UFC Fight Island 2 Post-Fight Show


you're listening to media. Network. And Walk into the UC Faint I. Show Stream and now your host Mr Mike. Just so soothing after a night a fight isn't that music in the background you've see. anyways has put together a very deep card for their third of four fight island events, and this one had a little bit of everything tonight. In the end, we have a brand new UFC, flyweight, champion and Davidson figuring out. What's going on everybody welcome to the UFC fight island to live post-fight show on the May. May fighting DOT COM YouTube channel. I have my back being joined by the greats Alex, Kaley and Jose Young's. We have a new champion. There's figuring AKA finishes Joseph Benedetto's in the first round, but you know how we like to do things before we get to the main event, a little more in depth thoughts on the card in its entirety. How would you grade this one from top to bottom? Can I. Yeah, all right. I'm always hesitant to go book the. Default answer but I would almost go like a strong a minus I. Don't know I'm just looking at the Cardigan I. Don't know if there was a bad fight. A. I'm not saying it wasn't. It was all burners, but I don't know if there's a single fight in the card that I saw it. I was like Oh, well, that was that was snooze. This was a really really solid car from the bottom. Maybe I'm just high off that exciting. Those exciting performances. We saw those fights I'm going to go a minus. That was that was good good. Stuff. What do you think, Jose? Will be plus a minus. I was saying this on the way and show esther that just looking at this fight like the actual records of the fighters Josephine Evita's had six losses. I think leading this fight, and now is the most losses by a fighter on the entire card. There are a lot of undefeated fighters. One loss fighters to loss fighter SOS. This seems like a card that the UC could use to build stars and I think they knocked it out of the park with that because we had a lot of really excellent performances by fighters that eight needed winds or needed introduction may be to the fans that don't watch all the fights, so we know sports. And Dana White, he said like what the most reasons. When most recent scrums like the the sport is never been healthy. That's the sport has never been talked about more. I think if if that trend is carrying over fight to fight island, this was a home run for a lot of UC prospects, looking to make a name for themselves. Listen when you have a fight card that ends before eleven pm. Eastern time that automatically knocks you up a notch or two so I'd say this is a solid B, plus all things considered because the formula was there, not just because it ended at a decent time, but we had some great fights. We had some painful yet. Memorable finishes. We have a brand new champion. This is a damn good event in some breaking news for those tuning in right now. The bonuses are out fight of the night. Marchuk, AC versus. Versus Raphael Fas E. Performances the night of course, Davis. Figueredo and Arianna, Lipsky which I'm sure we're going to talk about both of them. Definitely, I talk about Davis video right now because we have a brand new Champi dominates Yosef Ben, Evita's. He knocks him down three times, and then finally put him to sleep right before the first round came to an end Alex. Kelly gotta give it up Dave figuring out not just because of the performance, but what he had to go through just to just to get there, right? Yeah, it's been a crazy ride for Figueredo, look. Some of its self inflicted of course from the from the first time where he missed the way you know, and he's the kind of person he owns that he's not making excuses, and then he gets the knockout. I but there's a controversy with the headbutts completely accidental so. He gets that win, but somehow doesn't walk out with the Title I remains Bacon thankfully. They Repo could quickly. Positive COVID nineteen tests turns out to be the antibodies, thankfully, not the active virus. He's got fly to Abu Dhabi. Get more testing. We'd know what's GonNa. Happen in the brain Alexandra Pinto Jn is Davis. If you'RE GONNA, make wait, you know maybe one twenty five very difficult. Somehow he does all that and then puts on argue I. don't even know if it's arguable, puts on the greatest performance of his career so far when he needed the most, so it's A. It's a hell of a story. What do you think because you know? We don't really appreciate the power all the time of Davis and figuring out, but then when you see him in the Octagon guy like Joseph. Benham Betas. He has massive like he is a massive individual to get one twenty five, and to be able to compete the way that he did your thoughts on figuring it out becoming the new champion his performance tonight. I mean the UFC needed a. they needed a reason to keep the flyweight. Flyweight division around and one centers of who don't beat Dimitrius. Johnson community Henderson, who does Oh say the division this and that? And then he vacated after holding about for a long time, then for the first five ended in such drama, the UFC flyweight division needed a fight or finish. That was good enough to coach Save the Division in my God Davidson. Figueredo has already proven in my mind because I've watched all of his fights that he is must watch. Television if you're just a fan of violence, awesome fighting, you're just a fan of face punching he is, he's your guy. He's not the most charismatic guy if if you can't speak Portuguese. He? He's not big on social media. He, of course he has that famous book him in his bulls, everyone had him from that from his viral photos, but my God man every single fight he's in. We're talking about at the end. 'cause like member advocate. You and I were as fighting Edmonson against Pantoja and we were both talking like that fight absolutely ruled, and we were like imagine if this was on the main card, the files that have a new superstar, and then he gets the Fight Against Job Mrs? Way had bought this and that, and then all everyone is just vilifying him like then, said all the drama leading up to the fight, and then it seems like every time he touched jobe. Jobe fell down and it's it was. It was one of those fights those tough to watch, and the fact that was so one sided in a championship fight. The I don't know any fi was out there who are who are going to pose many problems to a guy with that much dynamite at the end of his hands, a hundred twenty five pounds. Because honestly you go up to one thirty five or probably be is just as dangerous so if you stick around twenty, five continues to make that way I don't see a lot of fighters. They oppose many problems to him. was. I want to go back to you because we were talking about this a little bit before when live. Lebo Joseph Ben Evita's I mean this guy has been around for so long. He's one of the very best to ever do it to not become a UFC chappie so well respected. He was the sentimental favourite coming in especially here in the United States and. I don't want to take anything away from Davis, ghetto, because he threw a perfect game tonight, but that was heartbreaking to watch. especially you know someone covering the sports. Somebody's followed. Benhamouda's for so long in especially. If you're a benefit fan that was rough I mean it goes without saying that he's talked to a lot of media members, and they say like who's your favorite fighters to interview? A lot of them will put Joe. Be On that list. He's he's. He's very understanding with his time. He gives great answers. He has interest outside. Outside of fighting that he's so passionate about and we'll talk about, but he's he. You can't find. I don't think you can find anyone in this business. That doesn't have a good thing to say about Joseph Benefitis I mean I was doing a pros react like the twitter site, and the amount of crying emojis like the emojis with cries like the amount of sadness. I saw just in his fellow fighters tweets. tweets it was that the the if you'd make a ratio, people say congratulations to Figueredo and people lamenting the fact that jobe lost. It was maybe three to one people upset. That Joseph Benedict has lost so just the fact that his fellow fighters are that much heartbroken. That Joseph interviews losses talent on how the sport view symon where he goes from here I. Don't know I wouldn't be surprised if you hung. Hung it up, but if you want to keep fighting because he wants to keep fighting. I'M NOT GONNA. Tell him not to I'm never gonNA. Tell her that they have to retire, but he's not going to get a title shot anytime soon. He's to Owen to against the current champion. He's he's not had I'd still think is the best fighter to never win about in any sort of major promotion He's too small for one thirty five, so if he wants to keep fighting just because he loves to keep finding. By all means keep going, but I don't know where he goes from here if he still wants a title. Aka Anything you want to add to that? look, it's no secret that we like Joseph obidos around here. He's been a fantastic guests on copy talk with with Estrin Casey so not just a good dude Jose says as everyone in the media will acknowledge, but a friend, a friend of the site for sure, and it was hard to watch. You know for me I don't know I don't know him personally, but I will say I'm a fan of his work, and the story would be such a good one to finally went. Figueredo is a great story to I'm sure when we you know. People dig a little deeper his background where he came from those e you. You know it's just inspirational as any athlete that has a struggle and then make it to the top, but Bennett so much of it has happened in front of us so much. That story has happened in front of us and to see him fall short one more time, and