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If you don't know Sirius. XM THAN LISTEN UP Commercial Free Music Plus sports comedy talk and news. They have it all and right now you can get your first three months of Sirius. Xm outside the car for just US one dollar go to SIRIUSXM DOT com slash busted to see offer details and to subscribe offer available to new series. Xm streaming subscribers SIRIUSXM. No car required. This is the busted open podcast. You can listen to the full show Monday through Saturday from nine. Am To noon eastern on Sirius this Xm Channel One fifty six. What's happening arrest fantasies? Bully Ray and I'm GONNA be joined today by my co host. The world's strongest man at a two time time world heavyweight champion world's strongest man Mark Henry on a false count anywhere Friday edition of the busted open. podcast awed cast must-listen must-listen must listen the NFL. T- versus eight E W conversation continues. We're going GONNA get into the ratings a little bit eighty w may have one but who truly one this week when it comes to that all mighty number in the ratings. Lots of stuff to break down the next Ben Valor Adam Cole. Obviously this one is coming to a head. Do you want to see it happen. Which side are you on is out of whole the biggest star in the undisputed Eric? Everybody's body's been talking about cody Rhodes and everybody's been talking about. The Cody Rhodes Promo the passion. The emotion did cody. Rhodes Promo Oh make you want to buy full gear. Did he sell you. Did he touch your heart. A lot of people say so. I WANNA get more Henry take on the situation. We got the war games coming up. What do we also have the match beyond obviously an annex t we got the women's wargames team Shayna Fazlur versus team rea- Ripley but on the other side eighty? W Cody mentioned the match. Beyond are we going to see the elite versus the inner circle in a war games s match beyond on also. I don't know we're GonNa talk about me and Mark Henry on the busted open. podcast coming at you right now. I want to get into into your thoughts on both shows this past Wednesday eighty W and X T. I think we gotta talk about the ratings also mark. I know we don't like like dive too deep but there were some real interesting ratings. That came out yesterday. That I'M GONNA WANNA get your take on WanNa hear how you felt about the cody. Promo how you it felt about the Jericho. Vignette we gotta get the nation ready for full gear which is coming up on Saturday night. Live from Baltimore. We got smackdown tonight right so much to cover and as always want to hear from the nation you know I had one guy hit me up on social media last night mark. WHO said can't we just do a show where you and more Henry take phone calls from fans do giant Q. and A. Well? It's a false down anywhere Fridays. So why the hell not eight seventy four. Exactly it's eight seven seven three four four four eight nine three eight seven seven three four four four eight nine three if you have a question for the world's strongest man or me Stole Co Steve. Also ooh hell. Yeah so I remember when I did that. Promo Sheboygan Wisconsin sold out two thousand dollars rafters did about a half a million dollar house with the boys and got everybody over your boy. She boys that a real place. I don't think I've never been Sheboygan what about Bangor Maine I have been a Bangor Sheboygan. The Bangor big big spots for boys good hunting and those towns the big house. Ah Oh man so mark I just WanNa get a brief overview of how you felt this week to get a chance to watch both both shows you get a chance dynamite. And did you got a chance to watch the next day I did. And I was super impressed with Bo shows and it was hard for me mean to pick out one our caller. This is the first guy that I've seen The way that it ended on both shows spectacular the way that it started with both shows was spectacular. The wrestling and one of my complaints was with eighty. W is they had exciting matches but the structure was not fundamental. If you will they had a more fundamental show like they stuck to the wrestling one. Oh One more than they have in other shows that I've seen and the girls on both shows big big props all like like I mean. The tags were spectacular. I actually liked the women's tag on e W as well as I've seen any match in in a while because of the competition and let me define what I say. Competition is when when I say competition I mean. The women were not playing wrestling. They were out their own each other's neck and and you could tell that they were trying to up each other. I don't WanNa come across as the one that looks to softness and it was impressive recipe. I I mean I'm I'm telling you man like the I actually sent a message to Are on Alex Mix and said Alex I noticed is going to sound bad but can you tell me what the name of the Japanese girl That was on on the hillside and of course I didn't get a response because you don't like me. But the the woman that was on the hillside with the white with the dark inlay in her gear I'm sorry that I can. Yeah this is a serious apology. the girl that dresses up as Freddie Mercury. No this is a girl who was just I it sh. She was in one piece. Yes spectacular worker. When I'd say spectacular I mean she rivals any feels Josh Victoria? So easy smooth. I mean everything she did. She made she made them look like a million bucks books. And that's who I would want to wrestle with twice on Sunday spectacular