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It's time for episode. One forty four Cincinnati Dayton sports podcasts and our special guest is Larry Skin Broadcasting Boys that the University of Dayton flyers and the host of my valley's Morning News. I'M W. H. I. O. Radio talking fliers flyers wires this flying episode of the local Syndey Sports podcasts. Welcome to the Cincinnati and Dayton sports podcast with Lee W Maui. This is a weekly podcast covering all sports in Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio from Lima to the Ohio River and Northern Kentucky from Eastern Indiana to Madison County and all points in between this is your source of local Cincinnati Dayton Ohio sports visit the Lee w Malan Dot com slash podcast to find your favorite podcasting platform. Music created with the splash APP. Time for another episode with your host Lee w Maolin. This is up so one forty four. And I'm very happy to have aboard Larry. Hand Skin you might know Larry from the Dayton flyers or whol radio Larry Good morning and it's a pleasure. Have you aboard Good Morning? League is good to be speaking with you. So Larry Let's begin. Why are you originally from Originally from Columbus Went Northland graduated from their nineteen seventy five. That went up to bowling. Green State. University graduated from their nineteen seventy nine. So how'd you wind up from Columbus and Bowling Green? Two down here in Dayton Ohio. Well initially I was working at a radio station In Newark Ohio part time Move back in with my parents and was working fulltime at a sporting goods store just working Sunday mornings at a at a Newark radio station. You know obviously trying to find fulltime work and high Was kind of frustrated. And and so Someone came in the sporting goods stores. Said Hey you know. I help out with the sports at this. Johnstown radio station which is just northeast Columbus and They're probably looking for someone and So he gave me the guy's number and I called him up and and he said Yeah We'd love to have you so I turned in my notice at Brian and the guy said well. I know you're interested in doing stuff like that. He goes I went to college with a guy at. Ou who Rather he was this was in Newark. He works scholar would lose and Brian and he goes. They seems like they do a lot of stuff to call so I was getting ready to head out the door For my training at the radio station at Johnstown in on a whim I I gave a call up to Bryant and it just so happened at the program director and the general manager were sitting down having a meeting and saying man. We're at abide. We need to find someone that can do an air shift and can also do some sports and and then You know maybe Maybe have a couple of sales accounts and just need. Somebody can do a lot of things and phone rang and it was me so they they said We'd love to talk to you. How can you be here? I go jump in the car now so I called the Johnstown station. I actually quit a job before it even began it and got the job and Brian was there for about About a year and four months and was trying to you know. Move up into a larger market and You know saw the whol was a ratings giant in Dayton and You know kind of made a paint the best myself and got hired for an overnight shift one hundred seventy five dollars a week and and real. They offered me seventy five held out for two fifteen. Because that's what I was making. Brian and I say come on I. I can't go backwards and Did that for Gosh really all of a month and then a part of my job was to wake up the guy who was the morning show producer after a while. I mean it would take several calls to do that. After a while. The management said won't be have the guy that's waking up. Take over that job. I did that then. I started doing the sports casts. And then you're later Had the opportunity to start calling the flyers games. It wasn't as simple as that so tell me. How did you wind up as the voice of the Flyers? And what was your first season liked? The first season was eighty two eighty three season And in and it would have been August of eighty two Chris Harris who played a Dayton. It worked alongside Bucky for ten years. was relocating to Seattle In the insurance business and so that created an opening and I raised my hands. I'd really love to do this and My boss at the time Ron Kempf said Yeah I think you do a good job. Yeah I agree with you Tom Ferrick Suzy. Athletic director at the time just said no way no way. We're going to hand the keys to the car over to To to some kid who's got very very little experience so I you know they. They were all set to go with Marty. Brennaman As as their as their broadcasts voice But Mardi just couldn't he does couldn't commit because of red spring training obligations so and came back to me. They said okay. Well let's see what you sound like and so Bucky and I went into what was then a storage room. What's now part of the you know it's a luxury box at the and during the the the the preseason practices and this is October now You know while the team was scrimmaging if they scrimmaged than we would do a fake play by play of what we saw. You know out there out there on the floor and Turned in the tape to Mr Eriksson. He said okay I'd like to hear it one more though and so we did another and he said okay can you got it and to his credit You know as much trepidation as he had about me doing it. I don't think I ever had a big