Alabama is almost as awesome at basketball as it is as football. What? Plus: Duke in trouble, NCAA Tournament rants (College Basketball 01/20)


Hey david carey parachutes wednesday january twentieth. Two thousand twenty one. Welcome back to the cbs sports eye on college basketball. Podcast where we sometimes discuss camel party. Dodo burs early. Black man. norrland is here with the deadly. We gotta talk about alabama. What in the world has happened at alabama the crimson tide. The extended their winning streak to eight games on tuesday with five seventy five. That's a thirty point victory at lsu. They took forty three three pointers. They made an sec registered. Twenty three of them. John petty made eight j von quarterly. Josh primo each made six now. Alabama seven zero in the sec in possession of a two game lead in the loss column of the league standings. The team started four and three now. Twelve and three norlander. Do your best to explain how nato has turned alabama basketball into alabama football. That's really where this is headed. Isn't it this is. We're seeing a morphing in progress here. That is unbelievable I think you tweeted something like that. Too by the way It's listen this has been absolutely incredible. and what they did on tuesday night amounts to one of the more surprising and impressive performances of the season so far it almost felt like alabama could almost Could almost name the score that they were they were going to get there so petty. Who by the way. Give a little heads up here. I'm doing on the thursday court report. I'm gonna have my mid season kinda coach the year player that your top ten nominees and in light of what he did. He's gonna make that top ten. I think it's legitimate at this point There's there's just no doubt about obama's in control of the sec. Especially after what. We saw elsewhere in the league last night and and they notes he has had. I mean it's been quite a journey over the past month or so you know. E e from calling out coach k. Walking it back. Did you see what he said in advance of the game earlier this week i did not he based on mytalk basically said that i'm going to paraphrase here he basically said and he how about to paraphrase it. When you listened to the quote it was not as dismissive as his tone was. His tone was respectful but he was basically asked about going on the road. Playing elite top twenty five teams like lsu and how players would adjust but there are no fans and he said. Listen it's just amazing parish. Nato's man he goes like they just don't have fans in their normally. I don't know if it's really going to be all that different for guys this year. Like you know it's a big building. They're a good team. But i honestly you know they don't fill it up So our guys have been playing in venues without fans they don't have fans this year. It's not going to be that much different. I mean it is unbelievable and again. He was not doing this tongue in cheek. He was not doing this sarcastically. He was just kind of trying to gently but matter of factly say people notice. You don't care about basketball. That building is never more than fifty percent full and so it shouldn't be that much of an environment adjustment for us this season. He says all that and then goes out making through it. I don't think i've ever been there for a game. I haven't. I've always been curious to go there. I've never been there for a game either but for you live close you i mean i can get there pretty quickly. I've been there for a football game. Multiple football games. but i've never. I don't think i've ever been there for a basketball game. Which is odd now. That i think about it. Yeah that is actually need to You need to amend that as as quickly as possible but anyway when And yeah oats just Continuing to be one of the one of the best quotes here is. Here's one of the quotes. I just pulled up quick. Homecourt advantage is less than it used to be. Lsu didn't have a very raucous crowd with us last year. Guess would be home. Court advantage is the same for them this year as any other year come on man incredible and And then lo and behold they back it up to go in there. They romp alabama's looking. I'm not saying it's a top ten team. I'm saying it's looking implying playing like a top ten team as of late and who knows maybe eventually winds up getting there. I put them in the top ten of the top twenty five and one. I mean you know they still got some not great stuff on the resume. A loss to stanford lost a western kentucky. But what do you do with the team. That's just beating everybody's brains in because that is what they're doing right now and they're not just beating people they're beating people to death. The past three wins. They were fourteen of thirty from three against kentucky. Fifteen of thirty six from three against arkansas. Twenty three of forty three from three against lsu so they've played fifty two of the one hundred nine three pointers. They've attempted in their past three games. Sixty three percent of their shots at lsu were three point attempts and on the season forty seven point. Three percent of their field goal attempts are three pointers which ranks eighteenth nationally. Would you believe it's eighteenth nationally but only third in the sec trivia time here we go lay it on me okay. So what teams in the sec. Shoot more threes per per game or per per the three point shot down three point range. A higher percentage of shots from three point range. Before i answer that would i be. I don't know if you have the car. The entire list in front of you kentucky last on that list i do not have no catalyst and for definitely arkansas's above them got to believe it right. No really arkansas not above alabama. Three point right not saying. This is not something to you about okay. The auburn for sure auburn auburn actually leads the sec. Forty eight point. Seven percent of its phil goal. Tim's come from three that rings tenth nationally. and then the only oh this is. I'm trying to think of what other team. I'm going to be surprised by. Gp because if you ask me. I would have said top. Three auburn alabama arkansas. But it's not arkansas. We know it's not kentucky. I know. I rick if it's not kentucky tennessee might be rick. Bars is not shoot. Threes that team they. They're at least traditionally has been the case. And it doesn't seem like it'd be florida. Don't think mississippi state wind guess is all missing kermit. It's not the answer is a the should not be surprising. Given the way. This stuff works basketball. Football people say. Football's a trickle up sport that that happened at the collegiate level then start being implemented into the nfl even high school to college to nfl. Yes okay basketball's a trickle down sport it goes. Nba down things that happened in the nba. Come down to college basketball. Obviously in the nba. Now percentage of shots from three point range is a very important thing so it may be shouldn't surprise you. That the team in the sec. That does this more often than any other team. Besides auburn has a coach with an mba background. So vanderbilt's my first. Gus given that that's right. Okay that's by the way it's