match. And they should. I mean if they don't have her on the main roster they need to hire her somebody does like. She's super impressive. I will agree with you. That the women's tag match this this week on a e W was probably the best women's match I've seen them have so far I've I've come on the show and he said if there's one area that annex t is definitively beating a W. It's in their women's division but I thought eighty w took a tremendous step forward with that women's tag match conversely on the other side. The women had a great tag match. They do and and it seems like the women men are heading into war games both shows as you said. We're really really good. I agree with you. It's a fun night of wrestling wrestling but with this fun night of wrestling comes to competition market with competition. You got these hard numbers and it seems as if awol it does seem as if it's the truth eighty w quote unquote one again. With eight hundred. Twenty two thousand viewers viewers had eight hundred. Thirteen thousand view is now on the surface. It seems like a e w one this week. Do you believe that they truly truly one this week or this week. A lot more telling of what's going to be coming in the future with these ratings because the gap has been considerably closed. I mean it has been closed in but I look at it like this. Math does not lie and the numbers. Tell the story. But there's a bigger picture. The bigger picture is how many people are GonNa get introduced. One and sustainability is the second one you have to be able to have a long term plan of who you're building in pro wrestling and you have to have a strong idea of when you put them in the show because you want to be you know we always say you won't be I are you WANNA be e-last and how middle of the show which is really the me and the bulk of the show is very very important that you put people in the right places because if you don't they'll get lost in the shuffle and eighty W I I think the last two weeks has fallen off of that area like I I WANNA see the young bucks in the middle now so they can give the show more depth and introduce new characters which they've done but not at the level that I wanna see him the wwe the INEX- shows they're introducing New People. And some of which we've already seen so that that tells a story in itself that they have an idea where they're going and who they're gonNA make major players but I wanna see next through the same thing even though the numbers of better catch live Monday through Saturday from nine. AM to noon eastern on Sirius. XM Fight Nation Channel One fifty six or on demand with the series Xm APP. I just want to get back to a IT W and then women's tag match. Because I know you were trying to put over the one girl and the match and I know you don't want to be disrespectful. Turbine but not knowing her name. Her name is emi me soccer and that's the girl the lady who dress who looks like Freddie Mercury. She does the whole Freddie Mercury stick and she actually stamps your feet and claps her hands and does the we will rock you. Think so. That's her name Emi Sakura and mark. She I believe is actually the woman who trained the the champion Right now Rio. She the trained her or she was a major influence on Rio's career bully. You're going to say market full of Shit but I. I told my wife when we were watching. I was like that girl. I guarantee you trained a lot of the girls in Japan. I promise issue. I've told her that because I can see the textbook work that she does in her style. Every hold that she grabs everytime she she touches you. She is the best female worker on that show. Like I'm without without rival. She's the best and I would even go so far as the sand that the only person that I've seen have that count work style is Bailey. Like she can grapple with the best of them and I will pay money to see a Lotta different shows but man I imagine seeing her Bailey ooh imagine the best workers to me. That is very high. Praise common from Mark Henry for Emi Sakura. And I believe we'll see emmy and Rio Jio lock it up at full gear. And we'll preview in full gear later on in the show mark. I want to get back to what we just heard. The way went off the air within Ballard and Adam Cole before we get to that we always talk about moments moments in time. How did you feel about that moment when you had? Aj style standing in the middle of the ring throwing up the chew. Sweet signed to Finn Ballor who was pointing the guns. Allow the a bullet club guns straight. Aj did that resonate with your. Where do you think they're trying to go with this? It did and I'm thinking are they. He joined together. OR ARE THEY GONNA Change I. I didn't know what to expect. And sometimes having a cliffhanger Is is is definitely necessary and I think in that point it was a good place because it left. Is it left you wanting more we always talk about. This is a wrestling one. Oh one you go to town and it somewhere that you you don't always go you leave him won't more you. Don't give them everything and you tease something. So that when you start that on on sale for the next time you come which would happen right before the main event then. They know that you're coming back. And they go those tickets that night. That's the way you wanted to go and I think that's what we got on Wednesday and if you you want people to buy tickets so let me ask you a question mark you as a fan. Are you going to buy a ticket if you think there's a