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Democracy Now! 2019-01-07 Monday


From Pacific, this is democracy. Now, they want us to clean up Washington fix the system and give them their voice fat. They wanna be able to get to the ballot box without having to run an obstacle Porsche. They want it to be easy not hard to register and vote in America and HR one will address that concern in their first act in tower House Democrats have introduced Major Bill to expand voting rights in the United States. We'll speak with Ari Berman of mother Jones who calls the legislation this far-reaching democracy reform plan introduced in congress since the Watergate era, then we look quite some green new deal. Advocates are criticizing house speaker Nancy Pelosi's new committee on climate change, then to surviving R Kelly. Powerful person beloved America community. And then you have a big that nobody cares about and the greater society. Perpetuates stereotypes about black women that internally you start to believe we'll believe it. If it's a convenient excuse not to have to deal with the reality of our Kelly at how we've been supporting enabling him for decades. Well, look at the stunning new six part TV documentary series about celebrated Aren B singer, and producer R Kelly who's been accused for decades of abuse predatory behavior and Ted of Celia, but has been able to avoid criminal conviction. We'll speak to the founder of the mute or Kelly campaign and to a father who alleges his daughter has become part of what he calls Kelly's sex all that and more coming up. Welcome to democracy now democracy now dot org. The Warren peace report, I mean, me Goodman. The partial government shutdown is now in its third week is the impasse over President Trump's demand for five point seven billion dollars in border wall. Funding shows no signs of bathing over the weekend. Trump threatened to call a national emergency. If no agreement is made or look at it as you'll Burgess because we have emergency just read the papers. We have a crisis at the border of drugs of human beings being faffing all over the world coming through. And we have a absolute crisis and criminals and gang members coming through. It is national security. It's. Casual in Jerusalem. Rather democratic lawmakers swiftly condemned. The idea calling into question the gallery of the move chairman of the house intelligence committee, Adam Schiff called the idea anon- stored or Sunday saying quote, if Harry Truman couldn't nationalize the steel industry during wartime. This president doesn't have the power to declare an emergency and build a multibillion dollar wall on the border on Sunday. Trump said he pushed for the construction of steel barrier. Instead of concrete, presenting the ideas, a compromise for Democrats. He also repeated the idea Mexico would pay for the wall through the US MCA trade deal, which would create billions in revenue for the United States. The USC has yet to be ratified by congress federal agencies have been ordered to suspend plan pay raises for top administration officials. Amidst the ongoing shutdown the raises had been set to go into effect on Sunday after a long standing pay freeze for senior officials lap. I eight hundred thousand federal workers have either been furloughed or have been working without pay since the government shutdown started three hundred eighty thousand furloughed workers will not receive backpay and Trump cancelled their January first raise in Jerusalem. National security adviser John Bolton said US military withdrawal from Syria would happen only after ISIS is defeated and Turkey would guarantee they would not try to destroy US trained Syrian Kurdish fighters. Bolton's comments contradicted. Trump's initial announcement from December nineteenth ordering an immediate withdrawal. And declaring the US had one against ISIS at a cabinet meeting last week. Trump also contradicted. His December announcement stating I never said fast or slow Bolton also said the US would absoulutely assure the security of Israel and other regional allies Bolton set to meet with officials in Turkey today while at a joint news conference with Bolton the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cold. On the US to recognize his really sovereignty over the occupied Golan Heights. Go up to Golan Heights. Again, depending on the weather, the Golan Heights is tremendously important for security, and I think that. When you're there you'll be able to understand perfectly. Why will never leave the Golan Heights? And why it's important for that all countries recognize Israel sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Israel next, the Golan Heights hundred nineteen Eighty-one after capturing the territory from Syria during the nineteen sixty seven war, but the international community does not recognize it sovereignty and November the US said it planned to vote against you and resolution calling for Israel to end its occupation of the Golan Heights in Yemen. A US air strike killed one of the suspected masterminds behind the suicide bombing of the USS Cole in two thousand which killed seventeen sailors and wounded at least forty others al-qaeda militant Jamal Badawi was indicted on terrorism charges in two thousand three but twice escaped prison in Yemen. The airstrike, and I'll always death which reportedly occurred on January. I was confirmed Sunday in tweets by President Trump and US central command. Meanwhile, Pentagon chief of staff Kevin Sweeney announced he was resigning Saturday. Sweeney's resignation comes just over two weeks after Mattis step down as secretary of defense publicly rebuking Trump's foreign policy moves he's the third senior Pentagon official resigned since Trump announced the US with withdraw troops from Syria. Pentagon spokesperson Dana white also left her position last week. Why was being investigated for ethics violations? At the time of her departure in France, the yellow vest. Protesters took to the streets again over the weekend on Saturday group of protesters and Paris, rammed a forklift into a government ministry building while violent confrontations between some demonstrators and police took place in the capital. A reported fifty thousand people across France came out as the movement heads towards its second month of protests on Sunday, hundreds of women organized their own yellow vest and stations in an effort to counter the recent violence and to highlight the economic issue. Faced by working women. This is protester Sophie TCI because he saw spend more dissolved or sucks who slip into the protests, and they're mainly men. And