Drew McIntyre Wins Royal Rumble & Edge Returns After 9 Years


If you don't know Sirius. XM THAN LISTEN UP Commercial Free Music Plus sports comedy talk and news. They have it all and right now you can get your first three months of Sirius. Xm outside the car for just US one dollar go to SIRIUSXM DOT com slash busted to see offer details and to subscribe offer available to new series. Xm streaming subscribers SIRIUSXM. No car required. This is the busted open podcast. You can listen to the full show Monday through Saturday from nine. Am To noon eastern on Sirius sex him nation Channel One fifty six welcome to the busted open. podcast this is Dave Greco. Today's episode. WWe You w e Hall of Famer Bully Ray and I talk all about the two thousand twenty royal rumble and what a royal rumble. It was the man's royal rumble match. Drew McIntyre has now punched his ticket to wrestlemainia thirty. Six we got the return of a hall of Famer Edge which was an amazing in Charlotte flair winning the women's Royal Rumble and then an MVP performance from Bianca. Bel Air and another hall of Famer and Beth Phoenix and also we get into what I feel was the best Bray Wyatt match ever. That's right the fiend your universal champion in a strap match with Daniel Bryan. I of that right now on the busted open podcast. It's now time for drew. McIntyre gotta give a mini assist to Roman reigns help and drew get over last night because when it came down to drew and Roman. You almost almost heard a collective in the arena because they thought Roman was going to go over again and even I said to myself please. Don't don't Romans been doing so well being far away from the championship. He doesn't need it. Please do not put him over. I could almost like in my my mind. That could have picture vince. Gone well damnit. We've kept away long enough Now's the time let's do it. True will be fine. Let's put Roman over but I'm glad glad they did it. They made the right call last night and drew going over. It was a monster victory. I do want to get back into drew eliminating dating brock. Because Dave it was absolutely masterful and I went on social media this morning and I said that brock was the MVP of last night right. And I truly believe it because if you take brock listener out of the equation of that royal rumble you're left with just a normal royal rumble. That's really no different than any other rumble. We've seen we've got a bunch. We get twenty seven entrance. We got a couple of surprises. A monster supplies like edge. I WANNA get into edges surprise also a little later on the show. What an awesome moment? If you if you're a wrestler working today and you WanNa know if you're over or not go back and listen to pop that'll tell you everything you need to know about whether you're over or not this is. That's the kind of pop that I'm always talking thing about on the show. Dave where you hear the music and simultaneously people leave their seats and scream at the top of their lungs. And that's what used to happen happened on a weekly basis for a lot of superstars so the you know the pop off at the entrance music tells you everything you need to know. What a great return by edge back back to the bronx stuff? Tell me what you saw dave. One brock listener eliminate was eliminated by drew McIntyre. I saw first first of all you have to go with the story that was told with ricochet we were talking about. What happened with ricocheting kicks to the Groin? Area and and Obviously Ricochet was able to get brought back with getting him right with that nut. Shot that definitely. That definitely paralyzed is brock momentarily. And then you get the elimination from Jim Mcintyre and then you see the sales job by brock listener outside that ring I I get the shock and surprise that he was eliminated the disbelief the disbelief. By and then you see the staredown between Brock and drew McIntyre that gave you chills. I mean you couldn't set up a match for Wrestlemainia better than just that few seconds between drew and brock outside outside that ring. Here's why brock listener is the MVP and got drew McIntyre to the moon after ricochet kicks brock and the nuts. You see brock imposition. Brock takes that Claymore as perfectly as I've ever seen anybody take it no hands up that's first of all. Where did the bottom of drew McIntyre's boot hit? Brock listener the face square square in the forehead. Exactly where the finish is designed to hit so we see perfect connection with the move. Brock is saying to to himself. I'm taking this finish as clean as cleaned and be so when they go back and replay on the road to Wrestlemainia. It looks legit Shit. If I'M GONNA get eliminated. I'm getting eliminated as legitimately as possible. Boom takes to kick to claim more to the head. Then the bumpy takes over. The top rope is phenomenal because he selling he's registering the legitimacy of the kick that kick is so good that it can take the peace office feet Tattoo. Pulse him over the top rope and to the floor then he lays there dead not moving. How often do we see the beast dead and not moving never never the look of shock and awe? Aw on Hayman's face brock laying out there like he's making snow angels in Houston Heyman looking down and disbelief. Drew looking over the top rope down at Brock. Click there's your