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Explicit content is found in this episode so listener discretion is advised. Welcome back to the true crime. Fan club. podcast. I'm your host. Laney males primarily carry out. Mass shootings females account for four percent of mass shootings. In the united states. overall women are less likely to commit homicide with ten to thirteen percent of homicides in the us carried out by females. Women are also less likely to use firearms to carry out their homicide impulses with only eight percent of firearm. Homicides committed by them. Today's focus is about a woman who broke the norms. In every way. Okay onto the show. It began like any other faculty meeting. It was three o'clock pm on february twelfth. Two thousand ten faculty and staff from the university of alabama and huntsville's biology department had just filed into the small windowless conference room and the shelby center for science and technology the department chair distributed printed agendas and the meeting began after about fifty minutes. The meeting drew to a close. And amy bishop a neurobiologist. At the university stood and withdrew a nine millimeter route from her purse. She turned and shot. Gopi pedala the department chair in the head. The other individuals in the room set in shock for second that stretched out like eternity. While amy pointed the gun at stephanie monte-carlo department assistant the bullet found its mark and shot another individual adria johnson. A cell biologist. People began reacting screaming trying to find cover and trying to escape the room. Unfortunately amy was blocking the only exit. Amy aimed at a fourth person. Maria ragland davis and shot her deborah moriarty colleague who considered amy. Her friend watched in horror and in disbelief as a shot. Maria snapping to she dove under the table screaming at amy to remember. Depres daughter and grandchild. Deborah flung her arms around amy's legs in screamed. Amy don't do this. Amy look down and pointed the gun at deborah. Amy pull the trigger but the gun just clicked. She pulled the trigger again and it clicked again. Deborah crawled into the hallway. And amy followed pulling the trigger over and over as. Amy tried to repair her gun. Deborah ran back into the conference room where she and other colleagues barricaded the door inside the room. Lay three of her colleagues dead and three others bleeding profusely from their wounds and other colleague joseph being told reporters that amy was methodical about executing her colleagues. Everyone who was shot was sitting on the same side of an oval conference table as amy the remaining individuals were on the other side dropped to the floor and try to use the table as cover. Meanwhile amy who was locked out of the conference room decided to leave. She cleaned herself up in a first floor. Bathroom washing off the gun. And throwing it and her bloody blazer in the trash can. Amy calmly walked to a lab and asked a student if she could borrow their cellphone then called her husband. She told him she was done then. Tried to leave the building via loading dock. There was a sheriff's deputy waiting for her and she was taken into custody immediately. The question started to pile up. Who was amy bishop. And why had she done this. Amy bishop was from braintree massachusetts. A middle class suburb of boston. Her mother judy was involved in local politics as an elected member of the town committee. Her father sam was a professor of art at northeastern university. She had one brother. Seth who was a year or two younger than her. Amy had completed her doctorate at harvard university and was married to jim anderson for about two decades at the time of the university shooting. The couple had four children aged eight to eighteen. That's just the surface information. However once the investigation into the shooting began reports of a troubled and troublesome woman appeared and two thousand and two. Amy bishop was charged with assault for hitting a woman in the head after an altercation over a booster seat at an ihop. She allegedly shouted. I am dr amy bishop. She was never found guilty although she was put on probation for this incident in nineteen ninety-three. Amy and her husband. Were investigated in relation to a male bumps into dr paul rosenberg of boston's children hospital. Dr rosenberg was responsible for amy's resignation as a postdoctoral fellow at the hospitals neurobiology lab two weeks later a pipe bomb package was sent to dr rosenberg's home gym amy's husband was implicated because he said he wanted revenge on dr rosenberg. Due to a bad review he had given amy on december nineteenth nineteen ninety-three dr rosenberg and his wife had just returned to their newton massachusetts home. After a vacation. Going through the mail. Dr rosenberg began to open a box. Instead of opening the flaps he used the knife to slice the box open unknowingly of oil disaster had the box been opened via the flaps. The bomb would have detonated killing anyone in the immediate vicinity. When dr rosenberg saw the contents of the package he and his wife immediately fled their home contacting. The police. state. Fire marshall's disarmed. The bomb and luckily the rosenbergs were safe. Dr rosenberg told investigators. He had been instrumental and amy's resignation from the hospital the month before he said despite her harvard credentials he felt she could not need the standards required for the work. He said despite her harvard credentials he felt she could not meet the standards required for the work other said that her husband wanted to shoot him bomb him stab him