in really such brutal fashion. I mean there's visuals the finish a with him getting choked out. Unfortunately, that's going to be a main. That's going to be something of replay that we're GONNA see for years. You know that's and that's. That's the business right but If this is the end for benefit as I'll, I'll, I'll pull cocktail here and say. Everything has badly otherwise wouldn't end right so. Little started bringing down, but congratulations though of course Davison. Figueredo that was that was awesome. Awesome. We're not gonNA. Do any matchmaking talk for this particular fight because Alex some breaking news here. If you you feel like you haven't heard enough of myself Alex. keenly from a podcasting front we are adding another podcast to the network starting this week onto the next one. That was a a column that was like two thousand words every week. We're now going to condense that until like a twenty to twenty five minute podcast every week doing the matchmaking that way, so that's GONNA launch. We're going to record that tomorrow. Probably Watch Monday morning I think that was the plan, but Maybe it will launch tomorrow. But we're GONNA. Turn that into podcasting form, so we'll talk about the match. Make yourself a little bit later, but this is also like the side after dark. Should you guys got questions? Comments thoughts on the events. We will get to those a little bit. We'll get to as many as we can. It's it's early. We could do this for the next five hours. Want to probably won't, but we could. Let's talk about the Coleman Event Jose Young. Jeffery Manson submits Calvin Casselman just over a minute. That was pretty surprising to see it and like that because we thought if anyone was going to finish this fight in the first round is probably GonNa be Kelvin Dascomb? INFORMATICA WAS GONNA win at least in my eyes I thought he would. Have a well rounded decision win turned out Hermansson finishes the fight quickly gets a quick paycheck, and then he match made for all of us in the post fight press conference in. As little salty about that, but your thoughts on the jokers performance tonight. I mean it's awesome. It's the fight it's. It's the performance. He needed especially coming off that devastating loss. To Captain Crystal Jared Cannon near his backyard, suppose maps matched up against Chris Wideman, who former champion supposed to be another test as a main event I, believe in Oklahoma City, and he loses that to the pandemic and gets bumped down to a three round Komen van against a guy coming off back to back losses in my God like Jack. Romance and like like you said if anyone's GonNa Finish that I'd quickly. I thought it'd be Kelvin Castle and be like like he's shown in the past. As Jack Hermansson has shown. He also confessed quickly, but it's. It's usually by his pats, guillotine, or just gets a well rounded decision win like he did against doctors, so does about I don't know anyone that had jacker Manson tapping outcome and Gascoigne Hill on their twenty twenty Bingo Card 'cause if you claim you, did you lying? You lying because that was unbelievable, come goslings already apologize on social media. To talk about later, but to leg locks styles emissions on one fight truly a fan of the just whack Innis and goofiness of anime I loved it, but yeah Jacker Manson the biggest one of his career in the most stunning way I would say. AK outside of Jackson playing matchmaker in stealing your thunder. Did you make of his night tonight and on violent? Well first of all guys I was thinking outside of the block this one. You guys are all saying you gaslight. If gasoline were to win, it would be by first round. Finish I I in my, which brings which are printed, I may find dot com, and cannot be changed I thought that gas was GONNA win by decision, so I was super wrong, you guys. Guys were kind of wrong. I was super wrong I went all the way the other way with that eight. It's tough so tough for Calvin. We all know what a talented guy his and man. It feels like on any given night. He can hang with anyone. We saw it. You went around with the with the current champion, so we know he can, but it's when you're facing. Someone with Hermansson skill man. He makes one mistake. You know we've. We've seen people do it. They try to get off the ground. And they just they just leave a laggardly arm, and just little little moment, and you think could happen to someone with costumes experience, but it can happen to anybody. And he got caught especially again green cop by punch, competence mission, and by the way I am by no means. Am I saying that this was lucky Hermansson is has great. Scales is absolutely a finisher and man yet at like, Jose mentioned before really downs back from that candidate loss and has myself right back in the thick of that that. That title picture as he himself illustrated after doing all the matchmaking Mike. I mean it also I wanna add like we talk about it. Not Being lucky like veteran wherewithal to when you're dry. Because that was the beginning of the fight, there's no sweat. There's no there's no blood. There's none of that so if you see a leg and you're know your pony dry. You're not gonNA, knock, grab, snap, ankle and half, so yeah props to Jack Hermansson for just showing veteran wear with all to take advantage of a hanging. He'll in front of him. And Jack Manson said in the bill to the fight that he was glad that he got Kelvin. Gasoline over Chris Wideman, because gasoline is the more relevant guy in the division, and that's just a huge notch on the old belt for Mr Hermansson but. That's the winner we gotTa Talk About Calvin Gas Lem Jose because now he's lost three straight fights. He Lost Outta Sonya. You lost a Darren till, and then he gets finished in just over a minute. To Jack Hermansson so man. We talked about Joe Joseph Benegas. Being in a in a pretty tough spot, Calvin gasoline with the landscape of this division right now he's in a really tough spot is not it's. He's in a tough spot, but it's. It's rough because his law it's. It's looking at his trajectory. It's been it's bizarre. His fight against Israel at Asana is what I is I. considered one of the five greatest title fights I've ever seen that May. It's right up there with lawler McDonald with Jones. Gusts, saying you WanNa Zhang widely. A that was the one that performs is unbelievable if he didn't shoot him for that, I take down against covering gasoline. He could be champion after he rocked more if he had gotten the ability. To fight Robert Whitaker one Robert Whitaker fell out in down in Australia. He'd have been champion so to go from a fight of the decade style fight to laying an egg against Dan Tillman very flat fight very bizarre fight in Madison Square Garden no less so now getting, he'll Houghton, in less than what three minutes in the first round. In Abu Dhabi, it's like every step. He's taking one step back. He's taking like ten steps back in terms of his actual performance. Oh, still relevant in the division, still a guy that can headline a fight night down the road speaks both two languages Hopefully he has his. You saw a situation in check going forward, but very very bizarre trajectory for. Calvin, but I'm not taking anything from Jack because again he took advantage of the situation and capitalized, but yeah i. have no idea what you can. You can do a gun gasoline at this point. All right, okay I. Don't know. Forget to touch on this fight on the new show 'cause we have. We're going to be breaking Wednesday. It's card as well so we'll probably breakdown like six seven. Maybe eight of these bad boys, so if you are the matchmaker matchmaker hat right now. How do you book Calvin Gasol moving forward? I don't know if I have a specific name for him, I do feel like he is has now fallen into that sort of high level. Gatekeeper role which again. There's no shame in that like. I said you can still have high profile positions on cards. You can still have high level opponents, but as far as you have. See viewing him as a serious contender. It's really really hard to do now again. He he's young, he's. He's fairly aged in fight years. He's been around for a while but he doesn't turn. Actually. Turn Twenty nine till October. So you know as much damage is taken, and he has been in some pretty high octane fights He's not out of his prime by any means I again. The results are tough and and a three fight losing streak in the AFC is i. mean normally essence. You know when you're not. When! You're not as high as because he is going to get more opportunities so again. I don't have a name, but I do feel like he will. Isn't that position where guys will just be looking to make their name off him? And he'll be a quality opponent for for future up and comers, but you know he's not an easy fight by any means, so he'll be test. He'll be a test for people I. Just don't know if we ever see him. get another one contenders, Opportunity or title shot. Yeah it's. It's Kinda to bad that Brandon Allen got hurt so badly in his last fight. Because I think Brennan Alan. Versus Calvin Gasoline would be pretty interesting at one eighty five in Heinisch there, so that's there's a lot of there's also a lot of middleweight fights that are pretty much booked like Romero your hall. Like what if they ran Kelvin Hall back again, they've they've fought in the finale. If dry hall run that back if if you all remember the lose what? What that's four in a row for him or something like that? Like that's a fight, you can make right their ship as fighting. Brunson supposedly care near still has a shoulder surgery. often wiedeman fight so I think if you wanted to say what they wanNA, do They gotta wait for a few fights to play I. Does anyone think he can return to win seventy? Is that completely involved I'm not gonNA. Let