supporter thereafter And he he would give me good critical feedback because he would when even a home game he would not be in the seating bowl. He would sit up in that same dusty storeroom and while he was watched the game. He was listening to the broadcast and he'd have a big a legal pad and he would be constantly making notes and you know he was a guy that really hit home to me about you know scoring time score time You know that's the most important thing it's the next most important thing and it's the third most important thing in a broadcast anything else you had to say is really superfluous. I never knew that about Marty Brennaman. He's one of my favorite baseball. Broadcasters and I know he did some college basketball but I never knew he was in line to do you D and fortunately he I'm glad he said no exactly. Now what's changed from the eighty two eighty three? Ud Season two today in terms of broadcasting the campus your job. What's all changed? Well I mean the things that have changed would be just the The technical aspects which you got on the air At at that time you know we rely hard you know we've relied strictly upon you know a telephone line and we travel with an engineer and and It was a great guy named Dick Johnson. And then Ron. Guy Or followed him knees. Guys were just absolute wizards of fighting through the vagaries of of telephone companies at the time and and being able to always get our broadcast on the air without fail So that kind of jumps out at you mean 'cause now it's it's You know we we just use. Ethernet connection we. We use an Internet connection. And it's a you know it's proven to be very reliable and almost idiot proof because we no longer travels an engineer. So so I have to do that. you know. Obviously the travel is As become You know this is the data team now. The the charters everywhere. The only time they take a commercial flight is to go someplace like Maui Took a commercial flight out to. We didn't think we chartered out. Arizona even so It's you know I it's a you know high is it was high in trouble back then when I started in the eighties. And we've always stated very nice hotels but you know it was strictly commercial flights and so you know if you play the game of Chicago on a Saturday night. You'RE GONNA fly out until Sunday afternoon. So you know that's a big change and in Obviously you know I started off. The first couple of seasons I broadcast was no shot clock. There was no three point line Think a how those have changed the Game College basketball but I know let me and coaches players fans everyone. We've all drafted to it and think sometimes you have to sit back and really look back to think about how much change is actually actually happened in. You mentioned no shot clock or three point line either and back then there was that Tartan floors well which had to be removed for the newest renovation. Ud Arena which. I always love seeing those pictures. Went this time for I. Four and seeing that floor just underneath and history on that well if it goes down to her called out Bama that meant that they are essentially going to go to. Ud's version of a four corners Dean Smith type of offense at North Carolina and when they would just hold the ball in the Adelaide. You know just hold the ball in the net. Take a shot. You could hold it for two three four minutes if you want to spend a lot of great games a lot of great players and coaches that went through you D and your time. Who are some of your favorites that you've gotten to work with well? You know I got spoiled right away. And that is that the second season Was that I work with. Eighty three eighty four season where they made that elite eight run Beating lsu Oklahoma Washington and then falling out at Pauley pavilion in the West Coast. reasonable finals to eventual national champion. Georgetown yet Roosevelt Chat Mindy all-time Leading Score In in Ud history on that team and yet hall of fame players like young endangered goodwood on that team. Anthony Grant was a freshman that barely solve the floor that year. So you know that that that team You know collectively another hall of Famer on that team. Cedric Tony Cedric was one of my all time. Favourite competitors But then you know you know you move forward in a guy like Miguel night was so talented in. His senior year has about a good year as any individuals head for for for a season as a flyer Ryan and pound for pound the best rebounder. I've ever seen You know great great competitor. As well. Brian Roberts maybe the best shooter Slash Score That I've seen a look at the Devon Oliver most charismatic player In in and you go to the The team that went to four straight. Ncaa tournaments that trio of Gucci Smith. Kyle Davis in Kendall Pollard. I almost treat them as one individual. Because I I don't think you could separate them from each other. Because they had such collective impact and then oh my gosh maybe the safe the best for less than you know top and I said I said coach grant I said I think. Ob might be more popular than Roosevelt. And he was ready to concede that but I mean consensus player of the year and the nation. Just absolutely put on a show and the other you know. He's jam and then got peanut butter a first team all conference guard. Jalen crutcher you know. I don't have to comb through my memory. Banks to find great players Flyer Israel I gotta do is think back about last season and you