbelievable draft class that now is another year of experience that seems to be paying off for them in a big way, they look comfortable, and they've got that edge to them tweeted yesterday, the saints are out here to embarrass you. And we were talking about Condoleeza Rice potentially interviewing to be the Browns head coach political endorsements in the world of sports. Well, Michael Thomas wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints when head hit re tweet on your boy, we tweets are endorsements. And so the saints are officially here to hurt your feelings, and they are unapologetic about it. And they were a team that can do it in so many different ways. But seeing this kind of. Performance from drew Brees isn't surprising anymore. The saints offense. Drew Brees who yesterday went nine of twelve hundred twenty one yards in two touchdowns on tight window. Throws NFL next gen stats calls a tight window throw one or fewer yards of separation. That's three more completions than any other quarterback has had to gain this season and three more than breezes had any game over the last three seasons. So drew Brees being deadly accurate has become the overwhelming norm for a long time. We understand that. So this result while it's impressive because Philadelphia continues to be them capsizing under the weight of last year Super Bowl and New Orleans showing everyone we believe we are unequivocally the best team in the NFL as we get ready to watch to that might have say saying that tonight in the Rams and the chiefs. No, the one that jumped off the page to me. Was the Indianapolis Colts yesterday. The indianap- was cold to thirty eight ten win over a titans team that people were starting to talk about favorably the job that Mike variable has done there. Marcus mariota in this team. Matt leflore their offense coordinator, all these names starting to go in the right direction. And yet it's the colts and Andrew luck. That jump off the page yesterday. Andrew starting to do that thing. Again, Andrew starting to do the thing where he looks like he could be one of the five best quarterbacks and football again. But he's doing it so much differently. Andrew luck is now taking care of the football. And more importantly being taken care of this colts offensive line is a problem like they are not just protecting Andrew luck. He is being given space the likes of which I don't know if he's ever dreamed of before a colts team that is built on a rushing attack where they have got bullies up front the identity. We talked about the. Clinton Nelson pick a lot. He may have been the most disgust offense guard I've seen in. I don't know how long coming out of the NFL draft this year, the identity of these he is helping forge with this team and Ryan Kelly their center one of my favorites centers in the last few years out of Alabama exited yesterday with a knee injury. He'll get an MRI today. So you hope that's nothing serious because what they had started to build identity. Wise up front cannot be ignored. They are protecting. I think it's five or six straight games something like that. Now without a sack. For Andrew luck. I mean, this is stuff that always talked about in the past. Andrew luck is not going to be able to survive the kind of punishment. Now, he's standing back there. And you look on some of these play action looks and there is eight or nine yards between Andrew luck and the nearest defender. Andrew luck. Who yesterday when you are to the one real weapon they've got in this offense t y Hilton block was nine of nine for one hundred fifty five yards in two touchdowns targeting TY, home, they identified Dory. Jackson is a mismatch like a Dory. Jackson the cornerback for the titans was getting picked on all day second or third year guy out of southern California track star was getting boat. Raced by him. They were going deep five completions of ten or more air yards on Sunday for one hundred twenty two yards in two touchdowns. Look didn't complete a Passover ten area arts to any other player. And this offense has lived around Eric E Braun. And of course, jacked oil in that intermediate passing. They do a lot with big people in that offense. And when you go back and look at the teams that have been successful offense over the last few seasons. Their teams that use their big skill personnel. Well, they're tight ends there. Fullbacks in some situations. They're running backs and the colts are doing that right now with MAC and Hines and some of these guys in backfield, but the doing it on defense to and that was what was overwhelming this game was for the pressure that wasn't unluck on the offense of side. The pressure being applied by your ball sheared and some of these guys out woods on defense. And on the defensive line for the colts was jarring. It was it was not what was expected. We know. Darius Leonard has been a great. For them. Unbelievable. Rookie linebacker, but the Colt de line put a lot of four pressure on the titans in a way that was shocking, and if that's the trend going forward like man the colts are going to add a legitimate number two receiver to this offense and be a full on problem next year. And they might still be this year this team that when they face the Texans again think they lost by three points in the first meeting. They looked better than the Texans right now Andrew lucked looks like himself for the first time in a while Andrew luck who anytime he speaks. We listen spoke yesterday. So we listen the mood in the building vibe every day when you walk in winter loses as positive it's all about getting better and Frank stresses the process, right? Everybody's goal is to win each team's goals to one going, but got folks on the process. What what are you doing every single play every single week today better? So yes, it's nice that the results are positive for us, certainly. But I wouldn't say I'm having more fun percents. Just joining a Greg Rupa guys. Kripa coaches, great building saying to having more fun. I have fun with oil just always more fun. Always look for the ball. Jack doyle. Mentions Frank Reich, though, that's the guy we're not giving nearly enough credit. Because the rest of these teams that are using offense in ways that we have not seen in a while. When you think the saints the chiefs, the Rams even the bears that we saw last night and Sunday night football. They're all doing it with a far more loaded deck the colts are, but that's not stopping them from trying to use all these guys in creative ways. Eric brown. Threw a pass yesterday to Andrew luck. Like that's just the tip of the iceberg for the way that they're using a lot of the same ways motion horizontal action to try and free guys up down the field creating mismatches with personnel using tempo. Using play action in a way, that's been benefiting Ville we in the last four or five years in a major way Frank Reich is doing all of this in a way that is gone under credited because now they're just getting to the point at five wins where we're going to start to take them seriously in the AFC south down the stretch of the season. But this feels like a team that is not all the way out of this yet. And that is a tariff. Buying thought as we really think they're still a year away from being as good as Andrew let him be again in this league. Thank you for listening to the first and last podcast. You can listen in subscribe to all ESPN podcast in the listen tab of the ESPN app. First and last.

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