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from New York City the epicenter of the pandemic. This is democracy now. It seems like it's actually doing any artist. Author Arts told people feel today a democracy now. Tv Radio broadcast exclusive an interview with the world. Renowned singer Songwriter Fiona Apple. She just dropped her new album. Fetch the goal cutters bolt cutters to covers. Still Bolt Cutter. Fiona apple includes an acknowledgement of the indigenous land. Where she made her music. On the album's cover she'll be joined by native American activists Aaron of ceding sovereignty who talks about covert nineteen and indigenous communities especially the outbreak a Navajo territory and New Mexico. What's happening right now? Is what I feel a continuation of genocide that significant genetic peoples in this country since its inception Aaron wise and Fiona Apple for the hour all that and more coming up welcome to democracy now democracy now dot org the war and peace report. I'm Amy Goodman the. Us death toll from the cove. Nineteen outbreak has topped fifty. Six thousand but more evidence is emerging that the actual death toll is far higher. A new study by a team at the L School of Public Health found there were over fifteen thousand excess deaths in the United States during the month of March and first days of April. The figure is nearly double what officials have been citing as the death toll from the pandemic during that period worldwide. The known death toll has topped two hundred. Eleven thousand though. The true number is also expected to be much higher. This comes as the Washington Post is reporting intelligence agencies warned president trump about the threat of the corona virus in over a dozen classified briefings in January and February. The warnings came in the President's daily brief which trump regularly skips reading according to the post sources. Despite the warnings the president continued to downplay the severity of the threat into February on Monday. President trump was questioned about the fallout from his dangerous suggestion. Last week that injecting disinfectants might help patients sick with cove in nineteen very specifically said. They seen a spike in people using disinfectant. After your comments last week I know you said they were sorry. I can't imagine why I can't imagine why. Yeah any responsibility. Auto Texas Governor Greg. Abbott said the state will start reopening businesses including restaurants movie theaters and shop starting Friday but that they can only fill up to twenty five percent of their licensed capacity for now he's still on the rise in Texas. Texas has reported twenty five thousand cases and around seven hundred known deaths Ohio said manufacturing would be allowed to resume and offices will start to reopen next week. Meanwhile reported corona virus deaths in California top seventeen hundred Monday. California Governor Gavin newsom condemned residents who flocked to beaches over the weekend amidst a heat wave in southern California. We are just a few weeks away not months away from making measurable and meaningful changes to our stay at home order. That is a very optimistic. Point de-emphasize however that's driven by data. It's driven by behavior and as we change our behavior. We can impact the science the health and the data. This virus doesn't take the weekends off. Virus doesn't go home because it's a beautiful sunny day. President trump announced he'll give the in person commencement address at West Point forcing a thousand cadets. Who'd been told to leave campus and march to return for graduation. West Point officials say they were unaware of trump's plan to go ahead with the address until he mentioned it earlier this month at a news briefing. The New York State Board of elections has cancelled the Democratic presidential primary scheduled for June. Twenty third after removing Bernie Sanders from the ballot while other states have postponed primaries due to the current a virus outbreak. New York becomes the first outright cancel a planned primary the Bernie Sanders campaign blasted the decision calling it. A quote blow to American democracy while Sanders suspended his presidential campaign earlier this month. He decided to remain on the ballot in upcoming primaries in an attempt to accrue more delegates to influence the Democratic Party's platform at the party's convention. A law signed earlier this year. By New York Governor Andrew Cuomo gave New York State Board of elections the power to remove candidates who have suspended their campaigns from the ballot senior Sanders Advisor. Jeff Weaver said quote just last week. Vice-president Biden warned the American people that president trump could use the current crisis as an excuse to postpone the November election while he now has a precedent. Thanks to New York State. Weaver said primaries will still be held in New York for other races on June. Twenty third. But turnout is expected to be much lower. The United Nations is urging the United States to release imprisoned immigrants as corona virus cases continue to mountain overcrowded and unsanitary immigration. Jails across the country. As of last week confirmed cases and Immigration and customs enforcement prisons near three hundred and other immigration news staff at the privately owned Otane Mesa detention center near San Diego did not allow a group of activists deliver nearly one thousand facemasks to immigrants imprisoned inside the group was accompanied Friday by San Diego Assemblywoman Lorenzo Gonzalez who said quote. These are human beings. We don't have mass deaths but we know where this is going. She said in legal news. The Supreme Court declined to temporarily halt the trump administration so-called public charge rule which allows the government to deny green cards to immigrants who use public benefits such as food stamps earlier this month. Connecticut Vermont and New York State and New York City asked the justice to reverse the rule in light of the economic devastation brought on by the pandemic which has hit immigrant communities especially hard as the total of confirm cove in nineteen cases in the United States. Nearest one million more evidence indicating far more of the population has been affected while not showing any symptoms. Reuters reports a study of prisoners