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What Should The NBA Do?


Nina Robson, but I'm Mike will bonnets national pancake dates only. Do you have any flat Jackson's morning? I'm Tony Kornheiser. Nope. But I did for a pint of syrup down my Vance. Now you start this off with images. We don't need. You're not a flap. That got I mean, no, not your great fabulous restaurant Jeter. Thank you very much on the corner of Wisconsin avenue northwest, you Jennifer straight waffle where you don't have pancake. We do have some pancakes. I am not the world's greatest pancake die once. Honestly once a year I liked to go and have a year. That's it once a year other than that, mostly eggs like suggestion. The waffle would do better was named after me the wilpon Laval. Yes. Whether the PTI boys and girls in today's episode borderline fight in the NBA, Nick foles joins the jazz and teddy Bridgewater makes curious goal. But we begin today with Russell Westbrook loudly and clearly threatening to beat up a fan. Dan and his wife last night and a game of Utah. When Westbrook was being heckled by them afterwards. Westbrook said he felt he was being demeaned racially, and completely disrespected Westbrook said the fan said, quote, get on your knees. Like you're used to on quote, the fan said he said, quote, just sit down and nice, your knees, bro. On quote will bond was Westbrook out of line. And what should the NBA do about this? I don't know the west book was anymore out of line or as out of line as the fan. The NBA is going to have to get together with all parties players being in this case the union and security people in that arena in Salt Lake City and the fans of the jazz. Were there have been more than one incident over the years and fights with fans over the years that were happening before Russell Westbrook was born and they're going to have to say, you know, what the relationship between the fans are patrons sitting as close to the arena as they are. And the. The players whom they often talked to an interact to the entire game. Yeah. We're not gonna have this. But in the meantime, Tony people in Donovan Mitchell, Dabo cephalopoda who took some time, and obviously have some information and Donovan Mitchell specifically plays for Utah and said as a black man who lives in place here. I know we're better than this. I now know more about what was said, I know we're better than this. And we can't have this. And so this is something that the league and others will have to address. Yeah. So I was struck and what I saw was the post game interview. And I was struck by how relatively calm and composed. I thought that Russell Westbrook was though we had a lot of time. 'cause I think it's happened in the first half. And he had a lot of time to compose himself. I was inclined. When I heard the thing I was inclined to believe that it's possible with the ambient noise that Westbrook could've thought he heard one thing in the fan. Could have thought he said something else. Right, but our friend. David Aldridge was on my podcast today. And David said two things. I think you are echoing here and one is that there that is an old arena and the fans of very very close, and they only very obnoxious more noxious than in most arenas. And that there is a feeling among black players that there's a certain hostility dare over some long period of time. And so I'm willing to accept both. These things are to Westbrook didn't make any move to go into the stands. He just stood there and said what he said. So I am not all that bothered about his words. I agree with you that the NBA security has to be beefed up and by the way sat here yesterday. And I said that James Dolan has the right to pull somebody gets Utah has the right to pull these tickets, and we'll say come back here on the fan after they studied videotape and other things and investigative apparently the jazz have banned. Good is fan. Okay. And so the other thing Tony real quickly. Russell Westbrook hasn't had incidents in other cities. He's had as it is him in Utah. Ends is dependent Utah and the other night in Denver. He turned and had some very tender moment with a young kid. I mean, I can understand how he's a target. He plays such anger. Yes. You know, search for Rossellini all the time. But they'll let lines that people go over. That's just can't stand up and Belo something horrible of people know apparently enough people thought that Sony that has been taken surge of Baca is likely to be a lot more trouble with the league office officer Russell Westbrook Toronto's veteran forward got into dust up with Cleveland's marquees. Chris there was more than a stop box clearly seen with his hand around Chris throat and throwing at least two punches that on top of Bacchus history with these type of incidents clearly led to his three game suspension by leak Crisci one game twenty Chris Mayer any sort of suspicion here or should this have all been on Bacha. So this is the first time that I've even heard this other fellas name, I assume this was completely about a buck. You watch it. It's all about a box. It is the third time that he has been in an actual fight any NBA. A on the court the first two times he got one game. You're telling me is getting three either giving him ten. He's recidivist. I didn't give them at least five, but honestly, my item given him