snapshot there's your moment there's there's the moment that they will replay every single week. On the road to Wrestlemania Brock is selling selling and and selling some more and just when you thought Brock lesser had done enough selling. He starts to stagger up and sells also more people channing. Ha You know hey hey goodbye. Brock staggers and stumbles to the back. That whole scenario scenario took about three minutes but in that three minutes brock listener got drew McIntyre over moreover than anybody else has gotten drew McIntyre over in his entire career and that alone is why nobody can talk shit about Brock Leser and we. You just heard Corey graves. Talk about drew McIntyre and say it's about Damn Time Corey graves also said something about brock listener that rings so true and listen. Nobody complained. Nobody is bitch more than I did with brock last time when he was champion and how we hardly defended the title. This is why they have brock listener atop was for the scenario that we saw played last night and Corey Graves said it perfectly. It doesn't matter how how many times he defended the title. It doesn't matter how many times we see him on TV. Look with Brock. Listener gives us and he gave it to us in droves last last night nobody else on the roster could do like Brockton just like ten years ago nobody can do on the roster. John Seen did only certain wrestlers wrestlers at certain. Times can give you that big match feel and right now that guy's brock lesser and you're right. He did more than just. Make drew McIntyre entire. He may eighth Keith Way. He gave you moments that we're going to look back on for decades and that claim work you couldn't have said it better. No hands adds up directly square in the face over the top rope being eliminated snapshot. There's moment there's your picture there's drew McIntyre's ticket to wrestlemainia thirty six. It's completely it's factually true. And the psychology of the beginning of the match. Dave if you remember last week when we talked about brock entering I I I kind of tried to explain to you when you have a certain talent talent who is so over and he'll who is so hated now. Brock isn't so hated. It's just that people WANNA see Brockett. His ass kicked or get eliminated donated. Every single person that came to that ring. Meant something every person that came to that ring with her as the first six seven eight entrance you want want to see them do something to brock and just when you got your hopes up even just a tiny tiny bit bang they were gone and then they start to tell all the small story you see you see Biggie and Kofi and who was it. There was one more person ganging up on Brock. Oh it was right. Yeah Yeah because he hit the day did they all hit their finishers. There you go so you got ray who has an issue with brock and Kofi who has an issue with Brock and obviously big. He's GonNa have the issue with brock because the coffee and now all of a sudden you think Oh my God. They're building up to three way with a three way. Three of them are going to eliminate brock and brock ripston ripston carpet. Right out from underneath you. It's a good old fashioned heat spot and wrestling Wham when you've gotten to the highest of the high the the he'll pulls the rung out from under you and you're at the lowest of the low. You're like wait a minute. We were just kicking his ass. How did all three get eliminated? Takes away and the booze keep going up and up and up and there's and then and then here comes Shelton and now that's Brock's best friend what's GONNA Happen here don get out here see by you mean nothing to me too by the way. How great because in between the Zarre bizarre was hitting those uppercuts? And you're like wait a second doc. And then like you said Brock just turns it around disposes of Cesar pretty quickly. But what a great story with Shelton Benjamin because great job by the commentators. There's as well telling about the history between Shelton and brock listener and it was masterfully played and they're hugging each other. And then you're like all right Brock's going to turn and he didn't they hug again brock and then they hug again and then brock turns on him and disposes them over the top rope again. A great story and as you said the booze. Just get louder. So they're building and they're building and they're building and what were they building for. who were they building? Four drew McIntyre no keithly true they were building for Keithly keithly and here comes keithly. And what are the people doing. Well I mean everybody was on their feet emotionally emotionally invested in that moment. The moment that you've been preaching here for weeks that you wanted to say and I was wrong. I said man. Dan keithly needs to win it or Keith. Ni keithly needs to eliminate brock. And you always said no no all you need. Is that stare down and you probably needed is a little bit more. You needed Kief to knock off his feet. But that's all you needed to do to create a superstar and they created a superstar in keithly people who don't Watch T. 