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Mason and Ireland (HR 1)


Triple guest growl. Here. Always glad to see you here and this, this, ladies and gentlemen, is the Mason in Ireland show on a Friday you may have heard. I did the morning show this morning. I had to pay a bet that I had lost two Travis Rodgers we bet way back during the spring shootout golf tournament. I said, okay, you against me, and here's the bet. The winner gets day off, and the loser has to cover for him, and the loser has to work a double shift, and it was my idea. And then I lost the one Travis I believe had been scheduled to play golf this morning and said he would be drinking by seven thirty hopes up. He should enjoy. He he shot eighty one on that day and shot eighty five and that got bought him a day off and speaking, a golfer, keeping an eye on the PGA Brooks KEPCO is is in the lead. He's ten under par but, but he is finally starting to show signs of being human. He knocked it into a bunker. And now he just digs himself out and gets a par so kept kick continues to lead. I think he's got a three-shot lead three shotty keep an eye on that there is plenty of talk about with the NBA the warriors came from way back last night through now by seventeen Michael Thompson is in the building. We're gonna get Michael in here too. Great has lifted because it's the Friday, Greg is wearing shorts and he lifted his ban on Michael Thompson for the day. So Michael is not only frio. Michael was banned. He's banned from this show. Why Drake men the show? Well, he's got a to Greg, what is it a two Edmund maximum? And the why is your Nash? Michael Thompson is a national treasure. I'm not kidding. The other day Greg refused to let him on at all. Just said, no, Michael today. He's sitting right there on the other side of the guys. He said, no well, there's a reason for that too, because it was on a day. I don't remember you remember what the day was, but it was a day when we needed Mason to be very much. Anti Laker and you were going to be very pro Laker and to have a second Simkin defend himself to against all I think he can. But we just need the balance of the show would have been offered that day. I disagreed Greg, and like the force. What are you talking about? What are you talking about? It's the biggest John Ireland. Greg. I like each other, but it's the biggest John Ireland Greg Bergman disagreement that we in John, you're one percent. Right. Michael Thompson should be on every segment. Possibly every show that we put on the station, very partially covering for Mason because Mason will will say publicly, I love Michael income and every once it takes away from Mason. Attention job is to make sure that we get out on time that we did that the topics that we talk about are interesting to the city of LA and losses in. He comes he goes way past the break. So we have to double up and we have eight minute breaks disagree with all of it. But it's but that's true. There breaks people will sit through of. News is, and then our ratings go down in the net. The talent the producer right, exactly. The producer. All right. Since since masonite here normally get overruled two to one on this, but that because he's not here Michaels coming in. So we'll get him in here in a minute. There are a couple of stories that have kind of evolved since I did the morning show this morning. And the biggest one is a Brian, this runaway narrative that gale Benson. The owner of the New Orleans pelicans has claimed that she would trade Anthony Davis to the Lakers over her dead body. Now, I have to be very careful what I say about Anthony Davis because I'm not allowed to talk about players are under contract. Vaguely should be careful about what you said about Gail Benson's, dead body just want to say this. All right in regards to this particular story, I've met, I've actually mickey'll Benton, I've met very brief. Hi. How are you? Nice to meet you. I've met David Griffin and spoken to him. These seem like very smart competent people. You would never come out and say, in my opinion, I would not trade anybody to any team, you wanna consider every offer that you get regardless if it's the clippers the T wolves the jazz. Has the blazers. You never wanna rule anybody out for personal animus. It just it's bad business. And I don't think Gale's doing it and you just right before we got on the air found tweet from a reporter at the NBC affiliate in New Orleans that see who that is in Redel, fellow named Fletcher, Mackel, who is these sports guy at the NBC affiliate in New Orleans, says per the over my dead body reports out there regarding gale Benson, the Lakers, Anthony Davis. I have spoken to Gayle, she totally laughed at the report and called it totally absurd. Completely untrue. Yeah. And I absolutely believe what you call him Fletcher mackerel. Let you'll. I believe I know are not like the fish Fletcher Mackel. All right. I believe mackerel, the the the report and here's the thing. I've always thought this about traits. I hear people say stuff like the Lakers clippers would