mentioned. Ob you mentioned Jalen Crutcher to because the NBA draft is around the corner. And it's looking like those flyers might be drafted and what's your thoughts. Well I I think I think it's pretty clear that Jailed is doing what he did last year. That is test. The waters To get feedback. Unfortunately he's not GonNa have the opportunity to go work out in front of teams and get that hands on type of thing that That he's able to get and then bring that back To have the incredible year he had sheer. So I I fully I. I would be shocked if Jalen kept his name in that he did not come back for his senior year. Bobi. It's not a question of if it's just you know. How high is HE GONNA go? And I think you'll be a lottery. Pick I think to a main electric? Were those dunks and the play of ob topping or this this squad. How special was this season to? Ud fans they they just they had such joy in in each other success and that is something that I will remember them for More than anything was was the joy with which they played the game and the fact that they really really really just enjoyed the heck out of each other success it was. You know they would share the ball so well And it was not you know and it was genuine. It was not a nothing. Contrived was their DNA You know I think at times they. They were surprised that people commented how selfish they were because to them. It's just what they did they. They're like well. How else would I play? And that was really cool. As this great seed Dayton have that much success and just to overtime losses on season to Colorado and Kansas on neutral courts ad run rampant through the end. I mean that's that's a very special flight team but we got. Yeah and and you know the hey ten At some pretty solid competition there. I think If all is said and done come selection Sunday had there been a selection Sunday I I think we would have seen at least three teams in. I think Saint Louis was a NC caliber tournament team I think Richmond was obviously the Dayton flyers. Were and a Rhode Island. Maybe you could have stolen the automatic but even there at-large resume was too bad. You know what I you know. Y- these teams all had quote Losses that hurt their NCA stock. Well they were to the Dayton flyers you know Saint Louis Loses twice to date and what were their record. Look like same for Rhode Island. Richmond had a phenomenal year. They could beat at home by Dayton. I don't think they would have been held against him now. I mean that's what would that be now the quad one loss now. Let's talk about the heartbreak of the ending. 'cause the flyers now only didn't get taste of March madness but there was no eight ten tournament. How much do you think that the corona virus really hurt the fans around here? Well you know I. It's it's going to leave players coaches fans everyone Wondering what if You know just because it you know. There was a sense of There was a lack of closure if you will after all was said and done and You know but but at the same time I think it was good that The final regular season game It was such a it was such a celebration was such a celebration because You know they were able to cut down the nets and and in in all that you know all that and you know the senior spoke coach Graham Spokane after Game Day had been there. It really had a I don't know it. It was a championship celebration. So a very very very very glad that happened. You mentioned earlier that you got to see a Anthony. Grant play with the flyers. How special is it to you and Flyer? Fans that a former player is now leading team as the head coach. Well I think I think what what would it means is that I think that obviously not that any other coach could not You know sell The attributes the University of Dayton But obviously anthony can speak with a a great deal of authority on that subject. You know having Having having played here having having seen what what would it for his life. You know that. he was able to. You know be who. He is Thanks to the. You know the lessons that he he learned a at the university. Let's talk about someone that just got drafted from basketball football. Adam Trautmann got drafted by the New Orleans Saints in the third round this past weekend. Let your thoughts about this. Well I you know I I knew you know. I knew his draft stock. I knew he was a draftable player last year. started to get some attention Initially because we're coming around to see a hundred Sean Smith and obviously Adam had the size okay and you know there's been some great. Dane football players through the years but oftentimes they're size with a lack thereof or their speed the lack thereof. They just don't translate to the next level But Adam didn't have that obstacle. He had the size. I mean he looked like an NFL tied and then once the scouts came around and looked at him and saw the way in which you know he you know he just he just quote everything and you know the way he practiced. What kind of teammate he was. He was the first time. Maybe in the history dating football unanimous team captain in every single player voted for it And I remember when he was A redshirt freshman and with scout team player of the year at the end of that year. Coach tables said to me. Hey you got tied and we got. It was scout team last year. I mean he catches everything so I really made it a point to watch him in practice in August. And what impressed me more was at the end