'cause there's only two seven hundred thousand fans that watch all those people who watched a rumble last night now now know who keithly is and that was the business of the moment build up the front end of the match for Keith Elise entrance buildup keithly and brock face to face build up for Keith. Lee Knocking Brock off his feet to you. Know how credible keithly it becomes knocking rock. Lesin Ruffy he takes that back to entertain him. All that stiffly stock went up last night. Did keithly go over in the royal rumble. Now he didn't keithly get over in the royal rumble one hundred percent mission mission accomplished. And that's it folks people who were bitching and moaning about keithly And then I had some people telling me no. It was keithly and drew McIntyre they got themselves over morons. Nobody gets themself over. You need somebody to do it for you. Take brock listener out of the equation and nobody gets over in that match last night. Brock is the date is directly responsible for making keithly last night and making being drew McIntyre. Michael you're hearing catch busted open. Live Monday through Saturday from nine. AM to noon eastern on Sirius. XM fight nation in a one fifty sticks or on-demand with the Sirius Xm APP. There was still an amazing surprise and a shock when we saw Ed's last night at the royal rumble symbol. Obviously on a personal level. I could not have been happier for one of my brothers On a professional level boom. That's how it's done. That's a pop. That's a return. That's when you know every single person in that arena loves you. You have complete total and utter emotional emotional investment. I always tell people when they ask for advice. What should I do get over which I do? You hit it over. I don't know just get over edge in his career dot over. Is anybody coming close to pops like that in the wwe me right now. No not right now I mean comparable was what we saw at the end of the night but other than that as far as entrance into the rumble. No nobody came close to get in the pop like edge. Got and that's what you that's what you strive for those type of reactions every single time. Obviously it's a big surprise and coming coming back so the pop is going to be that much bigger but that is what it sounds like Dave. We came back with the audio of veges entrance. And you hear the sound happens at the same time and you only get that type of sound when forty thousand people or twenty five however many people it is all scream and pop at the same time. It's like a wave and I gotta tell you man. Uh I've experienced it myself and it takes you out of your game. It's so overwhelming to hear that. And he got double the amount of people that I got to get in Philly. There was twenty thousand. He got forty thousand lands that wall of sound from pop hop hits you and no matter how psychologically sound you are and calm you are about going to that ring when that pop hit you in the face you know. It's almost tunnel vision. You don't even know where you are. You can't grab a hold yourself because you're adrenaline rushes so hard. I bet you if we get to talk to him you know maybe this week or next week at ever he'll tell you that the the rush of energy that comes over you you almost forget going to the ring. You're on complete auto pilot pilot in that ring because you're so overwhelmed with emotion good emotion however I know they missed the first couple of the first spear there's some video out there on on social media comes in spear spear does a little stuff to drew boom spears drew off to a hell of a start I thought it was a great rumble French. You know. That's interesting because you're bringing up your experience when he came back in Philly at the rumble and I'm sure you expected big reaction no doubt but it really does take you off your game Like you even expect a big reaction. It's still kind of like I guess for a second humbles. You is the best way to describe it. I don't know I don't know if it humbles. You know what it did to me. It's scared me. Wow you know why it scared me because when I when I went out there and I got hit by that wall of sound I legitimately said Fuck. I can't remember anything. Wow it it knocks you on. It's like getting punched in the face and you're out on your feet. That's what it felt like to me and it's an amazing feeling feeling the rush is like I don't even know. I guess it's euphoric but like I said it also scared me because Dave we talked on the we've talked so many times about blowing up in the ring right you could either blow up physically because you're not in ring shape in your lungs can handle it breath in like a whale Tommy Dreamer joke or you can blow up mentally and mentally blowing up is the worst because you instantly black out and that wall of sound that hit me man. I instantly blacked out. I was blown up before I even got to the ring. I can't even remember what I did. In the rumble match. I have to go back and watch chit so like. I can't even imagine what those forty thousand people sounded like where it felt like for edge and I'd love I'd love to get him on the show just to ask ask them that question. What did that wall of sound feel like now? It might have been a little different because it an open air arena. When and I don't know if they had the dome open now is as far as I know is open so what happens is the sound travels up so it might not have hit him the same way to hit me anyway? Insane insane pop great showing for edge. He was one of my picks to possibly win it. But I'm glad that they went withdrew and not edge