never trade with each other. Really? They just did, we'll give you call up and say, we'll give you a visa zoo bots for Mike Scala, they'll say they'll do that deal. But in terms just theoretically, would you ever rule out a trade partner because of a rivalry or because of personal annals? No. Not that. Oh, your job, Brian, I would trade with anybody, this would go for world trade on the world stage, commodities, I would trade with any foreign country, if it made my if I got the better into the deal, you've been watch this year. Yes. These guys, these general managers are paid paid to make the best deal. They can for their team and they should consider anything and everything. Two. And here he is, ladies and gentlemen. His ban is being lifted. Yeah. Yeah. Believe it. Greg says you're welcome today and you could stay for leisure white parks. Mike. The front of the bus tissue. Sterilize what? No, he's taking off the might the spits firing. He's crying because I let him in there. Yes, it is easing, tears, and Michael, Michael Thomson, with Michael, first of all, how are you relieved after last night's come? If you missed it last into worries were down by as many as seventeen fifteen at the half and Michael, they looked, very, very flat. At halftime, did you think they were going to lose? Oh, yeah, yeah. I always think the worst anyone I'm very pessimistic, even though I believe they can win, but I'm always thinking negativity, what could go wrong, and everything was going wrong. Again, last night in the first half Portland came hot knocking down all the threes making all his shots from the outside catching the is slow in rotations and worse. Look, flat as if they didn't expect into play as desperate team trying to get the split in Oakland. So, yeah, I, I was my head was hurting. My stomach was upset. I was walking back and forth in the fetal position sucking my phone. If you don't wanna watch the game with me, even when they're up by double digits, still Fred gonna blow it, because, you know, why do you why do you stress and guess, on nervous communists, because the warriors in unique and special situation position, they are expected to win the championship. And so, with that expectations comes more stress, if they were Orlando, there was San Antonio Toronto, there, Portland house. It's no stress. Exactly. They'll the payment house money. They're in the playoffs, but nobody's expecting them to win everybody. You are expected to win a championship when you to Showtime, Lakers, Larry bird's, Celtics this current Michael Jordan's bulls, this current warrior makeup team. So when that, that kind of expectations comes extra stress and the window closes fast, it does, so you have to take advantage of this time. And I'll do you one more? Michael. They're expected to win every game by, like fifteen point Portland address on the floor doesn't suck like this is a good team. Western finals. Most people Brian feel that Kevin Durant is either right now the best player in the world. Yes, or definitely in the top two, of course. Okay. And these people doesn't everybody feel that way. Well, I don't know. There are a lot of people put them outside of Taino warriors Tikal. I know warrior fans who thinks Steph is better than K D, And I'm not gonna tell them they're wrong. Yeah. But if you listen to staff and clay, incur, they all admit that k is the best teams obviously he's out there. And they're playing without him. And they're still doing this got four hall of famous. They should be doing this, Michael. I know you're gonna come back at me. So hold the thought. But if the warriors win the title this year, that's four times in five years in the only time they didn't win. It took a soup superhuman effort from the Brian, I think you have to run to the top of the greatest teams all time, we'll get into that. Brian cabinets gain for maize and Michael Thompson on the Mason in Ireland show. Greg Bergman is in eight Friday. Moody's wearing shorts he's long to hear me yelling Stephen. No, but our nobody got that Dante wilder flip. And I want to get into that what you Michaels a huge boxing fan and there's a boxing controversy. We will tackle it all. Next. ESPN LA. Hey just that easy. Just keep it Mason in Ireland show. Brian candidates, keep filling in for Mesa and Michael Thompson. Welcome back to the show. Greg is lifted his ridiculous absurd ban. My back, I told my attitude is that you should be on every segment of every show. I agree. No, that'd be fine. The most popular host in the state cycle Thompson shoot on fixed airs and running all the way through Sodano at seven what could I have a sippy Cup going over there? Now, this is a this is a regular Cup. I have a pacify or that I found in my pocket because of have a baby at home. We never gave our babies pacifies you just told him tough, and they're all professional athletes. Piece of ice. Pacifier softened up your kid boiled girl L the suck it up. All right. That's why we give them the pacifier so Mike. The warriors ticket to lead last night coming back from seventeen down. They at the