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You sign the documents the closing if you don't want to go and be interacting with people face to face right now can tell you this. We are appointment we were in at eleven we had eleven twelve. That's how quick it was. It couldn't have been smoother into save twenty percent I'm so glad we did it. The home loan expert Dot Com Ryan Kelly. The home loan expert Dot Com. If you're buying a home or you're looking to refinance go online at the home loan expert Dot Com gags repeat. We have all kinds of things. We have all kinds of things bringing in the questions from the audience File this week. I've got emails and on the Fan. Page Tma Fan page. I posted That I was willing to go into a Deep dive on On a topic. Because that's what I had just done with Buck swope for what apparently is a three hour in twenty three minute addition of of swaps picks rogan truly. Truly truly. What so with that. I said you know what I enjoy the deep dive I will go into a deep dive If there is a topic people want me to go into so for this version of Questions from the audience will answer questions but I will deep dive topics for me and Buck. Swope we were talking about We're talking about the two thousand eleven cardinals. That's the latest edition of Soaks picks. So some people suggested some things such as a Quin Snyder. Deep dive people seem to be a namrd with Quin Snyder and Quin Snyder. Deep dive does that intrigue you. I lived at whatever to me. Oh Wow doesn't sound like that. Intrigues you And Inside T. L. DOT com up in early years deep dive interesting. Doesn't sound like though you really mean it. Well I mean we've talked about it a lot on here too. I think so yeah I'm scrolling down to find the thread Man It's taking a while And then I felt like there was another deep dive then. There were some sports questions. Kind of like topical sports questions and and and and it's kind of popped up each the last couple of weeks and I get them. It's not like I'm like oh I ask about knowing Aaron how now I get it but for whatever reason like the idea of talking about that just have like the opposite. Whatever the opposite reaction of who I really WanNa talk about. It is is what I have so it's not like I'm like. Oh that's a shitty question. I'm just like indifferent it's I I'm behind indifferent because I'm like I really. It puts me in a bad place for whatever reason. I don't know why here I finally found the threat To to think about like breaking down sporting events or sports or like even like things like that trades like. It's like when somebody asked about Dylan. Carlson I'm like that's totally fair. Question especially with how baseball could wind up going down in twenty twenty but God it just seems so foreign at the moment and so far away at the moment that I I don't know this like have this this this aversion to even like thinking about it i. I kind of like trying to psychoanalyze myself. I don't know why I do. But that's where I am so many unknown variables at the moment like right. It's hard to really get into it. I mean a huge waste of your time and I know a couple of weeks ago. Maybe two or three wasn't last week. I came on questions from the audience. Just Bantus Fuck because we had just done what I thought was one of the worst morning after in the show's history thousands of shows over the years and I thought it was one of the worst and now honestly I'm just kind of resigned to this is what it is at this moment and even though we are supposed to be back in studio on May Eighteenth I I. I don't know if it's GonNa Change. I guess some of the the interruption stuff might be reduced because we'll be able to see each other and so that way the the interruption stuff might change and the delayed silences but as far as topics go. I am so consciously trying to avoid talking about the pandemic that that becomes like the biggest effort of each show and like if I see kind of like oh I see we do it. It's Kinda got into an area where it might come up I. I'm going to try and read one of your dear detours immediately to try to try to like blow it up on that road before we get there. Because I know it's going to happen. You know you have been talking about for the year and a half. You've been part of the show your Your your feelings on the fan page and I for the last. I don't know how long I'm just like I don't. It's it's like nothing but pandemic talk and it's in the people who are posting. You already know what they're gonNA say before they post. Which is what I say often when it comes to political talk but now that's where we are on an actual medical issue and it's just it's so gone that I don't I mean it it. It depends on who you're talking to some people talk about it like it's like it's almost in the past and then some people talk about it like Holy Shit. This might be going on like until twenty twenty one twenty two you know and so I I just I and and the reality is I think no one really knows. I think. I don't know nobody does that too is about to say but if there's one. I know I don't and I'm virtually certain although I do know there are doctors on there and they do post but they don't tell the people that their doctors and then they get shit on like the most phasing big and I want to jump in and I go. Hey just so you know. This is a doctor but like if they don't want to identify themselves or doctors they don't involve themselves as healthcare admins place to do it. Obviously they would if they wanted to. So I'll stay out of it. I read I'm just like Oh my God but that's how I am with the show. The text in box which I realize the audience can't see the audience. Most of the audience can see the fan page if you're on facebook And you know the text inbox anytime. The topic comes up. And what do you see gangster? Pete I've been As usual babbling when we when it starts to come up what D- what give the audience. What you see in the texting because maybe your perception of the text inbox when we're talking about the few times recently. It's come up. I screw past most of the comments. You usually see stuff extremes on both sides anytime that it comes up like their political views are and they're upset at somebody for thinking one way and instead of somebody else we're thinking another way and the and then there's usually at least one or two saying I can tell. Tim is on instagram right now. Because I'm gone I'm gone and I'm sitting there. This is just so you know but whereas in March I wanted to talk about it and enjoyed talking about it enjoyed being probably not the right word but I felt like it was healthy. It intrigued me. I think people were engaged Now it's it's just it's just it's I don't know man I don't know I don't know I'm I am at a loss for it and so you don't have sports and you aren't able to talk about the biggest thing and so each day. I'm dislike you. I don't know I don't know I duNno I you know. I know I know when it's said and done we'll be fine but it is It's it's it's certainly for the first time in a very long time. I'm talking about well more than a decade plus Where I'm like seven o'clock here. It's actually time to go to work because this is going to be. You know it's it's there. There's working in making sure that you know we do our thing and then there's also working making sure that it does not get into an area of Bat Shit are- that you know is I don't know I don't know irreparable for lack of better term and I don't know it's it's So I really do. It's an I did see one today where somebody said I can. I can hear Tim. Banging his head against the wall as this discussions going on can't wait for Q. Fda because the audience knows that that is where you you know. I will be speaking. You know uninterrupted in perhaps having an opportunity to go into some things that I may WanNa talk about but honestly when it comes to this I remember you and I talked and it had to be March because I can picture being in my my office in Jupiter and talking about how you at. That point were exhausted by the politics of the corona virus discussion and that was probably around like March twentieth. And here we are on May fifth and you know what like you said you got different? People argue in different sets of facts based on. And that's why there's a love Love I. I don't know if there's anything I enjoy discussing more. I guess like non like sexual than Than Plot political philosophy political history political philosophy but when we're debating what is true and not and you know like you hear you don't you don't know what to believe but it's like yeah but if you talk with doctors you know they. They don't. They're not you know they're uncertain of which direction it's going to go. But as far as what is actually going on? I don't know it's it's a it I don't know I don't know I I'm I'm I'm exasperated when The reaction of anti thoughts swapped at a hell of a job hosting the two thousand eleven cardinal thing we wound up having like an hour and twenty minute conversation about ten minutes of which we're about. Joshua and how that even happened. How how I found out about him and how he came into. Tma a lower That it's like okay if I can go into a topic in deep dive on it that allows us to have a good Q- FTA session without having to dance around the pandemic talk. And I don't think there's pandemic exhaustion per se when it comes to the topic. What I'm exhausted by is like it's like like people are on. I almost feel like it's like an a mission to do. The I told you so thing and again when it's being talked about in past tense as if it's like over eight just I I'm I'm blown away and I don't know how to either I really is is a is a host. I don't know how to handle it. I really don't I honestly don't know how to handle it. I'M GONNA loss which is why which I think is why it's not that. I'm because entertaining the hell out of me. You know where he is but But as far as the host like feeling it's my responsibility. I'm it up. I'm I'm really at a loss and And so therefore it's You know bits sister. It's a IT'S A it's A. It's a task of some kind to try to make sure that we don't do damage. I guess is what I would say by saying things. That aren't necessarily true which I don't think anybody would do intentionally on our show. Never do I think that they take your pick of whoever you WANNA list on the show. I don't think anybody would do that. I do I think there are people in media who do that hundred percent I think. Do I know what I guess? I don't know it but I think it yes But do I think anybody on our show would do that? No so But I could see someone saying something that they think true and it wound up not being accurate and I include myself in that too so It's it's you know when