chance that Finn Ballor is going to join the OC and stand side by side with AJ styles. Dallas Anderson you bitches sweet ass I am because now you you got to bona fide stars Finn and Aj you. You'd have to look long and hard to find any program that has that much star power because both of those guys are Wrestlemainia guys and they can also go twenty thirty forty minutes any night of the week against anybody and you'll be invested so now now you got a crew of faction if you will that basically is a really. A Japan is starting Auden in Japan. which is now coming over here? What about you say you know what I'm going to introduce some of the guys that I was with you? You Thinking Oh man. One of the guys. From Japan Japan that was in a bullet club. Might show you. You're thinking a reunion of the bullet club. The book club could beat a new in wwl. If you put it back together the way that is it was originally formed and you got all the right way. Got Back together the right way and if you do that now you own wrestling you own it because worlds is there another faction. That's that's that polarizing. I wait there isn't one and I mean we had the shield back in the day. That was Just polarizing now Jericho. GEICO is creating something but he's creating it. This is already created. This is already established. All of these people already have storylines storylines so that that would make them right away. Boom the number one faction in Russell. Gotcha Adam Cole came men and took that moment away from us and we went off with coal. Stand them in the middle of the ring when you think about the undisputed aramark. Obviously obviously coal wants to put the undisputed era on the map. He wants to. He wants them to be the premier group Annex T and I do think that they are the premier group Banana exte- However I get a weird feeling when I see the undisputed era together when I see the four them I feel like I'm watching Adam Adam Cole and his backup band. That's exactly what it is. It just seems like Adam Cole is just light years ahead. Head of Rodrick and Bobby Fish and I'm I'm sorry I don't remember the The the last brothers name it just seems like he's he's truly standing out. I mean obviously they got him. You know wrestling. Seth rollins that got him wrestling. Daniel Bryan but it's not just that he has has a certain look and charisma. They're all the same size. I mean none of these guys have been blessed with tremendous size but they've been blessed with tremendous skill. But but for some reason Adam Cole sticks out more so do you look at the undisputed era as the premier faction exte- or. Do you look at it. As more like Adam Kohl and his dies backing him up. That's exactly what I see in the way that you remedy that is if you have have one of those guys want. Hey Man you've been putting work in the last couple of weeks undisputed areas. Not just one guy. I'M GONNA go out here tonight show you why. Undisputed error is the leading faction in the world of pro wrestling today and have them go out and do it. And then now you can say you see that. And you can create a little animosity in the group and you. Now you build another underlined on story inside of something that's already successful. They have to find a way to get those other guys over. I mean I totally agree even the other night when we saw the OC. I think it was. I think it was on on raw smackdown. The so many shows sometimes they run together but I remember the undisputed era getting into it with AJ and the OC at ringside and it was basically a beatdown but in the middle of that beat down Cole got in a super kick on AJ styles. Boom that moment stuck out to me. It's it's as if they are definitively saying we're trying to feature Cole and I'm just hoping that this doesn't come back to bite them in the ass because they put so much time and effort into the undisputed era but when I look look at that it seems like coal is just moving forward so much and he really is the star in my is you know. Also another thing that was was kind of downplaying was when the invasion was going on and you had the undisputed era ringside getting involved and now you see. Zack Ryder incurred. Hawk is no disrespectful to them. But you might need to bring Rousseff Jeff. You might need to bring somebody else that has been at the top of the car lately. Zach route has been at the top of the car before so it's Curt Hawkins when when they were attacked but currently they were not at the top so it looked like you were sending the be level Out to defend rather than a level two out to defend and that gives a bad look on undisputed error like you getting run off by Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins. So you think more value like make me more valuable. If I get my ass has kicked I WANNA get my ass kicked by about a deadly. I don't want to get my ass kicked by wanted to Enhancement tags like it's not it's is not the same thing. You are a thousand percent right because that is where perception becomes reality. We got the undisputed era showing uh-huh and up on one of the on Monday night. Raw Shit show flagship. Show show the audacity acidy of these younger guys on Annex T to storm Monday night raw and jumped the rails. Oh my God it's on. It's going to be another invasion angle. And then we send out writer and Hawkins and as you said we're not talking crap about Ryder and Hawkins. No we love the brothers Blah Ah Blah Blah. But the way they're presented they are presented