we're telling them we the ele- vest women want to do something peacefully calmly. We are calling for our women's rights to protest and to take part in the struggle. Could do polyphenols. It's very very hard for women in this society. It's mainly us who look after the children, we have lower salaries than men lots are employed in unstable jobs. It's much harder for women in today's society. It's more difficult. The interceptors your porting that the Senate and its first legislative act. We'll take a Bill that aims to prevent position to the Isreaeli government by allowing state and local governments to boycott any US companies which are engaged in a boycott against Israel, the combating beady act is part of multiple foreign policy. Measures contained in Bill S one. It's sponsored by Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio and similar to the reportedly less extreme than a measure introduced last year by democratic Senator Ben Cardin, where it was met with condemnation from free speech advocates the intercept reports twenty six states currently have lost sanctioning entities, which support a boycott of Israel, which can entail punishment of individuals working for employer subject to anti-boycott laws. Pope Francis appeal to Italy and Malta to allow a group of nearly fifty migrants aboard to rescue ships to disembark at their ports. The migrants have been stranded on the ships in the Mediterranean for two weeks and leaders in Italy and Malta refusing to let the boats dock. Pope Francis, ask for the countries to show concrete solidarity to the migrants. Meanwhile, Spanish authorities say they rescued nearly five hundred fifty migrants at sea over the weekend. New closer emerging in the mysterious case of US diplomats and Cuba who experienced health problems after being exposed to an unidentified high pitched sound in their homes. Scientists said Friday, the high pitch sounds released a recording by the Associated Press were made by crickets rather than a sonic or microwave weapon as some have speculated in two thousand sixteen staff at the US embassy in Cuba began reporting unexplained symptoms, including hearing loss, dizziness, nausea and memory loss. After hearing the sounds last month doctors and Florida said the diplomats had suffered physical damage to their ears though. The cause of the damage remains unknown the State Department withdrew much of its diplomatic staff from Havana and expel Cuban diplomats from the US following what they believed to be a targeted attack in a rare move the Justice department acknowledged flaws and errors in January two thousand eighteen report that linked terrorism and migration immigration. However, they are refusing to retract. Act or edit. The report the report entitled protecting the nation from foreign terrorist entry into the United States was released to support Trump's March two thousand seventeen travel ban barring entry to citizens from six majority Muslim countries. Among the errors the report confounds arrests with convictions misrepresents, the time spent covers and misleadingly counts. People charged with non-terrorist related offenses a man has been arrested and charged with capital murder over the killing last week of seven year old jasmine Barnes and Houston who was shot while in a car with her mother and three sisters. The suspect was originally believed to be a white men and possibly racially motivated shooting. Police now say Eric black junior was responsible and what's likely a case of mistaken identity. Police say black was driving the car where the deadly shot came from. They apprehended him after receiving a tip from journal, Shaun king. A second suspect. Thought to be in custody. But as identity is yet to be confirmed by police in Nevada death-row person are Scott dosier dived of impairments suicide Saturday dosier had been scheduled to die by lethal injection in July two thousand eighteen but it judge halted the execution. Just hours before hand after a former suitable company successfully sued to prevent the use of its drug my dad's Elim to be used as part of a three drug, lethal cocktail. The cocktail would have also included the drug feno dosier who was convicted of two murders had been placed on suicide watch after previous suicide attempts. He was found hanging from the bed sheet inside his prison cell in Torrance, southern California. Three men were killed and four others wounded after shots were fired at a bowling alley late Friday night, the victims were identified as Aston Edwards, Robert Mickens and Michael Radford. Police have not yet publicly identified any suspects in South Carolina to sheriff's deputies will be charged over the deaths of two women. Who drowned and van that flooded during hurricane Florence forty five year old Wendy Newton and forty three year old Nicolette green were in law enforcement custody at the time of their deaths after they had gone both gone to hospitals where they were involuntarily committed and tained Joshua Bishop is charged with involuntary manslaughter and Stephen flood is charged with involuntary manslaughter and reckless homicide. You can go to our website at democracy now dot org to see our coverage of the story in Washington DC accord of appeals ruled in favor of President Trump's ban on transgender people serving in the military, the decision overturned an earlier ruling by DC federal judge blocking the policy for being unconstitutional the ban which seeks to restrict military service for transgender people who experienced gender dysphoric despite replaced an earlier ban on all transgender servicemembers that was announced in July of two thousand seventeen other injunctions against the ban. Are still in effect. The Trump administration has asked the supreme court to take on the case in New York City trial kicks off today challenging the Trump administration's attempt to end temporary protected status known as TPS for fifty thousand Haitians living in the US. Tens of thousands of patients were given TPS after an earthquake devastated. Haiti in two thousand ten in November two thousand seventeen the Trump administration. Nounce it would revoke TPS for Haitians. The move was met with protests and multiple lawsuits and October federal judge temporarily blocked the Trump effort, which also affects immigrants from Sudan Salvador, Nicaragua citing a discriminatory motivation Haitian TPS recipients and their supporters are expected to rally outside the Brooklyn courthouse today and indigenous Lund defenders in western Canada, say raid on their encampments is imminent members of the onus tutton and the givemn and clan have