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If you don't know Sirius. Xm THAN LISTEN UP Commercial Free Music Plus sports comedy talk and news. They have it all and right now you can get your first three months of Sirius. Xm outside the car. For just one dollar go to SIRIUSXM DOT com slash busted to see offer details and to subscribe offer available to new series. Xm streaming subscribers SIRIUSXM. No car required. This is the busted open podcast. You can listen to the full show Monday through Saturday from nine. Am To noon eastern on Sirius Xm Channel One fifty six. Welcome to the busted open podcast. This is Dave Greco today's episode. Wwe Hall of Famer the Greatest Tag team wrestler of all time bully Ray and I talk to the Bella twins. That's right Nikki. And Brie Bella. They have a new book out. We get into all of that. Push their career on today's episode of Busted Open. Also we get into Monday night raw and the dip severe dip. In the ratings we kind of answer the question why and also we get into one of the bright spots of Monday night raw live Morgan and Charlotte flare all that right now on the bus. Open podcast were you ever a Bella twins fan. I always liked the Bellas Fan of the bells. What was your what was part of their tenure and wwe to enjoy the most. I really liked their later. Part of their career when you know with the women's revolution kicked in and a lot of people hate on the beginning of their career. I actually liked that twin dynamic that they had were Nikki was getting the shit kicked out of her. She rolled out of the ring and Bray would roll in. You know if you remember their first match was it was Bree against is bell against Victoria Nikki. Bell actually got the win but I always liked their dynamic and you know I think they for a lot of their career. They were hated on unfairly but I think they got a lot of respect as their career went on. So it's going to be talking to them at eleven. Am Why do you think the unfair hatred? I just think because of where the women's division was in the wwe started to where it was and they changed. They adapted they evolved. If you if you look at the women's evolution in the wwe for where it was you know ten years ago to where it is right now. All you have to do is look at the Bellas. And what they were at the beginning of the career and how their careers develop and how they adapted they became damn good pro wrestlers both of them by the end of their careers. And you know what we always talk about the lack of real stars in pro wrestling. You know everyone talks about the Rock and the stone colds and the seniors and we haven't really been able to get that the last decade in the wwe you kind of have with the Bella twins because they are now as known from their wrestling career as everything else they do outside of the ring including their their TV. Show on a so. They're about as mainstream or even more mainstream than probably any wrestler right now on the wwe. Roster I would agree. They are superstars. They they they transcend. They step over the line and their books should be interesting. Their shows are always interesting. And I'm sure talking to them. We'll be fun and you know one woman. One more thing on the bill is before we move on again. They're going to be on at eleven. Am eastern time bully. Is that you always hear about Vince. Mcmahon says there's no guarantees. I don't give guarantees. I give opportunities if there was ever to people that took the most out of that opportunity. It's Nikki and Brie Bella. They took their opportunities. They knock down that door and they became mainstream superstars. I will agree that they became mainstream superstars. And I can tell you because I was there as the words came out of the man's mouth. He said BUBBA. There is no such thing as the push what we give you here is opportunity and that is the biggest word in the wwe and yes. The bell is maximized their opportunities. Now bully you mentioned the conversation that you and I are happened before the start of the show and it's not a it's not a conversation that is a positive conversation when I mean that is that it's not a conversation that I liked to have. It wasn't that long ago. Bully you and I were talking about the momentum in pro wrestling across the board and how is just getting bigger and bigger and it wasn't at the same heights of what we saw twenty years ago but we were getting there and and there are a lot of positive changes especially over what we saw the last decade. Since we've got into what we're world I guess you could say is the new normal in our world right now with everything that's gone on with this pandemic over the last couple of months. A lot of things have changed especially in the world of pro wrestling especially in the world of the. Wwe bully. When you look at Monday night raw and you look at smackdown on Fox and I'm just mentioning these two main stream a main roster shows for the wwe they have fallen about as far as you can fall and the proof is in the pudding when you look at Monday night. Raw and the numbers that they drew for this past Monday Monday by the way bully right before a pay per view a Monday before. Pretty big pay per view for the fans which is money in the bank and I think it was about a one point nine. I one point six for Monday night. Raw this past. Monday I mean. Those are putrid numbers and bully. We were having a conversation before to starting to show why and we blame a lot of it on the lack of a crowd. But now we've been having shows with a lack of a crowd for a while now. I don't think that's the problem right now with Monday night. Raw you would think that with no sports on TV and pro wrestling giving us the only semi live option that there is it comes to know new. Tv shows a sporting events you know pro wrestling able to weather all the storms that have ever been out there in reality and keep pressing along but something is going on and I don't think it has anything to do with lack of crowds. Now I have had friends. Tell me it's hard to watch the products. Whatever they may be without the crowd. They're just not the same. So if you'd have a fair weather fan or a fan that just watch casually. I guess they're not as entertained by the lack of crowds. But you would think with everybody's being forced to sit home but that would force them to watch wrestling a little more because it's basically one of the only things that's out there right now that still live or semi live so why would numbers be down or numbers down that much because there's no audience there. I'll give you a little bit of that. I'll give you some at the very least I would have thought that. Wwe would maintain and I think if they would have just maintained their their normal rating. They'd be totally fine and listen at the end of the day. They're gonNA be totally fine no