not working out from right now. Venables foreign six is the only thing that has not won. A league. Game in the sec. So far but that doesn't make sense now that you laid out yeah. Auburn is attempting forty eight point seven percent of its shots from beyond the arc vanderbilt. It's forty seven point. Four and auburn is forty seven. I mean and alabama is forty seven point three. Those are the only three power conference schools who were attempting at least forty seven point. Three percent of their shots from three point range. Like i said alabama's been really hot this season but on the really hot in this past three games but on the season they're shooting roughly thirty one threes a game making roughly eleven of them per game. They're getting thirty three points per game on average from beyond the art and by the way this isn't much different from last season last season. Forty nine percent of their shots were three point attempts and they made thirty four point nine percent of them instead of thirty five point. Nine the big difference. Why was alabama sixteen and fifteen last season in alabama. Now looking like a top ten team this season last season. They couldn't guard one hundred and fourteenth in just defensive efficiency right now. They're eleventh in adjusted defensive efficiency. So they're still shooting the ball the same way more or less but they're guarding differently. And that is the reason. Alabama has gone from okay to looking like a possible if not probable sec champion. Yep defenses the big key talked about an h. Last weekend and they rank better overall on defense slightly but better on defense offense so far this season maybe a game like this brings more attention to that Or maybe it doesn't because they dropped one hundred five and set the sec record for three pointers made though but yeah riding. High men have not lost since six days before christmas and at twelve and three and with with a talented roster. This isn't surprising. In regard to the talent they have preseason top twenty five. I top twenty five team in the eyes of some but no one quite saw this coming. This is also the longest win streak for alabama's program eighteen seasons so and they haven't won seven in a row in the sec. Since the late eighties. So big. Time stuff here. And i love her. Jones is a wonderful wonderful defender and he's even been able to step up and hit some threes this year. Which i think is just one of those things that expands their dynamism overall and makes them genuinely good enough team to make a final four run. And it's sometimes it's hard for for us. As as media people are fans wind like alabama making a final four is like texas tech making a final four. We've we had never seen it before. So to envision. It is something that can be hard to do. But i do think that there's enough talent on this team to be able to do that. This season quarterly. has been able to adapt shock. I love jane shackelford game and then petty is is just you know he's hitting hitting another level and the fact that they are doing this by the way not being at full strength. I think just deserves Emphasis know jordan. Brunner in this game. he still out For the next couple of weeks and even without him they they look terrific and it just so happened that they're big game landed on the same night when tennessee put up against florida. And so because of this as we sit here and chat. It's not just that alabama's first se again. It's i by two games. Lsu tennessee missouri and kentucky all have to in the loss column bama has zero. And now it's it's projected to win the not a guarantee but with the way it's been playing. I think it's a. It's a safe bet at this point. There's no debate about whether this is an effective way to play basketball shooting this high of a percentage from three pointer this this high percentage of your shots from three point range. It works in the nba. It has worked in college basketball. Most notably with villanova a few years ago. You know that villanova team in two thousand eighteen. That won the national title forty seven point five percent of its shots from three. They made forty point one percent of them. They want an ncaa tournament. Here's what i would ask you. Obviously it worked for villanova. 'cause they made about forty percent of all of the shots at alabama. The percentages is lowered thirty. five point. nine is this a reliable way to operate in a single elimination tournament. If the goal is to actually win four games and get to the tournament. Do you have any concerns about that. Maybe not because of this and this could have been to a certain extent. It could have been the opponent. Of course you can call and louis so yes. It's it's not. is it reliable a seven game. it's like okay. We have one cold night. One called nine insult tournament right so lsu ranks one twenty-seven in defensive efficiency and it just has not been it hasn't been an effective defensive program under will wait in fact we'll wait Were recruited differently from vcu. That's obviously putting it lightly But the defensive fingerprint if you will. Vcu under we'll wade was way. Different than lsu bama took advantage lsu's just on an elite or even a very good defensive team so against better defensive teams in the tournament might not be reliable. I also wanna bring up other Crazy factoid stat about The game last night. And this came from jared person who is a researcher with espn hat tip to To kyle boon not cop porter about this because he dropped us in our slang jaw. Strong jaw kyle boon So in addition to the twenty. Three's alabama scored thirty points on tuesday night with attack drives at the rim and six points at the foul line every single point. This is you wanna talk about. You know ultra-modern and i don't know if this was explicitly by design or if it was just basically Behavior in games and practices that resulted in this. Every single point alabama made was either a three pointer close to the rim the foul line. There was not one. Mid range shot that was made by alabama last night. And that is that is taking you know the absolute fullest extent of of math putting it on the court and doing it we have seen mba. The nba moved to this aggressively in the past half decade in alabama. At least in one single game did it to maximum effect. Because your best shots if you can make them a three's worth more than two speaks to itself and then you're going to have a higher rate if you shoot within five feet of the rim than if you are seven to nine thousand feet from the rim and so you want your most effective shots as as possible. No mid range shots it can sometimes make for a less creative game but it can be a more efficient way to win and certainly can help you guarantee so an answering your question if it can get close to mastering this then yes. It's chances of winning in the tournament. We're going to be great if it can be that good from close range and not as reliable as tuesday night because we shouldn't expect that but still trying to hit close to forty percent of the team. Yes there is something there now in the nba. The only you're not allowed to take mid range shots unless you're kevin durant then you