in a way where they're kind of towards the bottom of the card and thus you make take the undisputed era not looked as important. I want the cavalry. If I'm raw mark. If that's me and you and we saw somebody jumped the rails. It's on on. Oh Shit listen. What should have happened is writer and Hawkins come down and they confront him they get into a Bang Bang Bang undisputed Tair woop they asked Yep now you bring another level of guy down and they're going Bang Bang Toe to toe and then you have a big pull apart part and then they go off the air and you don't get to see what happens is like how you layer and the one thing that I learned from Vince and I think that people underestimate vents sticks to the program and sometimes people get hurt and you have the deviate from a program but for the most part when he gets his mind set on something he gets that done before he goes to something new? And that's that's not what's going on right now I think so. Many people have criticized vents. That other people are putting. I don't see Vance's In his his style on pro wrestling right now as it relates to raw and smackdown an INEX- T. I I WANNA see seen like I. I still believe I still love the old school method of getting people over. I love the old school method of keeping people over over. And that's the science of pro wrestling which we've had the fortune of being around the best coaches the best producers the best trainers ever that needs to be brought back to the forefront if you don't know Sirius. Xm Than Listen Commercial Free Music Music Plus sports comedy. Talk 'n news. They had it all a lot of people. Think you need a car to enjoy Sirius. Xm But you don't. You can listen outside the car right now you can get your first three months of Sirius this. Xm outside the car for just one dollar. Just go to siriusxm dot com slash busted to offer details and to subscribe. You can listen on your phone at home and online that Sirius. Xm I'm dot com slash busted offer available to new siriusxm streaming subscribers Sirius. XM No car required. I enjoyed there are so many things that cody he said. Within that Promo that really resonated on so many levels mark I wanNA take three words I wanna get your take on it undesirable to undeniable. You were there with cody in the. WWe which cody Rhodes roads or stardust. Really that desirable in the WWe was he not a was he. Was He desirable. Yes he will in the in the eyes of the office in no not in the eyes of office he was another player uh-huh and I thought that he was better than what he was represented but he took everything that he got and he ran with it and had success. And that's the mark of talented guy. Now the guy that he is now he was not there because he wasn't allowed to be. They had a guy his name. Was Chris Jericho. That was that guy so now he gets to live. Is Dreaming Be who he rightfully Eh wants to be what you saw was a manifestation of Agai getting out of the shadow shadow of his father and then the guy that he became use said does he is is he comfortable with being in the shadow right that how you know you can do that when we were talking about. Cody's Promo immediately. You brought up dust these name Amen. What I was saying is is that even though it's a compliment? Isn't this exactly. What cody is trying to get away from? We refer to dusty simply as busty and this is why cody refers to himself as simply as toady. I think cody wants to be his own name. I don't think I don't think cody wants dust. These name brought up anymore because it's entirely too giant of shadow. Not that he I just want to brought it up out of disrespect it just like dammit. I'm working to who frigging hard to do something that hasn't happened in the wrestling business. Probably since my dad so can we just talk about me and not my dad. Every single time I come up we spoke about him I we he led the conversation. It is unfortunate if you can call it that that you have to follow greatness but you look at the NBA and use use this as an example his not his son but Lebron James came after the match. He came after Kobe. He came came after Jordan. Is he them is he Michael Jordan. No is he kobe. No is the as great. Yes yes that is the ground. That code is following. It just happens that the great was his father which is makes it even much just as much more an anomaly for it to happen to see cody rise to that level. Now you go to church. Yes cody took everybody to church. He got emotional when he mentioned his father other his brother his mother his wife he brought reality into the emotion. It wasn't just just that he. He used Unbelievable words to describe. It was the fact that he brought reality into to his emotion but he said this is not about my father. This is about my mother and my wife and my sister Mr. It almost felt like to me like enough about dusty. Dusty is not with US anymore this is about me and my my mom and my wife and my sister listen. I'm sure if we talking to cody right now. He would speak highly of his father higher than any of us US could but my point is it's so hard to get out of that shadow. Why why did he want to get out of the shadow because in the shadow of greatness put you in your greatness because in listen mark how hard is it for Charlotte flair to constantly constantly have to answer questions about Rick Despite her success? I mean for Christ's sake when they put up the graphic on smackdown sometimes it says Charlotte flare ten times champion first woman to do