32. Rebroadcast: Volume 01: More of Philip McKernans Wisdom and How Its Even More Meaningful Now


Nefarious, man like the brain works fucked up. The mind is one of the most deceiving manipulative pieces of equipment flesh. Human bodies on hers, I never have trusted my brain. Leaves. You are the decision maker. Hi It's not runs. Lee I'm Kelly. One of the produces behind the psychology of entrepreneurship and for any new listeners. This is a series where we go inside the minds of entrepreneurs, artists and athletes to see. What is the psychology behind the decisions? Today! We're GONNA. Be something a bit different. We're going to be revisiting volume one of this series where runs. We had a conversation with the amazing Philip maccagnan. A lot has happened since this volume came out, and parts of the conversation have been brought up through other volumes tobacco what our guests have been saying, so we thought would be interesting to rebroadcast this volume and pull in pots from other volumes to see how everything ties in together. kind of like inception, but applaud cosmology. I think. I can't remember the point. In anyway, let's jump right into the minds of these entrepreneurs and see how thought cuttings behind the decisions connect. saw. My name is Rawnsley, and for as long as I can remember. I've wanted to take my audience on Jenny Way. They challenged the accepted beliefs or so-called fruits. And since I was battling a whole bunch of questions in my mind I decided to talk with people who had versions of answers that might or would perhaps challenge my own belief systems, these stories starting with Philip McCain. Philip. Like this really interesting. I've never met someone like Philip MacKinnon, and he's a Hilo of sorts I've watched him. Get to people trauma. It's fascinating. I'm met Philip that an event last year and we had dinner together and I decided to go. My name is Philip mckernan on the founder of one last talk. A coach and I deliver and run retreats all over the world for entrepreneurs and leaders who are seeking clarity about their present. So for the at this dinner right and in my first interaction through conversation. Actually he asked me a few questions that got me really emotional. And I cried at this dinner table. With for the people at the same table. That I'd met for the first, Time. So I went and got his book. It's the only book could that's on my bedside table and has been like for months and months. It's called one loss talk and it's about this movement. It happens all over the world where people delivered their won loss talk. If you had to give one loss on the planet, what would it be and what would you say and I remember? One of the proudest moments from as an individual was being able to finish a one halt live event? Put the speakers on stage Steinbach and look at the speakers in front of one hundred fifty people and say thank you for allowing me to stand on your stage. And I said Ladies and Gentlemen Your speakers. They got the applause stunning Vatian, and then we shut the event down to get a better idea of impact that one last Hawk has his David Cohen in volume fourteen, talking about his experience, yeah one last talk. I went to the one in boulder had no idea what to expect. Still just said he got gotta come to this thing. And someday you'll be onstage doing this. Somehow introverted I don't know if I'll ever do that. But Just. Just crying like you know never spent the entire day dispaced weekly crying right so emotional and you know that'll turn a lot of people off from the event, but basically people are standing up saying the one last thing they would ever say to the world right even though they're not. You know it's not the last thing they're pretending that it would be. And what would they want to convey to the world? And the stories are just so incredibly powerful, right people that have gotten out of long term jail sentence. Talking about you know when the thing happened that put them in jail. And how they feel about it today, their journey God just such an emotional thing. And it's a construct that I. Love the first time I saw it. which is just a mental model of you know this is the last time you'll be able to say something wrong. What USA it's meaningful and I immediately thought of the startups that I work with. And I started weekend which we run a thousand times a year and one hundred twenty countries and has said. There's one hundred thousand would be entrepreneurs going to these things like what if we inspire them and said what if this is your one last startup? Here's what's really interesting for me Philip. Just like me doesn't really like the limelight or the credit and. That loss statement was one such example. Then he said this. That kinda explained that feeling had just a little bit more so as much as I think. The one last talk is delivery and giving a lot to the world I also think I've received tremendous amount most which I haven't stopped to really contemplate a feel like a father who watches his son. Do something that you. You hope he will do something and you know he can do someday and you know he could. He has, or she has the ability and then. Then you finally see it when you're least expecting. And when you see a personal wakened to themselves, I think one of the most extraordinary opportunities in the world, and one of the scariest things is actually to meet and to walk down