can do whatever you want but everybody else. We're at the rim or were launching from three to answer my question. I think you can trust alabama in a single elimination tournament playing this way and the reason is because of what they are on defense like if they were just an okay defensive team that i'd be a little concerned because you know if you make thirty six percent of thirty three's you'll probably going to be fine in most games but if for whatever reason that goes down twenty percent and a forty minute game and you're okay defensively you're probably losing but they're good enough defensively to keep themselves in games. They're good enough defensively to endure a cold stretch. So i like this team i. I moved them into the top twenty five and one last week jumped him up pretty high after what they did over the weekend and now i've got him tenth in the top twenty five one after another just completely overwhelming performance. Their next game. Scheduled is going to be saturday at mississippi state and like i wrote the twenty five and one on wednesday morning. They are becoming one of the big stories in college basketball for purely basketball reasons you earlier this season it was because of a quote from the head coach about mike. Now it's because they're bombing anybody who steps on the court with them. Duke lost seventy nine. Seventy three at pitt onto the blue devils are now five and four. Are they really gonna miss the nc double a. tournament. We'll get into that next but first check this up the you kind of like this guy but when you can't decide between the filet o. Fish or the big mac in he says mortgage both thank you. You definitely mike this guy meal. Get it at mcdonald's when he get two of your face for six bucks. Limited time only practice and participation may vary singled him regular price support for this podcast comes from progressive. What would you do with an extra eight hundred dollars. Buy a plane ticket. 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Top three things you think about it night right now. Top three things you think about it night. I mean it really. It's on a night by night basis. Here what are the. What are the three things you thought about last night. okay Last night i thought about What the next song. I was gonna learn on guitar. Turn debate with. That's going to be Sultans of swing dire straits. mastered it. kinda. Wanna get in there. Thought about what we can talk about on the pot. Thought about the to thought about that. And frankly i thought about how glorious day was going to be because as we record this podcast. We're a little more than an hour away from having a new president officially. So kinda got kind of got jacked up over that got jacked up over over over potential return to a normal democracy. Sorry that's weird what about you. What did you think about. So i think a lot of people were jacked up about that last night and carried over into today. What did i think about last night. I thought about what. We're gonna do. The podcast i thought about. Here's the problem sometimes. I can't remember what i thought about exactly is a cop out by the way that's fine. We can steer we can see right back into the topic. Here i thought about. I thought about what i would be able to carve out a little more time to complete season. Three of cobra kai at thought about that for a minute. I don't know that. I don't know that i've reached a conclusion but it entered my mind. I don't think so much at night. I try not to. Do you think a lot. All right according to bart tour t rank forecast after the loss. He's got duke at fifteen point seven percent chance of getting into the incidentally tournament and It was significantly higher than that prior to the game still under fifty percent maybe even under forty percent but we are at that point here. You know so we've we did. This phase was kentucky and we've completely moved on forever and now we really get into it with duke. I wasn't surprised. You and i both picked pit to win this game. We thought it would and it did and crack congrats depit. By the way it's eight and two with a four one record in the league jeff capable is the first player ever to be coach k. Which is obviously notable In a game am although. I'm sure he's not the first one ever. If ever played one on one like you know back in the day but whatever Mike the only former system to beat mike chassis. So that was a first time thing last night and pittsburgh is going to be a team that i think up to make the instantly tournament with duke five and four looking at its next game scheduled to be on saturday against louisville. That'll be an interesting one. But yeah the wind's against compensate. Bell herman at notre dame and then home to bc and wake forest not even close to good enough. If we started this ornament today. That would be weird but duke wouldn't be in it if we started it tomorrow. Also weird duke would still not be an. It's got a lot of work to do and we could be very well looking at a situation. Where duke and kentucky minimally in addition to other big schools like arizona. We know maybe indiana maybe north carolina could all be out of this year's tournament. I i guess. I'm not surprised. I mean i'm obviously surprised. Kentucky is this bad. But i could have sort of envisioned kentucky not living up to expectations. I'm surprised duke is bad you know. They returned to rotation player so they were at least two players ahead for the most. I know whatever you think. Kim brooks but like kentucky duke return to high at least in theory high level guys. They enrolled some high level. Guys i thought duke would at the very least be a top twenty five team and i guess they still have time to get there but you know they're just not good right but like it wasn't even surprising that they lost pit evidence being that you and i both picked them to lose at pitt. They've done nothing. This season through nine games to suggest even for a second that they're good basketball team like at least kentucky has had a moment here or there where you go okay. Maybe they figure some stuff out. I don't think there's even been that moment. Would duke because duke look good single game this season where you go okay. That's what i thought we were going to see. I don't think they've even had that game. They i mean depends on your opinion and notre dame but they did they performed relatively well at notre dame and matthew hurts. Been decently consistent So i think that's notable But for they have not had a signature game for a win. That definitely hasn't happened. Maybe you can come because the biggest piece of optimism for duke on tuesday was the fact that you had jaylon johnson come off the bench score twenty four points and have the best game of his college career resemble the kind of player that they thought he was going to be more consistently throughout the season. So if that can be the case going forward. Yeah maybe things can change. But i to see was i mean i you know. He wasn't even best player on the floor. I mean just sham penny was frigging terrific. Thirty one points fourteen boards. He continues to be awesome So even even in a in a defeat where at