end of the game. There was a play where the worries rip three Damian Lillard had one chance to tie the game. Everybody news gonna take it three under. Igwe dallas. Stripped him took a chance. He did bump them a little bit. I personally would not have called a foul Lillard felty got fouled Mike, would you. Call soclean strip solve slow motion plays got all ball. But that's the risky. But that was the strip was cleaned. The stuff up to it, right. They usually been shots anyway shows risk wasn't too bad. The strip was a risky move. Because Damian Lillard he's a first second team. All NBA as a superstar player and he might get that call even an oracles of that. That is a risky move. I wouldn't recommend that same move in the modus and over the weekend, the wars, and esteem situation. All right. So Brian, I'm, I'm curious get your opinion on this, and, and Michael and I have argued about it before. But. I keep hearing people say, well, the warriors are great team. But historically, if they played Magic's Lakers magic in kareem's Lakers. They would lose because they don't have anybody could guard magic or anybody could guard Kareem if they played Michael Jordan's bulls. They would lose because they're not elite on both sides of the ball Myers at their PM this year's this, this run this five-year run Michael as they continue to roll through teams. And if they win it this year. I think you guys are on all these old time championship teams and you went back to back titles, with the Lakers, eighty seven eighty eight. You guys gotta stop there. There in you guys. They are you an you've always, we would you mean you people, you know, you've always said, I think you're just having fun because it's your team against Claes. But I think the warriors if they win it this year, that would be four titles in five years with a with a ton of star players in the league. And this thing that they don't play both ways the warriors most of this five year rented at a top five team off into defensively. And again, last night, they go down seventeen you, you have to kill the steamer. They'll come back on you, they shoot better than any team I've ever seen. The guy think is store cly. This is a top three team all time. And I'm not so sure they're not number one. They have to win it this year. I believe a four out of five they can win it this year, especially dealing with the injuries that they've been dealing with cousins going out now without Durant, having to beat Houston and now possibly hopefully beating the warriors, and then getting their back for the finals. So if. When six more games. Yes, they are to me on a top three or four teams in the history of this game if not the best and even though I would put them as high as number one, of course, I believe with magic and cream and worthy environment. Michael Kubo, Kurt Rambis, the new head of the triangle over there that we could beat any team that we played throughout history. Of course magic in those guys leave Michael Jordan will think that we about his bulls. Bill Russell thing about about the Celtics because that's the way champions think, but the warriors definitely into conversation if they wanted this year as arguably the greatest team ever where do you put this five year? Run by the warriors, historically, the match ups here would be fascinating. Obviously, you've got to kind of assume that everybody can kind of just the era and the US didn't shoot three's. We could him way you could Byron. You're, you're one of twelve in your career, let me explain to the listeners again. What does an Ireland? They weren't set threes at my toes behind the line. They want three-quarter heaves as the clock was winding down. Stand that Steph would make those three quarter. Heave even he makes those about ten percent of time, we look it up is actually for for somewhat. So at least I made one. You remember the one, you made Utah leads time was running down. I just threw it up the salt palace in a win. But if you put me. But if you put me on my toes me on the line, I guarantee you, I'd be as good as book Lopez I shoot him at practice. We all also practice different era. So obviously, we weren't allowed to shoot but you started equalize for all that stuff. And like, you know, these are impossible arguments to have, but you'll at the matchups in some ways, I think the warriors would be better off against the Jordan bulls than the Showtime Lakers, but just because of how they're constructed. We'd like you say who guard who picks up magic we'll Vegas, maybe Klay on. And then. Dahlie, could guard somebody to the issue becomes Kareem in the middle. We'll talk we'll have problems against point. What do you do that? Like our criminal matter. Why advantage now who's magic gonna guard? That's a problem. And don't be sitting there saying Matt. Andre mon. Okay. I keep dream on off the offense. Really really you could explain that if you needed to. But, you know the, the, the matchup with the Jordan bulls where now you can throw Klay out. And you can throw on, you kind of do bunch of different looks that might