definitely a great eight moment. Let's discuss it with the busted open. Let's go out to will in Fort Worth will. Would you WANNA say about. Brock and drew McIntyre Listen Brock. It's a Lotta lot of shit for. Oh He's not around a lot and he doesn't sell for people all he does is suplex people. Listen when he wants to sell them put someone over He. Does it almost better than anyone. His Daniel Bryan match his. Aj Styles match now this when he wants to he can really put someone over. And it's about time. We've been waiting for drew McIntyre to get on the scene for what since two thousand nine when he was christened the one and now they're finally doing what's it's right this is storytelling at its best. I wish wwe can do this on a consistent basis. I don't know why they can't but Kudos to them. They they got it right. This is why like wrestling. There's wide wrestling fan. Well that's a great call and I think that's why we're all wrestling fans and it also. That was a wonderful night for the. WWe Hard to complain about some of the things that happened last night in that rumble. Very interesting choice of words By well who just called in he said when brock wants to brock wanting to wanting to make it personal. It's as if brock says. Oh you know this guys WanNa my chosen ones so I want to sell for him. That makes it a little selfish instead of want to I will substitute means something brock cells when it means something something when Brock knows that it's good for business if brock those that something is going to do good business. That's when the time is right. He we've seen him do great business with Daniel Bryan with Ramos Stereo with just about everybody last night. He did off the chart business because he knows that claim more that eliminated him from the rumble. Means something it means dollar signs minds to the potential drew versus Brock match at Wrestlemania. Yeah and I think what we're going to see happen at this year's Wrestlemania is going to be completely different than what we saw. At last year's Wrestlemainia wrestlemainia started at Seth rollins and brock listener and Seth Rollins Beep Rock Lester won the championship. AMP chip and everybody was excited. But didn't really do anything for Seth. I think it was more about that. People want the debt title off Brock than actually on. Seth and I think the proof is in the pudding shooting. We're here. We are a year later and Seth rollins comes out at thirty and you can hear a pin drop. I don't think that's going to be the case for Jim. McIntyre Dave as of right now do you WANNA see. Drew McIntyre win the championship or Broccoli lose the championship. You WanNa see. Drew McIntyre win the championship. Yes you do last year we just wanted to see it off of brock this year. We want to see drew win. And that's emotional title control. The baby faces more loved than the he'll is hated and last year the he'll was hated more than the baby. Face was loved if you don't know Sirius Sirius. XM THAN LISTEN UP Commercial Free Music Plus sports comedy talk and news. They had it all a lot of people. Think you need a car to enjoy Sirius. Xm But you don't. You can listen outside the car right now you can get your first three months of Sirius. Xm outside the car for just one dollar just go to Sirius Xm dot com slash busted to offer details and to subscribe. You can listen on your phone at at home and online that Sirius. Xm Dot com slash busted offer available to new siriusxm streaming subscribers Sirius xm no car required. Did you like the the way. Charlotte eliminated Shayna. But first of all I like to show of strength just how strong Charlotte flare is when she was holding that top rope. nope I don't know I wasn't in love with it. They might occur. Did done something a little bit better. But I didn't mind it and I think the right right woman one. I'll agree with the right WIMP woman winning. I felt it made Shayna look just a tiny bit corny Oranje because she was tangled up with with Charlotte in the ropes. Then she moves away then. She goes back and Charlotte's able to flip over. I wish they would've done it in a different way. And I don't know if they were trying to protect Shayna without Charlotte. Hard eliminating her allergist tossing in her over the top rope. I think they wanted to make make it look like a desperation final attempt by Charlotte and Shane just got caught so to speak. And then you know the look on his face when it was all over I just felt like Charlotte was hanging there a little too long. Like if I'm Shayna I'm if I'M GONNA I'm just GONNA walk over to Charlotte and I'm GonNa kick her in the hands or I'm going to try to pry her fingers offer or something like that. Now that's what they might have done. I don't remember the exact little thing that happened but Charlotte flipping over. And then you know. Shane is a shoot fighter. You Know Yeah Yeah. I probably would have done the elimination a little bit differently. I thought it just I. I know they were trying to protect after I just don't think he protected her in the right way nonetheless agreed right woman went over. Shayna should not have won the royal rumble. Everybody who's out there on social media. That wasn't the time or the place for her to win. Good showing by her thought thought the elimination could have been