matter what 'cause it's Vince. And he will find a way because he always does and his history is dictated. Here's what I believe the issue is and I've been talking to you about this for a long time and I think it's finally and rearing its ugly face. There's no star power on the shows. They have not built up their second tier the way they built up their second tier years and years and years ago. You have your handful of talent that is over and then you have everybody else. These stars are not at the level that people want to invest emotionally into Zelina. Vega is a friend of yours. She's a friend of mine. She's a friend of velvets. She does a phenomenal job every single week. She's out there along with the crew that she's out there with right. Who does she have asset with her? Dave Andrade Austin Theory Angel Garza. How many weeks in a row have we seen all this talent now? We have seen him every week since this pandemic has started. Are you that into any of those talents where you need to see them every week? No and I know way to answer your question simply know the answer to that is now. And why are you not into those talents? Why you don't have to see them every week. Well for me. It's because what have they done? Like what if they done in the ring or added a ring? That says hey. I want to watch these wrestlers each and every week. Now to your point Selena Vega has done it but Selena vague is not in the ring competing Selena Vegas p. She's the manager. We seen her on commentary. She's highly entertaining. See somebody that I liked to watch on my TV. But as far as the wrestlers that she's a part of both for the most part they lose. I mean this pass Mondays another example of that so they have built those wrestlers up to a point where it's like. Oh my God I gotTa Watch and see what they do. Next week. The problem is let's go. Let's go to the to the product before all of this pandemic started. They weren't positioning these talents. To be main event players they were part of fifty fifty crew. The fifty fifty crew is. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose sometimes. You're on TV. Sometimes you're off TV. And it never gives a fan an opportunity to really get into anybody because they're used sporadically. It's like okay. What do we have for Seth? What DO WE HAVE FOR CHARLOTTE? What do we have for Roman? And then whatever's left over. Let's divvy up amongst the rest and they're in that divvy up amongst the rest crew and if you're only getting some TV time here and some TV time there. Yeah it is your job to maximize that. Tv time in and hit a home run every single time as Lena is doing but as far as the talent in the ring people really don't have an opportunity to get into them. Really really get into them to do you want to see. Drew McIntyre beat brock listener. Of course yes we wanted to see. Drew McIntyre beat Brock. Lester do you care about this match at money? In the bank between drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins I am Bildt interest I to be honest a mild interest in the match. You Use the word mild. And that's why they're at a point one point six there you go in this during these times. You can't afford to be mild. That's why you're getting a mild rating and I don't like to talk about the ratings. This rating is not about. Oh my God. They did one point six. This is more indicative about how the wwe used to build everybody up and now they only build certain people up and now all of a sudden you have a situation where you can't have those people on tv all the time and you're second tier talent needs to be up there back in the day if you go back and watch Dave all at one time stone cold rocky triple H cactus taker. Cain they were either gone or hurt or off. Tv whatever what the WWe do. They relied on their second tier talent. Who was able to step right up. They were just waiting in that. Batter's box ready to get up there. And they were swinging away and the wwe never dipped now. We're seeing a massive dip and we keep go back to the mid eighties. When Hogan was on top and Hoagie was on top for a long time. You look at that. Mid Card of you know Roddy Piper and junkyard. They were day. Where you'd superstars you'd soup and that was that. Was You know under the champ? You look at what you just said it and we've talked about it last week the MVP and say it again to me the MVP of Monday night. Raw has been Selena Vega. That's a problem when SELENA VEGAS. Not Actually in the ring competing. She manages three wrestlers. Let's use the example from this past Monday. You said it Angel Garza Angel. Garza was eliminated by Umberto at the beginning of that. Show Austin theory. Somebody else's she manages. He came into the ring next. He was quickly eliminated by Umberto. So where's the built here? You're still relying on the people that the same people that you relied on a year ago. That's why you get. Aj Styles back as early as you got AJ styles and they completely dismissed match. That happened a month ago at Wrestlemainia. Thirty six because they need to have him in the ring. They need to have him compete. Because you don't know what to do with this crop of wrestlers on your show creatively. Correct me if I'm wrong creatively. They're lost because you just mentioned where. Hey if somebody gets injured you know next man up and you're going to make them look as big and as much of a star as possible the. Wwe's not doing that right now. The next man up is meaningless to a lot of fans because as you said you have done nothing. Nothing to build that person up to where it's a persona or a character that you want to watch on a weekly basis. Nobody's get was getting any real reps in the. Wwe enough reps where fans could be like. Wow I really liked this performer. Where I really hate this performer. And then a situation where they could put those performers in a spot and people could be like. Oh Yeah. I'm into this person. Let me ask you this. Who's must see TV on Monday night? Raw or smackdown. Right now. Back I'd probably say Otis is must see TV. Just because I'm interested in the storyline and Otis's entertaining Otis without Mandy. And you can't say Otis without Dolf and you can't say oldest without Daria so all those people together. So if you're GonNa say Otis you gotta say all the supporting players because Otis on his own is nothing without the supporting players in that story. So if that's must see for you that's great. Is that going to carry the smackdown rating? No which show is must see for you right now. The the show that I constantly say I look forward to entertain me. Entertain ME FROM BEGINNING TO END. Is He w dynamite on Wednesdays which wwe product is must-see? See for you. There isn't one right now. These are all my points that I'm trying to. This is why when you only allow certain people to get over and you quote