or strangle him. Others said that amy's husband wanting to shoot him bomb him stab him or strangle dr rosenberg going. Even further back in nineteen eighty six. When amy was nineteen there was a shooting incident. That disrupted the peaceful family home which was an old victorian and braintree. The front yard remained the gnarled copper beech tree that seth once climbed. Unable to climb back down until judy calmly talked him down semi had a seemingly idyllic childhood with parents who had been married for years. Judy and sam at the new england school of art in boston same had been born. Sam paparazzo glos. Son of greek emigrants after joining the air force. Sam changed his last name to bishop. It was in this pastoral tableau that a split second act of violence shattered forever on one sad night in one thousand nine hundred eighty five. The family returned from awake. In sam's father's on her. What they found was they had been burgled. And judy's wedding ring was taken along with silver cups to mark amy and set spurts as a result. Sam purchased a shotgun shells despite the protestations of judy and eighty. He kept the gun unloaded on a shelf in his bedroom closet and a box of shells on the nightstand. On december six nineteen ninety-six. A frantic nine one one call was placed from the bishop home. Judy called report shooting her daughter. Amy had shot her son and she had witnessed the whole thing. It was an accident on that morning. Judy had risen before anyone else in the home and driven to quincy where she stapled a horse she stayed there for quite some time writing the horse and cleaning out the stable which she did almost daily when she arrived home. Seth pulled in right after her. And the two unloaded groceries and carry them inside. Amy came downstairs carrying the shotgun and said it was loaded but she didn't know how to unload it. Judi told her not to point the gun at anyone. Unfortunately she had no sooner said that than. Amy pointed at her brother and pulled the trigger. Amy was standing very close to seth. So this was a point. Blank shotgun blast. Amy left the home carrying the shotgun. She pointed at a car in the hopes that it would stop. But when it didn't she went onto a local mobile dealership looking for a car local officer. Search for amy and quickly found her meanwhile south had been taken to the nearest hospital. Sam who had been out shopping for christmas presents went to the hospital in saul. Seth pushed past him on a gurney. He said sutton looked at him. But emergency room workers said he was already dead by then later that evening amy was released in judy's care due to amy's highly emotional state. The intention was to question her leader once. She had a chance to calm down but over the following days. This did not seem to happen. The investigation fell to the district attorney's office who questioned amy eleven days after the shooting the ultimate ruling was an accidental shooting but several individuals involved in the investigation stated leader. They had not seen the final paperwork. Amy's defense was that she was terrified to be in the house on her own after the burglary or robbery but that begs the question it had been at least a year since the burglary happened. So was this the first time she had been home alone since then. Amy also said that she and her father had an argument that morning before he had left. No charges were filed against in the shooting death of her brother. Amy said she had fired one shot into the wall in her bedroom. Covered it with a mirror then went downstairs and shot said then fired one more shot into the ceiling. The former police chief was shocked that anyone would consider he had been a part of the cover up in this case as he did not instruct his officers to release amy when they did and he did not know her mother very well despite the fact that she had served on the police personnel board. A few years. Prior to the death of seth when questioned after amy shooting spree in huntsville the former chief said many of the files had gone missing and no one knew where they were. Amy received no counselling after the shooting and just threw herself into her schoolwork. She again attended classes at northeastern university riding with her father to and from each day as time went on and she graduated from northeastern she rarely spoke of her dead brother. She entered harvard seeking a phd in genetics. During this time she was dating. Jim anderson who she had met at northeastern while playing dungeons and dragons they eventually got married in nineteen eighty nine in a small ceremony in the same place as sets. Wake in. nineteen ninety-one. Amy gave birth to their first of four children willie followed in quick succession by two more daughters. Thea and faye draw. The phd program was difficult combined with motherhood but in nineteen ninety-three. She completed her thesis and began her post doc career when she gave birth to a son in two thousand one few of her friends and colleagues new the significance behind naming this son. Seth babysat was born on. What would have been her brother. Sets thirty third birthday in two thousand three. Amy accepted a tenure track position at the university of alabama in huntsville. Amy and jim began working on an invention and automated cell incubator but because she was spending so much time working on this invention and obtaining patents. She did not publish like a tenure track faculty member should. She was warned repeatedly that week. Publication could affect her position but she chose to ignore these warnings. Additionally students complained about dr bishop and at least the year