been. Physically blocking entry to native wet sedan territory where TransCanada corporation plan to build the massive four point seven billion dollar coastal gas linked pipeline last month. The judge granted a temporary junction for access by coastal gaslight workers reports emerged over the weekend of shorter police buses arriving in the area to defy the to what Seddon road blocks. This is Molly Wickham of the MD and clan. Speaking Saturday night. You know, people like to think that things have gotten a lot better and so called Canada, and in our communities, and that Dame's the same that they were hundred fifty years ago. But that's just a fella see false because we know Raymond they reality that the state is willing and capable of using the same kinds of violence. They used against our people for the last hundred and fifty years again, Molly Wickham of the gated him clan in western Canada, speaking Saturday night, and those are some of the headlines, this is democracy. Now democracy now dot or the warrant piece report, I made me Goodman voting rights advocates are hailing a new house Bill that aims to restore voting rights to millions crackdown on the influence of dark money and politics restore the landmark Voting Rights Act, establish automatic and same day voter registration other measures on Friday Democratic Congress member. John Sarbanes of Maryland introduce the Bill we heard loud and clear from the American people that they feel left out and locked out too often from their own democracy that they want us to fight the culture of corruption. They want us to clean up Washington fix the system and give them their voice back. They wanna be able to get to the ballot box without having to run an obstacle. Course. They want it to be easy not hard to register and vote in America and HR one will address that concern the Bill it's been the for the people act. It's the first act of legislation introduced by the new democratic majority in the house longtime civil rights and congressman John Lewis praised the legislation. A mini occasion. That the vote is in most powerful non violent instrument transformation. We have in our democracy. We have in a democratic society and to Dacian of our system in must be strengthened and preserve their to trying to make a hotter. Immo difficult, but people to participate, and we must drown out these forces. Meanwhile, another voting rights news is court agreed Friday to hear two cases involving partisan gerrymandering in the states of North Carolina and Maryland voting rights activists fear, the court may uphold partisan gerrymandering could even bar states from forming independent commissions to draw congressional districts. We're joined now by Ari Berman senior writer at mother Jones reporting fellow at the nation and author of give us the ballot. The modern struggle for voting rights in America. His latest peace Democrats first order of business making it easier to vote and harder to buy elections. Welcome to democracy. Now. It's great to have you with us. Explain this I act and the democratic house. It's a huge Bill. Basically includes so many things that democracy reform advocates have been arguing for decades or necessary. It really is the most important democracy reform Bill introduced since the Watergate era on VO. Voting rights. It would include things like automatic voter-registration election, registration restoring voting rights to ex-felons making election day, federal holiday, this is the most significant voting rights Bill, probably since the introduction of the Voting Rights Act of nineteen sixty five on money and politics. It would include a public financing of congressional elections which would be huge to try to counteract the amount of dark money that we see in the system right now, the huge amount of corporate money that we see in the system right now and on ethics and lobbying reform one of the things that does say that any sitting president vice president has to release their tax returns. Which of course is so important because Donald Trump was the first candidate and the first president in forty years not to release his taxes taken together massive expansion of voting rights a cracked on dark money huge lobbying and ethics reform. It's incredibly significant. This was the first thing that House Democrats said they wanted to do out of the gate, and what our chances of not just passing in the house. But. Of course being enacted because it's President Trump was to sign off on. What is no chance right now all the things I just talked about are anathema to President Trump and to Mitch McConnell who controls the Senate. I think it has a very good chance of passing in the house. But when it comes to the Senate when it comes to President Trump, this is much a political document as a legislative document, what House Democrats want to do is. They want to say this is what we stand for. This is what we believe in. And this is what our democracy needs and by discussing the legislation and also holding hearings on these things because remember Amy they're gonna hold hearings on voter suppression. They're gonna hold hearings on dark money. They're gonna hold hearings on President Trump's taxes. All of that stuff is gonna get attention to things that have been often dismissed, quote, unquote, good government issues. These aren't just good government issues. These are issues that get to the core of our democracy. The core of our politics. So on Friday, the supreme court agreed to revisit this question of whether the constitution, prohibits extreme partisan. Gerrymandering talk about the significance of this. Gerrymandering has completely warped our democracy. We're seeing in state after state after state Republicans are getting a minority of votes, but a majority of seats, and that's not how we think about politics. We think of politics as the person who gets the most votes wins the election. That's not happening. You look at the last election in Wisconsin, Republicans got forty six percent of the vote in a state assembly and sixty four percent of the seats, and that's because of gerrymandering and Democrats do it too. So what we're seeing is courts going to hear these gerrymandering cases from North Carolina where the Republicans gerrymander and from Maryland where the Democrats gerrymandered now a reasonable person would look at this. And they'd say, okay, you have Republicans gerrymandering and North Carolina. You have Democrats gerrymandering in Maryland. This must be a problem that we have to deal with the supreme court. However looks to be taking the opposite approach. They seem to be saying that we