unquote hold others back and never let them flourish. When you don't let the talent be talented. This is what happens. I find myself watching a bunch of people when I sit back and watch Selena Vega and her crew. I know that Austin theory is a talented wrestler. I know that Angel Garza is a talented wrestler. I know everybody I know. Alastair is a talented wrestler. I know anybody on the I know. They're all talented but I know that they are far more talented than what? I'm getting on my TV. Let the fricken pigeons loose on this product. You have to do something different. You have to shake some stuff up. Now I say half do thence doesn't have to do anything it's his bat ball game and you have to play by his rules and that's just what it is. I'm just talking about this rating and we. We never point fingers at ratings on this show because it's not about the rating it's about the product. It's on TV. And as fans and as an analyst we we watch we appreciate and sometimes we dissect. But there's gotta be a reason why the rating is not holding when more people are home watching. Tv than ever before and you know what the rating is down across the board for pro wrestling and be the first one to admit the WWe is the captain of the ship when the WWe is succeeding. You start to see all other organizations and companies succeed when it's down. It's kind of a trickle down effect and I and I agree with you. Bully to an extent. I understand that with the crowd for a Lotta people. That is a distraction. But at this point when there's not a lot on and ratings on TV shows are up across the board and down for pro wrestling. There has to be a reason. Why and they'll take it a step further bully. I'm sure Evan Husni. We'll tell you who was a guest on our show yesterday. Dark side of the ring is doing much better ratings than they did last year. Espn and F S. One has been showing old matches. Bully that you usually obtain on the WWE network and they're getting ratings for that. So you know a documentary about things that have happened. Fifteen twenty thirty years ago are getting a good rating. Espn showing old wrestlemanias are getting a good rating. F S One. Showing old matches are getting a good rating but anything new is not getting a good rating. There has to be a reason why and it can't just be the crowds and the people in attendance. Soccer is a passion that goes beyond the sport and Sirius. Xm FCC podcast more than a game brings that passion to you. You any episode. Fc's panel of experts take a deep dive into club histories grounds up janitor rivalries and so much more nothing like adobe diametrically new episodes are available weekly by downloading the Pandora and searching more than a game talking about the ratings dip. And it's been a massive one For Monday night raw. Why is it because at crowd? Yeah bully I think you're right in a in a Lotta ways that for some people. It's been difficult for them to watch because there's no crowd and I'm sure you know if baseball came back with no crowd there be a little bit of a dip but I think people would be so hungry for baseball that they would watch even if there was no crowd if nfl came back and there was no crowd. Yes there will be a little bit of a dip but I think people would be so hungry for football that they would watch with. No crowd doesn't seem the case right now for pro wrestling so it has to be more than just a lack of a crowd if there if you turned on a station and there was a baseball game on your not the biggest baseball fan in the world and there was no crowd there but the game was exciting. Would you watch yes? You wouldn't give a shit if there was a crowd. They're not because the game was entertaining. You based on the excitement of the play correct. Yes boom there. You go is it. Are we talking about the excitement of the matches? No we understand that the matches are exciting because of the athleticism. But if we don't really give a shit about the people doing the athleticism then it just moves for the sake of moves and this is what happens when you don't build up your characters and your talent. It's not about the moves they're doing. It's about the emotional investment. You're seeing it come into play. Why are one point. Six million people watching wrong because they probably don't give a damn about anybody on their TV. Can those people do backflips in front flip? Shit SUPER KICKS AND FOUR FIFTIES. Tackle dropdown hip. Toss a body slam one to kick get it again absolutely and I can appreciate the athleticism but if I don't give a damn about you as a human being as a character as a heel of face a good bad a somebody who tears. Here's here's where I'll I'll make this comparison with the world of football. You know thirty five years ago I would get are the two local teams on my TV. So as a football fan on Sunday be forced to watch the giants and the jets. If the jets game sucked I probably would still watch it. Just because it's the only game I could watch jet game boy. Yeah not the case in two thousand and twenty bully with satellite. I can go to any game. I want so if a game is terrible and it's boring and I'm not emotionally invested in it. Click so something that I watched thirty years ago. I'm not going to watch in two thousand and twenty. It's the same thing here. There's a lot of people who are accustomed to Monday nights watching pro wrestling thirty years ago. That twenty years ago fifteen years ago ten years ago. That might have been enough. It's not enough in two thousand and twenty because you know what I could be a wrestling fan and you know what. I'm not interested in what's going on Monday night. I can watch wrestling on Youtube on the network on my tablet on my phone. I don't have to watch it on. Usa On Monday nights at eight o'clock anymore. And I think there's a lot of people who are wrestling fans that much rather watch anything else other than what's on USA. On a Monday night. On Monday night I was sitting in my office watching raw. And you know what I was looking for on Youtube. I was looking for the free birds entrance from Halloween. Havoc eighty nine. My point is what I'm watching is not really grabbing me. You know so many people out there like the trash man you for this all this aid w stuff because we put over e W and we're critical of of of the wwe product. Let me tell you something. If a w gave me something to really be critical over I would be especially in the beginning of B. W when they're tag matches didn't make fricken sense and when they're referees don't make sense. And when the throwing the frigate rule book out the door a e W screws up plenty and we talk about it. Trust me especially when it comes to the glaring screw ups of not paying attention to tags and referees acting like Jackass jumping up and down trying to get themselves more over the talent trust me. We've