a star performance they still don't even have the best player on the floor and that's just for duke fans. Listen pockets the that's just something. They're not used to seeing there and so yes. There's a little bit of adjustment. The only thing i'll add here is that i'm not surprised by this in the preseason i was i would have if you told me if you told me i we're going to guarantee you that at least one of duke and kentucky's not going to have a good season i would pick do. I just didn't think to do the overall talent warrant being a top ten team either grudgingly put him in like my top fifteen. I didn't want to do that. But again i kinda had to trust the history there. So did i see five and four coming. No did i see a season. Where duke wasn't going to be like a top three team in the acc coming guess. I didn't think it was going to be Going to be an elite team in here. It's it's a totally different situation altogether. And we'll wait and see if the greatest greatest you know coach in college basketball history arguably right up there with With mick cronin can can somehow turn it around him to the tournament. That can still happen. But we just haven't seen evidence that it's going to happen yet. Well the best thing going for duke right now. Is that the not that good. I mean there's only two teams in the top twenty five at kim pa. I'm from the acc. Virginia and florida state. So duke is down relative to normal standards. Duke is down relative to expectations. Duke still might be good enough to win enough games in this league even in its current form to to make the instable tournament for whatever it's worth. Kim has them still finishing eleven. Seven in the acc and eleven seven in the acc. Probably be good enough. That'll probably get them there. But the idea that we are sitting here on january twentieth reasonably envisioning an ncaa tournament without duke without kentucky. I think you can save with possibly without michigan state possibly without north carolina. Possibly without indiana. Those are some of the biggest brands in the sport that all could be watching the most unusual instability tournament in our history from out somewhere. And if we get to that point. That's obviously going to become one of the most dominant talking points in college basketball when we when we get to march and And we've got the tournament tuesday night things. You've got florida beating tennessee. Pretty badly purdue upsetting ohio state those were. Usc also lost oregon state team. That wasn't ranked the people. But i did have them in the top twenty five so those were some other at least developments in the past twenty four hours that are worth highlighting. Yeah for sure Yeah good point on usc. So i had that. I had the quad box up on my My apple tv espn app. Which is extremely helpful. This time of year and i had the usc oregon state game on But just never had the volume of on it. So i i watched it but i never heard the commenting team and it was. It was on my radar but not but that's that's a stinging singing loss there for the trojans which are trying to keep pace with ucla and frankly now falling well behind The bruins dammit grown into the stock of no one on this podcast is leading the pack twelve in his undefeated in that league. So that's a that's a c bump loss for usa. There's no doubt about it. You heard it here. I asked for the two other results. You mentioned i just gotta talk about them. Real quick tennessee. I'm well first of all. I think florida to win the game outright. So i'm not surprised by the outcome but i'm surprised by the margin absolutely florida is maybe one more weird loss away. Maybe it's coming this week at georgia from being maybe the weirdest team out there. It's seven and four. It's lost florida. State bama kentucky in mississippi state. It's windsor lsu tennessee. I don't know what to make the team If we did a if if we ask jerry palm to mock up a new bracket right. Now i'm guessing on the strength of that wind. Florida would probably be in the field right now. Maybe just in the first four but boy. oh boy tennessee. What you're doing Gp i think had you go in you know like twenty six and one this regular season. That's not going to happen. Four and two in the league. And that's that's a problematic loss and then Yeah just a quick note. Purdue like ohio state. I was pretty confident was gonna win that game. Nope was seven and five. Gp on the morning of january eighth just twelve days ago and it was two and three in the league it was staring at. Its next four games. Three of them being on the road against michigan state michigan's eighteen without was better than it is right now in indiana team. We thought was better than it is right now. Obviously winnable game at home against penn state and then a really tough game against ohio state which purdue already defeated earlier this year. In december proven. You're hoping out of that two and two and maybe continue to tread water. Now man matt painter just continues to get it done just a foreign. Oh in that stretch now. Six three in the league. Eleven and five overall and whereas if you did you either way too early bracket projections. In the first week of january purdue would have been definitely above team riding riding the fence there now. They're they're in. You know they've got so much room to spare Because the qualities of these wins and they're gonna take more losses of course but I don't think there are many teams. In fact there might not be more than two or three teams in the past two weeks that have done more to help their stock than what produce been able to do by virtue of not just winning the games beginning three road winds. That'll be all log squad win so that was a big time game for for the boilers. Yeah one note about purdue. I think this put some in the minority. Once practice started they have not had to stop one time. They have been without interruption due to covid issues. Obviously another notable result villanova played on tuesday night. Beat seton hall of is phil novas first game since december twenty third so. I just thought it was interesting. That as purdue starts to go on this little run they are one of the handful of teams from power. Conference that once practice started. They've had no issues. So a tip of the hat to those guys for a by all accounts live in the right way and being careful. But i think you can reasonably suggested it has an impact on the season like the other teams have to shutdown practices. They have not spend a missed games. They have not and now they're sitting here. Yes i agree with you looking like an ncaa tournament team. The officially announced on tuesday. How it expects the ncaa tournament to unfold like walk us through it. How is this going to work. We now get dates for the first four and everything else. Yeah it was pretty close. I guess they're close. I was talking about being closed. of course i am. what are you talking about. I missed one day. Yeah i did a good job. What when you're talking about. Here's what we i i didn't i didn't see you. I didn't see you get out there and And making an an guessing what what the dates were. What was that about apologized for not guessing