thought. Thought out a little bit better and I know people are nervous about Charlotte for the reason that right now. They're looking at Charlotte and they're looking at Becky and are saying we've been down this road a million times. Maybe there's a little fear that Ron is going to get back involved. Then you're gonNA see a rematch of what we saw last year. I looked at it this 'cause I actually thought OSCO was going to be becky because I would not have minded see in Charlotte and Oscar again resume now people say. Hey We've already seen in that but don't forget that was probably the best match at Wrestlemania. Thirty four was the match between Oscar in Charlotte win of Vine. Seeing that again and again we have a lot of time between now and Wrestlemainia thirty six. A lot can change. Doesn't necessarily mean we're going down. I'm the same road that we went down before though it kind of looks that way right now and I'm more than willing to sit back and see how this all plays out with the women's division. WHO's going to end up in the main event women's matches for mania? I don't have a problem with Charlotte flare going over at all to tremendous of an athlete and a great wrestler to think that. That's not a good move to go now. That being said she may have have been the winner but I think the MVP from last night's rumble. Match was Beth Phoenix I love what Beth Phoenix than did in rang. You talked about. I'm trying to pry those fingers. She was doing with actually biting on the fingers to try to eliminate her and then she gets busted open in the back of the head early and you just saw little by little her whole head of hair turn red one hell of performance by Beth Phoenix last night. You know I put out on social media that Charlotte went over but Bianca and Shane dot over. A A bunch of people tweeted me and Beth Phoenix. She got over to Beth. Phoenix doesn't have to go over and Beth Phoenix doesn't have to get over to you. Know why Dave she's a hall of Famer and that means he's already over end end of story. She's in the hall of fame tremendous showing last night warrior out there like we we were. You actually guys texted me. And you're like is somebody bleeding. Whatever for second there was so much blood in Beth Phoenix's hair that I tweeted? I texted you guys back and I'm like wait that she dyed her hair red that I'd miss something. She there must have been some Nice Gash that open in her head for that much blood to who have come out she. She trucked right on through honestly. I think of a referee would have tried to get out of there. She would have just decked the referee not stopping me. I mean the rumble. I'm in for a while. It's not like I'm here for a cup of coffee. I'm here to mean something. GET OUTTA my way. I mean Richard Warrior. It's amazing for somebody who's already in the hall of fame. Who's WHO's like a surprise entrance supposed to be like a feel good moment? Having Beth Phoenix out there may have been one of the best moments of her career coming after in fact she's already inducted into all she's won championships. Believe me. She has done amazing things in the ring. But when I think of Beth Phoenix moving forward. I'm going to think of that time. I'm that she had in the ring. Busted Open just just plowing through knowing that she's not even GonNa be at the end of Victor because she there is no way she was GonNa win. That and no one was expecting her to win that her career is over. She was in there as as as just a surprise moment at the rumble and to do what she did in just somebody that was just being used for a quote unquote feel good moment at the royal rumble. Amazing Performance Mormons. Bhai Beth Phoenix. She is definitely worthy of being called the hall of Famer and she's there to help other people get over. Yes and that's exactly what she did. That was her job last night. That's what she got paid for mission accomplished. And you're right as far as who with when it comes to Bianca Bianca. Belair Shayna Baiser. They're both in much better spots than they were this time yesterday because of their performances last night Bianca Belair to me stood out above. Everybody else I don't even care that Charlotte went over to me the MVP of that women's match was Bianca Belair. She had the best showing doing last night. I'd rather be Bianca Bel Air today than Charter Fair because I got over and now you're gonNA. She's going to tell you if anybody has keithly everybody with the upside annex t I could probably make an argument for Bianca Bel Air having more upside right this very moment than anybody else in annex t yes I mean even over your annex t champion Rea- Ripley correct because I look at Bianca Bel Air and we talked about Rio rippling. This is not a disrespect to Rio Ripley. I feel in some factions. She's is not quite there yet. We saw her on the microphone and she seemed a little loss. Bianca bellairs. The is the real deal. I mean you're talking about the total package. That's Bianca Belair. She is a superstar. She has superstar written all over. And I'm glad that she had that moment last night to show the world how good she really is. And when we talk about rea- Ripley Ripley and say you know. She's kind of lacking on the MIC. A little bit. That little bit means a whole lot. Because if you're not good on on the stick you're