don't believe partisan gerrymandering is a problem, despite all of the factors that we see all of the evidence we see. Of gerrymandering. The supreme court has basically said we don't care. They took these cases in two thousand sixteen and they punted they basically sent them back to the lower courts. The lower court struck down these gerrymandered maps in North Carolina in Wisconsin in Maryland. Now, it's going back to the supreme court and the worry here's at the five-member. Conservative majority is going to tell states partisan gerrymandering is okay, which is going to open the door to rampant gerrymandering even more rampant. Gerrymandering following the twenty twenty electro in the next census comes in North Carolina. What's happening in the ninth congressional district. What would happen in the nice annex fair? That is sure the ninth district basically goes from Charlotte all the way down to eastern North Carolina. And what we saw there it was essentially massive election fraud committed by the Republican candidate marquess and his allies in that race to try to win a congressional race. And it's very ironic that you had Republicans across the country screaming voter fraud voter fraud voter fraud during the last election, but it was their party and. Their candidate that committed massive election fraud to try to win a congressional race. So what's happening now is the state board of election North Carolina has not certified that race. So Mark a Republican was not seated in the new congress, the state board of election. There is going to hold a hearing. And we're gonna see what's going to happen. My guess is there's almost certainly going to be a new election North Carolina at some point this year. Talk about what's happening in Florida. Tomorrow is a major deadline huge days. So in the last election, Florida voters restored voting rights to ex-felons. There was an amendment called amendment for sixty four point five percent of the public approved it which was a huge number basically saying that people that have pay their debt society should get their voting rights back that could lead up to one point four million people getting their right to vote back and tomorrow is the day in which ex-felons in Florida can register to vote in for the first time. This is a huge day for democracy in Florida. However, there is a lot of confusion surrounding this because the new Republican governor the the new Republican legislature. They have not said whether people should be able to register tomorrow. The amendment is very clear starting on January eighth ex-felons who have pay their debt to society have a clean record. Now should be able to register it about. However, the governor has basically said the legislature needs to pass a Bill implementing the law. What voting rights supporters say in? What is this is very clear, if you have paid it society, if you have a clean record you'd be able to register to vote tomorrow. So the people that led the effort to try to pass this law the Exxon's themselves who weren't able to register they are going to go to their local board of elections tomorrow. They are going to try to register to vote for the first time he turned to Desmond Mead, president of the Florida rights restoration coalition chair Floridians for fair democracy. I spoke to him in November after amendment for past. What we seen in Florida was love prevailing that simple prevailed. We had over five million votes for amendment for and votes votes of love people voting for the nuns in friends who made mistakes and and paid their debt and wanted to move on with their lives. And so we're very excited, and we think that this victory can serve as a bright spot. For this country could serve the launching pad for how we conduct business and how we can move. This is along the lines of humanity and transcend above the partisan politics, transcend the above the racial anxieties. So that's Desmond made who is really the nature force the engine behind this. This amendment this referendum that they voted on. That would set an example for states around the country. Interestingly the deadline tomorrow people cannot deadline exactly because people can start to register which means they can register for twenty twenty. And we're talking about over a million people that begins tomorrow the day that the manage trying to stop this from happening. The new governor Ron Disentis will be sworn in. What's really important to note that Florida had the worst felon disenfranchisement law the country one ten flirty, including one in five African Americans and Florida couldn't vote under this law, which is absolutely astonishing voters across the ideological spectrum repealed this in the last election every single congressional district in Florida voted to repeal the state's fell disenfranchise law. This was not a democratic verse Republican issue. This was voters across the spectrum many of them conservative law. In order Republicans who said if you've paid your debt society, you should have a second chance. And so I hope this doesn't become Republican versus democrat left versus right. Like, so often happens society, this is about giving people who've pay their debt to society their rights to vote back, and I would hope that every politician in Florida would encourage people to register to vote because you know, what you're gonna see a lot of white Republicans Amy show up tomorrow and want to register to vote just like you're going to see black Democrats or Latino independence. This is across the political spectrum. We have had such a problem with mass incarceration in Florida. So many people have lost their voting rights and for the most important swing state in the country to potentially restore voting rights to over a million people that can have a transformative impact on our democracy, finally issues, you're looking at about ground voting rights that you think are the most important leading into the twenty twenty election. I think it's really important to note that we saw rampant voter suppression. The last election, we saw thousands of people turned away from the polls in places like Georgia and Florida and north. Kota we haven't dealt with that yet. We haven't investigated that yet. And that's why this Bill that we were talking about earlier HR one is so important because we have to say as Sidey voter suppression is wrong foot. Suppression is a legal footer suppression is immoral and we have to commit to everyone having a chance to vote in twenty twenty that didn't happen in two thousand eighteen they were way too many stories of people that couldn't vote for one reason