the street and bump into yourself, and when you see somebody, connect with their truth and their story, and to realize they have value far, and above the N. contemplate any aspect. They saw a value beyond all of that. It's just magical is pure magic. This kind of reminds me of Melissa Embassy and he's awakening from volume twenty one was in a hospital, feeling the most unwell of ever felt, but the most alone I have ever felt in my entire life like an I literally. Is this. Is this what we're here for to Safa and at this time I was. Twenty four years old and a few weeks before this that I ended up in hospital I just started. This thing called Yoga. And I was like what is this Yoga Business? It feels so good so I just started it so I've met these new friends at Yoga. And they sent me a care package to the hospital, and in that care package was like crystals and. Angel cards and teas and herbal tinctures and a book that changed my life. That book was Louise As you can heal your life and I remember reading this book. And I would turn to my mom, and I said to her. Why didn't you tell me that we create our own life? And I did go through a blame stage toward my parents, and I have moved through that and I'm so grateful and I just love and adore them now, and that was the awakening for me. I read this book and I literally like that. Decided to change my entire life. There was this voice inside me. That said if you get healthy and happy again, you'll live a life beyond your wildest dreams and I didn't know what that voice was i. now know it's your intuition, but like. I didn't know what intuition was back then. He challenges everything about the stuff you already believing and challenges all our Patna. Challenges all my patterns for sure. Challenges everything that I thought was correct. I've said to be I. Dare you to be happy. I fucking dare you to run the risk to take a chance on yourself to do something that you've always wanted to do. And Room the risk of being happy, because so many of us WanNa play safe because we think. Our mind deceives us into thinking that. If you're in control, and if you play safe, you will be safe. There is no greater lied that we tell ourselves. Because safety is driven by insecurity and insecurity is driven by a need to control in control is a fucking illusion it does not exist has not exist, and yet we live in a world so many. Many people are trying to control themselves other people the outcome and there's this obsessive meeting to know. And I always say that this needing to know prevents you from ever truly knowing James Whitaker had an interesting perspective on this in volume twenty four, when we talked about how it can be hard for entrepreneurs to enjoy the climb to the top of the. The mountain how that manifests in the short term is extreme frustration for anything like that. If anything I feel, is on absently perfect like if I have a sip of coffee in its spills, if I if anything happens like if I'm doing something when I'm cooking, and it's not perfect and I'm Gordon Ramsay, these this is as you said especially where you don't. Don't have a measurable benchmark of what is success. When you're hunting for perfection, I think can make it even worse. Why do we sit these unobtainable standards of perfection in a way that we can't measure it, and sometimes even having that measuring component can be bad because we feel a bad self sense, self esteemed bad self worth as we're doing these things. For me, growing up I was trained to think that every moment that I was not doing stuff. That is not being productive. I just felt like it was always more more more. So I kind of wanted to get his perspective on what it was like to be an entrepreneur in today's Day and age. Because I just felt guilty every time what was doing something and that was just not sustainable. Then formation was the key Ron's later happiness success peace of mind, etc, we would never ever ever be happier than now because we've never had such information, nor have we ever in the history of mankind. Accessibility to information through laptops. IPADS iphones whatever it happens to be. But what's happening is we're consuming the speed of light so I? Read a book last week and read another book this week another about next week and I go. What stood out what book arlette per class with change my life great. How are just changed my life? Maybe here that how? And I'm not saying there's new information of books you've written books I've written books I'm going to write more books, but if we just read tree books, put them on our bookshelf and kept going back to those books and implementing the things that were organically intuitively aligned to who we are, but a lot of us are consuming books because we're. It's driven by scarcity. If I don't read the latest greatest book, I'm GonNa miss out and. What's happening? Is that can get this right? And then I'll stop is that we're consuming information. The information does not have the time to turn into knowledge because we're too busy reading the next book consuming the next podcast. It, Ever goes down into wisdom. An almost never land in a place called awareness. Did you know that six percent of employees would give up five thousand dollars a year in salary to be happier at work. For me, I think what tends to happen. IS WE AS BUSINESS? Owners as creatives get asked for the recipe for success straight off the