and Arkansas North Carolina. Ohio in Virginia found ninety six percent of prisoners in the state's prison system. Who tested positive for virus did not show any symptoms in New York? Two more prisoners at fishkill correctional facility have died of cove. Nineteen the fishkill in sing. Sing prison's account for at least seven of the nine. Cova nineteen related deaths of incarcerated people in New York in California the LOMPOC Federal Correction Complex. Which has one of the largest corona virus outbreaks? Prisons were reportedly reinstate phone contact between prisoners and loved ones after sustained pressure from families of inmates family members gathered outside the prison. Saturday claiming they had not been able to communicate with their loved. Ones some for up to two weeks as Germany relaxes. Its Corona virus locked down. A new law has gone into effect requiring residents to wear face masks in many public spaces across most of the kind of tree those violating the new rule as well as businesses that do not enforce the law can be subject to fines. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Who returned to work this week after its own battle with a corona virus said it was premature to lift the nation's locked down. I refuse to throw away all the effort and the sacrifice of the British people and to risk a second major outbreak and huge loss of life. The overwhelming of the UK has recorded over twenty one thousand deaths so far in other news from Britain. A judge has postponed extradition hearings for wikileaks. Founder Julian assange which were set to go ahead next month due to the corona virus locked down earlier this month assange's fiance made an urgent plea for his release from Belmarsh Prison. Midst the pandemic Sweden's ambassador to the United States is said. Stockholm could reach herd immunity. Sometime in May. In contrast to many of its European neighbours Sweden has imposed much more relaxed restrictions keeping most businesses open over. Two thousand people have died of cove in one thousand nine hundred Sweden a significantly higher death toll in relation to its population than neighboring Denmark and Norway. Which both impose strict lockdowns the World Health Organization has warned. There is no evidence that patients who have recovered from cove nineteen or immune to reinfection the World Health Organization is warning that is Health Systems. Become overwhelmed with combating. The Corona virus people are at heightened risk of succumbing to other diseases and health conditions particularly children many poorer countries reported shortages and vaccines and essential medicines amidst the pandemic the World Health Organization's director general said African nations are increasingly vulnerable as cases across the continent mount and a new modeling analysis published last week estimates the potential disruption to malaria services from. Koby nine hundred in forty one countries in sub Saharan Africa. In the worst case scenario the number of Malia is upside enough you could double with other with over forty five hundred confirmed cases. South Africa is one of the hardest hit nations on the continent. Nobel peace laureate Archbishop Desmond. Tutu said the corona virus Hasbro racial inequalities into stark relief. He said the virus has done the country a ghastly favored by exposing the unsustainable foundations on which it spilt. That must be urgently fixed. He said in a statement in related news over two hundred doctors from Cuba arrived in South Africa. Monday to help fight the outbreak in Guatemala. Nearly a hundred immigrants recently deported from the United States have tested positive for Kovic nineteen making up some twenty percent of Guatemala's krona virus cases the Guatemalan government indefinitely suspended most deportation flights from the West saying lonely. Allow them to resume. If the US improves screening protocols El Salvador President Naive Kelly has authorized police and military to use lethal force against gang members following a spate of homicides. In recent days linked to gang activity authorities say more than fifty people were murdered over the weekend after prison gang members allegedly ordered the killings behind bars shocking images many of which were shared bouquets own twitter account show prisoners crammed together with only some wearing face masks says prisons enforce around the clock lockdown down on what they say are gang members which includes putting metal sheets over prison bars and housing prisoners from rival gangs in the same overcrowded cells. Krona virus cases have been mounting cross prisons in Latin America as human rights advocates in public. Health experts call on authorities to release nonviolent prisoners in Chile. Dozens of protesters were arrested. Monday in the capital Santiago is anti-government demonstrations continue in defiance of lockdown orders. Demonstrators are calling for constitutional reform and the release of political prisoners among other things a referendum on new Chilean constitution was meant to take place Sunday but was postponed due to the corona virus lockdown. Police fired tear gas and sprayed protesters with water cannons. This is a seventy four year old protester and Santiago anniversary. I believe of the most repudiated the most hated organization by a great majority of two lanes which is caught up in. A few words rapists murderers tortures Rita leaders and I hope someday they will disappear in a police corps will be created. That will be absolutely different with unrestricted support for people's human rates in Pakistan. Dozens of doctors and nurses are on hunger strike to demand adequate personal protective equipment while treating corona virus patients more than one hundred fifty medical workers have become infected by the corona virus. Several died including a twenty six year. Old Doctor who just begun his medical career last month. Police arrested more than fifty protesting. Doctors Cove in one thousand. Nine cases are on the rise in Pakistan with fourteen thousand confirmed cases and around three hundred known. Deaths of the true numbers are believed to be much higher in New Zealand. Prime Minister just send Arjun said. The country would slowly start to reopen. After strict lockdown measures had helped eliminate community spread of covert