or another and I'm concerned unless we deal with this both in terms of bring attention to it, but also passing laws to make it easier to vote that history's going to repeat itself and twenty twenty and we're gonna see far too many barriers to the ballot box erected in advance of the next presidential Berman senior writer mother Jones reporting fellow at the nation's author guests the ballot the modern struggle for voting rights in America when we come back. Why are some advocates if a green new deal critical of house speaker Nancy Pelosi's new committee on climate change? Stay with us. Six degrees of ration- MEAs. Instill. Jenna. Gold chain. Shades of brand new. Came just. Slow release by Nina cherry here on democracy. Now. House speaker Nancy Pelosi Pelosi is facing criticism from some climate activists for fouling tobacco green new deal. Last week Pelosi announced the formation of a new select committee on the climate crisis headed by longstanding Florida, congressman, Kathy castor. But the committee is for weaker than what backers of green new deal had envisioned. The committee will not have subpoena power or the power to draft legislation. One of the most prominent backers of the green new deal has been newly sworn in New York. Congress member Alexandra Cossio Cortez on Sunday. She was interviewed on sixty minutes by understand Cooper doing zero carbon emissions. No USA fossil fuels within twelve years. That is the goal. It's Embiid, and I was the positive everybody helping to drive electric car. It's going to require a lot of rapid change. That we don't even conceive as possible right now. What is the problem with trying to push our technological capacities to the furthest extent? Possible would require the raising taxes there's an element where yet there people are going to have to start paying their fair share in taxes jewelry specific on the tax route. You know, you look at our tax rates back in the sixties. And when you have a progressive tax rates system your tax rate. Let's say from zero to seventy five thousand dollars may be ten percent or fifteen percents cetera. But once you get to the tippy tops on your ten million dollar. Sometimes you see tax rates as high as sixty or seventy percents. For more. We go to Boston where we're joined by varsity precaut-, she's founder of sunrise movement. The youth led climate group that's occupied in lobby to congressional offices, including Nancy Pelosi's last month with the woman, we just heard I'll exander Cossio Cortes people risked arrest to demand adoption of the green new deal and bold climate leadership. Varsha Prokosch, welcome to democracy. Now talk about what has been proposed. When Nancy Pelosi did that historic gaveling in with the children and grandchildren of congress members as well as her own in her speech, she called out this select committee on climate on the climate crisis. What do you think is works about that committee? And what are you disappointed by? Sure. Well, what we saw last week was we were very glad to see that Nancy Pelosi mentioned the climate crisis in her address, but calling it a crisis in an existential threat and treating it light one are two very different things. So essentially NC Pelosi is reviving a ten year old committee the select committee for the climate crisis. But we find that it's actually woefully an inexcusably. Short fall. Short of what we need in this moment in terms of climate ambition in this crucial juncture in history. Namely, it fall short in three ways some of which you already mentioned. It doesn't include anything about creating a draft sort of a blueprint for a plan for a green new deal over the next year ahead of the next presidential election. It doesn't include any provisions that actually bars people who are taking money from oiling gas executives and lobbyists who are jeopardy jeopardizing, my generation's future from sitting on the committee, something that frankly, we find to be a conflict of interest and Thirdly, it doesn't include any power to subpoena, which actually renders this committee less powerful than the one we had even a decade ago. So we were feeling really disappointed that Nancy Pelosi had failed to follow the leadership of the forty five members of congress, including some of the freshest faces of the Democratic Party, Alexandra causing Cortez Rashida to leave Ilhan, Omar Yana Presley Jona Agoo, so many more in. In calling for a select committee for green new deal and we've seen the hurricanes. Get bigger we've seen fires level entire cities and towns, we've seen people struggling to breathe clean air and drink fresh water, fresh and clean water and are not seeing the Democratic Party step up with the level of climate emission that we actually need that has been mandated by UN climate scientists last week congressman custody Cortes tweeted in DC and even in our own party. It's apparently to controversial to ask that we keep oil and gas companies away from Enviro policy. Your response functioning. Absolutely. I mean, putting somebody who takes oiling gas money on a committee to stop the climate crisis is akin to pouring oil on a fire and expecting to put it out. We're talking about a fundamental conflict of interests people who are take. Cking money from the corporations and individuals who have spent the last fifty years misinforming, the public on the science misleading the public on the science willfully and buying out politicians on both sides of the aisles for sure the GOP. But also, a large number of Democrats should not. Be having a seat at the table in crafting and holding these public hearings and informing the public about the severity of the crisis and building consensus around the solutions to do it. We'd be hard pressed to really support somebody to sit on this committee who hasn't taken the no fossil fuel money pledge which is why we have been acting. Why we have pushed have been pushing for Representative Kathy castor to take the pledge. Do you want congress member Cossio courtes- to head this committee? Sure, we definitely think it would be a positive if Alexandra Couso Cortez we're able to participate and push this committee in some way. But frankly, we are seeing that are options through institutional means through this committee are not really going to happen in the ways that we wanted. So we're actually looking at not just pushing this select committee on a climate crisis to be better and push for the real solutions to the climate crisis. What what UN climate scientists are saying unprecedented levels of change to our economy, and our society over the next twelve years where we actually