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A Salt City Short: Japan Culture


The sexualization of women that we see in games is that does that do you when you're walking around Japan? You feel that as well like the creepy infomercials advertising because DO a or is it not really come through? I would say that it really is depending on where you're at in Japan. Tokyo is such a huge city and it's like a I mean, what they call Tokyo in Tokyo is the city of cities. Right. And that is a pretty accurate moniker for Tokyo, because from one district to the next, it's a completely different vibrate. There. I mean and it's like a small like it's so it's all here on that far. Right. Yeah. But the thing that is interesting specifically about Tokyo is that, you know, those districts, maybe one districts, more conservative and more buttoned up and very serious. And. And when you're walking through it, you feel like this is just a super modern metropolitan area. That's very clean and nice. And then you go to like Shinjuku. Woo. Which has like the majority like densely populated. Red light district and stuff like that, where there are many, many businesses doing crazy things, you know, prostitution those types of things, and you see more adverts of sexualization of women and stuff like that. But more or less, I would say that is not as in your face as their media is like games. And I think that's their outlet because they're so buttoned up and respectful. They're the most respectful like they care so much like here in the United States, there is this, like for a lot of people there's like over arching mentality that it's all about me, and I worried about myself and I don't really give a much of a fuck about other people. I'm worried about myself and the dynamic in the mentality. Japan is completely opposite, where it's like I worried about myself, but I am more worried about the perception of others half of me. Right. So. Like, for instance, like subway system is super legit, and it's the best way to travel in Tokyo. And it's eerie because everyone uses it was very few people using cars and Tokyo, all the, the rail system. But you will go onto one of these trains that is just completely full and you could hear a pin drop inside of like no one talks. With the speaker on their shoulder thought that we get here knowing it's not like a New York, subway system, or any other major metropolitan city, that has a legit subway rail system. No, they it is. It is frowned upon. I mean it's not illegal, you can talk on the train, but. It's people give you there is a few times when I was there, where I like said, something to my girlfriend or the other people. You're with and people look at you like the fuck you doing. Shut up. Video. They have trained stuff as full like didn't. That's in China as well guide. Is that as an American gladiators style button? And as the train Stolz getting ready to close. He is just stuffing people into the tarantula happens. Yeah. And then the Dole's close, everyone is just saw dean there and like, you're, you're, you're going on, or they don't really have this funny story about Japan. Okay. I was told by maker friend leading up to our trip. We planned it for a number of months and the whole idea was to backpack through Japan. Right. Very little suitcase space, like just bring a backpack and what you need in a backpack. That's it. No luggage other than a backpack, which I was okay with those kind of on board. Not really my I would rather bring like a proper suitcase. But because of that I was limited to space, so eyebrow, like the essentials toothpaste or switch TV. Nudie magazines the basics. But no, I brought like a toothbrush. I didn't even bring toothpaste I should correct myself. I brought toothbrush and like hairbrush, right? And then like I figured I could get everything else there. Right. So we get there the first night, that was also mentality of not bringing toothpaste, old hotels. We were gonna like buy it there. I guess I don't and my backpack was small. So I just really had to like planet. According one day. Toothpastes then you don't need to toothpaste. So the toothpaste wasn't a big deal, but I didn't bring coder with me ochre, and I just to Sumed walls. Aside from China, Japan, has the most like per capita per square inch of like convenience stores in the world like a you walk like a block. Seven eleven uacc another like couple of feet. Another seven eleven loss, and family, mar all of these, like grocery stores, essentially, and because they're their society kind of works in the way that they're not buying groceries, like we do like in bulk, they usually will buy what they need for the day. And because they have limited space, in their fridges, mostly many Fritsch in their in their partners and stuff like that. So they'll buy for the day, so these grocery stores, have these little convenience stores, have everything you could fuck a knee their way more legit than the ones that we have here. So I thought it would be no big deal, but no, they don't they don't have fucking deodorant in Japan. Like, none zero stick your current never. Did you act spray? I did. Yeah. Spray, and I told my girlfriend, I feel like fucking junior, high walk around Japan and I smelled like shit still because we were walking we were averaging at the time that we were walking each day, and it was like twelve thirteen miles, we were walking each day, and like it was fucking kinda hot certain points humid's island, tropical climate, especially in Tokyo. And if and sucked I smelled like a foot dude. And then, like you could bend into train with people who don't smell like the ads, the don't get deal, like they don't get be oh, like Caucasian people do, and so, like I was just really struggling. And then I finally found like in this like, really shady fucking like rundown. Dilapidated fucking like convenience store in Shinjuku, which is like one of the sketch, your places in Japan. But that's not saying much Japan's real safe but sketchy for Japan standards. Yeah, I found like this stick like roller thing with a man on the front of it, like thumbs up ING, and I thought -ssume that it was the odor. And it was deodorant but it was not like stick deodorant like we're used to here. It was like a ball on the top of it, and the ball into your armpit, and it literally smelt like rubbing alcohol, like