of drills? They'd runs France and he won every sprint. Not Because he was the fastest guy I mean he had plenty of speed but he just ran hard every time and was at that phony type stuff it was. Just that's how that's the speed. At which operated he had only one way to go and I think that's what made him a great player because he made himself a great player. He also had a very great registered senior year especially with the four touchdowns against the DAX Jacksonville. Dolphins tremendous player. And I think he'll do some great things with New Orleans. Go at absolutely. I mean they are getting you. Don't be with a New Orleans. Radio Station Last over the weekend and a guy said you think that they'll use him as a receiver just a block. They don't throw the ball crazy it. No 'cause he's GonNa catch that he's GonNa make plays. I mean that is very talented offensive scheme that drew brees and saints out. But Yeah Trautmann doesn't get his fair shake on things and I don't know what Sean pains thinking down there. But how special is it? Since Dayton football is non scholarship. How special is it to have drama? Go in the third round. Well I think it's a you know. I think it's a validation it is. It's a validation for the program and in for the League for the PF L. You Know I. It's it's a way of saying you know. Hey you can. You can't play at the next level here now. You can do that there. There's you know there is a pass to the NFL Through the PF L. through program like University of Dayton granted. Most most guys are not. Most guys are not The guys that are going to be draft episodic but it's not out of the question let's talk about the twenty nineteen Flyer football season. What was your take on. Well they could score points. Just couldn't stop anyone just in. I think that that's kind of That that's the nature of the game these days offenses are just so Far ahead of defenses with the spread and everything that it really is hard to To slow someone down in an you know. Then you get you know. Have weapons out. There that You know if you got if you've got an ad trauman look look what Flyers Ripley do With that type of With that type of arsenal but defensively. They struggled they. They really do they. They led the nation in scoring know. Let the nation to scoring but but You know could not could not stop. People will ultimately cost merchants of Ham fell championship and getting a playoff berth. Just the thank lead the nation in offensive. You stop more mean that. That could be really good season for you. Yeah I mean it was. It was tough. That was really really tough that You know to in it was never one thing. Sometimes it would be you know. Just not give up too many big plays. Sometimes they'd have a bad tackling game Times they just had guys just blow assignments that just absolutely you know ward where they're supposed to be in granted it was A. It was a young team and so that that that can that can account for some of it. You know the the the you know. They weren't real Experienced as far as you know Play a lot a lot of college football yet but at the same time you know at some point in time you gotta get it done now. You start calling football a couple years. After your first year of men's basketball but still a lot of great football throughout great history and believe Mike. Kelly was head coach back. Yeah I I football season one thousand nine hundred eighty eight so This just wrapped up my thirty second and You know there again i. My timing is is is really good. My second year of football win a national championship Division Three National Championship. Go down to Phoenix of the Alabama. Beat Union in the stable in. And you know some some great moments After leaving division three and going FCS C. S. and being in the NFL Gathered some games that I can recall. There is a game in Nineteen ninety-six out in San Diego season finale to wrap up year eleven now and I still do stay. Let still may be the best football game I've ever seen. I mean was I think there was probably five scoring plays between the two teams of over fifty ours and and these were so much blown assignment plays as much as just guys making unbelievable plays on on both sides of the ball and you know it went down to the wire and and Who it was just a great a great end to that season to finish up a electra. Now I mentioned that my Kelly now. He's your color commentator since your time at. Ud you work with some knowledgeable. Broadcasters who's been some of your favorites in some of your favorite moments with them well I mean. Everyone brought something different to the table. You know the difference guys you know Lieutenant Governor John. Huston worked several years for me. In fact I mentioned that San Diego game you know he was alongside for that one In nineteen ninety six and Jeff Miller another former Flyer Who was was alongside me for several years and everyone brings something different to the table and the thing is with with my Kelly. I knew he was going to be extremely prepared. Extremely prepared and I I just you know what I was not prepared for. Was this this animated excited. Hot diggity dog guy in the booth. I just never saw that common. Never saw that coming in. It's been really enjoyable to see That aspect of it and come out through different personalities because when he's working ever sports at Hugh de he's calm cool collected but when you hear them on radio it's like you