you talk about People's health and you're talking about people's jobs and the stress that people are under right now it It just makes it a certainly a unique experience. But you also want to be responsible with it so with that all said We have a number of Questions this This week The deep dive recommendations now that I have them up deep dive on Quin Snyder See this is a question and it ties into what we were just talking about. Listening to swaps picks about the two thousand eleven world series. There was very little producer. Talk on at the time. What do you think has changed? Since then I know the producers now are different. Are they given more freedom than producers back? Then are they just more talkative? Just curious of your opinion And I know it's a question coming from a sincere place when I first started reading like. Oh this is the way to shit on either iggy or the Plow Hawk for talking too much. But I don't think that's what it was. I guess what I would tell you is I think producer Joe was just as big a part of the show or to not get into some kind of debate on it. Close to as big a part of the show as the pips are now And some people might go no way then I know plenty of people inkster about your eight years ago was last time. Joe Is on the show and they might go no way revisionist history. But I'm telling you is the person who hosted it in owned instill does own the content of the show that you know. We viewed it as the four of us and actually we had Kevin the runs As part of I bond the International Brotherhood of nitwits so When I saw that question I was Kinda surprised by it. But I guess it's what Buck swope put in the episode and In there isn't much producer. Joe In there I think right now if you're looking at TMA considering this time which is you know is unique is it is ever been in our lives. Much less for a radio show You're having way more involvement with the producers than than even five months ago but But certainly at this particular moment gangster Pete. You've been listening for a while. What is your opinion and way before you start working. Yeah I haven't listened to the buck swope thing yet but I would. I would assume that's just the attic. 'cause I remember listening I remember Jove's on the air all the time and then I know I hosted a show going into us to show and then I know. Now it's just it's more conducive to everyone talking when no one is in the studio because then there's an open seat for all three of us right so I saw standpoint. You know th the question are they given more freedom? I mean there's just never been any. Hey you now have more freedom. There's it's never been. That was never been that way. Even back in two thousand four when we started much less now It's just not like scripted. That way you know. I don't even know. I'm sure it's I remember walking in the morning after Joe Block. Are Jack Buck. Excuse me had passed away. So you're talking about June of two thousand and two handful days before Darryl kile would pass away and I just started just started radio. He came over since March. Two thousand but I just started radio and I was working with rich school than Jay Randolph. Junior and I remember walking in and I guess is a way to reduce workload so to speak we would rotate who runs point Which is kind of funny to think of now. But that's how we did it. You know for the handful of months I worked with those guys and then I went on to work with Frank Kusamao no for a year and a half before the morning grind slash morning after started and I remember that morning rich walked in and said junior. It's what he always calls me junior. You're sitting over there today. I'm going to run this show today and I'm good to me. I'm twenty four years old twenty five years old and I'm like that I mean I get it you know. This is a unique unique show. The reason I cite that as an example is that is one of the only times I can recall in nearly two decades of radio where there was like some kind of. Who's GonNa talk and WHO'S NOT GONNA talk scenario In other words the Plow Hawk iggy have not been given more freedom recently or Joe and Kevin had less freedom in two thousand eleven. It's just not the way that it is a fair question and it probably sounds like that based on listening to soaks picks but I assure you joe was very active Part of the program Let's see deep dive into any of the Times. The show moved stations. That would get into some good inside baseball Let's see oh seven. We moved to thirteen. Eighty ten moved back to caffeine us. Thirteen moved to nine twenty sixteen moved back to CAF s which of those would be the most titillating b. o seven to thirteen eighty or Thirteen to nine twenty because when we left from Thirteen back to five ninety. That couldn't have been a more friendly parting The GM actually came in and embraced me on the final day and said by the way. Today's your day. I submitted my resignation. Why Holy Shit and the the Gentleman I don't think he owned the company Simmons Media But he was a high up there The corporate level. So National League Daryl. O'neill I think it was his name. Think are now maybe that's not. He was maybe he was the initial. Gm of the station back in two thousand four. That's not the name camera with the guy's name was It wasn't Daryl O'Neill And I'm sure a handful of people who know the named earlier laughing that I said it was the I can't remember the names. Maybe it was craig something or another but he was quoted in the paper talking about how much they respect that our show and it was a shame that we were leaving but they understood. I mean it couldn't have been more professional And when we left nine Twenty Five Ninety Two Thousand Sixteen. There was nothing that the owner of nine twenty could have done. It was a compensation package. There's nothing you can do But he's been quoted in the post since talking about how we built something there and he wanted to keep the momentum going so it would certainly be either. Oh seven to thirteen eighty or thirteen to nine twenty the those those would be. I think people but I really do some sometimes you know. He talks about writing a book. I actually think I I don't know if I necessarily write a book. I think I just need to write this stuff and like hand it to somebody so you know whenever I'm gone like it'll be like it'll be there and people go holy Shit. This stuff actually happened Because I think if I started talking about people be like. Oh he's making stuff up and it's real I mean it's it's real it's just you wouldn't you wouldn't believe it Let's see deep dive on the inside. Sto Message Board Cesspool. Repeat I was a part of that. I learned a valuable lesson. I was right in those articles For the early inside down in the muck with some of those commenters. I wouldn't article the article and there's just never. It's never ending battle that you couldn't actually win. It's like getting in a fight on twitter. My old man read the articles. He's like I enjoyed the article. You can't get in the muck with those guys underneath there. I got this dead then like a month later. I'm just exhausted. Like non. Stop Right now. I've just not giving a shit about any of that stuff ever again. Yeah so maybe. That's that's giving you good perspective here now on And the way that you handle other stuff so it definitely changed my whole perspective. Yeah I mean it's it's one of the and I. I don't know how many times I've set both on. Tma and here. It's like yeah. Maybe I'll start tweeting but I I just don't have any appetite. Ford I don't have any appetite Ford and you can make the best point in the world and that no one cares. They're going to come back at you and no one is actually reading it for the most part. It's I think I would. If you knew that you were interacting with real human beings. I of course the real human beings not of course but but I'm talking about people identify themselves because then the dialogue is different. But that's not the way that it works. I mean people have their burners or people only have one account and of course. It's like a dog Avatar Flag Avatar. You know you know so many and it's like no point it's like what. Ah for real. I don't know I'll ask this. I have a question for the audience now from the is. What's the upside? You know like this this for me at this point in my life. What's the upside? Because if you're twenty one twenty two and you're getting out of school and you want to build up you know Name or something like that. Then I get it but You know it's like I'm like aspiring to be some National I. It's not where I am and I'm not looking to like become a take Smith you know. It just doesn't matter and it all leads to is you know just negative I mean. That's that's how I see. I remember when we talked about that. Show Joe Bach In Two thousand twelve and we had Bob Costas on one of the guests asked him about twitter and he said Real concisely goes what would I get out of doing? And it's like good question now. He's Bob Costas. So we're talking about apples and oranges here. But I'm just like I just it's not like I'm like holding back a take. I'm just like there's no I'm not you know I I don't even I don't know I I want to be able to interact. I don't I don't know like like a number of my friends. Have this I get the sense. You guys have this. Some of your friends like twenty guys are like on a group taxes that what you have We have We use what's APP? We got like that's right. That's four different chats so that so maybe that's the way to interact with people you know but even you were saying. Maybe you're saying this off the air so. I apologize if I'm if I'm reading this out out here but you have one friend who's clearly like kind of you know part state of mind so yeah everybody knows who you're talking about. That's fine. He knows how everybody else feels too. So does he have any self-awareness auditors. He He does he just believes it. He percent believes in so. Yeah so yeah I mean I guess if I I don't think I of the people I would like if I were to do this with because I would love to be able to communicate and give thoughts especially in an number of friends who've done really well for themselves super intelligent and I'd love to have perspective like thought and not be like. Oh Shit I might lose my house because I gave this thought right. You know what I mean. I love it because you can say whatever you want and they and it's just great. I might be the way to do it. I don't know because I I do. In that sense. I feel like kind of muzzled which which has to sound weird people like well. You have a show you have a podcast you know you have this fan page thing you have inside. Us Yell it's like. Yeah but you know it's a it's a time in which