BAT. And what I would love to tell us that I have all the onces but five really don't know what is possible for you and for me if I have and we have a little bit more faith and trust in voice. What have we stayed in that unknown part for a little bit longer? I. Know that every time stating that unknown, the creative part of me made my creative side, even more creative. I get asked about most pain-free way at podcast ones business almost as though a podcast will fix it all. I know the steps we've performed the steps we've gotten. The results are repeatable, but of the ingredients going in on considered than the best recipes quite useless Sunday. We usually feel the issue is one thing when it is actually something entirely different. Ninety nine point nine percent of clients that come to me for clarity about X.. It's nothing to fucking do with X.. It's always do with why x is the by product or something deep. The question the people are asking you speculating said don't know. How can I be that? How can I be a? Beacon. How can I get the sandwich? How can I get the luck? My one of my best friends in Ireland Jeff said you're the guy I've ever met. The, luckiest guy, I've ever Nash just put you in a car. Who Win the race do this. You put you in a shop with no clothes some Angie jackets and It's so interesting that we're asking the wrong questions we'll so many of us are seeking for truth in the wrong places, and we're not asking the right questions because we're afraid to. So, what are the right questions? You Graham does his opinion on what the right questions up back in volume nineteen I'm just ask questions because I I tried to feel what is happening like well. Let's see where we're at. What is the foundation is a foundation. Is The foundation strong as a week, can we? Can we strengthen the foundations or value? There I'm trying to find out where the value is. Right. Where's the value is building on? The foundation makes no sense of the foundation is not strong. But strengthen, the foundation can be very valuable if it's not strong. If something we can agree on so I. Just have a sincere seeking for truth in everything so like the separate. The bullshit I'm did this a lot. Sometimes my conversations because it's it's almost like I'm trying to pull away the bullshit, so we can get to some fundamental stuff, so if luck has got nothing to do with it, and if I'm asking the wrong questions, why brain, coming up with these questions in the first place and Why is my brain looking for those answers in the wrong places, the brain is designed to protect us. I tell you right now. I don't get this left right. Brain Front Lobe, the court, the court to don't know one IO's about that stuff, and I find that if I get drawn into the detailed complexity. It's not who I am. All I can tell you is. The mind is one of the most deceiving manipulative pieces of equipment flesh, human bodies on earth I never have trusted my brain and unfortunately i. I do my brain way too much and brought me down all sorts of pets. It creates paranoia second guessing everything else and his powerful I. Don't get me wrong. Not Arguing his power and somebody was some people say we use three percents when people say, we use ten percent of her brain God. Love us. We ever figure out a way to use fifty percent of our brain. We will become mechanically machine like which is already happening in the world. That is who we are becoming. We're becoming machine like. Official estimates show that fifty percent of the adult population will experience depression at some point in their lifetime before Kiddie pumped in with that depressing stat about depression I remember having conversations on my first podcast about connection and connecting food. There's a study done by Monash University here in Australia that says that there's zero occurrences of adolescent depression if the family eats together at least once a week. The power of connection is one that we on not paying attention to the disconnection is making machine like. I've been asked about getting my business very often from other entrepreneurial friends. And to be honest, I live on the dichotomy of whether skill on my business, but like scaling the world faces big challenges. I suppose like global warming. And the catastrophe that the world. Challenge the world is facing. Today is not global. Warming is not mass population that might lead to starvation. It is not. Donald? Trump is not those things. It's the fact that we are becoming so disconnected, and we're forgetting had to feel, and society doesn't reward us with emotion rewards US based on intellect, and what is perceived as to be successful, and a lot of us are focusing on obsessing about living in the now. I don't WanNa fucking live in the now with my now ship. In volume, twenty eight Mark Golson gives a further explanation about being disconnected or in his words. Said I wrote this blog Kawai people kill themselves. It's not depression. And what I said is that there's hundreds of millions of people who are depressed. Don't kill themselves the menu. Do not many but some. Those hundreds of millions of people lose their jobs. Lose their marriage, and they don't kill themselves. Not all those things can contribute to it. One thing that nearly all suicidal people feel which is what I spoke about in the article is they feel despair, and if you break the word despair into D., S. P. A. I, R., A. Feel