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One. Year got. Trapped I liked to liked can make work and I liked right where. It'd be able to spend more time in the woods I was losing money. Getting, traps out. There is the hardest part I think with leave. In the back of Montross. Earthly. For going to. No matter what somebody traffic. Partner. This is what you. Get to ask them guys. You know everything. This Arkansas. China learn something from pledging to ask questions without asa mall the. Gain maggots especially for they're going hurt into the whole. To. Fattening Radio Trafford Carcelle me. That's pretty. Listened to the most developers system yet working ahead. To build the traffic. The good path. told. About these big hands, most of my to come from down. Probably the best part. Plane Predator Shush waiters, and even. Better. Back in the first shed. This trapping today Jeremiah would. have. You hear the tune in? We are brought to by Cox Brothers Lured K Eighteen Z. S. Dot, com, trap smarter work harder joy the success that follows costs, Bros have traps and snares dates, lured books TV's everything you need to get it on the trap line. Check them out at crossbars. Dot. COM Russell brought to you by on X. Cams turn your phone into a bully punching GPS mark way points track your movements. Look at the latest aerial imagery and landowner information on xbox DOT COM use Promo Code Trap E. R. A P. for twenty percent off your first purchase. Of beautiful summer, evening. Here. In Trapping today podcast headquarters got home. Our very own. Cole Porter. Just got married. So. Believe it or not. Mrs Cole Porter has just joined the ranks of the. trappers wives and wedding took place it beautiful setting. Top of a ridge overlooking. NUNCA Tatton, just an incredible beautiful view northern Maine. It was awesome. So congratulations coal hope you can get back on the trap line and you get a lot going on here the next couple of months but in season's just around the corner but great to see. Great great stuff going on over there now over here, I'm hearing from Saudi guys who have just come back Sir listening to the show after a few months off for the summer and guys are starting to. Think about trapping again and get back into catching up on all the past episodes. Great. Have you guys back here? I hope you enjoy listen the Alaska shows and hearing about my trip there and all the stuff going on over there boy that was that was quite an incredible trip but both lots to come here on the podcast. Tonight, we're going to hear from rich Mellon, from trapping, Inc. TV, and this is going to be the second part of our interview with rich. Will probably have a couple more segments in future episodes as well. And this this is really good stuff I enjoyed talking with him and there's a lot of great information here. And I also this week I interviewed Jared Larson from next maps. So several of you have talked about. In interested in learning a little bit more about on x and how to use. The APP and how to get started with it and all the details around that. So I really think you're GonNa like this I, think I'll put it in next week's episode. He has just incredible amount of information on the company and the APP and how to use it all the different things. There's a bunch of stuff that I actually did not even realize that you could use take advantage of with on X.. So there's there's a lot of stuff that I me having used the APP for over a year. Now, I still haven't used use it to its full potential. There's a lot of different things that you can do with it. And he also explained that there's actually a lot of stuff that you can get for free with the APP. That you know without a subscription without even paying if you're really challenged as far as finding the thirty bucks a year to. Subscribe to the the full service, you can actually download the APP and you can use a bunch of the aerial imagery and other stuff, and then when you're ready to upgrade and you want to be able to use all the features that are available, you can just at any time just Provide your information and upgrade and and you've got so that's GonNa be a good one too. So in tonight's episode, WE'RE GONNA. Talk about riches experience with his first outdoor show outdoor quest TV. He talks about the TV industry and putting on shows and how all that works how he started with trapping. INC TV. and. The effort involved behind getting that thing going. He talks a little bit about the public reaction that he's had to trapping in the the PR opportunities that he's had since the show's been on air and he's had a lot of people have been have seen the show that really had no back on dropping. You really didn't understand it talks a little bit about anti-trumpers and advertisers promoting promoting different products and stuff and and how all that has worked with him. And then he gets into some details on his trap line and the things that he's learned and I it just goes to show that doesn't matter how long you've been trapping. You can always learn new things on the trap line. That's why a lot of us enjoy this so much because we're constantly learning new things about the critters