nineteen. Only one. New Case was reported Monday. Overall over eleven hundred cases in nineteen deaths have been confirmed in New Zealand aid. We must have hunt down the last few cases of the virus. This is like looking for a needle in a haystack. And we need your help to finish the job we have started. There is no widespread undetected community transmission in New Zealand. We have won that battle but we must remain vigilant if we keep it that way back in the United States activists in Washington. Dc Form Car and bike caravans on Monday in a show of support for essential workers and to call out the disproportionate toll of the pandemic on black and Brown communities the actions which organized by several local groups including black lives matter DC and shutdown DC also called for D Carson ration- and Environmental Justice. More actions are set to take place throughout the week in the lead up to may first new developments in the sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden. Broke Monday as two more people who knew Tara Reid. In the nineties have come forward to corroborate details of her account which McHugh reports and business insider that former neighbor. A former Biden staffer. Tara Reid said the pair discussed the assault in detail. In which then Senator Biden allegedly pushed our read up against a wall and digitally penetrated her. The alleged assault happened in nineteen ninety-three. When Reed was working as a staffer in his office. A former colleague who also knew read in the mid nineties said she had spoken of being sexually harassed by her former boss in Washington. Dc The latest news brokest Joe Biden King to significant endorsements Monday from house speaker. Nancy Pelosi in Washington Congressman John. Paul who co chairs the Congressional Progressive Caucus the Biden campaign has denied Tara. Reid's allegations atop your doctor who treated corona virus. Patients in New York died by suicide. Sunday Dr Lorna Brain was the medical director of Emergency Department at New York Presbyterian. Alan Hospital but had been staying with her family in Virginia. At the time of her death she herself had contracted the corona virus and had to leave her position to recover from the illness. Her family blames her job for her death. Her father said in an interview. She had described harrowing scenes from the hospital. Make sure she's praised as a hero because she was her father. Dr Phillip Bream said in an interview adding. She's a casualty just as much as anyone else who has died. He said and in Virginia Jerry. Gibbons a prominent anti-death penalty activists who was one source of the state's chief. Executioner has died from complications related to covert nineteen given served as Virginia's chief executioner for over twenty five years but after serving his own prison sentence. He became an outspoken abolitionist. Speaking out against capital punishment and contacting politicians in an attempt to hold executions. He was sixty seven years old. And those are some of the headlines. This is democracy now democracy now dot org the quarantine report. I'm Amy Goodman. Still both cutters to still bolt cutters. Fetch the bolt cutters. That's the name of the new critically acclaimed album just released by singer. Songwriter feeling apple into a world. Under lockdown Fiona. Apple's fifth album was released months early due to the unprecedented corona virus pandemic. The remarkable album has become somewhat of a soundtrack of our time with emotionally raw songs. Including Ladies Relay and of course fetched the Bolt Cutters Music website. Pitchfork gave the album a ten out of ten score its first perfect rating and nearly a decade. The record also includes land acknowledgement. The bottom of the track list on the back of field apples album cover reads quote made on unseated Tunga Mescalero Patchy and Suma territories. Well Fiona Apple joined us on Friday from her home in Los Angeles along with native American activists. Aaron Wise Aaron is a native American organizer with ceding sovereignty and indigenous led collective. Fiona Apple supports ceding. Sovereignty has launched a rapid response initiative to help indigenous communities affected by the outbreak in New Mexico. Navajo nation is the epicenter of the outbreak throughout native America and has the third highest infection rate in the country following only New York and New Jersey. I began our conversation with Fiona asking her about her new album. Congratulations on this album. Did you expect anything like the global acclaim that you are getting right now upon this release no? I did not. It's a little bit uncomfortable to the is but I just wanted to release the record in a time when I thought it would ha chance to be listened to and I'm so so happy that it turned out to the. It seems like it's actually doing the thing that I any artists would want to do. Is just help people free especially now. I mean what could be a better name and title for your album and Song. Then fetch the bat bolt cutters for our time. Cut Talk about how you came up with that. Well I was at home. And they're usually and you're my my housemate. Zelda and I were watching the show. The fall starring Gillian Anderson and We're just eating dinner wanting a television show. And there's a scene where she's going to rescue a young girl from where she thought was locked behind the store and they're supposed to wait for backup and she just sort of throws away as long as she says festival cutters and shot this down. This is exactly what my this is going to be called tonight. I wrote on on Jock word. I got a tattoo so the title before you came up with the song. Oh yes I I. The the the song vegetable cutters was actually the second to last song that I wrote for the record and it was just a it was sort of the last thing that I had on my mind after the combination of everything going on in my life that I use. Thanks this all on just see also that I can find to get out of here and then of course soon as I sought soon as I was like. I'm going to get out of here then. We got on lockdown so so. Fetch the both cutters. The album includes land acknowledgement. You've described it as sort of last song of the album. Talk about what? This land acknowledgment means to you. Well talking about doing land acknowledgments. She wanted to start this