I'm not going to put that on him. He hated that kind. That's bad. Bigger coach tough together. There was supposed to fight for our. Whitaker loses to Dan till like they've already been booked before like the history. Is there like I'm still GonNa WanNa Watch Rob Whitaker Fight Calvin gasoline at some point in my career, if winokur comes up short Darren to make that, too, but yet no matchmaking for Calvin Gosselin for at least the next two months. Fair, enough, let's Let's get to the the feature bout at one fifty, five Casey versus Hafi Alpha's Eve Holy Cow Physique Eve that is a madman. It's like watching the Matrix on that guy fights and he's been doing this forever. So this is nothing new. If follow this kick, boxing career, but man he came in I think a lot of people overlooked him in this fight against Marci Casey. I know that I did Casey's look great. In his last couple fights a man physique look great, and if there's one guy who shined in an empty arena setting hearing his shots land, it was that guy what are performance from physique tonight AK. Your thoughts on. On a great performance in a in a big spot for him. You know I was a big believer in the more mature more wise in Arjun, but guess what maturity doesn't mean anything in May. When you're dealing with an insane person, okay? Fizzy have I knew he was a good striker, but I I think in the last the before. This one I was like okay. This is a little little bit of a wildness in him, but but he's the kind of guy. He four to be wild, because clearly, his fundamentals are so strong so when you see him doing stuff that looks like unorthodox the. The. You know the major stages. That's not something that anyone could do that. Someone that you have to have experience you know you either or the opposite you're. You're supposed that you don't know that it's bad, but he's on the other end of it. He has a comment sports spirits. He's a striking coach. I think Piani believe they said that on the broadcast. Tells you the kind of. We're kind of basis. Guys working from you know. This guy's teaches the best in the world so yeah, in retrospect. I mean obvious pick should have been busy. The delegates Motassedeq He stopped jacuzzis. Wrestling that was that was really good to see, so it wasn't just like a straight up. Striking Battle a lot to like. They're busy, definitely one to watch movie five so many exciting matchup ahead for him. And Jose on top of his great offense, we talked about the grave. The man's got a chin up because he took those shots in that third round. Especially, what did you think of a disease performance? This is definitely a breakout night for him. It was and I'm really disappointed that he didn't get a post. Fight Media Scrum has this like I was watching this in the whole time like my God? This man is terrifying because i. I picked against him not because they didn't think he was a good fighter by in my mind like he got what spinning back kicks by Maga Mazda. Feb I back. In the Saint Petersburg Moscow cards Cancun member like he got decimated in that fight like that was a violent finish soon the back of my mind, that's all. I'm thinking about a new he he has over two hundred amateur fights. He's like a three or four time. Champion. He's a silver medallist in a multi tournament like a Multi Championship, too so unbelievable. Striking I didn't know how great he would be. Anime India Casey like Alec said as has been talking about how he's matured, he's he's he's confident. Still of course by his maturity is more cerebral was fighting, so educates us. He's put some people to sleep in incredibly violent fashion like their opponents have literally toppled over so in strobe. MMA fight I've assumes da who would hold the advantage by. PHYSI- I've just blew me away. He looked like a completely different fighter than I than we've seen in the UFC. We knew he could do this, but I am curious to see how he can. If he can keep this up against a completely well rounded mixed martial arts fighter that can threaten grappling threaten better take downs. That isn't just looking for that one likes. We all know case. He needs one touch and go to sleep. Sleep if you can avoid that one touch of fine if you can vote if he fights someone physique that that can present more than just that tool, it could be a big palm, but in terms of this night a plus performance very disappointed, capitalize into a media scrum, but it is what it is but yeah, star making performance right there by the way busy as Chin how about your keys midsection area. Guys, those ads are not just for show all right. Those ads saved his life because if I, if I took like that frigging mortal combat I'm getting split into. I would get innards explode all over the place I would guess split have blocking. He tell him he could be like. I'M GONNA. Kick you in the ADS. You can block it and I would block in I would still die so that's how hard those those kicks. Come at you. Maybe if you have those sparring pads now it's not gonNA. Let little girl that clip where overall were over over kicking the girl she goes flying. That'd be. That'd be me I. I would just go fly across the room probably into a wall hundred. Insane. I'M GONNA. Give a spoiler matchmaker pet care for Zeev. Close I. think that's I think that's a good one. I'll let you go spike. I will take your clothes I will raise you a comma worthy. ooh Well. Not going to say no to landover notified either. Yeah. Worthy of Outta, oh, the Seattle that for either, but there's someone's someone's David. Tamer one of the Tamer brothers. Whichever one is that class? I wouldn't mind I. wouldn't mind seeing that fight either again that way classes so stabbed I'll I'll see you invite anyone. I would agree with that so and then before that all happened. We got to see one of the NASTIEST missions I've ever seen Ariana Lipsky against Luana Caroliina good Lord. That leg lock was was nasty and we're sitting there watching it. We're wondering how this is all going to play out and how she's going to be able to pull this off because she was working for something choosing such an awkward position, and then once Carolina's leg went straight up in the air I was like Oh, no, no, no, no, no! No. No, no, no, and it just got worse worse, so AK. What what was going through your mind as you're watching this submission unfold tonight. I don't know if we can get the get the picture of the truck and get the picture up there, but it was it was. It was a beauty of submission I I said it was the most position I've ever seen. Number may just not the top man because it wasn't just. It wasn't just the the end of the fight. It was just how it finished Let's keep on leg was like twisted inward. If you would watch, it was twisted inter elegance, weird angles I guess she looks fine, and you know she's a flexible person. Wasn't it wasn't the worst thing in the world for her, but? She looked like she was going. They go so I don't know where even her other. You can see her own. It was in a war spending before she got the submission. Going that's that's lovely and. But that is the other thing I want to point that is that just we can find the clip on our website. It's all over. It's all over the engineer now just before she did it kind of looked her side with your coaches. For instruction, but if you look at just the clip by itself it almost she was looking for permission like is it is? This is what I'm about to do here legal to do to another human being, and then while I'm just going to do it. And then she cranked on. It was absolutely horrifying. We've seen some slick submission. Some some really memorable submissions over the years Jose I think. Demetri shots in in the mighty whiz bar always sticks out to me and Merrill submissions, but in terms of painful looking submissions to watch them live on television is the top ten for you or is this is that to give it A. Question I can't answer that right now. Because I I can't really because there are certain submissions I've seen live like that. No one talks about ever 'cause. It's not like one of those great submissions, but the Anthony Burjak's heel hook submission loss I think to Ian Whistle. There's something like that. That was on the Phoenix Card I was about five feet from that Anthony Birdshot looked at me in my eyes. freaking out like that will be burned into my eyes forever, so in terms of female fight. This asked me up there. I mean it was a weird angle when she was getting the angle I'm like why should just giving up her back like I like I I was very confused by the whole situation, and then she grabbed her leg and basically used it as a joystick pulling back it was it was brutal. It was absolutely brutal saw in terms of women's MMA one hundred percent, but in terms of overall mma I'd I'd really have to sit down and think of it. 