this and then daughter of Charlotte daughter of Ric flair. Why is that important? Why do we have to keep bringing up Rick's name? Why can't we just let Charlotte Charlotte? So that's kind of like my whole thing with cody. Like I feel like it's almost like Oh my God I created this company. I'm doing this I'm doing. I'm giving people the best storytelling. Can we not compare everything I need. Need to dusty. That's that's the only point I'm trying to make. That's why said you're complimenting him by by comparing it to dusty but I'm wondering if this is what cody is trying to get away from bully. I'M GONNA put it an and I always Try to reference things that I understand and talk about what I know. Not what I what I heard my whole life. I've competed against ghost. The people that were in the competition with me got their ASS whooped doc. Multiple world champion in three different sports for different sports. I've been national champion a better. I wasn't competing against the people at the meeting meet. I was competing against myself and I was competing against records. People that died that held those records before me. Every time that I be be a broken record they put me in the conversation with every man for the last hundred and fifty years that held at record eker before I broke it. Cody is spinning his wheels. If he thinks that he's going to get out of the shadow of his father because us he is great and his father was great. And here's a monk's greatness and he will never get away from it. WHO's the number one powerlifter or lifter that you that you were compared to your entire career? What's the one ghost name that you always had to hear Anthony Clark so after after a while weren't you tired of hearing Anthony's Clark's name? God rest his soul. You know what I was tired of not being number one and it made me better and in fact that I had somebody over my head that I had the clips. It may go the practice. Be Fun for me and when I did finally break that record and now I'm the holder of the records. I'm the guy that everybody the standard set. Then I won so I won't coat it a win. Keep you on people to talk about Mark Henry being number one and not have to. Mention Anti Clark's name and commissioned on second you can mention them second correct that and that's what happened. That's what happen. This is what I think cody's trying to do now. I think cody now wants to be. You mentioned I yes he does. It's about cody. And oh by the way if we bring up dusty that's fine too because dusty was so great what he did. He was good in his time. But right what else is all about cody wrote. And that's where he's gotTa do that he's got to do that. You have to staffed by people talk about Columbus Columbus came and he discovered America Columbus. Come here discovered America that we read Chris yet. Find Shit you know what happened. He said that he did it. That's what it is. Cody has got to say what it it is easy means and bill you got my ass fired up man you need to cut it out. You're GonNa make me glad you back in the ring. That's how I feel right now. I feel I WANNA prove it. And that's what code. What he's doing? He's trying to prove that every night he's gotTa do a thousand more promos to be considered the greatest. When you can Mitch Itchen Cody with Ric flair? You can mention cody with Kurt Angle. You commit cody would Hulk Hogan and the Rock and seeing it can happen it can happen. But he's got two thousand more times and you know what his advantages he's young. He's young and he owns the company to unbelievable factors that have fallen in the line and falling in line. That could possibly make us in the next ten years. Say Hey man. That cody Rhodes when he cuts promo shoot it a mini like there was a couple of guys is that can hang with him. RIC flair dusty. Rose Oh now you somebody different. But he's got to establish that it's not up to us. We talk about it on the radio we can watch it on. TV But at the end of the day code has got. He's got he's got to put the stab he's gotTa stab the flag and that he'll listen. I am glad that you're fired up. It's what I do. I'm I'm glad you want to get back in the ring. I think you're fired up because deep down in your heart you know that. Anthony Clark doc was better power lifted than you. I don't think so I don't think so I haven't Clark is great and and God rest his soul he's not here no more but In my high school at the state tournament he was handing out the awards. And I'm GonNa tell you about about you know me I'm better when I'm angry. Yes you are and when I went to shake his hand and accept my ward. He wouldn't look at me and I was like Mr Clark like I'm Mark Henry. I'm trying to tell them who I am. And you know you motivated me me to be a better lifter. And he couldn't have one fucking thought of goodness in what I was saying. He just thought that I was like trying appoint Nan and then I broke record. That's what was planning his head not in mine. You know me my heart. Don't do that. Twelve angry with him and I made it my mission to prove to him who I was in when I became a senior lifter every time I saw him. He's he competed and other organizations because he didn't want to compete against me because he knew I would kick his ass. My numbers were way better at that point now superman and he's another hero. That's below superman. He's like the Green Latin didn't mention he lifted in organizations where they allowed you to take steroids were. They didn't drug