you really can't say anything and here. I am on on this saying I don't know what the hell to do on the show at this particular moment. You know we just bullshit which is fine but often times I do like to talk about what's on my mind but at this particular moment it's just it's it's nuts and I have to tell you you know I read I really enjoy it New York Times Wall Street Journal though. That's kind of my regular and then even though I subscribe to it. I don't always make the way my way to Washington Post so instead of trying to get and then I'll go look at CNN. And I'll see how how they're portraying the day's news and then I'll go to Fox News and it's like they're two different worlds coming. It's an amazing thing like if the news wasn't real good for the president with regard to the pandemic what's the headline on Fox News. It isn't that it's about Tara. Read Joe Biden. And if it wasn't a real good day for Joe Biden with the sexual harassment allegations from Tara Reid. What's it looking like on on CNN? It's all pandemic all the time? And how president trump lost his mind at the press conference or whatever it is and it's just like you and so I look at that and I wonder again we're just assigning arbitrary percentages to things but of the people who get their news from Fox News and then of the people who get their news from CNN and they don't read a New York Times or Wall Street Journal and by the way I'm not faulting people for any of this. I'm just saying I think I think I think I think I think the majority of people get their news from cable news or their sights right now. I think the agree with that. Peter my off. Yeah I think a lot of people get Cable News and a lot of people the curate like twitter headlines on twitter and facebook was about tonight you need to include that in there so there bubbles. How many check. The other bubble like what percentage is we could say any percentage and throw it out. I would say five percent might be being liberal with that. Sounds about right okay? That like. It's like a conscious effort. Because if you're in the bubble then seeing what the quote unquote other side is saying. It's it's it's an action that will piss you off. It's like I say about just read a great story and then the post-dispatch see there's a bunch of comments under the article and immediately it takes me to a dark place mentally and emotionally. So why do that to yourself? It's like reading mentions on twitter. You know so so if I'm fine said that this is the story and then I go to this site. And they're not even talking about it. It pisses you off or if they are talking about it they're portraying it in a different way and so since I since we're operating off of our arbitrary percentage of five percent of people check both which might be high. The net means ninety five percent of those who get their news from Fox. News or CNN are never seeing the other side. And therefore when the to interact. They're talking past each other and they also think that the other one is lying or refusing to acknowledge the truth. I really say it's so often on this thing that I think that's the core issue but now you know it's one thing it's like oh. I think Donald Trump's and ask well you can think he's an ass but look at the economy and it's like okay. We're talking about that but now we're talking about stuff like has impacted. Everyone like that stuff was kind of like okay. If you're caught up in it and you recognize those people kind of when you when you encounter them you know whether it be and always kind of like a whole shit you know. It's one of those moments you know. It doesn't matter if it's left right. It's like Oh shit I gotta I gotTa my PS and QS. Because I I'm I got a live one here. You know That that I wanNA talk about things but I I don't I don't feel comfortable really getting into them Because it leads to just this anger and hate and anger and hate that. I don't think I can recall seeing in years with regard to like people create and burner email accounts and sending me shit. It's just in another world. I'm getting a lot of DM's on facebook to a lot like way more than normal Method kind now. It's it's just it's just I don't know man I'm So real time like what Pete. Let's do the Q FTA's and let's you know do deep dives and I'll go and all kinds of shifts. I didn't enjoy the one I did with swope so Have this one Pandemic related. But it's not really pandemic related. I think you'll agree when you hear it. Hello with the popularity of grocery delivery and curbside takeout during the pandemic. Do you think that a the popularity of these services will continue even after things quote? Go back to normal and quote and if so be do you foresee grocery stores altering their model a bit to compete with Insta- cart. It seems that if they had locations that were warehouse only in catered solely online delivery. It would allow them to bring that business in-house and cut out the inefficiencies that instant cart and similar companies deal with when I say inefficiencies. I mean someone has to physically do the shopping in the store imagine an Amazon style warehouse where machines procure orders and they deliver themselves. I love you do you love me. Thanks meet whole two thousand one wonderful email so it sounds like it's pandemic but it's actually not but when I went to read the email and I saw pandemic Oh shit So I like this. I thought this was Well asked so start with is the popularity. These surveys services will continue after these things. Go back to normal do you do. I think that Pete what do you think I mean? I think if they can do it efficiently enough where they still make money. It adds value. And they'll still do it but I think it's probably cheaper to have people visit your visit the grocery store or restaurant so I think they're they're more likely to make Have Higher Spread in the prophets if they continue with the old model but yeah I think if there's a way for them to do it efficiently and make money on it. Yeah sure so. This is good practice to so yeah. I agree with that. I mean I think a lot of We will look back whenever ten. Twenty thirty years and go look at all of the things that became normal that were born out of necessity is the as the phrase goes that. I put all the time. The mother of invention is necessity or something along those lines And so I will skip ahead to be. Which do I foresee grocery stores altering their model a bit to compete within the card? It seems that if they had locations that were warehouse only and catered solely online delivery. It would allow them to bring that business in-house and cut out the inefficiencies that instant cart and similar companies deal with and I actually would say yes. I think that. That's I think that this could wind up happening. Cause you think of how big these pitch picture whichever grocery store. You're picturing and how big these things are at how much that must cost. Pus Plus to employ. I really could see it happening. You know people have gotten. Are you shopping for groceries right now? Or are you using? Take your pick of what I shop a mask on going there all right. I haven't been in a grocery store in since since March So we are using one of the services and so if people you know initially people may be uncomfortable with it but because of necessity they get comfortable with it then perhaps you can have like an Amazon type arrangement. I could see it happening because because again you might not necessarily increase the top line. But you're going to reduce your expenses and so that's where your margin can increase. And so I do wonder about it now. Somebody in the industry listen to go. No here's why it wouldn't work that way but I don't know I mean you know in New York City. For example. This is the way most say most people. It's not fair. I know a number of my friends in New York City. Would jokingly say I never leave my apartment if I don't WANNA go out. I mean they deliver food here. They run it up the elevator and it's sitting there They deliver groceries here. And so what is becoming common for? Some people in our area has been around for you. Know How long at least a decade in in Manhattan. But that's a different situation again. You could kind of make the case it's necessities is actually necessity no but the the convenience outweighs the going to the you know. What's the name of that thing that they have everywhere there? Dwayne Reed that. What those things are you talking about like those around every corner. I was GONNA say Bodega. You certainly have those but But but that that people now out of necessity in the Midwest are Are Getting are getting comfortable with it. the hell joining where you think. Twain read. Oh Dwayne dwayne Reed became part of Walker so there you go So I don't know I mean I'm certainly fine with it. I don't enjoy going to the grocery store but maybe some people like no I to be able to look at certain items and pick them out and not be at the mercy of somebody picking out the wrong vegetable or fruit or meat or whatever. I don't know but I I think it's a fair question and I could absolutely let me put it this way. It may not replace it but the number of people who will do it will increase. I think it's really interesting whether the grocery stores want that or not because I know that they spent a ton of money like studying people's movement to the stores like they put things in certain places. They don't have the windows and the clocks. I see no they want you to go in and out as many aisles as possible see Seymour things and interest in encouraging right so certain places. Yeah you're right that's interesting so I think so. You can make a case in other words that the top line could decrease as well because people aren't going to purchase in other words if I go into a grocery store right now and it's let's let's say right. Now is December twenty nineteen as opposed to May of twenty twenty and. I'm just going there in particular one of the things that would benefit me is. I'm not hungry but let's say that I'm somewhat hungry and I go into the grocery store and the next thing I know. I've spent an absurd amount of money. Just because I saw things and I decided to buy them that spend is going to be substantially more than if me and my wife. We're going okay. We gotta do another order. What do we need? And you know. And I'll say no I just need you know this and that. And that's it. And she's like that's all you need. And it's like two things because I'm eating metabolic meals online at my metabolic meals dot com. That obviously the Spencer incredibly greater so. I think you're right I think it's a good observations. I'm sure that and I'm sure there are other reasons for people who are in that