never going to survive at the top of the food chain for for your entire career. You have to be able to talk you have after so. That's where we need to improve so I mean Bianca to me right now. Listen if I if I were to sit down and put her entire act under a microscope. I'm sure I could find you things that she needs to work on but right now just looking at it from surface value I believe Bianca. Belair Blair has the biggest upside in annexed. Now she has a match. What rea- Ripley for two for the NFC championship at the next takeover? I'm wondering if Vince McMahon man was watching that rumble last night and by it was probably say my God I can do what Bianca Bel Air on Monday night raw. I believe that Ah Bianca Belair has definitely caught. The eye of Vince McMahon and it if for nothing else it's her entrance. Vince is a mark for entrances. Like that that larger than life kind of entrance like watching her skip to the ring with that look on her face and those big hoop earrings and her swinging her hair. That's it she's a star because because she's making you pay attention to her the minute she comes out she he has grabbed you by the jugular. The minute you come out she commands your attention the minute she comes out that's star and she has that that new are you are your interest you are into Bianca Belair before she ever does anything. Physical agreed to the point where a lot of people people sleep on. How good she is just because they think she's all show and she showed last night she's more than just that man? She really is the total package. And that natural rea- Ripley is going to be interesting. Because did they put the championship. I'm Bianca Bel Air or do we see the next night. Her moving to either roar smackdown Mac down because man. I'm telling you right now. They're my vince. McMahon might be thinking about that decision as we speak never know. Oh but I don't Wanna see but like I said I've said this before I don't WanNa see too. Many people get yanked annexed because you could definitely get lost in the shuffle angry. I but I don't think Bianca Cabal airs. Somebody that could get lost in the shuffle. Becky almost got lost in the shuffle. True but I think Bianca Belair has more of the IT factor than even Becky Lynn Chat on an xt. Oh all all they come I could hear the tweets from rolling in right now to you. Wow all those. Becky fans are about to assassinate you on Social Media Michael. You're hearing catch busted open. Live Monday through Saturday. Hey from nine. AM to noon eastern on Sirius. XM Fight Nation Channel One fifty six four on demand with the series. XM APP man. One Hell of a match between the fiend Bray Y and Daniel Bryan. I think it shows how good Daniel Bryan is and I think that was the Bray Wyatt match. As far is his like Solo matches the match of his career in the wwe good chemistry between the both of them enjoyed the match. The strap stipulation collation every once in a while and put a bit of a hindrance on guys like that who can do so much it. Didn't I enjoyed it and to everybody who thought that the fiends powers would be taken away by the lack of the red light. You're wrong but I did like it. Better without the red light on. Even though I was a big proponent for the red light earlier in the beginning because I thought he needed that different feel but I I will be the first to admit I did not take the red light and I'm glad they didn't have it on last night. Yeah The red light really. Didn't bother me like a bothered other people but I do agree that it's so much better by not having that red light. It's not distracting at all and honestly with that Red Light. You wouldn't have seen the beating that Daniel Bryan took. It is back in his arms. That's you know just looking Ed out and really hearing how hard hitting that was. That would have been totally lost if they had the red light to anybody out there who thinks pro wrestling sleep is fake. Go back and watch Bray Wyatt whipping Daniel Bryan with that leather strap and then fake yourself. His back his arms his elbows Daniel Bryan Ryan took a beating and again I you know with the fiend and when you have a over the top personality and character like that. It's kind of tough but man I thought they played well and and the strap like you said usually that could be a hindrance. It wasn't it added to the match. and honestly you really don't see brutal all matches like that in the WWF. You know I mean we always complained about the hell in a cell matches in the cage matches where it doesn't really get that brutal. That was a brutal Matt. Hard hitting brutal matchup between those two last night and like you said nothing fake about that. Listen if you go back and you watch strap matches from the past. They always are brutal and they have to be because the whole gang of the matches that strap coming into play and I liked liked the way they built up the psychology because when January. Brian had that cross face are what does he call it the Lebel Yup when he had the Lebel Abell lock on the fiend with the leather strap in the fiends mouth people were buying in. They thought that might have been it. They rolled out they got out of. It was good way like I said the only thing I would have done differently in that match is takeout Daniel Bryan whipping Bray Wyatt and Bray