ferber's that we pursue. And there's always an opportunity if you're paying attention to learn something new so check them out. Also if you haven't got a copy of my book Walter Arnold Maine trapper stories from one of the last noun men get that get on Amazon, dot com and purchase a copy. It's a really you know it's like twenty bucks shipped for the most for most people. I. I'm not sure if not on Amazon Prime I'm not sure what the cost is for shipping, but it's pretty reasonable. And if you want to buy it directly from me, you can do that. Just email me Jay road at and I will give you some more information and details on where to send the check but get that book, and if you haven't any purchase on Amazon, please go ahead and leave me a review because that is a great chance to. Promote the book and help other people discover it and Hopefully, kind of spread the word among people who may not be exposed to a lot of trapping in things in the trapping world. Get them. The opportunity to learn more about the history of wilderness trapping. All right. We'll get an interview with rich and don't forget to stay tuned to the end of the episode for the. COTS Bros. deal of the week I. Think you're going to enjoy this one. Let's get into it. You've have done a lot through the show in in promoting trapping and in trying to kind of educate people more on shopping. We we went from the rich that started out trap as a kid in, and now you've got this this big show that's popular throughout Canada and and also quite popular here in the US you must have had a time period in between where you you. Figured out how to do all this filming stuff and and going around to different places. What would you do? Would you were in the hunting? Industry. Ninety started the show called Christie and I had a partner in partner had had a past history. It been producing a fishing show for Cable News Network out of Saskatoon is scheduled. Or, Regina reminded when Regina Anyway He has the mystery on how to make TV. So we got into it and I Say the first four or five years where half fishing half Monday. So every every show had a fishy mode and A. Certain amount of product. Commercials Right. And, it's simple if you're getting twenty thousand dollars A. that's two, hundred, twenty, thousand dollars, and then you gotTa take your expenses you got you gotTa, you know two ways. So not a lot of money, right? I tell people all the time and I am sure they walk away. They say, well, he just really quickly I don't believe in. It is true. On the street And I tell you what if you're averaging twenty thousand dollars, commercial candidate, you are at the top of the you know the. Average That's that's. If anything was super lucrative, it's any business you look at from the outside it looks really lucrative, but everybody would be doing it if the money team that easy. Well exactly. I think part of it is people look for something that they enjoy doing and then making a out of it and you know. The, the TV makes trapping a lot a lot harder. You know it's a lot more work. Yeah. You know there's this the whole reality of living. And traveling and trapping your winters, which can kill you like I mean I'm not trying to be over dramatic I'm not trying to be. Zerorez but you could die if you're stupid you could die if you're just moderately dumb, you know. It sometimes he will. You're smart. You know things can go wrong i. Ever. Got It. was that bad luck Yeah. You we're. Ever ever got eight to I was trying to get Do Rolling and this is back a few years ago and you you gotta go slow but you gotta go fast enough so you don't get back before you get to flourish like we have you know snow. And where the power. Is Hard but the snow in the ditch sought so I'm going across a panic angle so I can look both ways so that I don't jump on looks right. You know there's not that many vehicles, but it does happen. Well, this is I'm as I'm looking over my shoulder back back into my direction, the machine breaks on the on the ditch side or the downside, and it rolls over him. Well, I have a six hundred, eighty pound machine on top of me and I mean sixty snow laughing it's kind of funny I didn't get hurt or anything, but I can't get it. Awesome. Yeah. I can't get it. Awesome. You know like it's like Oh crap you know. So it's quite a bit of time. Of there and that's how easy. I could have died I. You know two miles an hour. No So. As. I mean the film heating that Ad Call at work. It adds a lot you know and you need an enormous amount of a footage and all but when we were maxed out and we were looking for another show then so we thought we may capacity to to bring up another show have feel more racial south. So you're going to have Outeniqua Park in the trapping show. Yes. Yeah. We we haven't decided that what my partner wanted to do fishing show. Well, the fishing world is probably the worst. media to get into because there are so many who fishy Joe's I mean it's easy. You don't need very little for in the way of gear he else and You know there's always interesting fishing everywhere I mean don't matter where you are. You Got Fabulous fishing main that you could do doesn't show is on right? And