industry here in say well. Here's why wouldn't happen next question? I asked the fan page this question and I'm curious of your response so after being home for a month I realized something I have zero hobbies. Sure I did some stuff around the house and played video games and such but nothing I would call a hobby questioned. Do you have any hobbies? That are not radio slash podcast slash multimedia related. Thanks that's from Sean Moynahan. If Golf were not allowed at this moment I think I would be in a worse state of mind than I am but over the last couple of years. Golf has become such a big part of my downtime. That that it's it. It truly is an escape that that doesn't make me feel like. Oh something because when you're out on the golf course and this can be in the middle of a stressful time during normalcy. It has a way of taking your mind off it And so that is huge for me. I mean that's just huge for me and I'm personally somebody who doesn't need to be playing a round of golf to have my mind taken off. I can go up even if like my wife's like listen. I really need you around the house today. You know And I'm like all right. That's fine how about I go up in. You know pitcher pot or whatever for thirty minutes and put an air pods. I'm just the happiest fucking person in the world. I mean I just just. It's the past So that helps. I thought I was going to get back getting more back into poker and I think the reason I haven't is in part of what I just said on the previous answer with regard to golf except golf whereas it takes four four and a half hours With poker if you're running good in your in a deep tournament it's GonNa Take Shit eight hours So maybe not eight. Six to eight though Inside US don't have that time and I don't really have that commitment. I found when I started playing in early April that I'm like oh the people like so many people are playing it now that it's not as the games weren't as hard as they had become because only committed players were still playing supposed to the poker stars. Boom full tilt boom when you know you had plenty of fish in the pond So it was profitable and I still have that money in my body count but I just haven't. I don't know when the last time I really sat down to like really like play tournament as opposed to like. Okay fuck it. There's there's there's GonNa be a hundred thousand dollars in prize money. It's Friday night. Even though I know I won't be able to stay up past ten o'clock I'll get in the seven o'clock tournament and just play like a maniac and if I build up a stack great if not gives a shit so golf absolutely Usually had been working out. Which wasn't really about you. Know what the Hell am I gonNa do with with being a married father? I'm not looking to oppress anybody But I just would feel better after work out and now with having a a obviously know gyms but you can still work out at home or do yogurt. You know whatever. They'll run But I'm just in this mindset with okay. I don't WanNa do anything. The thing really enjoying where I could hurt myself and then not be able to play golf because that's my thing right now. I'm not gonNA mess with it. I Have A. I have a torn shoulder labor. I'm trying to get to the end of the year to have surgery or the end of the GOLF SEASON. I guess to have surgery like in September or something and then you know just eat shit for the next few months and then hopefully be able to play in twenty Twenty one assuming we can who knows so. I'm not messing with like doing homework outs pushups because that could fuck up my shoulder. So it's just you know it is what it is. I feel it when I sleep. I sometimes feel when I play golf but for the most part I just do my shoulder rehab stuff with bands and that's what I do. So it's it's mainly built around golf but I love it and And my son loves going out on the course with me. My wife actually I got drunk for the first time in. I don't know how long it might be having to go back to twenty eighteen which is really weird but There was like a golf tournament and Annemarie. I'll go up there and we'll just drink but I really don't WanNa hit a shot. I have no clubs. I don't care and I'm like I get it. I get it so on the first hole. We have like a thirty foot birdie. Putt the three of us have missed it on our team and I said Hey could you just roll up there. I mean who knows you know? She's like I really don't want it. She's buried and she married at gangster. Pete and I mean this thing off. The Flat Blade was tracking from twenty feet out and me and my buddy the wonderful mattie Mo we're looking at my God if things go in and it I mean we're we're one because every berries the pot and next thing I know she's like and she has a nice golf swing. She's an athlete and she's like well. Maybe I should get going. I'm like fine do it. I'm all for it. Some guys are like yeah. I want my wife to kind of like it but not really really like can cost problem. I would love it. I'd love it if me and my wife and my son went out there and just fucked off. It's just a you know it's it's an escape so anyway the long answer. That could have just been simply one word but that that is. That's that's really what I'm building everything around and if I do get shoulder surgery this year I imagine I will go back to lifting weights but I will never again. I mean it's a weird thing it's like forty three years old and I know I will never again lift as much as I was lifting eight months ago. I guess it would be at this point Not because I wouldn't be able to per se but I will never risk injury again. It's just there's no point there's zero upside and as I may have said before any to stop saying that because the juice isn't worth squeeze the juice is not worth the squeeze in my trainer and I'll never give up but My my now my trainer the Rehab How physical therapist when he was when I came in he. So what are you got I got I got to show you? What were you doing? I says lifting weights and he goes why am I trying to be mean he goes? But why are you doing that and I go well? That's what I always. Yeah but I mean you're you're forty two now I mean what are you doing and I go. What do you mean he goes? Well I mean what are you training for I? Just that's what. I've always think because he can't do that anymore. I mean you really get hurt and it's it was this moment of like Holy Shit like all right here. We are here. Is this thing you'd always heard about you know and hadn't really applied to me and now it's like okay shit to here. We go here to here here. Here's the start of you know if I make it the numerous things over the next x amount of years that you used to be able to do that. You will no longer be able to do. It's like I really want to try and break seventy on a golf course while I can because I know that I know that that's not going to be in play. Shit I if might not even be in play right now but at least I think it's in play and I really want to try to do it because I know you know like I'm not going to be able to swing. I can right now. And how many and who knows it could happen today. I go out and I hurt my back and you're done you know so I don I just Yeah I'M NOT GONNA I'm not gonNA fuck around with with the with lifting weights again like. I did which I might. Maybe I should have been but I mean I was talking to Tj Mo. And I go. So what do you do? You saw a dead lifting mess with dead lifting get hurt and they go really the workout plan. I'm on is one day dead lifting. Oh I mean you can do it. But it's You can hurt your back. You can hurt legs you know. I'm okay I mean. I realize you played college football at a High Level. But look at me. It's like what the fuck am I doing? You know I'm here so anyway. The answers golf. Pete go ahead what? What are your hobbies golf? I know one yeah. Golf is keeping me sane pretty much and then where are you playing? Planning Normany of the Saturday. I've played with my dad out the legends few times Doug was talking about Paradise. Valley Valley played out there. Couple of times you can get an easy time tracks but I mean I just like to get out there and forget about everything for a while and then zoom poker games with my boys on the weekends. That's really fun. So it's like normal interaction. Yeah that's good. That's good I mean I yeah I. That's that's healthy. He's talked about those Before I don't know I mean but again you're in a different spot. We're obviously different spots. I have a wife and a child and he is now in the spot where this you know. I think I've talked about it again as I said I need to stop saying. I think I've said this because who fucking cares. Go into something different anyway. He is now sleeping in our bed. Last night was the first time where he just abandoned ship on his bed and just started the night with us. So we're at that point once again anytime. I talk about parenting. I don't want any email on parenting tips ever. I will never send one and I don't really want to receive them. If I'm interested in your parenting tip I will say hey. You know I'd be curious. I can't imagine that times going to come because I feel like the people who usually want send those are not the People. I'd WANNA hang out with so I'm kind of operating. I'm sure you probably want to hang out with me so you're probably not listening to this as it is although you might be a hate listener So I I. It's so he is with us now. At this Point Pete. Twenty four hours a day twenty four hours a day. I am now the guy that's auto-owners doesn't eat. It is indeed. I guess maybe not with. He's with her twenty four hours a day with me. I've got my three hours of. Tma My our two of Ta and and working on a variety of things. Where I'm on the phone or whatever But I'm now the guy who you know like yesterday. I had to get out of the House to go get on the phone because otherwise he'd be running around so I have I have one child and we're not and we don't have to. I mean these two so we're not home schooling like I mean you know. My neighbor has five children. My brother Danny has three children. I don't know how people are doing. I really don't I said this when we were three months into Jameson life. Just the appreciation. I'm sure somebody like fucking liberal. But the towel I felt it all. I feel like it's like just kind of acknowledging that the world is the same for everyone like I'm like this is this is first off. It's absolutely not fun. I will not say otherwise. I don't care I will go with that forever. The first X AMOUNT OF MONTHS. I say it to guys privately. And you're telling me but I don't feel like I say the first six months or so or fucking awful it is and this is coming from the Guy. I can't even imagine from the woman who actually has to to to a hell of a lot