project. Which I think is amazingly smart and would be so nutritious for for Americans. Is that when artists go on tour that they acknowledged the lands the unseen bear performing on and perhaps educate people airing will current people about the tribes that lived on this territories so that we can keep aware of where we are with. The story is on now the fact that we can't tore now until probably twenty twenty two maybe twenty twenty one Means that I can't do that on the road so Aaron brought this to me. When album was finished she said I wonder if he would concern doing this on that on the album and I thought absolutely of course it's makes total sense and yes. I would love to do that in I. I do think that putting that on my album as opposed to just like you know saying something like I support this cause and an end the act of giving songs eating steak requests. He then close to me in my life so that it's not just like a one time thing that I'm just saying this 'cause right now because it's kind of interesting bombs to the foot off over there after it's over and just be done this way. I'm tied into it with something that I may now has more meaning because it's Is attached to them on. So it's a way for me. Also a life commitment to be listening into be able to be a friend in some in whatever best way I can. So you say made on unseeded Tunga Mescalero Apache and Suma territories. Where are you well? I'm in Los Angeles and that would be and then we did go to Texas for a little bit. It was entirely in this house. We had gone and done a session on on a ranch in Texas and Aaron. I gave Aaron the addresses of any place. Any anything was down the and the the mixing studio my house and the Sonic ranch in Texas and she took those addresses and told me what the real addresses of those places. Arches is these territories and just very important to keep on saying it it. It's not it's not in everybody. Everybody's Daily let people thinking about this every day and they really should be that we are not living on land that was ceded to us and not only that but I mean I'm sorry if I'm getting ahead of myself here but I I was reading once I was done with this album. I am not interested in myself so much anymore. You know so. I'm starting to read the news a lot more. And I'm ashamed of how uneducated I am but I don't WanNa let that shame keep from being in conversations and keep me from asking questions keep before being able to be useful to people because it's that she aim or that does that that that keeps people from one to enter conversation. I I just I just think this is always relevant and it always will be that needs to be constantly constantly be reminded of it. Singer-songwriter Fiona Apple. She just released her latest album. Fetch the coal cutters. We'll be back with Fiona and native American activist. Erin wise in a minute Mr Dr Hours Bullpen. Raise our own. Get ALL SO. Show hours into presenting your propaganda shore. Donald and hating our have entertained a relay for burn terms past. Liz Remove burn times to pass the dark time to pass until they slow. Downtown relay by Fiona Apple or her new critically acclaimed album. Fetch the bolt cutters. The album includes a land. Acknowledgement made an unseeded. Tunga Muscalero apology and Suma territories. This is democracy now democracy now dot org the quarantine report. I'm Amy Goodman. As we continue our interview with Fiona Apple who joined us four the interview along with Aaron Wise Member of the Hickory Apache nation and Laguna Pueblo. People she joined us from Phoenix Arizona errands and organizer with ceding sovereignty and indigenous led collective that feeling apple supports ceding. Sovereignty has launched a rapid response initiative to help indigenous communities affected by the spread of cove in nineteen in New Mexico. The Navajo nation has the third highest corona virus infection rate in the United States following only New York and New Jersey. At least fifty nine people have died from the virus in New Mexico. Native Americans makeup more than one third of the state's corona virus cases but only ten percent of the population Navajo nation president. Jonathan Nez had to quarantine after exposure to cove in nineteen earlier this month. He said of the unfolding catastrophe quote. We Are United States citizens. But we're not treated like that. We once again have been forgotten by our own government. He said I spoke with Aaron wise about the spread of cove in one thousand nine hundred Navajo nation. And I also talked continued with the apple but I began by asking Erin to tell us about the land Jewish joining us from now hi. I'm on unseated. Autumn territory so in Phoenix Arizona. Right now and you're really writing a manual on land acknowledgments for People. Were hearing this for the First Time. I mean Fiona Apple does a land acknowledgement on her album. They may not really even know what that is or when people stand up when they're giving a talk making that kind of land acknowledgement. I explain what this is all about and explain your own heritage Aaron Choice should. I'm Hickory Apache Laguna Pueblo. So I was raised in so-called New Mexico at the base of the Colorado rockies around a bunch of grandparents and attentive elders which is why the work that ceding sovereignty is doing right now is so important in terms of land. Water acknowledgments their formal recognitions of any and all original people's defenders and protectors of territories. That have been unseated by indigenous peoples. So basically what we're asking is for folks to do the first step. It's really a first in a series of many steps towards reclaiming land reclaiming culture and also returning land eventually on but having folks be aware of the territories that they're on learn the histories at the original people's and also learn the names of these life ways like the rivers and also are different creeks in our oceans and realizing that there are people that recognize all of these lands and waters on these more than human kin by original placenames by original on names given to them by the Creator and encouraging folksy land acknowledgments managements in public settings in those water acknowledgments really calls the spirits of those things into life. And if you can talk about how you see land. Acknowledgments is just one step