at something. I working in a right or wrong business. Are you a chicken. I think so okay. So we're gonna selection sunday on march fourteen and then the first four. I got thoughts. Okay i got. I got no shortage of thoughts here. Okay well guess. Throw throw a throwback. Gp back in the day. This is like seven eight years ago. I'm going with this. He would file a column and then like three or four times over like a five month span. He would just file another column where he wasn't done and it would just be additional thoughts. Do you remember the additional thoughts online. I vaguely remember jeff. Bordello right now and say remember additional thoughts he will instantly remember it no doubt about it not file another four hundred word column and it would be. I got some additional thoughts on that thing. I wrote about one hundred percent. This is back during you know like the blog areas. Who's just like you know what i'm just gonna drop thing there anyway. I got so sometimes. I would have some additional thoughts. You often have additional thoughts all right. I've got thoughts and additional thoughts here. Okay so the first four is going to be on thursday march eighteen. I talked to dan gavin on tuesday night. There's a cuna that's a. cbs. Sports dot com. That you can read in the app or you can click through on the pod description. I'll drop the lincoln there as well. The first four is going to be at hinkle and assembly hall and starring assembly hall and mackey arena and The reason for this close again. I was close. I was close. But i was wrong. The reason i ask him why why not henkel and he said because all of the venues in indianapolis we're going to have x. amount of courts in the convention center. I've told you know they're gonna try and get twenty practice courts in there and then lucas oil is going to have to courts you got. Is jim hinkle. Bankers life all of those venues are also going to be used for practice schedules. And so since everyone's saying in indianapolis made those logical sense to play the first four out in bloomington and west. Lafayette said that the other venues can be used for as many practices as possible which does make sense. Tell you what. I think that this should be and we'll have to wait and see how it all goes but once we go back to a normal tournament schedule first round thursday friday. I think that the first four should always be wednesday with four games and just make it a day basketball game four in a row. See if that ever changes. I think that this will actually introduce us to a. Because i think what's going to be good about this tournament amongst other things is we're going to be forced to wait for the past ten plus years. We've had this deal. Where selection sunday comes. We love it and then inevitably. You're either driving home from work if you're on the east coast or in central time. You're driving home from work. You're getting dinner ready. And you don't even realize it. But the first tournament game is technically started on tru tv. And you're trying to eat dinner like it just kind of sneaks up on you this year. You're not gonna have anything until thursday and your and for the young ones out there. You're going to actually feel what it's like to truly wait for the tournament to start on that thursday and it's kind of a it's a good anxiety and i think that's a wonderful thing and so going forward. I would hope that this works and that we put offer four games on wednesday and then as it's going to happen this year all those winners will feed into the first round results. Two days or move so this year every first four game on thursday. The winners will play on saturday. What do you think about that. I'm fine with that. I if i if you would allow me to change something with the first floor it would have. It would be that. It's all at large bids and no automatic if you want to. Gpu can mess with the first four. Do whatever you like. that's what i'm doing. I'm i'm putting the auto bids and the main bracket from the jump and we're having the last eight at large bids compete in dayton to try to advance into the main break. I agree with you. I asked gathered this very thing. This will be the one thing away from the from the piece. Here is his exact quote on why they did not do i said did. Did you even consider it. You tell you why. I can tell you why. Because they don't care about the little schools they just like they'll they'll eliminate one of them each before they get to the main bracket yep. He didn't say that. But that's all i know he didn't say that. But that's the real answer. He said unless there was a very compelling reason to go away from the normal format the committee wants to maintain as much normalcy as possible. We honestly we didn't consider that we had bigger fish to fry. I can probably speak for the committee on this. It's gonna be hard to do this tournament with the model that we're used to making change of just for change's sake only create more complications. Were trying to limit complications right. It's a reasonable question to ask. But it's not the kind of level of detail that we've been focused on because the complexity of this enterprise endeavor is so massive that having some normalcy something that we can embrace. I understand gavitt saying there. I appreciate him taking thirty minutes to talk to me on tuesday night for this piece to just give a little more info as to what we learned and what we still don't know what he can't say but simply swapping out sixteen seeds for at large is is not adding to the complexity of this whole enterprise. There it would be way better. You'd have teams from power conferences. Yeah that have been Underperforming frustrating but you could also have duke or carolina playing in the first four on thursday and creating even more urgency there I think it's just a misfire. On behalf of the committee and the the sixteen seeds should get the privilege of getting to play in the first round as it's constituted normally. They're the only argument against this. Is that if you're a sixteen seat and you win that first four game you do get an ncaa tournament unit. So you do receive money for your conferences. And that's why you don't see more. Pushback is because every single tournament you have at least two sixteen seats in slow major leagues that are guaranteed to get their leagues money. Because they've earned an ncaa tournament unit by way of a victory so that's the only positive upside for and it's not an insignificant upside. Let me be clear i. I wasn't suggesting necessarily that. They should do it this season. I understand we're danced coming from like let's just. Let's let's change the things we have to change and leave everything else alone. I get that. I mean in general going forward if you allowed me to tinker with the first four. That's what i would do and because right. Now let's be honest about the first four four games to on a tuesday night to wednesday night and on each one of them is interesting and the other one nobody cares about. You're watching to sixteen. You're watching team. You've never watched before. Probably if you're casual basketball fan play. You don't know any of the