ten because you cannot have this is not what Russell Westbrook in which is John would somebody then making no move out of this is right on the court. And this to me was completely box unless you see it a different way. No, no. I see it the same way as you. So I'm gonna move ahead a little bit and Tony search of Baca. He's as important to the Toronto Raptors as he once was to Oklahoma City when he was Russell Westbrook me. They are dependent not as much as Leonard. But they need surgery Baca. You were down the stretch. Now, you're in the final fifteen seventeen games of the season. And you lose an guy for three games. You try to get your stuff together to ward off the Celtics and the bucks and the Sixers what does he do? I don't know. I mean, he's allergic to is too important player. Tony say his team. He's too smart. A guy is crazy. Yes. He was involved. And you know, what Tony why? Lose to a terrible team. And maybe that's what it might. This is the NBA's nightmare in baseball in hockey and football when people fight it has no impact they wear helmets. They wear caps. You see basketball players. They are giant people when they get into a swing out. Like, this you go to we cannot have this. We cannot have it. And I don't think three's enough. I don't personally, I know. The Nick foles contract is leaked out. Jacksonville has reportedly agreed to pay foles eighty eight million dollars over the next four years with fifty million dollars guaranteed. This puts foles in the top ten of quarterback salaries. We'll have the Jaguars overpaid for foles. No. They need a quarterback with constantly told by football people that quarterback is the most important position. Played in North American sports, and that is accurate so payments shut up and I think the criticism. Some really comes from these numbers people who I find so load. Some who want to tell you is the moment somebody's paid something. They wanna just quantify it based on numbers compared to another quarterback. Because smart enough in many cases to discern impact. You gotta figure out impact homes not just numbers and averages and the Jaguars have a defense. They missing a quarterback and have been they need Nick foles twenty two million dollars a year on average is to shut up. So I don't think that the question was is Nick foles better than Blake Bortles. We all agree Nick, foles better than Blake Bortles. The question is have they overpaid from they overpaid for Blake Bortles. So it's not going to surprise me. If they overpay for Nick foles, Nick foles gets them a conference championship. Everybody will shut up. I do have some numbers here that concern me. And we've talked about this before outside of Philadelphia Eagles. Uniform, Mike, Nick foles is a starter is five and eleven when he's wearing a green. He's twenty one in eleven a regular season. Which is great. He's five and two in the playoffs with a Super Bowl, which is great. But but I'm concerned that when he leaves Philadelphia he's a lesser quarterback. And somebody else lead that used to coach him is he going to have all of the same supports this. So what's the magic is not Philadelphia? It's the railway Nick foles. Well what? But that's what we're going to see whether the magic Philadelphia or not, you know, what the Jacksonville coaching staff and the support staff up down there. They better make sure the foles wasn't overpaid. Did I think five and eleven by the way because I'm in five and seven it's still it's still not great for a million break. Not great more from the NFL hot stove, tell them. Teddy Bridgewater has decided to remain with the saints where he will backup. Drew Brees as opposed to accepting an offer. For in Miami. Where some reports had him becoming the starter. We know drew Brees is playing at least one more season. But there are conflicting reports as to how serious the Miami offer was so Tony would you elect to remain drew Brees as backup in New Orleans rather than be the number one guy somewhere else in this case Miami? Yeah. Again, again, we don't know how serious that offer was and if it was in fact, an offer but the Miami Dolphins aren't anywhere near as good as in world say so we'll say should have been in the Super Bowl. They got jobbed that'd be able to use this going back. You said they're gonna fall off the table now because the two disappointments consecutive, I think this is smart as the long play to grease is forty years old teddy Bridgewater, and he doesn't get hurt. So as long as he's healthy. He's going to be the quarterback there. But teddy Bridgewater. What you're crazy not to want to play offense for Sean Payton who throws the ball to nine different guys every single game. If you see yourself as a passer, and you see yourself as healthy. And by the way, he's twenty six years old. He's only thrown twenty five passes in the last three years. I think you make the long play. I actually think this is smarter. D you know, you make the play in the NFL to go where you can't play right now. Teddy Bridgewater is getting splinters because he's twenty six years old. You mentioned the anthem twenty passes. That means he ain't plan. That's got a chance to do Jack. If you're not playing his four zero you bet on yourself how you're teddy Bridgewater along breeze going to start him back. Here's what he keeps. Drinking avocado shakes. No. That's