more so with that said Then it becomes just the greatest thing in the world but the the the element of having one and I was going you know. Enemy doesn't work and I do some nitwit radio show and podcast and we're already we already have our hands full and I'm thinking to myself. What if you are a thirty year old mother of three? Who has to work two jobs? And you're a single mother and you have to somehow do that to keep your family going and also try to parent and those kids have to go to school and you try to and I'm going how in the hell the people do it. Here I am with a with a with a three month old infant. Who can't really do anything. And I'm going this motherfucker. I mean I'm just going. I just have empathy for it fucking liberal. I don't know what to tell you. I mean I you know I'm coming at it from another perspective but I'm just thinking to myself how you know that's a that's a. That's a tough tough spot. But let's take that element out of it for the purpose of this particular moment in history and I have no idea how people who have. Let's say three who are five seven and nine. You know I mean I don't even I can't even imagine I can't imagine I can't imagine it's like I see my neighbor. Who's a great guy and he'll go how you hold up and he sees me and Jameson. Come back from the golf course. I'm going I don't know couldn't putt today. You know shit fine with me. And then he like yeah going. Oh Yeah that's right you've got five kids and that's the thing I mean. I know there are a number of people in that spot and it's just like Shit I don't know I mean I'm sure you have a number of friends who have multiple children and what it what they say. The experiences like Yeah I mean they. They can't leave him with like my brother's got five hundred eleven but Most of my zoom poker friends are married with children. They late night on Friday and Saturday. There get drunk with you yeah poker. Oh yeah definitely I did find four to hell week. I'm at a point. Although this past Saturday with the couple's golf thing was super enjoyable That what I find my. I'm building my week. Like the climax of my week is eight o'clock central on Sunday night for the last day you know. I can't wait for that. Can't wait to sit on the couch and watch. Tv At eight o'clock five days from now. That's what it's come to. It's like five years ago. Can't wait for the fucking orgy in Las Vegas. Now it's can't wait to see the thing on the Bulls and you know it's like this. Is this where things have? This is where things have gone so quickly so quickly. But that's where it is so I mean I am the father of one so for media even I just don't I can't relate. I can't relate to what people are experiencing with it. You know with their How they're navigating you know Parenting and kids never leaving the house to all right. Yes Ed that to your list. I'm sorry that you don't worry about it in his My Dad is to my dad's called me and he texted me to call him. And so it's like one of those things but you know it's like one of like. Sometimes he does that and it's not urgent but it's one of those things where when it happens you go. This has to be urgent Bradman. I'll call them and go. How's it going buddy good? I thought I thought something was going on with family members. So I don't know now I might be joking about it and then something awful is happening and So anyway that's that's what's going on right now and if that is indeed the case we will be. We will be editing editing this out Let's see hi. This is a good question. Hi Tim would you ever consider inviting Bob Festival? Jason Baird on the podcast or is this. A juice isn't worth the squeeze situation. There's a juice isn't worth the squeeze situation for email or pizza shop again. I'm enjoying the show that's from Adam. Not Colorado yes. I would as a matter of fact when Seymour was producing the sea monster. He asked Barrett And Barrett said no in his reason though was he was consultant for one. Oh One Which personally I think he was using as an excuse but I also understand it I also think the people want one would have cared but whatever it's neither here nor there. Yeah and I'd have Bob fast a the thing with the talk about these things. I talk about like everybody knows and in reality of their thirteen. Th that's thirteen old Bob. Vesco is who I go hosted with in two thousand seven for five months when Martin quit producer. Joe Got fired and the cat got fired and Jason Barrett is the program director who initiated that And it was for real when I talk about these these These shows where I go. God these are the worst that I can recall doing. They bring me back to that time but when I say that I can understand how people go you know her friends with Bob. For example I hate. Tim was bad mouth. And then it's not. It's not what it is like you could. You could put me with. I don't know Who would be considered a party? Nicholas be a great example. I mean fuck burn As far as has been knowledge Cachet in the market Randy character there would be another one and I just don't think it'd be a good show you know. Now I'm not saying Bob. Festival was Bernie Mac. Lizard the point being that and it wouldn't be good for those guys either. You know. This isn't a this isn't a me thing this is. There's chemistry you know In the way that you like to do a show and what? You're entertained by and In Bob and I just have absolutely two different styles which was why the whole thing of bringing him in was such a mistake and And the way it was handled was disappointing. And I it's been. It's been thirteen years but my opinion doesn't change. I mean I'm certainly not nearly as upset about it as I was at that time but it it's that doesn't change the way that was handled. It was so it was poorly handled. That's that's where Jason Barrett comes in to Jason Barrett's credit a couple of later Because I see because I had this thing man and I made no secret of it. I know he knows it. And this is why a deep dive on like oh seven would be Would probably be entertaining for the audience especially the people. 'cause I would guess. Let me throw this. I I like you know like arbitrary percentages we one gangster Pete of the people listening to TMA in two thousand eight hundred twenty and this podcast in twenty twenty. What percentage do you think we're listening to the morning grind in two thousand six in the morning grind in two thousand seven fifteen twenty? I like the number. I think Twenty's going twentieth certainly go under. I Dunno maybe not because I'm thinking I'm thinking more in the ten to fifteen range that's loyal fan base so I think it is it just I think I just feel like because so. Many now are in their twenties early thirties. That if you take it back it's like where is there any way? They were listening when they were like ten. You know it's just so anyway. Whatever the the premise being I think people who are totally unfamiliar with the story would be entertained by it. And then I think the people who are familiar with the story would love to hear the behind the scenes on it and in its when I bring Barrett. Now they they picture the his top twenty five list that we make fun of every Super Bowl Week But but the history actually it goes back to when he was the program director at CAF s and he was He he micromanaged it to the point. Where producer Joe? Who is you know? He has worked on the show in seven years. He's still a friend of mine he's also. I when when the word loyalty is used. I feel like the word loyalty loyalty of like you follow the dictator loyalty which I don't have first off. I'd like to think I wouldn't be under that umbrella anyway. With regard to dictator. But you kind of loyalty to principle which is a totally different kind of loyalty. Like I don't want somebody to blindly. Follow me I surround myself when we do have business ventures with people who I know. We'll say I disagree. I prefer that I I think I think I mean I think it's kind of like. I think that's like an obvious thing that you want to do. So Joe is not like this. Tim Is the greatest thing you know at all. I don't want that. And you pete absolutely or not which I love and I prefer You know so joe so with that said Joe in two thousand six when he got fired he told the GM to go fuck himself. I mean you can't do that I can be like I don't want my guy whacked but you how can I? How can I go in and fight for him when he told the GM to go fuck himself just whacked in like August or September? Martin is run into the ground as we all were by Barrett would send these monster emails and he would send them on Friday afternoons like at five o'clock and I honestly don't think I don't think it was done intentionally. I really don't. I think it was just a lack of thinking of the the recipients in you I already heard you grown because you know what that does it just fox up people's weekends and you don't want your people to be unhappy so that lead into what we've talked about occasionally on the show. Which is the email he sent to. Martin and the cats specifically although I was included on it but it was going after Martin and the cat for I think. They ducked out of the show in October of. Oh six when we were in New York and the cardinals are playing the mets and the I think it was after game one. Yeah And they were staying over in Queens by Shea Stadium and because I wasn't doing TV. And because I'm fucking nut I. I didn't want to stay in Queens. Because as you might imagine they don't have the nicest hotels there and I'm like all this pay my own money and stay in Manhattan like a complete asshole but I was paying my own money and where we're going to be broadcast in the show is CBS. Which is on the West Side of Manhattan? So if you know your New York. Geography Queens is out to the east. You're going to the west side of Manhattan and you're coming into the city gets shit. I don't know what time they would have been leaving six in the morning for a show that starts at eight eastern and they had been up at the ballpark until you know. I don't even know one or two in the morning so they ducked out earlier. Now I will say this in fairness they should have let them let Jason no they were going to duck out and I think it might have been okay Because when they did it. I'm like Oh God I know this is going to be a problem but the email that Jason sent to Martin the cat and myself but again I did the whole show up because I didn't have any else to do. I'm doing the radio show. That's I'm there But I was included in. It'd probably the producer was as well. It was just it was so over the top and I'm reading it and And I remember the cab was taking me back to my place and I remember reading it going across Times Square just because it just one of