So, what happens though is that there's also no sponsorship in you know. There are like two three nature motor manufacturers, and probably. you know less than half a dozen major boat manufacturers. You'd be amazed at how many different brands are made by the manufacturer. So there's really no sponsorship there. You know I'm just about all all of the the Louis and and lie and. All that either own nor Berkeley you know. That kind of. Go. I. You know I was professional fishermen on the PWG for for. Six years and I was the most successful Canadian ever and I was on a lot of. Well, not a lot a half a dozen US Pro teams and stuff like that. Right back in the day when you got paid money for doing this stuff, you're a brand ambassador. So I understood how the game works and I didn't really want to get this, she didn't think there was. There was a business plan there. That were the business model. You know we we're GONNA. Dumped it to to make money out of reading break even. And we were getting all this feedback about. Trafford show. Got It all. At the same time swamp people really And I thought you know what? They're out there gut hooking gators. Haymakers in love. I know they look. and well no listen listen. When you show the reality of traffic today the reality is traffic in my world. it's conservation-minded. It's humane. It's none of the things that and was. You know. So that was what really promoted start it was that the thought that. You know I could lose money the fishing short lose money crappy show But at least the show I can split the truth and I probably. have been so passionate about trapping it probably, you know if I just treated it as a business. I'd be more successful financially but. I wanted to try to get out there to show what was really really going on. We ran and hid for. So long we allowed shearer falsehoods and lies the. pushed out on the on the population every time. I mean it's just you can see the reaction if somebody's putting basically you. Say What did you TV show about I say traffic and you see immediately that they oh my God he's one of those people skins animals alive. Yeah. So that was the biggest also ever fabricated in the history of man. Other than you know from the government, I'm here to help and. It was the biggest the biggest falsehood ever. But if you're in the closet and no, one can you can't deny it. Actually our response with the high deeper. Stack the sweatshirts in front of this and that. And the truth of it is and you know it's the trapper. The animals are dead when you get there or you kill him right away. Because that's you know that that is that is the only humane thing to do. How you could begin this in a Fox's Fisher will read our wool alive. I, have no idea. WHY WOULD I? Not Very. Wise. Let season. No my God. Just from personal safety. Retarded. Those little animals are vicious I mean that's that's their only response clauses that is their response to life right? So they're not going to grow another high. So you know they're gonNA dead one way or the other and. It only takes a few can kill him. And, the overwhelming factor is the reason that I caught that animal was for the for the only value in that for how good I can put it up I can't make something that nature did not make it but I should make it work lot. So. We out over this bs to go on that animals were being skinned alive like it was ridiculous. And that was one of the major things that. One day I just had enough you know. And I thought you know I. I have a lot of old old old friends and a lot of them are now have pat on certain TV. Show or can no longer trap and all that stuff and there's a Tang harder. This most gentle person that people you you've ever seen their understanding of animals and allowed is epic. And You know. But they're very cut and dried. You know it was like. When you raise pigs for for food, you might name what what everybody's still are. And come Christmas Island whatever. They were very realistic people. They were very grounded people and. It kind of hurt me to see the stuff going on like the way they were being in the lies that were being used. You know here the north. We have always had trapping seats, right? Like cutty starts first of October in is the end of third. further north in the end of March. The reason being is because that allow dead at that time for them to have their POPs in and for the racing and yet what do you see you see pita? The a supposed Cotonou top same there. She is trying to get back to her puppies because they're starving other. Yeah. It's an outright lie. In that was that was the part If. My wife here I would say kind of maybe SORTA looking for fighting and she is the year. We should acknowledge your wife too because she's a big part of the show and the podcast and and everything that you do. I don't WanNa. Leave. She's she's my humor. Later, she's around. For folks that haven't listened to the scuttle podcast check that out there's a lot of episodes with rich in sandy just just kind of sitting down Chattan just talking trapping talking about the the the lifestyle and the trap line. It's Kinda neat. if. We prefer to call the life, the lifestyle but. She