are are realizing that we need to take this fight to green you deal beyond the beltway. And to the American people. Pelosi's office said they'd meet with you have they. Yes. We met with them prior to the announcement about this committee, and what was what came out of that discussion. While largely they said they were supportive of our aims, and then created the select committee for climate crisis. So it feels a little bit. A bit of a contradiction to say that they're on our on our same page, but not to include any of the clear demands and provisions that we had asked for previously. It's clear that the select committee for the climate crisis is largely going to be a number of public hearings or or information gathering, and frankly, the time to raise awareness about the crisis is over and at this point history, we need to start developing the plans to actually confront the crisis and lay the groundwork. We're clear that we're not going to be able to ramrod legislation through in one hundred sixteenth congress that's obvious with a Trump administration. That is completely bought and sold by fossil fuel executives and a climate, and I sent it, but we can start to lay the groundwork in these next two years for what an actual plan might look like, and that is an opportunity that Democrats are missing right now, you did not get your demand. For fossil fuel funded lawmakers not to serve on the committee. Will you protest those or highlight those that are chosen for this committee? Will you ask they stop accepting that money? Absolutely. I think we will ask every single member on this committee to reject oil and gas contributions. Oil and gas, executive lobbyists, confrontations and prioritize the health and wellbeing of our democracy. Our society and our climate instead Marcia precaution. When thank you for being with us, founder of the sunrise movement. Speaking to us from Boston, this is democracy. Now when we come back we look at stunning six part documentary series that is just airing on Showtime called. That's just airing on lifetime called surviving R Kelly stay with us. Benjamin. Vida. Mitchells plain Wasi girls the men in per lesson. What you just to be shyness through the sun at the highest news from the top of the cable tinkle. Hi, girls skies. Cake cole? Cousin back home the strength. The mommy that phone which she went for raising by the pain of not reflecting the range of complexions pellets off the LSF, I'm on camera milk. John in all Laurie mortgage Singhalese million story when you Joan beneath the indeedy for Melanie, this thing, family joke, verb complex, Vicks girls. The buffet every put in this world skills, sway rebel stand. Focus flat girls at hands the girl Hain Kelly of quietly, featuring Jane grey, this is democracy. Now democracy now dot org. The warrant piece report, I mean, he Goodman, we end today's show with the shocking lifetime six part documentary series called surviving are Kelly the series which aired over three nights this past weekend. Chronicles two decades of allegations of. Sexual assault and misconduct against the celebrated R and B singer producer R Kelly. This is a part of the trailer for the series. There's a difference between Killian Robert. Was this fun laughing loving? But robert. Is the devil is the devil or Kelly's at the top of the charts. But he may be in for a fall. He was arrested today in twenty one counts of child pornography Kelly's accused of videotaping himself having sex with an underage girl. Taking advantage of minors in that be tolerated. Jurors found him not guilty on all charges long. You'd be clear to these terrible charges. Mill. Mill. That was the trailer for the documentary series surviving R Kelly R Kelly has been accused of abuse predatory behavior pedophilia throughout his career. But despite damning evidence and moulting witnesses. He's been able to avoid criminal conviction Kelly married, the late singer Aaliyah in nineteen ninety four when she was just fifteen he was twenty seven the couple denied the marriage took place. It was later annulled in two thousand two Kelly was indicted for possession of child pornography after a tape surface that appeared to show him having sex with a teenage girl. A jury found him not guilty in two thousand eight after deciding they could not identify the girl for many years. Kelly reached out of court settlements with women who accused him of abuse some who sign nondisclosure agreements that kept them from speaking out about the allegations after however after a two. Thousand seventeen BuzzFeed article reported R Kelly keeping women against their will in an abusive, Colt survivors, and parents of victims have come forward with new allegations about his sexual mental and physical abuse. This is Angelo and Alice Clary parents as real Clary who met R Kelly when she was seventeen. The way the head exit was third aback. During that time, we've waiting and waiting and waiting kinda give a little nervous went to the corn away to the P was and then that's she exit backside state. State. Told us he asked that he saying. I liked it. So he gave a number to contact him. Final right away. But she moved secretly. I guess. Calmness. Useful. Taught me. With. Did this happen? Shot. That was from the documentary series surviving R Kelly, and we'll be speaking with ngelo clarion, less Vegas in a moment. The series will rear in its entirety on lifetime on Friday, January eleventh while for more we are going to our Nikkei Odiele co-founder of mute or Kelly a campaign to end our Kelly's music career, and it land-based based arts administrator who is also featured in this documentary or an AK welcome to democracy. Now this series is just heartrending horrifying talk for people who aren't so familiar with our Kelly. Tell us who he is. And when the allegation started surfacing why you're so deeply concerned about him and really co founded a movement against him. Well, our Kelly is a internationally recognized singer songwriter producer. We've had a number of hits over the last couple of decades that have cemented him a lot of people's mind as the king of Rb he is beloved and the African American community for some of the more inspiring uplifting songs that he's written like believe I can fly and step in the name of love. I mean, those are staple songs at African American weddings and graduations. And so he's he's very steeped in the culture. I I heard the allegations are Kelly Robert fifteen around a Leah's age about that marriage. And I can remember thinking that was outrageous from a kid's point of view in many years past and I didn't hear anything else really going