players. You probably don't know the coaches are you know. Is that one of. Them's going to win. And then two days later going to get the probably get the brains beaten by a one c. Nobody cares about those games so my way is just it. It works on multiple levels. It allows everybody who gets an at large bid to be the main bracket so that you get that experience of playing duke plank kentucky playing virginia you know you get a shot at something. You're guaranteed a shot at a historic moment and even if it doesn't go well because it likely won't you still get that experience of day before the game. You're in the press conferences. logist like do kentucky is. You're probably walking walking past them in a hallway Practicing in that in that arena. And then you get to go on the court in a game. Everybody's going to watch and yeah you'll probably lose but one day you'll be able to tell your kids man. Let me tell you about the time i played against zion williamson and cam radish and that other guy you know like you get you get a little bit. You have that. That's worth something. So and then it so i think it's awesome for the sixteen and then it creates four interesting games instead of two interesting games for the first four. The argument against it is the one that you mentioned. And i've actually had coaches of sixteen seeds. Make this point. I'd rather do this. Because i'd rather go to the first four a. because i've got. I've got a realistic chance to get my league. Check but b. I might can get an ncaa tournament. When i've had a coach sixteen. Sixteen say if. I win that game i have. I am somebody who has won in. Ncaa tournament game. The details are they are what they are but i can forever say. Oh yeah. I wanna game in the tournament. And that's worth something to them and i think you're right that's why more don't fight for it even if i wish they would agreed i of the schedule. So we're going to have the first round on friday and saturday. The second round on sunday and monday. The sweet sixteen as predicted by yours truly will be the following saturday and sunday. Those will be all standalone games. Which is going to be a new thing so normally the sweet sixteen is on thursday and friday. And you'll have two games in the in an overlapping windows in the seven o'clock window in the nine thirty window. No this year. The sweet sixteen. You hearing me correctly. Saturday and sunday. March twenty seven and twenty eight. Every single sweet. Sixteen game will have its own. Tv window from early afternoon the evening. I think that's going to be a wonderful bonus for this year than the elite eight will be in prime time on monday and tuesday march twenty nine march thirtieth the final four and championship game as we've previously told you remain on schedule with april three in april five. They're just a quick thought on On all of them more than just a quick thought here Randomly have gotten a lot of questions about this. I'll just address this people wondering if like big ten teams are going to be able to play in big ten venues. The answer's yes. No indiana efforts in the first four is not gonna play the simply will go to mackie and likewise if produced the first fourteen it will go play the simply hall but gavitt confirmed and like if if butler makes sixteen those games are going to be at henkel and bankers life. Fieldhouse that in a second butler would be guaranteed to play. At bankers life makes the sweet sixteen but any other big team is going to be put in henkel. And if it is it's just gonna be a matter of filling the bracket. They're not going to give any sort of special treatment. The the oppo those teams and those are not familiar enough with those venues that is considered to be any kind of advantage there. So if you're wondering if michigan is going to be able to play A first round game at assembly hall. Because it's a big ten team. The answer is yes that might happen or it could go to lucas oil. But there's no. There's nothing about that that is going to To preclude those teams in those leagues with those affiliated venues. I've gotten that question like fifteen times. So also the asp as predicted assembly hall and macarena. They're gonna host to first four games. And then they'll each host two first round games on that friday and saturday Gavett wouldn't confirm this to me on the record at another source confirmed me expect those games at assembly and mackey to be in the afternoon unless circumstances force it otherwise because they want the team to be back in indianapolis at night where everyone's gonna stay there. No site will ever host more than three games. In one day do cleaning protocols. I asked gavitt if he knew. Basically how much time it's gonna take between the end of the game and the next game to start in the same venue. He said yes. We know that answer. No not going to tell you right now. You'll probably know it when we jointly announced our tip time template with cbs and turner. Which is that a secret clare. The secret how long it takes to clean something. I just tell. I asked that. Because i'm curious but he's not he's not he's not giving it up so we're gonna probably find that out in february. I ninety minutes two hours. I don't know but i don't. I don't understand when people keep secrets. That aren't worth keeping like the grizzlies do this all the time. They'll jaren jackson junior will be injured. And it's like okay. Well you know exactly what the injury is. Obviously you know what the timetable for a probable possible. Return is obviously but they will never say they will never do the jaren jackson out until he's ready to play but they will never or rarely put a timetable on it. It's like why are you being secretive about like a baseball. Pitcher has an arm injury and they say head surge. Today was successful. He's expected back beginning of august. Like what what. What is so doing that. I always like my friends who worked with the grizzlies. I'm like what secrets. Are you keeping today about stuff. That's really not that important in. Here's one idea that they can't tell you how long it takes to clean court seems unemp- unimportant and also i hear you. I hear you. But i asked him at the That's the answer that i got there So I did ask why you know why lucas oil stadium's going to host the elite eight and final four which we know. It's not going to be filled with fans to me. That's just a bummer. Like i thought this was going to be the one year and the only year for the next century where we would have the national championship game. Played in the basketball venue hasn't happened since ninety six kentucky over syracuse in new jersey. And i thought that would happen. But i do have an answer. Why didn't happen so initially the nwa thought it was only going to get bankers life. Fieldhouse home the pacers thought it was only going to get it for the first weekend for practices and then for games and then the subway went back to the pacers and it wasn't the they went back to the pacers and said. Is there any way that you would be willing to allow us to have your building for a second straight weekend because what happens is the pay. The nba hasn't released the second. Half