'cause like what was. Was I see to twenty eight to Suvorov stretches in the span of like an hour, with the beat and Sterling, both getting those so yeah, but I have to think about it, but if it is it probably be closer to ten rounds than top five yeah I would agree with that and I think what made that one worse was the empty arena. You could just hear Caroliina. Scream not just during the whole like thirty forty five minute after tap, but you still screaming at the top of her lungs like using some serious paying there, it is i. mean look at that leg. Gosh. I felt that was her screaming or if it was me, that's that's the problem. You say this treatment awful while I'm not sure. Just been me I. Would surprised the the S-, the submissions and knockouts stick in. My mind. are usually the ones on there 'cause I can hear. Like I was in the arena for UC one fifty seven and. All my God. I can't even remember brock. I can't remember. He got like the Muffler stretch on like the lag. That looked brutal. It's so it's the ones that you can hear that I was about five feet away from Anderson his legs snapping in half to so that will all never. That's like the grossest finish I've ever seen. That's that's that aren't Lipsky fight queen of violence I mean. She lived up to her name, so apogee proclaimed during her scrounged that the queen of violence is back, and she definitely proved that so big things coming for her I think she's. I wouldn't say she's like a man. He boss like that sort of level ethics. She someone that you have seen needs to us. With kid gloves just slowly build her up I. think she could be come something for them could, but they like. She had a lot of hype coming into the. You'll see where she was a case. W Champion, right? Associates case it'd be champion who she filed shoots joined Calderwood, and like Marley McCain like right out of the gate, and I was like as soon as he lost a miles like she. This might be too big for her now as they're kind of giving her opponents not quite on that level I think like you said handler with care if they want to build a star. Agreed Asker master off. It's all go ahead. Go ahead. WanNa. Throw name out there again is stepping on toes, but still the name we can elaborate at a later date approaches to Sabina Mazo. Oh. Fight I think that fight a superfund Erica wipe done. while. A lot of We don't even need to talk about that fight because I'm a I'm a hundred percent agree with, and they will just mentioned it in passing record the podcast, but a good win for asker. Ask Her off. That was a statement win. It was it was a great performance from him and then. Roman dollar? Delete say the. Good Lord. What we learned tonight if learned, is that when you're providing this man. And are on your about to square off and face off with Roman. Don't don't act crazy. Bro, don't do it because bad things will happen. Violent things will happen, and that's what happened tonight. He looked great Grand Dawson. That guy is such a monster and so big. She Jordan if he wants to go to one forty five if he gets like his. His poet is supposed to discriminate eight twelve weeks eight to ten weeks, or whatever if you can get backed one forty, five healthy. It's basically like when Anthony Johnson bought a welterweight. The Dude is too big for the division, but if he can do it healthy, why not I'm not Tom to buy my by is going to hurt watching way in, but. dudes going to be a savage way class if you decided to keep going back down there. He's. been following this guy for years, and he just gets better and better with each fight and. Landed some big shots got to see grant sorta tested a little bit in the in the Chin Department and he took things pretty well, and then it just became the Grand Dawson show put him on his accu, bloodied him up and warm down for fifteen minutes, and and gets a big win he looks. He looks like an incredibly unpleasant person to fight I. mean finding anyone is unpleasant, but he's the kind of top game where he's not going to sit in your guard if you throw. Throw your throwing my guard up. It's okay I'm slow. No, he's not slowing down as attack regard. He's trying to pass. He's throwing crap down. All kinds of crap down on you it your cardio better be on point. Otherwise I can see why he's has lost second round submission because he's just like those. I if you get that first round, you have top control that usually gets it. You're done and your gas tank is strained, so we very lucky to call that getting big brother Yeah. That's what he's been doing it, but I'll tell you holy cow. He's a welterweight fighting at one forty five. Forty if he fights these one forty five hours, and he's, he said like I'm bigger than wealth away right now, so he's walking around one seventy nine if he enters the octagon one, seventy nine one eighty is finding featherweights like it's GonNa be a big issue because no one's been able to control like you said if he gets on top of you, that's rap for most fighters. Is A. He's definitely guy to watch general. Alvarez had had a great submission win finished Joseph Duffy, and was the final fight of Joe Duffy's career tonight those Some some sad news to to come out of tonight's event, so goodwin for Alvarez Joe. Duffy's always been fun guy to watch Jose any good. Joe, Duffy stories over the years. I've seen. I've never watched him win. Live but I'm obviously because all the fights that he's one I've not been so. I was at his gym. Tko I was at Emporia decision law, so I have not had the fortune of interviewing. Joe Duffy, awful win, but I vividly remember watching his UC debut I think Jake Lindsey was his name, and he had like that left head kick which stunned. And, then you follow it up with like poked the body, and then he crumbles down, and then he just on is like another opera to the face in house, a rap so Joe Duffy's violent win was as UC debut. I really wish she had made the jump to the UFC sooner and not just I don't want to say. Payback's be Kinda. Joined with the APP the CONOR McGregor show kind of exploded. If he was there for the whole Irish rise of them May, he could have been a lot bigger of a deal, but. If. You haven't to watch Joe Duffy's previous career before the UCLA. McGregor. He's beaten Norman part, he's a great fighter. So. Don't base your thoughts on Joe. Duffy office laughs three losses because he was an extraordinarily fun. Fighters Watch in the past. And a good Goodwin for Joel Alvarez and I thought his post screw was was pretty funny. He wants the underdog for his whole career. Just because friends can bet on them, and he can make some extra money so I thought that was very selfish of him, but but good win for him. He sent his Joseph Duffey off, too. Know after greener pastures. Onto another thing, but what did you think of his performance? Tonight Aka Alvarez Alvarez. Yes, I'd look great. He's got. He's got a really good measurements for a one fifty fiber I think people were telling esther on the way in during the live wins that we did on Friday that at that Alvarez was a lock, and I'm not sure if there was trolling or the knew something that I didn't know, but. I mean he certainly looks. He certainly looked like lock personnel submission of a tough better in under under two and a half minutes so I. Don't have a lot to say about the other than men seventeen to now you can argue against the results. I think I'm just looking here. He's six feet tall. He looks solid range, ranging six feet tall, so there's a lot to like about him. and you know and I'll just add onto the happy trails for Joseph Duffy. He was one of the last opponents of a Canadian Guy Mitch Clark who was a billionaire name heading into the UFC and. And and now w himself sort of an honorary Canadian, so we certainly welcome him if he decides to stay in and make a life here, I, do I think Joe Duffy was the biggest betting favourite at one point I don't know if that's how it ended. But at one point he was like minus three fifty, which was the biggest betting favorite, but I don't know how those lines ended, so yeah, a lot of people thought Joe. WHO'S GONNA win? That fight is Alvarez the one I'm trying to remember because there's so many things to remember here in terms of fights and all these different events, but is Alvarez the with the crazy leg tattoos. That's it. I, don't. Have to bring you. Battle and someone said I. Think it was a buddy. Elbows Trend Ryan Smith. Don't get a Mesh Tattoo like that. If you don't want it to look like you're wearing fishnets, and and there was other. It wasn't just that below that. There was all kinds of other stuff. It Monday, also the Predator I guess in a way, but not in a cool way like. How the predators legs, weird way so. Whatever. I never want to see before, and if that's the kind of tattoos, you have to have to to beat a guy. Joe Duffy Live Your Life Drill Alvarez. You know what you're doing. Brett. John's gets an ice win over mantell Jackson. Now I'm kind of surprised. We I think we. We learn something about mantell Jackson tonight. That guy has potential up the Wazoo, but he's just got a I. Don't know there's something there's something there. That's just cut up blocking them a little bit. That just kind of holding them back and but he's just a massive guy. His his hands are just huge. They're so strong. Breath John Performance was able to to do July's mantell. Jackson Amir Bazi Great Triangle Ashtec's addition over Malcolm Gordon and I think I think the sentimental star of the night from the prelims was. Was Sarokin or one hundred percent. One percent I'm meant so I watched when he his. of I thought Makia was going to destroy him because I, think was rookies. What first or second birth birth urgency his usually they view in Moscow Abib, sitting there, and then after the fight he lost a BBB and went up and shook his hand like your fighter. This might have. Too Big of to like too big of a bite right out of the gate and I think his next fight was at UC two forty right in Edmonton yeah. All available mercy and you of course I think Ak Pace oh. Am felt not I did not really okay. I definitely yeah I up. A lot of people were talking about what's upset I'm like I think Seru is going to be a big issue. In that way class. Just because usually debut, he looked. It was one of those fights. He looks phenomenal, but he lost, and now a lot of people watched it because it was on a Moscow. So, it really did a disservice because I think a lot of people over that fight and he me and esther were like on the way in show someone what find the prelims. Are you most excited for? And we were both like Sarukhan is a problem in that division. In my God, he looked. He looked physically like he's perfect. For the way class, a lightweight and adopted Hamas is of course, a big a name. Veterans But yes. Reuben in. is going to be a big issue. One hundred fifty five pounds. Yeah, I love that performance. He fought a beautiful beautiful fight Rommel's various very dangerous guy. And, he's only twenty three. He turns twenty four in October I think. People are GonNa know before the UFC. He had wins over Takanori. Sato junior junior hasn't sal. Philippeville varies also former UFC guy, so he was beating. You have sea level talent before, and this was twenty one twenty two, and then so I knew he wasn't going to be Macho, but I was like this. He's GonNa put up a fight. This kid is super town I didn't know his stand up was good like he showed us and stuff in the Santa Claus and Seychelle and the and the way he's going to get better and keep mixing up with this wrestling, which already elite. I it is not an exaggeration to say this guy's a future world title contender. He's as keep matching him up right and don't rush into anything. Too soon, but he is. He's he's. He's at his love now. Of course it for him. I don't think anybody wants to fight him. Yeah. A problem, yup it's GonNa be a big issue, because I wanNA see him fight a ton of guys like I wanna see fight like the Alexander Hernandez in the drew dovers of the world than the Baena, dare uses but like. Fight Against Twenty, three year old unranked. That's a monster. Buoyant. And then I kicked off with with Sergei. SPIVAK defeating Carlos. Felipe and it was funny. 