those things. That'll stand up my mind. You know that couple blocks go across that area and and and I looked over and I remember thinking to myself. This is the moment happened crossing Times Square where where the show ends. That's what I remember thinking because I'm like I know Martin and Martin is already on the brink with this guy and Isil. This is it that he is going to. He's going to absolutely and I'm telling you I I my dad. It's Kinda like when people like yell at me now Pete. I kind of feel like you might have this trait producer. Joe Definitely has trait. Like you could yell at me. We were both pledges. Your pledge right so that so that probably factors into it. Because I know your dad and I can't picture him yelling but maybe he did. I have no fucking yeah. It doesn't strike me by my absolutely have his moments though. And so it's one of those things like people yell at me and then like Fox them up that I just stare back at them and I'm not doing it to be tough. It's just like if anything I'm like. Oh you're on tilt and now I can now. I now I got you. You know. That's how I look at it. It's like Oh you. You can't keep your shit together. They called me Smiley Frog when they yelled at me because I could smile and laugh at me. Like when guys with guys would be getting hazed. I'd be like that's great. Shit I mean that's like a legitimate. That's like a Jeffrey Ross. Bird you know. Remember what they called me. I have long hair which I know is impossible to fathom and I remember they called me the GIN blossoms But there were other things. That like occasionally. Oh I was watching. The have you watched the Beastie boys thing on Apple. Tv tits man. I'm not a big beastie boys guy away so it's Anna. Marie wasn't really big but they do it so well. Anyway one of my friends and I've forgotten about until it looks like Ad Rock and that was one of the things they used to repair when they're doing this shit. I'm like getting my ass lined up and I started laughing and they're screaming and they couldn't be more serious about it. You know twenty years old failing out of the zoo but this is your one moment of glory to yell at an eighteen year old shit faced. Dirac UP Buddy M is like Oh and then all of a sudden now I laugh and now they're on my ass so anyway premise. Being I've heard plenty of yelling in my life but when Martin Exit and Martin had been sitting on it I think this was. It was a Friday that was a Friday. We got email and so it had built up. Saturday Sunday Carl's plan again. I think on a Sunday night so I went back in studio and Monday morning. And then we have a meeting with Barrett me Barrett the cat Martin in this producer who bear it hired because he was going to be Barrett's guy. One of those moves standard Shit. Sure everybody in ever had a job. When management does moves. They hire their guy. Who's going to be a NARC? Abc Poker Shit. And he's a good guy. Know we knew what he was there for He didn't barely talk even before the show. And White Man this motherfucker. I can't tell bad mood. Or if he's mad but and he had been holding it in and bear starts the meeting. I mean Martin lay him like I mean. It brought me back to my childhood on Vienna in Saint Louis Hills with my dad yelling and I'm like I haven't heard anything like this. Ever and my suspicion when I read that e Mail on Friday in my cab in New York this is it. He's done. He is leaving the show and he isn't coming back and And that's that's that's how Martin Kilcoyne left the morning grind. And that's the way that it went down. I don't think it's anything that's classified fourteen years later at this point but then the cat and I had two months to plus months that happened in mid October of Auditioning people and Doug was the best one. It was a no brainer. And then I'm went to meet with Barrett on January third two seven and And I thought the way the meeting we're GONNA have dinner at J box and Clayton. May it rest in peace and I thought we were going to discuss? Our you know who we were going to recommend for the the new co host with me and the cat and I my suggestion was going to be dug on. I felt like it was kind of obvious. The other person in the mix was Chris. Pelican that those that was my list of two. That's all I had and the meeting was not the way the meeting was supposed to go. I was told that the cat was being fired. I was told that a gentleman I had never heard of name Bob. Vesco was coming in. That had a nickname bulldog and this is with Jason Barrett and that he needed to go along with it that I need to do the show the next morning and then after the show the next morning which was gonna be a Friday That he was gonNA fire the cat and I said Nope I'm sitting there. I'm just stunned because I'm like Holy Shit in four months I've lost my producer and both my co host and non working with a Guy. I have no idea who he is and I've got Twenty one months left on my contract and I'm just left. Tv to get away from the stuff. I didn't like there and now I got this and I remember thinking to myself that this This is a fucking disaster and I said I said with regard to the cat. He finds out tonight. He finds out either from me or from you but I'm not going to sit there and smile to his face all the while knowing you're planning on whacking them after the show so while you're trying to put me in a tough spot. I go well. I don't know what to tell you. Put me in a tough spot. So how do you want this to go down? So I wound up telling Jim. Hazy was fired so that was great And then a few months later the cat new bathroom so you can do the math on how that all playing out. But it it to Jason's credit a couple years later he contacted me and You know provided I guess for lack of better term the background on the story and And he was not his intention to fire. The cat that was that came from above him but They were losing so much money. They were just making cuts and the plan was to have it. Be Me the cat and Bob Vesco on the show and I would tell you this as much as I love the cat. It's wouldn't have it still wouldn't have met. I might not have been as bad. It just wasn't GonNa work dog and a cat nicely done pete. Nicely Duncan continue with the the The chemistry is just wouldn't have been there and it would have been. We wouldn't have the drama perhaps of okay. The cat got fired. Martin quit and Joe got fired. Now there's this new guy there and like the anger and I was Received some of the some of it but people are like what happened to the show that I loved. You know that time. It was only two and a half years old and what happened. This thing was so popular and it just got ripped apart. What the fuck happened. That's what I was lying. Yeah I guess you were listening. Yeah it was it was it was. It was brutal. It was brutal and then it became clear that that it wasn't going to work and I remember we were walking out of J box. Jason said I can picture that parking lot that faces the south He said well. If this doesn't work out it's going to be my ass and in. So what did he do? He blamed it on me. So that's the way that he got away from it. That's the way they work is. Tim Is an on board. Because Tim won't. Tim Wants his guys back. So he's not participating. I'm like the way the show started was Bob was running point and it wasn't working and so I went to them two weeks in and I said Hey I you know. I'm not asking for money you know I'm under contract and I said I'm trying to fix the thing that I think it might help if Iran point and then tried to you know see if that helps and I am. Maybe it did. Maybe it didn't but you know anytime there's this thing like if if the I don't even know what the Audio Archives Exist I don't know who would have bothered saving them but when the show started with Bob he was running point a few weeks later. I was running point Iran point until my last day there but back for the final couple months though my attorney was working on getting me out of there and you know we got out of there but That the you know the stuff with Jason. I heard him do an interview with Bob For his podcast. And they like passive aggressively again. Blamed me well. You can't have a show work when you know one of the host doesn't want to work to Mike God man. That's if you guys want to tell yourself that be my guest you know but you know as far as Me being difficult to work with. I've been working with like the same group of mother. Fuckers since two thousand seven with like a handful of different producers in thirteen sixteen years. And it's just like You know that that you know it's of one of those things it's like you guys can say it but I know you know that's not the truth and I also know the audience knows it's not the truth like deep down. The audience knows so. It's one of those things that again again. I mean how many people at this point even give it shit. It's thirteen years old but I absolute. There's there's really not any hard feelings about. It was disappointing the way it went down Bob And I. I don't know when five to seven years ago I feel like I reached out to him and I don't even know what caused it but I just said Hey. Listen you know because it's not like we cross paths. I haven't seen him since my last day there But I I know. Obviously it's no hard feelings at all you know and you may have said some things on my exit because the rallying cry because we can still have a great show here without him that you know. There's no hard feelings or anything like that. And Jason and I. The reason seem are Became part of our group was a recommendation from Jason Barrett and he was recommending Hires to me and he was very helpful. I mean listen. We joke about Sports Talk Radio but that guy does know people in the industry but then he became a consultant and he said yes consultant for one. It wouldn't be right if I you know. Continue to give you names too to pursue with regard to hires which is one hundred percent. Correct it's also however I think fair to observe than what you're doing these radio rankings that you are a consultant for station is when you're ranking them you know but it cuts both ways. And that's why he had now he's pissed off at our audience because our audience then begin tweeting. Adam asking who these fifty executives are thirty-five executives that that vote on these shows So I don't know if he would come on the podcast I still. I have no idea if he's still consultant for one on one. I have no idea but To answer the question with the stories And certainly there's a hell of a lot more to it I would have those guys on. I don't know if there's there are too many people who I wouldn't sit down with there really aren't they really aren't I guess you WanNa you WanNa sit with somebody who you know has