short so land acknowledgement. There's a lot of work that needs to be done. Beyond it right. A lot of folks in indigenous communities that are experiencing huge inequities and so going to a place in saying this is unseeded. Tumba territory is one thing but like Fiona said this is an ongoing effort. You can do the first step you can educate yourself but those also work that needs to be done and how can you help people whose territory you benefit from. If you're a business operator what are you doing in your business to ensure reciprocity with the communities that you are benefiting from from Mary Ray Shirt from the genocide that happened on their land on. What is it that you're doing in your own personal life? To ensure that folks are you able to reclaim their existence and also to eventually see our territories returned to us. I think that's the ultimate goal with limited knowledge. -ment is led back and if you can talk about how the Corona Virus Pandemic now is infecting and effecting in digital communities you right now are in Phoenix Arizona. How it's affecting people in Arizona particularly the Navajo people in New Mexico. Which is really called the epicenter of the of the Corona virus pandemic in indigenous territory. It is an right now. I just want to honor that there have been forty nine deaths on the Navajo nation. So I WANNA you know. Lift my hands to the folks who are navigating on burials and things that they need to do without ceremonies and access to protocol. Do you want to just also bring to light that they are over twelve hundred cases on the Navajo nation? Folks aren't also looking at the fact that the surrounding Pueblos that are nearby the Navajo nation in New Mexico specifically are also being heavily impacted and we're seeing upwards of fifty cases on some quick blows and limited limited access. What's happening right now? Is what I feel. A continuation of genocide that's existed against indigenous peoples in this country synthesis inception and explain where the Navajo Nation Spans. Yes sure the Navajo. Nation expands across on the four corners. So it exists a bit in Colorado Utah Arizona and New Mexico. And so you're saying about the outbreak there and how it's being dealt with yes so the outbreak in Navajo nation is similar and not just in Navajo nation but in New Mexico. In general it's similar to the ways that the government has responded to a lot of things in indigenous communities. Folks are showing up with supplies that aren't adequate for the needs of the communities if supplies showing up at all There aren't any doctors that are being afforded to the areas greater than on some community members that have gotten together and decided that they're going to go to the Navajo nation to support on. There are some federal mobile testing squads that have shown up but in general. We are seeing a huge disparity between the support that's being offered to non people of the global majority in the United States so to say non people of Color and realizing that it's not just indigenous communities that are being impacted but all folks of color across the United States where you're seeing across neighborhood nation in the Publicity Mexico that there are folks basically being treated as if they are just kind of the fodder for this government's response to the corona virus. They are being sacrificed and often predeceased by the headlines. That are being circulated news outlets I keep seeing headlines that say This corona virus could wipe out entire tribes entire indigenous nations. And I don't think folks really realize that there are over. Five hundred and seventy federally recognized reservations and nations and also all these unrecognized nations that exist is so it's not like anybody going to wipe us out in one fell swoop there. He tried that and it didn't work. Can you talk about what ceding sovereignty is and what it is? You're trying to do ceding. Sovereignty is an organization that is indigenous and women lead. We are all query identifying in some way and The work that we're doing right now to address. Kobe is a three faceted rapid response program so basically we have a mask drive where we have actually raised money to purchase a ninety five grade masks. We purchased ten thousand of those. We're also purchasing on another additional twelve thousand masks that are hybrid material. That can last up to six years of taking care of properly that we are going to be providing to the Navajo nation and indigenous communities in New Mexico. Additionally we have a petition asking folks to put pressure on the government to demand that they provide expeditious support tuned agendas communities not just in New Mexico but across Turtle Island folks that are being overlooked and treated as sacrifice zones for this pandemic. You've talked about the theme of genocide. And I wanted to ask you to address the way. The legacies of colonization colonialism erasure have set the stage of. You've described it for the response to what's happening in Indian country right now so we sign treaties over one hundred and fifty years ago many of the tribes that are currently being impacted ensuring that we would have access to life our cultures and our general health. And I think that folks don't realize that this pandemic and the fact that there is so little access and so little support being provided to indigenous communities black communities I really do feel like it is a continuation of the colonial project to kill the Indian and save the man. I think that folks are really looking at people of the Global Majority folks of color in this country but are being hit by corona virus. And they're really seeing the health inequities and education in equity and the lack of access. And they're saying well that's too much for us to take on like we don't want to have to look at another broken thing that we have to fix even if we broke it on. That really breaks my heart. I think that you know they don't realize that you know this mutual aid that we're engaging in. I don't think that they understand. That is an indigenous practice. It is a global majority to offer community support without demand for reciprocity. I think also folks don't realize that mutual aid existing in a time of colonialism and continued genocide really looks like Brown and black folks coming