unpaid with reasons slip. They feel hope less without a future help. Less power less use less worth less meaning less, and when they all combine. They feel pointless in a pair with death. To take the pain away. I know interested in living in the now of now. Shit or the rest of us are Ford focused. My work and what I believe is if you want to understand who you are at the core, intellectually and emotionally, there's only one place to go into your past. That is the place that holds every key to who you are and who you're going to be whether you like it or not. You, but in Australia being busy seen as a badge of being successful. Is defined that if I'm busy, I have no idea what's going on, and I'm running around like headless chicken. I found that every time I was busy that if I just took a break. I came back and everything was almost better. Nothing had changed, but I think the perspective almost made it, Beto. So how to consolidate that? I feel like I should be taking a break, but every time I do. I feel guilty. The balance inside my head. Trust me mental sometimes. So Philip. You know what I've just realized. That I've kept myself busy going from one project to the next. Thoughts? And anyone who's super-busy. Anyone is filling their lives. Every inch of the lies is running from something. All of them ask you to do is to consider stopping and turning about. Because you will not, you will not be able to rush. It would eventually catch up with you, and it will manifest itself physically mentally emotionally, and it will come out. And data selfish particular when you choose to have bring children into this world when you choose to be a leader, I believe that we have a moral obligation to work on the ship that we're afraid to work, because whether we like it or not were wondering up where packaging we're putting. A Beautiful Red Boehner were passing into next generation, this theme of leaving the world a better place and you found. It has been a common theme throughout the conversations that we've had with the guests. Guests on the series in volume fourteen David Cohen had this to say about what drives him. Now I believe you get a short period of time in that's it and so do something good with your time here but it's back to human relationships right if if you can leave the world a little bit better than you found it on that sort of all, you can ask of anyone right. You know when when people say. Why did you create techstars when it usually say is? You know because I believe that entrepreneurs make the place I believe that innovations make the world a better place, and in volume to Dr Sherri. Willing gave this advice to listen is when talking about burnout among entrepreneurs as entrepreneurs. as we as we grow and mature are finding wise that are about more than I've got this thing to work out. Or have this drive in pain inside of May but are about things that bring us joy. That make the world better, I mean. These hundred of lofty, and I feel like I could roll my eyes at my own self, but when we think about it at the end of our lives, we're going to take stock of like. How did we spend our time and the questions that we're going to ask is what what did I do. That was important. How did I make my? My life better. How did it make other people's lives better? How did I experience joy? How did I? How many beautiful sunsets did I see? How many heart problems that I saw that made me satisfied and made me proud of myself I think maybe the question that we don't ask like houses going to play on the deathbed. That's that's the question, ask. What are we going to regret? What are we going to be sad that we missed? When our time is up. So for a lot of reasons, we feel like we are alone. I've heard Jason Gain on. Say this on his podcast. About how most people feel alone even when they are in a marriage. Why do we feel alone in those positions? Even though we have people around us, like as an example, I have team, I have a great partner. What why is it that? Why is it that initially I would feel like this? Whole thing was my own journey and. Was My. Just my cross today so to speak. Let me. Be Very honest. There are still times that I feel alone. But pops happen less and less often these days because I think I'm starting to like myself just a little bit more than I used to. We don't like ourselves so many of us don't like ourselves says we're afraid of how humanity judges, but humanity will never judges way judge ourselves, so we spent so much time and energy looking good on the outside, pretending happy on facebook every single day, and very few of us are willing to actually look at the Great Bali that will ever meet ever that meets us in the fucking mirror every single morning over lives, and if we can, if we can deal with that womb thing which just st without one. Bully everything else look after stuff because I believe to my core that we give ourselves what we feel we deserve and when you wake up in the morning, you've got the greatest vision board on Earth and you look at that you stare at that and you tell yourself you deserve. You use mantras to try and bullshit your brain that you're going to achieve this leaving aside the challenge, not most people create goals. And and wanted chief things that are not belong to themselves. That's a whole conversation, but leaving that aside. You tell yourself you want something money. A yard or