be a better group for this warriors team than the Lakers, just because Kareem as soa unusual is no Korean. I don't wanna hear anymore to be like Durant without the guard Kareem, particularly with, with Durant. Then you'll have bogey on the floor all the time. All right. All right. I don't wanna hear anymore that this team can could not compete. Historically teams of all time, says that people don't stand basketball, it is this, this warriors Ryan, dick, any of Steph and Katy goal home. It goodness scary. Do you guys do you agree with Barclay that if they don't get Durant back for the finals, they'll lose to walk on Greek because I've been I keep reiterating even though without Durant? And yes, they need to rant. No question about it. I'm not saying they don't but they can win. It'll be a way more difficult to beat the bucks. But I keep reiterating the redundant I keep I. Yes. No. Keep reiterating. Let's keep saying, mino- anyway, I say, I Iraqi whatever where they keep saying they've got four hall of famous even without Durant, and that should be enough to beat the bucks. Even though it will be tough six or seven game series. It does help exit would have. Homecourt bench press, and I think that makes a difference, but the other quite are we are we officially burying Toronto? That's series is over. I can't because he doesn't have enough help even though and I thought you played great and Gail one quite good series. But they didn't have a great game. Thirty points at a Rian loss. The book Jaanus didn't play well in the bucks. One anyway. So much firepower have Donna going to deal with two I'm still picking I had Milwaukee in seven series Stein. Obviously not changing off of that. But I think both of those teams could beat the warriors. I'm assuming Durant plays. I think both of them could beat the warriors, I wouldn't pick the one that, by the way. Ireland you said something earlier today, you are wrong about about two small market teams like Toronto, Milwaukee Toronto's the fourth largest city in the North America. But into that. Yeah. But in terms of ranking market size Toronto's a fourth largest was a huge city Michael, they don't count in the American ratings. That's the problem. But internationally they do, but you're talking about whether or not like stays or whatever. But that's if he gets taxed twice by the way, he gets all the stuff that you get the benefits of living in one of the great cosmopolitan cities in the country. But then you get to be Nord. Mike ESPN, which is what he wants. Michael, if you were a free agent, and you were quite what would matter to you most. Would it be teammates chance to win climate money? Money's gonna be the same area. Right. He could find all of that right here in L E with either franchise can't, of course, named wanted to franchise. He he's gonna make an all NBA. So he's eligible for four years, one hundred seventy five million dollars as opposed to five years to twenty something which would make up on the. Cousin matter that he's buying a big building a big house in Santa million dollar house. He's got down near rent. What does that downpl by 'cause bats? Yes. So San Diego thirteen million dollar mansion sitting on weight from eating I don't wanna live in it for eight months. If I learned anything from the great, Kevin Garnett as a Laker era after he built that house in Malibu. This sort of thing. There's no ESPN fide, minus five degree weather in January and February supposed to seventy two degrees down there and whatever get ESPN in Canada. Right. You could figure. I tried everything we, we actually asked Rex claim in who's the lead assistant for the clippers was an assistant in Toronto for lifetime. And we asked him his airway to get it. And he said, you've got to order some topsy layers, Ukrainian patch somewhere that Bergman knows about that. Could get Leonard Michael ESPN. You have texted me for these things before I make this happen. You cannot. I bet you even your with your technology can't get ESPN. I've tried that. But it's not Greg. You've been thank you, John time on the internet in Canada, frozen up there. It's not China. He gave Michael you get it for him. I keep telling you could do it with a sling box. You're just too lazy to sling. Yeah, of course getting your room into others. Yeah, I can watch Kate Cal in Toronto, but you got to be willing to hook up the sling box. All right. Coming up next. We'll get into this Deontay wilder story. Is it okay? For a boxer. I don't boxing's sport where everybody hypes it up to say, I'm going to kill a guy. No, no. Kill. I want to kill him almost exactly what he said and let you guys react to pay its Mason in Ireland. Brian candidates, keep filling in for Mason Michael Thompson sitting in now. Michael Ireland Ireland today, I know today I had to pay a bit to Travis. So I did the morning show. And now, I'm I'm back for my normal shift, and Michael, you are a gigantic boxing fan. In fact, have you seen Deontay wilder fight in person to December I staple center? Tyson fury. I was there. I met him when you and I had them