leading up to the shootings several students had said that she was reading straight out of the textbook and she never meet. I contact with anyone. She consistently told her students. She attended harvard and that they were not as bright as counterparts at harvard. She dismissed several students from the lab with no explanation while others transferred out of her class. While amy was working at beth israel deaconess medical center in boston. She collaborated on a paper with dr hugo gonzalez or autos. When the paper was completed she flew into a rage because she was not. I author a prominent position in academic writing in two thousand nine in what seems to be an attempt to have more articles published. She had one published in the online journal. International journal of general medicine a journal largely viewed as vanity or predatory publishing in the academic world in vanity or predatory publishing others typically pay a fee to have their work published and the work is typically not peer reviewed as they are in legitimate journals the article she published in two thousand eight listed four co authors jim lilly via and faye draw her colleague. Deborah moriarty called this publication weird and spring of two thousand nine. Amy's tenure was denied tenure disa- dream most academics and work for with tenure their position at a university s safe only touchable for cause or extreme situations such as a financial strain or program closure. Amy wanted this financial security which would also allow time for her to focus on research for publication as a book. Which is what most tenured faculty do without tenure. Amy's position at the university of alabama in huntsville was no longer guaranteed which meant she would need to find a new position and start over somewhere else. This was a low blow tamie who had been in the same position for six years. Adding salt to the wound was when amy found out. One member of the tenure board had called her crazy. Amy appealed and appealed and appealed. She hired an attorney. She became obsessed with douglas pressure. Who had been a prominent molecular biologists until he could no longer obtain research funding so he left academia and two thousand eight. Douglas was working in huntsville driving. Courtesy van for a local dealership when two scientists won the nobel prize based largely on his research. These two scientists assisted douglas and convinced him to return to academia and just a few months after the huntsville shootings. Douglas did return. This episode is brought to you by better help. 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She came to a meeting with numerous copies of her manuscript. She told them she wanted their input before she sent it to her agent. The leader of the group exploded and let her know he did not believe she had an ancient in one thousand nine hundred eight. And the ipswich neighborhood where amy gym moved. Neighbors reported problems from the first day. They arrived on the first day. They're moving truck backed over the basketball. Hoop where all the neighborhood. Kids played all the neighbors thought. It was an accident but soon realized that they had done it intentionally. Afterwards for just over. Four years amy would often call the police complain about her neighbors. The music was too loud. Bouncing balls was annoying and the ice cream truck. Didn't need to come down their street when a basketball hoop was erected to replace the one that was backed over. Amy complained constantly about it. Finally some of the parents asked her. Why annoyed her so badly. The discussion almost erupted into a fistfight. Because amy became so incensed when rumors spread that they were moving to alabama. The neighbors rejoiced the day their vehicle backed out of the driveway for the last time. The neighbors ordered pizza popped open beers and had an impromptu block party to celebrate her departure. The home they moved to in huntsville wasn't anomaly. It sat on two streets. This created a great deal of confusion and caused mail to be lost more than once and spring of two thousand eight. Jim hit and totaled a police car. Jim's father was called to come bail him out of jail and when he got into the house he found things in a huge disarray. Jim senior tried to set things right while he was there but cut his visit short one morning after a run in with amy. He said they were just chatting when all of a sudden he apparently said something. That said amy off. She became a different person both in demeanor and appearance. He said i have never seen anyone before. Or after whose face whose body language changed one hundred percent. I saw a major difference is the color of her. Skin even changed. Amy believed herself to be a master novelist. She wrote three novels which have not been published and one of them she describes a lap shooting. In another passage. She discusses the protagonist a nine millimeter. Amy and her husband visited larry's pistol and pon a week before the shooting on the huntsville campus. Although some articles reported that jim did not know where she obtained the ruger it was determined at a hearing in march two thousand ten that a friend of gems had purchased a gun for jim in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine. The friend said he purchased a handgun. For jim in new hampshire so jim could get around the waiting list in massachusetts allegedly. Jim was having a problem with a neighbor and wanted a gun. Some people claim that jim fan the flames. When amy felt slighted or embarrassed stoking the fire until she was in a deep rage. Once amy bishop was booked into the jail she was