all their faculties But if I disagree with somebody you know Ed Martin on this podcast somebody. I absolutely disagree with but when we came in when we disagree on things but he couldn't be friendlier. Was emailing me for a while. And you know Just because he has a different worldview doesn't mean I don't WanNa talk with the guy so That would be an example of that. Let me see All right I've gone long enough gangster pete off their Thank you to our sponsors. Rang Kelly. The home loan expert Dot Com mark. Hanna Evergreen Wealth Strategies Online at Evergreen S. T. L. DOT COM mark Hanno with evergreen wealth strategies. Really recommend him to our audience and I. It's it's been exciting to me especially here during during this time where people are Are you know? Certainly concerned about a variety of different elements of life health But not just physical health financial health and Mark Hanna somebody who can really give you peace of mind right now. Three one four eight nine zero five zero three three four eight nine zero five zero three or go online at Evergreen St L. Dot Com. You know what I'm GonNa answer another question gangster. Because I don't want to just do the spots right at the end but I assume there's a deep tease I'm gonNA stick around to another one so it's like if it's like when you're watching the credits and all of a sudden. Moore movie comes up at the end. It's what you're going to get here. Also free show James Carlton Carlton State Farm Insurance Agency. Three one four nine six hundred forty eight hundred or online Carlton Insurance Dot Net. James Carlton is my insurance agent and I switched to him after. 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I gotTa make sure I delete the ones that I that I have answered listens about online poker I'll say this I don't like that's I'm talking like ten people if I get into it. But this is God I to Timmy. Recaps and you know those are great questions they get me going and Pete you might be going. Oh God I thought I was on my way home but he is. He's asked a couple and I haven't I haven't gone to here. I have saved And I WANNA make sure I get to. It's this is one he sent on Friday questioned slash topic for Q FTA. There's been a lot of talk recently about today's polarization tribalism of politics and now some people on the TMA fan page in the real world aren't able to discuss argue provocative topics in good faith instead they dig in on their position in discount differing opinions. Although I know there's plenty of that going on I think it's exhilarating to have my own opinions and beliefs challenged. I truly enjoy when someone presents me with new information. I didn't previously have or hadn't before thought forcing media either steel man my belief or change it due to a new set of data. This last happened for me after reading a book by gentleman. I don't necessarily line up with when it comes to our respective worldviews. I've long believed and parroted the notion that things have never been more politically polarized than they are today. I then I read a book by as Recline co-founder. Vox called why we're polarized in which he surmises the commonly held belief that we as a society have never been more polarized than we are. Today is actually factually incorrect. He argues that things were much. More polarized as recently as fit forty or fifty years ago the difference. Today's voting patterns are now Kylie correlated with religion race. Ethnicity Gender neighborhood. He goes on to say. In the trump era each party has a world view that is internally coherent and those world views are mutually exclusive and intern directly hostile to each other simply put belief systems are and identity now directly map onto one's respective political party which makes people believe. We are the most polarized. We've been despite being incorrect. He gives examples of violence. Riots and murders in the name of politics forty and fifty years ago that go above and beyond anything. We're seeing today. This book changed my outlook on polarization identity politics and how I view the two major parties so with that said. When is the last time you personally were confronted with a persuasive argument which challenged a deeply held belief forcing you to change and opinion slash belief system. Same question for gangster Pete. Thanks that comes from Timmy. Recaps gangster Pete. This is a big question. I didn't realize it was going to have a big question at the end because I hadn't read the email but now that I have now I want to try to find something Off the top of my head. I can't think of any specific thing but I am always open to logic and reason like I don't like to dig my heels in where I will not change my mind. If you make great points and you can change my mind. I agree with you. And that's that's one of the main reasons I like. Listen to that Rogan podcast. Because he's open minded. He has people with all different kind of us. Come on and he's opened a change in his mind so I love debating with people that are open to change their mind. I hate debating with people that dig their heels in. It makes me want to Bang my head against the wall right. Which is why I'm not going to the That's a so. I'm I'm racking my brain I thought Representative Dan Crenshaw's appearance on bill. Maher was eye opening with regard to a belief I had that the country Did nothing in the month of February with regard to the corona virus I don't know if it necessarily like nothing's GonNa nothing will ever change my Mike Sue. This is this isn't like interpretation what the president was saying isn't like. Oh maybe he meant this. I mean that's always there and I don't I I if I would think maybe I'm off the mark on this. I would think like what so when people hear that topic they go well. Here's Dr Voucher. You on January twentieth in the fact that Dr Falconry as it has proven to be was wrong but I think maybe I'm wrong that people would agree that what Dr Pfau chief said one time on. Approximately January twentieth in an interview is a different operation than what the president was doing from the middle of February through while. I don't know how I don't know when it started. But that's when people started paying more attention to it Whenever up until like mid March I think I would like to think and if not like when you watch the video with the sound on and see the words coming out of his mouth like what would the excuse be there i. I really don't know that that can't be that can't be revised so that's an an and that actually is somehow being litigated like well. There were a lot of people who were wrong. We estimate they may have been wrong on what they thought was going to happen. But there's a difference in being wrong using data versus saying it's just going to like a miracle or everybody has test and we'll have in. It's going to be amazing. You know you know. It's like the flu but like the flu. Like which still by the way is still traveling around memes on social media but what I can already. I'M GONNA set the over under eight and a half three meals now where I will get graphs. It's like the flu and why that's still right. It's an amazing thing. It's amazing fucking thing and that's why I kinda don't WanNa talk about it but it ties into as I was thinking I remember watching that interview first off. I if I'm wrong on this this will be something we're also have to own it. I am of the opinion that Dan Crenshaw Is a really good man. I think that and we've talked about him before because we're talking about his appearance on Bill Maher a couple of weeks ago Pete and you said he was on Rogan. Recall if you had listened to you at the time well I listened. He'd been on before and I listen to him and then I've now since listened to the new one but yeah I like him. He's he seems like good dude and he's open minded and well thought out of his opinions right. And that's that's that's where I am on him and I really. I gotTA listen to that. I gotTa make a point to listen to that recent interview with them at this point. It's not that recent but the more The one that was done. I guess in April so so you know I will. It's like if Nancy when he has Nancy Pelosi on. I just kind of tune it out. You know a listen to see if there's some like news or something. She can point to that. I can check but otherwise I tune it out which may or may not be fair to her. Just like when the president's doing his press conferences or what he was doing them. I just realized Okay Mute. You know here comes burks here comes foudy. Here comes know the surgeon. General whomever I I okay. I'll listen. Okay here he comes a muting. You know So you know Mitch McConnell same thing Dan Crenshaw and he is a Republican right I listened to because I believe he's coming from a place of honesty. Now if proven to be wrong and it goes on realize they can't be one hundred percent transparent all the time. So if that's the bar that you're GONNA set for people you're GonNa come away disappointed and I'm not talking about like blatantly lie to you I'm just talking about. There are some things that they know that they can't say. Are there some things that are still up in the air that they can't say or there are some things that are really gray that it's tough to explain a twenty second sound bite or tweet but I thought in that interview first off? We talked about the fact that there was no audience was huge was a great thing was a great thing so good because otherwise it would have been. Oh Shit now I got Bill Maher. The host got to score points and I'm Ben Crenshaw I got score points and just have a conversation and and I loved that And also he's saying Yeah. This thing is he goes. I can't remember what is what is our goal. Here's our goal here to get to. The truth is our goal here to attack president trump because they're two different things and then he laid out his reasoning and house. Like that's great because in my mind I associate a lot of the failure of what has taken place with the president as the person who at least thirty five percent of the country will follow into anything and probably more and if the president is telling. I know this if Rock Obama would've been saying it's just like the flu and you know it's just going to disappear. I would have like oh. That's great to hear whereas a number of people who right now are following president trump would have. Bama's saying it's just like the flu and it's just going to go away. There's no way you know. But because he has from my standpoint like zero credibility when it comes to when he's just like it's just like babbling. I'm just GonNa Shit you know. It doesn't matter. It's it's the standard thing you know. It's going to be wonderful. It's GONNA be huge. It's going