Wyatt. No selling those Those strap shots because what they did in the Becky match right after and let me tell you this you can go into a match like that and you know tell the tell the other guy. Hey laid in brother. Don't worry about it. Getting hit with a chair is one thing getting hit with a Kendo stick. Dick one thing that strap once you get hit with it like three times it puts you in a really bad mood. It's a different kind of pain like I've been whacked with a chair a hundred times and you could suck that pain up. I get hit with a Kendo stick. I could sucked sucked pain up. I get hit with just about anything when you get that. Strap it you it almost. It's a different kind of reaction you it's almost like I. I wouldn't be surprised. If if one of them stiffed each other with a punch in the face because you're so reactionaries. Like damn that puppets things that strap man and it it hurts. It really does especially when you get whipped in the same spot like two or three times Italian man. It don't tickle. It's a different kind of pain than chair shots in Kendo shot. You're going through tables. It's more of A. It's almost like an annoying pain that rips rips through you and it makes you want to react in a different way and this is one of those times who is a wrestling fan. And I was a little afraid that this match was gonNA get lost in the shuffle shuffle because of all the big moments that we saw last night. That's why I wanted to give it some time to talk about it today because it deserves it because it was a great match and I'll get back into the Fienberg wide and the second. Let's talk about the annual. Brian and I actually had this discussion with Alex. Mets before the show and I had this discussion with Mark Henry weeks and weeks ago when it came to Daniel Bryan man and joy him every time. He's in the ring because there was a time bully that we thought that we weren't going to see him in the wwe ring again and now here we are seeing him in a strap match. Getting just brutalized strapped bleeding welts on his back on his elbows elbows on the back of his arms. Daniel Bryan man when we talk about some of the greats of all time. You're going to have to throw Daniel Bryan's name out out there. This guy's a first ballot whole famer when he decides to hang it up at the end of the day and he gets overlooked and he shouldn't man he is definitely wanted to grades and we really honestly sit celebrate every time is in the ring because he is one of those guys that gives you a thousand percent each time he steps through those ropes in that first power bomb that Bray White Cave Daniel Bryan. That referee was a little nervous. He checked on Daniel Daniel Bryan real quick that was that power was snug. It was tight it was there and just something like that with a guy like Dante. Well not like Danny with anybody who's prone to a head injury to a concussion once you've had one you'll always be susceptible table trust me. I even like Winston like say Ooh out loud just because it was tight it was. They're glad glad. I got Daniel Bryan fricking as a warrior. I mean if you go back and you watch his ring of honor matches like the just. The stiff fasts that he used to have against everybody else. Cering of honor I mean brother lay his shit in and take it back. So yeah your job. Both guys and the fiend Bray Wyatt and and Bray Wyatt is somebody nobody. I've always liked but I never really thought he had that match that match ragged say man. That was great. Awesome moments matches as far as the Wyatt family's concern. Turn him on his own. I never really saw that. Wow match from Bray Wyatt. Last night for me was his well match and the best of his his career does that match last night. Kind of wash away. The bad taste that cage match seth with the referee stopping the match and that whole bullcrap that they gotta go through. If last night was a flop like we saw what Seth rollins than you and I would be talking today about. Maybe they should consider doing something. Something a little bit different with the fiend and Bray Wyatt. And let's let's make sure we preface it with the flop of a match with Seth rollins and Bray. Wyatt had nothing to do with Seth Rollins Abrasive. No it didn't do the right college. That was dictated to them and the story that the company wanted told and how it did not go the right way and did not come off the right way to fans so much show that the wwe had to do damage control. Yes and and and thinking that maybe this personality in this character was more of for distraction than what it should be and I think we we we set it. The Red Light being gone was definitely a big help. But now I'm back into Bray. Why because some of the talk walk not only on this show but on social media was you know? Maybe we're getting a little long in the tooth with the with the fiend character. I feel completely Louis Different about that character. After the match last night you needed that match last night to rejuvenate that personality and character in the fiend. What he's able to do with the fiend vignettes and all the characters bat stage in the you know the personalities it's so so much depth to it and then you get to the ran his entrance and then you get to the ring and when the bell rings it's just a wrestling match again? So how do we keep the fiend