straight up like destroy just like most pungent like it didn't smell good. It's awful. But I will say that after I found that stuff I just kept on remarking about how great it was because I didn't smell at all the whole trip, but my arms were like burn literally done on your arm, Rollerball, decoder, would pre the stick it was like this. The bowl is a cap, and then the fluids below it, and as you roll it the fluid comes out around around the bowl, but then they, they went initially made like to be sensitive to skin. I mean this. That was you. Going down into the coal mine, really. Shaving your face in putting like aftershave on like it just burned like my armpits. But man, oh man. No smell. And I was just like just talking about, like this is great because like the first three it took three days to find it. So if the first three days, I had, like axe body, spray out, just like double double pits, chesty, it goes the Japan. He comes back with new. Dod. Affliction. Sure. Jeans are all. So, yeah, that was a pretty funny thing that happened. But anyways. Yeah. Over sexualization, in it's super prevalent, but not not in. Like home. Her night. But you gotta seek it out and all their media because it's like I think that probably the, the mindset behind it is that, especially with games and stuff like that, and Menga an anime is like, you're, you're consuming that media typically in your home, right? Where it's a private thing where you can do what you want in your home. But in society out in about it's not as keep it when you went did you play dead or alive was in the arcades? No, not that I didn't play any dead or alive. And I don't remember seeing it at any of the arcades that I went to, and I went to an arcade. Every day fight or did you play a lot? I played a lot. I went to the Shinjuku. Arcade. It's Taito station. It's like six story building. That's just all arcade. But in the basement of that, arcade, it is basically the mecca for streetfighter, and it has been since the inception of streetfighter is incredible to go down in there. And it's just killers killers down there that were playing streetfighter for streetfighter five was out at this point while I was there, but at the time and still now that they're working on putting arcade. Port, if shoot fighter five into the arcades right now, there was just there was tech and six, which was heavily played. And then there's just two rows of combo. No more combat to rose streetfighter for cabs and just killers like the best players that I've ever played in my life. And if you were just ballpark me a purse a win rate. My win. It was pretty well like pretty low there is one percent. I definitely one. I definitely one and there was some Japanese guys because the way that it works is they have they have one cabinet that set on one side, and then the other cabinet like fate, they face each other. So you can't see who you're playing against. But the way it works is you sit down you put some yen, or sui card, or something like that scanner onto the arcade cabinet which, you know, counts your credits. And then if there's someone on the opposite side, they put in a, you know, their payment, then you are immediately matched up with that person. You can't see them. You can't see them. They're like their other on is not side by side cabin. No, not at all. Well, there is like there's one whole row, probably twenty feet, but you're not playing those people Nell, you're playing on the other side punch him in the face, though. That's probably why. You don't punch them in the face. It's very respectful. But I thought it was a pretty cool system that, you know, like you can't really torn someone or you can't be a dick about it. You can just sit in, you know. Yell real loud. They know like if you're just like get fucked dolls of. Is no there is. No. Again, another prevailing factor throughout Japan is very quiet. So you don't stead I'm gonna stand out. Do they care if the yelled get fucked, and it's so quiet in the arcade? All you can hear is just buttons that it that it sandwich buttons all over the place. But games, the games are loud. Yeah. So it's loud in that respect. But, like people are not they're not. They're not really talking that you might get like a couple of people that are friends or whatever that go to the arcade time chatting watching matches waiting for their turn to get on. God, we gotta go. It is it is one of the coolest experiences, and that for me being a die hard fan of streetfighter. We made a point to go to that specific arcade in Shinjuku, and it was the craziest experience that I've had in relation to street fighter. I mean we're talking about some of the best, the best players in the world. That compete on the tour and stuff like that, if they're in Tokyo. That's where they play everyone goes to this, arcade for street fighter, and it was an incredible experience. I spent a good. We I went there twice while I was in Japan and each time I probably spent five hours inside of the arcade. And it was just it was incredible. But I did have, you know, I want some and I did have some, some Japanese people come up to me and like, broken English, like good job. Like welcome. Thanks for coming into our arcade, and stuff like that. So that was really, really cool. But yeah, some of them I was just like these are fucking playing a different game. These guys are fucking good. I've been running a scam over in my life for the last few years, my wife goes on short trips with our girlfriends, too, like Zona or something like that. And I have not been doing guys trips. So I've just slowly logging, it not really saying anything, and then broke the news tour with one of our friends, it was like almost I've almost saved up, enough, your trips for me and my guy, friends, go Japan, and she's like fuck you not how this works. You don't get into that. And I'm like, that's not fair. You've gone on for trips. We're almost there. And then I go Japan, she's like, I'm coming, I'm like, you know, stay with us. Guys trip we're going to Japan. I think that is a great idea. I think that we should plan a trip to Japan. I, I will definitely be going back. I will go back as much as I had in my life because that country is special. And the people there are very, very special. And for me being a nerd, it is like mecca.

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