on with my life. Go to college, you know, just wrapped up in other circles and so had anything else until June. I believe it was two thousand seventeen when the allegations came out about the what the. Media was calling sex colts in his home in Johns creek, which is right outside of Atlanta. And at the time I was sitting in my office. And I heard this on the news, and I just did a Google search. I was like what is this? I haven't heard anything about our Kellyanne years when I did that Google search I found article after article after article after article about all the allegations all the court cases that had come up since a Lia. We're talking about twenty five years worth of women coming out and saying that this person abused me on this person's violent. They started a sexual relationship with me when I was underage, and they were asking for the community's help, and we're being largely ignored. And I just became incensed. I really just sat at my desk in my office fuming light, you know, how dare we let this go on for twenty five years at the expense of dozens upon dozens of young black women. So I didn't know what to do. I'm not an activist by any kind of training. But. Just like, you know, I'm just going to start a petition a really humble petition to try to get him off of Atlanta radio and Lanta especially cannot afford to support child. Molesters we have a huge child sex trafficking problem in Atlanta. And just like, we just can't we all know this to be true, regardless of the fact that we have to say alleged in front of all of these accusations. Everybody saw that tape of him sexually degrading fourteen year old girl, regardless of whether or not he was convicted Twenty-one video instances of himself engage in sex with underage girls were removed from his home. We all know who forged documents to marry a fifteen year old Leah who he had been mentoring since she was twelve. So we know what this man is about. And we as a community need to say, even if we can't put him in jail. We're not going to give him our money anymore. We're not going to financially support the lifestyle that we know that he's living. And so I started that petition and then can yet teasha Barnes reached out to me when she saw me on the news and said, I have got to help I've been doing. This work, you know, and I wanna I wanna help and the two of us formed Dr Kelly and decided that not only were we going to try to get him off the radio, but we were going to try to get his cancer his concert cancelled. And we were going to try to get him off a streaming. We were going to make it impossible for other artists to wanna work with him. We were going to cut off the money at every turn that we could because it's really his money that is insulating him from the consequences of his crimes. And so if you stop the money, you stop his ability to hide, and so that's where Dr Kelly was born I wanna go to another clip from the docu series surviving R Kelly this is survivor. Lisa von Allen. Followed by singer and former are Kelly protege sparkle sparkles. Niece is allegedly the fourteen year old and the sex tape video for which R Kelly face, but was acquitted of child pornography charges. I was kinda surprised when I actually ended up meeting him because I just thought I'd be the last one he would try to talk to because I was probably the youngest one there. Rob was sitting there the pool, and he was being really really nice. And he asked me how old I was. And then I told him I was seventeen and he asked me will your mother let you come to Chicago. I knew he was at least thirty one. So I thought when I said seventeen that he'd be like, you know, like that was going to be the deal breaker, but it wasn't. Young girls are impressionable like he's R Kelly now look who I look who showing me interests. He's charismatic funny. And he's an all around nice guy. But Robert is a massive manipulator like everybody knows it now. They didn't know back then I'd heard about Rob's reputation about him dating a lien, but I didn't assume that he liked younger girls. I just thought at that moment. I thought he likes me. So that was Lisa van Allen and talk about the significance of this and sparkles. Niece. The person sparkle who was a singer with Robert Kelly with R Kelly. Alleges her niece. Yeah. Such a hard documentary to watch to see so many young women fall into this trap over and over again. But you know, sparkle is absolutely right. Young women are very impressionable, and we say young women, especially, but everyone is impressionable, and is is able to be manipulated by somebody that they look up to they admire they worship, I think they're grown people right now who have a celebrity who if that's elaborately dropped out of the sky and shown their spotlight on them. You know, would leave their husbands wives children go run off to LA tomorrow. So I think to think that children would be less susceptible to that type of Tim tation is ridiculous. You know, he he has honed his his trap at this point. When you hear all those lady stories, it's the exact thing story over and over and over again, he's using. His charm. His his looks is fame his money his role mobility is bait and then he flips the script on them are naked fortunate. This is Gironde pace from the documentary surviving R Kelly who says I mean, this is just an amazing story because she actually met him while she went to his trial almost every day. And he saw her as he was walking into court. She says she was fifteen when she met Kelly. I want to child because I was a superfan at the time. I don't believe he was guilty. I didn't want to believe that he was guilty. I was a freshman in high school. He was gold for me to light him. But I fell in love with his music. After trial his friend sent me a message and invited me to archilles party in the middle of me, Texan him back. Rob he actually called my phone, and he was helping me he's our remember you, and I said, well, what do you remember me from he's came to my trial? Thank you for your support. I was shocked. I felt like I was on top of the world. Was survivor Rhonda pace. Let your shoes later sexually mentally and physically abused while living in a cult like atmosphere and Kelly's home paces. Now, speaking out despite having received a cash settlement from our Kelly in return for signing a nondisclosure agreement and talk about. Talk about our naked these nondisclosure agreements. Well, I mean, that's how he's been able to kind of cover his tracks for years. I there's a lot of talk about, you know, women accepting these cash settlements, but not talk about him making these cash settlement