and as the wrestler as intriguing as the fiend the character the persona. It's not easy because when the lights are on and the bell rings okay. Okay Russell and I think braise doing a great job especially last night performing as the fiend and seeing that vicious side to him so you know what to and this is where you gotta give Kudos and this is why it's important commentating like Jerry lawler to me you know can be a little over the top and I've seen that in some of the compensating with somebody matches and I don't think the commentating dating worked with that match. It did last night like I really do. Believe that when you get the right commentators calling that matchup up it helps that this is where commentators really can help you buy into the story. Help you buy into a character and help you buy into a personality. I I saw some people on social media wonder. Why the referee didn't show as much concern for Daniel Bryan when he had the mandible claw on on him and he appeared to be out as the referee did for Becky Lynch and he thoughts on that? It's perfect storm. I think you're right. I think it's The red light being gone. The referee not being over the top and concerned like he was in the mattress. Seth Ron's lesson learned and the commentators buying more into what the matches and then. The supernatural supernatural character. That's defeat it takes a perfect marriage of all those things to make a match work and I really do think that was well. Played last night with Daniel Neil Bryan and Bray Wyatt job. Yeah really really good job. Let's go back out to the busted. Open let's out the Darien in. Houston Darren tell us about the rumble. The last night man you were there yeah man. The rumble was awesome. Uh I would say the edge. Pop was amazing. I've never been a pardon stuff so loud. And Darien I think too and this is what's great about it as well bullying. Is that in a way. We kind of experience. There was a lot of rumors about edge. But when you saw it's come out you got lost in the moment and all those conversations from before that moment you completely really forgot you get caught up in the moment and that's what's great about pro wrestling as soon as you heard You think you know me. The crowd went crazy. No matter what you you know they could have told us he is coming. And I think it's still would have been that loud so it was awesome being a part of that energy. Same Branca's go through everybody. It was crazy easy. And let me ask you this because you are there in the crowd. was that crowd up from the start of that show to the end of that show like you know. was there that energy the entire night for sure. I think the only time we sat down really was our legs. Were getting tired not because we were bored. You know sucks out all the energy cheer in top of your lungs. Spur five six hours so it was worth it. I got the La- Greg ahead snuck in during the pre show. It was a great weekend. Oh wait a second. You're the one the Liberec ahead. Yes Sir all right. I saw it in the pre show and Diane tell me if I'm wrong. I spotted as well during the falls. Count anywhere we're a match with Corbin. Thought may cow man. I got my eye out for that. Darian Kudos to you. My friend much appreciate it. And I highly suggest maybe don't do your power rankings anymore. They sound bad for your health. C. IS GONNA get your only going to get you know know. Aw Barre now. Don't you in the back of the head with a shovel and buried. See this is the difference between you and me you being a bad guy me being a good guy because Darien was not saying it as a crossword about my power rankings DARRIEN. Tell me if I'm wrong. You actually set it because you know how upset and passionate I am about it and now I could have a heart attack and how bullying fights me on it. It's more about a concern for me physically the power. Explain that the bully much agree. I think bullying is always going to get you at any point. So even if it wasn't for the power rankings he'd find an excuse you know what Darian thank you see. Darien gets it right because again if I had box Lee at five you you a bitch about that. And so with the nation urinate you'd better you Martin's I didn't say put Moxie at five. Alex did yes I did. He's right said put Keith lead five. Yeah but you didn't and say that until after the break so what you know what does in a what bully you said when I gave my power rankings. You actually said you know what not GonNa kill you this week on it. It's good but you couldn't help yourself. You could not help yourself instead. You said it's a feel good day great weekend of wrestling. You know what I'm going to give you a moment I'm not gonNa give you shit. But what do we do. We take a break we take a little bit of breathing and then you come right. You can't help yourself so you despise honestly don't like me I think it's a parent honestly. I wanted Alex to have his moment today because I knew he was so Viet mealy against sure number five and then once he did. I just felt like dog pile and on also why not kick you when you're down. It's what I'm good at. Thanks for listening catches Monday through Saturday. I'm combusted open from nine A._M.. To noon eastern on Sirius X._M. by nation chant 156 busted open podcast.

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