'cause I'm in Boston right now. Visiting my family and I was watching that five, my little brother and he watched that third round he goes. US feedbacks usually gonNA. Get Decision I. GO Brian Mark My words. It's going to be a draw in there somewhere heritage here and there was one judge scored at a draws like to one judge to give Carlos the first two rounds. It's GONNA be hilarious. Sure enough that's it happened so that was kind of weird vital watch because she just kept hitting Carlos over and over again he's shaking his head, saying no and walking for, but that was interesting heavyweight matchup to start things up hoops. We're shaken, sorry. Let's go to the truck. We have questions. Get comments. As an old question, Dean's ice cream tries. It was the correct answer. I listened to the. down. Gentlemen let me. Are. You wearing a Mirko shirt. Latte at sick. Little of you know for the gun. On! Foot. I get it. Get. Get A cop. He's a cop. Kicks. ACCO copy. Throw to. What are the peeps guts to stay I'll see eligible informally right now. Some San Jose. Did you see your tweet on TV? Several on TV. Once or twice, let's go okay, Mr Head. How many tweets have you gotten on a broadcast? Several three or four really, and it's always like I, got a bunch like the first couple of cards, and then it just stopped. And it has to be like clever tweets from me to get up there. Like when Murray screen submitted John Valente I, said Murray screen just crocheted himself a bizarre submission alcohol. That's that's making it for sure. My son. Did, make the broadcast. WHAT CIRC STAR rookie. Yeah! I said, using in the next year to you're GONNA. have to reverse the in the in his name because this guy's a problem star. It took me a minute. It took me a minute I retweeted that from our from our account and I. Think Got Mad because I think I think our readers are like Whoa. WHOA I'm here. Watch, not spell. COME ON MY CAC snow just go by the time. I! Came here the broadcast game. Credible it site about. Rookie is serious. Hashtag Yuxi Island to. Up there. Off. Some deep analysis there Alex serious. I need that Ryan Frederick love that guy gets tweets on every flight every round case you're you're you're on your own efforts? Can't your own efforts to get on what what's tried? My Best I mentioned offer pops like five times nothing. I didn't get an RT favor from otter POPs. Those guys! The Social Media Team of Otter pops whatever flavor that social media member is stocks. It's the. Casey's that Casey is to otter. POPs a punk is to the WWe ice cream bars. I hashtag stay curious. Even no one knows what that is. Nothing nothing the working over there in Abu Dhabi. This is insane. There's only room for one mustache journalists on the tweets, Casey? Casey you just need to say like I can't wait to visit Abu Dhabi someday Hashtag UFC fight island. Something you'll get on the broadcast, said Oh I, can't wait jump on a flight to fight island fly beautiful. Anyhow, airlines nothing. tweets or broadcast? You know Talk to cousin. Your favorite fighters. Wow, we're getting. Just general just generally. Favorite. Tonight Joseph vitas still is. One of my favorite parts for sure heading tonight still is You know we've said before hungry stories, and just how what would it could characteristics to be, and he's always put entertaining of bias. Let's not just make a sentimental. You can go through. Joseph Bennett beat his this whole fight. Library is their awesome. Say That like before I started covering the sport, and it was like really watching as a Fan Frankie Garros my guy. Yes, still. Still. I picked him to beat Zombie. That's right. That's right. Youtube I picked. and. I. I think it'd be Max Holloway I. Don't think I've ever picked against him because. In our premium show, you were like I can't wait. I can't wait to ask a Franken. I can't wait to as Franken or would. It feels like that featherweight championship waste. I got asked. Let's just let's just say. Frankie Edgar doesn't do well one thirty five and has to go back up to forty five. Who Will you? Who would you pick a fight between Ryan Hall and Frankie Edgar? That is about a sentimental as it gets you buddy. Like who do I? Want to win Frankie. Would you go? Would you going to win Brian Hall because Bryant? Hall is unbeatable I. Like Frankie Edgar but I'm not I also an a quote. Unquote certified 'em. Expert and right hall doesn't Lose So. To say he's serious. Getting on the. Series. Thanks whatever. That fight altogether. No I don't think against the wizards back. What we talked about so for the view I'm here we go. Jose. Who Do you think should be next for her Manson? The scenario he laid out I really WanNa see invite the winner. Robert Whitaker and Darren till it just depends like it. Because the cost the caused also announced during the broadcast to forty three in September of course the till whitaker fight is next weekend, so they're not quite on the same timeline, but close enough if if like, I gotta sign at cost is just an insane fight, and it goes back and forth and someone. Someone gets hurt and they just you know it's hard to match. Make for fights, even happen so her Manson versus the winner to Whitaker I. Think makes a lot of sense and like you, said the winner of Costa fight Cana near by. I don't think that's an having scanners. Her in is on record saying he's more fight so cannon air versus whoever when he comes back, so I kind of like her little scenario, he laid out. It's interesting because I. I honestly think Darren till goes out there and finishes Robert Reich. Regardless I agree, but it depends on I would say it depends on how he wins It. Hasn't happened yet. Because like we just saw who's been fight horny module Carl Lewis has a six months medical suspension, anyone he still the champion, and not an insane fight, so I really hard for me to make fights over fights have happened considering We don't know what their medical suspensions will be. That's true I would like to see. Hermansson versus the winner especially if it's admission versus. Brennan forget about it. Don't forget about your base. You took part of me. That's good. Yeah, it, a look I'm just going to split the middle with the two guys said obviously, till jumps the line with an impressive win over whitaker, then cases absolutely right to either Hermansson will wait, which I don't think he wants. Do seems like he wants to active and on up. Shabazz Ian Derek Brunson winner. Mia I would agree. All Romero coming up Jacques raise has to come back at some point after his covert scare and then Wiedeman Ahkmadov are also throwing down, so there's again we said this before. There's a lot of middleweight bites that to happen for you. Anderson civil entrances. S-O-F-I anyone. jokers the spider we didn't. Sola three. Make it happen. You mentioned earlier. We didn't get this question from from. Commentators but for Kelvin I would like to see Kelvin versus Marvin Vittori. camp. Same can and they have. An. Way. More. The prices right loser hand don't don't. This is Kathy. We got fans asking for. To go up and well. We're going super already. Or Davis has chances against John I don't want to answer this question. Because yawn asked I alderman necks. Davidson has to fight someone to fly way. So, what are the chances great because Ed bike? The kids hard, but I think John's. Bed I think John Wins, but it's not like David doesn't have a shot. That dude has dynamite in his hands. Way! What do you mean that he has to Algebra next? That's not what Dana White has said anyone has. I've heard Dana White say that he has to. Fight in the C., UFC. Jose let me ask you this. Who should Davidson's first title defence? Who's WHO's earned shots at Alex Perez? I would say spreads it. It's GONNA come down to Peres Merano. In of course, ask Peres. If pantoja hit one maybe but already fought David cigarette already Bentos UC to forty so is gonNA come down to ask her off Marino and Peres present had awesome. Win over a WHO's for me at the apex. Oh, I personally would love. See Perez throwdown with figuring. Perez still like he's not, he's a fire way, but he's still a bigger flyweight than a lot of these other guys, so yeah, I like that. How long will the one hundred twenty five pound division hang on by this thread? Dare you I love the Flower Division. I'm sorry and. Interesting! Yes