acknowledged it on the show. But I can tell you as a Fan. And as a professional marco stunt right now is doing more to keep my attention than anybody on the. Wwe product the frigate six foot. Eight guy who dresses up like a T. Rex is keeping my attention. Okay J. Code. Forget about the big stars even the smaller stars there when I'm talking about smaller stars about talking about stature. I'm talking about in level of being over there even commanding my attention. Why because they're doing different stuff if I watched Monday Wednesday and Friday if I watch. Wwe product. I know what I'm getting. I've been served this dish before over and over again and yes I know I know. It looks like I've eaten every single dish that they've served me. Ha. I'll hit my own fat joke. Okay but I don't know what I'm getting served on Wednesday night. That's why I find myself more intrigued. I don't know what I'm getting from a certain character. It's new it's fresh it's different. They're keeping me on my tippy toes. Doing Stupid Shit that keeping me emotionally invested. How come I don't care about the interim cruiserweight championship but I care about the W TV title? You know why because the wrestlers that are in that tournament one has been released and then the other ones. You usually see on Monday night raw lose. So why are you now going to be invested in them being in a tournament on Wednesday night when you watch them lose a Monday night and the tournament that you're seeing what they w? I'm not saying it's perfect but that that's made eventuality in in that tournament. It's it's it's Cody Rhodes. It's Dustin. Rhodes it's Lance Archer. What tournament going to gravitate towards over the other I mean let's let's get to the nation because I know that they they are really passionate about some of what we're talking about. Let's out to LET'S GO OUT TO JEFF IN CINCINNATI? Jeff what are you talking? What are your thoughts on the ratings right now for Monday night raw man you guys set it a lot of what? My opinion is. Sorry about the voice. I got the fully ray morning boys to man. I feel like ww has. This is a long term problem for them. This isn't just a crowd into seats problem Their creativity has been down for a while. Their personal issues have been down for a while. Either I chill out. Stop Stop Stop. Stop me and Dave of already laid out the problems that we have with raw. Tell me what you like about raw. Tell me what you like about addicts t and tell me what you like about. Smackdown speak to some positivity well. I'll be honest Monday night. Raw was basically like background music for me. It's on my television but but man what you like about it not much. So why is it on in the background? Because I'm a huge wrestling fan interesting fan all my life. You know great and tell me one thing you like about it man I like with Selena Vega. I liked it the fact that they aren't like I think Angel Garza is is a bad ass. I I love him. I just don't like where's the issue? Where they're they're making somebody come out and beat the shit out of somebody and then have them sell it for three weeks and then come back with fire. You Know Jeff. I don't mean to cut you off but your Jeff and listen. I agree with what you're saying Jeff and I don't mean to cut you off and listen you know. Bully bullies kind of hammering. You to get get an answer out. And it's tough to find that answer because Jeff. I think you are like a lot of people right now. You're you're you're you're used to turning on Monday night raw every Monday night but like I think bullies line of questioning was awesome and the fact that you're struggling to come up with an answer and it's funny because your first answer would probably be my first answer. Which is Selena Vega and Selena? Vegas the reason why you're tuning in on Mondays. God bless but it shouldn't your answer because you have a new champion at just wanted a title at Wrestlemainia. You're just you're just a few weeks removed from Wrestlemainia and you have a major pay per view on Sunday with money in the bank and Jeff. Your answers are very similar to my answers and I think these answers. You'll love watching Zelina Vega you love Angel Garza bullies been praising Angel Guards up and down but guess what Angel Garza Loses each and every Monday night and then you think I think and Jeff thank you so much for the phone call and it was a good one. The biggest thing he said is background noise. It's background noise for him he he he tunes in to Monday night raw. And I bet you I bet you that Jeff is probably excited about raw because I get jolt just before Rosser. I wrote about to start. I turned it on. And you hear the intro and and then gradually that excitement begins to dwindle with each passing hour on that show. And just like you said bully. It becomes background noise. Because you find yourself halfway through that show googling or researching things on Youtube about something. That happened thirty five years ago. They haven't given me enough reason to give a damn about their talents years ago. Me and Devon worked a dark match against two. Nobody's I asked Jerry Briscoe Jerry. You want us to squash them. And Jerry said pub if you WANNA squash them go ahead but remember something. If you don't make anybody you didn't beat anybody and this goes back to the product. Now you're not making anybody or you haven't made any body enough people during the time when the product was hot that now when the product is not people can be invested in them. This is this is coming back to kind of bite them in the ASS now. When does it really bite them in the s well when the bottom line is now when people actually losing money well people are losing their jobs? And there's little things going on here and there I could you could give me any name from the WWe pick a name. Tell it to me and I can tell you why. They're a good entertainer or a good wrestler. I can tell you that. Across the board for the entire roster raw annexed smacked smackdown. I could find positive positive positive for every ethic talent there it has nothing to do with the talent it has to do with the product and the stories and the the the the scenarios that they're being asked to go out there and bring to us as fans and it's not resonating. Well I think the perfect example is a name that you mentioned the name that I mentioned and the name that Jeff. Our caller mentioned Angel Garza. What's the story with Angel Galarza hitting on every single woman in the wwe? That's what it seems to be. He's a HE'S A. He's a ladies' man. He's always making googly eyes. He's always flirting. I'd have them flirting with everybody until he flirted with the wrong girl play. I listen I know this. Selena Faye the V. Salita Vega story with allistair. I'm just I'm Richard off the top of my head if we knew via story. Line that that Selena