part of it is you know, when these cases come up, your lawyer takes a look at them. And goes you need to make this go away. Right. This is not something we want out in the public. And so he offers them money for their silence. And I think that they are judged for that unfairly because if we all think about our daughters our nieces, the young people that we love in our life. Would we want their name and their image, and the terribly humiliating things that have happened to them all over the news forever? Women are forever judged and and found guilty for any sexual indiscretion that they have for the rest of their lives. You know, at this point, Monica Lewinsky could cure cancer, and we're still going to be a footnote on her legacy for something that happened decade. Ago and who wants that for their child? What you want is for the person to pay for what they did. And if you're not able to get that in court for whatever reason for statue of limitations for lack of physical evidence. You wanna make them pay harbor you can and so many of these people took the cash settlement and the India to make go away and to also save their daughters that humiliation of having their name dragged through the mud. I think if we want to create a society where people don't take money, and they fight it to court, and they fight to get Justice. We have to create a society where victims are not going to be blamed and judge for the things that happened to them. We have to create a society where this is not gonna follow you for the rest of your life and be the defining moment of your childhood. We have to create a society where people actually look at the facts and the evidence and not at the fame, and the well of the smokescreen that money and fame are able to create in order to really kind of see the merits of the case and judged on that so. I don't judge any of these women for taking money for their silence. I don't know that I would be able to put myself in their position, and they're extremely brave for coming out on his documentary and telling their most humiliating degrading. Moment of their life to the entire world. I don't know many of us who would want to do that. I I wanna bring Angelo clarion into this discussion the father of s real Clary who met our Kelly at the age of seventeen moved in with him with hopes of advancing her music career. He hasn't seen his daughter almost four years and villa? Thanks so much for joining us from Las Vegas. Can you talk about what has happened to us real what you understand to place? Yes. I think the situation, whereas we all was more of a personal situation at the world don't really know about it was a lot going on whereas will probably to meet now Kelly, and that's what led up to her being able to go to the show would us and had to be at the show with us for her that even attended show moving right in and she'd never move right in. We had a open conversation with our Kelly after the event data took place, and we he gave his phone number. And they start talking. I think on a Sunday to each other. And on that Sunday, we had no why did that they was Texan and already starting to relationship that Monday she's been in school and then. She she wound up not being in class. So we call she drive the school. She she always drove through high school. So she didn't do a home at the right time. So I think my wife call, and then she called me and told me that as was a home, so call my son who also went to school, and that's how we figured out. She wasn't as school. We find out she left school early. And then we blew up a phone. This kept calling and call and call no answer when we finally got. Answer from her phone. She sent him a text and say she had a audition R Kelly she had to leave school. She had to go over there and meet with him. So we was like baffled. So she told my wife and my wife called me. So hey, she had hotel with this Kelly. We need to get the league works. You leave where we wound up meeting at the hotel in Kasumi, Florida where we see his tool bus. My daughter car we go in there. Went to the registration asked them for our Kelly. Nobody off new way was or he was under that name, and they don't have a celebrity here. You know, they have to protect celebrity. So we understood that so we went in and started going door to door security was called police was called fuss disturbance, a hotel the security finally went up in found daughter went door to door. Pulled the rooms like a top floor with about seven eight rooms, and they found her my daughter in Verma got. We came down. They brung down some kind of way he didn't bring him down. And the next thing we asked the officer there where it was all Kelly. He's like he's on his way down, but he never came down. So we heard that he left he went out the back door, whatever he was gone. We was more concerned about outdoor that that time we talked to her as the, you know, she she put on this to show force. You know, hey, this my career he called me. You know, what it was? He asked me for dishes like, yeah. But you know, you only supposed to win without telling one of us pre. I mean, we already talked about who he was his background on the way home. When she when she told her that they he gave his number after the show when she went on stage and sung full. So you know, after that we talked to a went home, and then which we didn't. Know that they had already had a sexual intercourse that day. We find out a year later. Your daughter was seventeen years. Eighteen she was seventeen some where we have to this segment of our interview Angelo. But we're going to do part two and put it online at democracy now dot org, but you have said that. You don't think this could continue if these children weren't black girls and young women? Can you explain as we end with this comment? I think the comment was the street blunt that if the the females was was Caucasian. This would have been it wouldn't have been to this. Amount a women or young girls kids or anything to stop that one. Maybe two tops. I think in the black community that we want heroes, and we so scared to the mile semi because of the good they make us feel with whatever talent they have that. We don't wanna be the one that say, hey, we got destroy you. And I think this is why really drug on as long as it did. And he was so successful way getting away with it. But I really believe that like now with more people understanding that I don't think. But we're going to continue the discussion in part two people can go online at democracy, now dot org Goodman. Thanks for joining us.

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