relationship love sex whatever it happens to be, but every step you take out of that bed into. The universe into the world. You're seeking to validate how you feel about yourself. So what ends up happening is sabotage starts to appear. So you want the money you want to success, but you make decisions that look. Almost polar opposite what you want, and then you go on. Canadian. How can you make that mistake? You stupid idiot and think about the energetic nature, and how you speak about yourself and you. The disdain that humanity house says is. The saddest thing I on the motion all because I've experienced that myself. I was the cruelest person on earth to myself, and I see it every single day, and it's fucking tragedy and yet so many of us are so deeply lonely, which is a pandemic in the world, and we're only because we're waiting for. Mr Rydin Mr Mrs Rice and yet we don't have any really many many of us don't ever real quality relationship with ourselves. Which I think is sad, said. So in the actual interview when Phillips said the line about an fucking idiot. How can you make that mistake? You Stupid? Idiot I got really emotional because I could hear myself talk to myself exactly that way what I failed I beat myself up badly. Because I just couldn't handle the failure. I would just keep going from one thing to the other, even if I achieve something. I was just not happy. Claim, the mantle. Don't use that terminology that built the business. I've got the family on the happy. And will they don't ask is typically the not curious about. Hey, I'm just wondering what this. They're not curious about that. They're too busy judging the shit themselves which builds on the previous point that I made. Is that the going? What's wrong with me? Business timing. Dollars I've got my car I've got the wife of the husband of the kids. Everything should be awesome, but it's not. And we don't have a place in society for that. Because, we're going to conferences where we feel that, we have to keep. Know we have to keep up a strong upper lip and we have to play about. I think we've very basic level. We've put way too. Much of our density has been tied into. What we do as opposed to who we are and I feel that. As long as we continue to move through this earth, adoring God's putting Gurus on pedestals, entrepreneurs on pedestals at people. Who Do you think about the heroes that we have I mean so many entrepreneurs Wannabe Steve Jobs. Good look. I've no interest on earth of being Steve Jobs. And I go what you WANNA be job with look what he did exactly what he did so socially, and personally his life was a complete mess. He very destructive relationships, and he wasn't very nice to people. Okay, then you say okay, but on a business level mckernan look what he built agree designed. He designed. The Eiffel arguably was going to in history. We look back at certain data points in history we look back and say that was the tool that disconnected us more than anything else in the history of humanity yet you want to be the next Steve jobs good luck with that. And, then I often said by the way just one quick, no question. Why why do you want to be Steve Jobs? What would it be like to be fucking you? When we come back from the break? SIP tells us about the biggest billy you'll ever meet. The, Main objective of this project is to bring together entrepreneurs and creatives who says similar values, so they can find the courage to put out their authentic voice for the people to hear which allows for them to make that impact on the world. Every great movement started with a memorable speech. Access to full length interviews psychology of entrepreneurship dot com and click the button. Research from two thousand and eleven suggests that approximately seventy percent of people will experience at least one episode of Imposter Syndrome in their lives or read this on a facebook post recently society that makes you conform to all sorts of structures, standing out and being yourself is a rebellious act. There has never been a better time for you to be yourself. I did a test one day. I took a book of Your Book here my hand I took a book and erupt. Play paper, and no one can say it. And I said here's a book I put in the middle of the room to twenty very smart entrepreneurs in this world and I said now just before anyone grabs the book in the book. It's GONNA teach you how to make money and build a business, but it's written by a guy who, in my personal opinion and the opinion of many. Of Integrity in other words, he's done stuff to get to the top notch. Really an alignment and one could say socially out of alignment and out of integrity to get there. WHO WANTS TO BOOK? One Guy put his hand abs absolutely and I said so, what about all the negativity associated? Yeah, but if I can one nugget out of us, that's win for me and I get the logic, but I find that when you take that one nugget, you're taking the energy of the negative nuggets. So when someone wants to be Steve, jobs did you live with Steve Jobs? Do you know what no, no, you go down? The no wonder we're mean the way I am in my personal life I. Just want his business success and acumen. You can't have one without the other. It just Nash, work. We'll have to say when I started my entrepreneurial journey. I think it just like that and in a way. I used to idolize that in people for the character because I wanted to be true to my values and