hasn't been on the last little while on most because she said, you know she's Not to say, Oh, she is, but I'm sixty ones. She decided to change careers. She had been a V. In in the major Bacon Canada and our five major banks are our national They're all across Canada, but she'd been GPA that. Is managing like one point, four, billion dollars. If. You can imagine adding up the number two but she had northern Alberta someone wrote to be seen all that. She had like basically all the people she I'd under her. Struggle to be you know finding people hired people is so she could that in you know become a wealth manager. So she's done about four years worth of university in the last eleven months. Wow. She had been a happy sunny. On getting wrote. This weekend. Yes she she was like I test conversion, and I know in today's world where conversion therapy is a bad word all this conversion. Convert him to. Fish. Yeah outlets she'd never hunted. Home no kidding we. Know and we we'll be celebrating our forty percent of you're. In A in a couple of months. and. She was offered to it and we I didn't push anything added. But she you know she realized that if she's been really involved in my life but. She was. To come along and it just look for you know we started out. I told the story day about how the very first Christmas together over this really sweet tooth seventy winchester the scope on all. I wanted to release them. She's devoted on me became an excellent shot, and now under the world, you have the world together and She's a big part of my life. The interesting thing whether it's hunting or fishing trapping is that a dad? Does it maybe the kid soup? But it mom does whole family. Yes. I gotTA. Tell you guys were really unimportant in the history of man. Ladies at the important ones. So you took. You took a big leap and starting show. Yes Yes and our biggest success was. ARGO had been a longtime sponsor of the hunting show. Which is naturally their demographic? And I convince them to come with me and it has worked. Astronomically. we are other top. We are did. They can to so many. Sales in and references and that kind of stuff and we have. Some argue stuff your views. I've done on Youtube and they're they're all time record stuff. Yeah. He is the whole thing of it is is you know people say what a great Gig you've gotten the and? Say. Look you don't understand just living my life and not pretending I'm not doing anything special and just living my life. So yeah, it is damn good Games. and. Things like. That stuff that works we can we can promote all day long I've had long offers. Some stuff that was marginal Whether. It was in quality or useless. You know and I just can't do that they don't have. They don't have time to To promote sumner to even get you know video with or whatever had a clothing company and you know they make what they call it a rugged clothing for dozen us. And I said, you don't understand this happens every all day long a guy I leave you know by the time we. Get the the big line open. For Lanston, an order and all that kind of stuff. Now, I'll do a hundred miles in a day on the snow. And unique clothing that that keeps you warm and dry and dries really for the soon as you get wet with, it's your sledding or if it's snowing and and you know you get wet from the seat or whatever. You're in trouble. You know you're you're trouble. So you think it was a lucrative deal at the offer, but just you know where it around the cabin. Pretended to take us. Up. You know what? Isis? You're interested in me and my company because we don't pretend because we put real in reality TV, we don't catch hundred dollar beaver or anything. You know we we we tell the truth and I said now because I have credibility and. Related. -BILITY WITH With the the folks that washtrust. You want me to. BESMIRCH that by by pretending I, don't. Know. It's not good for you and it's not good for them. And it's kind of a slippery slope like I mean I I like to get up every morning and you know look at myself when I shave. That kind of stuff all because I see that. Years of MTV TV I've seen. Just about every atrocity in and sake. Setup and There's so much that it is reenacted on on hunting shows and that kind of stuff but that's the beauty about the. Topic it's real. You're right there all the time right over the show. You know like I mean there's there's no reenacting if you'll get it right and they'll get it right you know. there. is a happy piece that you keep up. We're on the top. Every four days every four to Asian it's it's about three hours from from our house to are the door cab. And So there every four days takes me free three days to run my line more if I have to have to read refresh space in that kind of stuff is in you got to get. All kind of stuff. Basically traveling around and finding road kill and getting approved by the government to pick it up and take it, and there's a lot of work. There's a lot of work involved in in traffic and. And probably I wouldn't be quite so universal. Like I wouldn't tackle every ferber that I've got. This fiscal year we're tag right right before the show it's nice to be able to show people those different