Vega and Alastair was together. I'd have Angel Making googlies Selena. An taken Amish Dow we black versus Angel because Angel's hitting on his wife. Now you got something now. You got something because the fricking oldest story line is ridiculous but we can relate to that. And here's the thing right now. Angel Garcia who's a hell of a wrestler and seems to be a personality and character that people are invested in the story with him. Is that each. And every wiki hits on Charlie Caruso. What's the game with that? Charlie Caruso is a backstage interviewer and Oh yeah by the way Angel Garza loses each and every Monday night. It's it's pathetic the UFC is back. Saturday may ninth in the Luke. Thomas show is your number one source to prepare you for the return of this is Luke. Thomason from Monday may fourth to Friday. You can catch the loose. Thomas Show live every afternoon from one to three eastern as I give you the inside his perspective on. Ufc Two forty nine plus. I'll be taking your calls at eight seven seven fight ninety three to hear what you have to say about the stack card. It's all happening on. Luke. Thomas show Monday to Friday. Airing live from one to three. Pm Eastern on your home for a Siriusxm fire nation. One fifty six. They are the definition of superstars. It's Nikki and Brie Bella. The Bell how are you this morning so good? Thank you chose really good. Yeah Wow Dave. He's going to run with that one forever. He's GonNa come on the show for at least the next year going. Yup. I'm David Greco Bell chills. Well THIS VIOLETA. My wife chills. Yes I need some because this old pandemic thing is definitely ruined by game but again again. Congratulations so let me ask you this right off the bat with the book out now. Are you guys nervous about everything? I mean having this book. Is there a little nerves? Is it nervous as nervous excitement? Explain I mean for me. It was definitely hard sleep last night. You Know I. I made a lot of headlines with a few of my stories that I have acted for over twenty years and I was really nervous for to come out. Even we're writing Evanston rating two half years ago. I was still unsure if I wanted to tell these stories of being raped because it had been so long. It's just painted a carried through that had to work on for on time. And you just don't know how people are GonNa perceive it but I knew overall I could help younger women and women who are in high school or in college like for me. It was worth thin. It's were whatever kind of feedback I get so but it's still hard southern. Talk to my mom about it. We're going to talk later today. But we still haven't even discussed it the minute you haven't talked to your mom about what you you just brought up the word rape spoke with your mom about that. So my mom literally was hearing about it for the first time through the book and I dropped her off the hook. Two nights ago at dinner box with two bottles of wine. It was like mom you're gonNA need and she takes me an incredible Texas yesterday. Was like when you're ready. I would love to talk. It's hard because we have to do it through facetime resume because we can't see each other but it steps. She's having a hard time by now. We haven't even talked yet. Nicole carried a lot of like shame and guilt women do when they're these situations that I was one of the first people who she came to really one of the only ones twenty years known about it. But that's my Schwerin right it. Is I think a lot of women do they blame themselves for what subset situation? When it's not abso- breakfast. I tried to tell her like it's not was not review but you know a lot of women already come. I Q believed in less than twenty hours. How many girls and women have already demere agreed out with the impudent? Do the both of you remember your very first day in the wrestling business. So let me ask you this. What would Nikki and Brie right this very second? Say TO NIKKI AND BRIE. Walking in the doors for the very first time chose again. Because what I do. That's what I do out. That's Oh by the way that's what we do guys that you know I would tell myself I on the first day that we stepped into the business. We were just all smiles and bubbly. Ed looked at just thought. We're kind of working to this positive world and we rocked a little bit but I would tell myself flake stand strong like it took me a while to find my confidence encourage in the business. Because you're just with politics in getting heat and everything you just always so scared. I was constantly walk on eggshells so I would tell me someone beginning upset like you walk in confidence. In Courage Bravery Kazaa further. Took me. Why really the? Yak At that for me. It'd be raked. The rules apologize later. I didn't learn it to way later. I WANNA see to my longest divas championship. I always play by the rules. That was one of the producers in the boss happy but it doesn't do anything for your character when he do that and so. I wish I took that when I first walked through the door. Like whatever I'm GonNa do I'm GonNa do it. And if they don't like it it could kick me while you definitely broke the rules in that first batch on smackdown. I mean Jeez. That's what magic now. I'm going to throw out a word that a lot of people describe you as I WanNa get both of your reaction to this word. And that's the word hero because you hear that a lot when you know when it comes to descriptions of the both of you what do you think about that word and do you think it's an accurate word to describe you as you're making me emotional. Jeez you guys. I didn't know what we're professionals incredible. I know for me a review of the same in. You'll see your thing but it's an incredible feeling when we started in this business. Thirteen years ago girls from broken homes. That never spoke about it and we found something that we love taking not I BUMP. It was love at first sight and we start feeling. Yeah right we boundless family that we just lack. Wbz Stanley A man. We never thought we could find a more. Intimate family knots about arm. Your fan base and it was having this connection always people around the world in hearing their stories at how much they helped us but knowing that like our story was helping them have come from a background. That you're not maybe out of things have happened to you. You don't think that that can help. Make you become a hero and help others. So it means so much nick. Junior reality star jobs. Always this negative. Stigma can come with it and you're just like okay. We're going to be open bucks. Likes out there? The good the bad the ugly after rubble hate have road will lead us. But it's a scary to do that. So when you do hear that and you see how people attached to how you live and or being open at such it just makes everything like a payoff. It's a a really as wrestling fans