of its schedule yet. And what happens is teams who their buildings go to the nba. And say you know you you always make schedule but here are the dates where we have issues that we need to work around and so the pacers went to the nba and said the end. Subway has asked us if we would block off from march fifteenth until truly like march thirtieth into hughes. The building. pacers said yes which is no small thing by the way. That's that's like a significant deal for an mba franchise to say we're not gonna use our building for fifteen days. But that's what's going to happen there. I asked him if they considered why. Why not just go first round bankers life because you need the venues second weekend. The pacers can use it and then the championship weekend. You go back to bankers life and use the same amount of time that the pacers aren't using it gavitt no that in consider that and he didn't tell me this but we already know widening. Consider that they didn't consider it because they are going to. This is me guessing. I don't have this directly. But i'm using logic and i'm using the facts that are available. Lucas oil stadium at the end of the nfl season was allowing ten percent. Fan capacity. obviously. The wants to have fans if it can if it can safely do it in marion. County health officials the same people that allowed the colts to have ten percent capacity. They are expecting that the same health officials which are working in conjunction with holding this tournament will allow the symbol a to have to at least ten percent or something in that in the building. There's a huge. There's a huge difference between doing that in a football stadium in basketball arena. Bankers life fieldhouse holds about twenty thousand people. Lucas oil stadium has a capacity. Just seventy thousand if you up it. If the if the pandemic gets better still the worst pandemic i have seen. I've never seen one like this before. Okay even if it gets to fifteen percent capacity allowance. The difference in people allowed in the building. That aren't you know media people that are you know players coaches all that out. Seventy seven seventy eight hundred people and when you're talking tickets potential concessions however. They're going to do this safely as they can do it. It's a significant difference there and so that's why it's happening. That's exactly the reason why because the nwa. It's another way for the to be able to make money. I understand why they're doing it. Call me a purist. That's fine with me on this. I just wish they had been willing to just say no. You know what 'cause there's nothing stopping from doing the title game. And i understand why. They can't have the pacers building but they could have had if they wanted it and they chose not to. And they're gonna play at lucas oil. Where do you land on this. They're doing what they have to do to make the most money they can possibly make. They're doing what they always do. What are you talking about. I know that but would you western even normal times. They play these games in domes. Oh i understand that that could still sixty five thousand tickets instead of twenty thousand diggers. It's a math problem. So of course they were gonna take this to a dumb because even if you are restricted on how many fans you can have. You can have more in a bigger building. This is the least surprising thing of my entire lifetime. But what would you prefer if you had the choice. What would you. I would prefer for them to play it in a basketball arena in in in in stopped a tying itself so tightly amateurism like i changed the whole thing. Change everything about the ebola but they are tied to the way they do things and this falls completely in line with the way that they do things they are trying to maximize the money that they can make you know in connection with the biggest event that they put on surprise surprise. I know i hear you. I hear you. I do think we can move. I do think that this year I think that thursday i four. It's gonna be like you know a really good cocktail hour with amazing orders at a nice wedding and it will satiate you before you get to friday because the one thing that gotta la blowback on or at least a lot of people re tweeted with comments when when the schedule came out. Was this sucks man. That thursdays gone. Well it's not entirely gone like you're going to have the ncaa tournament. Starting on thursday. There will be day basketball on thursday. And then you're gonna get. It means that much to you have week dance tournament basketball. I get that you're still going to get it on friday and if anything that might be the most cherished treasured first round weekday in history after we didn't have a tournament last year so i still think that that friday is going to be absolutely up. There's more in the story at. Cbs sports dot com. Encourage you to read it. gavitt He didn't give up a ton gave up some stuff. I did ask him for those. That are curious about this. Because i i did have a few people reach out. frankly You know coach amongst because people want to know what's the going to do about you know if a team can't play in the tournament and i'll have more about this also on thursday in the court report. We'll talk about it on friday but did ask avid. Hey guys have even if you can't tell me like. Do you have your plan in order for what you're gonna do if a team gets to indianapolis and suddenly can't play or if a team is an auto bid winner fails these seven consecutive tests. Covert wise goes on pause. Then just like teams are going on pause right now and can't get there like. Do you have confidence that you will have. Sixty eight teams compete in this tournament. No matter how you get to that sixty eight via forfeits and substituting in and he said premature to answer that that is now what they are getting to this week next week the week after and they'll plan to release that in In february it's obviously a significant hurdle. Doing everything possible. They can to avoid having that happen To the extent where how about this when teams traveled indianapolis. Gp by plane or by bus like every year. The end subway provides schools charter. Planes chartered buses. So they can. they can fly private. But when you do that everyone has to be six feet apart. And i don't know how you will police this to be honest but it is going to be an nc double a. mandate No one is allowed to eat or drink when they are on the planes or the buses when they are leaving to go to indianapolis. They're doing this in an effort. That if someone i think pops positive the contact tracing will allow potentially for the team to not be eliminated. You see what i'm saying but it is a. It is going to be quite strict in terms of what the the covid protocols are going to be in and around the tournament. We'll get more into those details when we get into march all right before we get out of here over the next couple of nights. Because we'll talk to you again on friday morning. A handful of interesting games not many handful. Small hands Indiana at iowa. Probably the most interesting thing inside kara. Hi arena thursday night. Nine o'clock eastern in the end enters eight and six overall three