exactly I think he meets I. Think the worst clarity. The worst case scenario scenarios figuring on Mrs wait again for title fight as a champion. I think that would render this. Yeah, but you know through until that happens I guess groundhog's Day with this. With this whole men's flyweight division. We go, remember who versus TJ. We're like Oh. This is this is for the flyweight division and then had. Had the most exciting knockout and the quickest finish, and then like the flyweights are here, and then we're a year and a half later, and now in the same thing, the flyweight division again, and then we had the most brutal knockout and wanting to quickest finishes of the night and we're still. We still have this discussion and we're going to have this discussion again in a year again you know. So they're not, they're not. GonNa Headline Pay per views, and then I'm okay with that if we we'RE GONNA HEADLINE ESPN plus car with the flyweight title fight or making a Co main event or a third title fight on card. There's nothing wrong with that. I'm down for all of that. We got some good. We get some good flyweight fights coming up, we got. Tyson NAM versus match Nell. That's going to be a ridiculous via twenty five I can't wait for that one. That's GonNa be violence and quickness and. Zara World I'm excited for that. Yeah, I I still think that they can push a little. More people are always going to have the casual viewer I guess it's always been how this bias against a smaller fight I don't believe that I believe you know the right personality and you can push them right. I think you can. You can make any one a star, but again whatever that's seems to be a sentiment among people I mentioned before how how was this? The first time I was under? Pantoja was on a main card featuring how exciting insurer he's a contender. You have to push you. It's. Not as big a difference between televised main card and televised prelims anymore. I understand that, but there is still it's still sends a message, a subtle and unmistakable message that what you think of this fighter. If you don't put them in Maine, Card and fans pick up on that so I, wish they'd done more like this is exactly how things should go you two contenders on there with two two guys running champion in that division in the main event, and then it's it's so easy to form a narrative from there, but when you keep shoving these guys in the prelims and not building them up. That's why we have note. People like no white here, of course essence question. Is this division always hanging by threat? And in some ways it is, but it doesn't have to be. There's nothing inherently wrong with. It is just a marketing issue. Don't. They can anymore to that. WHO's next? Ask Her Marino Perez. Triple threat match if. I watched any of those three site Davidson Figueredo ask. Randall fought to a draw. I remember correctly in Mexico wasn't Mexico City. Was that card so if they want to run that back since they fought to John Perez fights, Figueredo as a kind of little, final four. I wouldn't hate that whatsoever. Yeah I. Agree with that a hundred percent. Aka must as well. I didn't know. Through to me I'm sorry. I like president. Elect the presumption that was mentioned before, but ask really showed me a lot tonight I I wouldn't object at all to ask US getting that title shot right? Cool I. Think is the right choice man well according to Gamay, crews. Already angling for pseudo at one, thirty, five or asking the UC to bring back Dimitrius Johnson. So okay say what you will. That UFC champions not calling out contenders again. Who would you guys trade for all look at this? Get to meet your his back and fight figuring all go. Back now. Who would you trade to one. well, it seems like most people aren't. Putting the flyweight division on this high pedestal. And that it would include Beatrice Johnson so, where do we value him? I mean it was Ben Aspirin for teachers before? Can we sign? It can be signed. TRADE PBS Anthony Ask. Pettus, that's that's actually a really good one now can. They resigned as someone said if if if trades were allowed an and this is dimitrius Johnson was like If you can make another jerry, who was like I, would Anthony Pez for Lance Palmer right now. If you'll see to PF L. by the topic, GonNa, happen, but yeah. Anthony predecessor Dmitri's Johnson. Why not? A Katya response to that well. Sorry I was just interrupting there. I was saying. Can They not sign and trade Banter back just a trade her. When be wouldn't that be hilarious Because everyone is saying like. Oh, well, they sage over there, so wouldn't Maybe they may be. One wants pace because there's I. Don't know I. Guess they're always going to be associated each other, though the patients AIDS show just their age and how they were pushed. Their names rhyme. We're a simple people. But. so I think that would be. That would be sort of like the equivalent of what happened with the Aspirin Dmitri's Johnson I shouldn't say that you know advantage as guilty. She has not as accomplished as asking was over in in. he was a world champ of course in multiple motions. But I mean as far as from a marketing perspective. It could kind of work that way you could. You could easily say that. Aunt is a well known to the average Joe than than to meet. Your Johnson is so That's the first thing that came to my mind, but sign sign and trade page vandamme. Awesome. Silence rate this do real sports all the time, Yes, a sign and trade. You'RE GONNA have to include on your package to get the number one flyweight in the World Jerem Toro. This is a really good question, can we? Can we linger on this for a moment? While while you guys I'm looking at the roster right now. This is really a question. Trade I know is. I'm going to happen. Because this is never gonNa Happen Jay dimitrius force of does contract. So it's a WHO goes to one, but then he's allowed to box. But he can do may over there, so he can still do other things pro wrestle because he's because he contract is so restrictive, so I'm just saying. But Hey? I love the Patterson Yeah. I think actually makes makes sense. Do they really need connor anymore? Can They Trade Congress technically? You don't you don't need him as you tired fighter, your system on. A sons. Dough, Sonya RDA DOESN'T TRAIN IT A. Lot over Singapore. I think that was relationship for a Bam that America goes on. You. Know what I mean. Can Jose's on the right track. Good question, you can just call it general manager of these chats. insisted. That is a great question. Okay, it's such a good question. The longtime commentary doesn't do tonight's card, but she really wants us to talk about this. Though we're going, go off card. which areas more likely sugar? Sean knocking out CHEETO VEIRA or Chita Chita Vera submitting Sugar Sean. Her probably the former. More likely. I think sugar. On at one thirty five right now. Vera gets better as the fight goes on so if if he can survive that that storm and get it to the third round. I don't know if he finished. Sean really good on the ground. Yeah. Yeah if you pick one, I mean I'm picking picking sugars over knocking out very importantly forever, but I would actually pick him on the ground to most likely to. Sean is so long and Lanky and. Leg He is so big for one thirty five. He's reminds me of connor fighting one forty five, when he emerged like the duke cracks huge, and he's going to be a superstar, so yes, sugar, Sean I favored him in both of those in on the ground or the feet I love this fight. A Lot I think we're GONNA. You know I feel like I in much like cod I. think every fight. CONOR hat was like. We're GONNA. See Real and I. Remember! There's this one means that was put out. It was like connor just now. He's GonNa. Fight this guy now. He's GonNa fight this guy. And then the last thing was after he beat Aldo as a now, he's going to be the undertaker wrestlemainia and he he can. He can do it also I like. This'll be a good test for him. This is like a legit task. Weiland was a good step up I. think this is like the perfect step up to so we're going to see where sugar genres because Vera is a is a savage. He's He's got. He's GonNa. Tash on no doubt about it, so but I favor o'malley fight. Question for everybody on the panel. Who has the flyweight strap one calendar year from right now Ballantyne Shevchenko. Men and women's just take both belts. Easy question. Why would you? Go at the. Context wise. I should have known. He's probably okay referring to them. So at on July Eighteenth at eight thirty seven PM Pacific Time Dave's figuring it will probably on the flower championship of the world. If. If, they're still a division according to some of our viewers, why? I! Say Brandon. Marino will be the champion one year from right now. I wanted to say that hasn't baby. No it'll be to meet you trust that comes back in the in the Anthony Administrate so the sign trade. Ebony Pettus. Advanced sided trade and Hendrix. WHO DOES CONTRACT? It's big big trade. MARINA WINS THE FILE AT FLY. flyway changed the world. I wanted to put an a PA. What do you call it a comma after the assassin, so it's just the assassin. Baby? Sasser baby more of a statement that Allen assassin guy. Is the best post show ever I'M GONNA. Say and one year we're going to have to. Former rising jam says the UFC Jams Mino- ooh. Titles and then year, he had the two Oh five title. And Year perhaps Ga Mino- Cape I was thinking of him I. Just don't think it'll happen in a year without he would shoot up that quickly. Yeah. I think in like two years for sure he could be there, but I don't think in one year. You don't allow. It's tough. Ask figure I mean talk. I mean there's three three guys who could who could fight for the bell right now. So, there's at least two title