together and saying. Hey we still don't want it. We haven't wanted to for the last five hundred years. And how can I support you in your community and how later on me hume support ours so that we show each other that you know we have. This continued legacy of support that we are building bridges between our communities. No matter how much they try to silo US and a lot of us are rejecting the notion that we are people were killing and that we are people not worth listening to or that our lives do not matter as those of the one percent in this community. The folks with access. I think one of the biggest things with the work that Fiona has done support exceeding sovereignty is to show folks that you can have a limited platform. You can have a huge platform but regardless you can take the time to support people in need just because you want to and because you realize there's a lack of lack of access you have that point that can beat the connection. Well I wanted to go back to Fiona apple to this whole theme of acknowledgment. And can you expand on it to talk about how themes of acknowledgment are expressed throughout your new album? Fetch the bolt cutters. Well it's just it's it's it's a completely different subject because it's just one woman's life but But it's the same thing as as with anything that it's acknowledgment is the first step in a series of a lot of steps towards healing anything any personal global have to acknowledge it is the daily said verstappen. Admitting you've got a problem and for me I yes. That is just the first step in so easy to do. It's so easy to acknowledge it to announce things. And but we forget or or inaction thought or where we have guilt. Shame so we just don't want to think about or talk about it or in my case we feel stupid. We feel uneducated. We feel ignorant and and so. That's something else that that's that's the first thing that I need to acknowledge it before I can actually be any kind of friends or A. You know to help in any kind of way to to to make a connection Oregon do that. I have to admit that I'm ignorant. I'm an ignorant white verson. I lived a hole light privilege and I have no idea what it's like to not be me and so when I all I can really the best thing I can do right now is to say. I've got time and I've got space nine. Got Money and please just talk to me. Let me know late. Just fill space you know on but you also make so clear and all of your are in your music your experiences and what you've learned from them if you could talk about your song relay which begins with the line. Evil is realize sport when the one you burn turns to pass the torch your that years ago. Didn't you? Yeah I wrote. I wrote it when I was about fifteen. Actually I talk about what it meant to you then while I had been assaulted When I was about twelve thirteen and Immediately a questions of guilt innocence and retaliation and acceptance in peace more. All these things came. It was all living with envy all of a sudden because I had this. I didn't I didn't know how to wrap my around somebody wanting to hurt me or anybody like that. I didn't know I don't understand it. So the first thing I was thinking. We're so something must have been done to him and so that was just my thought about him that somebody had burned him and he saw somebody me who looked vulnerable enough to burn and he thought that we take the burden off of him but it doesn't just pass it on and he and he keeps it and I got it too. So that was my that was my thought then and that was a big subject and then you know. I spent a couple of years it aware of Internet culture and my whole thoughts about that thing became very small and very personal very kind of petty. But it's all the same thing it's just people feeling bad about something or feeling embarrassed. You're feeling weak. And just trying to take that out on someone else feeling like somebody else made you feel weak or somebody else to use your sit down someone else and it happens all the time and it doesn't help anybody. Let's go to Fiona Apple's for her I can you no no but you don't know what you did apples for her from her latest album. Fetch Bolt cutters. You told vulture. You wrote it in part about the Brett Cavanaugh Supreme Court hearings after watching hearings all the things that you win. An enviable victims of sexual assault sexual abuse will all understand this and signed the end and some men that are just never going to understand this vote but via trump's cabinet all these all these guys they they bring up the bringing it all back and so sitting there and watching that man and knowing that he was going to be on. The Supreme Court is just It just hurts we down to the marrow and on and on that subject it makes me feel like know seeing that guy's anger and his is his entitlement to to make decisions on behalf of Americans basically knowing that he had violated somebody Believing that he had violated. Somebody does make me think about the other issue that we're talking about here today. People who are in power who are basically. We descended on people who assaulted a Q. On families I don't I can't imagine what it's like to be an indigenous person right now and to watch everybody else living and going about everything. You're talking about the problems going on and just ignoring you. Just just not even looking at you. You're writing this now in the midst of the metoo movement. Are you hoping that this will make women feel more powerful and responding and enjoining together with other women which is really a theme in a lot of your songs right now? For example ladies. The power of your relationship with women Fiona Yes I am hoping that that will Aid Not power than just stepping away from meekness in segue especially. It's a song that hopefully will give Catharsis it expressions people who who may not be able to actually voice what's happened to them and it does happen a lot and especially when people are not even sure what happens in Israel but they feel against the big deal it. They can't say that I feel meeting this song. They can sit on that one line and and feel it and believe it and no no the truth no matter what he says and I liked is done so many versions of that song Just seeing by myself and literally just shaking going to press record. I've done so many version sing by myself. And then