in the third chair, we liked Deontay meets on big fan of his, but he sits he's got to fight coming up this weekend. And it's the end of this quote that gets them in trouble. Here's the anti wiler wilder talking about what he would like to see happen in his fight this weekend. Dominic Brazil go see him. He's sick me. So. This is a Jimmy sport Accu Sanders. Don't ask the hit he tells us in face, but we goes away, and you can have any around the world. And he'll tell you hit not me to be hit anybody can go. And on this particular time, we have bad blood. This is the oldest you can kill them in and get paid for it at the same time legal. So why not use my right to do? So this is the only sport where you can kill a man, and it's legal. So why not use my right to do, so, he's basically threatening to kill them, and Michael you who, like wilder hate this? Right. I think it's disgraceful. Like I was telling Stephen a our go. I don't go. It's disgraceful distasteful. Disgusting his disrespectful any other this. You wanna throw out there cabinet ski I of I'm boxing historian. I watch boxing, since I was a toddler in the Bahamas what grew up and Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, who hated each other couldn't style in that picture, I always show people when you're talking to Ali, and a hotel thirteen years of age and you and your brothers, I have seen great rivalry with sports. I've seen and heard boxes who can't stand each other, and it's just not about this fight the wildness at a year ago, he host before you retire that he killed someone. Ring that he wants a body on his record. He has said this numerous times. Okay. So this is just Dominic Brazil, and he's always said, I mean, what I say and I say what I mean he always says that so this, this isn't just high purply, this is disgusting. And, and this is crossing the line for anybody do dismiss this as always just boxing hype. It's just guys on. No, he has sets and -serily. I hope on. I want to kill someone in the ring this would be like a defensive back cabinets. You've watched football, don't you like a defensive back in the Super Bowl saying, boy, you know if Julio Jones comes across the middle. I hope I hit him so hard. I make him a quadriplegic this would you would you go. Let's just hype. That is disgusting to say about wanting to kill your opponent or you hope you kill someone doing someday. Now no-one champ up box before, Brian, let me throw out a theory that Raj had on the morning show this morning that this is a fight. That's. Not getting a lot of attention. Mike. You talk about how for whatever reason all these top rank heavyweights never fight each other. They fight fight around the belts. So dummy, Brazil is probably going to lose to the antiwar. Let's not. Okay. But it's a fight that no one's talking about if it's on Showtime, free. Right. If wilder doesn't say this Brian, are we mentioning this fighter his name today? No. So do you think he's playing us? I mean I gotta take Michael's word for that. He's sincere by the Soviet before. But if he's not it's like. What, what is the line that is acceptable to cross just to make a little bit extra money, right? Yeah. I mean, come on. It's like, you know, well Michael the next step is boxing, isn't very regulated. There's about seven different governing bodies, but should one of them is this worthy of w WBZ belt and the WBZ say, yeah. Would you hit him in the wall? I would definitely find these comments reasons cross this is crossing the line. The ready. Bob Barrick sport. The casual fan. I don't wanna watch couple of guys beat each other up. You have enough people already thinking that way and may go, go. See, see that's why you know, watch because this, this turns people off from boxing, and I'm a avid boxing fan. I'm an boxing addict, and chose me on your like Walter and I like is this crossing the line? This is going to far many fighters. I want to knock him out. I wanted punish him. I wanna destroy him. I understand that. But to say, I want to kill this guy come on. How do you guys see baba optimism in this choir here? Billy, he also wanted to, like, what does it mean? He's actually telling the truth he has. What does it say about the guy well, God on God forbid, and I know it's a long shot. But God forbid, somebody actually would be killed I think he would feel awful boxes. Died in the ring boxes have been incapacitated, where they have brain damage. They can't functioning, I remember when I was a kid the, the Korean boxer who do Kim fifteen rounds against boom, boom Mancini and nineteen eighty something I watched that fight it was a brutal fight, and he was taken to the hospital after the fight died in hospital. Couple of days later, they, then they changed boxing around to make a safer from fifteen round fights down to twelve because do cO Kim was taking punishment for twelve rounds and I think he got knocked out in the fourteenth fifteenth round, something like that. And that's when he suffered most of his brain damage. And that's made boxing changeable fifteen rounds down to twelve