mentioned just so animated but very knowledgeable on. Yeah Yeah Oh yeah I mean you know there's There's nothing lost in the translation certainly and for men's basketball. You had bucky Baucom for the longest time which by the way is bucky. Okay Yeah Yeah. He's he's good. He's he's already talking about next year you know he just At back issue during the season really kind of threw him for a loop. That's good I I. I missed them throughout the year but I think the people that would inform. Did a really nice job like Brooks Hall. He was the one that I got to listen to the most. I think he does a nice job. Yeah I made in there again. I really enjoyed having the variety because I think that that That is of benefit the fans that they get You know varied perspectives in a brooks. Has that players perspective In his is his really thinks. Like a player. Keith has players perspective but kind of more than arm's distance you'll having spent a lot of time overseas playing and nor will it takes to play at the next level you know. He's he's able to not so much Identified directly with the players. He's been there done that but I think you know he's got know a different a different vantage point and then Josh Pasta Reno. Only play today with the only also coached in any really brings that coach's perspective. So I think it's a like it's a good thing for good thing for the listeners. To have the ball. There's lot coaches and former players on their giving their you know their view and really does add to it. It's something that you know. You might not look at our here but it's fantastic. Yeah I think we're I think we're blessed we're blessed to have that and really really glad that each each guys able to To to contribute after football the flyers are in the pioneer football league and men's basketball and almost every other sport the Atlantic ten. What some of your favorite trips and least-favoured trips you've gotten to have over your career. Well you know I. It's you know we always joke about going to saint bonaventure in the bad part about that is is getting there at one point in time. That facilities civilities getting accommodations. Like we stayed at this old motel. I can never well the first trips over there and to wake up in the morning and to find a an inch of snow in your room Was to have to walk barefoot through the snow to get. Your bathroom was a little luck. put that put things off a little bit but then when she gets to the game itself. I mean The O'Reilly Center. They say bonaventure is a great game. Venue let's super now. You can go to Philadelphia and have you know amazing meals and all that kind of stuff but then you go to the Tom. Gola arena a tire center in Hair Care Salon. And and you know you're like is Israel is really a college basketball venue You know so i. I tend to lead towards I guess for everything involved. D atmosphere Easy place to work. I mean you don't have any technical issues or people that are you know being a pain. I say the best to say Louis because I mean it's A. It's an easy trip to get there. There's couple restaurants said We've frequented through the years where they know us and then You know they've they've got maybe the second best Rena in the League and good people and it's You know it's a great atmosphere. I mean you know they don't like Dayton and but that's what you want. I mean you WanNa go someplace where you know where you feel like you're playing you're part of something that matters and that's really what it all boils down to. You know whether you're a player or kosher or broadcast you won't feel like what you're doing actually matters and for football. I you got some pretty close opponents. Indianapolis Valparaiso Indiana's not too far and then randomly San Diego California. If those got to be some big trips in the pioneer I mean that's You know obviously it's it's a great opportunity. And it's a recruiting tool that you know that. Thank the coaches us. Well because you know it really is a difference between you can be a preferred walk on Mac or you can come play Dayton you can ride buses to Muncie Indiana and it's slant Michigan in Akron Ohio. Or you know you you can go to San Diego Florida Charleston South North Carolina Poughkeepsie. New York and you know it's an in in in I talked to the guys and it's it's something that yeah it it matters to them. What's your thoughts about Jacksonville? Closing down their football program I was shocked But then again they've I in some ways they've not been a great league member from the word go from an institutional standpoint. They're just not you know. The snapshot of the Institution doesn't look like a a pioneer football league team. So maybe maybe you know maybe I. It does make sense But nevertheless still surprised because look like they were trying to take things in a different direction and one that would have been a little bit more in line with the PF L. standards if you will listen to the game and I always hear that Jacksonville's while coached and while disciplined in when I saw the news like wow that's that's a little bit sad. Yeah because they they they had been kind of a renegade program for a while but they had. I thought you moved in the right direction. They were you know doing the right things now outside. Ud and W. A. J. O. What else have you done in your broadcasting career well outside of WHO You know which which I host the show and a half for