tests. I was only competed in ones. Were they drug tested you and then if you won you're going to get drug tested again. So how dare you to test me. And and that is what code is going to have to fight for struggle with is. Yeah there's great and you got a battle with greatness but you gotta that'd be so obsessive that you don't see the competition that you're only competing against records and did people Michael You're hearing airing catch. Busted Open live Monday through Saturday from nine. AM TO NOON EASTERN UNSERIOUS XM fight nation one fifty six or on demand with the Sirius series Xm APP. You can't get kicked out of the cage especially if that cage is called the war games and annex. T is building up to the first ever women's war games that are like where they're going to our Alex. Mets helped me out over here. Give Me Team Rear Ripley. So far who do we have on that side team. Career Ripley is of course re Ripley Candice Laret Teagan Knox and as we saw joined the fray on Wednesday night medium and and then we also have team. Help me out here Alan. Shane Obeys Ler Shayna. My bad team. Shane Obeys Ler who is a surprisingly enough. Her two cohorts the other two members of the four horse women will not be joining her. Hid in the caves Shane. baiser will be teaming with e o Shirai Bianca Kabila air and a fourth member to be announced. And this is what I want to ask your opinion on mark. Thank you very much Alex. This fourth member. We saw career Ripley. Basically tell the CODE ACI on Wednesday. Hey girl you ain't got what it takes just business your out. You're not on my a team. And thus she picked she picked now sam no no not teague. She picked a medium. She picked me a yes. Yes thank you Alex. Do you think that Shane Obeys Ler. Is GonNa Take Dakota Kyw and put her in that spot. You Think Dakota's pissed off and not to jump over to the other side Jeez you know you got kicked out I I would be I would be wanting to ruin. I will be I will put. I would put vinegar in in their cool eight. I would ruin it for them I would. I would be remembered for a I remember that time had a great party. Yeah remember when Markarian put the vinegar in Kuwait. 'cause that's exactly what I would do. I would screw their whole existence up. They wouldn't win if I had anything the thing to do with it. I think this is a perfect opportunity for Dakota Chi to receive rea- Ripley rear basically set and Ria wasn't a deck about it. It wasn't like she just blew. Ross she was just like hey girl I gotta go with me She's She she she little. She proved herself. You know no hard feelings things but maybe Dakota has some hard feelings about it and thus is GonNa jump over to the side because we don't know who the fourth member is of Shayna bazars team yet. So I'm hoping it is Dakota Chi. Are you excited for this first. Ever women's wargames in state I am. I remember the first war games. I saw it in exte- and it was very very good and it would be hard. I think it would be hard pressed for them. Go backwards especially knowing the talent and WHO's all down there that they're definitely going to make this happen? But it's GonNa. It'll be something that we'll talk about for weeks afterwards. With the with the work rate and the level of physicality the women have been bringing to the table Able Annex T. I know that those ladies are going to go out there and bust their ass to steal that show and prove that a match like the war games is is worthy of having those women involve the war games when originally invented by Dusty Rhodes was called wargames the match beyond WWe owns the the rights to the title of war games. Right now if if my information is correct cody owns and the name the match beyond now. I've seen many companies do matches this is like independent pendant. Companies do matches where there were two cages side by side to rings to cages. They never were allowed to advertise it as the war games but they gave it a different name and put you still knew it was a war games tight match cody. He and his Promo referenced the match beyond saying that when the inner circle and cody and his true eventually came head to ahead. It's going to be like the match beyond. Do you think a e W is going to give us a war games esque doc match with team Jericho versus team cody and just call it. The match beyond yes I do. And it's just based off off the compensation that we just had is about competition and competing. I want to show you that my way of doing is better than your way and it gives something to talk about. I mean like you have a reference point now so the pressures on who's GonNa do it the best and I I mean. That's he hated his. WanNa use those exact words and as it was it was really cool. That you pointed that out because I didn't think about it until you said it. Then it popped me. I can't say like all right and I think that right now and like I said they listen to us. Everybody does you can look good ratings. People people know we exist if they if they didn't know they know. Now I mean the Greco definitely got under seth rollins skin not just his. They've got another lot. Dave is very critical as well. Lousy should be. He's he's a top shows and you have to be able to sometimes incite a riot to get a conversation going. I mean it's better to have a a ride in a conversation going then everybody not to talk at all and there will be no resolution ought to. It'd be nothing to solve. Thanks

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