rounds. And for for the auto to make light of someone dying in the ring. I wanna stay. I don't understand how people in his entourage his camp, his team has deonte. We love you gone too far. That's, that's a stupid to say. Stop it. Maybe you could say that in your camp in your hotel. We'll talk to you boys, but don't put it out the public if I was in his in his in his camp, I trust that that's going to stop it. Okay. That's a stupid to say that. Now he may cuss me out. Tell me get out, you off the team. But I'll say I got to stand up for something some kind of some kind of character and say this is wrong. You can't say that did Stephen a comeback at your degree. He was like playing it off, like oh, it's just hype. It's just hyper belly Stephen, I know because he said this before numerous times that he hopes that he killed someone entering someday say that lightly. I don't care how are you kidding around? It'd be very interesting to see if anybody you WBZ is he's inching to see if they do any, they'll find him. They they're not gonna suspend him. They'll probably give them a fine fifty thousand something like that. He's probably making ten billion for the fight. So fifty thousand finally you fifty dollars. That's like that's what you tip your caddy at Newport coast. Assuming tips. Up next. We will test, Michael Thompsons memory. That's next. ESPN LA Mason, since my walkup music this in Greenbaum. This is what I would use about dodger. This really, why south Monette medicine really severe. This guy does not sound men. You don't like this. I do. Menacing. Out. This'll be a great walking. Permanently walk into music, but it's not raining thing hollow you, how would be said, it's rain, man. So I. The next about that I wouldn't ever thought about a lie have never you really thought about it. But I would be one of those guys who changes as music a lot. See this'll be my stick Joe. We'll be a walk up music. You gotta Jay. You know, peace fraud by the doors. Man, you just listen. Listen to the opening line. Blood in the streets. It's up to my ankle was struck. You. Up to his knees. Yeah. See my sauce, like come to hit a triple, that's my song. So my walk up. Sound sounds lake islands. I. Music came from a guy named Norman greet Norman Greenbaum legend very one hit wonder. All right. Mike. One of our listeners named George Sand's Georgia tweet tweet tweet with him all the time. All right. Has dug up. The game where you made your one three points in your NBA career. Now what year do you think it happened? Guess the date nineteen eighty five I would say February thirteenth K you're off by more than a year. It was December twenty ninth nineteen eighty six oh plow gonna do who you were playing four to December in nineteen Eighty-six, the Spurs, you're playing for the Spurs. You're right. It was a game in Utah new it. Do you remember if you wanna lost the game, we lost sight? Record. God one. Oh, nine to one. Oh, one drop your record. Two seven and twenty two. Now eleven guys played in that game for your team including you, you did not start. You came out the bail. How many guys can you name on that scene in koneohe team? All right. Johnny moore. Alan robertson. Johnny Moore's wrong. He did not play joining. Okay. Well, I knew us on the team. So Roberson did plow. Robertson me artists. Gil more, Mike Mitchell. David Greenwood two guys that you started. You've named three of the starting right, Gail know Mike, gale strike to Michael. You've named three of the starters, the other two starters went on to become somewhat successful coaches. One was a former NBA head coach. I think he's an assistant now and the other one is longtime college coach who's coaching right now did well in the tournament. Johnny, Johnny doc, used to call him chicken hawk, the chicken hawk and fog on a little chicken chicken hawk. All right. One imagine why the other one he matter of fact this game was in Utah, he would later go on. He doesn't anymore, but he would later go on to coach the jazz head coq au, Bobby Weiss. No no all of head coach. Oh, Ticor corden type. Mentioned Mike Mitchell passed away years ago nother another guy played one only played one minute was in all American. With Chris Mullin at Saint John's wait. A minute was Ed Neely team to new Larry christova Christo, actually. The only two you're missing one thing. John's with with one minute was probably a rookie on this team. Oh, Walter berry, Walter berry. And then there was a guy. I've never heard of this guy. Anthony Jones, Anthony. But I got about him and Johnson's. Grew. Why you were talking to me. John Wheeler with no NBA team in Saint Louis who do we watch? We watch Mizzou. I Johnson volt was on the eighties Mizzou teams that I paid ten. Yeah. He's a good shooter that Utah team shooter. John Stockton off the bench. He wasn't starting threat. He was behind Rickey green. Right. Right. It was raking Rini Kelly Puka with Carl Malone, Bobby Hansen and you remember the center you probably had to guard him. This is the biggest human being eaten. Yeah. Now how Lewis my numbers game? You