since two thousand three and had done a lot of other things before that I did some stuff for the Dayton dragons early on On on their on their cable broadcasts on what is now spectrum. But cynic Time Warner at the time. So I've just done those types of things Yeah but primarily. It's been you know it is good because I you know. I think it's fun to baseball. Say Yeah I got chance to some baseball wants. Never done hockey. Never done hockey. I've done a lot of other sports through the years including soccer and volleyball but never hockey. Hockey's a blast. It's one of my favorite sports to broadcast. And I remember a couple of seasons. Go you got to broadcast you. D Baseball game and that leads me to my next question brought casted any other sports for you. D outside men's basketball or football Did just did a few baseball games. did a did some. Mez Women's soccer again for the cable broadcast back in. This would have been. Oh Gosh Ninety six yeah it would have been Leading into the ninety six would have been in the fall. Ninety six I did the A ten Soccer Tournament that was at Beaujolais field. And I did that. And it was on the local cable here but it was also on Massive Square Garden Network. Yes New York wingless sports network comcast Philadelphia as that was kind of cool and and I just I just wrote glisten who was a women's coach at Ud for many years. He was the color guide. I I wrote him. He carried me so much. I think he'd near my weight down to the ounce but the end of that tournament and for Baseball I mean Jason King in his third year the helming fire. Baseball's looking dangerous. Well you know in in there that that that's a that's a tough battle. I don't think I don't think fans realize how how hard it is In College baseball if you are not in a sunbelt area or in the southwest or or I mean just because of the nature of the season in not being able to get outdoors and In it that then turned it It affects recruiting footprint. Where you know you're you're not able to. You know be able to go out and evaluate and look at talent being able to play almost all year round so I I tip my hat. Successes of teams above the Mason Dixon. Line when they have success not just within their leagues. But you know a success that can translate to make an an impact nationally. I hit my head to him is not easy with especially since winter likes to stay until about mid April most see sense. Luckily I was able to catch three games and that flyer team looked really really good. It was just a shame that that was it. Bam just the one home series against Northern Kentucky and. That's all she wrote for baseball now. Let's talk about. The Corona virus is an important issue affecting US worldwide acid affected. You and your jobs. Well obviously it You know I had planned on being I told people I said I can't make any commitments out. Any outside Events or what have you until after the first of April because I plan on being busy with the NCAA tournament. Well I didn't have that but then again there wasn't anything else to commit you anyway. So yeah I mean it took for me. It's just it's it's it. It was going from sixty two zero There was no easing tapping the brakes. It was just a skid start a skid stop and it's just been like that since so Obviously in you know being part of a news program each day. You know Like everyone else. I want distractions from this because now I know I can't shut it off folks. Just say well you know what I'm just going to ignore the whole thing and not think about it and and not Not read about it not studied. I can't do that. It's it's my job to to immerse myself in it and To be honest with it gets to you. Sometimes he really does mean. Your job is to inform the people what's happening in. It's there's not been a lot or any good news. Come with this yet yet yet. There will be a there will be an all clear someday yourself an it soon but it wiped out the Atlantic ten tournament completely. The women's Tournament did get completed which was nice and it was nice. See The flyers women's basketball team lift up the trophy on their home courts. That was really cool. Yeah so I mean it in so that and then like you mentioned the fact that the celebration for the man's home finale did offer some sort of a closure a celebration of a championship. Feel Larry What are some of your favorite things about the local sports saint here in day? Well I think what what what I what I like about. It is that It we really Dayton is It has autonomous Now are there are there. Reds fans and Bengals fans in the Dayton area yes And then there are To a large degree large not Lebron's fans into a smaller degree some Indians fans but You know we're not Cincinnati North This is a very Autonomous And in a very parochial area. And I love that about it in that You know Friday nights you know were High School Football Stadium you know. That's that's what we do here and I love that the fact that Local sports have as high a profile As anything that would be happening at the at the collegiate level and at the professional level nationally. I mean you go to some. I remember going to Philadelphia and getting my haircut tournament barber shop and get my haircut. Augusta's where you're from Dayton Ohio will bring you here. We are for the Atlantic ten tournament. It was what's that was that. Well it said it would lead Danes Long with LaSalle Saint Joe's really. Oh I had no idea. Yeah so