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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Korva Coleman. President trump delivered his State of the Union address. Tuesday night he bestowed the medal of Honor on conservative talk. Show host rush rush limbaugh and honored a Tuskegee airman before starting trump ignored house speaker. Nancy Pelosi's offered handshake at the end of trump's address Pelosi tore. We're up a copy of his speech. The president used much of his address to highlight. US economic gains NPR's Scott reports trump boasted of strong growth in both jobs and wages. President trump. Touted what he called the great American comeback though he managed to exaggerate both the strength of the economy today and its weakness when he took office. We're moving forward. At a pace. That was unimaginable just a short time ago and we are never ever going back in fact economic growth slowed last year to two point. Three percent exactly matching the average pace over the last decade employment growth was strong. During trump's I thirty five months in office but it was even stronger in the previous thirty five months the path the economy since trump took office looks less like a comeback continuation of an earlier trend. Scott horsely asleep. NPR News Washington presidential candidate Bernie Sanders immediately criticized trump over his economic claims. No president trump. This this is not the strongest economy we've ever had. When eighty seven million Americans are uninsured or underinsured and millions of Americans have lost their health insurance? Sanders was in New Hampshire ahead of that state's primary next Tuesday. Meanwhile the Iowa the Democratic Party has released partial results. From its caucuses Monday night sanders is neck and neck with former South Bend. Indiana Mayor Pete Buddha Judge Senator Senator Elizabeth. Warren is in third place followed by former vice president. Joe Biden China says the number of confirmed corona virus cases continues to to climb. There are more than twenty four thousand cases and nearly five hundred deaths. NPR's Chang reports that many Chinese cities have now adopted too strict policies in order to contain the disease. The coastal city of Win Joe is known for its bustling markets. Many witter run by small business owners from Hun now with over three hundred sixty people diagnosed with the corona virus the window government announce a slate of policies aimed at preventing the further spread of the disease. For instance. Each household could only send one person every two days to purchase groceries and any activity unrelated to seeking medical treatment or providing. Public Services is strongly discouraged strict for policies like the ones and wind chill are now widely endorsed by a dozen local governments across China but looking ahead to early next week when work is set to resume for most people officials may have to come up with new measures to accommodate their citizens Amy Chang. NPR News. Beijing you're listening to NPR. News from Washington some Merlin voters in the Baltimore area held a primary Tuesday to choose candidates to run for the seat of late Democratic Congressman. Elijah Cummings in the states. Seventh district tricked democratic. Voters picked former congressman. Kwesi may who held the seat before Cummings. Republicans shows Kimberly classic the general election and his in April Democrats in the Virginia State legislature are moving forward with gun control measures despite a big show of opposition last month at a rally in Richmond. NPR's Giles Snyder has more Virginia governor. Ralph northerns proposals or seeing more success than they did last year when he called a special session following the mass shooting in Virginia Beach back then. Republicans blocked his proposals but now Democrats control both of Virginia House of delegates and the State Senate and both chambers have passed ask some of his proposals include once a month limit on handgun purchases universal background checks and a Red Flag Law Aban on the popular. Ar Fifteen style L. rifle faces a more uncertain future and this week. The State Senate Judiciary Committee blocked a bill intended to keep loaded unsecured firearms out of the hands of children to Democrats joined with Republicans may concerns. It would unfairly punish gun owners Royal Snyder. NPR News today is the Victory Parade for the Super Bowl winning in Kansas City chiefs the team came from behind to win the NFL championship game against San Francisco last Sunday. But there's a winter weather advisory posted for the region today. Still hundreds of thousands of Kansas City fans are expected to turn out. I'm Korva Coleman N._P._R. News.

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