charged with three counts of capital murder and three counts of attempted murder. Her attorney roy miller said she was likely insane and did not remember the shootings. He went on to say that she suffered from severe mental including paranoid schizophrenia. She was required to take anger management after the two thousand two incident at i hop but had never actually taken any of the courses amy's husband. Jim remained loyal to her even after her arrest stating that it was beyond him. Why his wife with her violent past and her uncertain future and career would have snapped like she did on thursday february twenty fifth. Two thousand ten university officials notified the press that bishop had been suspended retroactively to the day of the attack and would be fired. Media had raised questions about her status compared to the professors she wounded additionally after her arrest. An inquest began into the shooting of her brother. In massachusetts a state police investigator who had worked the original case. Before stated he had never been given the information about the attempted holdup at the car dealership. Also particularly damning against amy was a newspaper clipping caught in a crime scene photo taken of amy's room. The clipping was about the murder of patrick. Duffy's parents by a teenager. Who shot them with a twelve gauge shotgun. Then stole a getaway car from a dealership in june two thousand ten. Amy was charged with first degree murder in connection with the shooting. Death of her brother in nineteen eighty-six investigators said she would have to go on trial in alabama before she could be tried in massachusetts amy's potential involvement in the nineteen ninety-three pipe bomb was also reinvestigated however in october. Two thousand ten. The us attorney's office stated she was not being charged in that incident and the case remains unsolved and two thousand twelve two and a half years after the huntsville shootings. Amy bishop was sentenced to life in prison. She had previously pled guilty but was still required to have a trial since she had pleaded guilty to a capital murder charge. Amy repeatedly said she did not have anything to do with the shootings and in court. She shook her head any time. The judge or prosecutors discussed the killings district attorney. Rob broussard said this did not make any sense to him. You can't take a loaded nine millimeter and hold it inches away from human being's head to me. You didn't mean to do that. The shootings left the campus in a state of upheaval. The university mourn the loss of three of their professors and rallied around the three who had been shot during the meeting. gopi padilla. The department chair was remembered as a lovable father figure who help students with anxiety over giving speeches. He told one of his students if she got nervous to just look at him. Adrian johnson had created the council of african american faculty in two thousand four and maria. Ragland davis had helped promoted in recent years and two thousand four. The two were among only seven black faculty members at the university. A memorial service was held for the three professors on the campus on friday february nineteenth. Two thousand ten and more than three thousand people attended. Students returned to the huntsville. Campus on monday february twenty-second. The university band was on campus playing tunes and hugs deborah moriarty. Amy's collie again friend. Who narrowly escaped death. That day was named the interim department chair. Deborah said one way the survivors got through. The event was by remaining in close contact particularly in the weeks immediately. Following the shooting. Staff aide stephanie. Monte-carlo shot in the head was still recovering a year later and had retired from the university. Professor jolee also shot in the head went through months of treatment as well as multiple operations began teaching again in the fall semester of two thousand eleven but unfortunately passed away from a heart attack in two thousand seventeen he and amy bishop both joined the biology department in two thousand three louis cruise. Veira suffered the least severe injuries and returned teaching sooner than the others. The school suffered a dip in enrollment for biology courses but the number of biology majors remained stable. A year later amy bishop's office remained dark and locked with her belongings. Still inside lawsuits. Were filed against amy and the university of alabama huntsville by the survivors and the victims families. The suit against u. a. h. alleged at the university had warning signs s to amy's mental instability. Amy bishop had attempted suicide at least once while in custody and what seems like a final insult on top of the injury. The cost of the trial to the state of alabama was at least five hundred and fifty three thousand dollars. Just for attorney's fees additionally the state of massachusetts decided not to pursue the case against amy once she was sentenced to life in alabama. Okay fan club members as i conclude this episode. My one question to you is. How will you sleep tonight. Thank you for listening if you enjoyed this episode. Please leave a positive review and rating on apple podcasts. Or your podcast player of choice. It really does help. You can find us on most social media channels twitter at t. cfc pod facebook dot com slash tfc cfc. Podcast instagram at true crime. Fan club pod and of course our website is true crime fan club dot com if you have an episode request citizen email. Tfc pod and gm dot com. This episode was written and researched by susie. 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