I actually. I really wanted to stand by those values when those values are being challenged, but then I realized how important it was for me to challenge what my values were and what? I believed in the first place. Because for the longest time, I believe different things about myself. Because that was just what was repeated most often while I was growing up. Or maybe that was just what I remembered from all the stuff being said while I was growing up. What did I truly believe in? And how do I be open to be challenged so that I could refine my argument? As to what I believed in all, change my stance. Easy to say difficult to do. Because of all this disconnection primarily through a phone finding the most connected devices ever. I get carried away with what social media shows me about what other people are up to? This makes me not use my most useful muscle of all my intuition. But we've heard everyone tell us to trust our gut. Or intuition. This is status love Petrov born September seventh nineteen. Nine and pasta on the nineteenth of May, twenty seventeen. WanNa know how he single handedly saved the world from nuclear war. Dunlop Petrov is the Russian. Who is now an older man, and is now being creditors for preventing a World War and yet? If this ever goes published this particular piece of this interview, most people would never know who he is. He was sitting. The most sophisticated piece of technology on earth that was designed as an early detection unit for missiles warheads, coming primarily from the United States? This was I believe the early eighties when tensions between Russian America were pretty high. Don't quote me on that, but I think it was dirty. And some are the morning. The lights go off. There's a nuke. It's on its way to Russian. Followed in four or five minutes by at least three or four other nukes, and they're heading for Russia. His re-met in his job description his instructions his orders. Crystal Clear Wayne he detects. He makes one phone call to whatever general. Validates of the machines correct and then they choose whether they're going to retaliate before the massage actually wipe the match. And he didn't make the phone call. He never picked up the phone. He backtracked. He looked at everything looked at the system. The system was operating perfectly. and. There was no way he could tell. It was misreading something. And he went against all of his own all of the rules. His he was meant to do. and. In the end of the day, he just said when someone said in a very famous you said. Why didn't you just call up? You just said I had a feeling in my. Feeling in my gut. Say that. While I seem surprised at this when I think about my journey is entrepreneur even just as a person I. Remember how my got so important at every step of the way. I feel entrepreneurship is a lot to do with trusting your gut and being uncomfortable with a lot of things. And yet entrepreneurship is one of the most painful challenge and things on earth, and if you become an entrepreneur, and you don't make near first time rounders. Then what happens is you send to realize the failure and think actually it's me I'm just not an entrepreneur. Every single person. This earth is an entrepreneur. IF THEY WANNA BE, everybody starts to show how many jobs can be taken out the economy over the next twenty thirty years? It's frightening, so then you're going to have to be an entrepreneur future and think actually it's me I'm just not an entrepreneur. Failing at something can be hard on us up. Steam his what David Meltzer had to say in volume five about the idea of becoming an overnight success, the biggest piece of advice I give. Give to entrepreneurs is the first thing you should do every day is figure out how you stay in business tomorrow. Because if you stay in business long enough, you're going to be more and more successful things evolve. There's no revolution in business. There are no overnight successes there isn't you go I sit with the top entrepreneurs in the world. They none of us are overnight successes, and most of us have what other people believe failed more than anyone. It's like worse than baseball. Imposter Syndrome was first studied by psychologists stop. Poulain rose client in nineteen, seventy eight, and was originally labeled as impostor phenomenon. My whole issue on interviewing these amazing people whether they will jet fighter, pilots, athletes, or singers or entrepreneurs. Was Finding out why. We believe that we're not good enough. Why we sell ourselves short on the things that we've done. And, while I interviewed all these people, my main focus was. And still is to create an audio documentary on Imposter Syndrome. From a perspective of exploring it from all different angles, so I almost always asked these experts this one question. What really imposter, syndrome! I think Posture Syndrome is driven by the fact that we're doing stuff that we should be doing. We're doing stuff that is out of alignment and we are an impostor. Posing on ourselves, we're we're cheating on ourselves. We're doing work that we're not meant to do. No one will ever find as far legal there, so I'm I'm just just picking this up. I'm not trying to expose what you said. Just trying to be cautious with the terminology of when someone finds out who they are. It's almost like an awakening. You're I know you're not suggesting that one morning way companies all a hundred