the other guy. That's the other guy other guy. Right. Brees looks healthier than Tom Brady Dutney what things happen to people. I think if if your quarterback in the league, I think you wanna play for Sean Payton, I think you wanna play in New Orleans. I think just looked at several straight years. What are you talk about here? He didn't make the playoffs. A couple of times face straight. Going get my damn me. Yeah. Take the job sit behind a do. Drinking avocado shakes. Let's take a break while I get my earpiece working. We'll does show on Jack's. He the player he was for the eagles. And where should Tiger Woods finish this week? You should finish. I had my not have you going to pick him to finish verse. Maybe that would be that would be exciting. You're not going to do. I might. Fine for the game that casinos pay us big royalties for outta ROY over under. Let's get the first one from our host television and medical legend, Dr Toby Ord. Thank talking about fake news over under one thousand receiving yards for Sean Jackson this year. And we'll does Sean Jackson is going back to Philly where Tony to me. Always should've been never should've left Philadelphia. He was a fit there. And now there could be space form there. I guess to Golden State golden Tate may or may not be there. But the shar Jackson still got some skill. And obviously still got some wheels. I'm gonna go under. But I'm not saying he's not going to have a successful season. I think the Sean Jackson can be terrific there. But he can still go. I don't know nine nine hundred fifty yards in two out. So stay with me. I'm gonna use numbers not analytics just plain numbers. Okay. All right last year at Tampa Bay. He gained seven hundred seventy four yards, but only played in twelve games if you project that to sixteen it's a thousand thirty two yards. And I would argue that Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jameis Winston are not as good as Carson Wentz. That would get me to over except for two things. One of those things is a Carson Wentz. Never plays sixteen Nick foles. You don't know who's gonna throw the back to the exact says we like to call them. Plus, he's thirty two years old and receivers fall off the edge of the earth at about thirty or thirty one. So I can see him having a pretty good year when I'm going under. I'm going to the Goodyear you can still have a good year nine hundred plus yard seven or eight touchdowns. Are you ready to be very happy about it enough? Are you ready under Ted clays for Tiger Woods this week? And this is soggy grass. Right. Yeah. He's won twice. He won like in two thousand one and two thousand thirteen I think I got those years, right? He says he feels good going into this. They've changed a lot of stuff there at that. Course they've gotten rid of the stupid bernudo, which I hate, and I think as bent grass now, maybe it's ri-. But whatever it is tiger is going to finish in the top ten. So the way you pose the question, I'm forced to push you're gonna have a top ten finish push. Right. So that's that's that's I guess that's under in a good way. Can I ask you a question when you northwestern will you in a grata me major you talking about the band in Bermuda? But maybe it's the ri- you get the draft. Metal annoyed Kentucky by grass, we've talked there. So here's the deal. If this was fifteen I would definitely said under because I want he's going to be in top fifteen last year last year. I think he will be the top. Okay. Last year. He was t eleven and he was just getting back. Back onto the water now and his weekend was sixty five sixty nine. What bothers me is top top ten is a really really good finish. That's a little more problematic for me. You said you were going to you gonna push which I love in this game. I'm going to go over and say he's between ten and fifteen on listening teen, by the way. Tony the best field possible. Right. The top two good. Your all in the players have good field. You ready over under a fourteen point win for guns zag over Saint Mary's, which I guess is tonight in the conference championship. Yeah. Tony conference championship. I can't wait to watch this Toni Gonzaga's already beat them by like forty and fourteen as we get the fourteen, but Tony Saint Mary's is twenty one and eleven they need this game desperately if they're going to get into the tournament to me if they win this game if they unsaid of Saint Mary's gonna get in. Oh, she say Mary's is a team playing for March frequently well, they. Get out of this is the final. So of course, I'm gonna I'm sent Wes rights to final. So we're Tony. I think not only am I going to go under on the fourteen. Right. I am smelling and picking up set for Mary's over Gonzaga good for you. I will go the other way the fourteen is for the last time they played. But curiously Gonzaga has won the w c ACC championship six years in a row. Yeah. And if you if you do the division, it's fourteen point eight points per so. So this is a very very good number. I'm going to go over for this reason guns aga- really wants to solidify the number one number one eight they might have anybody says they're going to get. Okay. They're not gonna play for nine and ten days because this is a week early. So they got away. And I think they're going to be jacked up beyond words, I've aimed this will be comfortable, and I'm