as being involved in the business. You just mentioned the good the bad and the ugly. I've seen the good of the Bellas more times than not every once in a while the bed. But you just brought up the ugly. What is the ugly of the Bellas? Well this Thursday when Nikki gets drowned. It's a big fight at the onset. Everyone now the ugly reme- is just those moments when it's almost like it's not being exposed but you know simply on reality television. We have no choice but to show the sides that why we will keep hidden at home that people see the sights. And you know you can't ever help your judgment. A situation like rain. I'm someone who really quick to judge. Super Wet she does virtually cameras catch. Find ugly moments. And you know you. Just get a couple of hours to breathing. I like that first reaction. I had betted too bad even in wrestling in. I think you guys will understand this. Sometimes you just feel like you give so much and then it's not working out for you and your back's against the wall. I know for me my ugly would be like cow defensive key get and I am a fire mom so I can react very quick and then I'll look back later on Koa. Why did you say that or why did you react that way and I definitely have had that ugly side especially in the business for May tweeted too quick and it was like I should talk to myself about my feelings? Verse White Have Sway. Nash should've been ugly side for sure for me. Here what Nikki and Brie Bella? The name of the book is incomparable. It's out right now and let's get into book. Explain the title to our audience and why you chose that title Niki. Night her lights being twins Identical twins just always been compared and sometimes people that we always have the same stories that defined a strong women when we don't we have different stories that made a strong and we thought that the everyone has a different story so Kinda the title is like about being twins but how different we truly are. And then just tally becoming a strong woman. Not One woman has a one story. We all have different stories. I like it I like it and do you feel like you're compared a lot even early in your career. Did you feel like there was those constant comparisons between the two? And did it become kind of a rivalry between you two? I mean definitely. We are compared so much. I mean I literally would get stat shamed all the time social media because I wasn't as skinny as breeze so people would just call me the fat twin instead of calling me and I was like what the Hell Lake. I feel great about myself in curvy. Yeah and maybe fluctuate but laid. It was really hard on me. It never meet us. I don't I don't know why you never really got competitive because we're used to it since we're like little range from the time we were in kindergarten at stake people to tasks and they still do to this day in the US twins will be like God knowing not most like this in. Your eyes are like this early. Damn we're not clones were twins. I I think our lives just been used to being eric. So it's never any tension between us all right here we go. I can relate to break because I was the skinny. One Dreamer was the fat one so I had to watch dream or get fat. Shamed his whole career so records. Have you ever seen tommy naked from the waist down or the waist up I fundings? Would you say that the both of you were the most competitive with one? Another your sisters. You love each other. But the world of pro wrestling will always bring out this competitiveness in us that we maybe we weren't even sure was there. When did you find each other kind of looking at each other going tonight? I'm going to be better than you tonight. I'm going to steal the show and you're going to walk in my shadow I don. I knew I was divas champions like you walk. I don't think you want next and initially divas champion because of me I year baby. So probably be during the longest reading Friend because you know we were teen and RENA team. It's what helped make that championships rain a same time. It's Nikki Balance. Name on it so I had to keep Ruby might well you need me to be a part of this so I guess in my head might mentality at? The time was always make sure that like her. I was with champion chess in the book. You mentioned Vince. Mcmahon in your book and you talk about how he said to you both that your creators of your own destiny. Explain that to our audience in. What did that mean to you at the time when you heard him. Say that Joe from the corn I think a lot of times Getting urine that's something that's scripted. You just kinda expect to go in. And they're like okay. This is how you're going to be this to you are ABCD and with WBZ. It was actually like different. I like hey we have the story idea. But here's the keys. Here's the truck. Now drive it and so for us. It was really awesome. Essense you do get held back in some ways. There's definitely times where you WANNA be more creative with character like we wanted this way but overall I said that test we like we have a lot of reading here to really like sit down and think about where the Bella twins With you know what's our future which direction we want to go in so it was really powerful for us because we weren't expecting that that it just kinda help like make our minds like work you've accomplished. You've both accomplished so much in and out of the ring. Obviously our fan base are diehard wrestling fans for each one you. What was the proudest moment you ever had? Based on your work. Do you have a match that stands out in your mind where you know you can always look back and go. That was the very best I've ever been in my whole career. I you know it's interesting when you talk about professional wrestling. There's two ways I was looking at like story like you. I think my start with. Stephanie Mcmahon we didn't have them skillful match summer slam but it was our story leading into it story with old enough. That made me really proud when I think of skill not a professional wrestling match. I had one time Becky Lynch and it was just remain event as in the Divas Revolution Story. So it'd be like a match Ramadan smackdown. One on made a bad. You know like all the schools were getting paired up from a time in Becky nights getting up alive that I can completely non main event but this match we had in because it was main event. You know you kind of just go out there and we'll just out type of things. It's not back down and I was. We book back aware late. Why it was just. I'm so crowded and it was incredible. Becky was still talk about that match. Never surprised although I today that match but we really in for me. I'm like I think a brief story match one of the matches that I'm Mike. The most proud of was he had a divas championship. Match was the money before Wrestlemainia. Thirty thirty two thirty one. Thirty one one of us in San Jose