to be big. It's going to be great. It's GonNa Miracle are responsible to make all of the things you just like it. But but I but I'm as we were talking about back in March. It was like he does what he's doing that. That doesn't matter to me because it's not like I'm like Oh we're in good shape the president said we're gonNA shape it just. He has zero credibility. It doesn't matter it doesn't matter Dan Crenshaw says something. I'll pay attention just like Nancy. Pelosi saying something done. Have any credibility for me doesn't have any credibility for me which again it may be unfair to these people and I say this but at this moment Dan crunch or somebody that I do take seriously and so I thought that interview is I opening that he pointed out. That February wasn't just this month. Where because I think a lot of people if they were paying attention in February would go shit this was going on in February and presidents out there talking about everybody will have tests and it's GonNa go away like a miracle and yeah that that might have been him doing that but that doesn't mean that the rest of the government was doing that and I thought that was an important point doesn't mean the things were done the way that if we could go back and do it again but nonetheless I thought that was eye opening and then something that certainly isn't. It's completely apples and oranges. But for the purpose of the discussion I mean I was dead. Set on the battle hawks being like nothing so you know to compare the pandemic in the battle. Hawks is obviously. I'm not comparing the two but as far as mindset be being just like certain about something now. This is certain about something that had yet to happen. This is being certain about something that happened. In digging in like fit my political worldview but I was like Oh God I mean really you know and then I'm like okay. The cats saying that. It's going to be this because of people wanting to show Stan Kroenke and I'm like I mean. Are People really going to go down but dome in February and Really Watch people? We don't know play against other people. We don't know for teams we can identify. I mean there's just no way. And he's betting me whatever we didn't find a betting a dollar figure but betting me they'll they'll sell twenty five thousand tickets to the And sure as Hell. I mean before before we even got to the opener. They'd play to road games and I'm like fuck I'M GONNA lose fat and I'm by the way thrilled that I am. And he was right and I could not have been more wrong. I was also certain and I got the Plow Hawk money. Even though the season hasn't started it doesn't change. I'm not going to move the goalposts. the bet was in between the off season the start of the regular season. But that's basing it off April first essentially March twenty seventh or whatever was going to be. I can't move the goalposts now that we've had this outline situation so I owe him one hundred bucks because I gave him ten to one. I was going to give him ten to one on anything up to a thousand dollars so I could have lost a lot of money like he could and I would thousand but he bet ten thank you thankfully that the cardinals would make a move for a big bat in the off season. I was certain of it and I was wrong. Big Time wrong. I don't even know if they ever were really even in the mix to do it and I'm stunned because I've been one of the people who doesn't have any ties to the organization whatsoever. Who is opined that? This anti cardinal sentiment from portion of the fan base is just it's misguided if it's rooted in they don't want to spend money well shit now. I am forced to reexamine again. It's not political. You know I can't let me put it this way when it comes to political I cannot imagine I cannot imagine that there will come a time in my lifetime. We're all go. I was wrong on Donald Trump. I cannot imagine that ever coming and I I just. I can't imagine that ever happening. I I guess I I guess I guess my follow up to that is I suppose. I hope that I say it because that means he would have done some really good things like I. I just can't imagine that ever happening. I just can't imagine ever having and I know I'm pissing off a good portion of the audience but when I'm saying this I'm not talking about you know like my portfolio because that's not what I base things on It's a piece of the puzzle. I'm talking about what I personally look for in a leader and by the way this isn't necessarily the president this could be somebody who's running a business. You know this could be somebody who's managing a baseball team if I feel like that person is up there manipulating people and the truth for their own advantage. That's not somebody I personally would would tie my time my beliefs into personally I realized for others are like well. I recognize that this. Is You know a little different than what we're used to. But I'm pro-life and fuck it out you know or I realize this is what it is but you know my portfolio went up you know x percent then so fuck it you know or die in the banking industry and Jesus Mary Joseph the deregulation of this has been so great in comparison what we dealt with with so fuck it and I think I think there's a lot of that my think more so than like the people who go to the rallies and like worship the cult of personality but maybe I'm wrong on that I don't know like the people I know who would be considered quote unquote trump fans would necessarily be like real public about it but but they're like hat's Kinda works for what I do or you know. Yeah I know but you know I really am antiabortion so you know so that's that's that's where I come in on on You know looking back on things and and I was wrong on that but I'll say this and my wife and I both thought this. I don't know if you heard this pete. With regard to the Biden tear read allegations. President trump was on. I think it was a podcast which is amazing in and of itself but great You know he was on a podcast and he was asked about Biden's allegations and in your stand. The Tara Reid allegations he had a surprising answer. Or are you so you're familiar with think I talked about this with you. Know we haven't really. I did this like it headlines I just remember I mean I just remember reading about it but okay so you agree you thought the answer was surprising to considering the source definitely so. I listen to it and I'm like and my wife thought the same thing and I'm like Oh that was actually kick. I have to say I was wrong on that. So I'll I'll eat my shit when we listen. It wasn't like a a great moment in history by any means. I mean we're talking about a sexual harassment allegation. But what would you think okay? He's running against Joe Biden. I guess I still. I Still WanNa find somebody to take a bed. Who gave me good odds that Donald trump or Joe Biden is not president is not sworn in in January. Twenty twenty one. I just can't find the odds yet but either way it looks like it's trump first biden. And what would you think he would do? He would especially on the topic of sexual harassment attack. He would absolutely. That's what I thought I'm like. Oh this is going to be another moment of a lack of self awareness that fits his eddie goes well. You know what I'm paraphrasing here. But something along the lines of. It's amazing how this happens where you get any semblance of of fame popularity and people can just come out of the woodwork. And say whatever so I would say to him. He should fight them. And I'm like Holy Shit I really I. I had a moment of warmth come over my body like did you really. I really did and I. I was watching. I was watching this news on my own. You know I think Annemarie was Was sitting over with with Jameson. Feeding Jamison and And so I didn't even know she was paying attention and I got up and I don't I don't think he even said anything I just because I think she's paying attention. She's dealing with a two year old over there and she goes well. That was surprising. Go Yeah that's exactly what I was saying. What the Fuck I. It's great you know now. Do I think it means he's had this Christmas future visit him? You know. No I don't but if there are those moments that's great you know because it just didn't fit the what has been the playbook like well before he became president. You know it always is a benefit. Him Is my perspective. I just it's my perspective. I'm acknowledging when I am wrong I was wrong on this with regard to crenshaw presented on On Marsh. Oh I was wrong in the Battle Hawks. I was on the cardinals thing and I didn't really have an opinion on what president trump would say about the Joe Biden thing Until it was just in a newscast and then I heard the interview. I'm like Holy Shit. That's that was. That's a principle. The answer you know God bless America. It's a principal dancer. So I don't know and then I take a step back. And then the cynic in me goes okay. Has He thought about it and before he was so dead? Set about running against running for running against Biden that now he's like Shit. I'M GONNA be Biden's with no problems. So he's like propping him up kind of like he had been doing with Bernie Sanders. That's the cynic in me. But I heard the whole answer and I think he was being sincere. I really do and I don't know if I've said those words in in years so There there are four examples many of which will lead to people fucking hating me even more But that is that's that's that's that's where I'm coming from on it gangster. Let THEM HATE. Let them hate. I'm swerving into the. Hey that's the title of the PODCAST. All right we'll wrap up swerving into the hate here gangster Pete. Thank you to Brian Kelly. The home loan expert Dot Com. Thank you to mark Evergreen Wealth Strategies. Thank you to James Carlton Carlton State Farm Insurance Agency. And Seth camp designer heating and cooling online at designer service DOT COM number one train dealer in the Midwest and finally God Pete Before Start Recording. You talked about some of my basement. I can't see there's a cold gloomy day and it's I hope that maybe that's not the case anymore but since two eighty five degrees. I'm looking at the forecast by four o'clock and see the sun's peeking out. Sixty four degrees. We're man I'm telling you. I see fifties in the forecast three times over the next seven days. God bless America. Bunch of rain tilts me but either way the point is this. Why am I? Bitching about the forecast. Because it's going to warm up make sure designer heating and cooling company go to federal conditionings not working or if you just want to get it checked designer service DOT com. All right that'll wrap it up against repeat. I'm Tim mckernan. 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