one day. I sang that line. I say Gins me and I finally felt the anger that I never felt for the man who assaulted me when I was a child. I sang that the saying that. Line over and over again until I really felt it and when I felt it I finally felt anger and it was a an amazing thing and I hope that you need to your anger passed it and I'm hoping that will do the same for other women. I also felt like I needed other voices with me. I felt like I was by myself so I just decided I'm the only one here so I'll just create a village of Friends of women to support me too long and I didn't work. That's Fiona Apple. Her critically acclaimed new album. Fetch the bolt cutters when we come back in. This broadcast exclusive Fiona talks about the power of music and therein wise talks about murdered and missing indigenous and girls stay with US parallel and the big man. The all in keeps turning out more good women. You nation's on the lunar fed lapel relax few and the thick foam and foul in the keeps turn out all mole or good I although Hormone Ladies Ladies Ladies Ladies Ticketing. Easy you please. My guess is getting over in back of his bathroom cabin. Oh Yes oh yes. Oh yes. There's address in the car. I don't get rid of it you look. I didn't. It was never mind that belonged to the ex wife of another exit mine. She left behind with the note. One Line I don't know of religion. Ladies by Fiona Apple this is democracy now democracy now dot org the quarantine reported. I made me Goodman as we continue. Our discussion with singer. Songwriter Fiona Apple and Erin wise of the indigenous group ceding sovereignty. They joined us. Just after the release of Fiona Apple's new album fetch the bolt cutters. So let's talk about cosmonauts. I mean this is a song that seems to have anticipated to say the least the current moment about two people her going to live together forever. You said you imagine them tiny vessel in space talk about the writing of cosmonauts. Dow had asked me to do a song for the movie. This forty and he wanted to be a song about realizing the urges. You love this person and you won't be together forever and I just could not really that I've been in love and I wanted to be wanting to have people in my life forever but I've never wanted to be in a marriage of somebody forever and so I couldn't really wrap my head around it but I tried and so I just thought of it as though for stuck together. It's like being stacked together being together staying together forever. It's just a matter of never leaving for right or wrong. So if you're just somebody and Agean how I just couldn't imagine how that would be me because the first fine says it all for being a relationship certain points you know you just look at something I'm done. I'm angry now. I look face and I'm stunned. So how could you possibly spendable lifetime somebody? So that was my thought. Then and so. That's why I heard something like that. Your First Line. Your face ignites a few is to my patients. Let's buy a little of cosmonauts legacy is you and me US oppose. The whiffs of Meghalaya will be like a couple of COSMO and accept was gravitated. We start law that's cosmonauts. That's from Fiona. Apple's phenomenal new album. Just out after many years fetched the Bolt Cutters and as we begin to wrap up. I wanted to ask you about the power of music in society. Especially today you're known. For writing so ingeniously creatively about love and loss to say the least in this time of the pandemic people are dealing with enormous loss. What was it like to be writing your music now and also why you pushed for it to be released. Now as millions of people are being told to shelter at home if they're lucky enough to have homes. There's a lot in there but if you could just talk about it all yes well My friend Kayla insists. She's a musician machine wrote to me. She texted me one day a few weeks ago saying see got it regardless directly. I newly records I gotTA release. He got released. People really need music now. She's wearing clutch with way. What's going on than I am and I was like That does make sense. And but I thought it's okay. I mean several come out soon anyway I just wasn't really thinking about it that much and then I got a rollout schedule proposing all the different things that go on from now on to release the record which would end up being in October ad but my first song coming out in June the June. And that just just set me off on a on a on a two day text tirade making my case for putting out the album now which is basically. I don't take a lot more than just pushing a button but push a button albums done and go out digitally and people can enjoy it and if we wait it was lodging because if we waited I would have been lost in the mix I wanted to be able to be heard. I don't really like to open my mouth in Roman. Speak unless I feel like you gotta listen. If I don't think you're gonNA listen to walk away so so I wanted to put it out when I thought that it would have the best chance because I put a lot of work into it and I and I hoped that it might be. I need that would help people who are fans line because they're just waiting around for so many years so it's like. Oh Yeah I'm good at something to do for replace. You know but I heard that it's actually making people feel free and happy ended and might be helping people feel alive or feel their anger feel creative. And that's the best thing I could then I can hope for that and also trying to tie in with that. I believe in and you know I just wanted to say something off the topic of my regular just because I I i. I'm I'm so uneducated. I did some studying and I just have to say that I just wish that their indigenous teaching in schools teaching American history. Because I did not realize I was never taught that That for instance Thomas Jefferson said that Thomas Jefferson said wrote this disposition to exchange lands which they have spare we want. We should push our trading uses in the glad to see the good influential individuals among them run in debt. We observed that when these debts get beyond with individuals can pay. They will become willing to lock them off Possession of lands it so boldly evil. It's so we went really glad to see the good good individuals of them fall into debt. It was planned that it was it was like it's like trailed. Here's