California and they got the card of the raw before. Wrestlemania was always mainly geared towards the men especially at the time and they gave us to segment match and I remember. They put a lot of pressure on page. And I bet you out there and also killed it. We we had. The crowd was staple center. Which will degree story? We had the mother fee and we're just so crowded we came back and I just remember feeling so proud of that because it was like that time like of you. Girls messed this up. That says no more two segments or any of that in story wise. It's win a screwdriver. Charlotte on my longest reigning used to Gebran. When I was GONNA actually become embiid's had this idea Brunei Twin switch and then the records involved and then it gets turnaround toll. Paper coming out of her dinner are going to be. It's going Vince. Isn't this using? I don't know if they're going to buy it and he goes. No this is GonNa make Charlotte's such a baby face in your championship match. Like trust me like just please do it in so I was like. Oh capitalists into Ham. And how the crowd reacted like. I didn't think I could become more of A. He'll not moment in did in. Charlotte truly became a baby face. Even when you see rick space in the Ring Charlotte Starts Crying. And that was like one of my proudest moments is our story because I didn't know if it was going to work and went like in work beyond what I it made me. I always tell the listeners. And I've explained to Dave that Vince is the easiest person in the WWe to talk to. What was your relationship with Vince? Like and do you agree that he was extremely easy to talk to so I definitely I mean. He's definitely intimidate. You do scare you go and I know why a remember you forget how to talk properly. But the thing you did feel ferment. Is He appreciated when you did come in with either ideas to pick his brain and Kunai like we were the girls around? You'd see us waiting outside the door. And you'd have to wait some heads our like. Oh Gosh rarest era. But every time we sat down with Bennett's it was always a gentle conversation. I mean he definitely yelled at a time to grow up and that was scary but to actually sit down and we always watch out of there either understanding or story with bigger picture or just changing something in a way that we all like kind of were like. Oh you're right. Maybe it should go this way. Yeah when when you talk to him. It's like you couldn't be disappointed on what was going to happen. Or what direction. You're going in because you you knew it. It was crazy as many. Do Build that relationship banks you actually realize how easy it is to go to where I feel like if your talent who never goes adventure always gonNA look at him and it's like scary when really he's not There's so much to get into but unfortunately time is short. I mean each in late February. The news breaks that you're going into the hall of fame and then all hell breaks loose in the world so who knows when that ceremony is actually going to happen but I mean I wish you well again. The book is available right now. Incomparable is the name of the book and You can get it everywhere. Thank you so much for the time. Today you guys are awesome and when this becomes a bestseller you're welcome back on the show. Yeah I know you got a ton of interviews but this is going to be your best one. So it's all downhill from here beyond tears. Nobody else is giving you chills today. That's for sure. Thank you thank you so much again. Nikki and Brie Bella in comparables the name of the book. Thank you so much for the time. We really appreciate it. Thank you your home for all things. Combat Sports is Sirius. Xm fire nation. Stir your day with Hall of fame. Pro Wrestling talk on busted. Open Spec these men and women that build the business and the show keeps you up to date on all things. Boxing boxing fear of young expect. And then they geary loop Thomas. Has you covered for mixed martial art? Hogan Rogan is the most important influence all broken down like nowhere else only on Sirius. Xm fight nascent channel. One fifty six bully one match. That definitely got people talking on. Social Media. Was the match with live Morgan and Charlotte flair for many different reasons. So let me ask you. What did you think of the match between live and Charlotte on Monday? You don't ask me I ask you because I'm the one who told you that I'm the one who wanted to talk about this. Okay so let me ask you but before I ask you. I'm going to go to twitter machine and read a tweet from. Wwe Front row. He said it felt to me. Like Charlotte really helped. Elevate live. Who did a killer job stepping up in that match even in a loss? She took a step forward. That's from the nation. What's your take. I agree with that. It's funny because a lot of social media feedback that I got after that match because I actually tweeted about it myself that I liked the match and I enjoyed what live Morgan was able to do. Everybody's like that was another example of Charlotte squashing. Somebody's momentum Why does she have to be on Monday night raw? She's on annexed champion. Why is she on raw? You know with somebody that they're building momentum for and having them lose I did not see it that way. I thought it was a competitive match. I thought live Morgan. Had a very good match with a champion like Charlotte flare so. I think it was a win win all around for both Charlotte and for live Morgan. Cool work with me here. Okay yes or no. Have we seen live Morgan? Take steps forward in her wrestling ability in the ring. Yes can you see that? She is trying and wants to improve. Yes her have her and Ruby had good matches over the past couple of weeks. Yes they have any negatives with him live Morgan's game CINCI has come back in the ring. No should she have had as a competitive match with Charlotte? I I think yes. I don't think I believe that live. Morgan could hang with Charlotte at the level. She hung with Charlotte the other night. I didn't believe it until I saw it fair enough. I think this is a classic case of making someone you have somebody like Charlotte flair and and this has been done throughout the history of pro wrestling. But you have someone like Charlotte flair. Who I think is the best when it comes to that women's division and the wwe sees the top of the mountain. And you had somebody like live Morgan. Who has done really good? Things has had competitive matches has looked good since he's come back and then she had an ultra competitive match with champion. Did she win? No she did not win for bed. She looked good so now coming out of that. I WanNa see live Morgan again. Now I'm looking at live Morgan as somebody that could compete at a main main event level. So again I'll say what I said before. I think that's a win for everybody. We're just talking about how they're not making