species. Exactly exactly to show the different species and. You learn each stuff like learning stuff all the time we have an exit, it's running this year and It started in Canada on the first maple and we will be on this year we'll be Q. Three. Q. Four of twenty, twenty, one of twenty, twenty, one pursuit channels awash I wrote we'll be on three cents a week, but one of the shows is fever and and I get to show a house that I actually trapped two seasons before and then something happened usually with beaver. What happens they another accessible food and that's the reason why they. They build the down to flood waters so they could swim up to the food and after a while they run out of things. And so then they'll abandon it and everything they died or whatever. They just moved down down creek your wherever's is only done. A lot of. A lot of the pothole lakes that there'd be two or three beamer house from Lakeland one we'll be active. Yes and that'd be the one where they can get food closest to and then after being there for your to. Of One or the other ones you know Willett scope pretty fat and willows as one of their big foods around here. So anyway. There was this big house that I had taken a nine. Ninety road or something like that and. I had three different sets on it and the ones that reduce every time the other one. Eighty three quarters of the time ever produced a third of the time. And I got to look at all of the opening fall I thought I. had that that. Bieber house covered. You know had free sex going on all the time and I was I was tired of rated a lot like I was using Tall Stan that setting the. Rating entered the laws. I don't know if you've ever seen a uses flexible pipe to find entrance to the lodge. Okay and. You get to set right tight up against log. They can't get into it without without hidden unless the whole is a lot bigger than than you know you're trap and that's what they discovered this beaver house actually. had. On the side, the side that was that was hitting all the time. Was I actually hit the second interested in space of twenty feet you know like in a half mark To comforts around the house, there were three of the F.. And I sent her one and it wasn't even the biggest one. The biggest one was was the one further to the left as as you're facing the BIEBER. So it was fascinating to look at all this and. Alert some interesting things. Off the. Water. And especially, a very, highly active house like that, and one of the things that struck me instantly as as as so interesting. Where's the fact that there is no mud in between those sticks underwater. What's going on is their own. Courage that they create as they swim in and out washes the mud of between have you ever sat on a beaver house and you you you're using stand your push down. It's spring, right? Yeah. It's spring. What happened visit you're you're actually too close to the house you need to step on a little bit and then you'll go down past that the. Lacy of willows enacted, they built the house side of that was covered with mud until the water came up and now it's it's washed open and it's like it's like A. You know some shade or an awning or whatever over top over, and I got to see all of this. You know like firsthand water had just gone not even weeds had grown up or anything right? So the water had just gone into. Thing. I was. The only make sense what you look at it in your light comes on. You know some of these experts that I talk I talk to you about about different stuff. One of them one vote will guy you know suzy seven and instantly yes I understand that but I never got there on. I just don't have that that. That he acts and it was the same thing with with this beaver thing when I looked at Houston. Yes. I understood why I was having trouble. You know you go out of your whole with the bike and you you can find the whole when you try to shove the standard down the standard now probably why why do it and it would. Be In this space and you'd move it a little bit. Laughing wasn't just one. There was a bunch of them that I couldn't understand what was going on. Now I said I. Don't visible and. Classes you're always learning. Yes I think if you ever wants to become the best countries out there, you should become a really good Trafford I. You understand animals so much better. Whether you're hunting or fishing hunting fly-fishing, whatever you have the advantage of distance. You have three yards or three hundred yards. You have that advantage of distance don't have to get so close but. Traffic a have to have at. Ku there woefully put their foot on two inch circle where I wanted or have to have them. Them to show their heads through that snare you know or or up to a body brick and That kind of stops you have to have a conversation with the animal and it's It's something that I'm understanding that I don't do well is is explained that kind of stuff I have more people come with me what do you? THINK ABOUT YEAH Exactly, you watch. If you ever watch any of my Especially, the Fisher marten stuff because we're always dealing with body grapes and they either one play or one sixty miles and and I put them in boxes and there's reason going