percent, but I think that's the challenges that we feel. Like so many centimeters podcast, reason they. How did you become authentic and I said you're making an assumption I am and they were choking thrown off and they go. You mean you're not. I said I'm more authentic than they used to be. But I'm not even close to where I could be, and we assume every day that we don't have the awareness that we do. That were not as authentic. They're not even as close as the essence of who we are showing up every day than we can be concerned about just saying that win. Someone finds out who they are when I would like to consider when they begin to understand who they are because what I see is we want to go from the riverbank on this side to the river on the other side, which is the greatest expression of who we are and everything around us, emulates from the essence of who we are, and now that our our newfound truth that is a leap too far is not possible intellectual. Yes, emotionally! No, what? What I'm suggesting is begin to uncover who you are, and take the first stepping stone to the second steppingstone third stepping stone, and who knows you may arrive in that bank day. You may not I can tell you one thing you'd be however closer. I do not have imposter syndrome my life right now, I do not feel like an impostor. I feel like I. AM showing up as a line as I've never said this before by the way I'm sitting here and go back to the Congress. Add last thing on earth I was could be or should be doing is what I'm doing now. I'm relating that to when I was fourteen years old, sitting in a classroom, dyslexic and feeling like a piece of Shit and hating was hating the essence of was I spent the next twenty years or so trying to be anything, but felt mckernan. And I'M GONNA spend the rest of my life, being nothing other than Philip mckernan, whatever the felt that even means I. still don't fully know and showing on apologetic everywhere and not talking about using f bombs and hitting the bullshit button, and just being rude and tackling people. That's easy. That's not authenticity. And the more myself with my wife with my children, and with my clients, the more success getting. The more peace of mind him getting I. Do not have Imposter Syndrome in my life right now. When I heard Philip say I think imposter syndrome has driven by the fact that we're doing stuff that we shouldn't be doing. It made me really really uncomfortable. Everything in me made me ask myself the question. Am I doing what I should be doing? That made me go down a rabbit hole of why in an age of disconnection they pasta inside us is alive. and well sir. We heard you enjoyed this volume of psychology of entrepreneurship. Next week we'll be revisiting volume to where runs. Talks deducted Sherry walling about the psychology behind imposter syndrome, and Ben Out, so my name is Dr Sherri Walling, and I am a clinical psychologist, but I work in the world of entrepreneur, mental health, great science also has an element of art, because his great thinking and great thinking is creative. It's different way problems all made. It's hard for me to take seriously anybody who's like Oh. Yeah, my come I. Feel Very nonchalant about my company or like very objective. Probably don't I mean you could be exceptional, but probably ask. If you enjoy this kind of volume listener and we'll keep them coming, but until then we'll see next week. Watch. I interviewed Philip because of all his work with international teams. He has worked with the Canadian Olympic team the Pentagon. and has shared the stage would speak such such as the Delilah Lama and Richard Branson, he is an inspirational speaker, writer and filmmaker. Philip is the founder of the one loss talk, movement, or the of dead men walking switch on paper, poor in life and one loss talk. He has built an orphanage in Peru and traveled to eighty countries. This was like one of the most insightful conversations I've had a bought from challenging in confronting mile believes in many ways. It made me think about stuff that I was. Not doing that I should have. Been Wait for you to listen to the second interview. Because I then spent two days with. Philip interviewed him again off those two days. And it was a very different conversation I'm pretty sure. I cried as well. You'll see a trend. Well the next episodes in this series. We're explore basically what it's like to be in the mind of performers is creative entrepreneurs athletes. Why certain people like jet fighter pilots for example don't have imposter syndrome when they're up in the air, because in that scenario, it's like a question of life or death. This is the most production special thanks to every guest expert that has appeared on the show voice of editing and sound design by Katie, bony men guess retain content by Gould and Corn Castles. Project managed by Kenny Benjamin, produced and hosted by me. For more episodes in wed listen, Goto must amplify dot com slash. Her? Hey Hey, it's Kelly from us. Amplify I'm the sound engineer for this volume of psychology of entrepreneurship. I'm part of the team that made this production come alive I work a part of a global team with studios based in West End Brisbane Austrailia. If you're like a plug, cost in checklist, emailed me at Keighley. Amplify Agency DOT MEDIA THAT'S K I L I at amplify agency DOT media. 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