scored fifteen points coming off the bench. What am I shooting numbers seven fourteen? Okay. That's acceptable. And you in that particular game you attempted one three and you made it you also ahead, four rebounds, a turnover a block in two thousand fifteen point. You're the second leading score in that game behind Johnny dockings who had nineteen was thud everybody can score on a lousy team. Gesture has pretty. Good back, then alone, seven twenty two coach insane into it was he is innocent with Denver. Yeah, I saw mind the bench and was Frank Layden coaching the gen frankly good that you were nineteen in nine they were good. They will team Sisu. And that was like I say desperation launched it wasn't like the line, you know who has played in that game for the jazz. Somebody you're linked to now. Somebody on leaked Dell. Curry, yeah, that's right. Del played in Utah for minute. That's right. Yeah. Curry played in that game for the jazz. Yeah, that's pretty amazing. Did you like my, my philosophy for the Curry's how to cheer for these teams? Shefa Steph in oracle, Jeff, Seth in Portland doesn't make sense appears their mom appears to be cheering for both. You have to you got to be. I asked you. Those on the morning show Bill. It's got to be gut wrenching for her to watch one of her kids lose the winning. I've learned from working with all the years as you remember the losses more wins, because you expect to win right? Exactly. Yeah. And it would be tough to see Steph hopefully, Steph succeed with another Western Conference finals, a championship, and Seth will have to suffer the loss, but that'd be tough it occurs, but like the Dell excess at and, and Sonia said, at least they're going to the finals, even if one of this loose Sesa free agent this, this year, he'd be great for the Lakers. He's gonna make himself some good money, the by the way, Draymond green after game was asked about the right. And he's not having it was Seth. Here's dream on. We don't also looking in really don't give it down. I host seven is every shot and get destroyed stuff. So, yeah, he had to good again tonight for my liking, but he was definitely amazing. Michael, I think Draymond has been critical to the warriors. He's back to what it used to be years ago, showing. He's player plainly this level, you know, I didn't think he was. But now I think they're going to have to you have no choice said, which I never understand as a professional athlete how this happens, but he said he wasn't in shape in the first half of the season. He lost twenty five pounds. You've only got one job to do stay shape and play basketball. How do you be outta shape as an NBA player, I can never understand? I just think it's amazing that you over the course of an MBA season with all the travel, and this and that and whatever and the injuries and the getting beat up and all that stuff that you could actually lose twenty five pounds and still be able to perform peak level because you got to keep up restraint right up your energy twenty five pounds a lot. How you not respect your body, your body is your office. If you had a business of electrical building, while plumbing building all of an architect business, you're gonna let your business. You're building rundown. Look the portable, and Lapa dated as you try to, you know, to build customers. No, you're gonna take busy gonna keep it pristine. And that's the way you have to treat your body, like Billy, you gotta keep it, pristine and, and great condition. I this whole conversation reminds me of one of the great quotes of all time, fans fans, call Rafe Elton fat Ray. He's playing Oklahoma City. And Ray Felton said once I. Understand. I don't think that nicknames fair, I've been in shape every year of my career except one. The Nydia when you're playing on the global state right now. Everyone calls him fat rib, jokey certain guys, just like you'd look at run the hundred in Heis think about that. So I just saw some three hundred and sixty pounds, six foot linemen dunk, a basketball the other day. Just the athlete doesn't for that. But like had the body condition? That's the that's the natural for their body. Honestly, like I you know, I cover the ram sometimes mountain Thousand Oaks in the locker room after games and stuff like that. Like I under Scillies ever talked about Jared Goff rebuilt his body and this, I looked better at the beach, Jerry God I every NFL player should use. Erin Donaldson example, how to be in condition how to shape man that man is saying he's on shape. I'm just saying. You look at the guy. Just just freight skin. Philip rivers advocate Philip. He's an architect all I know about him, is, he's Vero. Exactly. All right. Man can eat several children. There is a debate going on in the NFL that you could apply to any team in any sport. If you're a veteran leader, a starter and a team and they draft somebody plays, your position should you help them or not, give him the time of day. We'll get into it next. Michael Brian's here. I'm John Ireland. ESPN LA.

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