anybody. They're not building anybody. I think the one rare example of them doing it right now. I live Morgan. And I can't see a baffles my mind it's confuses me that people could look at that match and say. Oh my God Charlotte killed. Live Morgan if anything. Charlotte made live Morgan on Monday night. Correctomundo and what did I tell you earlier about the advice that Jerry Briscoe gave to me and Yvonne? If you can't make anybody then who did you really be correct so it would have been very easy for Charlotte to blow through. Live Morgan because even though live is getting better she's not on Charlotte's level. Charlotte helped get her up to the next level that I expect live to beat Charlotte. Nope IF SH- if live would've beat Charlotte with a roll up and her legs on the ropes with that. Nope because in no way shape or form should live Morgan at this stage of the game. Be Beating Charlotte flare. It's not about winning and losing right now for living for live. It's the performance and her taking the next steps. Yup Charlotte went over but live dot over and she got over because Charlotte helped her get over. So all of those people talking Shit about Charlotte should be given Charlotte ovation for everything that she did for live and great job by live for stepping up her game to an athlete and a performer. A pro wrestler. That is four superior tour in every way shape and form that match worked. And I'm starting to see things in live that I saw in Trish years ago. And here's how this works complement wise. My saying live is the kind of wrestler that Trish was nope but one of the hardest working people I've ever come across in my career was Trish stratus and always wanting to get better. Every time she went out there she was constantly trying to learn. You couldn't beat the crap out of her hard enough. She never complained. She paid her fricken. Do's and she moved four. She constantly took steps forward. And that's what I'm starting to see in lives performance a willingness to take steps forward. And that's how you get to the top and I love what you said polling. This is wire it shame on the people that were killing Charlotte and and blaming her for killing the momentum of live Morgan. First of all. It's only a few weeks for live. Morgan. Let's let's look back at where live. Morgan was a year ago or even six months ago and where she is now and the way you perceive her after that match on Monday. Night but bully. It's what you just said it's steps guy. I don't understand fans they want everything right now. They want live Morgan at the top. It a card like that. What the Fuck is wrong with you? People it's steps it's gradual. That's how you build a story that's how you build a personality. That's how you build the character. There's an old adage in pro wrestling. Dave slow and steady wins the race and if they continue on with live right now with this. Gradual built. Have our have good match after good match after good match. Put Her in there with the right people. I gotTa Tell You. I thought her and Ruby did a great job. Those two matches they have and they're not doing a damn thing with Ruby riot. I think she deserves an opportunity. Also because I saw live and Ruby worked together really really well and live. Couldn't have looked as good as she did against Ruby. If re we did not do her job well also they both have unique looks. They both have unique characters. They're both young did them both opportunities and the opportunity is GonNa come again where she's going to be in the ring with Charlotte and when that time does come bully your perception of life is going to be completely different where you think you know what lift can lift can win lift compete. Charlotte that that was not the on Monday I was. I mean what did you want on Monday for live to beat Charlotte or for live to have another match with Ruby Riot? No this is a wakeup call. This is like Whoa. She's not there yet. She's not there yet but man maybe in like three or four months maybe live can hang which Charlotte flare from now to a year. Maybe she could have an opportunity with Charlotte. Nba Champion. But you got it like everybody wants a story. It's amazing to be. Everybody wants a story but they want the final chapter in chapter two. The there's a reason why. Your book has chapters builds towards the final climax. I don't understand why wrestling fans want the end. Right away makes absolutely no sense. You know you just. You brought up the word climate right and whenever you hear the word climax what do you think of you know you? Think of Purdue Sexual Experience Right yes. Are the best sexual experiences fast or slow slow? It's where you it's it's it's a moment it's an it's a build up you know it's a build up. The build up is done the right way. The climax means that much more and that's how I look at it with wrestling if you build it the right way. The payoff will be that much better. Yeah go really quick and get it over with. Yeah Bobo. But it's hit then it's there and gone and forgotten about. Yup and there is something to say about. Get in. Get on get out. Yeah but in wrestling. That doesn't work the majority of the time. Slow built so that when you get to that end result. There's something really there. That's going to last for a long time. And it's not just going to dissipate the moment it's over. Think about the confidence the wwe must have live Morgan to put her in the ring. Which CHARLOTTE FLARE BAGS for panel? That's that's Heyman came in one on one right there so so there's somebody in her corner. That sees something her and knows that she could be a major superstar. But here's the thing cut. Let's think let's think rationally right now are people. Are People going to give up on? Live Morgan because she lost that match two Charlotte flare bully was just saying about the amount of offense. She got into that match Sheila Gray in that match. She's not on the same level as charlotte nor should she bay. She shouldn't be anywhere near the level of a Charlotte Charlotte flares on top. And she's at the peak. So why would you have somebody at just got reintroduced? Somebody that just got a couple of wins under her belt. Go in there and have a showcase now all she needed. Was that little bit of offense and that little bit of confidence and that little bit of a showing for us to make us believe that. Wow somewhere down the road. She's GonNa get an opportunity again and maybe when she does she's GonNa win got. Did anybody ever see the fucking rocky movies for crying out loud? That's with the rocky. Movies were based on did rocky win in the first rocky movie we lost lost. Thanks for listening catches Monday through Saturday. I'm busted open from nine. Am To noon eastern on Sirius Xm by Nation Channel. One fifty six. Then busted open podcast.

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