a hundred years in the making wrote that you wrote about removing all indigenous folks. Fifteen years before he became president. I don't know anything about American history. I didn't pay attention in class. And Alan Hi glad I didn't because I don't think we're being taught everything this guy. He's the architect of so many of the ways that we think in America and yet that's what he was thinking that guy that guy was and You know so many of our heroes are actually like that Alfred bomb. I mean I didn't know that he was offered basically for genocide Genocide favor. I'll inside us like with women's suffrage. He was a good guy but no. So it's hard to look at how we put these men in positions of power and how they shape our whole American history and not be aware until. I'm forty two that they were preaching side. I mean well. Let's give the last word to Aaron wise as talks about the information. She didn't learn going to school. What it means to re frame American history from a native perspective. Gosh that's the big question and I don't think that I could do it. Any justice as a single person and I don't speak on behalf of my tribe or anybody but myself but I would say that you know the the moment that we're in right now is a time of learning. I think a lot of folks are feeling like they have to be producing. They have to be creating and Fiona has done that beautifully but for folks at home you can be doing the same thing that fee is you can be teaching yourself online. You can be reading. You can be reaching out to indigenous educators. You can be creating systems in which you planned to go back into his teachers and teach folks you know about indigenous histories. You can also make plans to bet for indigenous educators in your community to be teaching in your schools. I think that's entirely important and I think one of the things I wanted to bring attention to. Is That unwittingly touches. So many different subjects that are impacting indigenous communities today in her album when she addresses rape and she addresses sexual assault. She's also addressing violence against indigenous women. The murdered missing indigenous women here who are overlooked. We are also looking at the violence against women and girls in general not just indigenous communities but the fact that there. Are you know one? In three women will be rate in our lifetime here in the so called United States. I think that that is a legacy that needs to be looked at. I also think the fact that Fiona in heavy balloon she touches on all of these plants growing in you know spirit coming back to yourself and I told her that when she was talking that reminded me of the three sisters planting. And how we need to be in kinship. We NEED TO BE SISTERHOOD. With one of one another to continue to build the communities that we WANNA see. I also think that you know ladies to me when I was listening to it. I was listening to it with a bunch of queer gay men on the phone and all of them felt like that song for them too so I also want to honor the indigenous. Lgbtq class to spirit folks that trance folks that exist in our communities and everybody. That Fiona is calling into being with this album and also with her work. I think it's incredibly imperative to harness and access that dignified rage to to hold it in your hand and be able to acknowledge the these are all the things that hurt me. But I'm going to put them down and I'm going to figure out how to transform that pain into something that can heal people that have been hurt and I really do feel like in this moment. Indigenous communities have been looking for that healing end to even have somebody with a platform. The ONA be able to say I'm sorry. I never knew until now that that is a healing for me. Because I've been listening to Fiona for twenty years. I never thought that we would be friends. I never thought that she would be invested in the work and yet here. She is using her power using her medicine to transform and set a precedent for an entire generation of people. I think that that's powerful analysis. Think that the work that ceding sovereignty is doing also setting a precedent encouraging folks to be more engaged with the climate justice movement to be more engaged with violence against women because that begets violence against the land and to also look at into genetic histories in the so called the United States and realized that almost everybody that people see as heroes. We're actually genocidal. Maniac wanted to ensure that this country was rid of any Indians or any people of color that were in service to them. Indigenous Activists Erin wise with ceding sovereignty and singer Songwriter. Fee Own Apple. They joined us just after. The release of field is new album. Fetch the bolt cutters. We end today show where we began it with the title track Of Thinking about one dollars Charlie offramp. I thought it was but it was. It wasn't genuine ours just so furious but I couldn't show him knowing what you can do in our own war with you. I WANNA forty. You guys saw even when you win you when you on all but you've killed. Manson you've got them all Kansas VIP's and PRT's wannabes. Afraid not being your friend and I've always been too smart for that but you know what my heart was not like a kid. You see the cool kids. Vote only Shane wooded dipped to me. What I let my phone stole my fun. Still Bolt cutters too long. How to fetch the both cutters by Fiona foul bunt? And that does it for our show. If you'd like to sign up for our daily Digest our quarantine report you can text the word democracy now. One word to six six eight six six. That's democracy now. One word to six eight six six. You can also sign up on our website at democracy now dot org where all of our video and audio podcasts. Our and our transcripts of every show democracy now is working. This few people onsite as possible. The majority of our team is working from home. Democracy now is produced with Rene felts might Berkeley Augusta Libby. Rainy near Main Chez Carla Wills. Tammy were enough Torino. Dora Sam O. K. Mery Sto to you. John Hamilton Raby Karen any Masuda around a conspiracy. Maria terrace saint of special. Thanks to Julie Crosby and Dennis. Morgan and I made me good then. Thanks so much for joining us.

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