you know. Most of the metropolitan areas are so consumed with professional sports that You know anything. Taken Place. Collegiately or locally. Just don't didn't resonate. There's a lot of everything around here. I mean like you mentioned high school football. That's Fridays than you. Got College Football Saturdays and pro football the next day. There's a little bit of everything for everyone here in sports game. Well in two thousand and four There was a a game in February Dayton played. Saint Joe's hosted Saint Joe's and had a horrible snowstorm that weekend the Dayton mall was shut down. The mall was closed. flyers had a sellout crowd that Saturday night. Be Saint Joe's you know the next day. Everything is still shut down completely snowbound in K. Churches are closed. The Altar is playing in Saint. Vincent Saint Mary with Lebron James and CJ is going to play a believe Cincinnati Princeton in a doubleheader at the at the arena well Princeton says. They can't make it up. It's too snowy Akron. Same Business. Mary's they make it and so as alter against Lebron his high school team and again a sellout crowd in I just sold out to sold. I mean butts in the seat sold out on back to back nights when the area is supposedly completely shut down by snow. So that told me a lot about Dayton fans right there. I mean that's some not always tip my hat to UD FANS. There are probably the most loyal that you can meet. It's it's fantastic. And when the malls and churches close you think everything's closed but nope it's still basketball time. Get get there yeah. I mean it's GonNa take a lot more than just a on the only thing they can keep. Obviously the only thing that can keep flyer fans away is Kobe nineteen. It's it's it's still such a shame and it's the first tournament since what the thirties or something like that. It hasn't been played I. It's not good match a lot of great things about the Dayton sports scene. But in your eyes what would you like to see? More out of Dayton sports in Dayton sports media or Dayton media in general You know I think I just just keep the focus where needs to be in. That is The focus on what is happening. That is not going to get the attention of. Espn you know that in that is you know what's happening with local athletes. Local teams The you know the local stories about you know the people who are involved. I mean the news organizations are quick to say. Well you know. We don't need to be doing a sports because sports fans can get all of that off of ESPN. Well they can national stuff. But that's not the you know but that should not be the focus you know We don't need to you know if I want to know about the NFL draft. I'm probably not going to watch a local TV station. If I want to know about Adam trautmann status. I will So that you know that's the difference in so Yeah keep the focus. Local for those are interested in joining the field broadcasting. What advice and tips can you give? Well develop a brand Develop brand no one is going to You know no one's going to give you job. Security known is going to give you anything Your your value to an employer or as a self employed freelancer. If you will is is that you've got to have a brand you know. So so focused on. What is it you do? That's unique? What is it you do that makes you Someone that people want to pay attention to to give up something very valuable and that time and focus on that really kind of hold your brand. Okay what is it that I do? It could be that you just do everything. You're a jack of all trades or something to be said for that it could be that you know what I am the best Bmx bicycle broadcaster in the nation. In focus on that. You don't have your niche but you gotTa have a brand you have to have a brand So that both employer knows who you are and a listener viewer reader is going to know who you are like that advice about building the brand being professional with it too. I like that piece of advice. Larry how can people follow your work on Social Media Atler gone on twitter Larry Ends Getting whol on facebook and you know and then the old fashioned way twelve ninety. Am and ninety five seven FM. They can hear you on the radio. Waves Larry thank you so much for your time today. It's been a real owner having you aboard any closing thoughts to wrap up this episode Just that there are brighter days ahead for all of us. I liked that closing thought. That's Larry Hands Skin. And this is so one forty four. The Cincinnati Dayton sports. Podcasts talked you again for up. So one. Forty-five thank you for listening to another episode of the Cincinnati Dayton sports podcast with Lee w Maui and to subscribe to the podcast. Please visit the lead w Mao dot com slash podcast from there. You can choose your favorite platform such as apple podcast. Google podcast tune in spotify heart radio APP and many more interact with the podcast in hosts on twitter at the Lee w Malan and at Syndey pod liked the facebook page the Cincinnati and Dayton sports podcast and download. The free flicked jet APP then search for the local Sunday sports group to submit your future. Mallon's mail back questions. The closing theme is lights. Go down by Dan. Hennig provided by the Youtube Music Library Collection. This is Lee w Alan and I hope you enjoyed this week's podcast. Please join me again. Next week. On Cincinnati and Dayton sports podcast.

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