boxing. For speed is for the I can't. I kinda stopped right birds. They're big deal around here. So Anyway you know, of course, you have those two springs and they have safeties on the right and a lot of people make a big deal about taking straight off before they. They put it in the Boston and I just I just pinched the. Body in by using springs against the size of the a boxer. I can't tell you how many emails I get every every time a a fisher. Martin show Ariza to see if not to take off on that. I might heads do it without even thinking about it. And I. Don't even realize I've done it anymore. That's the Kinda take he he somebody around. Ice Can look at it differently. Show me what it is that I'm doing that that is is unique because I, I just don't see it anymore I mean we we always. Instructors are good at Some of the best instructors can think. Through the eyes of of a person that that hasn't done it before. Yeah Yeah and for us. So much of it is is muscle memory. 'cause you're doing you know. You have a huge food I mean any day out check one, hundred, Sixty Martin, and and fishies out you know and so if it's if it's Bait, they were what? That's once a month. Up here are are beat, will actually crease drive. And you know that it's it's froze froze dry. When when the the. Pygmy shrews moving to your box because they won't eat them because it's like would to them or something right And it is cool. You'd appreciate this is a biologist they can take a Muskrat carcass during the prompting you could put in the system. will clear. Is it you don't eat any any of the not even the fine ribs on not even though spine ribons with the older meet. And So attack voice was his freeze dried like ended. A lot of stanton is lost a lot of attraction plus you know you they've made. To, go once somebody. Gets, over three months you've got to go and you've got to everyone of those Fox's you have to draw the crap out of. A screen. MEET OUT PUT, fresh meat in L. Every two weeks he puts pressure so. On, and off that, the machine was hardware the syllabi whatever you make a lot of mouths and. You know there's a there's a lot of work involved in. So, many of the trails the I. Have you know like? I like to keep my my sets right next to we have I don't know if you have on the. Size. Seismic clients, what it is it's from oil exploration. So. Okay. Well, you used to be they. They were grid and they were they were straight. They were probably you know. Three or four meters widen and. Knocked down trees and everything maybe go through and they laid out a three D.. Seismic. Charge in and they read back on. Formation from below all that kind of stuff right? So we have all these materials through the Bush and I like to have my as close as I can to to the edge so that you can just. On A. Machine and do but but there's an advantage should taking a few steps off because even if I parked the the machine on the far side of the jail have to walk across over. To It's no I create this trail and links lease follow my trails and especially because they can smell the beaver meat or the lure whatever's going on you know over on that set and he'll walk in walk right in my felt lakes character early. So that will that will follow whatever pack and So most of most of those trails all have vice news on route late. So you got to move the blinds near on your way way back up, battery reset and. Really busy digging and and things like oh You're a little on. Loggers. Catch. Every four as you do that and they take you three days cover. And they on the night of the third night you back, you head back home and then days later you started all over again. Well. That's it for this week guys. Hope you enjoyed that segment with rich now it's time for the cost brose deal of the week. Fifty percent off. Kyle Cox Book Open Water Beaver. Trapping made simple. You can use the code be the are fifty. That's B. V. R. AS IN BEAVER five zero. For. Fifty percents off the open water beaver trapping made simple book. This is a short simple book that is absolutely a huge huge resource. If you WANNA learn more about oak mortar beaver trapping in fact. I have. I learned about one thing in this book and I've shared this with other trappers and It's just a very simple way to make this a frame set with three thirty two to three thirties and runs very simply with a couple of sticks and some wire is just an incredibly simple set but I had absolutely no idea this thing existed or how to make it until I read Kyle's book and then it. was like a light bulb went off like, wow you know. So to me that idea was probably worth one hundred dollars for what I'm going to use it for in the future of of my trapping career. But the book was I don't know fifteen dollars or something like that i. don't even know what it sells for it now, but you can get it for half price using go be Vr. Fifty at college Bros. Dot Com K.. R. O. S. CHECK THEM OUT. Thanks guys sponsoring the podcast and thank you for tuning in. And until next time, keep on talking trapping keep on thinking trap and get ready for trap and season. We will catch you on the next episode. Thanks.

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