and four in the big ten zero wins over top forty five. Kim pom teams there oh and five and quadrant one opportunities. The hoosiers need a signature win. Do you give them a realistic chance to get one. Thursday night at iowa define realistic. I mean why. Don't you just google now defined parameters on this. I'm going to actually give you the official definition of realistic gimme. A percentage realistic is having or showing a sensible and practical idea of what can be achieved or expected. Doesn't sound realistic to me. Does it realistic. You indiana winning at iowa is not sensible is not a practical idea of what can be achieved or expected. I'll tell you this. They ain't nothing all season that would make you think it's practical or sensible to expect them to win at iowa but it is college basketball so you never know you never know not expecting it. This would be. Maybe the biggest. One of archie miller indiana career if he pulled it off considering the circumstances of the program right now and how good iowa is and how well iowa been playing as of late luca garza still the front runner Leading candidate my is national player of the year. So yeah. I mean. I'm an i'll be watching and plenty interested. That's probably the most riveting game riveting overboard actually intriguing. Maybe even that's too much the game that you might want to give some rubber neck treatment to indiana iowa on thursday i think is a is a good one there because they actually interested in it because this is what interests me in any college basketball season the teams that weren't supposed to be good that are great and the teams that were supposed to be good that are struggling especially when those teams are big brands with passionate fan bases that start hashtags fire. Rt could that gets tweeted at in my direction after every indiana loss. So i'm actually genuinely interested in this because iowa is about what we expected them to be. But indiana was. I had a preseason top twenty five and they aren't bad they aren't bad they just wing they just don't beat good teams but they're not bad they just don't win games. I know it sounds like like contradicts each other. But i think it's actually true there are there are not bad team for whatever. Reason can't win games often enough. I hear you. That's the most intriguing one Usc at stanford stanford needs that. That's a five o'clock tip on f s one on thursday. Just he's stanford needs to get that kind of win if it wants to build return resume. I don't know the pac twelve is definitely again at least foreign chance for six six one of them's going to have to be sanford and you win. A home game against is a home game. They're playing santa cruz. it's done. I love playing their own frequent county at this point. That's an important one and then I just wanna give love to a mountain west hip here. Colorado state utah state. It's late on thursday eleven o'clock f s one. Both those teams are teams. We've talked about on. Cbs sports h hugh recently colorado state's ten and three just lost at utah state on tuesday. It's got a good opportunity here. Utah state's twelve three yet to lose the mountain west nine clearly tracking toward an ncaa tournament bid and the mountain west utah state boise state colorado state. Those are the three that are really competing for fantasies. Probably slipped a little too much there. We'll keep an eye but give a little love to teams out in the mountain range there. Craig smith utah states Certainly done a wonderful job. Nickel medved at a colorado state as well so in addition to the the indian iowa game will command the most attention But you know the rams of of csu in the aggies of utah state both Trying to to get themselves in a position to to have at large consideration. And that's a big one for colorado state. Do you know why carver hawkeye. Arenas named carver hawkeye arena. Have you ever thought about it. that's Yeah no i. I i know the answer a that's carver hawkeye. He he. I believe I think he was in his teen years. When tony was two years old. Carver hawkeye was a very famous. He was a very famous. You know he didn't make a lot of a lot of inroads in basketball but but people don't realize I was. I was squash team in the late. Eighteen hundreds magnificent dominance. Some might even say you know on the level of a dynasty Carver hawkeye very famous squash. Coach in late eighteen hundreds None of that is true. It's a weird name. Usually you get an arena named after a person. John paul jones arena. Or you get a name arena named after like your tiger stadium. You don't really usually get a name plus the mascot like if it was john paul jones cavalier arena. You don't really get. That guys are named after carver hawkeye right. No the hawkeyes were named after hall. Just talk and then carber is roy. J carver still remember. Roy j i think roy j became cover hawkeye again once he wants legal age change. What if roy day-car carver actually changes his name. Do carver hawkeye. So when you introduced him you'd be he. I'm i'm gary tears. It's nice to see you. Sam cobra high. That's something that asked name okay. He was an industrialist and he started the carver pup factory. I learned all this last night. He donated ninety nine point two million dollars just before he died in one thousand nine hundred one of a heart attack in spain at the age of seventy one and for that nine point two million dollars. He's had his name on that building ever since. That's pretty good value back. We're talking about them now. So you're damn right as good value of fortunately roy j never got to walk inside. Carver hawkeye. it didn't open until after he was dead at the moment of silence for roy j aka carbohydrate been missing. You missing you. A lot shouts to devon down to chester south. Carolina shelf stereo. Mefin teagle jude justin. Now thank you guys for listening. Once again of the island college basketball podcast in the middle of the worst dumbest most idiotic pandemic my lifetime. I like this i never. I never seen one like this. I never. I never thought. I'd see one like crazy. The craziest insane dumbest never seen the president in thirty one minutes. I never seen one like this. No lander although hey good news. I got my mother. A vaccine appointment got my father vaccine point. Got my wife vaccine appointment offer next week. So that's that's right huge goodness. We'll talk to you on friday until the intake multi for a leg up on your book every single day. Yes every day we got you covered on the early yet. A daily betting podcast powered by sportsline. Join me the coach. Is i bring you the best campers directly to your podcast app every morning by eleven. Am early edge. Knows your time is money. We aim to deliver you. The betting need to know in under ten minutes. You're sportsbook won't know what. Hit them from the gridiron to the basketball court. There's a sharp side of the action. You'll be armed with it. Be sure to download and subscribe to the early age powered by sportsline part of the cbs. Sports podcast network available in apple podcasts. Spotify stitcher or wherever else. You listen to podcasts.

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