going over, by the way, the W C C championship. Add it is in Las Vegas. Oh, the west coast w. PAC? I think I made that on you went back to like nineteen seventy over onto one point five of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant to join Jimmy Dolan with the Knicks in New York City suppose, they get rid of Jimmy Dolan suppose, they do that. Then it wouldn't be one point five. But nonetheless, you know, what Tony I everything you hear again once again is that people think they're going to be texting. Now, they can tag team in New York and not be with James Dolan. Okay. So I'm going to sorta revise this. I wanna say I'm gonna go over I wanna say bolt of vote to, but I'm not saying Madison Square Garden because it could be Brooklyn. I know that would make you very angry. I wouldn't care wait. I wouldn't care about that. But the question is Madison Square Garden, but I'm not going Madison Square Garden, I'm saying you're going you. You mentioned you all New York is that what more is ongoing greater metropolitan her even no Charles Barkley said that both these guys, you know, don't have the iron skin to handle. And Charles said, these guys are too thin. But I think Kyrie is going, and I think is going because he grew up in west orange, which about ten minutes from New York City. He has ties to New York City. I think he'll go. I don't think it matters. If James Dolan is there or not? But I don't think Durant is going to go because I think to rea- really doesn't want the questions the scrutiny. There's so many people every single day rather than day day. He has no ties to the like nothing. He's ever experienced four. Go older opposite of northern California over under now over let's take one last still to come to dodgers fans. Suddenly feel good about Clayton Kershaw roller coaster everyday Clayton Kershaw condition changes Michael Bennett has protests planned for next season patriots. I'm not sure that to rant. I feel. Why he doesn't have to do it? What's the point for him? Why not come off? They go win in New York. That'd be who roic forever? Have you done? People have seventy first birthday, Mark most Moses the greatest kicker the Washington Redskins have ever had who was so great in one thousand nine hundred eighty two he was named MVP of the National Football League is could never happen. Again, hasn't happened since it's never going to happen. Again, Moseley missed only one field goal is kicked decided four games in the strike shortened season when the Redskins won the Super Bowl, we'll bomb you thinking boy, Cody parking is ever gonna win this listen. I just mentioned Cody parkey, Mark Moses who he both. No, no one ever did this in the league. Tony, right. Lou grows. Didn't he plan play out Missy Admiral at the anniversary Chris Mullin on this day thirty six years ago as a sophomore Mullin scored twenty three points lead Saint John's to the big east tournament title. This was two years before the great Saint John's team that went to the final four, and this was the first of three big east player of the year awards that Mullen, either one outright or shared with Patrick Ewing. Both of whom are back at their alma maters coaching teams that hoped to get into the NCAA tournament, and they are both better coaches. And you thought they would be aren't they both now? Yes. This better love, Chris Mullin, happy trails, Terrell. Suggs t- sizzle leaving the only NFL teams ever played for the Baltimore Ravens. He will sign with the Arizona Cardinals. Why as a homecoming tour because Mr. sizzle grew up in Arizona played his own estate while at Baltimore. Although overshadowed by Ray Lewis, he made seven pro bowls. He was the NFL's defensive player of the year in two thousand eleven six. Oh, two tornado to six two stands for. That's the area code of Phoenix. I'm aware of that. That's right update. The NBA is fine. Russell westbrook. Twenty five thousand dollars for directing profanity and threatening language that fan in Utah in minor fine. Given this big blow up mitre find acknowledgement that the fan was wrong quickly to the big finish. And it's still Clayton Kershaw twenty pitches at eighty percent on Monday said he felt great reason flop to MS them, not yet me Clayton Kershaw. Come you, expect it a whole lot? That's that's man, the bar's not high. You know, hope we'll be Michael bid told the patriots in the locker room for the Nash. Alantheia your thoughts. That's well within the deal that is the players right hundred percent fine. Lou Williams became the NBA's all time reading bench score. Is that a significant milestone? Yes, it is Tony any past Dell. Curry such great company. Those guys coming off the bench all those years, America eastern final tonight Binghamton at Vermont. I know who you got I can bear Bearcats Vermont, just really really good, honestly. But I'm thinking of Bearcats outta love last one CA northeastern horizon league finals than I do he got I got Haastrup. I got Saint Francis. If I got northern Kentucky, write those down will check it out. Ton trying to better the next on on Kornheiser. Oh, twenty ten tomorrow. I wear off tomorrow on my blow bond so not same time tomorrow. We'll be back Monday. You can get the PTI podcasts on ESPN app or apple podcast. We're P T R, regardless when you see on TV.

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