events you're. GonNa have to make four Capes, even in that conversation out goes by job legal. Fi he's fighting. He's up to right. He has he has a by against name I'm not familiar with actually. Bondsman. I'm not. Monterey Oh. He is I think so. Yeah. Yes, he is correct. Yeah, usually fifty two. Very much about his opponent is good, it's tough. It's tough. What else we got What else we got we got. Jobe says he's not retiring. Good Joe! Sir Rookie Rookie and impressed me tonight. I think you impress everybody I. He's twenty three years old and man with lightweight right. I I've fourteen years older than that guy at frightens me well. Is this the? Why did he get a late notice? Fight the Fight Market Jeff I believe it was. Don't quote me on that. I will look right now. I I do believe weird. Match up on I think he did have to step in Algebra's checked out right now. Talk Amongst yourselves while I do Do you know what we in the media business? Call Research for you guys watching it home What type of milk do you use in your office and Listen d one to five? No Milk, zero milk. I like my I like my coffee so blacked as an event horizon. Okay, take it from the pot. Put it in the Mug. A hands me. It's sold black that I can send shift through in pops out on the other side of the wall, breaking the Space Time Continuum I. Do not put nothing in my coffee. I'm not going to get as just as descriptive as that but. She smoked for provice black coffee drinkers. The Today. Hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on a case of what is your incorrect answer on what you put in your coffee? Skim milk and Aria. BARISTA DEBRIS STA brand Oat milk. That's incorrect. It's black coffee. You can have. You can have in best answer what you put in a coffee just to be set. Yawning me. Off. At she's saying why did marry you? Who Puts on on the first of all? Settled down. I is everyone's waiting to hear the minister is. He was not replacing someone, but the fight was not I. believe booked until about a month before. The Cart so was essentially some sort of short notice thing to put together. Do you want to five? What type of bad liquid you put in your coffee? Some help very funny answers that I will not read out loud. What else get? Oh, you know talk about I had much is Lipsky knee bar was freaking awesome and so violent dude. Hermansson got screwed. Oh as Not only. I mean you're spot bigger spot? Much higher ranked opponent underdog. I mean Geez guys. Surprising I mean you had to give it to figure. Piggy as Gracie mission is Bob great moment, but you had. It seems wrong not to give. That night when those two silhouettes stretches, somehow didn't get bonuses right? It's like sometimes just the doesn't work out in someone's favor, but let's hope the takes care of Hermansson. It's his shocking learning. Solo puts things in their coffee on. got. WHATEVER ONE! Thinks. Thanks. Guys, thanks to bring up that question. Because now Jose will not shut up about this for at least a week. So thank you guys bring it off. What does it stand for good idea? This is the twenty twenty variation of a pineapple pizza ladies and gentleman. For that doing. What do you think why? I was there. In New York. For Conversation was going on. I also incorrect way to eat pizza I. Think Volkan. was focused on record saying he likes like. Wow, it's unfortunate that he's GonNa be championed in wrong. Yeah! Under percent. Let's Aka kind of answer the bait of this question for us. Do you ask the truck to pull up the photo of Hermansson submission? Tonight Aka, or did you have the truck? pull up the the the photo of Lipski submission or your? Yes, you're correct either. I think Carolina the Carolina. I think he deserves maybe ten percent of that bonus for making that face. Serious Knee Bar, TAP tap. Thank you good fight. No, she didn't win the bonus this I got. You got the pain. Get the real you've inside. Your House that was bad one he takes. It takes to create a whole Emma. May moment much much like the main event like we said Josephine Vitas not tapping and unfortunately, there's lasting out in in grisly, fashioned the camera right in there, getting that shot of of course, his Bacon look in his eyes, so screen shots all over the place. I'm sure someone has a good photo of it. As well so yeah, it takes two. People who've on Casey move on. The screen Matthias Martini Your Buffoon, who who likes who likes terrible things in this will. Not. Let him banned you from the chat. You'd say whatever you want. I will not let not about. Are Favorite Friends I, love you. I will say that a couple of weeks ago. My wife got a pizza with pineapple and Bacon it through to immediately write. It was delicious. It was awesome and I gotta say. Another ten percent for that scream. That Got! I liked it. We're all over the place I. I surprised none of the panelists. You so well, that's a shot. At the Winky, that little winky face. That's not going to make you feel better, but comedy one twenty five I see i. see what you're saying. I didn't say bad thing about you. On. You want. Do you want to? Casey's specific shy. OATMEAL and What are you drink whatever subscription to on Amazon soil? As you. I'm getting lean. The gym's open happening no. Way classmen right now. Very close to welterweight. Wa, walking. Away, now so now. It's like I was like Oh, I can make lately I. Guess No, after wait gut and they got I'm at I'm right above way right now. I'm not I'm not mentioning I'm not talking. I'm not joining in. Do. Well I mean we. We're getting questions about just mixed martial arts general, but yes, they'll throw out there now. Up Hold on oh like. Dig Mazda sells more papers than Mardi. Course! Yeah Martin I probably. Every MARDI general already funkhouser every single the book. MORAL WHO's mind Kamara mind yet? Yeah I, think! All sells more pay per views than everyone not named conor John John's right now. I think he's more than John runs at this point. I agree. Yes, maybe depends John. John. John's never done a million pave. Revise as he the DC the second. Real Damn close. There's like eight. Shot. Shot, Evans fight other shot fired. Branch really. I think it's John Jones. It's his dance partner. That'll help him, but like the the draw will be John, but he needs a guy that's gonNA. Push. It binds like if John Fights Francis that could do crazy numbers. That's what I'm saying like by John. By himself will is still one of the top five draws right now, but yeah, you're probably right is probably the bigger star now. Put over style unfortunately. Right now yeah. Jones Evans, apparently seven, hundred thousand, so actually well short, while sort of still very strong number but definition. Twenty twenty. I, really wonder, and this is this. Is this answer but like Majid all John Jones off? This kind of hype is still based on this kind of pre pandemic world. In this post, pandemic world, no press conferences noble workouts. No world tours no face off no more no real face offs you know like. How is UC GONNA really create new stars about being able to just mean are they can sell is just empty arena fights I think. You don't try say. How long can we kind of continue this about? Just relying on past. Well say go ahead. I'm sorry you're. Yeah one hundred percent. If you're getting like Amanda, boss, who like their personality, just like boozers out of every like that who they are I think now that you're not gonNA. Have these sound John John Jones did open workouts. Anyway. You're GONNA need fighters a fight every day like down ceremony, so he's just. He just is on TV all the time, so you're going to recognize those names over and over and over and over and over, or you're going to have fighters like sean a he boss. Who's the guy that just fought like two days ago now? Ellison has a fight books next Saturday. What's his name? Yeah. You is like. Men and women like that where you're only going to see him once and they're going to stick around in your mind forever like there's no choreographed. Press tour anymore. This is who they are. It's it's. With performances to go with it. I will say this I feel like. At least over the last three months. More seeds have been planted for potential stars. I, agree in the last couple of years, especially, these fight island events images Wednesday night's cardinal alone between Muni air and the guy that's coming back and next week and We've seen we've seen some succeeds planted. I mean Amanda Buys. That was a breakout performance for her shot o'malley star. Is it a much bigger spot now? Because that knockout? Now you know some of the guys who fell off their starting to make a company. Like den Hookers is going to be a big deal now forever because that epic war unless he goes on like a callum gasoline one where he just lays two eggs and Ari'el, but like Dan Dan who could headlined the next three fight nights if he fights in and I wouldn't be surprised so. He can still do it, but it's going to be much more. It's going to be up to the fighters much more to take advantage of the platform that they're given. Rice Mitchell another guy who knows? He's on the cusp. Yeah even aside from personalities. I hope that you know. The ESPN does a good job of propagating these highlights as much as possible like show people that Arianna Lipsky highlight, or at least the the visual can before her next minute. You'll know this, is she's this see the woman who did this? She's back this weekend or she's back in two weeks. Like really really cab. Espn just replaying these things nonstop that Molly Ko whatever Franson. God is less former. WAS ANYTHING I I? Know that do this ready, but. But I think now more than ever like you said. Without the lack of sort, these opportunities for fighters to to show their personalities verbally and things like that really kind of emphasizes new generation of of highlights in these guys who can finish these fights these crazy ways, and try and get you know trying to the new audience trying to younger audience back I. Don't know how the Ucla is with the with the younger crowd, but I know I mean I. Don't know that many young people I'm old, but. Based on the show talk generation. Talk talk take whatever but. Based on the chatter that I hear on the streets. Street sometimes there really isn't. A. MMA is not like a sexy young person's sport. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe just maybe just Kinda the circles I move in, but as far as I know, definitely like NBA would be number one. I think as far as sort of what a younger generation watches and then I'm not sure would be second, but it's not side of me. Well I think we're GONNA use used to forty three. The winner of that main event could be a shoe deal considering costume odds-on going to sell the hell out of that fight. They are two very genuine people where. where they're just like crazy people like in and out of the octagon, like the very fascinating people to follow on social media, interviews they both have ties to a lot of different cultures like a sign. It like Nigeria new. Zealand. He's getting a bigger deal. in in America and then pollock obviously completes fluent in Portuguese and in English They're both the of career. They both fight super violently. If given the opportunity, and I think the bad blood leading that fight, the winner is going to be a big deal. I still think something's just. Something still missing because we still. If you've continues how they're promoting fights how they continue this way like we're never going to have that face to face ever. You know there's a. it's just never going to happen so i. One thing I don't understand member that that very famous. An awesome. CNBC interview with the is this the money channel with nate and Connor? Remember. I don't understand why we do. With two guys in separate rooms, but there we're still talking to. DC and John Jones I you. John Jones going. You think I'm just going to let you do that. You know these said that. Cormie. GARBRANDT and crews garbage and tried to leave the room and find cruisers. Crews like Z. Coming. I just think I think the is going to have to. Change something because I think this is gonNA. They're just relying on past past press conference past performances. I think at some point. It's just GonNa be this. No empty arena type setting where no, it's just. It's hard to sell big. Highlights? You know that's why president the Gano isn't you know? Whereas all just obviously, his highlight rose amazing, but You know. It's GonNa, take like. I. Think someone like when the Rock tweets, Mazar doll. People are going to see that slight when shack puts out those clips of Franson gone. WHO PICKING HIM UP? People get a grasp on that. It's going to take a big star to really push the to outside of the amazing. Adequate different, and then and then They're going to have some competition again very soon. NBA Coming Back Major. League baseball is about to kick off the NHL. Playoffs or kickoff, so then the NFL's kicking off. I think personally it's GONNA help because we're GONNA. Get a lot of games on. ESPN and you're going ahead and escape. Marshals between the NBA finals like I know. Everyone hates talking about professional wrestling the files is a ratings juggernaut like viewership juggernaut. They're GONNA have a W. Wrestling commercials during an NBA finals there better not lose any of those writing wars on whatever night there on. Thoughts on John wailua versus Rosenberg Eunice. If you had to bet money, who would you bet it on? I was just thinking i. mean we gotTa do this part? If, we're doing a straight pick them. I've always been a big believer that to be the the man or the woman you get a beat, the man or woman, so until John Lee is defeated I'm picking her against anybody. That's just. must've fight Valentina and then we have a different discussion and look roses. Hit all right roads suitable and I mean. She's a great job of winning andrade for the first two rows last night, but we saw how much damage could be done. I believe rose had a broken nose from it. I think a little bit quicker than androgen. I think she has just as hard I and we're talking about five. Bite most likely you know. Questions anyone is this fight in a tiny octagon? Octagon. Way Louisiana advantage and big octagon I think rose has the advantage. I, agree I think it's John has advantage the bigger one and an even bigger advantage in the small. Rose has the style to potentially frustrate John Wiley and. Anytime we could see rose unified especially when she's in a great place. It's just beautiful. The you're really. It's about this fight other day. This is my most anticipated fight Azima book yet. That's GONNA be booked. Most anticipate championship I I mean more than her. Be Gauged Yeah Yeah. My I want me I want to see that I wanna see that fight, but now even I can beat. I'm Kinda. Kinda I'm kind of worried about it'd be honestly you know. where he is and how how you know, that's another thing, but. I think Walian rose or just like why not? Why? Why did this over these these? Maybe the two best drawings you've ever seen? You know so yeah I, agree, but I think like we've said literally. Every single Eisai BEGEJCI has the most tools to beat the do the thing. No one has ever done. And Habib is could be the greatest lightweight ever engaged is the most violent man ever, and that to me is the most anticipated fight like like. I said just Jane wiliest roses just happened to be the second. The second most anticipated for me 'cause Habib is not looked beatable ever and Shane Wiley and you WanNa just had an epic war, but epic war means it was a back and forth fight have never had that and that gauges. Give it to them. and. We got to keep in mind two. We don't know when roses coming back. Yeah, we have no idea so if they league and her team calls Dana, white and the next month says she to go. What do you do you book the rematch with Johanna Ram? Alan back and wait till roses is ready to go or do you just hold out on one of your rising stars globally until roses ready? That's you know I. Don't know that's the the process. That's the kind of place we're in right now. You get white Ueli out there just to fight against. Think everyone would be excited to see her. One more time. It's one of the greatest women's fights of all time, if not the greatest woman's spite of all time, oops! BIEBER's done. He's not done Rather, watch Walian Rose Than Gay Jacob. Evening go ahead. Everyone spoken now. has used has mixed and matched first and last names all across the board so if If John has to fight again before. I. Guess you go winner of Goodell. Yes, shunned on I. Guess it's not like the Scottish Spas Marina Rodriguez coming out to. L. Exactly Yeah really. ibaz is going to get the winner that. Is Such the obvious choice that anything any other name. We mentioned as clearly just kind of like a sort of a stay busy not to say that it's an easy fight, but w stay busy for been so dominant share. droids! You having repetitive. Bite as me versatile McGrath. That, can be a real fight. Is that redefine? What is that, has they? Fight it's not yeah, you're right, because if fights evenly. Thank? Let I'm GONNA throw them. Into like a wishing. He's GonNa get. Why did you describe the switching firearm? We like look at this map and they'd be like Oh. Yeah, he probably hasn't taken a shower in like a year, so you probably did him a yeah right, so you're welcome planet. Earth most anticipated fights for me Reinholt Hall Ricardo Lamas Number One obviously number two Frankie Edgar PJ. Everything else disinterred. Michelle Prayer Oh. Oh My! Michelle! Is Elite. AM. Sorry? I'm so sorry. Complete my. BOOT right now. and. I was I got the name right. I'm sorry. I apologize for for thinking mulling up in the first place, so they go. There's your topic vice. Look forward to people okay. I'm not even say or taking Korean Zombie because I don't want to think about it. Oh, it's definitely happening stepping up. I think we've. I think we've done enough here we are. We're over an hour. That's the beauty of any of these cards early so. Wartime to show the PEEPS, even though you say, we're all soy, boy, drinkers or whatever. Because I, drink. My coffee likened adult. Me Too. That's as I had an iced lack a are you guys are amazing I, know you I'm talking about the night. The people I'm working with the people watching I. Think I'm pretty sure many of you have been here from the beginning of this broadcast so. You. At the camera, but in your in Your Shirt Aka. Screaming for me to unbuttoned shirt and I tried very hard to ignore those comments but I don't know how these twenty five minutes and I wanted to leave, so I don't know how you got. To. Pay. Have the rim shot. We'd have the room shot. Here goes. Okay also appropriate. They're waiting for Jose to talk about nine. Mcgrath and we got that done experiments. Around for that and everyone else did, too, but yeah, you guys are crazy. Love love everyone who wants who's watching on Youtube and watch these shows. You guys are the best. That's that's I'm getting emotional. Just want to say. So is false. Also now. McGrath looks like Dj debt while make trend. Really. Good. Thank you for all the questions Sayyaf a washer. You crazy animals be guys enjoyed the fights and We're back at it next Saturday. What a great car! That's going to be Bella Tours back next week a lot to be excited about for AK for Casey lied in the truck for Jose Young's. I Mike CAC Arrogant night, everybody. You're listening to the media long as network.

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